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The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts • 25

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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-eff -Aar mr fl Lenox Dalton Arntino Barbinis Observe -50th Wedding Anniversary CM P. CIT.NDON Tel. SU ET 1 Dental Survey The Berke hits rattle. Mender) :7 ShOWM 'reeth hnproving Lee ut oma ToL kJ lila Int Mrs. Walter C.

Bel. Oen and Uri, Itoher rr Youthful Hunter that crumirmon. tvtais at thaw Alit- port on the recent VIA dental oys for Joy Returns Ironic Safely SUM, shows I Im inovetnent In tha teeth 01 tocid Drive Opens. lilt While a party of fire. ch ant duldr en during the peat men nd police eearthod the five years.

7 Ilmaant Street area ter hind his IL Berkearo riot. Mon Jot Nov. 1, 1 Toys for Joy Drive Opens; Youthful Hunter Returns Ironic Safely LEE: While a party of tire. Ineti and polies aearthod tho Floosant area behind his 135 Attend Final Dinner 'At Crane Inn Coal Is $500 Shepard Qualifies As Army l'arachutitt DALTON Pet, Robert J. Shepard, It son et Str, and 'Arc Robert C.

libepard of 54 Franklin tit has completed a thrrevieek airborne course at the Army Infantry School, Ft. Ilenning. Ca. Instructed In basic parachute and other airborne skills, i'vt. Shepard has qualified as an Army parachutist, A 1445 greiluete of Wehronah Regional High School.

he entered the Army In June and completed basic combat trout-rut at It. J. hoube. Itoract Cart. U.

leas picked up by a pauoing rncAoriat and returned horn, about 43 Friday weltIND boy's father. Francis Cart. had reported the youth Julians Friday IV Int about boy hod left around 11 a ro, with a horneornsda bolo and sr row and had not been aeon 114 11 C. yountater reAtUrrltd horn. showing no I1 effects and told his parents he had wandered aerosa Deartown Mountain and down Into Monterey.

Ito was walking along the rood when he was picked up by I paliung ImuroN The Crane Ion ended 71 years of existence Sat. night with I dinner party and dance attended by 131 per The inn, Nrrnerly known as the Irving Iltjuia. is built in 11)4 to replace structure 111 PI lit had been destroyed by tire, II had been operated by tha Wa)tarer Inns since Jan. 1, 944. 'rho property Is owned by Crane Co.

The building will be opened for inspectiost D. I and It. furnishings will be auctioned the following day. Varty next year, the white three-story frame building will be razed. .4., 0 re- i 1 I 4 A 1 i i 1 1 i 1 i 1 s' 4 1 1 2.

1 I i 1 A ,.4 1 6 6,, 41 1 Is a A 1 't Ilki it 1 I it ir i '''''l 1 1 I I I 1 I I TAIMK Ih 11:14 Ilmmrs Assembly tester Simmons. retired principal of Chester Itigh School. was speaker at recent Lenox High Schools ha nor assembly. Principal Joseph J. Carroll presented honor certiLea tea, High honor pupils are: Sophomores, Mary Crittendon, Eva Piths; Juniors, Judy Barry, JoAnne O'Brien.

Mary Nichols, tend seniors, Robert Hotchkiss. Honor pupils are: Grade 7 Joseph Carroll. Joanne Eno, Ellen Kentwdy, George )(lug. Patricia Smith, Sally Warner, Gail Hutchinson, Donald Simpson. George James, Grade I Mary Ellen Carroll.

Wendy Coons, Barbara Ducharme, Deborah Hanson, Andrra Handy. Milton Misogianes, Mary Ann Pirelli. John Randall. Mary Welcome. Nancy rite.

William Sheehan. Pamela Scott. Freshman Raymond Carlson. Jane Fillio. Greg Hersh, Rebekah Roberts.

John 1100111. Sharon Shove, William Smith, Kathryne Sykes. Sophomore Richard Char-ton. Geraldine Clark. Karen Dickenson, Karen Kolbe, Carolyn Phinney, Joseph Pignatelli, Brian Scott.

Lynne Stewart, Raeleen Trabold. Junior Ann Flint. Marilyn Gavoni. Mary Jo Herrick, Dale Zola, Sandra Sweeney. Senior Jacqueline Limas-cord.

Anne Ducharme, David Face, Jo Anne Kurdzionak and William Turner. Stringed Instruments To Be Demonstrated DALTON Pittsfield Must-clans' Local MS will present the first of Its 1ig3 64 aeries ot edurational programs in litringel Instruments tomorrow at the elementary schools here. Under the direction of Thomas P. King. an ensemble of live stringed instruments and piano will play works of Schubert, Ilmsden, Brahma and Prolto heft.

The program, made possible by a grant from the Music Performance Trust Fund of the recording Industry. will be pre. 'tented at Central School at and Craneville School at 10.30. IA', Commas Ity Action Corn. mitten WU Tuesclay at SDI Memorial Ilia of clotal ot 1.011 children per cent oi the chitdren have been classified in Croup A.

intv(Ing 114) care. Five years ago. 11 per cent were 111 thu ciassitIauun. Croup B. nee-iting eare I I future data listed 33 per cent this year, compared to 31 per cent in Mi.

There were only 11 per cent ta Croup this year needine early care. lit 1140, 13 per ceet were Listed. aAssitied as Iti sw.od immediate care because o( ars ernergency coodlUon were .04 per cent this yeer. as compered to 3 per cent in WO. School personnel eooperated with the MA in the survey.

Cards will be sent to parents by the flumei indicating the dustfication o( their children. The comparison with laid years survey shows an improvement in the group needing no car. and in the group requiring early ears. flier were 10 more children, however this year requiring care in the futurf. in comparison with last year.

Also seven more this year than last year needed immediate can because of emergency conditions. However. thio part of the survey Included six children who had not been exam-bled ever in previous clinics because they were absent that day or were not yet residents of the town. The examining dentists were Dr. John F.

Hannon, Dr. Leo C. Mulloney. Dr. William K.

Collins and Dr. Francis P. Devanny. Substitute workers In the clinic were Mrs. Charles T.

Edgar and Mrs. Walter Stedman. Dalton Jr. High Menu Tuesday Hamburger in Coll. potato chips, baked beans, fipple crisp.

Wednesday )rot roast beet sandwich, French tries. cabbage salad. Jell with topping. Thursday Roast turkey, dressing. mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce.

apricots. Friday Tomato soup. toast. oil cheese sandwich. green s2 lad, ripe olives, scooter pie.

James Brown Again Effort tor Town Children 1.17: A toys tor Joy. Fund campaign for contributions will again buy Christmas thetT for Lee youngsters who otherwise would not be remembered with toys at Christmas. James I. Brown of Main Street will serve as chairman of the local appeal for the fifth year. Mn.

Marion Tyer will be secretary. The ralle will print regular reports of contributions to the drive as it progresses. The deadline for submitting appeals containing names of those to whom gifts should be sent is Dec. 11. Persons may make suggestloos regarding rr elPitrits, or any other phase of the fund dnve, to Mr.

Brown. Started by Policeman It has been the custom to give toys at Christmas to needy youngsters up to age 14. no goal will be SSOO, the same as last year. The Toys for Joy appeal start. ed through the efforts of Lee Police Officer Ade lard J.

taliberte, who annually had collected and repaired toys for local chi'. dren at Christmas. From this grew the idea for the fund. started by Mr. Browns who is probation officer of Lee District Court.

The first year. SICKI was asked for only extreme cases, but the appeal was immediately oversubscribed so that the list Wicheti CR executive committee meeting vvill be held tomorrow at 7:30 at the Community liouse. Itousatonic Community Loop Opens Tonight HOUSATONIC The Corn. munity Basketball League opens its 15-night season tonight at the Community Centers with three games scheduled. At Johnny's Garage will meet the American Legion.

at 7. Charles' Text will face Chippys and at S. the VFW will take on the Pleasant Street Market. at 7. PPYs the Mr.

and 311-s. Agostino Barbint Lanaboro Ilarold Schuh le Windsor Not a Candidate MRS. JEAN TILL TeL 1184-3833 LEE Mr. and Mrs. Agosti no Barbini of 11 Summer St.

were honored Saturday on their golden wedding anniversary at an open house attended by 125 at the home of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Barbint of Mountain View Terrace. Dinner for 35 members of the family and close friends was For Re-Election o( needy children was increased.

Officer Laliberie continues his toy- repairing project every year. In. 1 his very Aspinwall Stables Plan Schooling Show LENOX The second in a series of six schooling shows will be held Sunday starting at 10 a.m. at Aspinwall Stables. The shows have been scheduled to enable young riders to gain experience in the procedures of horse showing in preparation for summer competitions.

A trophy will be awarded to the rider accumulating the most points during the series of schooling shows. Riding instructors will be judges. The judges for Sunday's show will be Connie Caulkins of the St. Jude Club and Mrs. Jan Lukens of Misty Hills Stables, both of Troy.

held earlier Saturday at the IA-fox House. The couple were wed Nov. 27, 1915. at St. Marys Church.

In addition to their ton. the Bar. bulls have a daughter. Mrs. Frank Mason of Schenectady, N.Y..

and five grandchildren. Mr. Harbin' was employed for more than 40 years by the Schweitzer division of Kimberly-Clark Corp. before retiring en years ago. He Is a member Lee lodge, Sons of Italy.

Mrs. Harbin' is the former Addolorata De Ile Five. She came to Hoboken, N.J.. in her youth from her birthplace in Italy. Mr.

Barbini, also a native Italy, came to Lee a few years before his marriage. Expert photo finishing, fast serv Ice. low prices. Laurel Lee Sundries Adv. 30 New and exquisite Christmas gift ideas at Lee News.

Rubber footwear by U. S. and Redball, complete line at Jack's. Adv. 30 Hancock LANES0010 Harold Schuh le.

Planning Board member. announced today that he will not seek re-election in February. He has been a member of the board for the past seven years, three years of which he was chairman. While he has been on the board, the new zoning bylaws 'ere adopted; the first subdivision, the Zurrin development on Park Drive, was processed under the subdivision law adopted In 1953; and homes in Lanesboro were numbered for the first time. A resident of Lanesboro for the past 14 years, Mr.

Schuh le Is an architect for John H. Fisher of Pittsfield. hinneys Buy Gas Station, Package Store WINDSOR The Esso gas station, Pebble Brook snack bar and package store on Route 9 here have all been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kinney of Dalton.

Included in the sale is a five-room house. a cottage and 10 acres of land. Mr. and Mrs. Kinney do not plan any immediate alterations.

The Kinneys moved to Windsor today, when they became proprietors. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tufts, previous owners, have moved into the cottage on the grounds for two weeks. --Students who were home for the holiday included: Robert Blair Clarkson Institute of Technology; Linda Ostrander, Bishop Memorial School of Nursing; and Daniel Schieszka, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Joseph Chenail, Westfield State College. Extra Lean BRISKET CORNED BEEF lb. CO 9 United Stamps Lee Super Market 1 4' Mrs. Richard Kingsley and children have returned home to Manchester, after a week's visit with Mr.

and Mrs. William Whitman. Hilltop Grange will meet Friday at the Town Hall. Mrs. Margaret Catherman will be in charge of a Christmas Workshop.

The group will make Christmas decorations. Attends Workshop LENOX Mrs. Virginia B. Neales, administrator of the Edgecombe Nursing Home, recently attended a week-long workshop at Northeastern University, Boston. The workshop, which dealt with nursing-home management, was attended by nursing home administrators from various states in the east.

Firemen's Auxiliary meeting and election of officers is scheduled Dec. 8 at the fire station. Members are to bring a grab bag gift. Mrs. Mildred Porter and Mrs.

Peggy Ferry will be in charge of refreshments. For Your Convenience Youths Ordered 0- To Clean Up A Rubbish "Mess LEE Because they couldn't find a dump open in Great Barrington, two youths threw a load of refuse down a Stockbridge hillside on Thanksgiving Day. I( Saturday, Richard J. Robbins, 19, of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and Arlo Guthrie, 18, of Howard Beach, N.Y., each paid a fine of $25 in Lee District Court after pleading guilty of illegally disposing of rubbish. Special Jus- tice James E.

Hannon ordered the youths to remove all the rubbish. They did so Saturday afternoon, following a heavy. rain. Police Chief William J. Oban- hein of Stockbridge said later the youths found dragging the junk up the hillside much bar-der than throwing it down.

He said he hoped their case would be an example to others who are careless about disposal of rubbish. The junk included a divan, plus nearly enough bottles, garbage, papers and boxes tO their Volkswagen bus. "The stuff would take up at least half of a goodsized pickup truck," Chief Obanhein said. The rubbish was thrown into the Nelson Foote Sr. property on Prospect StreetAa residential section of Stockbridge consisting largely of estates on the bill across from Indian Hilil School.

Chief Obanhein told the court he spent "a very disagreeable two hours" looking through the rubbish before finding a clue to who had thrown it there. He fi- nally found a scrap of paper bearing the name of a Great Barrington man. Subsequent investigation indicated Robbins and Guthrie had been visiting the Great Barrington man and had agreed to cart away the rubbish for him. They told the 11: court that, when they found the Barrington dump closed, they drove around and then disposed of the junk by tossing it over the Stockbridge hillside. of of na visiting man and away the told the found the )sed, they disposed ig it over .1 de.

Open Friday evenings from 7 to 8 starting December 3. Lenox Savings Bank. Adv. 3 I oil painting donated to the Ladies Aid Society by Mrs. Dorothy Needham was awarded to Mrs.

W. M. Hitchcock. Citizens' Caucus Set Next Monday LANESBORO A Citizens' Caucus will be held next Monday at 8 at the Town Hall to nominate candidates for town offices to be filled at the annual February town election. The offices to be filled and the Incumbents whose terms are expiring are as follows: moderator (1 year), Lincoln D.

Lynch; selectman (3 years) Trevor Driver; assessor (3 years), Albert Sambel; Lanesboro School Committee member (3 Eugene Sakshaug, who is filling out the term for Roger Johnson (Mr. Sakshaug announced his Intention earlier this month not to seek re election); Mt. Greylock School Committee member (3 years) Jamekliolcomb; constables, (3) three to be elected, Claude Halsey, Anthony J. Plantier and John Woodason; library trustee (3), Mrs. Doris Noel; cemetery trustee (3 years), her Andersen; tree warden, (1) Edward Clairmont Fence viewers (1) three to be elected, Kenneth Warren, Louis Zwinglestein and George Wyble; Finance Committee (3), three to be elected, Richard Gateway Starting December 3rd, 1965 Card party will be sponsored the Town Hall.

Card parties will Regional not be held and Dec. 31. Students home for Thanksgiving and the weekend were Kenneth Estes, a 'junior at Northwestern University; James Boyle, sophomore at Northeast ern, and Nancy Turner, freshman, Peter Utz, a Junior, and 'Dennis Gero, freshman, all from the University of Massachusetts and Nancy Mager, Boston School of Arts. Also home were Michael Skrocki, student from Marionapplis, Thomason, and his brother Richard, a student at Cranwell in Lenox. IV M.

Hitchcock recently attended the testimonial dinner for Senator Philip Graham at the Sheraton Plaza Hotel in Boston. Lord, Louis Graham, and Doug Students To Elect For Gov't. Day HUNTINGTON The Gateway student body will elect a student government representative tomorrow. Candidates are Paul Dun levy, James Madru, Jeffrey Rathnam and David Rogers. Student Government Day is sponsored by the civic education division of the state Department of Education.

Public and private school students throughout the state elect representatives, who will meet in Boston in April to conduct a session of the Massachusetts Legislature. The candidates have been carrying on a campaign in school with posters and slogans. Tomorrow they will speak on their qualifications and on the meaning of Student Government Day. las Phelps, who is not running again; Finance Committee (2) Howard Jennings, who was appointed upon the death of Orville Wilkinson; Finance Comrnittee (1), Kenneth Gaylord. who was appointed to fill out the term of Nelson Hinman: Planning Board member (5) Harold Schuh le; Planning Board pember (2) George Gleason, who was appointed to fill out the term of William Radke.

A new committee, the Board of Health, has been established. Selectmen previously served as this board. To be nominated will be candidates for of 3 years, two years and one year. Richmond 7 p.m. till p.m.

.1 ........1 Pi I 1 11... Pi I :.:.......1 4, 1 'I t'; 1 i ,1 ,:,4 1 0 1 Is. I I': i i' 4 Gateway Menus TuesdaySpaghetti with meat sauce, green beans, applesauce. WednesdayBarbecued beef on bun, peas, fruited Je llo with topping. Thursday Cheeseburger, French fries, cabbage salad, apricots.

Friday Tomato soup, egg salad, tuna Sal Act, peanut butter cake with cherry topping. Is with meat pplesauce. Jed beef Je llo with eseburger, salad, soup, egg nut butter ping. s' a MRS RUTH BASS Tel 69t)-2271 Thanksgiving, Ball Draws Crowd of 125 RICHMOND About 125 persons Candy Sale for Rand HUNTINGTON Gateway Regional School band parents group has announced that the annual candy sale will be Wednesday. Students from the band will canvass 'the district selling ribbon candy to help defray the expenses of purchasing uniforms and instruments.

Representing Middlefield is Mrs. Robert Doane, and Worthington, Mrs. Edward Majkowski. With All Savings Bank Services West Stoclibricig6 Open Friday evenings from 7 to 8 starting December 3. Lenox I Savings Bank.

Adv. 3 Iridge from 7 to 3. Lenox 3 North Berkshire Turkey Shoot sqns attended the Volunteer Fire Department's annual ThanLANESBORO There were ksgiving Eve Ball at the Town five winners in the Lions Club Hall Wednesday. Turkey shoot Sunday at the Winner of the color television West Shore Club. Both hams given away by the department and'turkeys will be awarded at was Frank Pollander of 245 the Lions' last shoot of the sea, Cheshire Road, Pittsfield.

son next Sunday. Burt Harrington was general Winners from Lanesboro were chairman of arrangements for Bruce and Laverne Taylor, the ball, and Donald' Vosburgh Herm Clement and James Fol. handled the drawing for the TV ey, and Pittsfield, Reno Nadeau, set. The DownheatS-played mu- William Avery of Lanesboro sic for dancing. won the two free dinners at the West Shore Club for having the fewest number of pellets the Trees, Limbs, Logs farthest away from the bull's Are Banned at Dump eye.

1 RICHMOND John Foster, Sale Yields $150 custodian of the town dump, has issued a reminder that no trees, BERKSHIRE VILLAGE branches or logs may be disThe Women's Auxiliary of the carded there. Berkshire Union Chapel realized Foster especially noted that it approximately $IM from a rum- was illegal to transport elm mage and food sale held recent- wood. Elm must be burned at ly. The proceeds will used the tree site, Foster said. for the benefit of the chapel.

The auxiliary will meet at the Open Friday evenings from 7 home of Mrs. Edna Best 8 starting December 3. Lenox Wednesday at 7:30. Savings Bank. Ads'.

4 attended the Volunteer Fire Department's annual Thanksgiving Eve Ball at the Town Hall Wednesday. Winner of the color television given away by the department was Frank Pollander of 245, Cheshire Road, Pittsfield. Burt Harrington was general chairman of arrangements for the ball, and Donald'Vosburgh handled the drawing for the TV set. The DownheatS-played music for dancing. LEM 00E03 DEE North Adams, Adams Draft Call Increased NORTH ADAMSThe largest draft call in years will require 11 city men and 17 from Adams for induction Dec.

17. The quota for North Adams was three in October and four in November. 'eased require he quota mber. Our 75th Anniversary Established in 1890 44'f rt troltri 35 MAIN STREET LENOX, MASS. Communities Will Discuss Federal Aid NORTH ADAMSOfficials of several area communities will meei here Thursday at 7:30 in City Hall to discuss ways of coordinating efforts to take advantage of funds available under new federal legislation.

Invitations to the meeting, sponsored by the Northern Berkshire Area Redevelopment Committee, have been sent to selectmen in Adams, New Ashford, Savoy, Clarksburg, Williamstown and Florida. legishauuti. invitau0I13 tne meeting, sponsorea Tri Berkshire Area Redevelopment Committee, have selectmen in Adams, New Ashford, Savoy, Clarks- istown and Florida. Lid 1 (1 11.ollow A 1. .4 I.

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