The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1932
Page 5
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V, APifUL \, 1DSS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cenu » word for first insertion and one cent a word (or tacli Bubtpqucnt iruertion No tdvertlMment taken for 1** 60c. Count the vords and the cub. Phone 306 FOR SALE Real Bargains USED CARS Now is the time to (ici Hint Good Used Car' you've wanted. Terms to suit every pcckct book. '31 LATE FORD. TOWN SEDAN, ' Drivrn only few month!:, Almost new in every H-ay, '32 license, fully equipped 5385 '29 K01tl> "A" SPOUT coill'i: Itennfirul new |>:ilul, ituin- ble scat, A-l tires, Kims perfect. Only —5193 'US VVIIllTE'f "V COACH, (Iiiod Tires, '3#- Ucensc, New Faint, Kuns (iood. Only ' ' —515 I<'u|.<l,alc Mutlvl U«U We Fay Cars. 1'UONE 811 TODAY . CECIL LOWE, Manage Used Car Department PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorial! Ford llcalcr IHylhcville, Arkansas FOE SALE—Baby chicks. Part cash, pay balance in fryers. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythovllle, Ark. 21cll FOR SALE—Cotton Bin, cxct-ilcnt condition, 1'riccd cheap for quick disposal, cash or terms. Write "G, H.", Courier News. <1C-K11 FOR SALE—Jersey milch cow, fresh. Four gallons. Heal buy, al depression prices. Z. jr. McGhce, Route 1. BIj liievilli'. 2pk5 FOR SALE—My farm, an acres, well improved. South end of Franklin street. Joe Byrura, Sikeston. Mo. -1P-K11 New Grant! Leader Barber Shop v" ' no N.' 2nd Hair Cuts - - 25c Earl F,. Parker . a. 1'revost .j-'KKSI! KIVEIt •• CAT FISH EVERY DAY Jiitimie O'Hrien's Cafe * 105 S. 2nd St. Phone Sill Call Phone No. -2-13 for INSURANCE SERVICE We Write: Burglary (licsicience & Mercantile Safe; Insurance, Health & Accident, Automobile Liability, Plate Glass, • and all lines of casualty and bonds. ' Sell real estate, and service^ rental projwrly. \V. M. 15URNS COMPANY, INC. INSURED I NTER TKUCKINU T Y DEI'ENDAIJLE DAILY SEKVICK TO BIA'TllliVIU.K FROM Memphis and Little Kock J. D. McDowell Telephone Local Agent No. £2 I Dr. R L. Tiplon Physician & Surgeon Ingrain Bldg. Telephones: Office - 250 Residence - 276 Guaranteed I'urc Stoncville No. 1 PLANTING SEED $25 Per Ton This seed was erown on oar own plantation and ginned in our |>rivat c Bi" »'Hh no iwssibllity of mixture with Interior seed. C. F. TUCKER on Promised Land Road. 315 miles southeast of Blythc- ville. SKCON1) HAND FURNITURE Sec Us First R. J. Dodson S01-J03 E. Mtln NEWS MABEL McELLiorr inc. 1IKOI.V lICKfe TODAY CAHKV, ID »« vtrr «ko nrru KOBlvKT IIUMIAIt, Jell ot • MlllloBulrr. vi ku l> Mud) lug fchurlliuMd fctcuu»f <*f « vrklm at hi* fufhrt'N. [tuHlittr ukri SUXJIN lo lunrk uud »k« llk» tin. JtlC.N ,l,AMl'H\\, a .lark, [»t<-«.e joulli Su«nn HN« wet unre nt it v:irty, take* Lrr li» Ji mulluM plclitrr. *>u ihc nay fc'JiMp Ikr^ quurrt-l. "SHU. Tfcc tilrl wnkr> hrr hmiie ttllli Ali.NT JKSSU:, wlriilJr-aifi-J nnJ ir,, »lrUt. sow uo ov WITH TUB STOIIK CUAI'TEH V r PIIK weeks woro on anJ soon H •*• was June. A suddenly hot and hrcathles* siunnicr brooded over tlio clly. Tim lake Inirncd Under a summer sun mid girls lie- fiiin to wear their tliliincst frocks nnd shadiest lints even fn tho downtown district. To Susan, young Rml radiantly lieaKJiy. It wna a pleasant enough time. Slio looked her liest In tlio Bummer lieat, her hair curled In little ringlets around her delicately Hushed face. She had a new sweater suit ot bluo knitted stuff and felt very inucli tho young liusiness woman wearing it, Still Ilicro seemed no clianco ol lier snruring a Job. Calls canio lu, dribbled into tho office, where a superior young woman in while llnon received them and passed them aloii£ to ttio super alcnog rar.uers of Mr. Claude Hloch's upper class. Susan waited In vain to bo called. At last there arrived .1 day when Mr. filock himself stood In llio doorway and beckoned to lier. "Von—Miss Carey. Will you cotno here, pleaso?" Trembling wltli pleasurable ex - - cilonicnt, slie complied. Mr. lilnck fliiKercd a penciled slip on Ills desk. With deep-set black eyes lie looked licr over, head in foot, nud seemed to find tho results satisfactory. He said. "We've a call for a secretary at the Melo Iron Mann fttcturmg Company. West Lake street. Go uy there and do your da rn dest." Susan accepted liio clip from Ilia lingers, llo laiiped nut. aftei her, us she turned lo leave. "Re member all I've been telling you these months. Clilii up, ivalk lik< a soidier, smile!'' Susan gave a very fecblo imita lion of tlio military manner as slu took leave of tlic sclionl inartliioL but licr knees wero shaking under her. She was not sure tlio auto cratlc Mr. lilock ot tho super super business methods would up prove ot her just tlicn so she dli not wait to find out. Jostling til rough tlio State street crowds, through hordes ol women shoppers on the trail ot juicy uarK.iins, the girl felt suddenly nyliftcd. Mr. ntock's lectures, Ihtcned In so wearily for so many days, were jnnililcd logelher in her brain in .1 muddled fashion. One tiling was certain, she inns; not scam timid. Slio must appear sure ot herself at all costs. The facado of tho building lions- ing tlie Mclo company was anything but appealing. Huddled nnilcr tho elevalcd tracks, sinolic stained and weather worn, it seemed to tlio job Bcel'er to liavc a slichily sinister air. Susan consulted the slip again. Yes. it was the right number. Mentally girding herself for tattle, slio sivuiie tho heavy, dirty glass door inward. * r • A HUD-HEADED oDicc boy, cliciviiig gum, sat behind an ancient pnitilion near ttio door. Behind him loomed stoves ot all sizes and quality. Susan shuddered. After the heat of tho street the place had a fetid co-ihioss that reminded her ot CD unused cellar. i<v - T^- rfy £,»« ^^'^ K r^, | S)iu had llio utmost dldiailly wlnklni; Iwrk iliu loara. Ho this win what llfu dowi.linvu wan like! MaiUKlni; liy u licculoait effort In wink liai'f; iliu Mubtmrn Uxirj elm winded her way IliitUusly bai.'!{ to iho commercial iscliotil. As Sin an jolm-d Hie smart prum- enailn un Mlclilcnu nveiniu x'.ti livanl an ai;m;il!li) nuirciillnii volco V Susan consulkil llie j!i>. Yes, it irnj (he rifl/if numb Slio advanced and ^aid to tlio haven't red-haired tioy In what she hoped were tho proper tones, "1 wish to seo Mr. Pelteruian. lilock's Institute." Willi a cynical B I am from the yotitii rose and shatnllcd toward tho rear of the store. Sudan's eyes, gradually :iCCi:stontluB themselves lo tliu tray li^Iit, could just make niit in the fsr corner tho figuro o( » man at a 'irge, old-fashioned roll top desk, A Eitiglo - li:ill>, shaded by a folde'! sheet ol letter patier, burned above his head, "Usli. what a dl.sinal place!" slie murmured to herself. Somo- hoiv In her dreams of crisji, efficient offices there had ueeu nothing like this. Tlie hoy sliuffled toward lier er. any. I'm a beginner." Tlic nnin smiled jind lila Einllo was, curiously enough, uglier than his frown, llo said luminously, "Well, well, wo can't, nil he experienced. We'll tc.icli vac. You'll learn. Yon won't," hero ho smirked horribly again, "find me a hard taskmaster.' Siifan blirank into Ilic farthest corner t>C the on ken chair. "I —I hopo not." OETTKIUIAN hilcbcrl Ma owi chair several inches nearer. "K::lnry'8 51S to start and we vnr'.; Saturday aftci II^DIIE. N'n nonsense aljont us. Kiglil lo 5:30. Exiitct puactnality." The palo bine eyes bulged al bor. Tho man seemed to be ivnlt- Ahoy there! rray c.ilm tin, >ai pncil Her under Up i-*m: Why ili tf riisli 1 ;" lunifil in meet Hi,! si eyc-i n( llnbcrl- llunliar, It nud well K^omcd In flunncls. lib smllo faded and, nwlnnliiK mi; Iji-slili! licr, lie lunnircd In n r-idlclloiis tnno. "H'luitV Iho terV Yon Imil; 113 thoiiuli you'd liad had nevva." rm-i-cit lo ile.wit lier. tiviuldrd. "Hero, nn\v!" A linn mm Flcr-rcd her Into n,,, i|,,nrway «t a siveet-iml;ifi) on tlio avvnno. Shu fouiul herself fi'iiteil al a Uny iiiarhln to|i|icil laldo. '"ivil uncle," tald lli)liL'i-i Dunbar ina»UMlully. "Wliafs ii[i? Who's been iniililin; you cr) 1 '.'" H told. Tlio words tumbled fovlh leinpeslnniihly. Kho lilt back n snli mill dcscrlhed the monster of tlin auivo works lu nit his Eiddory iiKllnc;.:!. A short, sharp eplllici escaped tho llpa ot hur "1 lice your naidiin!" mutlcrcd 'burl Uiinhur. "I'll co up Micro •i tear tlio hide off Hut haliy In a fi-iv mlniitoii." Tlio you UK inaii'ii llo luokcil eiiual to "No, ynn Jnw was set. tlin task. S> Bliudddrcd. mustn't. I'leaso don't, lnld you! I COL uway nnd—" hero Klie rcg.-mlcd linr atlll linf;- llni; IliiKcrs with Bomo inide—"I left llio print ot llieso on Ills facts!" "/Ut« elrl!" Ynunc Dunhar re- Kanled licr wtlli adinlrnticin. "lint I'd llto to leave u tow prlnls my- Kuaan's Krcat eyes luinlurcd Iiiin. "Don't, plcane. H would only malm irnulilo. Yon'ru invlni- ly liliul, llniujjli. And 1 appro- elalo tl." Hhe £trni|;li[ciu<il her bat. powdered her iinsc. "I must RIH back to schnnl. Ml |,;i V1 , (ll reptirt to Mr. nice.};. |iy way. whtio bsvo you liccn tlio Inat tew day,i7" lie ehriiKKCd. "l.'amily's up to Geneva and wam me in i andpolnlingvasuelylnthedirec-! '• '7,."" ' 111SKCI -,, ^" '»" r ' ;'?" fc ; ,^'' U ' cr " n *° n rnw """ lion ..f the 8 win K ing electric hull,! "" "' •,™.' . ' ' ',," AS lo K ' ay "' l " wn ll "" mumbled, "Misf I'eltevman'll S"c'. ' ^onnati nodded. "Von'll do. -•l" I'"* ".iinmer. Wo c.,n,nrn- ya « | Id'J II Uo. lloiv old are yon 1 .'" mlseil and J'i:i goln« Into Ills ' I "I'll be ao in October." Susan n " ic0 -" i Suban passed throUKli tlie Rale i falturcd.. Tho answer seemed to! '" n ' c " S'o'i'ru tbrn,,j;H at and picked her way fastidiously over the iinlicllcvahly dlrly floor to tho desk where tho man sat. plcaso him. lie leaned Inward j Block's!" niitninircil Susan, lier her and slio cauylil tlie rcpclliiiK ilo: irt sinking .'it l.'io Ibouclit. odor of old cigar.-!, blie heard an oily voice say in- "Vontii'.i no nn. Tfsaraiilt " gratiatmsly, "Sit down, youn lr "J?!Shii "I Biitsn I am." mlttcd. paying tho Dunbar ail- check, llo j soor. overcome." he innuihud. " il. "Wish yun didn't tiave. . inaiiasinif to rome as close as pus- l ' ; fi" '' ilc! > ' fl 's iiftfnimin. .^—. , j ...... ,,,^oe, 1:0 •""•T"t- • ^v H»'L LO KUL a ion nni crumpled and spc-tted. lie wnrc a whispered hoarsely. Susan iiad ' 'nuatu'l do anything to G|ID|| my hiBli starched collar that Eimiilrl' »reaf dillicnily in repressing a cliancea." They pavted nt tlic cnlranco liavo ECHO to tlie laiinrlry several j tci earn. Klie gol In hcr-fcr-t. Tin-re days ago. His nalo blno eyes. | was a brief sirneple tn the course wateriuK iindur sandy hroivs. ro-jof which Ihe swinging hull, was pcllcd tlic sin-inking eirl. Slio ro- hrokcii and llio man received a I mlndcil herself sternly of her nidi-! f !;»ri hut Ftiiislni; sl'ip on tlio Balinii lo Aunt Jessie, of Mr.',-heek-. Tliruticli llio nialitniiire fllock's prohalily disaiipoinmciit ii :iil-aa conr,cioa:; of ilie rod- she failed, ami only by tho c\or- haired hoy starlni; nt licr liow ciso of will power was she enabled :-]ic got past ih L . wiimicn Kate, how to cndiiro amnlicr inuniuil of t!n--K::n managed lo pull njicn the man's comiiaiiy. , ln-avy d(ir,i- and reach t!io slrec-l "Kspnrienco?" barked the inaii._ fha never Iriicv.v. Hut suddenly suddenly harsh-voiced adcr iiu' : ^:lic found liuwelf. dazcil and slial:"- oilincss uf iiis apjirnacli. iin^. \\i Susan shook her heed. "litbuU lo llio Friinol. rather sadly, "This hasn't meant anything to him Inu tn me It's In en a wonderful adventure." T'lch Fbe Bel i:cr lectli and prepared to face llio tcrrllyiii!; Mr. Dlock vvitli delails of licr tailnro as a job-liiintcr. "He'll bo furious," she told hcr- snlt hoi]icd." "lint it can't bo Squaring lior slioiiidcri Siuau safely aloriif under marched into .Mr. Uiock's oliicc. I (To t!c Conlimicil) i'OR KENT FOR RENT—Furnished aparlinent. 305 rjollgan. IC-K8 across a black background, linn- ether hoii-.cs ai .•" tVii'cl. •:! lo nine tlirougli the mail rial is a til- : jjeur on tlic ina-.kct sliortl'y. sign of hands grasping lliri-.- (•::• I . ver auows. Special cravats lor llv. ' Harilo FOR RENT—Fnrnisticd iiouse or loom, 2 baths. West, Mam. Write! "X", Courier News. <iC-Klli FOIt HI-'NT—i'ive mom h;inealow. C05 Chick:i»wba. Good repair, cheap rent. Apply New York Store. - 280'-lf FOR HUNT--Furnished aiurimeiil. 108 Wi-sl Keniuchy. I'hone G8'(. 31C-K7 WANTEB—Ladies to sell cosmetics. Sec Mr. S.iliba from n to 12. ICO Kentucky, 4I'-K7 Travelers Ride Trains Free in Fiji Islands WASHINGTON. (UP) — Train |ia;scngcrs ride without jv.iyin:; fares in Ih^ Fiji island. Ir.c Commerce Dcparlmcnt lias been 111- fonncd. There arc no comincrcial railways in (lie Colony of Fiji. Uy agreement belweon ((.-<. government and the Colonial Sugar Refining Ccminny, a limited, hill regular, service of |iasscui;er Iraim is 0,1- cratcd frnni Rarnwai dial lo Kav- angasan (Colo Westi. n dislanui- nl approximately 00 miles, over the company's narrow gauge ii;lU railway. Sjicriul Cnvals for Harvard CAMI1UIDOE., (UI'i _ Harvard Square halierdashcrivs now Icature a dii-Unclivc cr.xvat clpsijtx-d for students who occupy Lowell House, one of the new dormitories built under the $13.000,000 Harknesc "House Plan," The neck- tla has narrow light blue stripes AM) llS KIM EN I)H e i'LL lltiO JOVfO r &Z V^u.T/5^... /- ^— -^ // / O^VJ:>« V \,.-,j5" -1 («, V6 * V-^ '- ( oiMJce, j . f L T ' sV y " \ -<. i- ancl sinm and a :?uiii];ir ^-. rvicr I" twins lilaiiiiid between (JeriMin:, .n:d Esypl. , [ PAGE nvi ANNOUNCEMENT We Have Kntabti»liett A New linsincss Covering Btv- thevillti and Mimsnipiu and Penmeol Counties: A USED CAR EXCHANGE Kngug'ing In Tlic Buying- and Selling-of Used Cars and Trucks, Tnulins-ln Used Carson the NKW FORD "V-8" and 'Tour" and Buying Used Cars Outright For Cash. To iViamiKeTIm Business We have Secured the Services Of A Local Youn«; Man, Whose Honesty and Ability Is Well Known: J. C. (Cecil) LOWE, Manager We Are Also Including In This Business New Time-Payment Plans With Lower Finance Costs Under .Which Our Used Cars May Bo Purchased On A Weekly or Monthly Basis. We Urge You To Inspect Our. Stock of Late Model Used Cars and Trucks At Once. Phone 811. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO A uthorized Ford Dealer 9 BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. HOOTS AiND 11EK By Marti* iVWV\A.Q , VJKiW> HfOt AW OVf EH W '•#• SflOO £f vora -vre VII SMC WO - ACXWsT.O { f VlE-LU SEE Tjl^r" <;.-' -ruey svar OPF ALL C! FELUAG GET 'EH STA3.T25.. .TAG Av-i" 1- V.T..U CO BACK. cr "' / * V \; "AS \ >A I, :/°A'yV . THERE... A Y H'ty/fwxH*' j-J . I ilJME^Jt^ ' , . .. ^ ,. ^\ J TAG * / 'i ____ v . i r«rNe... ^ «_ l i ' l M -& ' ' \^s--^ ---•-{•' ^i-,^f'^ i It ^f^p ^^y^r^j^ K&^' ^-^rc^z^^b^-- &-; WASH K 1 (k f(£<\\T "V WELL, «»« MO-T?~1 ' WITH -oEV-'tt^ SMVOM 1 .} ViWPPEP (\tV. -ik«EM U1ELL, OF ftU. Trt 1 A—-«-! vrotj'T l?' FOOL STOrtTSJ ' ^ By Cr*«j^,' WASH SAYS MX! fir BhM»: ' SUE V.lU - •("$$"& / HIUJ3 ... J / ViELL, W THRU'. Tn' tJEXT "HWE 60 ^TARTiN' A BRAV-JU, I OUT. I DON'T £MEN \<MOW V6U. •If VQU UJOOU) BWJt SOME TIMES TOQETHeR— OME oR^^^ l fi&WT WT MC.'. I'Mi NO DINKV . SOUD16R OF FOUTONG. &'. I «.T INTO EM«X)(i>\ TROU5LE~ WWOUT UOOWNO FOR MOR6. ; v_ '• • -*r> sg^^yt Hrs*y:u.s.wr.ofr-

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