The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1932
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

CLASSIFIED ADS Vltmiiiff Stock Prices c*nu • woid f«t flnt tod «ne cent « »erd l»ch tubtequcnt Uuertba wo «dvertl»te«t Uken toe MM Uun We. Count Uw word* tot •end UK cub. PhoM 306 FOR SALE REAL BARGAINS USED CARS We have Some Heal Hai-gains In Used Cars. Terms to Suit Your Pocket Book. COME IN AND BEE THEM. '20 C'llKVKOI.ET COUPE, faint I.Ike New, Cood Tims. Only $195 '31 FOKD "A" TOWN SEDAN, Looks and Rum Like New $: '28 FOR1) "A" VOWK. "U Lkcnse, (iaoil Tim. A Bar- lain at 5 85 H'e 1'ay fash Fir Ulc Model llbfd Cars. PHONE 811 CECIL LOWE, Manager USKD CAR DEPARTMENT PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealer Blvthfville, Ark. V . . T" . " ™ ^ .»• a» ^aaaB^ fj | BY MABEL McELLIOTT BEUI* HKI* VftBA* 1'OB SALE—Baby chicles. Part cash, pay balance In fryers. Mari- lyii Hatchery, Blytlicvlllc, Ark. 21cU FOR BALE—Cotton gin, excellent condition. Priced cheap for quick disposal, cash or terms. Write "O. H.", Courier Newj. 4OK11 FOB SALE—My farm, 80 acres, u-ell Improved. South end 01 Franklin street. Joe Byrum, Sikeston, Mo. 4E'-K11 WILL TRADE for 1331 or '33 Tudor Ford or Chevrolet. C. S. Baeectt. . ' 7C-K11 FOR KEMI FOR'-RENT — Furnished apartment, LTJ7 N. FilUi.-PhoiK 8*i-W FOR 305 apartment, '* '1C-KB FOa.'RENT^Furnlshed house or room, 2 baths, West Main. Write "X", Courier News. 4C-K11 FOB RENT—Five room bungalow, , 605 Chickisawba. Good repair; cheap rent.' Apply New York Store, 28C-U FOB KENT—Furnished' apartment. 108 West Kentucky. Phone 683. •J1C-K1 WANTS) WANTED-^Ladies to sell cosmetics. Sec Mr. Saliua from 9 to 12, 100 Kentucky. 4P-K1 WANTED—Furnished apartment or duelling. Call 835, room 306. 5pkO LOST AND FOUND LOST—$10 Reward for return of icctioit harrow taken 'from A G. Byrum's field. Information confidential. Phone 847-J. 6P-KO Dr. P. L. Tiptou Physician & Surgeon Ingram BIdg. Telephones: Otlice - 256 Residence. - 276 BONDED INS li RED I NTER TRUCKING DEPENDAKLE DAILY SERVICE TO BLVTIIEVILLE FROM Mtm»hh B nd UlUe Kock 1. D. McDowell Telephone ,local Agent \o. 82 Guaranteed Pure Stonevilh; No. 1 PLANTING SEED $25 PerTonJI This seed was gro^n on our own plantation and ginned in our private gin with no possibility ot mixture with inferior seed. C.F. TUCKER 1 on Promised Land Road, 3Vi mtl&s southeast of Blytheville. SECOND HAND FURNITURE S«c Us First R. J. Dodson Ml-Ml B. • •me M a rbfe>i« k»lM H '•"•ol HHd •c-eurrji fcrr Ar»t l«h •• wrrimrr to KRSK<T HKiTH. yionl»>l irrhlltrl. Ske fc» fail A»I>UI .1 ..• KM ttrrltrd by th« hrr vr*«M-bv rpa* » wrote mii ••*r, B«u» I l°r". • • « btrwc. Irlr»41r Wllh HOBI:KT DUXBAH, I««I-I«»IIPC .11- IfohHlrr'B »•*, • !»• KK3. HI1.TO.V, > • c , . .., , till. SMVHH fur UiUtUir •» »3TB- c qad a^k* wky bcr •*• Mvlaic doti got the . , I.AJtl'MAX. «»•» « ( el> HAY FI.A\\KIIV. iltmtgrniibtr la ibe owtec arruM Ike kail* • •« tm •~u.r4 kr ker. (nan »»k<-> • 1 wltlnke !• eopjlac • Itlltr • ••• j 1* 1* Icara MbeB • krlpfa! •trnngrr «rM»>. "I'M J»rk W AHIXC." ar •«>.. lmu> k>< aa Idro tiba ke a»>- b*. NOW (io ON WITH THE SlOltV CIIAPTKII VIII TVIEARILY Hie dlrl regarded tho •*^ stranger, "Jack WarliiK!" — where hud ulio heard tlint name before? It ic caul nothing to Susan. 1'Ierson now mumbled "Jllsa Carey, Mr. 1V«.rtng. Don't believe you'™ met before." Wi'.rihg bowed royally. "DeltKlit- cd, I'm sure. (Julie an addition io our happy liltlo family. Aud now can I help tbo lllllc lnOyJ" Although Susan hated being called "little Indj" Rboiro all Ibiiisa filio could not deny that the purring softness ot Mr. Warlng's volco liad a fiooftolng quality. Besides, she •was utterly overcome by tlie fiasco ot the copied letter. . So aha extended It to this man, saying quietly, "It's spoiled. • Ruined. Aiicl 1 did try—" ' Her self-control threatened to desert her. Sheer tragedy it seemed to Susan, .thai tho beautifully neat and correct sheets, already signed by the exquisite flourish of the absent -Mr. Heath, should Ire destroyed by her error. "Oh, !s that all?" WarliiK'n laugh somehow reassured her. "Let mo look at It." H» took the Susan folded tltc Idler prayerfully am! itamptd ft. Itmp sheets from her hand gored at tliem Intently. and . ''Hero!" Susan's cyca followed him' fascinated 03 ho led the way to her desk. "Only the first sheet Is spoiled," ha Eaid rapidly. "Copy It over. Let me see tbo book." . She gave it to him and he smiled. "This darn thing's all right," ::c observed; "All you liavo to do is typo the first sheet over. Quick— before the boss gets bact! We'll Pop 'em into an enTeloao aud no- tody the vlser." •Susan gasped. Wiring's eyes twinkled at her. "It's as easy as HiM," he cried. "Hop <o It. He's lunching -nf-the -cluu-- with old Sayfes. I passed them io minutes ago nnd they hadn't got to dessert. Hurry, nnd I'll check It will) you as soon Rs you've finished!" Feverish with eagerness, Susar. obeyed. Her fingers flew over the fanjiliur keys. With tho oMistuK newcomer she checked the figures and found them correct. Then she folded tho letter prayerfully. stamped it, and with a thankful heart cast It inlo the slot beside the elevaior. Just in lime, too, ,be- causo the punctilious air. Ernest Henth emerged frcm tlie car as she turned to walk away. 1 "finished that Sholl copying?" he asked, adjusting his eye-glasses. •• Susan nodded murmured. Heath arrived In the morning, crisply and immaculately dressed, lier lime, her _ycry thoughts, ivero Ills. Tlio little world o[ tlio office with Jla soft carpels, ils coo) , breezes straying | u { r0 m tlio lake, Its lulf-wells and blotters nnd neat, ordered way, completely absorlwd her. Annt Jessie and her nagging complaints were tar away. So was tlio tiny cottago 011 tho shabby street. Susun learned many things. She learned how ;iu uulmiiortant caller may lx> courteously turned a»-oy and how an important one moy i;e wooed to linger if early tor an an- IKiiutnicnt. She learned lion- to keep flic difficult rierfioti In fined humor and liow to pleaso her Just but demanding employer. One thing sue could not scorn to master. \v;ia tile problem of keeping Mr. Jack \Varing in wlial Annt Jessie would have called "his place." Jack Waring, 3S, divorced, agreeable, fond of dancing;, sport cnro and feminine coiniinnioiiijliip, refused to believe Knsau would not flirt r.-ith him. was not used tu being In fact, lie didn't know Me tiirncrl an . "It's gone," she . Mr. Heath looked pleased. "Goofl," Its approved firmly. "Good." 1 Susan felt llko a tblcf and a traitor but held her tongue. "I can't bo fired," she told herself. "I mustn't" '** ' • • * AS tho days passed Susan slipped •™ into a fised and demanding routine. From -tli* moment Ernest Waring snubbed. _. what snnhs were. Invljicllilc armor laughed at to them, Susdn lie young-at 22-t 0 t, girl be bad ex- tnivasniiily adored. At 35 lio hud Bono ihrougli tbe iiajutul and disillusioning Kslness ct tho divorce courts. H» liad been liercciy :nul angrily wounded hoth in his priilo and his love. Ho had for tlin space of BU moiJllis thought Hint life wna a futllo and grievous Ijnrilen Then aliruiilly. (o the surnrlsd ntid do- light ot bis friends, bo liad ta!<cn :i now lease on living. He lind dc- c.ded to laugh at tlio slluga nnd arrows, had slmkcn off seriousness and had begun ardently to pursue pleasure. Light amours wcro Ills siiattlLcd kisses. HQ iir.,1 become a dancing man atler 13 years ot sturily .nu;l rallicr mojiotoiious do- inestfeily. lie had como to enjoy tuo novel sensation of being [rce. CUSAM seemed Io Waring a pretty u and v.-elcome diversion, lie coulrl not bo made to understand tlwl Io her the snatched kiss ntirt mnruinreil coiiiplip;e:it In office hours v,-;re things to lie despised. '" His continued cheerful pursuit In the f.iM of retaiii's never failed to astonish her. \Vhcn he should have been hurl ami angry bo merely s-iilcd. Satan Iccr.ino adept in 'u.™ art o£ tivoidinj; him. When ho ..lit lelr-a-lctcs v.-tlb her In her littlo cubicle filiL 1 always mnde an excuse (o leave. . And Waring cnn. flat lay on the, Io* bdforo lilm. Kiisnn r,!i»|ici!. "U, not teinliiB inc. Yon promlBCil!" "All rii;hl. Dm you must como out wllli mo oim il.iy. How nhoul tho rr.i'03 on Salunkiy? Driving out \vlih Kama in-ojilo. j.iKd (o uliow yon to them, you pretty ihtm- you." A Has (l;<rcd In ilio jifrl'a cheeks DlLIIBl'l-uHK Nllk, tills, f,,|. „ nUlllll) iwnr Int.. |!, 0 W ivs of >ouiig-iiiiil-20. Siis.-iu .liiln'c know how to :nnwcr. It wasn't vvliiit bho hid dvcamed of lovu finiu iho lips ot u man Jaded mill dlsll|i, s i om: ,|, | n ,t |j W113 ||10| . 0 tciniitlii!,- llnu, b l,e ,|;ircd In ndmll And what, uftei- nil. had she to do on KaiLiukiyV Oh, Blio would havo a taiidwlvh nn,i K |:i 63 o( milk on tho ay luntio. Sho would 6«;iy wearily from a etni|i In tho packed nml crowdi/,1 HtixMi r;ir and apeml thn rest o( tho nfieninun Irutiliij; or ilarnlni; || 10 m.i.-kltiBs Aunt Jcaslo bud baved for IKT. All iiroiin,! her in the uxncclnnt tmsllo «r dusvntown'a hnlf holiday 'ts would 1m cliugliiu io their rts. civh In Mhlte. tliulr bulbing mills bundled In In-let casi'3. (ilrls In llopny hats. (Mrla with carniliieil liiia golnn io thu beaches, Iho icirka, tho amusement plaw. She, Susan Carey, would bo nlone. * • • IU ivoiidered even ns slio nn- sweri-d Uils man Blowly and ilo- Illieraicly why B h u hesitated. Tliero •a s<iriu.<hln K In her liluoil wnrn- her imuliiKi ],iin thniich h or lws le.iprd to HID Iniipliillun. Sho was y.iuni,'. Sho was alive anil «EOI-. 11 W!ls || Uic flm u, ,;,,,,„,! her freo tlmo alouu as :dio usually did or. win-so Mill, llslciilni; |» Aunt JuBslo'u complaint:!. ''"hy iltjn'l unit uniiccr me. mint Getting above ncratl/, slic Is, since '- raisol licrf , job. I'arfjcls Unit I Aunt Jcssle'n voice, to him a delectable niece of fcinl-. „ ,.„„. ninily, incredibly innocent, n Coyl'lnned to smile at her—a sly, wise, to he played wit!;. She provided a (rather cynical "mile which sccmeil plrp'iant sauce for his sopbistic.iicd palate. ller very difference from the women lio knew iulerestcd nml attracted him. Some days he would scarcely havo called her prelly. Her skin \vas ordinarily too pcaii- palo to win his admiration. Jlnl to Eiiy, "All v.-nmcn avo alike." HD '.boiisht her scriiplre merely silly and childish. A kisa was a Mfs, nothing more. All the swccler if stolra. Silvan thought fiirlation on (he sly both undignified und stupid. Ml:e Eiiid so. .hifk -fl'ariiig merely lnuE<;c<t. l-..v LU ,vui jna .Hjiim.tunjl. JJIH .KICK -»antl, those eyes o( hers, EO nicllilluously "Yuii're Mill in (be Imliy si-i-cs cloiiuent, hlack and gray by turns! sw.-ile. Snme day you'll wako"u»' That dark, soft, curlinj; miifs of aiul tdcu—" hair and those childishly piuX lips, "Vw. And then?" Sunn wa- niitoucbed by lip salve. Tint de- prim, hut Eve's curiosity danced in licloiisly merry laugh! All (licsc I her eyes. cncliaiilcd and e.vasperalcd him. j The man slirnu-Reil lin rc.nrl-cd Jack Waring had beeu porrkd ;tn,- slim, Io7^-nn:;:]cd hand I'KKSONALS 'OH TRADE—Splendid piano. B ood cotiditiDii lor binall car. Mrs. E. M. McC'all. sp-KO ASK at your. l>cauty shop for a demonstration of Vcrna Claire, .he ntnv rio-A'dcr base. 6C-KO PARTY Koins to Oklnlioma "city will share es|>ciises -.vilh parly fnrnishini; car. Write "II", Courier Nc\vs. . 7O-K11 O'H;ini In Write Memoirs l ncA-.«])«per! h:is bi-L-il cnii-i- GREEN BAY. Wis. lUM-Har- 1 to colatjoralc iviti-. l-V,:c O'Hara"' old T^. _ ShannoOran.u.ivl the Irish acior-siHrci-'i, incmoi raised to a whine, would drouo mi nnd on. Yes. Jack \Varlii K 'H com- in)' would bo n chnngo from thin. Still Bho refused. "Not ibis 11 ino." she said. She flljbcd, "I'm busy Saturday." Unacknowledged and In the hack o( her brain lay || lu ndini&ilon Hint she would IKH dare to go for fear ot what Mr. Ernest lleatli might any. Ills lean, nrisiocr.itlc face rose Iw- foro her. Sl, 0 lli ol i K |,t ot the distaste his lino uyo-i would expres) ft ho beard sl.e was "s;.-iddlii K •ruuud" with Jack Waring. H would seem to cheapen her, Susan felt. Other glrls i did R—yes. Somehow elm conll not. JJijt Waring was not finished widi, tier yet. Impudently he put. bis tilinven. mocUluj; fu CG BD c ] ubo to Susan's thai Bho could smell the fsceut of the lilac, lotion he used. "Wutvh mil." lie vhlspured. "\Ve Wariiiijs usually get what wo want." Almost Ibnto audacious lips grazed Iho Kirl'u nnuiluK clice-It. A voice hroko in on lliu taliican •iiMt llcalh'3 voice. Sarcastic and cold as ice it /ell on Siibiu's liorrlilod ears. "Very charming, Indeed! Ami now 1 should like (o know wlui'a ji"K ss here It you're nut too isy Io tell me!" Scarlet, atriiast, Susan leaped to her feet. Sho was Kpccclilrss. No words came (o her defense. She twisted her hands, looking In her angry Innocence the very picture o! guilt. Krnest Hindi's (bin ll,,s drew 10- gctlicr in a Rlriiisbt, forl>td,|[,, g line. He E [rnile Into Iho priv.ilo office, wilhoijt nnothcr Klnnce at tbo Bin. Over bis shoulder ho throw tlicso words: "I'd lihe to ECO yon at once, War- lug. Alone." (To l!o t'u'iliu«« ; ]> Tl:-c l:nok, "A Minsln-1 Hcnii-mOtis." will I>L' published lj;loru 11]-- >-ud ot Ihc year. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEAKSf, Aft. 7 (UP)-' ' Cotton clo*ed *te»dy. Open Hhjh Low Clote ."»y 60& Wt 595 jfi Jul «Z3 024 614 «(7 ' Ml 644 434 . til 5MI 6M I860 ML »« «« «M • M5bl ', S7». :M6 . ITS 6Nb' i Sjxrts closet! nulrt at 597, -'dH'.T. ' Read Courier News Want Ads. NEW YORK, A|ir. 7 (U!>) — C|X.'H HI«Jl TX)W C'lOK! CM «)* 693 5S6 620 022 mi 618 040 045 61)5 641 C60 651 851 6H5 667 WiO 683 071 Wiuil Nl'W York. fl'IKl'ul S|»ls closed sloady at 605, «r( 5, Conner News Waul Ms, OLD I -REMEMBERED UP IT WAV MADE WrleM tie WAS A GAV Vf,U^Q BLADE AMD OF A CfviWPER AMP CVCLIM& CLUB I ALv^AVS Hf.ADF.U PARADES ,A/Jp HAD -fife -TfcUMPE-T IM SEE DEPOTKtow.iM HI , AS QRrtWP MARSHAL. BOOIS AND HER BUDDIES OW! Martu wow HOCK MoWtv oo New Grant! Lcuder ISarhcr Shop 110 N. 2nd Hair Cuts - - 25c Earl E. Parker K. S. I'rcvoit FRESH RIVER CAT FISH EVERY DAY Jimrnic O'Brien's t'afc 105 S. 2nd St. Phone 271 Call Phone No. 243 lor INSURANCE SERVICE We Write: Burglary (Residence & Mercantile Sate) Insurance, Health & Accident, Automobile Liability, Plate Glass, nnd all lines of casualty and bonds. ' Sell real estate, and service rental property. W. M. BURNS COMPANY, INC. • . _ JUMBO WW>. IM V GOT THE MlS >OO(Jff LIFE VJHE^ HE SAW JUM90 COMS IKl FIRST, IW "WE RACE FBO.V. 1H£ SlfKutf SHOP To Pis "VEAH .. UULM... I GUESS JJWBo VU'KlS, VWHAT DID )'. T»lj. MOV1,\HHAT DO you ANYTM1NC \VUON(J! VMELL-YCO PID ir, pi DMT -)(x), JUMBO' AW 1 / O'_D TIME POODLE, OB AtJ OTHER DOS GETS "THE BEST OP THEY SOTTA eer up BEFORE BOEAKF HUH WASH TU1WS Spi- -/twee josr i BECAUSE JIM30 V»M ! ; Y-/J khJcvM,YOURSELF, You LIKE JuwBo—ybL) CAN'T U6LP 9UT _ IXI? A H1CE DOS LlliE WlfA- C/VU •»J. suce i LIKE you JUMBO ...see, L JUST THOUGHT Pooot-C COULp , l BEAT MxJ BECAUSE HE / 1 VIAS So MUCH B16S6R... i^L WH ^ s^se t ~f.*)" /W 4tI5 • *>O. 0. .1 wvt / J :/ SAY- ftOPLE '-) H6R6 VST L6TS Go AM' Loon FOR HIM .'! THKS MORE SPORT, THHvW I Tv\OLXiHT. PETEtTnit'S STILL OUT •WERE. OUT OI'JTHK I'I{YI,N("ri'AN! ^'" N ,

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