The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1932
Page 4
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PACK FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS . .TUB COURIER NEWS CO,. PU1JL13SEB8 I ' 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor I ' H. W. HAIMK'*, Advertising »l*n»ger ' Sole National Advertising Representatives: I Arkoriiu Dallies, lac., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Bt. Louii, Xtalhu, Kaustu city, IJUls Hack.' ^ Pubiiihcd Every Altrrnoou T.xccpt Sunday. ""• Intered as second class matter at the jxjst Mice at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act o.' Congress Oclober 9, 1017. Served l>y tne EIUKM Press Kfuscinrno.N KATES By carrier in the clly ol JilyDievlllo, 15o per week or }0.50 per vent In advunce. By tnall within a radius ot 60 miles, 13.00 per year, *150 lor six months, 85c lor three months; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven mid eight, flO.OO Wr year, payable In wlvanco. Ajler Six -Years Six yc:ii-s itftcr a. bunk :it Ki'iiiU'lt, Jlo., fjiilrd Dinililin i-imnly Juis olMaiiii'il wluit nppL'Mi'; to lie a liliiil jli(lj;i>:i ill riKiiinsl .sifjiu-1's ol' ;( »x»ml for UN; |in>- Icclion til' tliL 1 county's <k-|>osil in Um iiislitnlioti. Six yi.';ti>; ago, il is i.o )m i>ivsiim> il, tluil lioiid Mpimaruil (o In 1 :i t'.oml <>iw. Now, wo arc luld, firvuiiisl.finuj.s (if most uf (lie signers hnvc changed lo such nn oxtt'iit (hat ivlml Umiklin county will ljt> uhlu to collect on (ho judgment, which is lor iJ7V,77:>, i> problematical. 4 II usually rc'ijiiircrf ;i !;iw suit lo collect oil ;iiiy land ol' ;> hoiul for the protection, of puMie funds. Hut a Imml written by a surely company is pivtVr- iiblc Id any kind of u |K>i'scm:il bomi in that there is not liUoly to lit; any political pi-c&sm-u m-ili/iiitf upon it, and jti(l);nii'ii(, once iilitaiacd, is pretty certain lo be worth Us fare value. Bonds wrillen in a certain Arkansas coinpiiuy proved a disastrous exception, but Hit; rule that surety himil.i aro to bo preferred to personal bonds still holds. The Army Pay Cut Por'nuilioii of it "ntha-ii-' iiiiliiitiiil snl'tlj- commit I uu" lo (ij' rwluctions iu army [my s«ik«s luntulivo- -!j r iiiiproywl !.iy Coiijyrcvs is tiotgi'l in ro- tcul.''(lispiik-lK-s _froiii )\ r iwliinKtoii.'' A IjHiJtda-ide .--mil ou( liy (lit! ciimniil- ICR ilSSPrtS I hill ll|(! p;iy n'lilH't i(l|| is being supportul by ", war-ro- sistcr,. iillioisl, sodnlisl, L-ninmiiiiist, im- Aiiien'caii and ;iiili-Ammc;ui i;niuiis." Tlial makes it soiiiitl |iR'tly tlread- ful. If thosi! (iiMIy-iissiirtwl j;i'"ups aro :iblc to sway Con;cross, ; s tlicro auv hopu for Hie ropiiblk-V And why is. il Unit one. (.-atniot suggest thiil ,tlnj army or nsivy shave in Lho govoi-iiiHL-nt's ctonomy iiro^ntm without having a lot of uami^ liko Uiose :ii)))lic(l lo him? I he Aulo Barometer The auloinoiiih- indnsLry ought to be siving us a prulty tldinilu chic, tlm-iiiR thu next few month'-, about, the prospucls for an early return to prosperity. 11 is commonly assumed thai the OUT OUR WAY condition of Ihc aulu indnsh-y is « good hiii-omeler for iiidnslriiil conditions generally. Wlien few siutos arc Ijcinjf liDiiiflil, business everywhere is bad; «'lie;i llic auto trade is booming, we Kcnonilly liiul ylher lines prospering (oo. Now the. auto maliers are getting prices down to roe-It bottom. JAjrd, ('lievmlet and J'lymotilh are amoiiK Hie companies that are oH'cring slarllinif barj,'ain;i at new low prices. \\'c shall know, very soon, if these'new price levels aiv ^oing to mean a general boom in tlie aulo fat-lories. If they d", national ijrosjv.-rily cannut lie very far awav. A Strange Comjjrt It is intoR'sling, and vajruely L-DIII- rorlin-r, In learn lliat Max Kcbnit:lii;;r,. InavyweiHlil boxing i-|iampi<in, received M'> fcwuj- lli;in (|0|) V() l,. K )•„,. pivsidfiil iii the recent {iennan elei- lions. Alosl of its' had supposed I bat Ibe volc-iv of 11:,. l.'niliid Stales bad a monopoly on el,,; biiir-braijied cii.stom ol' veiling for such .impossibles as clowns, alhlai's ami comic stj-ip characters in national vied ions. Tliat was a sailden- in>r Ihonjfbl, fur j[ ,,i;,,|(. |[ | rw |( ; ,. s jf Ameriuan voters wnv loss iulelii|;ent tfian Ihe vcilcrs of other lands. Now, however, (iormany comes to Ihe I'wniH. The (icrman voter, it (k-velups, can play that giiine, loo. In nn,. ( ,f the most nionieiilous elections in her milional liislory, Ce-umuiy managed lo dig up (iOl) cilhens wiio coul:| see. notliing wrong iu voting t,, pn| ^rli ing in Von llimltjiibiii-g'.s 1 can't liellcvu t;i,,i jM'ople roillxc liou- slruu-ly cnlrcnclicil Ihe criminal element Is. And the Vlt.v ol 11 1^ Unit sump of the liiu-sl dll/uis are blind, Tiiey'r,: dov.ii 1,, (he trr-ndics with il u . lxio'.] WCL .,.s. ^-.Mrs. Agnes of IJtc Lln(ibi'ri;li bnby. grand aunt If ,Mr. llnovi-r ,-ind Mr. Mills will ro-uperaie we could mli;rr esptnses S25ll,OOO.tK)0 withuiil His- least tiotiblr. -John Nance Owner. ir of the House. We e.nn nexci- win mini wa do ns llu: dris do. and [llsri'sm-il every nllin- Issue. As between nny two wets, t shall vole for Hit- uclUr. —Mrs. Emily 1'iice I'osl, mcmlKr of the Women's Or- Giuiizalliin for I'rolnbUloii Ucfoiici. * * * •I'he only ihinger of civil war in Chiiu is fcasetl upon Ihe ini|)0.ssible assumption lhat Ihu present novcrmncut will smicndcr rights mid impair om- sovereignly. — Ur. II. H. Rung, ex-minister ol indusliici of Chinn. * * * l-'»iir per cent of llic people own Wl \Kr cent uf our national wealth. And Huts ivroiij;, i-von if 1 lnpix?n lo be amoiif Ihu fimr |XT cent. —Harrison B. Frybcrgcr, wealthy New York :il- tovucy. * * » 'riirre'ls notliitii; In our American educational syslt'in more insliucllve tlian a kick in the pants. --Etlwuril S. Junlan, unli<:iiobi]'< e.vt-cii- China iiiusl bcccmc adept ut slauphier. China iiiiist now put her national defens!- above all else. - T. V. Biii'ii?. Chlni'fr banker. rr-- By Williams OUR GOOD T OOMT V<WOW WMAT'IA. CCME OF TV\' WOOMCr -v<t, OF E^ (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SIDE GLANCES By George Clark to lle'n No Put «r Al's Curry Is no bosom friend of Al Smith and certainly is no party to any plan Al may have for being nominated this year, Nobody's fool Curry sees neither the wisdom nor the necessity of (jolng for Smith when everyone knows Smith win not be nominated. Nor does curry as yet see any nourishment in Joining the other «'ho want to block ftcosc- velt. Roosevelt Is not unpopular with (r.e Tammany leaders. Some of Iliem, at Icnst. prefer him ,, s governor to Smith. Al has groat slrcuglh among the organiimlion'.s rank and file and can cause trouble In any city or slnie election t he tries, but his only chance to me up the New York delegation to.Die convention was by a strong open effort which he did not innkc.' nllfiht Chance for Kmk Curry's idea seems to be thai he will support Roosevelt at Chicago *ilh those 01 votes unless the eov- ernor becomes unnecessarily hostile to Tammany. Roosevelt E ho*s no sign* of becoming unduly bclllgcr- He fired a Tammany sheriir, but Im refused, on what l, e and his fol- ou-ers consider 8 ood (jruiinds. to emove certain good omclnls Al- liough he has refused to C r'ib -i "inhig sword i.,,,! , ln(icn ^ e ° £ Clean up" Tammany. ]lo ,, as ,„ (s b".' ^^.l.!. 1 *. *«.•»«... create,, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 19i "NVlml's the big idea? There's a bank right m-ross the si rcui. Cereal as Breakfast Food Commended by v Dr. Fishbein By DK. MOKUIS HSIUIKIN Mill),-, ,lourn;ll of the Alin-liraii AfjiOriatftMi, and (rf llj- Ki'l.i. lli£ llealll, Magazine Dining Hie past twenty years the Vincrlciiii brenkla.vt, has hanged. I here was n lime wlisn il included variety of foods ivliich were lak- i!n in large iinioiuits. Today break- «bt for most [jcoplc Incindcs, i! hey cat anything, fruit, cereal, eoilei', egg. and orraslomilly a final! >lrip ol b;icon or ham. Women M-CIII, iflwcver, (« have reduced breakfast ncrely lo fruil juice ;nul colfee, uul those whu redurc imiy even .'limlmite the fruit juice. Undi-r present circuimlanccs ce- •e.'ils liai-e <[crclo|icd n place of IH- .rcaslin; im|iort:ince in tlic brcak- 'nsi menu. A couimillce ot flie lineric.m Public Health Assouinlip/ las lisUii 11)0 cereal breakfast locds vhich have gradually invaded llir ield formerly' conlrollcd by whole vheat mill oatmeal served hot. A list prepared by Ur. Bailey of e Cornice£1:111 Ex- icriment Slat ion includes live bar ey preparations. 23 corn products, •H oal derivatives. H rice producls. >8 wheat preparations, 11 ii'iur preparations, tmcl 31 miscel- 'inii-nus products. » * • When cereals are linely Evoniirt tliey Ic.ive (he stomach more rap- , ioly Ulan when they are In their | crude form. Tlie modern prepared '. ceieal is mucli more easily dtgest- j ed than tlie lumps of oatmeal which were a part of the breakfast of an earlier day. Cereals nrc abundant iu starch, lifflurte a small amount ol )>rolein nil of them have about lhe tame mineral ingredients, anil their vitamins, except, for the Germ oi llic various grains, are not Important. Notwithstanding (his f ;lc( t | lc •promoters-of various sperm) cereal I products are likely' lo place special emphasis on tlie amount of some mineral ingredient. Actually grains [•Dining from different- purl's of the coui^y vary surprisingly in tlie amounts of such ingredients lhat they contain, and it seems futile to make broad claims for rtiiTeron- j tint mineral value, unless lhe spc- ral scclioa of the country from I which the grain comes is known. A survey o[ tlie entire Held by tlie Upeeial committee of the American 11'nblic Health Association Indicate, limit ccrcnl brenkfast foods /m-nlsii energy at a reasonably low cost They ave palalable and contain TOJIIC dietary essentials which arc useful in the diet, Even if those we not pnwnt in amounts suffi- | «ent to singly all of the body : needs, they form a valuable sup- lilemcnl lo u varied diet. Tammany Chief May Give Roosevelt Winning Votes o I!y KOIJNEY 1 NEA Service Writer WASIIlNGTON.-Aimising or dc- ilorable as the fact may Ue, il ap- icais lha-. lhe elements in llic Democratic parly which most h.itr I'amiiiany Hall may have to dqier.d on Tammany lo put over their (ikt.iie at (lie Chicago convention. II is possible that Governor Rosscvell of. Kew York can win nomlnalion wlllioui tlio 34 voles Nc\v York slale. «hich will be in the twckcl of John ]•'. Curry, the: xv-, nt Tammany. And it Is nossr-' hie IhiU thn:e a I <Iclo:;alcs will never be in Cre linosrveit column. lint a: this moment the imlica- linn is tlut (he 01 delegates, al- ih'tisli Ilicj- «1il go lo Chicago iinimtriicled. will fee foiinci in the Ror.scvclt column on tlic first bal- At:d. if they .ire lonnd in the Rocscvrlt column on the first bnl- loi, they probably will make all Ihe riitltrcncc in the world. At « time when every politician is won- dcims how many marc or less tlisn a majority Hooscvcli can summo:> on Ihc first (wo or tlirce ballots, a fold, controlled block of 91 becomes ol cnormoi.s importance! Curry May Deride it 'Hie Roosevelt forces mjy or may it ncixt it ior the b:g push, but ! find it increasingly inrrt to sec i-.O'.v liie d:e-liard Roosevelt opponents can possibly stoy the governor wiilioui ii. The ciclcsalion will deiinitely be r :omii!ate;l by Curry, in a combination witii bosses adjaconl to lhe Tammany teiritury and In certain roimlies up^.alc. Cmry-.s domiuj- lion means Usat lie can make il vote unanimously uiuU-r lhe unit rule, uiilc;i he lias promised lo no. The purest laurel;, ot information ray Curry i;o\v ngtircs on iporlin:, 1 Rco.-1-vell. Hut. acting the pan (if n wise b-jv. lie leaves 111:111:elf /:xv to .;rt in .iccorclaucc I with po>Ml>:c detvlopmi-ntfi by j-ce- ni;: lo H tli.v. ihe e.Iepa-.cs go un- jii^tuscli'd. | Ainor.g i>re;.cnt uidicatioivs (hat |H-.e Ucxx=m>lt forc.«s .ire not wor- •IVI:I,T ahniLt Mr-r-m-rv , s the (art that they are making no effort lo disturb his plans. Originally they asserted confidently that New YorkV, 01 votes would be in the llooscvclt column, under formal advance instructions. Strcnslh in West am) South The most bizarre feature of the situation Is that lh e vast bulk of the Roosevelt s'.renutli Is (u ths west and soulh. sections which have abhorred and fought Tammany for many decades, and that the backbone of the Kooscvell oprositicn is among powerful bows ot Ihc cast wifli whom Tammany would nor-' nully be expected to be found al- Wet. graft-riddrii easlcrn Tammany apparently is to run in harness with the dry. Progressive westerners and the dry conservative southerners on the band wa- Eon of tlic wet. comparatively progressive eastern Roosevelt—probably over the bodies of ll !c net. reactionary eastern politicians. Thai Kjibout as close a s oa c can come Announcements Tlw Courier we«3 nas uecn authorized to announce the follow mg candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary, August 9. t'or I'rosccufinj- Attorney DENVER U DUDLEY Vor County Judge ZAL U. HARRISON (for 3n d term) For ShcrllT ROLAND C.HKEN CIjARBNCE It. WILSON County Trfuurtr W. W. HOLUrETER (for 2nd term) Circuit Court Clerk H. U "BILLY" GAINED 'for 2nd term) Cmmly and ProlHle CItrk W. H. "UOC" HUAIUJOno MRS. JOHN LONG (Rc-clccllon) MISS CARKY WOODBUBN .GKKMAN ATTACK FAILS On April 0. 1918, Fi-ciich and Britlsli official bulletins minoune- ctl llic (allure of the German ef- forl to renew thefr ,lriv c on tlie ^mme river in Pieardy. The attack, after two days of furious fighting, was almost completely broken down, they reported, and German minor gains had been paid for with tremendous .osses. Paris breathed easier than it. "< since the Germans began their "great offensive" on March The Mlnisti-p de Smet de Nae». a Belgian relief ship, was ink- in tlie North Sea by a Ger man submarine. TweHe members of_ her ereiv lost their lives Tlie Soviet government protesl- •1 Hie laiitlhiB U f Hnijsii and Japanese marines at Vladivostok, cut allir,i icprescntatives said tlie incident and '"or Countj ASSCMOT JOE S, DILLAHONTY (for 2nd - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - OK T^Sfte SGBc nioFA To PIKES tn SHOKT The MOON HAS NO WHATSVSR WEATHER. ON 6EES OANCE, Fims.. s Spores, when carried by the wind, light on the moist of auloHiobilcs. and begi,, lo 8 , w . Thread-like growths enter wood at Hie joints, and within a short time doors and tops sa e an, to pllct'E. ' 6 Bee, have two .UlTerenl dance steps: the honey dance and , pollen ilanee. On returning to the hive after locating a new wurcl honey, (Ile bee e oes into a guitar rhythmical pe'otmance ol bees very shortly discover the newly ]ocated food Supply rich 1ms us specific meaning, and ,, M llol;cy dance js ; wBiinl.for polloii-galhcriruj. «* :By George W. n»rh»m Jim -that's my husband — says EXCUSES that in his opinion there could IK n greal improvement made in chinch organizations. Jtm has improved so nnieh since we married lhat. 1 have miile some respect, (ur Iiim anil his opinions. He says ho has been quietly sLudy- I»B Ibis question for some years, but is not quite .ready to " give out his ideas; however,"he thinks that there is either too much or ;iol enough politics mixed in with uie church. Of course, one cmiltl say that lie has been out of church so long that h c is not Jn z to .pass judgment. I n this to him, but, he sayi yon don't, have lo be lA contact \viili a Ihing to stud. And. lo bear out this conten he cites the man who studies .stars; and says you can. gei great deal of Information by watj ing church members 'who do| regular. As soon as Jim—that's my band—gets his ideas worked feel sure (here will be some cided changes' made. THE SHOPPING TOUR OF Rambhai Barni Her name is Rambhai Barni, and her husband is the only absolute monarch left in the world. She has more jewels than the sky has stars, and nothing is unattainable to her if money will buy it. Bui even Rambhai Barni can't find in Siam all the luxuries that her feminine heart delights in. And when she came to the United Slates last spring she had the pleasure of a real American shopping- trip . .. from which she returned with seventy-eight pairs of Amer- ican silk stockings and fifty-five pairs of American kid gloves. How much more fortunate (he American woman is! She doesn't have to buy a year's supply of stockings ... or of anything else . . . all a I once. She buys only as she needs or wishes, confident thai the best the entire world can produce is offered for her choice today, tomorrow, or next month. And advertising is her buying guide. Through advertising she learns what is new, smavi, fashionable. Through advertising she discovers where her money can be spent most advantageously. Ad- vertising is a real and useful influence in her life. There's some- ihmg in the advertisement today lo interest you. Read them.

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