The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE BIZ NEW FOOTBALL RULES STUDIED TIME Coaches and Players Work Under New Rules in . Spring DriHs. ' BY FRKR BAII.KY United PrHs Star! Corrrspondenl NEW YORK.—Spring fooibal practice Is in full swine al hundreds of American colleges. Of chief interest among; the coaches and players are the changes in rules made by the nnlional rules committee since las( season. ^^^^^ Two changes arc Ix-lng considered, most In lhe spring drills. h the ne«- "dead ball" rule, which prohibits a ball carrier from advancing once any pan of his body except his feel, hns loiiched lhe ground. Second is lhe new kickoff, which permits HID ball to be punltd m drop-kicked, Instead of placc-klck- - ed, o.i heretofore. Other mlra, designer! lo nflort the plnycrs a greater degree of safely, are the elimination of lhe "flying Ttedge," tho "rolling block 1 and the "flying lacklc." These changes were made because of deaths resulting Inst season from gridiron play. What tlie fans ore asking nnd the coaches striving lo supply an ' answer to Is: WJiat changes will result fn styles of offense and dc tense? Coach Charles Frnnck "Chile" Walsh, football coach at St. Louis University, and a former Noire Dame star, who follows lhe Rovkiie system of play, finds little cause lor worry. '•• "Tho fans won't notice much change In the game," Walsh said. "If anything, the play .should be a bit faster because there probably will be Iras time taken out. for injured players." Elimination of tho "rolling block" and "flying tackle" Walsh believes to be good rules. "But," lie snld, • "I have been given lo understand a later Interprelallon will announce these two rules will be applied only to high school teams." Some exceptions should bo |>cr- , mittcd'ln. the "dead ball" rule, .Walsh believes. "Suppo;;;," he said .'"that a quarterback takes HID ball from center nnd drops back Into a position to pass U to a back, his knee grazing u-i ground as he does - so. Why, the ball would be dead before the play aclually starts. The big difference, Walsh believes, will come in the stylo of piny : during (he fcickoff. The punt oi- drop-kick, will permit Ihc kicker . to place his kickofi—that. Is, to se- lecf the plnyer (o ivhom he wishes the ball to go. "The result," Walsh said, "will bo that the receiver will feel more or less like a gangster 'mi llic spot 1 The kicking side will have determined in advance lo which player (he kick is going and will promptly swamp.hini. It places the receiver at a disadvantage. "As for the flying wedge, I con't see that they have abolished it al all. Six men may be back of lhe 45-yard line to form a wedge , What's to keep the five on the 45- yard line from facing their own goal, and Ihen when ihc kick is made, running rapidly back and * gathering In the receiver?" BRUSHING UP SPORTS _BLYTHEVILLB.:'{-ARK.) COURIER NEWS - Laufer ape HOPES * A/ r/jutc MDrifv CLAIRQWCKY Canada's Railroads to Ruild WASHINGTON. (UP)^Canadian national railroads are spending *6*8,ooo on branch lines this year - the commerce Department has b«n informed. Work will be con- lined to five lines. COMMISSIONER'S SALE Pursuant to a decree of chancery Court for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County Arkansas, rendered February 23. 1932, in • the case of Peoples Building >V: Loan Association vs. E. R. Webster, et al.. the undersigned will, wllhin lan-ful hours on April 22 1932, sell to the highest bidder, upon a credit of llirec months. at the front door of the court house at Blytheville, Arkansas, tlie following property, to-uU: Lot 18, in Block "B", of the Barren & Lilly Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. The purchaser will- be required to give bond to secure payment of his bid and a li«n will be reUiln- \ed upon the property therefor. Dated this March 29, 1932, R. L. GATNES, Commissioner In Chancery. Reid. Enard i Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. Blarney or not, the hammer .In-owing championships or pnsl Olympic games have had distinctly tin Irish navor. Ami ns far us Ilia Jnitetl States und Frank S. Conner could it have been O'Connor al one ;lmc?) arc concerned, the flavor can slay through the 1932 games at Los Angeles. To slnrt it. off, (here was J. J. Flanagan, svho won the bnll-nnd. wire toss for Uncle Sam in 1000 ISM and .1908. Burly Mntt McGralh, «iv York pollccAuui, .stepped in at Stockholm in 1012 and flung the weight. 179 feet 8.4 Inches, setting in Olympic record and running Die lulled Ex.itc.v consecutive hammer riumplis to four. P. J. (P^ddy) lyan, sure the same Paddy who et a world record of 189 feel G 1 -'. nchrs In 1913, made it five. In a ow In 1920, and Fred Tootcll, the Bmi-doiii collegian, ninde It si.x Irnlglii nt Paris in 1924. Then came lie break; Dr. Patrick O'Callnghnn. ne of Erin's "folnest." «rp.<;(ed the Itle In 1928 with n lieave of 51.39 nclers, approximately IGfi feet 6 ichcs. Frank Conner 'has bcalcn (hat The Yale slrons boy tossed the velgbt IG7 feet 2>i inches last simi- icr (o win Ite 1. c. 4A cnaniploH- lilp, his second- In two years. Earlier, he made 162 feu't 8 :M inches to iiin m t.j :e p cm , reinys, Conner hopes lo make (he U. S. Olympic squad this summer. HP has just enough Irish In him to tmng thai the hammer litlc ought to slay in this toimtry. east Quarter of Section Niiv- tccn; East Half of Northwest Quarter and West Half of Northeast Quarter ami South Half of Southeast Quarter of Northeast Quarter of Section Thiriy, Township Sixteen North. Range Thirteen East, containing 220 acres, more or less. This sale will be made on a crcd- t of three months. Any purchaser, olher than John Hancock Mutual Jfe Insurance Company, will be ro iiired to execute a note with personal endorsement to be approved >y me, and a lien on DID property old will be retained to secure the payment of said note in full. This sale will be made subject to such general and special (axes as enuin unpaid at tr.c lime of Hie sale. This April 6th, 1332. R. L. Gaines 0-13-20 Commissioner. NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S . SALE Notice is hereby given that under ihfc decree of the Chancery Court of Mississippi county, Arkansas (Chitkasau-ba District), entered on the ?2nd day of February, 1932. in the case of John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company et al., vs. Black M.-Fowlkeset al., No. 5117, as Commissioner appointed in sale cause, I will on MONDAY. APRIL 25th, 1932. sell to lhe highest bid- <wr, at the front door of the Court House in the city of Blytheriite Mississippi County, Arkansas, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, the following descrlb «<J r*»l estate s!tua\f d in the Chick . «a*b» District of Mississippi Ooun . ty, Art»nsas. to-wit:— Southwest Quarter of South' Oosrter News want Ad* P»j. WARNING ORDF.R E. J. OwcuV Eudora Own and Essie C. Fry arc warned to appear In the Chancery 3ourt for lh e Chlcknsawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, wllhin thirty days, and answer Ihc complaint of si. Louis Union Trust Company ng.iinsi E. F. Fry, themselves arid others. Daled this 29th day of March 1932. R. L. OAINES, Clerk. By Harvey Morris, U. c Reid, Evrard &; Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiffs. 30-G-13-20 IN THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHANCERY COURT American Building and Loan As sociatlon and \v. L. Delbney. a 1 Trustee, Plaintiffs, • No. 5179 vs. J. W. Frassr, Anna J. Fraser, wife of J. W. Fraser, Grimes Lufnoe Company, Hubbard Hardwan Comp«nyi Ni o. NeUon Mftnu Athlclics Showing Heels.To Others In Soccer League -Race The Athletics of Sudbnrv school chalked up their lomlh straight win In the Elementary School Sotcer IfKRiie yesterday and continued 1o show their lieels In the oilier leamr, The Alhlelics won over Hie Lnnjjc Yonkecs. 7 to 4. The tangc Indians ] beat lhe Central Cubs 8 lo 3 nni Ihc Sudbnry Ciants Irimiml tlie ] Central Cardinals, 13 to 1. The hro j Ccnlrnl ward tennis .ire trailing niul as yel have nol won n game between tliciii..' : ' ' Team -' ' \v. Surtbury Athletics -1 Lange Indians 3 Sudbnry Ciianl.s :t L:\ngc Yankee* '2 Central curds o Cmlral cubs o . Today's Cjnics AtlileUcs vs. Giants. Yiinkees vs. Imlintts. Cnrdinals vs. Cubs fnctiiring Company. Alvln Earls, Mary E. Earls, wife Alviii T. Earls, Ward of mcnl Company, Bryan Mctsc, Trustee for Joe p. Price. w. i. Wheat, II. T. Rylce, Ijen T. Wiggins. Jo c Isaacs, ami chhigo Mill and Lumber Company. an;l W. . M. Fraser. -DefciKlauts. \VARMNG ORDER I'd. 1.000 .750 .750 .500 .000 .WO taxes,— New Jersey Town Closes Police Station ELLISBUHG. N. J. (UP)—Dei.a- wnre Township no longer has a jib- lice stnlion. The police station has been closed as a measure of economy and the force of six patrolmen discharger).. Tlie chief, a lieutenant and a ;er-' Ream are nil that remain of the "force." Each works an eight hour shift. New England Town Votes to Pass Tax Levy ORLEANS, VI. (UP)—The fellow who raid there were Iwo tilings one couldn't evade—<(ealh and was only half right. This village of 1,300 inhabitants hns voted to matt no lax levy for 1932, Orleans thus becoming the only taxless communUy in N;w England. wiMi ft balance of S12.000 in the The defendants. Alvin T. Earls treasury, town officials figured there ind Mary E. Earls of Slcele, Mis- lvft s enough lo carry on for another sourl. and Grimes Lumber Com - vc;lr wllhout burdening lhe cill- pany (Address unknown to ll'.rsj ilalnliffs). arc warned lo appear n the Chnnccry Court within an1 (or the County of Mississippi, Stale of Arkansas, within thirty (30) days nnd answer Die complaint of lhe plaintiff, American Ruild- ngr and I-oan Association of Liltie Rock and W. L. Delony. Trustee. R. L. GAINES, Clerk. E. B. SlokcF. Attorney for Plaintiff. 23-30-C-I3 Jlrlflly >(>r.s<jiul llahc Iliilh, you know, had a'sU/T jiock for a «<?el; or m down win'th. The yi'eai man du'.sn't. know ,'yet Jusl how he gol it. liul Habc Her- jnnn has n wlntlnjj. "S.iy, If I was paid $75,000 u year." .salil Herman, "I'd have a stiff neck just from looking pnsl usoplc." • • » Se>ilon a. Caddy Ijeo Joseph 82x1011, Hie young man who heaved « lli-iiuund .shot tin- other day farther than any man :ver liacl heaved It before, used lo ,,i;!dy on lx)ii|[ Islaiul golf courses, *lileh was (lie only form of alh- ictli's he over look'tip uiilll he wont Ills r«lks llavr Kf'ratch . niaxlng Ben Eubtman. who shal- lercd lhe record for the quarler- iiile lhe olher day. Is a frail-looking cliap who wears tbsses, Is the son of wealthy parcms \ in the exclusive San I-'ranclsco residential •uliurb of Woodsldc, and began to run. just for the fun of it, In 1929 when he \vfls a senior at Burlin- !,ime high .school. .* s - * Ulrr Thai, flic DflURC Whim some of lhe newspaper joys criticised .Jimmy JoV.nston for boosting prices for n $5 boxing show o $S, ihc old Boy Bandit cut 'em oft the pass list, whereupon lie ound out that he hadn't hcnvd no- Ihin' yet. * • • I'li.-ir Lap Can Eai liar Lap's nickname Is Bobby, ff.-ic only thing Ihc great horse rojn Australia puts ahead of iiis Ti;i:hir sleep Is regular food. Tomny Woodcock, Hobby's trainer, ironsht special fccrt from Auslralia for liie big boy, and explained lhat lie hay Americans use for feed is l-.c .same kind they use ill Australia cr bedding down (he horses. In wo months at Agna Calienle, Piinr .ap ale COO pounds of lhe Imported ced. nnd could have enien twice lint much, according to his trainer. * * • \n O'Dnul Sujwrsliliim Frank O'Doul, who hns a reputn- km In some quarters as lielng imong the most-scientific batsmen n ihc major leagues, niso is one of he most .sii'pcrsuilous. During the «pring training fcasna at Clear- vater, one day Lefty drank a pint of milk al breakfast and another Jint Hi lunch. That afternoon he mac'e four hits. lie has been drink_ his ninl of milk at breakfast ind lunch ever-since. .. •'." Tliry Like Fonsfoa Charley Comlskey's insl official ict in this life 1 , the signing of Lew Fomeca to manage lhe team, may .irove to have been one of the old Roman's smartest moves. Have you noticed how these Sox have been playing for Lew? * * * Sbrubb rs Tcarhei- Alfred Shrub!), who was cracking records before many of our modern athletic heroes hnd been born, is conr-hlHg lhe Oxford University track tea. * * * Rifola, Carpenter. i Willie Ritola. who used to run with—and against—Paavo Nurmi when the Phantom Firm was feed- Ing the lads plenty of dust a fen- years figo, is a carpenter in Florida—and lie is trying to fix himself up for an Olympic comeback. The. Correspondent When Prnnl- Crosetti. neiv shortstop of the Yankees, isn't playing ' 'I, he is writing letters. Thai guy fit know everybody on Ihe Pacific coast. IN THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHANCERY COURT American Building and Loan Association and W. L. Delony, ns Trustee. Plaintiffs, No. sin vs. Alvin T, Earls. Mary E. P-irls wife of Alviii T. Earls, and Ward Investment Company, Defendants. WARNING ORI1F.R The defendants. Alvin T. Earls and Mary E. Earls, Steele. Missouri, arc warned to appear in the Chancery Court wttlihi nnd for the County of Mississippi. Stale of Arkansas, within thirty t30) days nnd answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Amciican Building and Loan Association of Little Rock and W. L. Dcloney, Trustee. R. L. OAINKS, Clerk. E. B. Stokes, Attorney for Plaintiff. grave Jno. C. McHaney, Jr. "The 'Monument Man" While In St.Louis stop at fete/ Hotel CLflRIDG /Now L ON LOCUST AT I8th WEDNESDAY!"APKIL 6, 1932, Collegiate Champion More All-America honors have come to Jack Riley, above hinky redhead who starred on Northwestern University football elevens for tiirce years and who last fall was chosen All-America tackle Riley i-ecenlly won the national collegiate heavyweight ivreMHng cimmpion- ship for the S3COHU straight year. He is in line lor a berth on tlic Olympic wrestling team. Lap, Famous Race Horse Dies Suddenly Tuesday SAM FRANClSCO.-Phar Lap the sleek-coated reddish-brown gelding brought to this country from Australia last Janhary in the expectalion of becoming th? Brca i- esl money winner of nil time died of colic yesterday afternoon at a rnnch near here. Sportsmen generally, nol to men- ton those close lo lhe turf, were so stunned al the suddenness of u hey could scarcely believe lhe news harp and piano-one hand for each' San Antonio's Aged Ostrich Chloroformed SAN ANTONIO. Tex. (UP)—Nel- » here, has been' chlol end lh= polus of old yond-thv;ver!;^ii;n^r r?bc - "^^"^•TSSr - of years in" captivity^ s'he was horn in the zoo here, and narrowly missed the fate of her mates in the Hood of 1921. River waters carried her out nf th? ZOD. she was revived and lived another decade. GEM THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday Matinee— 2:80 - Night— 7:00 Aclm. — Jifitinee and Night— 10 and 25c ,_ After _ [Tomorrow! •it* Far re 1 1 Marion Nixon Also News and Comedy Read Courier News Want Ads. R1TZ THEATER Last Time Today .Matinee—2:HO - Niijlit—r-7:00 Adin.—^liilint'p—10 and ijljc .S'ilflit—10 and 3fjc Sec 'Dancers in the Dark' with Miriam Hopkins Jack Oakie Also News and Comcilv ' Thursday and Friday .—Matinee—10 slid 25c Night—10 and 35c "HefGaJdeiiGenius inFullFloiver...! ¥//'•'• Ideal of Women! y/ Idol of men! bringing f Star-Studded entertainment in Her Greatest Picture! LADY WITH A. PAST' DAVID MANNERS 'B E.N L YO N Also Cartoon'ami-Comedy 'In keeping with ;ihe ti-end of the times and mdintdiningour WeAnnounced .(•eduction in :all deporlmenh Luncheon 350 ROOMS EACH WITH j PRIVATE BATH |& SHOWER i CIRCULATING I (ICE WATER: Serv/ce •«^ i **r^ •-* * //o/p/ C/ar/dye ND Sff ST.LOU/S W/rw WHAT YOU SAVE TONIGHT Until 10 P. M. And TOMORROW 8 A. M.' lo 10 P. M. 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