The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1932
Page 6
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Nothing Weary About Old Millionaire When Horses Com e Down Stretch. B_r NEA Service NEW ORLEANS — Financial bcpms and panics linvc failed to move Jowplx loiter. Ho has lost 120.000,000 ullhoiu baltlm; an eye. and lias made as much over again, without excitement. He 1ms gone nronntl the world twits In Ills own yachts, has liunl- ed MB game in I he African jungle, has seen.his own millions melt In the market llk c snow on n IK". stove. But Joseph 1/eltei 1 has kejit one thrill through all his dramatic and adventurous life—his own horses in the home .stretch. Master of millions for 43 yeais-or ever since his 21st birthday—Joe J-clter slill muni ris e to his feet and root when li thoroughbreds conic thtindorii dov.n to thc wire. Whenever. lh e yellow and fii'ce silks of,'(he..'G-l-year-o!d Chicag sportsman went to the post at th winter tracks lien;,, many velera race-goers, preferred watching Ix>it er to. seeing tlic race. He Is a pic turesque figure, especially as t hats, huge light or dark felt hci I gear, always .with undented crown His excitement, when one or hi .own horses comes bo'.miling In winner at 20 to l, is contagion; Leiter could not get, more of thrill oul of Hie race by ridln the'horse himself. .Back In 1897 Leiter almost corn . ere d the r« heat market In Chicago Fresh from Harvard—his lathe had presented him with a check .for $1,000,000 upon Br.ulunlio.i- Leiler moved into the wheat jn . where his sagacity led his (uthci to back him with more than 530 000.000 of the Loiter properties, . But the corner collapsed Jvit • when it seemed that, young- Leiter had won his goal. p. n. Armour .Hith- a string of. elevators alont • 'the Chicago river, and caught short -. in tlie Leltor operations, broke thc lock of Lake Michigan ice with a fleet of lugs mid moved 18,000.000 : bti£hels of wheat from DuUilh to Chicago. Thc wheat broke thc price of wheat si a bushel, anJ • Leiter paid off lo thc tune ol S20- 000,000. • • • . •' Then young Letter recouped. He bought Into gas and coal com- ..-.panles, runways, street car lines milk arid into; corporations and other ventures. Once h c .Jollied n group that planned to buy thc .. Great Wall of China and preserve it for posterity. After tlie death of his father, in 1904, Leiter became trustee, ami . manager of the estate. Pour years , later he was married to Miss Jiil- . lette Williams; daughter of an army colonel. He buUt as a home the .famous ."Glass Palace" across thc Potomac from Washington. He built .. Chateau. Canard, a $50,000 liunt- . ing lodge in the marsh region of .coastal Louisiana. From Chateau Canard came the duck and fish that supplied the. party of President Harding on hi', voyage from NCR- Orleans to Panama. It was at the Chateau that two tragic episodes were written into Lelter's life, the death of his son alter an accidental discharge of a shotgun, and an accident while hunting that almost cost the eyesight of Leiter himself. * • • Leiter has lost millions. He has been sued for millions more. In his . years of roaming the world as a big game hunter and fisherman, h e has had. enough adventures to fill a book. The thrills of financial struggles u-lth 20th Century Titans . have left him impassive. But now, at 64, when one of :" his horses comes pounding down the stretch, neck and neck wli'n another .. Wooded thoroughbred Joseph Leiter can't sit still. Hn leaps to his feet.and "calls that baby home! 1 ' Grizzled Veteran of Sport COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE Is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance -with the terms of a decree rendered by. the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 22nd day of February., 1932, wherein H. Bricker. Substituted Trustee for Mary R. .Bates and Mary R. Bales were plaintiffs and Bertha M. Tabcr A. V. Hudson and the Blouht Plow Worts vcte defendants, will sell at public auction t 0 the highest and best bidder, on a credit of three months, at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, In the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 23rd day of April, 1932, the following real estate, to-wit: , Southeast quarter of the North•' west Quarter, also known as • Lot Hve (5) of the Northwest . quarter, of Section six <«> 1 Township Fifteen (15) North . . JUn«e Eight (8) East, Mis- riwippl County, Arkansas. SAID sale irill be had to satutv . i»W decree to the following sums . to-wit: *130jU with Interest at 10% per annum from' November l, 1930 until paid. .- Wl.42.with interest at 10% per wnua from June u, 193! m " at J0% '-.»!*•• with ' A siriv picture of J U( . l.eiic-r llt lhp ,..„.,. tKlr|f JACK KELLER The toll kid who set an luioffi- ial world hurdles record last ear, then admitted "I'm not so ot; plenty of men can beat me." appens to be one of Uncle Sam's •eat bets In the 1932 Olympic amcs. His name Is Keller — ack Keller, of Ohio Stale Uni- ersity. A year ago Keller .itepjicd over i c 120-yaid high hurdles at the •Cansas Relays in 14.3 seconds, ne-tcnth of a second under the •orld record Earl Thomson set in 920. A few days later he was ffered membership In Unckct and Dipper. Ohio State's mncli-covct- <1 honor society. He refufc-d with the statement: "They only wanted me lircanse I happened to win some rapes, and not because (hey liked me pmonally. Anyway. I'm not such a ho: alhlcle. plcntv of men can boat inc." That was early May in 193J. An outdoor fcnson and an indoor campaign have elapsed. Keller today is national collegiate and Western Conference high hurdles champion. In his final start oi th c recent incloor season he eclipsed world record time In the 50-yard highs. His mark was 62 seconds. Watch him in the com- Ii'S outdoor campaign. nnum from November 30, 1931 nn- I paid, together with tin: costs f such action. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with puroved security, to secure tlie ayment ot thc purchase money, nd a lien will be retained upon lid property as additional secnr- y for thc payment of such pnr- tinse money. WITNESS my hand and the seal ot said Court, on this, the 28th dny of March, 1932. R. L. OATNES, Commissioner in Chancery. 28-4 C. H. Ashcraft Is warned to appear In the Chancery Court fcr the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within Ililrty days, and answer thc complaint ol Mrs. G. O. Tucker and R. M. King. Trustee. Dated this 23th, 'day ol March 1932. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D C Reid. Evrard &'Henderson, Alltorneys for Plalntlfi. WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASAWBA. DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Charles Stanfill, Plaintiff No. 5187 vs. ' - Margaritc Stanfll], Defendant. The defendant. Margarilc scan- ill,' is warned to appear within nlrty days In the court named in he caption hereof and answer (tie complaint ot the plalntitl Charles Stanfill. Dated March 28, 1932. R. L, GAINES, clerk By Harvey Morris, D. C. ilaude P. cooper, Ally. Ad Litem. WARNIXG WARNING ORDER D. S. Metcnlf. J. s. Metcalf c R. Metcalf, Mrs. c. U. Metcalf. The New England Securities Company. Henry C. Flower, as receiver for The New England Securities Company, and Mrs. Josephine S. Hall, are warned to appear In the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi Coun. ly. Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of St Louis Union Trust Company Dated this 28th day of March 1932. n. L. GAINES. Clerk, By Harvey Morris. D c Reid. Evrard Jfc Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 28-4-11-18 .) COURIER NEWS BRUSHING UP SPORTS The Ilnnslrr Horse Henry Droeksmlth, yomiR Indium University student, got good >iifl warm the other night and smashed two Dig Ten distant rec- »'ds before (liey could COD! him on" Hc ran the Indoor mile in 4 minutes 12'.i seconds, snl down for a few minutes ami then went out mid Ir.n-erod Ilin two-mile time to : ) minute; 18 2-5 seconds. George Spitz. New York Unlvar- Uy lad with nervous feet lii»h- lumped C feet 8 Inches imbors Harold Osborn's all-Mine Olympic record, set In the pails Bailies in 19-U. was "only" C tat 6'inches And away tack in 1908, when H F Porter won the Olympic event for the United stales, n high jump of 6 feet 3 inches was looked upon as lolhlng short of aviation. Jack Keller, Ohio State li'urdbr set n new A. A. U. recoil! for ire 50-yarrt highs at Clevelnml the other night in 0.2. The o!d time was 03. held by Lee Sentman of Illinois. « » * Sweeps Country The distribution of rccord-brenk- lf our young men in track ;...„,„. continue lo nianlff-M the Mai -which lias l«i>n knorkiiii! old records hol- IIT skellur In the last few-months Die Olympic games a\ Los Angeles this summer may as well be called jofr. , - Otherwise, Hie inlei na'lional >on- ttsls will tnkc on the nalnre of a stfiiKglc bcUeen Primo camera and Pal netlmond, with Uic visitor.'! from /iijro.-id assumlm (ho mniiile of Hie wlup. Every day you pick up the paiier Ui discover that another record'lin.s been cracked wide oiien. Perhaps the more remarkable unions a half duwn recent performances were tl e (eats cl 1/)o Sexton of (lie New Vwk A. c., and nen Easlman, .Stanford .surlmor and middle distance man. Sexton moved the IG-pound shot l)»'0i]g)i the air-52 feel « 3-8 Inches, tl was nearly two feet better Him-Ralph Itee's 61-foot mark wlilch .stooil for 19 years H wis more (linn half a foot beyond John Kuck's imiiirccdrMiled mark In the list Olympics, 52 feet anil U-iG inches. II MS. throe indies better than Hie recrsrd ot 52 feet fl 3-4 inches made by big Herman Brlx of Los AnmOo.s lint year. And Sexton, in an exhibition loss, actually has made 54 feet. * • > A Mnilrrn Mprcury Ted Meredith's record in the quarter-mile endured for.16 years Then the nlhcr day. smiling Beii feiscnian, running In such easy form that an observer cracked ''he could cany n C np of water on his head and never spill a drop," elln- "Cd a full second otf Meredith's lark, (he timers catching him in •10 2-5 seconds. Standard's coaclie.-; •'»>• Blague Hen lin^ not rcach-c! he top ot lils .speed. 11 was during the Indoor season that Gene Vcmkc, a young man from Pennsylvania. musing- n toothache, stepped a mile In 4 minutes 10 seconds, coming within 4-5 of n Mcoml of Hie fastest outdoor •nile ever run. Jules Ladomnegue's i minutes 0 1-5 seconds. What Ven- :ke can do when he sinks his spikes nto cinders remains only a RIIO«S nut 4 minutes a seconds wouldn't be such n bad prediction MWJMER, U/iLBE^T RoB,f!SoM r«3MT«£T UHP— BocNiic WAV, »E -V ox i JAY, First Ward Teams Share First Place In Soccer League The Athletics and Giants. Sudbury ware! school teams, held Joint- leadership of the grade school soccer league at tlie close ol Friday's games. The Athletics »on over UK? central Cubs 10 to 3 and the Ghnts trimmed the I.ange Yankees, 8 to 1. Other results were Lanjje Iti- dinns 9 and Central Cardinals 5 The iwo Central ward teams were co-holders of the cellar position at Hie clow of Friday's saniM. Games scheduled for Mils afternoon are Cardinals vs. Allilelics, Cubs v.s.. Yankees and Indians vs' Gf:ints. Standings al close of Friday's Barnes follow: Team w . L. Pet. Sudbury Athletics .... 2 0 1000 Siidbury Giants 2 0 1000 Lnngc Indians 1 i 550 Lnnge Yankees i i [ 5m Central Cards o 2 000 Central Cubs 0 2 .000 .\OTirr OF si-KciAi. ELECTION The Coinity. Board of Education Has called a sjxcial election to IK held in Recce School District Numbsr 33, on April 15th for the' """wsa o[ vo|lng ,ta>:. 'Sfenccit 'z. n. Ilan-bon, '!'>'" Chairman. 2B-4-11 Sunday and Monday AFntincc—2:30 - Night—G:... Adin.—Matinee—10 .itui 2uc N'iglit—10 and 30c Sec flian Mcir 9 EDITION with Mac Clarke and Tat O'Brien Also Cartoon and Comcdv Wednesday and Thursday Adm.—Matinee and Xight— 10 and 25c _ After ~ [Tomorrawi Farrell Marian Nixon •j »•"< C^TWK tlL Also N'ovrs nnfl Cnmcriv' ALL 31ATINKES AT THE RITZANDGBMTHBATRKS KXCKPT SUN DAYS AND HOLIDAYS - 10 and 25c Ixcn confined to ono it is widely .spread gco- ;iaph[cally. Tln-.s Pen Hallowell ol Harvard recently set a new inter- : 'olL'elute .indoor mile record in 4 minutes 12 2-5 seconds/' Not only lid lie clip nearly 3 seconds from C.nrl Coan's indonr mile record, but haven by 2 seconds the intcrcolle- j jinte outdoor mile of i minutes 14 2-5 seconds, set 10 years ago bv I Joiifs of Cornell. " I These omens do not augur well or the visiting firemen in July at. •os Angeles. Al Simmons rejoined tlie Athlet- Ci tlie other day, so perhaps Mack isn't planning to use a rookie In Hie out Held after all. The Cincinnnli Reds "have to get j toijctiier this year." says Mana°cr' Dan Howlcy. The oilier day in a j liraclife i-aiiie, die «-lio!o team managed to gel together—around a fly ball. It's nlijidst time for that annual headline. "Robins Omhit Reds but Lose. 11 to D." Horrors! Expert Says Helen's Feet Were Big! LONDOM. (UP)-Hrlcn of Troy's face may have Jmmclicd a thousand ships, but she probably imd large feet, according to Dr. H j Van Praagh. "It is difficult to imagine why small feet have, always been considered a sign of beauty." he "told the Incorporated Society of Cliir- opodisls. "Trilby had large lest and was proud of them. I believe also that Helen of Troy had lar"c feet." "Modern court shoes." he added, "are worth thousands of pounds a year to chiropodists." Chevalier's "Louise" In $204 Law Suit , PARTS. (Ul>)—ouslave Cliarpen- tier. com]»ser, lias won $20! as the result of ,1 law suit, involving his opera "Louise" which he claimed was "jazzed" up into n lively fox-trot confection and snug by Maurice Clicvnlicr under inc snme title. every grave "The Monument Man" CLASSIFIED' OSE*PBONE of swimming records, would you say that n certain yoims man had been crabbing the act? Judoins by ihe complicated series . of linckey championship playoffs, i R1TZ THEATER Sunday and Monday Matinee—2:30 - Night 7:00 Adm.—Marinco—10 and 25c Night—15 ;iiiil See 'Are You Listening' : - with William Hainos ami Madge Evans News nnri Comcdv Tuesday and Wednesday Acini.—Mnlinee—10 and 25c Night—10 and 3ac - DARK' Q Gtoamouw <fiaurt wilh William Hopkin and Jack Oakie Also News and Comedy NEW FORD PRICES The following are th c Wonderfully Low Prices f 0l - the NEW FORD V- hlGHT and FOUR cylinder cars. limiy Types V-Kijfht Tour Cylinder Cylinder I Roadster $460 $410 Phaetoo $495 $445 Tudor Sedan $500 $450 COUJHJ $490 $440 Sport Coupe $535 $485 Fordor Sedan $590 $540 Victoria $600 $550 i- Types V-Eight Four Cylinder Cylinder Deluxe Roadster $500 $450 Deluxe Phaeton $545 $495 Deluxe Tudor $550 .$500 Deluxe Coupe $575 $525 Cabriolet. $610 $560 Deluxe Fordor $645 $595 Convertible Sedan $650 $600 (All Prices f. o. b Detroit) All DeLuxe Models, and the Sport Coupe, Cabriolet, Victoria and Convertible Sedan, are equipped with SAFETY GLASS Throughout and Five Co ored_Wheels. Other Types have Safety Glass Windshield as Standard hquipment. And Just Think! The New Ford V-Eight Cylinder All-Steel-Body Tudor Sedan-Larger Lower, More Comforlable-In Either of Five Beautiful New Colors, Del.vers ,n Blythevilie, Fully Equipped, for Only $600.00. THE OF .THE .NEW New Car Salesmen: U. W. Mullins, R. G. Cash, Alton Hardy, J. H. Gibbons. 811 Arrange for An Early Demonstration Used Car Salesmen: Cecil lowe, Mgr., C. 0. Graves, Jesse Wifgins, Carl Bohanning PHILLIPS MOTOR Co. Authorized Ford Dealer Blytheville, Arkansas.

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