The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on November 12, 1905 · Page 28
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 28

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 12, 1905
Page 28
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. XEW YORK. SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 12. 1905 Famous Boat Club on Flushing Creek 0gjL In the Poets Corner -'SbHI The Last Guest. Autumn's Only Cheer. I nfng ot their career. Id the Merettg Club The Wahnetah Boat Club House at Flushing. HeV sSle'Va ?ojrB arpaat; 8 ' A,f yJudlar. wTOWwe th nhSth and , up the ghost and gave over its splendid rec- where it stands to-day. although it must not Worcester (Mass.) waters. This crew Is muneratlve; hence the people turnedTTTo- Of winter s howling blast. For I know how much you have cared, ord to the younger element, who decided to be forgotten that It was built upon a good now in training ami they will keep at it until bacco. grapes, etc.. In which, on account of To Christmas time and all its mirth Then I dream and dream, though strange it i r;lr'h" !,7!lwr tth, UamC J I3' fundtion- M Nereus " mas" - whe" 'Phylloxera in France, they mado cons.- Ow sear: , thjS"r th(J "afterwards.- u ""'rv fiHfiSHHHjB i it does not and never did owe a dollar. The i boats ef all descriptions formed the fleet of entertainments have lion arranged for. prices were not carried out as carefully as Remalns byDd frCIS' J. SHANLEY. Oh! not If we guide our lives as we ought, BIIbMSBW boathouse is free of debt, everything inside j the Wahnetah when they changed its name These have been a feature with the Wall- they could and should have been. The We will live In tho "afterwards." its walls or moored to its landing is free of from Nereua, it can boast to-day of one of netahans every winter, but this year the French Association Cotonniero is doing all W W when I remember the hope from above, Ihe Famous Cup Won by the Wahne- anv attachment except the affectionate at- i the largest flotillas afloat, not barring any club promises to excel itself in the good it can to encourage the cultivation of cotton Upward. Which was Riven l.y Him in His infinite love. tahs Four Years Ago. taohment of its members. There are no i of the larger clubs around New York City, times that will be offered to the members in French ana other colonies. It has dls- Press v" lllm ' That n litc ls donc and our Pl'S-lmag" hack dues and the financial condition of the i The Wahnetah to-day has a total of thirty- of the club and their friends. tributed seeds and sought in other ways to yMoTe" stil aoal beyond, Then "we will cross to the bright shinina rowing that made a name for itself by pro- elub is. therefore, a most enviable one. tour boats, divided as follows: Two 4-oar get the people in Algeria and elsewhere to fie content to stop shore duems some Of the m beat oar-men that Captain Thomas F. Clearv has directed the shells, two 8-oar shells, six 4-oar gigs, three experiment along lines known to have be- Tho. you have w0 a worthy place, , And Uve ln the "afterwards." ever handled a skimmer". Early in the sev- affairs of the club In a manner that has left ! double gigs, eight single gigs, four single Cotton !l Algeria. J"" ?0i S'Llu TrmVre aWoai canno t" pause upon For the "afterwards" will be very sweet; enties the Nereus was founded on , he o-e no room for grumbling. He has led hie bovs shells, one barge and eight launches. The -waev e results have reaehed pe.nis ,a,d to b satis 'I, , " 0( the t." 'Tis there all our dear ones- u hope then to upon which i o-day still stands the w to victory upon so many occasions that launch Alice Is the flagship of the club and l a report covering the work ot his dis- factory. Experts .-xamm.-d cotton cultivated meat building, but under another name. The I Cleary is to-day the idol of the Wahnetah thtl awl llttl. vessel is used upon all state triet Consul Johnston of Ugiora refers to the and found It to range in vatTOB. IjWtt Fcr rvcrv the future holds We wtlMovo then, more truly and deeply ::v:-r;z $m I :Karrs i zzz zvlzz rrrp. p Hrc sstr jgzxsz now m? vKtisffspa some of the smartest regattas that excited I silver voiced tenor of Flushing and a com- j swiftest launches on Long Island waters for a series of years, those from lSbO to rbe yield per Hectare I-" MTWJ w M The , vc done of tasks assigned soul boating in the vear when boatlne wo. o i noer of note as well as bv Second Ueuten- ' and ls the pride of Flushing Ray. Next 1873. which indicate a curious up and down proximately 3 metric tons of short, J of me- -,.ho. De it great or smal. Who has fought well and won and at last toapea, in Its infancy The Wahnetah Ul t Louis Steinme. - season the .going to ha. an mo,. from JJ metric Urns in to g--0 - . ZotSt And S 3i , the "afterwards, up the eue where the Nercus lelt it and has j club-and there are over sixty of them-haa l-Wtfll I Island PhUatolph'a and In 1S69 After 1875 prices ceased to be re- same. FLOYD D. RAZE. -MARIE MERIAM. Second Li.u.epan. S.einmetz on Left in Q.g Tll ? " rTTTTTr .m..l.. ; r ... , Jr kilometers an hour, envelope , s,s t ; 1. - " U v, r ertt i, ,.s wero a petty revenge and Frisco Kid w. no. .1,, . ourag. d bjrWCl eeomp.,nied by her Autumnal 1 ,r m,.. , m - '': lb" A LStoS? " SiSuTS?" It.vJrJJ.i- Autumnal aaion is Ph. .. ow ,h, numbw .f .h. ,., rvr;,,;:;,,,,; ;: Z Z .., ,.k. , ttM.r' t- with on- hand, and with .he olher make, a Xe.n, "7 da g, r ".I n ', J. .he Paris eon. The oiher day there was I f no wed him all his precious e,.rfl,-a s The venber d;.eks o Munha. Jan. DAn1U - 1 J !"w I ' oneon ,damand Eve in Faradisc It r,, . J Jj, , M BjT..rd one , ' , ' f aril irttama la alBtraat eowrtrtaa, (or eouat- por,,,on ,h, mW M ,:iu,.r t. . run- supposed to bo by Raphael Saoaio. which Palace, who consented .,. inform ins! ( ' ui.MdliiK Wi0Bt bu. 1 lag md regulating speed, the German aya- 0,lty , 00k at." was sold by the mer. haul Van den Berghe Wnt of ih Kid a req.t. s., M Louhct was ., . ' . . B II v r lamina All It," German ma- Par), y kn0w I. the place where .be Mona.eur OabrlH. for the handaome sum about to leave the palace with Prince Ferdi- "e, " bd. Bureau nlodder who la determined to sneered and i rhin' nv' hal INMM number of new Plas Ik launched, of 16.000. Now. friends oftentimes will not MM of nu.garla. bu, was mu. h MM at ' t Rue T.mbon . TZ he w M 1 IM ! to ! then .here i. a aec. , Ml( yr,y number of new mind -heir bu.lne.a. and those of M. Gabriel the reque.t s opped In one of the room. H Rue r.mbon aucteed he will I,B1 dial which appear, ai renain Interval., dra-o.. and on.ras of varlnt. kinds sent eeofjed a. .he Idea of that Adam and Eve and put his font on the hoy s hn, ... have Ins . PU November 4-The uue-tlnn la A. an exira .t.r.ctlon. the manager, of M. f nvPr . " " , ' lh( n ' , " rott.ln. from tM brush , MMaal so fiei, shoes blacked, which, you may Imagine, wero EUROPEAN ADVERTISEMENTS. When '.-..nar-.U , s.lon have ,M0 fit .0 have an U- Utomtvn M hnur ,,, l.l. which .nd' .hat on. one-huodredth pan of that .hey ended by making the mind of the . I" much n i of I The Frisco l.ov. - " kl , N.,HIN tawttaMtoWOltr W, now have bltion of -he works of Inarea. .nd al.o of r, , .,,,. wWu. ,nlv.tlv(. WI , , ' ,. ... ,, ,,,.,,,.., much delighted whh the r, M CASSIN Kl'SfiiiS!!" an au.umnal -alon which bid. fa.r Maf. picture,. They evidently .hlnk .hat ,,.,,. , ,. ,, ,,.,, on x,,..-!, , r, n tnard for a s.a.e,e, . d 1 1 .an , r mm , , NICE, to become important a. .he Ue dead will "draw more th.n ,be llvlna. sood lfttm , . ,oromnllv,. lthor ,. " ,, ,',;. ' .hop in -he Faubourg tt. An.olne. had 'Hl.m "I. IM under- MAWWA. W one. in ihe spring Thl. Is Ha A winy r.rlc.ture is the shade of Ingrea Ihs, ., tn ,,urh,4 ehronomrter and . , r hi. ' - h. , ,.? bought It for I nominal .urn lust for Ihe signed, .ecretary to the Presidency certify int. ,ltf n keeps on in- ma hands wuh .... , Ln, of ih.s , , r ... , . ,x;i. r TTZL "TZV - had he l ",a, Fr,,, ,e,k. the g.b. ,r g boo,- EUROPEAN TRAVEL. before long equal .he ,ul,t,., of pain. mgs thtnks t , he whole thiol, Ingrea la aay- ,,,..,. 1; ,,BY , , ,. , ., -,,,n v. . , ' , ,r . , , , , ,, ,., . . , ,. w,;i ; I h, ,,ii, Pr. s, ,1 hune, If . ., ir i V h IM If 19 ePe, .join'oial i.r.v.1, e,l,lbl..d ill .he rhamp.-Ely.eea ,.0n. ,. - J- ' over the .-urprla. of b.lng r,. ; , . , ,, ,...r ,r -hr.e ., hat doe. no. diminish number on the ground I hat Ihe picture wa. .purlons. 1 " , 1 " '.. ' "," 'l , ', :":",' 'V nlrf. WQt .here are I.. .. I.J.,-,. on .xhlMUM r '' n,to(l- lbl month. That .,.tm It ,er..lnly ...Mb of ,.., ,, Nlta ,., ... atari and four expen, were eho.en by the cour, lo ex - fMM ! Marking -he -In.". . K.-le le.uhet. n, ., . -k, . ,, .... I a n I II I .he N more d.fferen- thju, ,he m.nnar of recommendlna; . regular re, ord o, spe. , . ! , "-1,1 p,u,, io m he , 1 and ,ok ,hc, four reside,,, of the French ... public. Maximo Champ de Mar. s.lon .re members n, tUl Ingr" '","'!' M MW and examined by , he .uthorltic The play, . m which are pu, on It), board.. 'o d-lde. . of them declared B'rnrn EUROPEAN HOTELS, one. Eugene Carrlerr I. one of ,he big men of tnla exnibl.lon. Ingre. ha. the atademb only MM, however. I. to b vary .even tMt Ctltlea aft MMtoj MMBtOM to AM Ml MM IM .l."ure had l.e.-n re-..r,.. an oli.-n VIr 11 " III. i. 11 and Mi. .Inlin HOTKI. 1)10 I. V I'll.ltlllKM i;, ef teal year. There wa a whole room tha "gaor. pompier. . , pun(hlnlr whoever la guilty of riding too a ,y for xbfm ,0 become nMmIMM """ " wn' Impoaa.hle to e.i.bll.h I). an- aon, her .l.ler. both ol Drooklyn. and Mra COlJTHBXlJIVItLB. devo.ed to hla work. You know wh.t his "'' '" . A' " "x" '' eP'lH- H '"b nd .own.. Now. Apropos of critic, the paper, li.v, be. n MMtkltl "That ought tn be proof Mitchell, ot Philadelphia have been Irav- ..iSm.nt. S.r. ' V,"! : work I. - colorless painting., a. aeen 1 "M 0Dr- "', o,rr," n thay had ,B Bo(laqai rh,treur who la arreated for filled lately with argumraie pro and .on aa enough." .aid ih pur. "that the pl.t- ding for several weeks ., , the . onilneni, w b.o. en k vim , i,rvrn. r. ,P. through a dream WMa I My .olorle., I 1 ,nf.r"' of " ,b" I"1""", ha aald: ,,, IO Ut, deprUed of hla license (or ... he,her a manager ha. or ha. not tha Mi Is no longer a Kaphael. If It ever wa. landing at Naples and vlsnmg Rome. Fb.r- M.A, hki.i.h m. mean the. be employ, no color, of Ihe w wBt 10 prOV ' cl'cUe- a lime, and If be h.. h.en arreaie.l three h. to ref. to allow a erl.l. . judge hi- ' 1 ' '' 1 "'"'hi , . ghe back mv and V. n, Had,- Ma I. ,, and v,lK,,r. ijina... rrem j..-,, i.m -jn IM. OIIANB rainbow, bu, ,he picurea are perhapa all' Th :ulp.ur. evhihl, Is far .uperlor lo llm bji tlre.0ee I. ..ken aay from him pU a dreaa rebearaal. The que.tion mnt" '" mr " Ti" merchant refu.ed. and the l.le of Marken and the Hague. In Hoi- ra nich.rd.'r. Kaceptioa.l iSm3m the ..rong. if for II He eioi Is in portray- 'hl ,n" P11"1"". "odln ha. a whole . for good " and he a ..ntenr.d (o a r.r.aln areea In ibl. way. An.olne did noi .end a .he trial threaten, lo leal until the land, and arrived in Pari three week, ago W.eiric light (m.i,u, ,,. ...,, T.i No ing motherhood and In painting children. Toom ,or e'.11 "' hl" ma.urplece.- a number of month, lo prison Well, they ikket to M. de Xloa. IM critic ol the Echo of ooom. hen. nD the la.t Judgment d.y. via Bru..els. and .oiled for home on Oeto- 1 nHKMii:. noi k.i. 1,1.1 1. hvi k. Hla wife I. hi. principal model h I. not "markable bu.t. hewn o, of .olid piece W be .low bj Ftane. lo regulate the .peed ft p.rl. thereupon the r,,i, . hi, fello.v Raphael may be .ummoned. and then only ber 21. Thomae K. P Rork". of Lake Ma- ' 'n.'itiiNM:i W i, DM? hand.ome nor .tyll.h nor a soeiety woman. ' m'hle.. Then there are .ev.ral group.. 0f auto.. MMMI 'he Frn h maaufartiirer. run,, .nd the editor, of the v.rlou. papera , r,n 'he .uihenilrliy or (pMMMMM of the hopac. Sew Vork. who wa. for many yeara rr . . .. . bu. .he ha. a look that apeak. eohMM when h,ch bare been enl.rged. taken from hi. h. ,he pp.r h.nd The mdu.iry here i. loudly prn'e.tea. and ..Id th., UtelBe had MtMl he settled. . realdenl of Drooklyn. bu, who I. now of ANGLO CONTINENTAL HOTELS he ha. a bah. In her arms and kl..e, ft, ,0 ooor. But th. mo.t work ,he fir-. In the .orld I, bring, flee revenue, aa rial,, .o prevent . crltl. from doing hi. fNM. Journallsl. ernw over .he fact Ih.f Interl.ken. o.i Lake Mahopac. left America g.tnT txAh!( j;lMOI'KA lloTIKlif Th, pir.ur I. d Tend-rn... I. that ,h' hand of the , re. .or In ihe act of , ,hf .,., influential men are l,er,.,ed ,,v Th, rrupoo An.olne said Ibe. I ... there are but few French newapaper women, on September 23. areomp.nled by Mr. Horke Fl ,,,, ia H 1 1 I LAftl ill E AtlBOjfi of Ihe head of a mother embracing har creeling Adam and Ke. Th. gigantic hand lB the varlo.i. f.eiorle.. .nd a. anon a. th ma'er lo hla playhouae. and that h. had a I, i. a fad that, among the great power., hi. aon. Ma.ier Prynr W Rnrke. and MIm PARIB. Mby. r.rrlere b palmed of iham htn out of a bilge pier, of marble end toverninni ihlak. ol I... Ilteif- rtgbl in laaiU any one or io keep .ny one France ha. .he taML .nd Ihe few aenrea Anna May Barrett, Mr. Horke'. rl.ter. and TBW0MTrrv vuSSSt ' mmm and a number of them mu.i have found .aabn0ln ou. of a rough pie., of what int n,otr ,,rrlagr. Ibera M hue tM rv aval iMl be phewd. and aa man, h. .re .omen MM are Ml very a. afler remaining ome lime In lndon. ar- iHWKUt A BOXJiL rYilOL. home, in Ain.rl.. RaRaelll. who to al.o -ema in be flay Ihe two human creature. frnni ro,nuf.r. . r tMl M I- ntkina u I l H Moti h.d MMMMtkMltf eon far - morals are .h.t I. ar- rived In Parlo on October 1! They will KSIIil.ASiD. a mos, aealUk aril... ha. ten picture, hung ' " Mt .i MtMlBll with , .!,. tM trad- IM the iMMtWa Mar- MMH I ... H pie,. HM by n.oinr lo) .o.dlng io lb ,....., of .he .rm In remain here , week., then go lo Bourne- LOUDON CARLTON HOTEL in Ibe ..Ion Afier hi. Parle .renea. ha 'he breath of life and then Eve. who Me. 0ok acrldeaia for !l.h ihoa. rpon.ibl' ye.r. h ntoloe. and bl. rrlllrl.m. pre. I America They are generally mor. or leaa mouth s,v ihrre month and aall for bom" hiimk ba. gone to ih- country to paint real rur.l be.idehlm. OwtM there b, . ar.nder Idea ,huM be .everel, pHtaMa In P.rl. ,h- 1 r .,,.1. irom coming o hi, pi.r . in.. .i,ima,ely married In the Figaro ...U.- oo tier em ber I Mr. and Mra. I, Boeae, of CANNES HOTEL DES AN0LAI8 MM, uch a. "CfeMMM oo the Road," ,h" M "pre.ent th. xlmlght) a. the fir., lr0u. mole, af lllMHtlM Ml ... a MMMMI m.n a. well to are glv.n of .he number of ti. w.paper Elllnwood. K.n.a.. left their home on Ihe Mnait-Mllfaa MLaXE Nlilal Pkllcr 1.1 tall ft "The White Mora, Sunday a, -he inn." toMtatM of lb. uoiv.rae. holding Ada. end r. danger. M MMMIMM I MM L . MMMT, ..d MM Ml MM M M women In v.non. , Kngl.nd laai day of Aug,,., for a Ir.p In the ...tern TV " ' alt and they are aa much an expre.aloo of true M lo HI. mighty hand, and making then, d,eda rroaalag th. .venue, and hie. ,n lleketa M a play a. ibe .am. a. .elllog there ar. Hon m Am'rba S.:,J. but It, Oer- part of th- I nlted gtate. and .aw Niagara t2zlXL ' 0 AIM0. art and of hi. own bru.h .a hi. wooderful Perfect before the br.elb ol life ha. been Every Urn. ah. MU home ,af. from .o m.n, y.rd. of ribbon, and It a fMMB MW- many ibelr numlr ha. grown mo.i rapid- fall., among o.her place. They .ailed MlO IRMDNIIU 01 FMICC ill CaHEMIItall I'arl. .cen.,. Havaeer, he he. changed hla breathed Inlo them? buelne.a in Ibe rliy .be ha. occion to rb.m h.d meao. for defending bl. bu.lnea. ly. lo l!"00 were no that country, 'or OMMMf early In September, and after ITALY, manner of ...vm.n' lie put. on more Sin . ihe untrtuna a .Idem .ed b, thank M did not ... why a manager of . the.oer and now there ar- UN, of whom 3' per landing ai Bremen vl.lted re.,e in h-M ROME Grand Hotel Du Quiriflll. color, .i.e. hi. on color In lube. In pro- an automobile, which rtaulted io Ihe death The Trench are begmalng lo make light ' ahould he d prived of lhm Now ,b. que.- cent, are occupied with politic,. 4 per cenl n.'lve Mate of Hanover, and arrived I" - - - fu.lnn and hi. plcturea are none the Itea ol Mon.leur lu.t.t. aeeretary to .be mloi.l.r of going up In tba balloon, .nd areonau'. lMj Ml I e, i.. whe.h.r manager I. In are (ravellog editor, lo, per .em. record Perl, by way of Frankfort and Cologne, M AMERICAN it EUROPEAN TRAVEL ma.terful Among the Americana I. Then- ot commerce, in ibe Avenu. de. rbampe. ,,n , lk(, , rapidly becoming the way ib. rlahi when M eajre that be I. a mer- domea.le reremonlea. f, per cel., deeole October I. Tbey returned aa Ihe Mtb lo ZM' HOTEL AND PXlfllON LXR. dore Carl Bu.ler, who Uvea In Olverny. Ihe Elya.e.. the deputlea and aeoator, bav. de. ,0 t,, ob' tberea no danger a- all !,.. -ham. and a aereMal oaly. Th- o..e..lon th.m.elve. to MMMMM NMM, 7Vt, r llermany. will lake a trip on the Rhine, re. ( gffgn , HKht jf, yulr nIMIn. home of MaeMonnle, and Mone. HI. pr- termlned to pas. law. .ev.My punl.hlog ,0,j know how to .leer, If you keep .bout M rt mMI om In end Ibe dr.m.t,, .rule .en, to faihlon.. Mt ir cent, to .cleoce.. "in. to I, .-..., ill sill ",. m . iir..,,L I . .,. ., it,,,. ,,. ,.,,..,. l-.rl.l lure I. entitled lllvcrnv in ,be Winter " Ihoae who exceed .he .peed regulation.. It 7 ooo f.el ebove Ihe aurface of ih. earth I. ..n a,, eriip The. I. ihe opinion of ,h. 10 per rem in . rltl. l.m on arl. in ir cent Iron, ,ha, port e.rly In November Mr j and WW Mil, si.. u..h,..ioa, D. I . Butler I. an lnipre..lonlt He I. the aon- , wa. arreaaary for on. of toj fuaellonarl. .h. air la pure, and highly recommended (a fMyrlUrawM hae been MMalUd The, wilt- on pedagogical IIH per eenl. .'Ira U H-.we. of Worrr.ler, Maaa..lefl ? !.!! taei- MMjM In law of ihe gre.t i,nprr..ionlat. Mon.t. to ho killed to make the gov.rnn.en pa, , m.umptlvee aa healing to lung. A' . .b, v prefer Melng their pie,, badly devote ihem.elve. M political economy and America on Hepumber 27. accompanied by ,,',,",'' ,'.', ", '!." i'',ii"ie', '' "T MM lb, la no reason why he .hould Iml- attention to the matter of too ep.edy driving ,h, height you ar. aur. not lo meet oh (rtlklaed ... no. having them meo.lon.. al 27 pe, cent, lo Utera.ure The aalarle. of her .on.. Charlc w .nd llom-r K llo, N, u i( ;,, tale Monet Battel I. p.rhap. more of an There have been hundred, and hundred, of ...,r, on th. aurfac. of th. earth, aor any "II all of II cornea uader the heeding of d th. wom-n In (lermei.y ary from 1100 to and her daughter. Ml.. I.ury K Howe, and fMIIHIIIialai .ban Moo., Ml .. hi. draw- humbl-. unknown u.tlm.. bul their live, did in th. kle. Indeed, areonaul. and "chaul ite.dere who ae. an adver.. IJ.0O0 . year The article ellea Ihe aalerv after landing nl iluiilngne. came directly J! , . vi Ina la alwaya nearly perfeei, hi. . olur d not count. However. II mue. he difficult for f. .,r.' agree tbal II la noi nearly ao dangei nfllklf-i In ibelr papera will go ,o lodge of auch a woman .. Mra Mary Booth In lo Pari., arriving on October They left nrrtligaa5 ' no. ic,,. ,i. ,, .in, ibe p. rf,, , ,,., f .be ,, polieem.n ,0 nole the .peed el which an ou. a. .utomoblllng. certainly not for pede. lof IMaaMlMI 'But ran a men.ger kMMI Amerlc. who make, la.onil a hut for- on the d. for Barcelona, In Rpaln. and will K.V.I.IM.. MgMl He ha. a Brooklyn Bridge m bl uulomohlle I. going Thirty kilometer, an m.n. and DMM de la Vauli. who wa. lb. . 'tin. from .aylai hat he want. ... when gela ,o .ay that Mat a "alary for aomea remain there ibrough Ihe winter, atudylng I...SK.N .ll-n.I.e.a I'rlv.t. Hatali M Montagu, atudle which I. worthy of a pla. e In a hour ur. allowed In ibe rountry and i.emy v. tor in laoo for long dlalame ballooning, be buy. a llegetTI feM MM MMd MIOtad Id vary ran the language of the .oun rv Mn How. , ,,NI', . ' ,'. pea ' kwi 1'ne". Maemawa a mi,.. urn of ih. .1.) to wlii.h ib, bridge in the city, hut the man whoae duly II la lo aald Formerly when I ...,, , nn the rrlMe for d. ,. Fr.,IH.k lb. ,ing American boolbla, k and family III r. , urn i P..ri. In the ,,,r,iu ' M ,,.,., ,,. t,. . . ,. One lludlo in Pa, I. be a.. v. K.u mean. ..I telling at h.i .peed the auto. ,oe .1, rable b.lloon. wer. ,,,,'gih.. Mt MMMM M Mpt I MaU Md OMM f IMM. gdMMMa Mm MIM erland Mr. fharle, Howe may return lo KM A M I :. rape palming people and hi,, of ate being driven, and cteatMra Mi MMMI MMI iMfd .. n. n.otor N'.. that , ,,,, , ,,ien tbey were not, ih, eMiel gWUlglfUn h.. 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