The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1931
Page 6
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IAHK.i COIHUKK SATURDAY, JUNK 20, Meet Stanley McRae Here Tuesday* Big Shots In Fighl Camp Blancharcl and Mavec in Scmi-Wmdup; N e \v Faces on Card. iPOT IF WILLIE . Fight fans, who have been treated to somo nifty cards hrre this spring and summer with the smu'l boys giving plenty of action, w?i Bet a opportunity to watch Hi? bte fellows Tuesday night. Tom I'lvsic, the well known St. Louis lUjhl- heavy. and Stanley McRae. the punching Luxcian. <*lll clash In the main tout of a pretentious card-.In an ei^ht round r,c-tni-wtndi:p. nig Boy Blanchard. the. lanky local hea\y hop;, will tackle. Sieve I Mnree, young St. Ixjuis ^love Ihro'.v- ', er. Sailor Smith and Uoy Mauley, ] two hard hitting southpaw welterweights, will meet in a 4 rounder, rind Duroo Kirkendall and Kid Smith, middle weights, will clash In another 4 rounder. A bailie royal w-lll open the show. . The card will mark Ihe llrsl appearance liere this season of McRae. The hard hitting Luxoron claims to be In the test shape of his career. Ac leasi hc should be i.i.'.he expects to beat Pivac as the St. Louis heavy Is a known amount, unless he has gone buck considerable In the past yelir. • Thc two have never met before. Has Fought (!ooil Hoys • Pivac has enough fights under his belt to be classed as a veteran. He has met plenty of the third rale heavies over the rnmi- try. Including .the well known trial horse, Chuck Wiggins. Dave Knost, : , I arc shewn aliove. In tlir Uip picture are Pa anil \\> L.. .li-., tlm BRUSHING UP SPORTS nirinlie-r of Mir Imnsc. Itrlmv, lufl. ill 1 *: .Ma Striblhi^ W. I.. Ill, sun nl Willie (he llRl.ilir, and li;;hl, a intVcltolis crln. Cooler and Red Sox to who" fought here last year, TJabe - Hunt, a real iounh boy., .lack Eon-y. Jini Mahoney. Eddie! O'Day. Sailor ...Haley. Billy Meyer's. Farmer Lcdse and a mob of others- In fact. : ' : Pivac clalins to have crawled between the ropes 70 times anil to - have retired as thc loser only eifiht limes. Regardless of the au- thccnily of his claims. Pivnc is -'• known as a 10115)1 boy in the . squared • circle and will likely rale the favorite over McHae. .. • McRae is without the experience -•of Pivac,but his ability to punch '-.has never been' questioned, al- 1 though probably doubled ospec-l Ball fans who turn out for the lally since hc failed lo knock but |C(wicr-T)'iyt!i"villc lleil SIK t:am™ a I -Dummy McKinnev here last y<w|lln!,>y Field Sunday will [1ml Ihe ' or at Jackson. Term.. Ihis week. - - Howpver the limes .McKinney has - .heard the ten count from a 10:; dining nosttion hnvc been few . and for bstwcen. If ever. Doy Blanchard dcclslonctl! Io keep Old Sol's rays oil the fans' bleacl'.eis nt Ihe park rrufcd io protect Ill-Jin from li:e su-flli'i-iii;'; .^un, accnrding lo John Sinllh, business inamger of (he. Hose. Smith says he has built the roof Ic Glory, Much Grief • Rewards Parents Who Reared Son lo Be Champ i;i»TOll'S NOTK; Tills Is the (Ilinl En a M'rii-s nf four stories dircrt friiin Ibr training catnp Kl' W. I.. IV ic) Striblins, Jr.. Auirilcan hope In regain thi' world ?,|;LV Hrlimellnf,' of Germany in Cli-irbml, .July 3. MY CI.A1KK IHJRCKY Ni:.A Srrvli-e Spurts Wrilt-r nEAUCiA LAKE PARK. O.—Two nifinbt'1'.s nf n promlnenl southern family are likely to be "on the MIDI" properly if William L. i Young) Stribliiii! employs his well known chiteli-and-cl!nch holds ill his July 3 engagement, with Hravy- w?i[!hl Champion Max Schmcling al Cleveland. YU If the Georgian happens to llatten the German, restoring the hCBvywcliflH crown lo America, you may hear on all sides that I'a and Mu Sliiblhn; directed Ihc work of their strapping son in faultless fashion. Thus It has been with fight managers, and Ihus il will ever be. The Fecund (Miesscrs me never wrong; | they usually slug loudest in thc i"l told you so" chorus. U is a lough spot for Willie and Mllie I I'a and Mat. At nvist they'll receive only :i limited amount of credit I! their son comes throiiRh with a smashing •mil ili-r M'lr nl,H (rll " m ' h - Ycl if ' n ' : m:lct!i one .mil flir JI.T nWi or )]ls ^u^,,,!,,,, . sn!W i llgs . d.isc-up cf lMs; m . mv fill , s lvln , w y,,^. 1(M) j,,,,,, lo blame it onto mi.-mana^einent by a pair of parents. Often havf I heard IhaL Young Sniblinc roiiltl Ixro'iv.' the greatest fighting man in Ihe same by him- apron slvinys. Asain 1 have lislenfd to those who would fii"! Pa Strlbling ;from hlr, son's rorn"v and hire an experienced fifht mans'rer. Yet fr>:- his position as the challenger for (he world duiupinnshio. Yoime Slvtbliug owes ;-. lot to his jliarenls. n was tiny who firsl • ^ the •rimplc process of cutting self from Ills mother'-, ttiW.1 »U A H3MER.THE FiKT TiM& HE StfiPPeo '(bTne PLHE IN Tie rt&OCK, A.MO HAS. B6EW ' TI.VUUEST \;5i9 HlS SEOOUD NOVO HE IS AKOOklD lome folks," which is perhaps the iTOtesl reason why Young SlrD- THEWS LOSt Pebbles Have Tough Time in Barons' Home Town; Marines in Win. dromed of a .hnlclpr in the McKinney .in the only bout of Ihd big boys lure this cnrhur. Blanch- aril still lacks the experience nec- : '"essar» to confidence in the rins. .Just how lie will show up against Maree is a matter of conjecture. ' but Blanchaid savs he'll make thc bt Louis, pugilistic jump oul of the rin». If the two clashes between Ihe bi» bovs rcclly give action, the fans will see plenty of .. leather pushing and Promoter Joe Craig says the clcohants are going into the ring to flzht all the way. Sailor Smith, the unorthodox • southpa\v, hails from somewhere in the vicinity of this city while . Manlev is known as thc Lcpanto . sharpshooter. Manley can hit liai'd and. true with that left hand It's not often that two.lellics crawl ••'•- into the same ring at the same time. Kirkendai! has fought hero several times ending his ring career . If the writer recalls correclly in '• a_boul with Ihe well known Sandy Ridse. Now Kirkendall is out . for more. Kid Smith Is an unknown amount. minds nntl allow them lo give the bail game their undivided atlcn- tion. Oscar Klllott. the Blyihevilie traffic ccp, will pai:: JiLs molnrcycle ta- morrow and pilch tell fov Ihc Cooler semi-pros who invade the city, Tbe red-thatched copper hurls a wicked spltball anil rumor has liliors Conic Into Own Friday in Mnny Slui;fcsls' tllE , h ; jiynetu and ciWacio" » ? „ • 11 i i .ninldi'cl into the son. By n caren L heav.'wi'i'fhl tille- familv. Much us ,-eful SeuatOVS MnUcc!. [selection of training ex-rcisei t-icy ____ |rievelopE:<l W. L. Jr. info clean niul The Cleveland Indians abruptly jro'n'st manhooil. Time, if he de- broke up the winning streak 1 of lnc|'«its Schinellug. he will only be Ssmtors. which Oiart (heir connjenco in reached 12 straight, yesterday. The lability lo win Ihe crown, n ron- /Mhlolies won and kepi well in ihel nde ' ll « ! Illl1t rcfiiwd !o wnvev wher fore In the American gallop. ipraetically all fight fandom wciilr In the Nalioual circuit the Car- htlvc Eli'-PP-m him back 'o his no- Oinals, \ selt<?i's. won behind the nifty hurling of Bill Hallahnn. Ihe that the Hose minuter Is uln-nity I siKedball lefty. The Cubs won and I seeking re-lnforcrmeiils from vet- i the Ciiants lost. Thc batters in bolh crans who faced the spit-bailers in i leagues had a good day. tlie days before they were outlawed from league ball. Even Smith himself may shoulder a bat it Officer Elliott's delivery proves t:x> puzzling tor the youngsters who have learn- on the gair.e. since Ihe days of th? spitball menace, it is understood. Monk Wright or Spot Reid will probably do the hurling fcr the niythevillc boys. The Indians' bats played a tune : yesterday o!t \Yashlngton hurling lf;n( an:! thc N.Tl-s were on thc laslng i llil end of a 0 to 0 score. Sad Sam torious kerosene circuit. * » * "From the time that I first saw i.Tim Jeffries, then world heavy weight champion, in Macon, I dc cid:d that my son. If I had one :l be thc same when he I reminisces Ma Stribling. doubt if any other baby's caree HOW THEY Birmingham Chattanooga Atlanta New Orleans Memphis — Little Rock . Mobile Southern league W. .. 44 .. 36 .. 33 .. 30 .. 29 Nashville 25 L. 23 M 31 31 3-1 34 35 38 as . . STARS PldU it? ART KFV.H7, Jones was the victim ol Ihc Indian i awault. Harder relieved Miller lo jicceive credit for the victory. Lefty Grove pitched his twelfth victory as thc Mackmen triumphed over Chicago's While Sox, 10 lo 4. [The Hos; s;o'. 12 hils but t!icy were . well si'alterrd while the A's hit '. Caraway and Moore's pitching fov 1 hits. i'\mseca. Simmons and Tocit hit homers, the latter bouncing two i four-ply swats. The A's lead the cir. cult by three and a half games. I The 1 Detroit Tigers hit haul ant! 'timely to pu'.l George Uh!e throus' The nirintnglir.m Uarons. just abcm the whole show In Ilie Southern league, won yesterday. The Lockouts, stragglim; along In ECC- und place, lest to Ilie Marines. little nook's Travelers were li'.e victiMs of Hie liaronlp.l cl'.ainps to he <maybe). 7 lo 5. The Barons bunched liieir hits for five imis in the'sixth inning ond the uame was lost or won. lhou?h the Pebbles tried valiantly to overcome tiic lead. Hasty was Ihe winning pitcher. Tiic bases were full when Grif-/^ filh issued a free pass in the eleventh inning and thc Mobile Miirincs won a 3 to '2 ball game from the Chattanooga Lookouts. The Ma- rinss made four double p!ays U> cut off prospective Lookout scores. Burns, who went the route, was the winning pitcher. The Atlanta Crackers beat the jMemnhis Chicks 9 lo 5 nt Atlanta. (The Chicks outliit the Crax but At lanta marie its seven binges oft Harry Kelly county. Morrision was I the winning hurlcr. Ryan hit n homer. New Orleans rallied in the ninth stanza lo beat the Nashville Cols. i 11 to 9. The Pels counted five run 1 ; in the ninth inning. Clahaujh hit. a home run. Professionals at Knoxvyie. Tenn.. K will have the backing of a-were reported about evenly divided] nUil .south" in the championship'over the new and old ball. OIK-i iss ] e ' I pro. voting for the return of the I old ball, says the "lighter hall can TOMORROW: Strihlinjr's chances do more tricks on tlie green than a monkey can do with a ba^ of peanuts." i»r Victory. I | A carpel has been invented for I automobiles with a hair surface and rubber The largest producer of patent leather among nations is Ihe United Slates. Stuttgart Rice Bmis to Play Osceola Sinula\ CfiOEOL.i; Ark.—The Indians, local independent baseball team, play the strong Slutt- rest City and other strong teams Ihis season. T\vo regulars In the Indian lineup. Charlie Lowrance and Bill, who v.-cre oul last Sunday on account of sieknrss. cxpecl to be in shape for Sunday's game and their presence will materially strengthen the Indian's lineup. . Dooly Gilchrist. Albany University/ rlar. who aided the Indians last' Ifiundsiy in winning over the fast IJonesboro. Arkansas, club by a 1-0 score, will again he in til? Indian lineup. L, i It Is reported that a considerable number of loyal Stnllgart O.s-crola I fans will accompany their team I litre. Play Mill begin at 3:30 o'clock gart Rice Birds here Sunday, in j a , lrt ,-,.„,„ n |i ,"ndica!ions this will the first game of the season be- | be another real ball game for the twetn the two clubs. fans. Stuttgart boasts of a. formidable j • club having already defeated For-i Rj;ad Canrler News Want Ads. How can lunging at the ball br aruiilril? or bolh. To prevent it there inns: be more xvork given lo the hands w:lh a 7 lo G Iriuuiph over the Bos- ; Ion Red Sox -' Dolroi!. Berry and Slonc hit homers. Moore was the l.ising luirler. Ynr.kres SUiff Hard T .il,.,, • The Yankees run up a total of i Lungine at Ihe ba'l Is caused by ; 1(i rllns „„ 10 Uls ^ TOllo . Kl i faulty hackswin g or clowiiswmg, „„ s , tiOTlls Bm . vl , s vvho E0( '„„. j five runs off Johnson's hurling. ))nbc liuth. Lou Gchrij and Goose was planned for him as W. L.' was. "We started to make a champio of him when he was but five week old. t think you'll agree that 01 j (raining system has been a sue cess, for though we have taken W. L. and Herl>ert all over the world as infants and boys, neither has ever been sick. Why? Simply localise I have .kept them clean inside and out." I-iiiie (Herbert told me her [naniei used M be plump and bux- |om. Today she is tall and straight witli a modish figure that belies and arms, with n locjcninR of tenso grip and light wrists. Gos'.in ho:i>2i-s. Twelve extra registered during .4GO American Philadelphia Washington New York- Cleveland Boston Detroit Chicago St. Louis ........... 17 I.cajuc W. L. ... 41 13 ... 39 J8 ... 28 22 ... n 23 ... 20 31 ... 22 35 32 34 .337 i Pet. .759 .G81 .560 .•191 .380 .373 .333 up the foivvard hip shift and Irre swing. The right shoulder sweeps down as the weight, again shifts blasted the offer- Seibold and his siic- „,,, , „.„ ., ,, , Wild Bill Hallahan over to the left foot. Ix?t the pivot be completed so hat the lelt arm cjn do its ^hsre. jCt the right side be relaxed. Let he left ieg bo ready to si St. Louis .. New York . Chicago .... Boston Brooklyn ..'. Pittsburgh . Philadelphia Cincinnati . National League W. L. 3S V, 32 20 32 27 .•. 2C 22 22 18 Pet. .602 .615 .503 .501 .415 .415 .321 ces-sors held tl ball until his males gained a sided lead. The Phillies walked over the Cincinnati Reds at Cincinnati. The score was 10 to 3. Chuck Klein her -12 years. Shq always has been considered prclly. "Imagine a world's heavyweight champion with a stylishly stout mother!" Ma once said, "it was loo ridiculous, -so 1 went into train- in:; with W. L." From p. Polish family named Striblinski. a group famous for its athletic ability, came Pa strlbhiis. He early developed into an athlete. At various stages of his life he was a circus acrobat and a vaudeville performer. With his tw weight. Cooler Ball Team Gains ;uppo:t Ir.c j sm!L ,h cl j fi VC hits. Mallon hit a home run. Thc Phillies got an early lead and held it with east while Collins was bearing down. ViVtm-w n,r» U»ll J Th(l Chicago Cuts hit hard and \ ICtOl-y Uvar Holland timely to beat the Brooklyn l\x!,crs - in a siugfest at. Brooklyn. 12 to 7. COOTEH, Nfo.— Thc Cooler semi- | Tiie Bruins got 15 hits. Rob Smith Holland i went thc roule for Ihe Cubs. Wil- sons he formed the •™ 3 ]Tiio." which later become the ;oocl I "p (K | r Novelty Grahams" when 10 >'-|Ma Strlbling Clicked- up some ot | Iheir Iricks and joined them 0:1 the road. Pa managed his first fighters w'.icn he was 23 They were W. L. Jr.. r.gc 6. and Herbert (Babyi pro ball team defeated her? yesterday, 7 to 5. both teams are members of thc While; .son and O'Doul hit homer*. olfrrs Speak Up It never has been any secret thai [olfevs know a great many fla.m- xyant phrases that would have made Queen Victoria's face red. But sine? the new balnon ball has been adopted by the U. S. G. A., the divol-dlRgers 1 average budget of naughty terms has gone up like steel during the war days. These times may be hard but bad words arc booming. The golfer who used to break 100 and finds that he cannot do ii with the larger-lighter ball seems lo be uir.king the most noise, judging by replies to a poll in many newspapers throughout the country. Tlie chief fault seems to be that thc new apple simply will not putt. It rims thc cup or goes straight on across Ev!ii the experts report this 'aull. Club golfers who used lo jreak 80 find that they arc taking .wo putts where they used to lake one. * • » Piclis Up on Irons I talked to up.? Cleveland golfer who says that despite the set- rack the new ball has placed upon his putting game, his scores year have been lower than last. Hc ascribed the difference lo an provcment in iron play. He has carefully analyzed his putting ;ame and discovered that where hc used to putt hi par. he is now taking 1 three or four strokes above par in an 18-holc round. But his score averages three lower than last year. He must have, picked up several strokes on his iron play to make up for the putting deficiency. Tlie complaints over drives have been loud and interesting. The new ball mounts into thc wind and has very little bounce and roll. Golfers with a tendency to hit curves find that their slice or hook is more pronounced than ever. Strlbling. Bie 3. whose boxing act with a set of gloves made esprr- iallv fcr the youngsters was the featured hit of the "Four Nov- rlty Grahams." At each stop on their world tour, the popularitv of the boys Increased. Pa may be manager of W. L. in thc ring but Ma is looked In No Valves Io Grind "WILLYS-KN1O11T SROAN Dinvn paymt-iit in ISlythcville $400 \ In 11 euj mt*Alj fajmiia. t friers f. a. k, Tcledt, O.I Willri-Hoillit I105S lo S139S . -A Massachusetts -florist has d>. wloped * plant' thai produces po- titoes on its roots and tomslsss on It* ilalks «l the same time. soulhcast Missoui, ,ea R ,e thc^amc ! He?\7nlf hTJs' K^ ?£ l^ky^^lfet^nrt^h^ ^ MSJ1 °r,m ?"! Cial 1M > : "- *»'••«!•'cl-ell "><! J°c Hcvlnj tat b,al thr evrrv' meal Pa ±1^ ^ ?,.?£ -r a rCC "' 1 ?"""..?"•• York Glan t* "y makinc Iheir (hlrd man in the ring \vhcn Ja-kson. 1,-nn.. pitched a hils count. The score was 4 to 1 good game for Oolcr. Thurmond with I he Bur» scoriur. Ihrrr runs in the Inilial Inning on (v.o s|:: ? i ? 5 nn error and a double and o'.itRe"id lly. Kroner u-as the winn-.n; pu c h- Tlmrmcnd Bill from for Crolcr. Gavt- a ^ccd account at firsl base an;! hit a three ha* eer b-sides. Warrin?lo:i of Holland hit a homer In Ihe ninth v.ith two on base. R. H. K Cooler Holhnd 10 8 works with his spar is right there in a ritK:<;idr> e\nir to time thc rounds and liiv- tlie Cong. Pa fits in his son's r,-ir::rr ;on fight nights Ma usualu- - Fn ' ( ifar away. I You'd like Pa and Ma Striding. ' ' " i*rople. . An clectnc food mixer !'i< an ad-;They are plain southern JmUM; speed control wh:,-h -.uvslcencrcus and hospilable. |H H wide lange of iiscfulm..^. |nc,thin!t of the old "pii, From Here and There St. Louis golfers voting against Ilie new ball, declare it Is more difficult to control on the green and is more susceptible to air currents In fllght- A sportsman and Judge In Racine, Wis., declares that for thc average goiter the new ball magnifies all his faulW. "To the professional or expTt amateur." says the judge, "this means little, but fon inn great majority of golfers It Is spoiling Ihe game." One of the leading amateurs of Saglnaw. Mich., declares par is Impossible on holes of 400 to 450 yards when there Is any breeze about. Chick Evans says Ilie new ball Thnc js Is harder to play In Ihc north fislu"(than In Ihe south because Ihc $ 700 less for this 87-horsepower, 80-riiiles-an-hour WILLYS-KNIGHT The new Willys-Knight costs $700 less than last year's car ... Yet it is larger, foster, livelier ... It is the only American car powered by the patented double sleeve-valve engine—Ihe s*me type of motor used in some of the most costly Huropctn cars . . . Large tcale production, improved manufacturing «nJ merchandising methods, make the Knight engine available to American motorists at a price lower than that of many less modern power plants . . . Until you have driven a Knight-engined car you can have no adequate appreciation of its smoothness, quietness, sustained high tpeed, rugged endurance and operating economy . .. Arrange for a dcmonMrau'oB. MORGAN MOTOR CO. Rlythcville, Ark.

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