Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 27, 1897 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 27, 1897
Page 1
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THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS. 28D YEAR. MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 27. 1897 NO 4«L 'MEET ME UNDER THE SKY LIGHT.' Tempting After Christmas Reductions. 'This, the week of big sacrifices on our part, all over stock, marked regardless of cost, only five more days before inventory, hundreds of thirfty buyers profit yearly by these After Christmas Reduc- tions,torflorrow will he a big money-saving day tor clever shoppers SOILED HANDKERCHIEFS-MARVELS. All the Handkerchiefs we had in the windows, on the booths and trims, or those that are more or less soiled by picking over, divided into three immense lots tomorrow, to be sold utterly regardless of cost; absolutely perfect goods/ all they need is the wash tub. Including Ladies' Embroidered Handkerchiefs, Men's plain white bemstjtcbed,fancy bordered cotton initialed,Boy's and Girl's Handkerchiefs for 5c Choice of goods worth to 25c cents for lOc JBIG VALUES IN FANCY GOODS, In the rear Annex, left «T€r from the tremendous Christmas selling, oftered at prices that •wouJd scarcely «x>ver the cost of the material in them. Everything MOTed to the Annex, west aisle. Choice of all fancy goods at abou One-half Christmas prices. Offers you choice of all fine cloth garmenta and furs at 25 per cent •off from regular price. Buy now wnile the assortment is complete ALL SAFE SAVE Chicago Coliseum Fire Not So Fatal as First Reports Rep- sented the Same. NELS JOffiJSOS THE OITLY VICTIM, THE CLOAK ANNEX- AGENTS FOR BUTTERICK PATTERNS. PATENT AND AUTOMATIC Thftse Flours are the Purest and of Highest; Gradet on the Market THR TAILOR Can Suit You in Style and Prices. And Tie a Hero Who Had Saved the of Thirty Others—Lo»s Uearhes $700.000 — Other Fin** and Flre Cusuultie* Clai a Unien Lives—Explosion of Powder Spoils Christmas Festivities at AshevIHe, X. C.—lieuth on the Kail. Chicago, Dec. 27.—The total loss of the Coliseum flre Friday night is estimated at $700,000. The only insurance was $150,000 carried on the building, which was valued at $400,000. It turns out, however, that but one life was lost in the blaze and that one life was a zero's. His name was Nels H. Johnson, fireman of the building, 40 years old. It was throug-h his assistance that a score of people escaped through the door in the northwest end of the build- ng. Hemmed in by the rapid spread of the flames, the performers in the Streets of Cairo and other exhibits of :he midwinter carnival were unable to reach the front of the building. Johnson led the way to the north entrance. George B. Irving was with Johnson as he led the way to the door. It was found locked and nailed up. Seining several hammers and axes, the two men, with others who had joined them, broke down the doors. Hl» Quick Work Saved Thirty. Irving was at work among the ruins Saturday gathering up the few remains of his electrical trapeze. He was dumfounded when told that Johnson's body had been found. "I can't believe that Johnson is dead," said Irving. "We escaped from the burning building together. At least thirty were saved by Johnson's quick work. -In getting out Johnson's head and face were badly scorched. We ran about the west side of,the building and I took him to a drug store, where we bought some coltj cream for his burns. I waited but a, minute or so anc ran back to the building- to try and get in by the front entrance. Johnson was in the drug store when I left. He must have run back after me. I tried to break into the building on the west side to attempt to save some of my property, but it was too late." Other 1'ires in the Lake Metropolis. Three firemen were injured,one fatal- y and two seriously, and $125,000 damage done by the flre in the six-story building at the corner of Fifth avenue and Monroe street Saturday. Captain Dennis MeSweeney fell from the sixth story when the roof collapsed. John 'Cenney. truckman, and James M.C- Cambridge, pipeman, were injured. F. A. Foster & Co., dry goods, sustained the heaviest single loss, J20.000. Saturday morning for the third time flamesd estroyed the building of the Quadrangle club, of the Vniversity of Chicago. There were seven persons in the building-, but all escaped. Two were more or less injured. Loss, $20,000 on the building. The club was composed groaning figures, some ot.Woom lay Almost perfectly nude. A number of the Injured were able to walk from the scene, wr.ile cots were provided and hands placed the more seriously wounded 03 them and conveyed them to an old residence near by, which was improvised into a hospital. Joseph Finch is among the more seriously hurt, his nose and mouth being torn out of til shape, and he is probably blinded. Clarence Ledford, who stood near the cannon when the powder ignited, was thrown more than fifty feet. His clothing was torn or burned entirely off, and a part of the skin on the forehead burned loose. Charles Earwood and John Ingle also are seriously hurt, and several others 'probably will lose their sight or be disfigured for life. DEADLY WRECK OX THE RAIL. One Man Ground to Pieces und Two Others Probably Get Death Wounds, Chattanooga. Tenn., Dec. 27.—A vestibule passenger train on the Xorfolk and Western railroad collided with a freight tt Clark's Summit. The engines of both trains were badly wrecked, as were a tumber of freight cars and the baggage and postal cars of the passenger train. R. H. Ashmore, express mesenger, was badly injured about the head and chest, and it is thought will die. Postal Clerk, rloffman was- instantly killed, his body being ground to pieces and thrown under the second-ciass coach. Fireman Collis had both his legs cut off and was therwise horribly cut and bruised and viU prooably die. Engineer McCarty was severely cut about the head and neck, and suffered a number of contusions on his body, and is thought to be Internally injured. He will die. The wreck was occasolued by the engineer of the freight train mistaking orders. fatal Railway Accident in Prance. Paris. Dec. 27.—Two passenger trains came into collision at Lepeage du Roussillfon. department of Isore, during the prevalence of a dense fog. Captain Blouet, of the cruiser Foudre, of the French Mediterranean squadron; Captain Lota, an instructor at the military school at St. Cyr, and M. Mathieu, a naval engineer, were killed and fifteen other persons were Injured. As Presented in McKinley's Message and Sherman's Latest Note to Sagasta. VAKT.TnT, PROTESTS FEOM SPATE. He Gave His tlfo for Others. New York, Dec. 27.—James F. Col- raan, an engine driver in the fire department, sacrificed his own life Saturday rather than run down a woman and a little girl who, transfixed with fright, were unable to get out of his way. Coltnan, to avoid them, gave the ngine too sharp a turn and it toppled over with the driver beneath it, killing lira almost instantly. STRIKE FEELING NOT SO STRONG. FALL AND Winter Woolens. The most complete assortment of Up-to-date Fabrics in Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and in fact anything you want for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. John R. Carroll, 1222 BROADWAY, MEN AND WOMEN SgE OUR FELT SLIPPERS. Walker & 42O BROADWAY. Now is ttie Time to Buy Great Reductions in Prices of all Our Holiday and Millinery Goods. Spry X Broadway and Pearl Streets C.IVE THEM FITS. That's what you'll get if I make your clothes. Fm makiag Fall Suits and Overcoats to order from $16 of professors and past graduate students, who lose heavily on the furnishings, which included a number of valuable paintings, selupture, etc.. Ten of a Family Cremated. London, Dec. 27.—A Mrs. Jarvis and her nine children, the youngest a baby, were burned to death at 5 o'clock yesterday morning in a four-room cottage occupied by the Jarvis and two other families in Dixie street. Bethnal Green, London. The unfortunate family occupied the upper floor. By a strange coincidence Mr. Jarvis, the woman's lusband, who had been suffering from consumption, died in the Workhouse in- irmary Saturday afternoon without having heard of the disaster. Mrs. Jarvis earned a scant livelihood by j making match boxes and her rooms were filled with inflammable material. Two Children Ix)se Their Liven. Franklin, Pa,, Dec. 27. — Grace and Annie Nelson, whose parents live near here, were left alone in their home Saturday evening. The former fell into the grate flre and her clothing was ignited. She was burned to death. In trying to save the Ufe of her sister. Annie was also badly burned and it is believed she cannot recover. FBAXTIC MSfE IX A BIG CROWD, Thtrty Pounds of Powder Explode* and » Wild Scene Ennnes. Asheviile, X. C., Dec. 27.—A crowd of 100 or more men and boys were firing a Christmas salute from an old cannon on the outskirts of town Saturday when a can of thirty pounds of powder exploded in the thick of the crowd. Thirty or forty persons were injured, but lotton Operatives ut Fall River Are Considering the Slfttc of Trade. Fal! River, Dec. 27.—The strike feel- 3 among the operatives is not as strong as it was last week. It is beloved that careful consideration of ex- i*iing conditions has done much to har.ge the sentiment, the conference committee of the operatives, in which are representatives of all the textile unions, held another meeting last night, when the wage question discussion was resumed. The meeting adjourned subject to the call of the committee's secretary. The only information given out was that .a new proposition to the manufacturers was proposed and the plan On* Editor Cites Store Warships and Another Jjiiy* Our "Encroachments** on Spain's Internal Politics Arc "Intolerable"—Not Inclined to Admit Our Right to Interfere. Xo Matter Hour Long the Cuban War Shall Continue. Madrid, Dec. 27.—The Imparcial urges that, in view of the character of the reply of United States Minister Woodford to the note of the Spanish government, in answer to the first communication of the American government through him, it is necessary to increase the Spanish fleet as against the eventuality of a conflict with the United States. El Heraldo says: "The en croachments of the United States upoa the internal politics of Spain have become intolerable, and must be resisted energetically. The situation is difficult, but at whatever cost the government ought to put an end to a shameful utate of affairs for the sake of the dignity of. Spain." Agrree That the Soto In Friendly. London, Dec. 27.—The Madrid correspondent of The Standard says: "General Woodford's note dwells'at length upon the Spanish complaint against filibustering, and other moral and material assistance given In the United States to the insurgents, which the Washington government reasserts it has done all in its power to check, with the view also of satisfying- the representations made by Spanish diplomacy. The Madrid papers say the note is so very friendly and so laudatory of the present home rule policy in Cuba and Porto Eico that there is a general impression in official circles that the relations between the two governments have a decidedly reassuring aspect. S^ft Words Butter No Parsnips* "At the same time papers of every shade .of opinion, including the ministerial organs, censure very sharply the conduct of the United States government, and are unanimous in saying that all the compliments the United States pays the new Spanish colonial policj| cannot make a proud nation tolerate' the pretension of a foreign government to have the right to criticise and condemn the conduct of Spanish generals and of the late Spanish government in eaiing with the rebellion. They equally resent the American pretension to interfere in the Spanish West Indies,' which is so repeatedly claimed in the •OVAL UuaNC MWDM CO., HORRIBLE DOUBLE MURDER. Wh«t Clirlitruiu Brought to Milton •UK! HU Aged Wife. Indiana, Pa., Dec. 27.—Milton Neal and his aged wife were shot to death by an unknown asassln at their horn* near Jacksonville, nine mile* southwest ol' here, some time during Christmas Their bodies were found at » -o'clock that night by their BOH Harry, who w*« passing the house and stopped to p«T a Christmas call on his parents. Wnen young Neal forced his way into hl> father' house, on entering the alttliif room a horrible sight met him.. OB •> chair near the window lay tbftJOm fit his mother, her face entirelj^Wowm away. At her feet was all that remained of her husband, and a phaatly hole in the side of his h«*d told <he tal« of his murder. At his-sWe lay a'double- barreled shotgun, tti»-, Implement ot death. The walls, celling, and article* of furniture in the rooBK'-w«re spatterel jvjfttfc- blood, and on- the ceiling was a good- sized dent m which wa» embedded a )iece of the murdered woman's skull. There is nothing to Indicau that th« was committed for plunder, urn In Neal's pocket was a $10 bill, and » (20 bill lay on the top of a drawer. Their friends say they have a clue upon which they will at once begin work to trace down the murderer. THAT "RAREBIT" IS INVINCIBLE. BI-JUS the EueUftbumn Chnae Ea*Uy in •> :iO-Mlle llace in 1:04:05 1-3. New York, Dec. 27,—Jimmy Michaels, of Wales, the recognized middle distance bicycle champion of this country, met Arthur 31. Chase, the middle distance champion of England, Saturday night at .Madison Scfuare garden In a thirty-mile race over a ten-lap board track, and won so easily, despite a bad notes and the presidential message, and s Pi'l, that the bicycle experts are guess,ins jusi how good the little "Rare- Tjit" is.. .,. Pluck, endurance, stamina and every other quality that goes to establish the to be embodied unanimously adopted. Its details were not divulged, and the document is now in the mail for Secretary Rounsevilie. A manufacturer volunteered the opinion that the new proposition might offer an acceptance of the cut-down provided the present schedule was restored when a margin of profit to be mutually agreed upon shall warrant such action. to $40.00 - Q. Tucker, 'Tailor, ««* Broadway, none, it is believed, fatally. The cannon ivas fired several times, and then Joesph Finch, an employe of the Southern Railway company, picked up the >owder can and began to reload the iece. The gun had not been swabbed, nd the moment the tiny stream of •owder struck the heated mttal there t-as a flash and the powder exploded vith a report that made the earth trem- e. Immediately ihere was a scene that made sick the hearts of these watching from a near-by hiJl. In the smoke thai rose from the explosion they saw human beings run blindly here and there over the hill, falling and rising only to fall again as they frantically rushed about, blinded and powder-burned, madly trying to extinguish their fiam- ih£ clothes. Those who were Unhurt ran to the aid of the unfortunate ones, smothering flaming clothing or cutting the garments from their bodies. One man was blown or rolled completely down the high bluff, 200 feet, nearly to the river. The people in the neighborhood ran to the scene, and the work or giving assistance to the injured began. hill, was dotted with DIacjcene< TROLLEY CAR CONDUCTOR KILLED. Four Thugs Murder Him Because He Will Not Give Up His Money. Xorristown, Pa., Dec. 27.—A trolley car on the Schuylkill Valley Traction company was held up by four highwaymen at Swedeland near here about 10 o'clock last night. Conductor Chas. Galloway, of Norristown, refused to give up his money and was shot dead. Three, shots were fired at Motorman Matthias, but none took effect. After ritUng the body of the'conductor of the money and a gold watch the robbers escaped. There were four women passengers in the car, and the robbers covered them with their weapons, but made no attempt to rob them. The men looked like tramps, and escaped in the direction of Philadelphia. Sold His Wife for Ten Dollars, Lansing, Mich., Dec. 27.—Charles Bishop, of Mason, whose domestic happiness has been destroyed by the visits of Bert Carpenter, signed an agreement to relinquish all claim to his household and its effects for $10. He received the cash and came to ihis city, where his father resides, leaving. Carpenter in possession. Mrs. Bishop recently advertised in a matrimonial paper, and It more :ecently in advocacy of relief for distressed Cubans. What Hurts the Kdildrs Jilost "The £r°ps Is most dissatisfied, with the Woodford note on account of the : arguments used to refute ihe Spanish complaints against filibustering. America is charged with interfering in all the rules and usages of international law in order to suit the aims of its encroaching policy in the West ludles. It is an open secret that the note has caused surprise and displeasure in official circles because the government had. hoped that President McKinley'and Secretary Sherman would refrain from increasing the embarrassments of the situation in Spain in consideration of all the concessions made in Cuba. The government will delay 'replying to the note for several weeks, as the United States took nearly two months to reply to the Spanish note. When it does reply Senor Sagasta will rebut the arguments ol the note in a friendly, but firm tone. WATCH THEM HEAD HER OFF. Alleged Filibuster Ha* Two United State* Vessels to Get Away From. Mobile, Ala., Dec. 27.—If the pilot boat Somers N. Smith, of Pensacola, gets out of this port with a. filibustering expedition she will have to run over the cutter Seward in the river and the crusier Montgomery off the bar. The Smith was here in August last, was docked and black leaded and had a speed-wheel put in;alsotookofftheflgure 3 from her smokepipe and . went to sea at night bound, rumor afterward said, to Cuba with eighty men on board and a lot of arms and ammunition. No trace of this expedition Was afterwards found, however, and William Bazzell, commodore of the Pensacola Pilots' associa- is claimed received money from men in .Montana and Florida, and then refused to go to them. Governor .Hake* a Christmas Gift. Detroit. Dec. 27.—As a Christmas present Governor Pingree pardoned Henry Howard, who under the name of Harry Dale was convicted last Hay of criminally assaulting Maggie Leonard in tliis city and sentenced to Jackson for life. This action was recommended by the pardon board. Howard has .ill along- stoutly maintained his innocence, and the governor says he is himself convinced of it. Then Reciprocity »*lti TAIL Berlin, Dec. 27.—It is announced that the German government declines to yield to the demands of the United States, made during- the reciprocity negotiations, for reduced duties on American animal products. tion, presumably the owner of the tug, denied emphatically that the Smith was in the filibustering business. Two weeks ago the tug appeared in Pensacola and came immediately under suspicion, the papers there saying the cruiser Montgomery was on watch over her. The papers also said the Smith needed decking for repairs, but that: the Mobile docks were to busy to take her. Nevertheless, she arrived here Thursday and .,_ in every inch of the Welshman. Noth-' ing seems To tire hjjn. Chase fell and was severely hurt in the twenty-sixth mile, and had to leave the track. He 1 would have lost anyhow, however, barring accidents. The time was 1 hour, 4 minutes, 5 1-5 seconds. Milwaukee, Dec. 27.—At the exposition building indoor track Saturday Edward Aldridge, of this city, broke the world's record for tweny-five miles un- paced, his time being 1 hour, 4 minute* and 2S seconds. The previous record for this distance was ijhour, 5 minutes and 20 seconds. FOLLOWED MIJKjHERBERT'S LEAD. Young Society Wwanof Wuhlngten Kill* Hcnelt with a PUtol. "Washington, Dec. 27. — The recent tragic death of Mis* Leila Herbert, th« daughter of the ex-secretary of the navy, is given as the reason for the «ui- cide which occurred yesterday of Mis» Annie Virginia Wells, an accomplished young society woman and daughter of Lewis, S. Wells, a well-known attorney. The young woman shot herself through the heart with her brother's revolver at e residence of her father here. Miss Wells had met Migs H«rbert a number of times, and wag very much attached to her. She herself had been confined to the house for four months by illness, and this, combined with tha shock caused hy the death of herfrjend. brought on melancholia, which resulted n suicide. The deed wui apparently entirely unpremeditated. , uperior Iron M a~«*M« Uw West Superior, Wis., Dtc. 37.— Preparations have been begun for Up trant- er of the property of the West Bu- erior Iron and Steel company, of this city, to the Central Trust company, of New York, who hold against it a mortgage of Jl.730.000, including- Interest on the principal and taxes since 1893. Cripple Crwk MluerV Xms* Gift, Cripple Creek, Colo., Dec. 27.— The owners of all the large and prosperous mines in this camp made a handsome immediately went on the Mobile ways j Christmas present to th«ir employe* o. fVl& ff*f\* nf *,.,OT1r.»n ~^_ n _^ .. _ t_ _ I . .. . . ~-~f**r^*-m* 1 More Competition for New Eng-IJUuL Denver, Dec. 27.—The Overland cotton mills, of this city, have carried the wmr "Into the enemy's country" with a v*n.5eanc£ by securing contract* will place- their product in Bostoc. ai the foot of Augusta .street, to be repainted. The manager of the -ways sayz the paint on her does not need renewing, and is as good as -when put On four months ago. She is said to have been followed as far as this port by the cruiser ."Montgomery. Telegraphic orders were sent here Saturday night and the collector was notified r.o be on the lookout for filibusters. United States Marshal Simmons went on board the tug- yesterday and had the boat searched, but nothing was found oc board. Bazzell, who is here with the Smith, says there is no intention of fll- ibastering and that she is merely here for repairs. The cutter Seward dropped down the river yesterday afternoon and came to anchor opposite the exit of the marine ways, and lies there with steam up and keeping- an eye on the Smith. Persies up from the lower bay report that the cruiser Montgomery has been oar the bar. far twenty<oar hour*. by allowing full time for sji idl» day. Th» gift in the a«gr*ga.U unouats to •kout flO.WO dividend «monc Mv«rkl thousand minus* , . DEIGRMBELR, A.WKAT XOXTH *J6sllmust have some- rblnrto fire for Christmas Hauk eanihowyou mom, tod at lewprJeetoo, Buy Mm*- tbfav tfcM •wlUluts, lift 0. A. HAUK. Jeweler ft OttidsW

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