The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1932
Page 4
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|BB BkYTHEVILLE COURIEK NEWS TH» CXXJJUEtt INK^VB .qp., PUWJSUiE 0. R. BABCOCk. Wltw H, W.'HAH*p», Aoyertlsinj Hunger «ok National Advertising j..^ 4rki8tu ' DUlics, ZBC., New York, Chicago, Pttroit, EU LanU, Brilu,' Kansa city, UtU« Publiiht<r Alirroooij fcxccpt Sunday, Intend as second class maiter at the post JClre nt Blylheville, Arkansas, under act o: Congress October 0, 1317. Served oy tlio UmuM Press Sl'BSCIUiTION KATES By carrier In the city ol ElyCievlllc, 15c per week or »6.50 pfr year lii advance. By mall within & radius of 60 miles, »3.00 per year, II50 for six months, 85c for thr*e months; by mall In postal zones two to tlx, Inclusive. 16.50 per ycar,"lii zones seven nnd eight, flO.OO per year, payable in advance'. We Can Make the Right C/u/ce It i.S not ITilSOllillllo 111 suppose fllill all of the 800 i|iialiliol voter- of l!ly- thuville iirt adc'iiuutely jio.sied .is lo tlic (iiiutilii'iitions for oil'k'e of ll:i! I'an- iliilak's from ;ini»n^ \viioin rily 01- licers will lju dioscn loiniirivnv, <ir that L'vou those with aileqtiiile inl'ornia- • tion are in ajn'ci-'iiiiMil as lo svliidi til lilt 1 CiimlilhlU'S VsUllill lll!sl ;<ITVC till: dl'yin the posts I hey an: seekin/. It jiuiy lie snl'dy said, liuweviT, that if every citi/.en of lilyihuvilie who KO^f to the jxjlls tomorrow i-nsU • Ill's vote for' tho I'lindidateK \vlunn lie i honestly believes hc'st (|iialilied foi 1 the work of tlie oill'tes they seek no nii.stake will l;c niiuic. . We soinetiniea liear il .said lhal democracy eannot produce guoi\ ifim-ni- niL'nL because Ihc rank and lile of tlie voters are not compelr>nl In choose : liclwcen j;oo<l CHI id Ida I PS and lind candidates. Tliat is iiol true. ^mim vnler.s, no doubt, are iiitumpotciH lo inako a sound . selection, and others -will make occasional mistakes, but llii; /jroal f rouble •, with our t'overninrnl is lhal ino many voters permit Iheir eiiiolions to ;;et tlic Ijettcr of their >-oud sense on elic- .!. tion day. All of u# are inclined In express our prejudices, lo )ti personal, setitiinental or other irrational considerations in: flnence us instead of soliw-miiidedly • seeking the -correct, 'answer to tliu question; which of these 'candidates will make the best public employe it' elected to tile place he seeks? The voter.-. <if this or any other community are amply coiniieteiit to i select the best available persons to administer Iheir public all'airs. H is not lack of ability, but lack of interest and unwillingness to subordinate all other considerations lo Ihe character and ability of the men necking oll'iix' lhat may be blamed for mosl of our governmental ills. NEWS Mexican Border News thai armed sintinels lire ruling the border rangers near Columbus, N. M., because of recent foray:- over tlic internal ioiwl line l.y Jfexican baiulils, lias an cddly familiar rinj;. Away back in 1!UG tlie same tort of thing was happening. Villa swept over the border, the United Stales army got into action, nnd v lYi-sliing be^nt PUT OUR WAY that fniilless journey into tin: Alexican desserts Dial led I he |k'ople of llio United Slides lo wonder, for n time, if I hoy might actually be at war without knowing it.. Hut IhingH are dill'croit now. Of course, (lie eounlry will insist liiat C'olumlju-: am! oincr border towns lie: given all the protection (hey need against the marauders from below tho line, lint the wave of jingoism Ihat s\«'i>t Die iiiud in !!)!(!, (inding e.\|ire.s- sion in hysterical dcmaiid.s that we "go down and clean up Mexico for good," will not In- repeated. \Ve doa'l get (|uite as cxdtud abmit Ibe ".Mexican problem" as we used lo. A New Speed Trial A I'Vench inventor has devised an automobile winch, he says, will be the laste.-t car ever luiill, and be i.s going lo bring it lo Uaytona Keach, l-'la., ftion in jiij jtUurijit to break (lie record of ^.V! miles an hour recently set by Sir -Malcolm Campbell of Knglaml. The new car has three engines of SOD horsepower each, and is believed capable of doing KOiiiclliing like ;!,')() milts an hour. All of (his is mildly interesting, and il probably comes under Hie head of s|H)i-l—- but what earthly dilference does it make? Airplanes can use a speed like that, lint automobiles never can. Kvcn as it is, I lie ordinary car in everyday use lias too mndi .speed, not (DO 111 lie. The money and energy I hat produce these freak speedsters might more profitably go into some other Held of endeavor. My Hditiufr tuw.-ird crnp kian.s i-an 1^ ex- preiwd in Hie words of a Knulh U.iknla woman who wi-ole I lie IVparliufnl of Ayriculliirc: •'U-lulhiK mniicy mid muMcMcitiK Hie (iilm-c of Jiirinn-s and llu-ir .-hililion will never vcsloic lirusjii-rlty.- -Arthur M. Hyde. bccret:ny of agriculture. The world ir. lo-jkin;; lo us lo sulvr this dc- lucMinn and (li r otii: a!;ciu-y on eaith uhkli can :olvc it ir, ilio Ki-pnbiu-rm parly. —Kutli W. HichQKlson. assistant U. S. ntlorney, Malnu. I don't i-spcct Hie (heater giiliiii&siuu lax to Iniri me very much iicrioiwlly. You M>O, Mrs. Garner always pays my way. -John Nance Uimir, siwaker of (he HIUIM.-. 1 wish I could stand on the hoii.sclops and shout in all women "Duii'l dread middle :ii;e. Look lorn-aril to il inslead. Il i s the bcM piu-l of life." —Marie Dressier, nini Slav. , O]n-ra i.s enough of n racket as a is, nilli- ixil lelthii; Ihu government, take a hand. —Gladys Sviaithout. yommesl opera siar. * * * The administration reems lo regard uncm- ploymcnl as sumi-thlng tliat is just, tun bad ami i-aiiuol bu ]iel|wil. -Alfred K. :imith, ex-Kovcmcr of Nrw York. Killier U liicfcy lunvachi.v.i if UK- cliiliiivn look ii[Kni him as soniclldn-t other linn ; \ ineddli'iorue mils-idtr. —I'roii'Soor K. it. Mowicr I'f Norlliiu'slcrii (JnivciMly. By Williams RUM T DEATH , RuuMiKl' BACv< AM' 7 ME T' :& Pici\'£O, to »<v^. ^^^^ r'-4 J SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "All ri,'hl, go ahead and have me thrown in jail for not paying alimony. 1 ain't doing anything right now, anyway." Early Training of Baby Is Important Says Fishbcin \OTK: This is the lrst of twn artlilcs nn "Training' lit Baby," l.y Dr. Fishlwin. The L'toml will |,p prinlcd tomorrow. lly 1)U. .VOHHIS FISIIHK1N illl'ii 1 , JuuriKil of the Amirririin Millie al AsMK'ialinn, :itlil of Hy. ci-ia, tin: Health Masniinc If (here is one point more than my other which gives tin; new mitlwr concrrn, it i.s (he (ralniiiK ol the child in [iropcr li.ibils so fiir is rnnrcrm l!:p excretions of Ihe 111111:111 body. One of Uic .suiwrvl- for.i (or i In: Iiifinit U'clfarc Society of Chiciigri has recently develouc'i rerii-js of directions for this piir- j.<c which Fife practical and snund. •Ur>s| Ijabk'.s cnn tcnrn .such con- ro] wilhin Ilic flrsl. two years of ife. Many uill learn williin six ncnllis. If Ihe baby fails to learn ''N !lic 1'iid of the ihird year or. il lie baby mice (mined, relapses lo nfiiiuilc linuils. U rcciuires special nwlli'al study nnd poiluips psycho- o;;ic L>.\iiinin;itiun lo find out just "ivliiit is wrung. The directions fo;- the control of [he bowels folluw: Observe the lime at which the baljy usually soils his diaper. At tliat hour the next day place a small resicl in the Jaji and Jiold the baby on this, letting him lie against the left arm. Ucpeat. this regularly each day at the same time. Tlic first week il may be necessary lo use a glycerin suppository to start the movement and to direct the baby's attention lo the reason, for being placed on he vessel. fy Inc second week, the bowel movement shqul.7 Ix- started by (tie feeling of the vessel alone. Hold Ihc baby on Ihc vessel five or 10 minutes before using a suppository. Never continue using a suppository regularly for more than two weeks as the baby may learn lo depend upon it. When the baby is old enouch to fit alone, place him on a nursery chair. It, may be necessary lo use the suppository again for a few clays until ho is used (o (he chanced posilioii. TOMOKKOW: frol. Developing eon- BEHIND THE SCENES IN Wall Slrrrl 1'nilie I.iki-Iy (u Ik I'riic Plop «V liODMIV DllTCIILK MIA Srrvirc Wrilcr WASI1INOTON -Leeisliitivc hls- Ic.ry iccivrds in;my fnnmiis n/.- afuu- prclimiiiiiry lnnii|M!lin.j and ilnnn-lK-alin^. but Ihe adiuiu- 'slrnlinn's prup-:scil invcstlration of I In- Iwais <if Wall sticcl thre.Keu', lo develop into [h c | )r i zc unshotil ' all time. II :ill Ktvvc mil of a theory held by fricrici.-,- of Mr. Hoover thai every time (he mlmini.slration put iiiit H[ ii s i t-conslruclinn isures a unuiji of nc-nllcmcii lininrciiately prcrcedccl Ij diivc ilnivn stock prices. And tnu- nl^hl Hoover's right- hand iienulor. Walrolt ul Cnnnc-cli- i'lil. c;tnie ficrn llnovcr';; olllceruar-' i : tluil the tliin;; had w , nc f or c:-,fiu\h and lhal the 'culprits" '.'.oulcl l:c pxpuscci. I If :aid hr hart a list (if them and il is reported lhal ih? uanicj were these of Dcm- iirra's. Onh-r TMI.II Invtsli^atinn The Stnnio jiasscd a reinliilion lo invcsligato ihe oi«ral:ons c.I Ui. p !t !:rc;!t ;:,i»ibliiit; hoti.<4! called Ihr S'.OC'K K\cli.iiu;i-. but nut nnlll I.nnocrnl:. an'l I'losrrssivi-s had sifii to il thai llir iiankuv; co;il- miitcc iwiiilrt i.'ivoslioalc bulls as i'.C'il ji-. \Valtotl':. bears. V.'herciip-iii eveiycnn l:r>^an !ti bf: ;i!:.iid of Hi;- mv<.-;!U;;uion. u was 1'nrenl that lluro wore Hepubll- c->n hi-nr< us vvril as Democratic br.irs. People lirrc Iwsaii to hear lioiti Wiili street, \\iih ailxicc lhal Iliry'd foiir.d a nirc-lirr nuthod ol IniMirr t!.im:i;lns thr business sll- iMiion. V-Mf. it is said, promise tn ;.h';-.v that i;rnotal fotidilionv- n:i;.llrvi:iii:l by the administration ric-:r.i:n - \u-r c mponsiblc lor :ti:ck iluips. i.ut thi'lr oiicralions. 'Ihc picljr Mvnird sure lo brlnj i,ul tvblisKony ss lo how Uic market ever lose to such dizzy heights lietore ihe crash, with certain quotations from Hoover end Mellon. Dtnjiiicil Quietly atf. IV- iim-.i:-:..tii,n «.,. indcf- nnlely po.lposicil. Walcott. ask- fd for the list, rfp'ncd: "Wtul i.-'^" Ani th^re will be r.3 i-.-.o-e heard about (he matter unless Senator Broo'khart of Iowa, almost Hie only one still avid for Eiicli fin-works, can persuade the committee. Just, previously a House committee's investigation of Secretary of the Treasury Mellon, based on impeachment charges of Congressman I'alman ol Texas, had been hlotlcd oul by Melton's appointment as ambassador to Great Britain. Tryintr to run Uncle Andy out of the Treasury by disclosing his Announcements The Courier r^ews nas Been RU. ihorized to announce tho following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary, August D. Por Prosecuting Attorney UKNVEH I,. DUDLEY For County Judge ZAL D. HARRISON Ifor 2nd term) Fnr SherllT ROLAND GREEN CLARENCE II. WILSON Connty Treasurer W. W. HOLL1PETEU (for 2nd lerm) Circuit Court Ctcrk R. L. "BILLY" GAINE? (for 2nd terml Counlj a?m Probate Clerk W. II. "DOC" SCARBORO MRS. JOHN LONG (lie-election) MISS CAREY WOODBURN FRED FLEEMAN For Countjr Assessor JOE S. DILLAHUNTY (for 2od t«rm) CITY ELECTION Tuesday. April 5 Clly Clerk S. C. CUA1G ("for re-election) JOK '.V. AI.EXANDKR OSCAll ALEXANDER l-'or Mnnlrtpal .Inrtje GEORGE W. BARHAM IVY W. CRAWFORD C. A. CUNNINGHAM For City Attorney BAM MAN'ATT Fur Alderman. 1st Ward O. 1!, OREAB L. O, "PETE" THOMPSON 1'ur AlUtrnuii, 2nd Ward S. H. EASTBUFJt J. H. KONEY MONDAY, APRIL 4, '1932 ing thc business connccdons and other alleged dlsJiuatltlcations was Ion u favorite diversion of sonic Democrats and sonic Progressives, but II took Hoover -to d(Elo:lgc lile uld ecnlleman. This time, as usual, Ihe con- liressmen merely liad fome ln« and quit. That Nav»l Probt Who doesn't, rcineinber the famous Investigation of William n. Bheaicr nud the sliiiibuildlnn companies. Inspired by (he Wiilto House? Shearer vvns accused of Ircnk- np-or trylPK to break u;>- 1927 Oenev:! jiuval e';nti:t- ice, us an I'Jnj-loye ol !!i rs, u-hlcli inarii'. American timers. The rl'.li-.h,iulri-.'i-i >vorc shown fo biive hired SV.uanr as a lii: fellows liku ClnulL> SKhvn'j Iwgan lo \x mentioned. Admirals were shown lo have conspired .•Itli Siie.iror anr. to have furnished him an Inflammatory "secret British document" which proved a hoa.x. Il was charted lhat an American combination IKIJ d to wreck Ihc American policy. II Htcamc "Tim Hut" In olhcr words. Ihc hnestigation became "loo hot." Chairman .horlridRe, the chief inrestiualor, suddenly iwslponcd hearings fur three months, resumed them for an hour or so and then never made any reixirl. We kcpl asking him .ibonl that rcimi', for months, but finally Brew tired of Sliortridjjc. by (lie way, had been in charge of a Senate investigation of the, "dye trust" some .•ears before—and had never reported on lhat, either. Senator Borah once got a resolution through the Senale to investigate alleged -scandals in Ihe Alien . Properly Ciiitudian's oftlce, ifter a loud campaign fur it. But """i !(• WHS (omul lhal the Scn- hiidn'i authorized any money - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - :, '••'-'•••• THE &Kea 6Kseo of HOtoUsss cane, (or the investigation. So it never came oil. GERMANS KKNKW IHHVE 'On April 4, 1D18. the German for;s on the Picnrtly batllc front renewed their offensive in great force, allacking the French near MdrLiel' ind Orivesncs and the Drilish near liamel. Clcrmnn onkial bulletins njjain •laimcd importniH vicloiies, but Alicd bulletins udiniUcd only minor reverses and said there was iiitle ear the nen- offensive uxjiiH W a rcpclition of the defeat of the nritish Fifty Army in March. Great, German activity on other 'odious of (He front indicaicd that another major drive was to be aunchcd soon. Armenian Iroops, haslily orgnn- IN NORTHERN -AFfiTA- WOMEN Of=A2RO'J StTAuTlFy TKEMSewes ev sTfeNotiNe cests ON THeiR HANDS' ANO peer. W ^^«£ W x e ^ ' N L8&? ' °N A KANSAS MRM, MdlHSK NATlfee N.E6iSCT?c> To SHOW HCWNS OM A CHURCH EXCUSES =r»-=By Gcoifc W. Buham I've heard a great many people y "I am a member ol such and such church, but I act out of the habit, of goinf and linvc. not been lo church lor three or four years." I hi';ird one woman say that she l not bccu in a church for so long she would not know how to act if sh« lonnrt hcrsoif in a church. I u-ns telling my husband about this statement, but, I could not- say much lor we ha\e not been going very often. Of course. \ve have a Boori reason for not fioing. as ice rim a business that requires us lo slay up iut c . T):cn. there is .1 lot ol mail that accumulates through the week and there are tlie books to check up; and Siuiday is about the only day we have to look after the books anil Hie m.ill. Then, there is our recreation which we must have if we are to keep up through the week. So. it is just occasionally izcd after ttc Russian v,1tharawal p li;oni Turkey, stormed Erzmim, in- iflictlnB heavy losses on Turk forces American troops in Ihc Oham- igne feclor repulsed a heavy Ger•man raid. that we can squeeze In a Sunday for church. I think our church folks arc the coldest, people on earth, for wtwn we do go tlicy seldom pay us U)« attention wo leel we are entitled .&>. I told one woman this and-she said she guessed the church '-via cold, but she did not. know thai we had done very much lo warm It up. Reduce by Roller Skatn ' LYNN, Massachusetts, .<UJ?j.V — Lynn matrons have found aTrtiw way to keep slender—roller; stating on the broad sidewalks.'along Lynn Shore Drive. The . women, chic In sport togs, gather' almost daily for the new 1 diversion'.' The i. wives of several wealthy men 1 have •.& been teen on rollers. ' ' Hand, on 'Forrhtad Saved Life CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)—Harold Gruhn. 16, probably saved his own life by having lib hand on his forehead .when he was struck by* a stray .22 caliber bullet. The bullet, fired by a boy hunting in the woods nearby, passed through Gruhn's hand into his forehead, where doctors removed it. THE SHOPPING TOUR OF Rambhai Barni Her name is Rambhai Barni, and her husband is the only absolute monarch left in the world. She has more jewels than the sky has stars, and nothing is unattainable to her if money will buy it. But even Rambhai Barni can't find in Siam all the luxuries that her feminine heart delights in. And when she came (o the United States last spring she had the pleasure of a real American shopping trip . .. from which she returned with seventy-eight pairs of Amer- ican silk slockmys and fifty-five pairs of American kid gloves. How much more fortunate ihe American woman is! She doesn't have lo buy a year's supply of stockings ... or of anything else . . . all at once. She buys only as she needs or wishes, confident that the best the entire world can produce is offered for her choice today, tomorrow, or next month. And advertising is her buying guide. Through advertising she Icarus what is new, smart, fashionable. Through advertising she discovers whuie her money can be sixint mosl advantageously. Ad- •*-•' ^ ."""^f'. ** / VV-N- .*4 ' J vcrlismg is a real and useful influence in her life. There's some- thing in the advertisements today lo interest you, Read them.

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