The News from Paterson, New Jersey on September 10, 1958 · 17
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The News from Paterson, New Jersey · 17

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1958
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Consultants Fuss as Old Man of Mountains Undergoes 'Surgery1 By JOSEPH D. KAMTN TRANOOXIA NOTfrw " v": n (AP) The old man of the mous- sains a undergoing surgery, A helicopter has airlifted plies to the top of Profile Moun tain. i Workmen ride the aerial tram way up the mountain and take ai mue-iong walk down narrow paths to reach the old man's perch. Their Job, expected to be com' plete soon, is to save the old man's life. The method: filling in huge tracks in the -rock formations, boring holes in the old man's head and attachins steel anchor- rods to secure his head to the mountainside. For 20,000 years the 45-foot-high P!!!i!U;!iiit!i!UHS!j!i!i;;ii!iiiin I Saimiel HBreslow Co. ir 1 i- . ( : if '.V V. . J- ' ;.. stone orofile. carved by nature on the side of . the mountain, hasi stood guard at this pass in the White Mountains, gazing out over tne presidential range.' : . ) Death Throes For more than ISO years since it was discovered by the white man. New Hampshire folks have proudly claimed it at their trade mark, some say uamei weoster once declared: ". 4 .In Franconia. God Almighty has hung out a sign that in 'New Hampshire He makes men I DDTDTTCCIHI mm LW LOW PUMICE- HOUSE PAINT $00 ON OUR 40th ANNIVERSARY SALE s SAVE ova PER 6ALLCN i Md Year Chslea c! Hay Fsmsus Brands I OUTSIDE 1 FLAT i ENAMEL PAINT ROM JLL PES CM. BP I I WALLPAPER SALE 1 . SANlTAS I I B LJ 'LLTEX I I 1 .l?gur L&s 1 1 i i-niimJA lllllwv fa 1 PATERSON 117 Broadway HACKENSACK 1 299 MAIN ST. MU. 4-5441 5 PARKING IN REAR - Mete Chart Httamiti nnnnsiiHinniHHiniHifimHsniiHniiHiiHiiiiiniiiHiiiiiiiiiBn WESTWOOD 244 VWttwood Ave. NO 6-0044 ' PARKING IN REAR iiiin But geologists recently express ed fear that the old man is in his death throes. Frost and ice open ed laree cracks in the holders. En gineers warned the state to act fori the old man could at any time take a olunee Into the notch below The old man's road to recovery has been anything but smooth. 'The state advertised for bids (or a "first-aid" job on the great stone face. The waterprootug Engineer ing and Products Co. of Revere, Mass.. entered a low bid of 19,839 The bid was accepted by the state over the objections of some who said the planned joo-wowa not oe thorough enoueh. IntJ the controversy stepped the AssWlated General Contractors of I New Hampshire: The group hired! noted New York engineer, can ton. S. Proctor, to inspect the old man. Proctor recommended holding up Immediate repairs he said they might ''trigger the collapse" of the old man and called for a long-range survey. At the same me tne contrac tors offered to sponsor a nation wide public subscription drive to raise funds for tne repair jod ana survey. ' Gov. Lane Dwinell didn't . take kindly to either suggestion. The Governor said he didn't think the! state should accept "handouts" or pennies from children for a joo ne described as obviously the respon sibility of state government, The contractors dropped tneir fund drive idea and accused Dwin ell and other public officials failine to cooperate with them, Meanwhile, the state had hired a geologist of its own to check the Old Man and determine the ad visability of a long-range survey, Suskie to Get Safety Citation Cancer Research Lab fo Be Built In New Jersey Wed., Sept. 10, 1958 Paterson Evening Mcwi The New York," Susquehanna1 and Western Railroad will be presented with a certificate of commendation- for safety at dinner at the Hotel Roosevelt In New York City, Sept. 17r the American Museum of Safety an- Fifteen -raiiroads ' add affiffaf es w h 1 c h established outstanding safety records in 1957 will receive E. H. Harriman awards. The awards will consist of three tgold medals, for the railroads wmcn naa me oesi ivoi over-au safety records, and 12 certificates of commendation. NEW YORK An accelerated program In cancer research Involving an anticipated expendi ture of nearly $7,000,000 over the next five years was announced today Dy e. k. squiDD & sons, a division ox Olin Mathieson Chem ical Corn.:, ; Tne new program objective is to significantly increase Squlbb's cancer research efforts in two major areas research on the en docrine system as it relates to cancer and pilot plant produc tion and evaluation of steroid compounds on a larger scale than ever oeiore.. v First steps In this orosram In dude: ' 1. Capital expenditure by Squibb of $1,923,000 during the next 12 months for new cancer research laboratories' and exoan- sion ot existing xacuiues; 2. Receipt of an initial one- year government contract for $300,000 by Squibb for research in endocrinology ana steroid synthesis; 3. Jfians for expanding pro grams involving the annual ex- ntirlitlila nt .l AAA AAA Avar tha next five years jointly by Squibb and the Cancer- Chemotherapy National Service Center. - Squibb expansion plans for this year can for tne constructing and equipping of a preparative labo ratory for pilot plant production or steroid compounds; expansion of its endocrine research effort with construction of laboratories for this particular purpose: ex pansion of synthetic, organic and microbiological research facilities. bite of the new preparative lab or oratory will be adjacent to the squibb institute for Medical Re search at New Brunswick. NJ A staff of 86 highly-trained senior investigators, graduate scientists! ana lecnniciana win ne required 10 siau me new facility.1- All nave special training in the field steroid chemistry. A cornerstone-laying ceremony ior tne new facility was held yesterday to commemorate Squlbb's centennial anniversary. (The phar maceutical nouse was founded by Dr. Edward Robinson Squibb on Sept. 9, 1858.) Presiding at the ceremonies were KODert a. Mey ner, Governor of New Jersey and Dr. Kenneth M. Endicott, Kauonal institutes - of , fBeinesna, mo. . i -is;- I can think of no more , ap propriate way for the Squibb company to set out. upon the sec ond ceniury of a distinguished career than by establishing an armory for tne battle against one of mankind s most dreaded af flictions," Aieyner said. 4ffX6,W KO KORE TO SELL AT THIS LOW PRICE WIIEII THESE ARE GOIIE! Tip-proof, Tag-a-long ICcnmore r 7- ... : f stiKMUcnoN t gS I I -.. A , - i I "- I ovo U A5 DOWN ?5 Month on Sears Easy Foymenf Plant Stars ordered 1 5,000 off its best-selling vacuum cleaners to bring the cost down OmM MfW M? fctW. this $tpa'P$imfc$ Women Say v , I .,,'( f Cleaner is their Favorite Because! If l!shtwtlghl!ie tasy to carry , Cvtrythlnj, vtn wpndt s!or on dcantr PHONE MU. 4-20C3 Doub!tepoc!ty dust-tight dust boss Suction control. 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Persis i.iouiaro prints, vivia paisieysi jmcd Jr rsian or Ivy League stripes plus others C-,, ' j, Leaders Meet in Morris Safurday Some 200 directors of adult ed ucation centers and members of lay advisory committees are ex-1 pected at the Madison campus i oi rairieign jmcainson university tor the annual Fall Conference of 1 the New Jersey Adult Education Association on Saturday, an nounced Charles Messer., general conference chairman and director I of the Northern Valley Adult ocnooi in uemaresi. .Underlying the discussion groirp and principal talk is the conference theme "The Hole of Adult Education in our Modern I Society", The luncheon address I will be given by Dr. Earl Mosier, assistant commissioner for Higher i Education in New Jersey, whose topic is "Continuing Education in New Jersey", a feature of the luncheon program will be the Association's Fourth Annual Outstanding Citizen Award which wis year oes to Dr. John Bos-sard, former Commlsioner of. Education, for his services to adult education The opening address or the con ference will be Klven bv Dr. Sid ney Burrell of Closter. professor oi msiory ai uarnara college wno win aiscuss "Aauit Education In our Society". The conference delegates will i represent many of the 125 adult scnoois ana programs in New Jer sey, wun a ioui siuaent enroll ment of nearly 80.000. This con ference comes as Fall programs i are being offered to the public and many adult school directors una me comerence an opportunity td learn of progress and new course Ideas in other schools. Several adult school leaders from nearby states are expected to auena, utciuaing Kobert LuKe.i executive secretary of the Na-1 tionai Association of Public School Adult Education, Washington. D. C. : The New Jersey Association an nually holds, two major conferences, the second beins a week end program in the Spring. This years; Spring conference was held at Glassboro State Teachers -college in March. . 11 Highway Deaths In Week Bring 1958 Toll to 474 TRENTON Six nedestrian deaths accounted for a major por tion .oi the 11 traffic fatalities In New Jersey during the week end ing Sunday midnight. Attorney uenerai David D. , rurman announced today. There were seven traffic deaths in the corresponding wees of 1857. with one delayed deatn from an earlier mishap, the 1958 total to data was raised to 474 as compared with 553 on the same date in 1957. WHY WE CHICAGO - (UPI) - Tb Cur rent Medical Digest, In an article discussing why doctors refer to themselves as "we." attributed this statement te Benjamin Franklin: 'The editorial 'we' tra-1 dltionally and historically is reserved for the exclusive use of j heads of state, editors, and people with tapeworms. i - LETTER PERFECT , BONIFAY, Fla. (UPI) -Just name a letter in the alphabet. I Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. 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