The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1932
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 6. 1932 WIFIED ADS 'Two cents a word for flrst batrtlon and one »nt a word [ (oi ttch tut»«<!UfUt taKTtfaa J No Klverliwmcnt Ukea (or few than soc. Count tbe word] and | tend the eu)i. Phone 306 ;». FOR SALE NEWS FOR SALE—Baby clilcks. Part cash, pay balance In fryers. Marilyn Hatclicry, Ulytlierille, Ark. 21ctl FOR SALE— Cotton gin. excellent condition. Priced cheap for quick disposal, cash or terms, Write "G. II.", Courier News. 4G-K11 FOR SALE—My farm, 80 acres, well improved. South end of Franklin street. Joe Byriini, Slkes- ton, Mo. 4P-K11 TOK RENT FOR nBNT—Furnished iii>:nlincnt, 305 Doiii,'an. 1C-K8 FOR RKNT—Furnished liousc or room. 2 rjadis, West Main. Write "X", Courier News. 4C-K11 FOR'-RENT—Five room biinf.ilow, CO^^Cliicknsawba. Good repair, cheau' rait. Apply New York Store. ' TOit RENT—Fiirnlshr.-d apurtineiit, ' iOB Wobt fCendu-ky. Phone- Clia. 31O-K7 WANTED \VANTED-Ladics to soil cosmetics. See Mr. Salilja from 0 lo 12, ICO Kentucky. 41--K7 WANTED-Fiirnishcd anartmeiit or dwelline. Call 835, room 300. 5pk9 PERSONALS FOR TRADE--S|)lLMldid piann. yowl cundition for small car. Mrs. E. M. McCiill. 5P-K9 Hayli Society—Pevsonal Mr. and Mrs. James Randolph and Miss Lncilc Randoluh left day for Memphis lo visit relatives. B. H. Dcneese of West Memphis arrived Saturday for a visit with liis lamily. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lewis and daughter Ruby and Mrs. Ollie Man- Enim and daughter Ht) visited Mr. and Mrs. J. }i. Ellis of Holland .Sunday. Ralph Pfefferkorn of ChafTee ivns the uest of Miss Mildred Hndgins Sunday. t William Khoiirie of Stceie spent Sunday here visiting Jiis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Kliouric. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Ray and children spent the day Sunday Mcmpiiis on a pleasure (rip. Among those who attended the dance at Caruthersville Friday evc- niii giverc: Misses Ora Kcllcy. Agnes Grady, Annabetli Limbangh, Virginia Sanders, - Lavcrne Foitcr and Messrs. Ray Liiiilxiugh jr., Edwin Giviu, Charles Amos Morgan John D. PielCs, Sammie Ridgewav, John Max Sturm. Messrs. Elmer Wilbanxs, Harold nnd Buddie LaFonte, Johnnie Troutman, Robert Brooks, Herbert Dailcy, James Roane and Fred Blankenship attended a party at Cartithersvillc Friday evening. Miss Jessie Reneau oi Memphis spent Sunday here visitim; mother, Mrs. Cora Rencau. Mrs. J. W. Rcneau, who has seriously ill, is able to be up. . Mrs. D. B. Hayes, who has teen visiting her daughter. Mrs. V E Hopkins cf Chalice, returned home Saturday. S. P. dales, Charles Trainor Frank Foster and Wiley Duncan allcndrrl [he baseball Memphis Sunday. HasEcil Dowcesc and Ellis Koury of Warden motored to Memphis Sunday on n pleasure triy. M. R. Roland visited in Memphis Sunday. ;-f.:Mrs. H. G. Harmon and claugh- Bamc al INStRKD I NTER TRTOKING BONDED TY DEI'ENDAm.K DAILY SERVICE TO BLYTIIFAIU.K FKOM Memphis and I.illlr Rock J. I). 5lc»oircll Telephone local Agent No. 82 Guaranteed 1'urc Slonevillc No. 1 PLANTING SEED $25 Per Ton] tills seed was grown on our own plnntation and ginned In our private Bin with no Possibility of mixture with Inferior sect]. C. F. TUCKER on Promised Land Road, 3!4 inilos southeast o! Dlylhe- ville. SECOND HAND 1 FURNITURE I Sec Us Firs( I R. J. Dodson I 301-303 E. Miln • | mon BY ArAABEL McELLIOTT Ih'nton Air. unit .Mrs. Knuik McC'lnnoIinii «'iil tjundiiy '«-|ih Mr. and Mis Andrew l.uvel. Mis.s Mildred Adams i,\KM KiH- urduy nljjlit \vlili Miss UKUIN IIKKK 100AV SUSAN CAHK», u« -rpkan, llrr> 11 lik krr AUNT JP.SSII: un ChlcafuV nr«l *Mr **t «ludlc< • Ituufrmvliy »| • duivHIuWM bu«|. • (»• »rhi»ul. libr Ri)r» ui luuvk our dar nllk RIHIKIIT UUMIAII, • I Ilie ftaiue \m Ilkr .1004, Jii.'V I,AMI>M.<\. « .loorf, , uu , ll; •u»lrla». nkr« hrr lit Ur nurlri «>e »l|tk< nml nuorrrl. ivlik k,r. skr »«-»ol»r« K«I in «re htiM nuulu. HffklnK a l«b, Sa»nn fc»i an HH- plr»qo1 rxprilcnrr tilth n tTDutil- M rmiiluyrr lml U cumfnrlcd tthfn »ke i-onNJfR krr (ruuMrl !• KOW <;o O.V WITH THE S'lOIIV CHAp-mi V! •pJIKRE was no denying lliat Su- sail was In the black books o[ thru autocrat, Mr. Cluuito Jllocls, Tlio owner ami iireslilent of Chi- c.iuo'a "most modern school ot business" liad nut lielguerl to notice Iho girl sinco the uutorlunalo afternoon when Bho hail had In ro,- pulso Ilia unwelconic atlcnKons of the loathsome nianaeer of the Melo Iron Manufr.cturlng Company. Tlie day cninc, however, when Susan was tho only logical camll- Oaio In the ailvariced clasa. Mr. Hlock. frowning Intently, summoned her ami snlil In a cold, ro- molo volco. "Ernest Heath, the architect, wants n lenipnr.iry sec- roinry. Go over tliero and eeo what you can ilo." Susan, surprised. Blamincrcd ber Ihanks and lied. She wag relieved to find that tho odlce slio sought was on tho twelfth Moor ot a new and shining building. The marblo corridors nnd Blittcrtrii; elovaiora sccnicrl lo her nttliiK tranrlngs for this world ot Kreat affairs sho hoped to enter. "Mr. Jle.itli?" Her own voice sounded much too loud to Siifan In tbo euhhy- liole of tho nutcr' oDlcc. Ifer feet fank IntB tbo dovo gray carpet. The walnut desk lioro a him; blotter and bnioko colored curtains hunt; at windows framing a view of the lake. A spare, smartly dressed man about 45 Blood In tho doorway o( a larger jjlriss partitioned room bearing the won! "Private 1 ' on the door. Ho eyed Susan aupraislng- ly and nodded. "Come In. Sit down. III. Pierson!" he called to someone nn- eeen. "Bring a notebook nnd let Miss— cr—try her hand at dictation." A colorless young man with n bookkeeper's green eyeshnilo dls- figuring ilia brow came In and put down n hook and some freshly sharpened pencils. Susan stiffened herself. Tlio ordeal was about to begin. WfHEN treat!] had finished rap- Ping out In crisp phrases several highly technical paragraphs In which tho words "studding" anil "fenestratlon" recurred. Susan was shown to a typewriter, El>'cn paper and carbon ELCCIS, nnd lolil to "jju aljcad." She thought .Mr. fie.ith rather terrifying but on tho wholo kindly, and then forgot about him entirely during (ho absorbed 15 minutes In which 8ha transcribed her difficult notc-a. Sho hoped no one was watching her as she destroyed one virgin sheet nnrl begao another. Looking up suddenly, she wag annoyed to seo the moody young roan ct the oye-sbade gazing .it her curiously from the high stool on which be laid thoetect clown before liliu. ilo read H onco uml theu ORaln wllh- out comment. Susan [altQrcrl, "Il's all right. ( hope." t\cen gray eyes surveyed her. A clipped voico eahl lo her liuiulio relict: "Seems lo be. You'll lib. I think. First girl we've luul In hem •lu .1 week who conhl Eriell." Susan felt its lliough n crosvn hail been bestowed upon her. She drew a long brcalli. week wlUi Miss Madclyne Dauuh of SU'cle. Ml^cs Bolhfl nnd F.inilco Pearson nnd Motlls Stallhis ouciu tlio wci>k-i'iiil hi tlib vicinity. Air. uml Mrs. Krcil liniun sp.'nl Suliuday nlslu uml Sunday with Mr. nnd Mrs, John DIlllnKliHin. Mr. uml MI*. 0. Tucker 6|Kiit Butirlay with Mr. nnd Mrs. Jim Dunn. ... Smolhers nnd Clell Green nmdc u hiislness trip to Onrutlier5- vllln SalunUy. Mr, mill Mrs. n. Dumcr ., J ^,, l Kundny with Mr, nnd Mrs. J. YV. One Opt »( Injared llr. JTeatli went on to ar.k her to be thero at 9 tomorrow. Twcmy a week was Iho talary ami be illiln't know when Miss O'Coimell woulil Iw track. She was 111. Susan understood, dlrln't she, that Iho josl- tlon was temporary 1 ; Susan murmured "Yes," nsil prayer! a lltllc prayer lliat Miss O'Connell's recovery mlj;lit bo slow although, ot course. Infinitely cure. Aunt Jcsaio bail bocu n careful gnarrllnii and Susan had hecn tauglit never to wish III to anyone even at tho expense of ber own ad vaucomcnt. She walked to tho strec-l car tlMl evening on thin air. S!u- thought. "I must wash my pink linen ami clean my while shoes aud give myself u nianicuro tonight." Sue remembered suddenly lliat she had promised to go lo choir practice with Jiose .Milton and rosolveil lo stop ami confide the great news. JJOSR Jm/TO.N' was not borne yet. yon didn't llko him much mil tkil ho woulil chaufro that. ,, Sue," she continued in more serious vein, "you'd ilo well In cncoiir- use Hint I'omij,' man. !(o has a future, mark iny words!" What did sho caro nbout Den Lamiunan'u future. Siisini (h.n.slit (llmliilnfiilly. Horrid, ruilo Icllow that he was! Not tlmt slw (lijti'l feel, rlctn down, a glow of plena- uro at the Implied compliment. Unl she tnsscrl her head. "I've got a job," she said, changing the subject. Mis. Milton ^raa Instantly i)|. verted, natlcrlngly. Interested. "i\"o!" she sp.iil, smiling incredulously. Sus'.-m iliniiilcil. "I won't bo able to BO with [lose tonight." sho cs- plainer!. "That's why I stopped. 1 have n million things to do at homo, aellliiH ready." A |ItS. MII.TON clucked In Gym- 1 I'i-.tby, hut when Susan rosa lo go sho began lo grumble a hit In her molher lold Susan. Hose i ecoil-naturcd fashion, was working at one ot tbo big Stale! " v ou girls, nowadays," ebo street stores now. She was scllt,,. Mouses and her ambition was to bo como .1 buyer. Airs. Milton, fat nml comfortable In a (jay summer dress, bat on Hie front porch tannins herself. "tome In ami "sit down." she wheezed cordially, pushing :ngj"I don't know what's Kot Into yon. bo When I was your age nothing on H'OKlrt have fiulnccd me In break a i!alo or pass up a lilt ot Inn. .Vow you're alt husinoss'wmn en. If yon iileasc, ami none ot \ou are Ihlnktng nliont getting marrM It len't natural. Look at perched Strangely behind ooougl), a partition. tbjg surveil- , lance put ber on her mettle Instead ot making her more nervous aoi] the second transcript of tbo letter seemed to her perfect. room for Susan. "I'vo got so:r:o Icmonntlc on the Ice so you're just in time." Susan said really she couldn't but found hcrselt presently s!pni:;g tho coal refreshing bevorage from some all. her all the time lo uamo the day. Ho has a gooil llltlo business on'. in Oak Park. She conhl have a nico apartment nml maybe n li|l!r. car hut will she? Sho ivill nnt. .\'o, a tali green glass. "Deen seeing your young man lately!" Mrs. Milton asked, break- Ing iuto Susan's reverie. who you mean." if yon plc-ase. sho must v;ork up to the head ot the dcpartmenl anil pa EMI jn I'aris nrirl I ilon't l-now v.-liat all!" Mrs. Miltnn sniffed. "You're all alike," sho finibhcd Tuo girl iluslied. "I don't know plaintively. Susan iiruicrt her plump shonl- Mrs. Milton rocked with delightcd I dcr. "You cloa't rutlly mind. laughter. o f wlPr <*=- "-™" heU^; 1 ^ l SH?F?,r S"- f ot_srr.Jfcatli» nrlvat. offic*. and I raved to Tin™ for an hour, s-.'if.l Mra/Mllton ~ir'ir,l wirhnut filers. Grada Mai and Christine spent .Mable Alexander, and Clauiii- M:ir- ttte week-end in Aberdeen, Miss., I shall attended (he Y. \V. A bmquot visiting relatives. at Bragsariocia in honor'of MUs cess lo keep mi tlio peso ot Injured parent. Tlien her ready smilo broho through. That's truo enough," tho nilnililril. "llul what I say la where Uora It all lead lo? A wonnn'n Imp- Iilesl with a homo aurl babies ot her own. Von'rc a bit yonngor than Hose, but you ought to bo tliliiklus about U. too. Cavcera!" Slio gavo tbo word.113, Kiroactfc nn Intonation n; her !;ofl volco could nfford. Susan r.lRRled. Slio couldn't help H. GoKl-iiiiliired Mia. SliHon In n Imfi was jnsi funny. "Anyhow, what's eliolr pracllco?" Suran ilcinaiiilcil, rising to go. "Yon wouldn't call ilial a social occasion, v.-oulil you? Xu young men (hero to bran U3 around. Nobody but Mr. IllgGllls ami he's [ilaycd tbo orijuu at St. Thomas' since 1301." A secret little smile played over Mrs. Milton's round face. ."Is that so?" nho demnmlcil cryptically. "And wlio was lelling you IhaiT Susan colored again. "I don't i;miv,- wlint you mean," ;0;o said. Mrs. iillltcii penniile<I herself n knowim; ivink. "\Y!;y do you Itilnlt K<Ki was so anxious [ U tc i you there?" clio asked r.lyly. "I liavc-n't Hie falnlesl Idea," said Susan, losslni; her liearl. "She ealil Ilicy needed auolher Eonrauo, that wai all." "Itmi along, run along." clucked Mra. .Milioa -nuilr-lily, having viro- duccd tlio effect slio desired nnd enjoying DID crimson rliscowlitura of Siisun's y-ouiiK face. "There'll ... a disappointed young man at that OTK-.IU tonight, I'm lolling you." Susan lU-il. her hoMcsv amln.bto mockery following bor. Why must It ho someone aho dlj- litvPd v.-l;o seemed Indicated lu tier? Why couldn't her nrlniirer be. In- of Hen l.ainpman, that gohh'ii youth, Itobcn J)unl»r? Quickly ulio told hcraclf sho had lultcr stop dreaming aliout that young man, 01ICO BIHl for I'll! Mine Wwrk HABRJ8BURQ, Pa, ! (UPJI-One In every seven boys employed in : l'eunty|vanl> rallies' stiRc'rfd' some form of accidental injury" within a onc-yeur iierkxl, a chll(l jabor survey of. ttie 8Ui|c Dcparlmcnt ot LaUor tind nxluslry showed. Wllliln liie period,. five boys mi- ' dcr ]7 were killed aiid 1! -were per- muncntly disabled. 'llii! survey, showed 5,300 boys employed In mining and 130 o'l Ifcfrm iiiireilnu Injuries of tome naliire within the year. . : Miss Oills U.'ntau jijient Satui-- nljlla and Sunday with M\SJ Ifortoti. Mis. W. K. Skl|i|K'i- spent sim- ilfiy wllli Mrs, U-c Adiuus. Mr. mill M«. llubiH'i had as tUdr u'li'sls Sunday Mr. anil Mrs. J. H. l.uiuji\cri> nnd Mr, nnd Mis. Ellie IMlmer. I'crnlra I'cnl is sneiirllnu i)-,.i Head Courier News Wiint Ads. TA-tHER IS A OT ot-i> .-;. j •Si I BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES GOOD 01,1) W1LUK! By Martlr Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Travis and lamily visited in Holcomb Sunday. Rev. E. G. Walker, Mcsdamcs A. G. Sanders, -Mablc Burress, AIiss?s Virgitiia McDouaid, Euric liiirr;'«. Jasopliine lllley, ^la'.e Y. Ic.ider. W. H. Statin s;iciit the end In Caps Cirardiaii lisilij A. i friends. i W, A. McrXmnld awl snn \Vo:d- ik- row atk'mkd lo biiblncis in Memi; Dr. P. L Tiptou I'liysiciiin & Surgeon Infiraiii BIdp. • Telephones: Ollicc - 25fi Residence - 27G New Grand !.?:«lcf Harbor Shop 110 N. 2nd Huh' Cuts - - 25c Earl EJ. Paiker R. s. I'icvost [ FKKSH KIVER CAT FISH EVERY DAY Jimmic O'llritu's Cafe 103 S. and S!. Phone 2711 Call Phono No. 243 for INSURANCE SERVICE We Write: Burglary (Residence & Mercantile Safe) Insurance, Health ,t Accident, Automobile Liability, Plate Glass, and all lines oi nisualty and bonds. Sell real estate, and service rental properly. W. M. BURN'S COMPANY, INC. THE BIG RACE is ON JUrV.SO T;J£V OU<3HT* BE COwisi' AMY MUJOTE NO-.'/-..IF VJ6 V-SSP PEAU GUIET VJ£ OU3HTA HB THEM M/AY YOU TAl-'^L /fVST TVII-JX ITS GO'.vIS To BS A L ctose / SHOULOA SAID, Pocc I O'J-SUTA B£ CO.V.lM ~T AMV WlfJUTC ViV

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