Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 22, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1891
Page 7
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How's Your Liver? Is the Oriental salutation, knowing that good health cannot exist without a heal thy Liver. When tho Liver is torpid the Bowels are sluggish and constipated, the food lies in the stomach undigested, poisoning the blood; frequent headache ensues; a feeling of lassitude, despondency and nervousness indicate how the whole system is deranged. Simmons Liver Regulator has been the means of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving them a healthy Liver than any agency known on earth. It acts with extraordinary power and efficacy. NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED Ay aeeneral family remedy for DvsoepRla Ss j l£- l .rsr:.a?_«ip!«K'n, . et <r *£& GOOD Plans for Accommodating Two Flock* of Thirty Chickens Each. The accompanying plans represent ine tot and second stories of a poultry bouse, large -enough to accommodate two flocks of thirty chickens each .- FIG. 1— KIKST FLOOR. The second floor, lathed up to the roof, has the nests set in the partition one foot above the floor, one foot hi ff h ever us* :ln) : t hlns'cK.'an'd'havV UV;<(51 bee,. di.s,,ppoi,necf in thVeffert produced • never --*-•• wi.^i^jMiuJueu iu trie en i^™.? C ? .'I* a 'f lost a . P<-'-''e.-t cure fo,- .' stomach untl L'ouvis. Advice to the Aged. B.iiS'h bri "f s infirmities, sncb a* «lng. 1 81TT1M3 ROOM 10KZO .u-rp, b l ( ID'i >-'» (MM IM'i ac'i •i i, 'r ROOM | to xzo ; i E U jL_ 't *-— 1 _p a&-,j -n r— «: In the country is a woman, we hope to see others give poultry more attention than it has hitherto received. Aside from profit the keeping of fine poultry for fancy is an elegant pastime very popular with the English, and we see no reason why the fashion should not be adopted here. The mother and daughters, the children upon the farm, can all help in the good work. We should be glad to sec the lady poultry-raisers in America largely increased in numbers. If those who can do this thing so easily and so well could be induced to undertake the agreeable task more generally we are quite confident they would find intense pleasure in the pursuit, and we are sure such a .movement among the wives and daughters of our farmers would not only render it profitable to themselves but that poultry interests in the United States would thus be greatly advanced, and the results of efforts would be in the highest decree creditable to lady breeders, who may now have or should acquire a taste for this pretty employment. There would be a call for women to get out of doors, which is often wanting among busy farmers' wives, and we fear this class suffers more from indoor confinement than do the majority of city-bred ladies. — We are a patient people—the ox is nowhere in comparison. Webuy lamp-chimneys by the dozen; they go on snapping and popping and flying in pieces; and we go on buying the very same chimneys year after year. Our dealer is willing to sell us a chimney a week for every lamp we burn—a hundred or more a year—and we plow for him, pay him for goading us. Macbeth's "pearltop" and " pearl glass " do not break from heat; they are made of tough glass. As likely as not our dealer would rather his chimneys would break; " it's good for the business," says he. He buys the brittlest ones he can get. " What are you going" to'do about it?" b ' Httstmrg. GEO.A.HACSEIH&CO. NOTICE. To the Voter* 01 tlie City ll>ort, Indiana, of west along ^^^%%™*&>&$ Of the Change l« tl.e Boundaries or tlie Voeins; Precincts o f Said City, n .Hade by tj, c Common Coiuu-1) at Their Regular KCNKIOII, irrai-ch IS, 1891. Tlevoiw.sofUieCi.vof/.Offansport, CILSS Coroi- fm/nr .' "'" J ll r reb > Ttilke '' ot leettetlie following order wus miide Ijy the Common Council of the C tyof Lo&mfiKirt. tosComity, Imllajiii. iu ili"ir replar .session, Wednesday evening March 18 fS^|SSSSsSI ™^w^**£s&^3™%** S^l^^tfcfbJS streets, , FIG. 2—SECOND FiOOB. and a foot and a half long, open at both ends with a slide door, to be reversed when the hen is setting, and thus placing her in the opposite room. The Koosttny Fccctuiq \nab } fiootru; " Rooms rttt\ti CLEVER GARDEN .HELP. A Hand Roller Wh.ch Pays for rtsolf In Loss Than a Week. Do not plant a seed unless you -wish it to grow, and then remember'that plants and pigs are alike in habits, feeding and growth and require the same care. To refuse both food would be to put the pig soonest out of his misery. The plant might survive a few days. Use the best cultivator. One implement of Mill/ Idler * wn lo i: uid tic ,,, .„ ur bl}', liv tliuw of , ,},,;,„ , ° f i,r ihrv liv,.. Any .ilUk.,, I. »V T", " " •" ' »""0n Jo Ilic n; Wo furnUli aver/thing. VVe •liu-l v ou Xn , your »pnra inomiaii., or ill your Time lo th ™««'r new lnid^inH,rin«» mmdcrtbliiui.!-.*. I),:cl,mi.r,»r,.™ f ,,l n|? fn)m t ^ u , t() « » <n<J loam iiftwa lltil, axperfenci!. HV can ftiniin, voi, ll figSSKTSffi^Sasc^S^. 11)11 IMPAETING- VIGOR ""-- SOUO EVEBrWHEBE. hens '0 FIG. 3— GKOUITD PLAN. will readily ascend to this up- -.. , and Jrtn, liana, Toledo, Ohio, •f cut. Oth.r.nredolnguwBH.lVhy you? Somo ram over tSUO.OO i »tli. Voii con do ih« work and llv« omB, wherever you lire. Even b«_ 2v;; Jer * nrc e "«^^ wrninff from #5 to <lUmlny.An.ee.. We.how youhow" »111 H -Ti 0 "' C '"»", "° rk '" "!"" """ 1. i « ? |K n """- 1 ' »r»ork- XFIV 1"™ u " kno "'" "none th™. IGOOO. 00 I year Ii being mudo by John R. Goodwin,%Toy,Jf.Y M fti ivork for w. Jteader, you mny n«t moke a> uilich, but we can leach you quickly ton- to Mm from «5 to 1« u tiny at the Blart, and morn na you go . Both snei. all uRes. In nny part of 'AnicricH.you cnn commence at home, glv- Inc hll vour tlm«,or itnaro momcnu onlv to tho work. All la »e,v. Crcal p«y St'JtH'for vverj- worker. We itnn y.u, fnrnlihlns «v<!iTlhlnc. EASILV, SPEEDILY Icamtfl J-AIfrielJLAKS FKEE. Addreis at once STINSOS * CO., 1-OKTUXO, BAIXE. per story. Fig-. 3 is another plan, which requires little explanation. It is convenient, when the poultry house is on a farm, to place it on the line which separates the dooryard from the barnyard, with a door from the former for the attendant, and opening's into the barnyard for tho poultry. As brick or stone walls are often too damp, FIG. 4.—Hollow -walls for a poul try-nouso—a, outildo bartons; b, outside boarding; o, raid- die battens; d, felt; e ; inner battens; I, lath and plastering. and wood too cold in winter, a wall may te made like the section represented in Fif/. 4, which will nearjy always exclude frost—Country Gentleman. DAIRY SUGGESTIONS. PAPER HANGINGS 1ATORS, fSESCDIHB CliUBCIlJS. Jl RESIDENCES, JC. We invite visitors co call and inspect. Correspondence solicited. W. P. NELSON & CO., 193 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILL, Baby is Better SHE GOT SICK IN THE iNIGHT WITH CROUP. WE ALL THO1TGHT SHE WOtTLD DIE. MAMA GAVE HEE DE. WHITE'S PULMONARIA - AND IT CURED HEH SO QUICK. This great medicine is a safe and ( certain specific for / Croup, and should always be kept in the house _ where there are children. It is , the.most wonderful cough remedy j'in the world. Three sizes, 25'cts., , 50 cts. and 81, and every bottle . warranted. I oold by B. F. Keesling and D.E Pryor. 'oj Debllitj;, Impoteiicy.. IvSLknE* teeld of •^**"Jfl£6,fetCl*(jti>JfiS JjOSSeS ICvJl T"*(%r*AKrtf*in^r« T)ABnn*1i4nn n .. £-. .. . J f, ^*. * * vfCIJVlIlJlC3, THE cow must not have to travel a long: distance for water. If she does she will g-o without it until she g-ets very thirsty and feverish, «.nd then drink until she is painfully uncomfortable. Both conditions are unfavorable for milk secretion. MIXED pasture grasses, including- clover, make a well-balanced summer ration; but a little dry food is relished exceedingly, and is beneficial. 'Some of tho best dairymen not only feed hay, but corn meal and bran, or some other form of grain, all summer, to advantage. SHADE is almost as imjjsrtant in summer as shelter from cold in winter. See that the cow has plenty of ;fep,d and clean water while in* pasture, so that she can fill her stomach in a short time and than lie down in the shade, chew her cud, enjoy herself and make milk. Is case of trouble about churning-, look first to the, temperature. A higher I or a lower one may remove the trouble. Next, see that the cream is not too thick. If it is, thin with water of the churning- temperature. Using- skimmed milk would only be adding; more of the same viscous mate.rial. But.if the cream is not viscous, but simply lacks fluidity, the addition of skimmed milk may do. THERE is sometimes difficulty in getting- the butter to float in a, mass on the top of the buttermilk, so that the latter can be readily drawn off without carrying- the butter with it. A little brine or a handful or two of salt stirred into the mass is said to be a remedy. The milk may be drawn off throug-h a strainer, or the butter skimmed off from the top of the buttermilk and returned to the churn-—provided the milk is drawn into a clean vessel.—Farm, Stock and Home. great utility to g-ardeners is a cheap hand roller, which is run on the row after it is planted and whish may follow the plow as a pulverizer. -\ simple contrivance is a heavy block of? an elm or oak log-sixteen inches in diameter and twelve to fourteen inches Ion"It may have a light frame work by which to propel it like a wheelbarrow. For transplanting bore holes the desired distances apart and insert pins of proper length to punch holes to receive the plants. Push the roller in a straight line, follow with the plants, water them and fill the place with fresh earth at once, leaving it without pressing The operation is quick and if well done not one in a thousand plants will die Charles Deland, in Farm and Home. ' H 1-D PC* I |25e HIRES' IMPROVED ~K![. ROOT -BEER! utiouic. voBoiuiiqoRSTOAimiii; E*SIITM»JJI | THIS PACKAGE MAKES FIVE CAUoNs ROOT BEER. , h !" a<! <! or< J.'iJ><!e«ithai] act ol the Legislature of the fatatt ol Indiana, approved March u iswj it ii ordered by theCommoi:I Council ol i nViTof l£ ganauort, Cuss County Indiana; and the 'do now nn,i and adopt the following voting precincts In [J-jsewml wards of the City of 1%™^ i,,d FIRM WARD. ., ^feoinctNo 1—All tbaUerritoryembraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wlt: GoZ ei" 1/iB at tlie nonwest corner of Sycamore ,,nd ita- wastreets, thence,running west aloiijr ihe north line ol Ottawa street to Vine, streetThence so™ h along- the west line of Vine street to MfamF street tlie/ice ivi-st o/i Hie north line of Miami strive :n Mum stieet, thence north along the e si life of ftum streetloBute street, thenceTest a o « north line O j Bates street to Holland street the south And •-- ""j street to it is ordered that " !>e held at Clem • FIFTH WARD, ..." ill uiie (ii Bates street to Holland stfect thence north on the tast line of Holland xtreetto the noriii boundary line of said Hr.st ward, and thence "st : ^^&^^^^%iji jtT^MJA^^''* ™ - ~.. ^*,, wij i-.uitjia&?d U'ltbin - o.neies and bounds, to-wii; C'onmienc- ;at the northwest corner ol Ottawa and Sv«i- 1^(4 w'f pa fir t- tlm,>f.si ,™,,,..i ...i . L11 ' IJ O.'\.U west ...„„„„,,,. .iuiLimc.>i,i:u]-iiei- 01 utuiwii and Sv«i- iiore streets, thence runuliiK south along che west line o! Sycamore street to Clilppawa street liipnpH west on the norm line of Chipp iwa street 5> Bum street, thence south on tlie west line of p urn street ^ K ^r^H^?r« ??.«•? "Hrth ilne^f Delicious amj Sparkling. TRY TJ Ask your Druggist or Grocer for li C. E. HIRES. "PHILADELPHIA. Judgment In tlie Dairy. _ One peculiarity of cows must be borne in mmd by the dairyman. A cow put on short rations immediately falls off in quantity of milk and is not so easily •brought back to a- full flow ag-ain, but at takes a long- course of regular f eedia<r to bring- her to her best quality and quantity. Poor feeders often milk cows for years without dreaming- what they are capable of, either in quantity or quality. To develop the normal, or best possible production, requires months and sometimes years of careful feeding- on the food best adapted for milk and butter. This is where care aad judpne^t pay in tha dairy.—N. T7 Agriculturist Attractive and Promising Investments In ^ CHICAGO REAL ESTATE TURNER & BOND, IO2 Washington St., Chicago, 111. Established 1875. Reference Istlfatl. Bank, Chicago. ""*"LD'S FAIR PROPERTY. my Platsanr.1 & Storm Island £tnilcva.ra. 'Groanas, and i j JIB j-iusuurg, oiiirago, Cincinnati <t &t. ill vay tflericfi south alone the line of said i.ilhvaj to the Peorla branch of said railwav theiice west following the north line of said iVorlabnu ch olsiilu railway to the. west limits or sad "rd thence north to the line of the. V atash and Erie' and a Krl«canafbed^ along the wast line of said Holland sirm to' Bat« .street, thence east on the south line of Bates street VhnT.fTy 1 '™ 1 * SOUU1 ou Hunf street w ii.iin .street, flienreeastalongthesouth line of lllam stret to V i i .e street, thence north on the east line oi Vine street to Ottawa street, thence e'ist on south line of Ottawa street to place of be%n,,i,,e i i 'i', 1 ? OTileK d lh"t t]l e elections Iji said Tirpdnct be held In the buidllng on the sou hwest eornVr of the school house yard in said ward. Lur "« 1 OI Precinct A'o.3—All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wit Comn etic- ing at the southwest corner of Sycamoreand Chlij- pewa streets, thence running west on th!> «imh lineofchlppewa street to K um street thwice south on the east line of Plum street to Osa™ then west on south ilne of Osage s reet to Wheat land street, thence west on south lineof Wheathnd street to the ChlcaRo branch of the Pittsbure• cin- ^"^^^.^^'•M^.tbS??^ --......i.vj^iiift ,11, CKI nver on SixteeMh ^n-pot ^"f/ 11 , 1 '" 1111 -' so «l> o» east line, ol slxtSmh I^S^P 1 ^^^^ Tn-e fth strSSfn ?il "'P 10 * 1° nh on c:li ' t «ne »" £srtieSfia^,-^" Property along the Line of New Elevated Railroad, Now in Process ol Construction. Cornet-sand Instdo lots on Calumet, PraiHr I*M . ay to Market street -ion the north line of Market street to fel rWer thence easterly along the north bank of Eel river with the meanders thereof, to the place of bwdnulrte And it is ordered that the elections in said prfdnft be. bald at the engine house In said ward preuntt Precfnctf,o.4-All tbatterritoryeml)rdietlwft"ta the tol owingmeteii and hounds, to-ivlt: CommeEc Ing at the westend the of Eel river bridge or/Marker street 1» said ward!. thence west along the nJrUi bank of Eel and Wate.-h rivers, with tfie meanders' thereof, to the west limits of said ward then™ north to the south line of,ha Peorla branch oUhe known as Topp's P Chlcheatir". EneUnh Diamond Jlnni. ENNYROYAL PILLS -(STX _OrWiml«nd Only Genuine. A . j , v , Slanted Growtha.e M«ih 0 <tt giro us a •'3ron LOUR NEW o< Guaranted s STAY CURFn I I VEGETABLE COUGHS AND COLDS. . 85c. and 81. at all dm ce igti. 2. fiOK&AH & MS, - - Proprietors, PROVIDENCE. R, I. BIDE SUPPLIEDbj ROSS GORDON r LaFayette, Ind. For sale byB. F WOMAN AND POULTRY. C»efal Employment lor.LaOies In ITeed of Outdoor Exercise. A -woman's qualifications for poultry keeping are evidently of the right kind, says the Massachusetts Ploughman. She has an instinctive fitness for caring for young- animals and a gentleness and evenness of temperament equally valua-. ble among- helpless -creatures. The: Danbury man's humorous description of the different ways in which a woman and a man attempt to get a Hen into a coop and the superiority of the former's method is as funny as it is true. After the hennery or coop is built there is no department of the work that a woman cannot perform without exhausting- labor or too heavy demands upon her time. "Down south" poultry raising- is woman's special department, and one need not go farther south than Baltimore or Washing-ton to find markets throng-ed with female venders of their own feathered products. That the business is profitable the experience of hundreds testifies, and that it is healthful and may be .attractive is susceptible of demonstration. Now that there are women gardeners and florists, who, by commendable industry and business qualities have risen to eminence in those callings, and while one of the most successful bee-fceewara • ? ~V Orliimil and Only Genuine. •Arc, mlwuys reliable. LADits Mlc UmguJji toe C^lcftettfr'i Snqltili Dia-Ji jnond Brand In Red and Goiii mctaUIoX ""oie., «c«I«l »liS Woe ribbon. Tutu ' lo other. Rtfmcdangrroiuev.bititv, - r - .'or particulars, tcitlnjonials »nl •n~u<jr for JjBatCA," in tetter, by return [alL 10,000 TaUmooMt. tfamifJptr. VuUm(jS.°l>» , ... .,—c'c«.Or SolJ tr »U tceil Uruj^lm. >'or Sale Sy B. F. Keeslin?, »r"'T"i' v ' rai " 1 on the .-««*•" ji^c uj. jMtirket . street to rhu place of beginning. And it is ordered rfc-it th» ^^S^" 611 ^ *™™*£$ SECOND WAHD. Precinct No .1-A11 tnat territory embraced within lie lolloH-ing metes and bounds, to-ivlt: Comn eTic- liit'MJBel river on Fourth street, thence, ru nine south on tue west line of Fourth itreet to E™ Rive? avenue, thence southwest on the north HDP of ii Kiver avenue to Third street, thence north on Third street to Bel rlverbrl dee, tliencp northwest oilTey^t line of sycjimore street to the norm limits of the Second ward, thence (Uons the north lin"As o/ s /id second ward to the west line ot Stevens* MoWev Hiicl Clary's Jidditlons to the cits' or Lomrisnort thcnce north along tlie west lineof said additions' north line of said ward to Ci'ifto'n avenue^theiice south along the west line of Clifton avenue to Hiinna street, thence southwest alone the north line ot Haima streetto Pontlac streetflience south iUong the west line of .Foncljic street to tlie north ffi^^^^^^fc? pos te Fourth street to the place ol begInhT &i'£M«?^_% ^'°™ "i S Sf: In* Clerk City ol Logansport, Indiana STOPS *•* uuuatu . anatural discharges in _24 hours. QURES Oleet & Gonorrhea No Stricture To Pain. SURE Adopted by the Gep. manGoverninontfor P.S.O. isputupfo* American tradr i£ a patent bottle AoldU ing syringe [see cut) At druggists, tl.OO, "fludinFSttrixge.at " " ~ ilcd,fo " " iini«i,j«!i uver on rourtn street, thence run-iliiL' south ont&eeast UneofFourtD kreetto E S-ay str.'et tlimce east on the norm line of Broad"ar ?-K?, et to * IIth str eeti, thence sontl) on east 11 ne of Fifth street to the Wabash and Ere ranu bed thence east along the north line of sale! c-iinl bed to Seventh street, thenceforth on ihe weSe ol Seventh street to High street.thence west on the south line ol High street to Sixth street tneime north on the west line of Sixth street to Eel iniV and thence west: alone the south bank of. Eel $£ tt ?2ff! 1 !.*»*<*wirt9tti e place of . elections iu B. P. EEESLOre, Agoat, logansport, Cheap Lauds ami Homes iu Kentucky, Tennessee, ALABAMA", Mississippi aud Louisiana. On the line or the. Quean <£ Crescent Route cm be found 2,owi,uuu acres of splendid bottom cm land, timber and stock lands. Also the finea Free netiNojJ-Alltfiatterritoryembrncfdwlthln .the following metes and bounds, to-ivlt • Conimenc- liiB un the south tanker Eel rlverat the Imwsec- tlon with TBird street, thence running south tc Eel Elver avenue, thence northeast alone the sorJri line of Eel Elver avenue to Fourth street thence south f0 n the eastllne of Fourth street to Broadw.-n street, thence easton thesouth '•-• - - - Regulating ~an76il^iS5Sr7t"D™"«tSr i S I< S; i. post-paid per box JLOO, 3 boxes"ror $2 50 TTnr j^ln 1 } MedlClne ! C 0-. Toledo, O. jorsaiein JjOgansport,}lnd,bjBea Fisher No 9ii fourth btreet, ' Mention paper. .FAEilEHS! with aJl ing get a The Queen & Crescent Route Is M Miles t)j. Shortest imd Quickest Line Cincinati to New Orleans Time 27 Hours. Entire Trains. Baggage Car, Car Coaches am Sleepers run through without chan*« 110 lilies the Shortest, s Hours tlw Quickesi Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fla. Time 27 Hours. The only line rurwlHg Solid Trains and Sloping Cars. ONLY LIKE 3K80M CDfCINKATI TO n^^SB^iss^fe^r"-' H6 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Atlmta and the nortrih;e^^rS b ^S ^^^ avenue, thence soutlnvest on Eel River -iveiue to the Wabash river, and thence northwest alo IE he south bank of. Eel river, with the n eai S thereof, to the place of beginning. And it is or dered that the elections in said precinct be held -ft the township trustee's office to said ward: THIRD WARD. S Precinct No, 1—All that territory embraced with | in the following metes and bounds, to »it- Com irneiicmgat the corner of Eel Elver avenue a"! Market street, thence running e:ist to Fifth rtreet thence southeastto Oak street thence south along the west line of Oak street to Canal street then"! west along the north line of Canal street to Fourth street, thence south on the west line of Fourth street to the Wabash^lver. thence west iilong the ders thereof, to Eel Biver avenue -md north to the p' •••--•• llvejlue ' ' ln a GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. Do IfoU teesior IN . •STOCKS, BONDS, GRAII-T AND JPROVISIONS? If so, tnc-.; witn-a reliable firm who have had-ten h ,7*j es r c %' a y i '- aad OI1e raewbersof tlie CMrjunt VanA of Pride and Stoek jExchnngo. Who da Dusmess strictly on Commission, Refer to Illinois .lrusc and Savings Bamc, Chicago, ,o « C> A ' WH YLAND 4 CO. a* 10 PociSc Are. . Chicago, H7s. We send fre j of cbarsrc our Daily Market Report ar.d Circular on application. interest allowed on monthly balances. the west line of Twelfth street to Cincinnati to Birmingham IS'Mlles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Direct connections at New Orleans and Shreveport For Texas, Mexico,..California. Trains-leave Central Union Depot Cincinnati crossing the Famous High Bridge of ^ cmD ^ 1 ' tmd rounding,the base of lookout M Pollnian Bondolr Sleepers on aU Tnrougli « « thereof, to street, thence north alone the .tbB ri*t line ol Fourth street to Canal S, thence ea't Over OOP Million Acres of Land in Atama thf future Great State ol the Strati suDject to pre-emption. Unsurpassed cllrarita. For Correct County Maps, Lowest Rntes aru fttfl particulars addres, D. G. EDWARDS, Ym Passenger & Ticket Agent. *-" nAKii; =- '™' IQueen & Crescent Boirta, CincinrMtl <«. river, including BWdle's ft Is ordered that the election In said precinct be .held at Amans carriage trimming shop m\ Burl Uigton avenue In said ward. FOURTH WARD. Precinct No. I.— All 'the. territory embracpr<w<fh In tbefoHo.vlnemetPS.wd Doundf ™,™- Commencing at the corner of Sixth and High stree?' thence running north on Pontlac street to Hanna street, thence east on the south line of street to Cifflon avenue/thence north line of Clifton avenue to the ward bn Oai Malydor Perfection SyriiiBe free wltb «v*ry Dottle. Prevents Stricture. Uurea Gonorrhcei •cd fileet In 1 to 4 day*. Ask your Dniejrist lor it. Sent to any address for 81.00. AddMBI «ALYDOR UAVUF'G CO.LANCASTER.a JUDICiQI/S AHD PERSISTENT Advertising hug always proven successful. Bc-foro placlnirany Newspaper jldveitisi»£r consult LORD & THOMAS, JDVZirTISIXG AtKSTS, 3 to 40 RluiilolpU SLr,H-t, CHICAGO^! I A .VEW the noun bank of Ee BRIGHTINE CU «^ OH Correspondence. |% I • nP ll V>>tf% •ollcted.vulnablo III Jl Mfc I K|W ' aformatiOQfree. WlflUk I ElWV 08D»1 discount to JIHIOUTI* ™ J * Je ' "Blseise at^ Andrea sllment* " T. ~ Street. • Chlow*.

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