The Berkshire County Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts on October 12, 1855 · 3
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The Berkshire County Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts · 3

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1855
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we enritomf ,' and to carry them to a trium haul issue You and ihey adopted the ptailnrm of principles, without even proposing io embody one plank from (lis American lMallorm." You arid ihejr voltd l oruanizn ih new 1'ariy by dm choice of a State Committee, and you voted for the gentlemen chosen nn the (Junt-tniiiee. Ye, air, vou, arid Col. lire wafer, and Meftra. Hansom, lirailbury and Mab, of ilia Pre, and mnri than four hundred men who 'tilled for Got, Gardner, gate the sanctum of your and their awed nicea in now liepubliesn 1'arty. 'Tim "Irailnrs" liorlingame and- I, who had nn vol in lhat a'esemblatre of a thou-annd ih c2;Uf a, mood fy, and saw you, sir, and jrtore than five hundred memhflig of h American Tarty then and there apeak the JlrpuUican Parly into hfiiiff, amid enthusiastic ahoiila over llm new birth. Not r. voice in all thai t.t n-.o--iiibl.K-fl w l.i(-r'(f. NO. I" Herda-rmi-.n ib-.i TJIK QUESTION OK FIU'.K-' UOM WAS l'A K A MOt'N V." Not one men among yon all whispered 0, against c ceptinj thin, the nnmn uf the "Ifmhlican Fstrit," I.iii!! did I in my amiplirtty, think, that, t itliin one h..rt week, you, air, and ronm i.f ymit ss-oeirt"-, who an readily, in the f.icc id ih'e people, forgot Americanism, woulj he drnoiincinB your own work , and branding as "political lrfttHirs and disunion Lsls," gentlemen who foe I bound hy your acts, as well as by lltf-ir own, t(suatiitn the Republican Party and it candidal", 1 commend: in all kindness to ynu, air, and your asaochles, the careful perusal of Ihia plain, unvarnihhed, and truthful record of vour and their acts in conneciinn with the "Fusion" movement. If the perusal doe not recall you and them to the realization of obligaiinna hind-inir upon vu and them, by your own free acta, hope it will teach a lesson of charity towards your late associates, and forever seal your lips from the utterance of reproaches that can only recoil upon tour own heads. I indulge the hope that the members of the American party will candidly peruae the record 1 hve here traced, of the doinga of yourself and your associate?, jti connection with the in anguralinn of the Republican party. This re- Cord cannot tail lo carry to an the lair minitea membera of the American party, the conviction that you, ir, and your associates have pledged the.n, as far as you could do by your acts, lo the Republican party and lo the aup- port of its candidates. ISufievinjz, as 1 do, that the on'y hope of saving Kansas to Freedom, and of protecting the rijjhiaof the sons of New England, now mai'e lelons for uttering the .convictions of their ami's (or liberty, is in the nnion of the libertY-lovinc people in the Free Slates, I' hate labored at home and abroad, without any hope of present or futuie reward, lo unite them upon a common platform, w here they would not be required lo sacrifice their opinions upon other questions. While I shall maintain, in public and private lifn, the ideas that underlie the American party, which are in harmony with the equal rights of all men, 1 shall support the Republican movement hioh you, air, and the authorized agents and leaders of the Amarican party have inaugurated. Yours irnlv, HENRY WILSON, Abstract of the Address At lhe 4.'A Anniversary of the DtrkMre Agricultural Society, (kiolxr 7, 1 855,. by its Prcsidtnt, HON. J I LIU ROCKWELL. Mr. Rockwell commenced as follows : Uy the common law of the Berkshire Agricultural Society, its l'residcnt, in the second and last year of his official term, usually delivers the , annual address. As I rise to perform that duty, there are recollections crowding upon my mind not without interest to many here present. Twenty-two years since, I delivered the annual address before this society. Of its officers then around me, one half are dead. The manly form of its President ,of that day, now Bleeps in the C'cnielsrywiihin iriy view-almost within the sound of my voice ; hut ((i car is dull. He had just confidence in his ahilitW to perform all his d ities except to address a pyblij.- assembly ar that time. lie devolved that duty opon rhe stripling youth he had chosen to make his friend. Iii the light of that friendship, 1 have walked the paths that lead me here again this day. The first Vice ''resident of thai day, the late upright and esteemed Treasurer ol this County, sleeps a little farther away. The Mieriti and Marshall of that day, so kind and courteous in word and manner, so fearless and resolute in conduct, has gone wiih them. The Treasurer of that day, theu so active, courteous, and attentive to the duties iwliit-h were his pride and pleasure, has joined their company. Of those who were members of this Society then, I sup poe on half are now dead. Who shall tell the story of another score of years ? Ho then entered upon the main subject of his address, "The Thought! of the Young Farmer," which occupied half an hour io the delivery, and which will in due time be published. lie then addressed the members of the Society npon the subject of the purehaso of the new .Show Grounds; the erection of the buildings, and improvements, and the new measures which made the .present year an epoch in its history ; and after paying a just tribute to the Housaionic Agricultural Society, who had led the way in such impioveroent. concluded as follows : From this period, therefore, we devote these prounds to the great industrial interestsuof Berkshire, i To Agriculture ; the original form in which human industry was exhibited, and the foundation on which all human prosperity rests. To Manufactures ; which in our County "have Crown with our growth," fed and Supported by agriculiute, til) now like true and successful children, they give substantial aid in supporting the family and improving the estate. To the Mechanic arts ; by which agriculture and manufactures are furnished with the instruments ol labor, and the conveniences and embellishments of an advanced civilization. The farmc, the manufacturer,, the mechanic, with all other classes of our citizens, will meet here upon terms of perfect equality, with mutual p,ood will, and with a just appreciation, of the dependence of each upou the other. . Here in these our annual holidays, will the people of our County assemble together, to .compare the choicest of their lieids and flocks ; of their ngricultu: al and horticultural productions ; of their mechanical and manufacturing indu-iry, in iuut:-aj acquaintance, keeping forever bright the chain ol mutual regard ; cultivating always a patriotism huge enough to embrace our whole Commonwealth and our whole Coun- atid domestic, as never to forget the hearth Hoots of Ilcrkshire. ' The patriotic anng shall jet he inspired, which shall lie suiijj in full chorus at the close of each 'anniversary, to charm our spirits like the Marseilles Hymn or theUaus des Vaches. For here are the gtishing springs ; lhe musical and spark-lini rivulets, the meanderim? rivers : the hikes. lhe meadows, the pastures variegated with rock and forest ; t i hill sides, the ravtiujs, the sheep paths ; lhe wild cessa of sublimest inter, the jrrren sorcery of prinr, the industry of summer fliurmuring in every field, the glorious robed Autumn. Where are the muses 1 IjcI these grounds be ever consecrated to good ftUowhip kindly feelings and couitcous intercourse, for thee will exhibit oy.r true character to " the ttrangcr within our gates." Let the spirit of (oliticttl panics never be excited here, for entiie fteedoin from this, in ail the history of our society, ha Ueu the btul of its jroperitv. . iA-t sobriety and temperance, with manifold cheerfulness, ever prevail here ; for the reiuem-trance of these holidays fills the 'r. Jt no base or pn'.fane word ever be ottered here ; for hue nicei with us our mothers and sisters, our wive nnd our daughu-rs. , Ixi muiid discretion and Mern justice ever puuWthe (ieciMoii of 'he Committees of award he- ; tor " tear, favr and atf'e. lion" are wavering and temporary, An truth and justice w ill ever command seif resjseet and good report. Ixi honorable t mulaiion ever prevail here, hut envious disparagem-Mit never ; fur it is one of the n,ot HoUe'traiis t human nature, lo rejoice in i!,e hi. ( of a fair competitor. "iiia!!y, h t liie lag of our United Country ever over us here J for the s niloU ot Heaven are upuu it, .and a haj'py ar,d grateful people bent-ath it. ' T'lriftu-ii t-ri were around at Cattle Sh'jw. Several ladk'S Lad their pockets rifled, oue frota Lx.oeib'ifo lost a fortaiOijaie Oil i The foot Itaets. The most novel feature introduced at Cattle Show, was the foot racing. Hardly any portion of the " performances" was looked for with 60 much interest. Four beautiful silver qup, vulucd respectively at 8, 10, 12, and $18, had been provided by George VV, Canipbull, , to whom is duo tho credit for tlio introduction of ih' manly sport. On Wednesday in the foot race, tbe In-rt two in half-mile heats, the 8 cup was won by Alfred Johnson, son of 15. F. Johnson, ICsrp, of this town, to whom is penerally awarded the credit of the most skillful running' at any of the races. C. C Lane of Limo woti the Si 0 nip on the second race on the sam4 terms accomplishing the first half-mile in 2.30, the second in 2.83. The were three competitors for the fu st prize, and seven or eight for tho second. The quarter niilo race for tlpi sweepstakes of 56 was won by D. B ird well, o( Hit -lunond. On Friday, the Sl2 cup was won Ly Leonard Owen, (an Irishman.) In the great race, a mile heat, Milton (3. Power accomplished it in five minutes and thirty seconds and won thesis cup. The sweepstakes was won by F. Wells. ' A little colored boy about as big; as a piece of coal, and twelve yeara old, a son of Win. Montgomery, without any preliminary ceremony, fciok the track, and kept ahead until be was pusbed off the track. He beat, surely, for the first half-mile. The spectators delighted with liis performances, made up a purse of $5.00, which was placed in the hands of Sheriff Marshall Willis, who judiciously expended it in clothes for the boy. A BKAUTit uL and IsTERKSTixo exhibition is tint at Burbank Hall every evening this week. All speak enthusiastically of the moving Dioramas and Italian Marrionettes, and tlie additional attraction of the conflagration of Moscow, which will be given for the rest of the week, is world renowned. The exhibition is enlivened with pleasing instrumental and vocal music, and we can safely commend it to the patronage of the public. Sad Accident. At Lanesboro last Tuesday, while Lorenzo Bailey was upon a large, and apparently sound limb of a tree, on the farm of Eli Bradley Esq., gathering apples, the limb proved to be rotton and, breaking, precipitated Lira, from tho beight of 24 feet, to tlie ground, killing him almost instantly, lie was a man of about 85 years, and leaves a wife and three children. Hon. John Z. Goodrich, of Stockbridge, has been chosen Chairman of the Republican State committee rice Henry S. Washburn, who declines on account of business enae- .CO mer.ts. Sport. The trotting for the prizes contribu-red by private gentlemen at Cattle Show was postponed on account of the weather until Saturday next, when it has been intimated to us that there will be some tall trotting on the course of the Agricultural Society. ! Theodore Pomekot, Esq., of this town, has been appointed, by-Governor Gardner, a Justice of the Peace for Berkshire Cownty. IIodgs's Cornet Basd, of North Adams, di coursed most elegant music at our Cattle Show. LATER K.0I EUROPE, TIIE FALL OF SEBASTOPOL. The steamship Pacific, from Liverpool, Sept. 22d, arrived at New Yoik Wednesday morning. Her news is one week later, but relates no movement at JSehastopol since the capture of Mala- kofT and the retirement of the Russians to the! northern portion of the city, which it is consider ed almost certain they cannot hold on account of. the scarcity of provisions. The allies have blown up such portions of the fortifications as the Russians had not demolished, and the French were beginning to occupy the town. There was a rumor that GortschakofT had received orders from St. Petersburg to evacuate the Crimea if he could carry away the arms and baggage. Austria has formally congratulated France and F.ngland on the fall of Sevastopol, and sent a special envoy to Paris with another ultimatum to be offered to Iitissia, if the allied powers approve of it, and if Russia declines to accede to it, Austria again promises io declare war against her. The Czar on learnins the-disaster at Se-bastopol, telegraphed the King of Prussia, "Russia never makes peace after defeat." It is repor ted that tlae Czar, with the three grand Uukes, is going to the Crimea. ihe official report of I elissier, trie trench commander, had not been received ; Gen. Simp son s (the JbiiglishJ is substantially as follows : I have to congratulate your lordship on the glorious results of the attack of the 8th, which has ended in the possession of the town, dockyards and public buildings, and the destruction of the last ships of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. Three 6teamers alone remain, and tin speedy capture or sinking of these must speedily follow". At noon, the hour appointed, our allies quitted their trenches,' and entered and carried Ihe apparently impregnable defenses of the Mala-kofl', with that impetuous valor which characterizes the French attack, and having once obtained possession, they were never dislodged. The tricolor planted on the parapet was the signal for our troops to advance. I determined that the second and light divisions should have the honor of the assault from the circumstance of their having defended the batteries and approaches against the Redan f r so many months, and from Ih ir intimate knowledge of the ground. The fire of our ar tillery having made as much of a breach as possible in the salient angle ot Ihe Redan, I decided that the columns of assault should be directed against that part. On arrivi ig at the crest of the ditch and lhe ladders being placed, the men immediately stormed the parapet of the Redan, and penetrated into the salient angle. A most determined and bloody contest was here maintained for nearl7 an hour, and although the greatest bravery was displayed, it was found iru- j possible to maintain the position. Vour lordship I wi;l perceive by tbe long ana saa list ot casual-1 lies, with what ealhtntry and self-devotion tbe orhoeis so nobly placed themselves ut the head of their men during this sanguinary conflict. I feel myself inadequate to express the, sense I enter tain of the conduct and gallantry exlnDitci tiy the troops, though not rewarded ly the success lhe- so well merited. The trenches were subsequently so crowded with troops that I was unable to organize a second assault. About eleven o'clock at night the enemy commenced exploding tiieir magazines, and the Redan we found abandoned and occupied it at daylight. The evacuation of the town was made' manifest during the night. Great tires appealed in every pari, accompanied by explosions, under cover of which the nicely succeeded in withdrawing their troops lo tbe north side by means cf the raft-bridge recently constructed, and which they afterwards disconnected and conveyed to the oilier side. Their men-of-war were all sunk during the I'ight. In the track on the Redan 25 English officers were killed, and 1 26 wounded, SO dangerously so. The in tciials Uft by tho Russians is more ex tensive than at first supposed, including 1,200 guns of large caliber, 4,W0 of smaller caliber, 5!),U00 caiiuon bulls, and a great amount of gun powder. It was reported that Russia nau unaenaicen io mediate between IJcomara: and the United State. 'I here was excitement at Pari about the high price of bread ; the Empress w is progressing favorably. 1 he king of Naples had apologized to England and Fraoee for recent insults. IVestcrii Elections. ! Republicanism has triumphed over the bitter opposition of Democracy, Know Nothingism nnd Hunkcrism, n Ohio. Kx-Penator Snlmou 1. Chase, is eleWd -kve mor by about 10,000 majority. Ohio forever I The returns from Pennsylvania are too meagre to form an estimate of tho general result. Philadelphia gives a Democratic majority. DO.VT I oicur.T That Box of CLOUGIPS COf.h'MBI AX PIM.S, when you hava a Col. I, Pain in the. Mile. Ileae.-ache, nr are "sick all ovr " These, Pills art msdu on purpose to cure. See advertisement. County Rf publican Convention. rilllE RKlTHLICANSnf Bcikshira County A are requested to choose delegates in the proportion of three for every Representative to which their several towns arc entitled in tho General Court in valuation your, to a County Convention to he held at Lenox on Tuesday, Oct. 16, at 11 o'clock A. M., for the purpose o organization, and tho choice of candidates to be supported at the coming election for Senator, County Treasurer, Register of Deeds and County Comniisionor, and for the transaction of such other business as may come before it. HENRY CHICK KRING, I County JOHN BRANN1NG, J Committee. American County Convention. 1 COUNTY CONVENTION of the American .jL party will be holden at the Court Honse, in Lenox, on Wednesday, the 17th day of October, current at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of nominating Senatoisaud Omnty offi' ccrs, and-for the transaction of such other business as may be deemed expedient. The members of the American party in the several towns in ths Coun'y are requested to elect delegates to said Convention equal to three times the number lo which they are entitled in the .General Court In any one year. A. 0. MORSE, ) M. S. wilsom, Committee. A. J. WATEKMAN, J October 9th. !So5. lwll Lyon's Kathairon. There is no surer test of the unrivalled merits of an article, than tha springing up of countless imitations and counterfeits. This test conclusively proves I.yon's Kathairon for preserving, restoring and beautifying the Hair, to be the finest toilet artic'o ever prepared. Combining as it does the fragrance of the most delicata extracts with the moet valuable reslorntiv qualities, it stands entirely without a rival. The Ladies have decided that no toilet tble is comple without it, and their Bne discrimination rules ths world. To guard against valueless imitations and counterfeits always ask for LYON'S Katuaikox. HEATH, WYNKOOP & CO, Proprietors, 63 I.iberty-St., New York. In this town, Oct. 11, by Rev. Dr. Humphrey, Horace M. Holmes, M. I)., of South Adams, and Helen C, daughter of Merrick C. Ross, Esq., of this town. At Williamstown, Oct. 3, by Rev.A.Bronson, Daniel Brown, of Oppenbeim, N.Y., to Frances A. Hickox, of Williamstown. At Middletown, Conn., Sept 19, by Rev. Dr. Lewis, Samu.d i. Gaston, of New-York,' (formerly of Richmond,) to Rosalie Welton, of M. At" Richmond, Sept. 5th, by Rev. Mr. Shaw, Henry E. Blanehard. of Gratiot. Wis., to Maria Louise Shomson, of Granville, N. Y. At Stockbri,fs;e, Oct. 1, Charles E. Butler to Sirah Ridlev, daughter of the late Robert Sedgwick, all of Xew-York. At Cincinnati, O., Sept. 2S, J.A. Brewster, of Williamstowtij to Mary A. Rogers, widow of the late James O. Dowd, of Liverpool. At North Adams, II. A. W'erden, of Adams, to Amanda II. Gilchrist, of Cambridge, N.Y. DIED. In this tO'i n, Oct.' Sth.Ichabod Chapman, aged 78, a most worthy and respected citizen. At Roxbury, Sept. 20, Charlotte Newton, sister of Hon. E. A- Newton, of this town, ared 69. At Suffield, Oct. 2. suddenly, of Typhoid Fever, Caroline May, d.tuirhter of the late Jared Smith, of Sandistield, aired 19. At Windsor, Sept. 22, Dja. Thomas Blanehard, acred 91 . At N'ew Ashford Oct. 10, Gabriel Matthews, aired 45. Oct. 4th, Maliuda, wife of Atwater Beach, acred 45. At the American Hospital at Pavta, Sept. 12. John Bullock, of Lee, Mas'., discharged from Bark .Vj breeze, of New Bedford. " At North Adams, Oct. 6, Caroline Fanny, wife of Nehemiah Hodge. At Great Barrington, Oct. 10, James Whitehead, ajjad 37. Oet. 9, Ellen A., wife of Elijah T. Gibt.s, aged 23. Oct. 3, Mary P., wife of G. R. Ives, Esq., and daughter of "the lata Ralph Olmsicad. of New-Vork. Dress Silks, II. . DAVIS, Veer's IJIock oi tli Street, OFFEBS A VEy LARGE ASSORTMENT Ot NEW STYLES DRESS SILKS A DA PTE D TO THE SEA SO. V, Its Common niil Super Qualities AT LOW PKICES, ' , Pl'RCHAtsERS WILL FIND OUR STOCK IN THIS LINE C3" I nusually Desirable. October 10. 3wU J, P1TTSFIELD GUARDS. f! Ul ICIi An adionrned meetui ol I Corps will be held at their Armory on 1 An adjourned meeting of this Mondnv Eveninsr next (ij a e ill ai ir..uiLt, is respectiuiiy requested. 1 er Urfler, Oct. IJ.-lwll GL. SMITH, Clerk. STITCHING MACHINES. SEVERAL of Ihesa popular and useful articles of A li. Wilson's patent, have just hireri re ceivod, and are offered fur tale by Mrs. I'l. Ii. Lam-berson, in Bradford St., one door west of N jrth St. By aa airsngement with the manufacturers, they will be sold 'ii the same terms as at their depot in New York, with instructions. These machines, being of different sizes, will operate on every ynriety of material, and ar adapted to the use of Manufacturers, Mechanics and families. Wilson's Machines 'are generally preferred on account of the beauty, str-!ng:li and turability of the work. As there are inachiiie of several patents in operation in the place, purchasers can make selections without seeking a mora distant market. JOB VI O Ull. Mrs. L. is prepared to do custom work on reasonable terms. One of her i ssist ints Ua tajloress, and another will utteud exclusively to the stitching of linen. D ir ections. TO PREPARE W'CKE f OR Til E' M A C li I N K. Linen th ml I he wet t take out the dressing, ami ironed smoothly. If designed fjr shirt col-larsf bosom-, nnd wristbands, it may be sent in the piece, to bu folded by machine, but if cut before it is sent, it should be folded and basted. All other work should be sent cut find hasted Cotton cloth should he shrunk, b'einniints will be returned. Cotton, thread wiiKbe furnished w ilhout charge. .Shirt B isoins and wristbinds on hand for sale. Ai"o ar rbe store of Messrs. 1'lunUett & Taylor. Pitr.sfiel.f, Oct. ftth, IS')'). lllf DRESS MAKING. oo MRS. M. E. WEBSTER I roCLl) respectfully give iiotxato her friends II and cu-toiners, that she has resumed the buinesof Dre-s Making. fiuoms nn Kenn !t., first door from Brown's Block. I'lttsfield, Oct. U, 1-Vi. -; Htf Notice. MnilE SCHOOL COMMITTEE will meet U -L Examination of Teachers, for the ensuii for ensuiiiar wintei , at tbs st udy of the I!cv Mr Parvin, on Thursday. tb lbih lost., at . lie o'clock. P. M. K. 11. DODGE, Seorotary. Oot. 12,-211 BERKSHIRE LIFE INSURANCE CO, Capital .ind Accumulation, ovr-ii $13.1,000. AT tho Annual 'Meetln? of said Company. held Ihe 1st instant, the following peritleinon wers choen Directors for the ensuing yenr: (iio. N. Brings, 'I hos. . Plunkett, .funics KrancU, lie.. J. Tii'-kcr, Theodore I'ouieroy, L. H. (iittnwell, Tinman (i, Carson, llenrv S. Briggs, ;. 'II. ('helps', Wm. :. I'liinkeit, Wm. 1'olliK.k. Ph. AH en, jr., I'll i. W. Owen, E. P. Tanner, A. !l. Pe, P. L. Iag, S. filackiriinn, Samuel Ingulfs, W. M, Root; A. C. Uu'M.11, Henry l.'lark, llenrv SteHrns. The following r names of the OfTirr choseu at a wnintui Director" heH on rhe 6th imt. : .OKOIttiK N. KfUlili-. Prudent. j'lIIOM ASK. PLI NKK I T, Vice President. . ji. V. .V illNSON, hecretart and Treasurer. EHAN'Ki A. CADY, I "yhians. An Annual Dividend lo the Stockholders of seeefi per cent. wa declared. B. y. .IHXS0N', Secretary, rittsflctd, October 9, lSA'j 3ll Auction Sale.- Y VlRTt'E of an order of the Hon. Judge of -I) Probate, for tne County of Berkhire, the subscriber, as Executrix of the Estate ol Asaph Dewey, deceased, late of Lenox, In Said County, will sell at puhlie aiicrion on the 3d day of Nov. next, at 3 o'clock P. M., on the premises, for the payment of legacies, a lot of land, eallcd the Morehouse Lot. situated in New Lenox. containing 0 acres, 20 of which Is covered with valuable timber. The terms will be made known at the time and place of sale. - SIDNEY DEWEY, Executrix. Lenox. Oct. 6. IVA 3wtl STOP TXXIEr. rpilE SUBSCRIBER entm-ted lot of Roots to 1 a man name I Tt'I.IP EELI X, 'ast S ttur lay, to deliver at the Depot In I'irtsfi. Id. The Knots he rook to West Lohanofi, and sold them for . although worth SI'iO, picketing tha amount and running away. The feijow was about 5 12 leet high, dark complfcxim, iand dark hair; wore dark grvv pants and coat, and Hack cap. $10 will be paid for the a ret of the thief. " ! JOSKPH LAFAYETTE. Daltoa Depot, Oct. 8, 1',5. Jwll IOl'NI in this town, an lhe,f?d inst,, a PORT-. MuNAlK, containing a sum of money, which Ihe owner can have by provmg property and paying for this advertisement. Oet. I J, 3 1 1 If. R. KOON. HOWARD & W ELLS, XO S II A Mi HOW, Alt jnT ar.CKivitno A ;ooi STOCK OF FANCY AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, which they are olTcrinfr AT THE VERY LOWEST PIIH ES. Oct 2. 410 ANDREWS &. CLAPP, PONTOOSUC, VRE NOW OFFEKING. of their own direct importation, the following choice brands of HAVANA CIGAnS, which they ofler to tha trade at wholesale or by the single box : s La Filuiitropti, i....Lnndrcs. La 1 atria, '. Lu Yafeiitiii:i, " Punt ...... Cobdfii, " K C Pll a, .. ..M.....MM.M... ..M. " Ambrosia, " Which have been selected by their agent from the best manufactories in the lav ana, and have made arrangem'-nts to receive tbe choicest brands direct by every steamer, and betieve they have a good facilities for iinporriiiR a good article, and aim low figures a aiiy New York or Boston iuiportem. A. fit C. are Hlso manufacturing from pure Havana stock, vaiiou styles of Cigars, and have now in store, and well cured, 50.000 Ltlrimavera,Londres,Opera&; Concha size. S.1.000 El Sevillano. " " " 20,000 Proburemos, Mi!iar Comtnun, 20."00 Nabejas, " " 3oi0W Las dos ilermanus, Millar Commun and Londres, 50,000 Mixed Cifrars. (Ohio wmprers and Ohio and Havana filling.) Hotel keeper nnd other dealers are Invited to examine our different brand", and pood inducements will be offered to Pedlars to replenish their stock Pit'sfiel i, Sept. 20, 1S')5. IQtf A Cood Variety of Dress Goods, cosi4rua n rtt or Lyons Cloilis, ool Ilails Kiuv Silk IMaids, I'laiil Dcltrtfoi., Ac. Ac, ser.t.iNU tow at HOWARD & WELLS. No. 5 Bank Row. Oct, 2. 4wl0 ALL WOOI. Paris and Bay iSlalc SHAWLS, SCARFS &c. IIOWAIIH A WLLLS Oct. 2 "No, 5 l'.auk How. 4wl0 DISSOLUTIOXsT. rilHE Topartnership of N. Ms'iiei & Co.," 1 it this day dissolved by limitation ami mutual consent. All persons indebted to " N. M. & Co.," are requested to mane inime. intt paymept to either of Ilia subscribers, ai tha Pittshebl Hardware Store, where the junior partner will remain a short lime, previous to his '"going West," to settle i'p tlia business of the firm. - NATHANIKL BIESSEP.. W. A. BILL. Plttsfield, t'ctober I, 135. 10tf N L XV uxLii) vuviun) iiny iusJt 3BVIB LRY STO 11 E. J. II. S C OT T HAS taken the Store lately occupied by J. C. I arrus, opposite the Baptist Church, North Street, wherj may be found a choice and desirable assortment of CI? Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and JsS SILVER WARE, Of tha latest and moet approved Styles, at moderate rates. J. B. S. has procured the services of a superior workman, who will devote his time to the Regulating and IJepairintf of Watches, Clocks, &e-, ryid he will guarantee to give the very best of 'satisfaction. - Juuel-47tf JOHN B. SCOTT. Fall and Winter Goods. FRENCH, ENGLISH & GERMAN Cloths, Cassime res and Testings, 1. 'L... .ST EVENS, DltA I'LIC A.M TAILOU, GKEfi'S BLOCK, NOItTH ST , linn jutl. Jircrivfd on of lhe. for'ml anil mnil p'T-feit tilmLt of French', Cieriniin and Lmjlith .roaticlotbs, Cassimcrts ani Westings Evw heror oflored In the County of Borkshira. Also, a Large Assortment of Beaver and Pilot Cloths, TOR WINTER OVERCOATS. He ha also now on hand a Larjre Assortment of VESTINGS. Cnnslslln of VELVETS, CASIIMKBF.S. HI.KS nnd SATIN'', seleeld from tha latest New Yora lvl"e f r Fall and U ii.rer wear, i lie is prepared to make nnv of the above mentioned GK.d into GAMMESiTS at Short Notice, and at re sonable prices. .iit' I'iirisiliiii Woods, In almot Endless Varlttv, may also l-e found at GEEIVS BLOCK, NORTH STREET. Di:siHAHLE KLSIDENC'E FOIt SALE riniE HANDSOME DWELLING HOCSE of J the late Simeon Brown, Esq., sitiiHtcd at the foot of East bti-'-et, 1'ittsliebl, is ollered for sale. It is a thoroughly we'l-built house, of tbe best materials and in pood condition. The grounds contain an acre and a half of land, with shade trees, shrube.y, fine well of water, cistern and other conveniences. The views from tha house are fine, and it is in all rcpects one of tha most desirable phices in Pittslield. For terms, apply to Elijah Peck or Georee Brown, I'ittsficld j or to James il. Beebe, 37 K.lby Street. Boston. I'ittsficld.ifav 20, l&.W. Iies.cs and Tyie for Sale. A WASHINGTON Pfi!'i:S Bod 2lix3t 1-2, Platten 23 x 31 I -3. A Medium Ramage Press, with iron Bed and iron-laced I latten. A Card Press, (Irillinnn's Patent, built lit Trov.) A bout HO lb. I'iea Tvpn.- For "ale at this Ollice. CARPETS, Pirril IIAN(UN;s, OIL Cloth, Curtains, Curtain Fixtures, lluor Wats, &u., a large assortment just received at FENN & CABTKU'8. Sept. 11. 8w7 , Bank Row. SHAWL TRADE. Wholesale and Retail. HEADY MADE CLOTHING, Of his own manufacture, in great variety, kept On hand, as cheap a lhe cheapest. Plttsfield, Oct. V, iS-Vf. -. . lOtf OI.IJ.JiEHSI'Al'EHS. VLOT of old Newspapers, suitable for wrapping, for sal at the Eagle Office. TECIJERS' INSTITUTE. 7 k TEACHERS' INSTITUTE will beheld fn South Adams, commencing on Monday, tbe 29th of October, at 10 o'clock A M., and closing Friday evening of the same week. 'Ihe In.tiinte is designed tor thoe who are Teachers in Public Si-hools in Masachuetts, or who have a reasonable prospect of becoming such within a year. AH applicants for membership most present themselves punctually at tha time tpecilied for the meeting. Schod Committees, and all the friends of Com-moa School, re respectfully and earnestly requested to rjnder such aid as may seem to Ibem proper and jut, ro 'aeilita'e 'he attendance of the members of the Institute. Tte exercises of the Institute are also open to the friend of education generally. ' BARSAS SKARS, Secretary ot the Board of Education. Boston, Sept. IvW. f i -e .1,- r... :..., .;m i.- r.niAaA M.WI, pintfinji. c( ut. iii-iii-tic wm w fy, ... ..... gratuitous hoarding places, by semling in their . . II i 11 .1 . names IO n .'l. it nmr-. "uiu n iom-, II. M. HOLME", Committee of J. W. P. BUCK. .It., j Arrangements. South Adams, Oct. 1L 1&')5. 4wl0 MUSSCXUEIC'S notici:. BERKSHIRE. . WARRANT ha. this day Issue I by Henry S Brizgs Kq.. Commissioner of InSJlvency, in and fur the County of Berkshire, directii g me, as Messenger, to lake possession of all the estate, real and personal, partnership and separate, o. Harrison Smith and D ivid S. May. la'e partnsrs, and of said Smith and May individually, of Lee, in said County, Insolvent debtors j and the payment of any d ;bt, and the delivery of any property belonging to said Insolvent debtors, to them or for their use, and tha transfer of any prop?ity by them are forbidden by law. A meeting of the Creditors of sail Insolvent debtors will be held at a Confl of lnotvetiry at the office of B-igg & Johnson, in I' said County, on the tenth day of "October next atf ten o'clock in the forenoon, for the proof of debts and the choice of an A-signee.or Af j;'ies A. II I'EASE, Deputy Sher fT, Lec. Sept. 21, lb.'). 3wl0 Jlt-ssengiy. Cummonmalth of. Massachusetts. BERKSHIRE, ss. , To all perrons iniereslfd in the tslnle of Elm in Robbiss, kite of Fittsfitld, in mid County, de-CMvd. : Greeting. Ur HEREAS. Oliver W, Robbins has presented to me. Judge of Probat for said Count, for Probate, an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of said deceased. You are, therefore, hereby cited to appear at a Court of Probate, to be held at Lnox,nt said County, on the first Tuesday of November next, at ten o'clock A.M.. to shew eanefif any you have) agam-t the same. And said Oliver V. Robbius U ordered to serve this citation, by giving personal notice tnereof to all interested, resident in this Stare, and by publishing a true copy hereof in tho Be.kshire County .Elgin, a public newspaper printed at Pittsfield, in this Couir.y, three consecutive week the said'nntices are io be given, and the first puTitrCat ion male, fourteen days at ieast before said Court. Date 1 at Lenox this second dav of October. 1&35. DANIEL N. DKWEV. A true copy, Attes', A.1DISW J, WaTEIXtS, 3wl0 Register of Probate. Housatoiiic Hank. Stockbridge, Oct. 2. IS5. rpiIERn will be a meeting of the Stockholders X. of this Inititntmn, at their Ranking House, on Saturday, tbe 20th ins., "at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, to see whether they will direct a subscription to be m ule on the pirt of said Bank, to rhe stock of the UaoK rf Murual Rademptinn, and if so, how much. Bv order of the Board, ;iwl0 D. K. WILLIAMS, Cashier. Housaionic Agricultural Society, V SPECIAL meeting of the Uwatonie Agricultural S iciety will be held in the Town Hall, at Great Barrington, on Saturday, the 20th day of October, at II o'clock A. M M to act udou, the purchase of land recently made by the Society, alo to lake measure, if it shall be thought expedient, for the erection of a building upon the exhibition grounds. The consideration of some additional By Laws may come beforj the meeting. A very full and prompt attendance is earnestly solicited". JAMES SEDGWICK, Oct 52wl0 Secretary. Northern Muscadine Grape. T OOTS of this, the best flavored grape which -iV U adapted lo our climate, may be had if application is made soon to toe subscriber at New Lebanon, N.Y. Orders may also be left at the Agricultural Store of S. Reed & Co., North St., 1'utsfield. PIIILEMO STUART. New Lebanon, 0't. a 10t f Quinces, Poaches, Tomatoes, Oil AJfY OTHER FUUIT may be preserved in a perfectly state for years without sugar or other preserva.ive property, by the use of , Ludlow's Patent Self-sealing Can. This Is tho only positive self-sealing can made, as all others require wax, solderor cement. They are acknowledged by all who see them tlie neatest, safest and most convenient cans in use. Full directions for putting up fruit, vegetables, 4c., will accompany the cans. For sale, wholesale and retail, by TAYLOR &o HODQETTS, Manufacturer of IManishcd Tin-ware, No. 60 Beekmati-st , corner of Gold, N. Y. 2m0 Domestics. V FULL line of Brown and Bleached Cottons, White and Col'd Flannels, Plain and Twilled Irish Liiiciip, Table Covers, Linen Damasks, Crash Diapers, wiih every article needed in Ihe way of Housekeeping Doods, lor sale cru ap at the Cash Store of E. M. LANDEKS, Sept. 26, Otf We.t's Block. Embroideries. A N&W lot just opened well worthy the atten- 1 . tion of Purchasers, at Sept. 2(1, Olf E M. LAND Ell S. Ir res and Cloak Trittiiuiiyss. GREAT variety of Ihe latest and mo it Uesi ruble Styles may be found at Sept.20.-kf K. M. LANDERS. Wanted, Ol At STEVENS' T AH, OWING FSTABL1STI MKvrC'OAT.VEST and PANT MA-T.f KElvS, to win m giKd wages and constant enipiovmeniNrtill he given. L'? None but first rate workmen need apply. Ti tsfield, Aug. 30. ISM. ' i',tf A. XV. S I UAICT V '. inv Ilair-Iii!'iii; Saloon liNPKR DtllKAltl ClOCK. ' Particular attention paid lo HAIR-CUT TIX0 AM) IMihiiMMi. Uaaors boneil and set. I'erl'uuiei y of all kinds kept on hand. 9tf pIIEKSE. Also, SACil-fcilEESE, from yJ a verv choice duirv. tit 3tf MllhDOCK & SMITHS' GEO. W. WARREN & CO. Have Imported lor. their FALL SALES The finest line of Lonff anil Square Shawls VBR EXHII1ITKD IN THIS COf KTUT, Comprising, In part, 3000 REAL VIENNA LONO and SQUARE. From Messrs. I. ZeNef. J. &. C IHum. 1 a Vlenne. (Autrh he) the first labrieants of Vienna, of new and beautiful piirtcrns. 5000 Pari Kiell. Mmui. Sewed on Iforders of the hct India CH-dimer.' pattfriis. MANTLES and SCARES of the Mime. India C. H. Shawls, Mantles and Scarfs. MOURNING SHAWLS, Long snd Square, of all fabrics and styles. HIGHLAND LONG AND ffQUAItE. '. Scotch and American, In great ar ety. GENTLEMEN'S SHAWLS In large stock, from $4 to $12. Misses Miau l, in full variety. A I..II V A LARGE IMPORTATION OF PARIS Claakgy.llaiitillasand Talmas, Arr SHAWL -VELVETS, In full widths, all colors. GE0.W.WltE.iU0., ' 193 Washington Street, "Ami 5-J X. 5? ILiwley streets ....BOSTON. Sept. 21 ; " To the Honorable. County Commissioners of the County of Berkshire. THE UNDKRSICNKD, inhabitants and freeholders of said County, respectfully rrpreerit, Thatthe onbhc convenience and necessity rerjir a new t ounty road in said Pittsfild. the ronte of which Is described as follows: Reginnn-f at a point in the new Omnty road recently established, and near the new factory of l. & H. Steams on the Northerly aide of the West branch of ihe Housstoi ic fiver, and from said point mi, I branch, across lands of Daniel & Henry Stenrnsand laud of Charles Morgan and lands of Stephen P. D-y, where I airmn crwil sanl river and laroUof Chaunc-y Goodrich till it intersects the road between the ShakerVillnee en ' Firiffield t a point on said Goodrich sland, Westerly of his hone, and . r.asteriy ol sanl riven nererore your petitioners pray that your Honors' will direct notice to all parties-entitle'd lo notice, and will view, establish, locate, and make all decrees, and do all thinz' necearv to make said road, and as in duty boend your petitioner will ever pray &c. LINUS PAUKEi., and U other,. July 6, tSK. Special Advertisement. ILOlRSyTilDIES'JLOiKS ! FASHIOMSiF'OR M H. G. DAVIS, 1'HTSFlF.f.D, VTri'IINO to met the fncieinn demand of v v the p'i'iHe In thi brtini-li'ol l)iy Good trade, is prepnad to exhibit the Urgent arid best assort merit ol Item! -Made LAI)li:V CLOAIi nnd TALMAS to be found in Berkshire. Our Pattern Cloaks are .el ted fr m the hitest Pa iia:rry, with particular reference to our Lerkshir winteis ! combining elegance and comC-rt. Awe maonfactura the (ariiients ours, lve from Iho be.t Materials, and in every color and cost, our customer, will alwavs find onr assortment, excellent, arid price low, hesi.'es saving themselve tiie veintlmu Job with of selecting material and (tcttin the (jar-menr cut and ma le. Cloaks made lo order from Ladies' Cloth ; Mnire Antique Silk, or Silk Velvet. We ask especial attention to our Cloak Room, confident we can give sntisl act ion, and prove what we affirm. - II G. DAVIS, North St. PiUffleld, Sept. 2i, ItAI. Otf ITAN FED, a fira rata TAILORKSS to work lu the shop at D DAINTY'S, Tailor. I'ntiflald, Sept. 2S, 39 North Streaf. EF.RKSniRR, . s At a Meeting of the. County Commiaaioners, hidden at Lenox, triihin and fur raid County, on the first 'lttfuiayoi Septem'ier, A. D. 1855. Upon the Petition aforeid. it was then and there deiennined hy said Commissioners to view the premises and her all persons and Corporations interested therein, and to meet for that purpose at D. & H. Stearns', in PifUfield, in said County, on Tuesday the tbirt renth day of November next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. And it is ordered, lhat tiie Sheriff of said County, or his D-pnty, give notice thereof, by serving a troe and atte.ted copy of said Petition ami order theie n, upon th Clerk of th town of Pittsfield, thirty days at least before the day ap ointed for said view and hesrin?, arid also by cauirar a copy thereof to -be published in the Bralhire County Etgle, a newspaper printed at Pi'tfield, in said County, three weeks successively, the last publication' to he fourteen days ar least before the day appointed forsaid view and hearing and by pr st-inj; up copies of said Petition and order thereon, 'in two public places in said town of Pittfield, fourteen davs before The dny of said view and hring. and said Sheriff is to m ke return of his doings therein, to Lemuel K. Strickland Esq., Chairman of said Commissioner", n or before the day appointed forsaid view end h-8i-ing. A true copy of the oti'inn and or-Vr. 3w9 Attest, CHAS. S'EDG WICK. Clerk. Ciimmmicealth of M issachusitls. - . BERKSHIKK, s. 'At a mceiinif of. the. Co'tnly, Ciiiminsioners, ,.' at Lenort within and for iid County, on the first Tuesday of Spttmtier,&hb. , ,-. W liSRE VS. upon the peiition of Philo Wright an 1 other, repra-en'irtg rhat public convenience and neee-iry requires that a new road laid out and locat e.l from so-ne point on the Connty road from Windsor ro Dalron, near thn dwelling hrtjse of Seth T. Chtprttin, in said Windsor to sum point in tbe most coave-nient p'ace on the road leading from Kmrnons' Store in Hinsdale, to the Depot in sai l Hinsdale, and rerpi -sting lhe Conmissixiers to vie the route, and act in" the premises as jut'ee and public g.iod demand. After due proceedings held.thereon, it has been adjudifud by the-County Commisioneri, that common convetiiene sne1 necessity reqnire that a new road located as praved for in said petition, vii: Comrriencing on the County rosd first named in slid pe'ition, near th house of Seth T Chapman in Wmlsor, thance-running Westerly acro-s land of said Chapman, landsof the heirs of John Chamberlin. lands of Harrison Wetherbee lao-d of L ihiaim Beekne I, land of Ahimas Warren, land rf Willia-n Patterson, land of Eli Cady, land of l.ym.i May, ana la a or .losepn .varreu. to the road leading past the dwelling honse of Henry Torrey, in Hin.lale. and a a point on sai f road tienr the dwelling house of said Henry Torrey, and no fjrthcr at present. Itis now therefore ordered, That notice be giv-n to all persons and corporation interested therein, that said Commissioners will meet at Seth T. Chapman's, in Windsor, in said C urty, oi Tuesday the sixth day of November uext, ar ten o'clock in the forenoon, f -r the purpose of locating said road or highway, by publishing a cpv of said adjudication and this order thereon, in tlie Berkshire C unity Kusle, a puhlio newspaper printed at Piusfield, in snid County three weeks nccess iveiy, the last publication to be fourteen days at leaat before said six thi day of November "next. And it I further ordered by the bounty Cominii-sioners, that the Sheritfof said Conury, or his Deputy, serve the Clerk' of the towns ct Windsor and Hinsdale with a copy of said adjudication and this order, thirty days at least, and pokt up an at-tested copT thercif in twopuldio places in said towns of Windsor and Hinsdale, fourteen days at least before the said sixth day of Novembe , at which time the said Commissioners will proceed to locate sai(. road, and will hear all perfotis ana corporations interested therein who may then and there desire to be heard, and assess SUch damages a in their opinion may be iust and proper, by reason Oi the location of said road, and that re turn be made by said Sheriff of hi doms therein, to Lemiel K. Strickland, Esq., Chiirman of -said Commissioner, on or before th said sixth day of ioYeinoer next. A true copy of tha adjudication and order thereon. Attest, 39 CIIAS. SEDGWICK, Clerk. Commonwealth of Massachuse tts. . Berksiurk m JN INSOLVENCY. Before Henry S. Briees. Ksq . ComuiUsioaer of Insolvency in and for said County. In the matter of AMOS BARNES & SON Amos Barnes and H my P. Harries, ofl'ittstield, in sum county insolvent Heritors Notice is hereby given that the subscriber has been apppoint d Assiirxeo in said case, and that there will be a Soeo id Meeting of the creditors of sanl Insolvent, at tho Police Court Rooui in I'itttitield, on Tuesday, the 9th nay of October next, at Nine o'clock in the forenoon ; at which meeting creditors raav present anil prove their claims. JAMES II. DUNHAM. Sept. 27th, 1&55. (3wl) Assignee. Valuable Furnace Property to Let r1HE Furnace recently ewned and operated bv X the "UNION IRON U UKKS" at Ches ire, otTnrif tha (ireate-t tacilit e lor :he manufacture of Pin iron to be found in Mas-ai-hiisetts. The above property consists of a Bla-t Furnace, in good state ol reiair, Coal Houses, K! .cksindli hop, &o. Alo, two valuabla and inexhaustible Ore Ked, from which the bestnf oie can i procured At It tie expense. Also, a Stoi9 and I well, ins Houses if desired. Abundant sunuliesof coal and wood Can be procured without riitBculty. TEH MS FASV Ktr further particulars inquire ofG. K. COLL, Cheshire j Noble, Hammett & C. Ill Broadway, New-York; or Noble & Co. K'tf State Mreet, Boston. Cheshire, Aug. 3 , lSo.". 5tf Live Cieese Fealliers. InOn LRS IRlME FEATHERS, in sacks -Jvl of every i.. every one of which is warranted good Cash refuuded if they are uot so. For sale low, wholesale or retail. II. O. DAVIS, Sept. 21, 8;f Gecr's Block, North Street. Campbcne and Cuming Fluid CONSTAN TLY on hand lhe best in Market fur sale wholesale and rea l. Davis brothers. FitUfleld, Sepf 11. IM5. 6w7 185S. tjt w't eh 1 G- O O !D S - " E. JMT. LANDERS IS THIS WKF.K KECKIV1XG larpe and care, fully selected additions to his previous ' BUli and Attractive Stock of . Taney and Maple Dry Goods, among which may be tonnd many novelt'es in Stvles and Fabrics, all of which will be offered at prices LOW as the LOWEST. Purchasers will find themselves amply repaid for (riving this f LEG ANT ASSORTMENT an examination before selecting, at the Cash Stor of EI M. LANDERS, - Sept. 2S, lS5.r), Olf West's Block. ciiirvA, GLASS i ; ASD CROCKERY WARE; FOR FALL TRADE. ''plIE attention of purchasers is invitea to our 1 stoi k of the-aliove goods, comprising White French China Dinner std Tea Sets, Gold Baud and Decorated Tea Sets, WlItTE GRANITE, LIGHT AND DARK BLUE. ' J3LUE CELESTE.' MULli HR XT, TOGETHfR WITH Common Wars of Every Description, Which will fie sold In Sets or parrs of Sets, s,to suit purchasers. Also Rich Cut and flint GLASS WARES lu every Variety , and Pattern, together with . American and Foreign Tabla Cutlery, 'MLVEIt-PLATLD WARE. We offer at wbolesa'e and retail, the largest Stock in this line in Western Massachusetts, at Low Prices? making it for the interest of all purchasers to give our goods an examination. ; 1JAV13 ISKOIULKM. ritt-ifleld, Sept. lUlto')., ow7 Shawls! Shawls! Broclia Long V Square Miavls, Bay Slate and Scotch Plaid Wuo! Shawls, ia Great Variety of Patterns, Colors and Prices. Also STELLA SHAWLS, SO MI CH shnghl for this eson, togfther with ' a great variely f Printed Shawls in new designs, may be found at tho Cnh Store of , ept. lsr, ytr K. M. LANI)KK Aruther Arrival. . THIS we?k opening another lot of New Goods, making uur Stock very complete and L iiiivtially Atliaclive. . We were never so well prepared as now to-nerve our customers to Hun hvjnt and food Goods at Low Trice. " Cash Purchasers will find it for their interest to examine this Stock wtfen bnyihu, as they will d find no better barsains in Dry Goods in this County or Staie. We mean precisely this, and f we believe we cart prove it to our customers. II. . DAVI-5, Sept. 2L 8tf . Geer'g Block, North Street. Flannels! Fl.inncts ! If. G. DAVIS, Goajr's Blork IVoiili Slroef, U AS for sale a very excellent assortment of the ahove. includitljr a full stock of Gilbert's premium tine Flannels, with the welt known shaker and Pontoosue mnkes also, best Twills and common qualities, for sale CHEAP FOR Sept 21. Stf . Itich A Elegantraiirr ilks. THIS WEEK OPENING the largest and most 8.IenHid assortment of the abov Goods we have ever had the plaasure of exhibiting,er.ibra-einR a great variety of choice styles in Plaids, and Stripes, Chene and Satin Plaids.'PIain.Chnngeaola Moire Amque, &c, &c. Prices from 73 cts. to $1 37 per yard. None sbou.d fail to look at, and purchase, from this attractive stock, at Sent. 20, 9tf i E. M. LANDERS. I.lack Silk. AFRESH STOCK of the best makes, among which are the justly celebrated BISCHOFF'S OIL D'MLLi) GOODS, sold by us, tha past five years, to sui-h invariaoie satisfaction, and which we warraiit A'ot to Crack or iireak from wearing. Sut. aS. !tf K 51. LANDKRS. VF1NE ASSORTMENT OF PLAID M EUINO lu beautitul designs and coloring also Kiel) spun Silk Plaid, with a variety of other Plaids i i Lower cost goods, all of which wilt ba fonnd particularly deniable this season. Selling at the loet pofsi-da prices by Sept. 20, Dif L." M. LANDERS. F Laclie-s Cloak and Talmas ROM the la'esl Paris Style, may be found at K. M LANDE RS, also' pa items for the saroa with every variety of Goods and Trimmings wanted for lit ae fashionable articles of apparel, at tha very lowest prices. . sept. Ico, Sif IKESCII .IlLniXOS, LIONESE CLOTHS, - Jl.ilixii" Lu-tifc, Ite 1U-bs, 1'laid and Plain D Laines,, Gitisrhatns, Pr nt, with every ihing needed in the line of Drtss Goods, to which department we have given particular attention, and iu whioh something my ba found to meet ihe tastes of tha most difficult, at Sept. 2t5. wtf E. M. LANDERS. TE.ll PTATIOXS. 4 VP.RY be-iufifiii and temotine sortment of j f ' V M II It 1 1 ' A I .11 L !S l.I S CO LLA RS. as we. I a other Kiubroiiienes just received which ' .. .:. .. ... II tl 111VW Vnnh fi Mfr senilis ii.i " . . . u , ..v. .... . Pittsti -hl, S-pf. , l-. ttf l'Ai:.vl i'OIt SALil. fHE SubscritierotTers for Sale tje FARM ia 1 Da'toii, onposite tho Store of Crane & Co., now occupied by him, and foiinerly by Warrea Holden. It is in ood condition, well watered, contain about 110 acres, and has upon it a lar-? hou-e, barns, and convenieut out buildings. Apply to the. Subscru er ou tha Premise, cr to M. K. 4,ancktoii, PitLstield. Wm. N. FULLER. Datum, April 17, 1 . 38lt FOR SALE. ? THE HOL'SE and LOT of E. B- Perry on, S -eond street. 1 he house is oua and a half u,i v, W hv 2 feet ; is well built, and convenient Kitchen, Wood-Uouse. snd Piazza attached, and aboul half an acie of laud. For further psrtscn lar euuuire of . 7vf C. A. CHAPMAN. LACK TEAS, that are Extra No. I, at rtf Ml ltl"- v .sjuilKS O-niNV ASl WIIEATLX CHITS, at lltfj MlKDytii ft nwiiay II

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