The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1932
Page 6
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f AGE gg When Reggie McNamai Has Cold He Just Spins His Wheel 20 Miles. BY DEXTER TEF.I) NEA Smlc« Writer NEWARK. Vt. J.—"What do I do •when I'm siei? oh, I get out tlv Dike and go for a little rlrtc—mobbc 20 or 30 miles. Thai always flxo. jne uj>." That's the proscription by which Reggie,McNamara keeps healthy Sot those sis-day bite racc.s, a grinc that physicians call the hardest on th* human machinery. , He's "The .Old Man" lo live bike racing fans, but Reggie 1s only 44 and, though he has ridden in races a distance equal to seven times around the earth, he oxpecis to be )n the bike saddle when he's twice that age. ; • * • ;.'y.Pedal!ng n bike U his life, and .his sole source of Income. And he 'is the Icing of all the riders. "I like it," ho says. "I like to train. It makes-ine feel good and J've never done anything else." ;! Scarred and furrowed arc Uic •McNamara features. His collar bone hu.been broken five times, his Jaw thrjee times, his nose once, his ribs six times and his skull hns been fractured. Yet^••: H N«er even thought of giving it up." Hla wife hears him say it and alehs: "Wish sometimes he'd never been a rider. Makes me n-orry so much. . ," It -ma his destiny. His father, Timothy, "had a little farm of 5000 aots near Dubbo, New South Wales.". There were five other boys and flv*. girls in Uie family. All lode bicycles. "Yeah," explains Reggie. "Could rtoe: a, bicycle about as soon as I could walk. Was so young I can't remember .when it was." v He won his first race in 1900, then America. The flrst time he was on. a bicycle hero he crashed aaj'-WM so badly Injured he went to a hospital for three weeks. There n« .met the nurse who later be- iwne'hi* wife. He'entered his first six-day race in UlS'-;«ud finished third. Since . then he has ridden in 73 six-day races, each race about 2500 miles He has won 15 races nnri placed near the top .in most of the ollwrs In the recent Madison Square Garden slx-dajr whirl, tesmtd with William, iTorthy) Peden, he was first. . -• • . ThcyVe said he was Ihrough a half, down times. They said it in •.l**TSnd "39.-A doctor said It 2? years, ago when he had a ruptured appendix and the family gathered «o»n< see-film die. He had another•• operation' and orders were- Race no more.? • .. . •vvf dW ^ ^ man of fron do'it? dglalUly, "Take a 'little rid" of°5fl • •bilhbiu.before meals, and'when I_dpnt-ride I go out and walk four w-nw.inlles over the hills'." • Tj 6 '.<>« 1 «aw' him .at his home 5i?^f a S'- he luld a cold - * asked hni-ll that would handicap him - -Mv?.'."^ 1 *?**' thrcc days au ' a >'NO. ,he said. "That won't mnkc •ny difference. I'll "sweat it out in a couple of hours, then I'll feel great." He's tough as the brawny Aus- trilians who were his ancestors. His ££*£ » ^ ° M ' stm rld « a "cycle. Rejgie ^^^ m|nd , . 21 hours out of 2«. b ru 1 ?.'J?L U1 ** iJn ' He ' s th <= f>vor- phone rtajjs at all he's rough and _- .Redness appeals to i—-— They call him up and nsk ' ^ " im ~ 90tn e are beautiful and King of Bike Riders (ARfc). COURIER NEWS Averlll (.'alls His Shots Knrl Avcilll. Uio Indians' lin- jwmtrbiiMi' CI-IHCT Holder, wlJ] Jilt X homo runs tills year. His Inl- ling nvcraxe will lx> Konjcwlirrc iH:lwoeii ( ;330 and .340. 'it on Hits last day of U) e • 1932' -sca- £OH, Ear] Avcrlll, going to bat for Hit- last time, finds lilinsolf. with only K liumc runs, do you kn wlial lie win do? Certainly! itc jv.'M lilt a lioinc itni. Rich year shite 1320 when he crime lo the major league's from San Frandsco, Avcrlll lias sut ilu»n with the boy? before the season started und lold lliem Just whnt he fntemlod 'Id supply the innna-icinunl In the \ray of « balling rnci-jtjc and home runs. Anil I'ai'h your lie has delivered almnsl exactly wliut he predicted. . Thus, when h e says lie will simiek M homers this year and Six crouching sprinters face the tnrler. Tho gun pops and away hey go, straining for the finish Ibbon. The winner—Frank Wykoff. Thai's my picture of (he Olympic 100-meter dish flunk at Los Angoles this MI miner. There arc some, probably, wlM can't sea Hie sine picture, at least nor this fur i advance. It may seem like only yesterday hat Wykoff, nn 15-year-old school ou »ta" " M * C " ' e °™° *** '""* in UK, Swim j. (up,_Batner and e the names of « couple who are to be married iere, shortly. HOtSC MOVING WORK . West Meoipnis, Ark. ; . Uarch 15,. 1932. B!d» for. oxmoc ' houses and JjUMlng, from the leve, right « *V tt Btifleid, Mialsslppi ty. Artansu wil] be n«lv?d until noon on April , md then puwfciy ope n . ed. InfonroOon win be furnished t 'on to H. N. Pharr, , West Memphis, Ar- J. U Williams, president, St. Francis Levee Board. .. BH)S WANTED .West Memphis, Ark. . • April 1, 1932. fOTv cutting weeds and n about 160 miles of levee .MUsourt-ArtansM State line end of levee Mue 218, win bs at this omce until noon, S> lt« and Uxn pubUclv d. Certified check for 5<i ol wount bid must accompany •»« propocal; wwlc to be»ln .nroe »th and be completH »ptmber. 1*, 1932. •». t. WilUtms, . w. Franc!* Levee WYKOFP kid, stepped out to win the United States Olympic qualifier in Harvard stndium. But it was four years ago Tliey called him Uic Gleiidalc greyhound, and lie had beaten such as Paddock, Scholz, Bracey, McAllister and Russell. He was regarded as Ihc chief American hope against a fast International field at Amsterdam. WykofI proved Just that but J» Canadian Williams, (lie Eng- liliman Lonaon and the German Lammcrs beat him to the tni« in Hie comparatively sj 0w u mo of iO 4-5 seconds. Today Prank is 22, a college senor, national and collegiate champion at 100 yards nnd holder of the unofficial world record of 9 2-5 sec- RITZ THEATER Tuesday and Wedaesday Matinee—2:30 - Night—7:00 Adm.—Matinee—:o and 25c Night—10 and 35c See ^Dancers in the Dark' with Miriam Hopkins Jack Oakic Also News and Comedy TODAY-ONE DAY ONLY IVn_*4 •»•• ji ««»«._.^__.__ omls for Die century. m lu . 0 ycols of championship competition he bctilun but twice, bolh yards. Among his vk . las te times in tims arc his Olympic nemesis p cr cy Williams, and tile Slmpswji To Inns, nraccys. Inlands, Dyers nnd Jopplilos of this country. . WyJtoir will win nt Los Angrtes because J,c will be primed for the sanies as no.other competitor. HK schoolboy dream, an Olympic sprint championship, denied at Amst djun^te rciuained uppermost ,„ Athletes Selling Pace for Teams In Grade Soccer Loop The Lunge Indians, coached by Clarence Webb, celebrate,! |h, «»!'«'«"r ne* "home Hd'p at lie ChlciiBo Mill park bj jilHimlng the Sudbiiry Glnnts o, «. J. Wulson. 7 to e in (he ,.] C . intntnry school - soccer league 'un mull .vcslcrday the Ln,, B J ( "'' !'«<[ been pluylng at ihe othe, scliool jxirks. Curtis King's Sudbiiry Alhlellrs with (hre c strniKhl n-lns arc kee'i- tng al the head o( Ihe league They won ji-sterdny from Robert Baxler's Cards from Cenlral, lo Tlx> Lange Yankce.s coached by Mnx Usrey. triinnplicd over nob Gocdrlcli's Cubs of Central ij to 0. ' T' 1 " 1 IV. U Pel. Sudbiiry Alliietlcs .... 3 0 1.000 Laiigc Jncllnns 2 i 557 Lange Ynukees 2 i ^07 Sudbiiry Glnnts a t (157 Giimral Cardinals .... o 3 ooo Central Cubs. a 3 JXW Today's Cumcs Curds vs. aiiints. Cubs vs. Indians. Yankees vs. Athletics. Student Glider Nrarly Ready MADISON. Wli. {UP)-Aftcr't«- 0 . nnd one-half years of iilanning dtiti constructing, tlie University 0 ( Wisconsin Glider Club soon iviji tly the first motorless aircratt ever built on the camiius. Dr.'PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 rl Aye rill.... they call him "the Roclihfriil" iKriiusc of lib a p'rf;ir- it iniijifurrnre tc >vlml is (join' • • . lie is Hie norld vluiu- liion itroenostii'jlor. hit hctwccii .:)30 and .310. you have to believe him. Hr-'s that kind ol a uiiy. He wouldn't tool you. • • • A Swell Forccasler Uetor c ihe season of isw of- Ileially opened Avcrill jnoniiscti llic Cleveland su-ibcs Hint he ivould hit .320 and ssl a iicw home; run record fo:- Clevclaiu! That year he hit .3:10 mid uvnve out IS home runs. On the (-vc nf Hie o]:cnlnit of tlie se.iton ot IB30 "the nocklirad." l>c is alieclionaiely called because of his nonchalance, predicted hu wjuhl brenk his civil mark of IB homers and would hit for a belter uverajjc than lie had'the year before. With the ei:d of the season only n fcvs- clays away, Avcrlll had whacked only 14 burners: So lie in.'ide fom-' in a double-header aiiti, on the very lust day of the season, drove out his Ifftti. And lie hit .339. Last year nb: ul .this.-time llic boys were skrpilral when Ay will >ld (hem, In his matter-of-fact vcy, tliat lie would maul 30 hom- fit- in 1031, and that he would bat iiretty close lo .330. It np- pfi'Uil tlie young man was Ictllns li!'> eanfitlcncc inn away with him. Hut the md i'I Um srason found that lie had hit 32 lionic runs and How nrc yon t"lng to , Ixit i'lia'nst n .guy like that? '- ,\ * » « -. , irr; lilt Too .Many : ,''' One of Hie • coiTr'.spmiilpntfi nc- cosU'd Ayerlll Jilst lirfor c the loani left Ni-.w oi-ltahs' for Die nnilli. ' You (old me you would rilt M homers last year," said llic baseball writer. "And then you crossed me up by hitting 32." "Well, rye thought' about tha; myself," tlie Earl of Averill v;plied. "But IcuiiiiR tell you liow it linpiwned. I Just get my ao atwiit the middle of scplcmh-r. I nni all «-t to relax when ue yet into Boston. '•Tin playing fan-tan in '(lie cliibliousc one day when Llsenl),!:'. Ihe pKeln-r. comes In and starts lo rib me about never hitting' a Imnie run in their ball park. "Well, I lose my head for a minute-and holler back al hce, 'You [jo tack and tell your pitchers to look out tills series I'm going to start swinging from Hit! hips.' We're playing n don- We-lieadcr that day, and In the (list game I KH horse collars. Wi'll, who pitches the second game but Llscnbee. So 1 put a couple in the bleachers. "[ shouldn't 'a' done it, 1 know ml you kiid-.v liow it is.when you not sore. Anyway, I learned "liiy lesion, This year it's I1U, and not 35 or-37." [.(;(.•!;•: l.j?y u( Plate 'Uf-iill is like (hat.'you. might ;IICKS it by watching the man nt the phite. H c takes on'-lnnoccnt cnoiisli looking stance', 'in fact it is alir.ost too innocent looking. He siaiyls loosely, leaning his weight on uhat might lie called Ills "hind log," which would be his left leg, since .he is a lefl-hamlocl batter] iie is the personification of calm disinterest. Uiil when he takes his first cut at Hie ball, all that comc-day-go- d:iy altitude is gone. When he fins lie doesn't fool. When he told Llsenbce he was going to Mail swinging from the hips he meant .wlnplng from ihe hips. Pitchers, whether ri«ht or li-fi- liaiidtxl, look moif ur less nllke to Iilin. Ucit. Iht.iigli he doesn't admit II himself, he doles on thru iAvci'pIng loi' 1 curve hull of imtp Walbcrg'K. Ifov Hint liali riilcs wlicn lie lays lit,, wood lulu it! Pennsy State Police Qualify With Pistols HARlUSDimo. pa. HJPt-Evory memtwj ol tlie Pennsylvania state? Police qualified «K a "pr.ittloal pbi- (ol ilxit" in teM.s held hy the department. The plstnl Is considered llic ideal weapon (or jxjllce work because of "s avalliablity on Uic iierson and Us accuracy in skilled hands. P'nn- sylvania .state jxillu-mi'ii are taiislit to shoot .straiglit with either Innd ,nnd inslnicled in "Jightniiuj fast" Kansas City Robert E. Lee HOTEL A Room With Bath $<fso A F«w *t $2.00 tnj *2Jo AH Rooms Vr'/iA Ceiling Fsnt BEST POPULAR PRICED COfFEE SHOP IN KANSAS CJ1Y \6 A R A G E MiLwotKrp u "° urs a llobby lcllorted lhat tw " n»!O ,„",«,' S ' (U ''>-Ka"- W«ls fought for 40 hours wlCi'J ojtl -section crew worfcis'in a dis- a sop, before one was nSv' diet where pheasarus arc raised for 'wounded. ' ' Cresf St>l. No. 827 REEMAN Shoes For Three color combinotiont — White Ru-Buck u... Black Colfskin —White Ru-Buck ond Brown Coif- skin _ Brown and Natural Calfskin ~ » ; ' : „ Ihe smart military heel distinguishes this de luxe sport shoo. The narrow too is Fashion's latest decree. Fine leather:—beautiful styling. Only; ' ilve dollars! Sizes .5 to 12—widths A to D, (> Other. Grind Sport Stylos at S5 R. D, HUGHES & CO, •/a (\ OUT OF GAS ... AND IN A GEM THEATRE Tuesday, W*di*sday and Thursday Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:45 Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25e Also News and Comedv ALL MATINEES AT THE Thai happens to you ov- Ciisionally. It hiippcns to everyone snnic time or other. No need to lose any time, just step (o a phone, Call 711 find we'll come (o the rescue with a fc\v gallons of Texaco Giis. Iliif Wnnderlich's MAIN STATION MAIN AT FIFTH ^ /;% '• f -\ ft^ kUJLsgZg: y^ 2sis^^:^tf^ ..>\ r^~ S\ Only the NEW NuGRAPE Has Their Delicious Flavor You'll admit there is a goodness iu the flavor of grape*— and that'swhy the New NuGrape fa different from all arS cwl flavors—different as gold and brass. In • certain v^ley, ma dc rich and productive by reason of the mo,V ' n »di"g '»»—« famous brand of reU ° WUcd for lhe ° f fniit ' And ij The New NuGrape — ma de exclusively w Hh Welch', w^fMf^O Mwijfp ^^_ ^*/l*/« ft** X. .c« catis no more than any artificial grope !. Ifs now on tale everywhere for 5f. NuGrape Bottling Co. Main & Lake Klylhevillo, Ark. MAD€ Wl W WEUjft CTAPE JU1CC

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