The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1932
Page 3
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APRIL 8, HI32 Pino and Pong for National Honors AKjU..COyUJRR NRWS which peniills faster returns mid "cuts" like those in tennis. OulW, mid of iho belter nlglit clubs fancying It-lhey ..-, who won the Inlenin- tlonal tournament last year, mil tl'.e world's greatest plngis! Is ;;?n- fratty conceded to be l"r?tl Parry. KiiitlLsli tennis .star of n.ivis Cup fiUIH'. Whitman's Tuttrlitng Tilhulo Must tennis players. In fad. UK |:ecnllarly ndeiil at pin'4-ponj;. Vincent lilchaids, William Tildeu nn:l Frank llunier are enthusiasts. They can rut nnd surah, slice and drive, with nil the died and most of (he exertion of n lull- sl/e:l tennis utaich. Jaschu lloifcu h -ne'liTTn-' »'.d ma.stcrs at Plng-poiv'. So la CJc-or,;.' liwlii. Tlic nmu/lniilv «yli)li- Wldtemnn fays it lielpi-d :'.iin lo !o,ii' 100 pound 1 )—alter he Had null hiring a small boy 10 iv- d-Ieve mKsed balls. Although the smart sets havs tlopti'il pinglny—what with Dcl- monk-o's Licakfasl club, i!u> Art UIIXLW s!-;r \vlt!i n vonsoiitibl* mv.omit ofjdlch heard the -complaints nnd mcnt he won't be such rUlhi!}. .conducted an invrptigalton ire The o!d plainsman prot'o-i's to ;.«ld ho found tlinl tha '-nte of InruJcr. his sirer vide to Chlcaio ;mnlt syrup had dropped off con- At h i > , * »"<>' <''''»l> ' * "> ™"" IP j sldmlily Iho eUy clubs. Home Brewers" Protosl liiBlon 0'<1 Plainsinnn Plans To Ride Steer to Chicago NVb.. iUP).-To'n HU-. leu's llitil tho! . , l:no«-h'«l;;,> nf (I;,. .,1,1 wo . sl 'this Hi-y.-ar-iiid u' of tin' Middle nnd che ILUIKO ituy t pn- |:ow. t<. h. lp In || U . v ,.vlviLl n.-'s plnnilln» [„ MI-:,,|I||,. |, s(l . 0| . ,,,. xl year ;itid ijc!,. ni ? ••i.|iit.n" from Oerliv! in (Jlilncju -• n-'iirlv 1 COO mill's. R''*ini!lnii. bow-leKi'.|.f| from vUl- ini! bmiu-.s. Ix'lk-vi's I! ho jiot.s a Water! roirr woin'ii. TCX.. . , A. .1. IJIWIHK.', tfeiu-crjiiHlsim of i AII.IITMV Jackson, .v:ii-nlli I'iC't-l"]!! ' I lh.. Unlti-d Hdii.-s. nwns n 101, ., , •i-iiiil.ilntii!: nil nrrtiiint nl' his [urn. i!i'i-Mnr'.s ln.uii;\iuilion. 'rii-; was ]«ililWn'd In IM. TI: .TO <:I,ASSII-V CiKANI) IftLAN'D. N,JI.. (in.) . This ciiy's i-rforls lo provld.- ptnv I- ll-s iViUd.'nl. Is nu'.'tln:'. ' with violent c.mi|jl;ilniM from iin-! ehlovinatlon rimw. to"'" 11 ''•" l - '-M''u'.'-. Half f:oli-i. tide. .. Ihe wuu-r Ri-nn live] u \v> i!::r| Nll '"'- : ""bi<" liivls mid ulei-fi the aeilan uf Hie jv.m („ ' 1 ;'' 1 "h>'i tl'vk -SO;-. l']-;>;,.|-,-;;.||,.;.•!„),, hutch of h»im- brav IH-.M- n,,. ;:""'• " :1 K " ll1)l H|1 '™"l • c -'^'t. >iv,..- S ront,-n,l, »nd ,,. s- t!!- lil > M "''H | '-- W>-Kai bo.'i- n ix-ctiliar and nilp:il:il:i!)l" Iliivnv. A nnn is as old as his organs; most men can bo vigorous ami healthy n« CO as well as at 35, if they will but take care of themselves properly. Invigorate your vital organs williCold Medal JhsrlsmOil Capsules. This Is one o[ the olilest, mod rc-liiible preparation! known to medicine. It has been widely prescribed for H30 years, ihe best proof tliat It v.'0iks, 3Sc & 7Sc. GOLD MEDAI. MAARIEM Oil CAPSULES Here's pictorial evidence ping-pons Ls going big-league In a Wg way. At iiOMr left is a view of a national tournament and Its participants in full swing, ami at right is Sidney L»nz exiwrt, champion ix/nyLst of 1902. and present president of th? Ping-I'onK Association The" o/Iered fo [lie winner tha year b shown lower Hi. Next in order nrc some prominent players: Hcifetz, Bill Tilden, Cokman Clark, iinyles cl-.nmplon of th.? Wsston A^soclallon, nnrt George O " * • • • » j. briU-c tronltv Jasclia * 320 Stars Will Bat Little Bails at Waidort-Astoria This Month BV PA11I, IIARHISON NKA Service Writer NEW YORK.- There's .IMII to be n great deal of pinging and pong- ing in the glittering grand ballroom of the new Waldorf-Astoria. Sis- teen little green tables with sixteen little green nets already have been aligned between long row.s of six:c- falors' seats. A jiraw box has IBCD installed, broadcasting microphones «re ready, and there arc special stands and floodlights for the movie men. .; In short, ping-pong not only has i eonc big-league, but high hat. The j forthcoming event, bsginninx An- i I'll 15. will b3 the nntbnal amateur | ping-ponR tournauijiu. conducttd! by the American Pin»-PoiiT ,\-i-i- ciation, and will have as particip- nuts a restricted list .of some 320 I of the finest pingists and pang:-,Ls ! that ever ponged o piiij. ; With Gestures i Thergamc nnd !U aniecMents being what^hey ap. the w^clc. toiirnfi5i-'ii! >J ".-nV* 1 be doiie'iir ilie 1*51 v\'ini!.!'1:ii manner. Neither;" l»p boi'.l-'. nor epithets are to b? hurled :.; the eag!e-eye;l refoveis ', perched on lhnj r i-.igh chairs to-i tween thj .:ib'[.'K. There may 1. iiipV.'^e. biit r.i'ver a v:iu- C<HI> sh.iin. Th: :"hl?:.-:: -.'.-i:i :i:mr>3i in nittr-r-.-.-!!'.-..; i'.: .:-. R.-nnel'trsu- •"crs and roluivu shirt.-;; "the wearing of suspenders or vests on playing floor will nnt be. permitted." Admittance receipts frcm tliL- finals night will be comeyed liy hlne-blotKleJ patroneisL-.i to a worthy charily. Sidney If m., bridge expert, amateur magician, and national pinj- iwng champion in 1952, is president of .the association and will officiate at the tournament. Twentysix cities will be rsprcssnied. Sis men arc en route from Chicago alone. One of them is Colam:i:i Clark, singles champion of th£ Western Association. Furious ComiK-liticn Some of the other stars will bo Frank Dolp. Northwestern gait champion o( Portland, Ore.. Frank Veal of Philarlelphi.i, nay I'helps of Omaha. Neb., and Cornelius G. Schciad of New Rochcllc. N. y. The latter. Incidentally, has written a whole took about ping-pong. No one dares guess who'll win. , lor ponging'is a hazardous past-• time, with victory depending on tip- : top mental alertness and physical ' form. Last year a dark horss named Marcus Schnssheim. of New York got the laurels. Tr.Ls venr the win- i ner will get a handsome cup donated by George Sivirmrrton p.irf-- cr. It was this same Parker who k faW to have invented the game back in the 1800's. But at that tin:e it was called indoor tennis, and wns played over a net stretched between two chairs. Tre implements -were a yarn ball and raekuets like those used for battledore nnd shuttlecock. Not until the fad reached Ens- land was it adapted to tab!" play and there the celluloid ball was introduced. Somebody coined the term ping-pong—-ping" f or \\ K ,. 0 , md o( the ractiuel meeting ball: -[>ong" fore he had a chance lo defen:! it. Reborn a few years ago under altered rules that permit n faster serve. pins-ponn now Is a very dif- fereni game. Foreign Influence again, was responsible for Us improvement, for out of Hungary has come the rubber-faced racquet. Pinging became a craze during 1 ihe earliest years of this contury. ' Rut it was a social faj. tamed by nile.5 necessary lo those high-corseted, high-collared days. H quick- ! ly died. H stayed dead NO long thai. . Mr. Lsnr. vncatrd his title long be- ' every grave Jno. C. McKaney, Jr. "The Monument Man" Baking Fowdi REAL ape Drink Dr.PaulF.McCutchen STRKLE, MO. Photic 85 The New- NuGrape . . . Even before its JiveJy, delicious w i n e y flavor touches your lips, you enjoy the immistak- able tempting aroma of the big ripe purple grapes, from which'this wonderful drink is made. One sip will convince you how much letter it is than any artificial grape drink you ever tasted. Make stire though you get genuine A'/iCrnpe in our distinctive troile-mark- cd bottle. Sold e.very- icttere for 5$, Nu Grape Bottling Co. Main & Lake Sis niylhovillf. Ark. MAD€ WITH W€LCH% GRAPE JUIC€ Saturday and Monday Phone 603 For Tree Delivery ' Cull! Dot Ib. lOc n's High Crude 1 Large 25c Package 1 lOc Package, "•~~"~*"TIIHr IIIIHIMI Ib. 30c aiHBHn All For /5C Ko. 2 Can Stokleys Finest vVoodburns Best Pure Creamery

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