Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 25, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 25, 1897
Page 24
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DAILY PHAEOS SATURDAY, DEC. 25, 1897. OITY NRWS. Lewis King was at Marlon yesterday. Miss Stella Dalrymple is Tlslting at Schlater, Mo. Selling out, and everything must go at Walden's shoe slore. Isaac Woodward of Richmond is visiting Logansport friends. Mrs. f. M. Burgess, of the Westside, is recovering from a long Illness. Miss Anna Carroll of Eoyal Center is visiting her cousin Miss Anna Han- Digan of the Westside. C. W. Graves went to Terre Haute this morning to surprise his wife who has been there a week. The usual elaborate Christmas dinner was served to five hundred patients at Long Cliff hospital today. Got a bottle of Golden Wedding rye for Christmas dinner, 11 years old, 116 per cent proof, at McSale's. Hon. D. D. Dykenaan went to Lexington, Ky., to attend the funeral of hi* uncle, the late Rev. William Pratt. Mrs. E. B. Guston, of Indianapolis, bas returned to Logansport and will make her home with her daughter, Mrs. AlTin Denbo. Mn. N. L. brause has returned from ft three weeks' Tlsltat St. Paul, and li a guest of her sinter, Mrs. Dr. Neff, on east Broadway. There wfti a larga attendance at the bill given last evening at Dolan & MoHale's hall by the Citizens Band. The ball will be repeated tonight. The weather today IB Ideal for winter, the temperature being not too cold and the ground covered with snow. Sbighing continues fairly good. Al Martin, who lives near Royal Center, who recently had a stock sale says that he is not going to move to South Dakota as was previously stated In the papers. Next Tuesday IB Holy Innocents day in the calendar of the Episcopal church. The children of Trinity church will be given their Christmas treat on the evening of that day. Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Tucker are entertaining Mrs. C. D. Maxwell, Mrs. Minnie Goodheart, Miss Nettle Tucker, Mrs. A. Tucker and C. W. Maxwell and son Clifford of Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson, Mrs, Mackay and daugher Eva, Mas ter Harry Mao key and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith, all of Wabasn, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McNary, The patients at Long Clifl hospital were given a Christmas treat last evening. The operetta of "King Winter" being rendered by the em- ployes In the assembly hall before a foil house. Attorney T. F. Cronin of Chicago Is expected home today to spend Christmas with his sister, Miss Bessie Cronin, theNorlhslde school teacher. He wlil also visit bis mother in Carroll county during his vacation. While our local merchants hate done.a good holiday business, they report that the aggregate sales are not up to the amount expected. People do not seem to have the money to spend and buy more carefully than In the past. First mass was celebrated this morning at St, Joseph's church at 6 o'clock. The choir rendered very fine music and the altars were beautifully decorated with flowers and palms. Tho last mass was celebrated at 10 o'clock. Vandftlla Engineer Frank E. Gross has joined his wife and daughter at Indianapolis, where they will spend the holidays. Mr. G. has been at Indianapolis for several weeks receiving medical treatment, and is reported greatly Improved. Two wagon loads of wheat were stolen from the Runkle A Carroll elevator in Royal Center Thursday night and marketed in this city Friday morning. The thief is known, and all that is lacking is to put the strong hand of the iaw upon him. The first, a high mass, was celebrated this morning at 5 o'clock, second at S and third at 10 o'clock at St. Bridget's church. Special music was rendered and the altars were decorated very artistically with (lowers. Vespers and bened-iction were given this afternoon at 3 o'clock. South Bend attorneys appear to be a bad lot. One recently ran away with several thousand dollars belonging to other people, and no<v another, A. J. Home, prominent in social circles, has been sued for $5,000 for an alleged criminal assault upon a woman who went to his offics to consult him In regard to a divorce. Mass ftt the following hours wer; c«:6brited this mornlog at St. Vincent da Paul church by Rev. M. E. Campion and Rev. M. Hogan: Firs;; mass ftt 6 ft. m., second at 7 a. m., third ftt 7.30, and the fourth at ID o'clock. The muaio rendered by thd cboir ftt Che high masses was very fin*. Seven! visitors were present. RAILROAD BREVITIES. Short Items of Interest Gathered From Many Sources. The Pennsylvania voluntary relief department on the lines west of Pittsburg disbursed la November la death benefits from accident, 14,000; from natural causes, $7,750; In dlsaole- ment benefits on account of accidents, 16.737.65: on account of sickness, $6,498 40, making a total of «24,986.05 since July 1, 1889. Wlnamac Journal: "Nicholas Latz went to Logansport Wednesday to take a position in the supervisor's office or the Panhandle company ac that place." Plymouth Democrat: i: Tbe preliminary work In connection with the Goahen and Danville electric railroad go«s bravely on. The first survey hasi been completed and the work o securing the right or way Is now In progress. The promoters place grs<it faith in the early construction of the road. General Passenger Agent Ford has stated positively that the Pennsylvania lines will never again accept coupons of interchangeable mileage tickets on trains, and yet the Grand Rapids & Indiana, a part of the Pennsylvania system, proposes to do so. W. H. Wanamaker, the Panhandle brakeman, is laid up with a sprained ankle. He tell from the top of a box car Thursday night. The railroad men who last week formed an association in Chicago to to raise money to sue railroads for being blacklisted has taken for its name "The Blacklisted Association of America." The class L engine on the Pennsylvania lines are making a great speed record with heavy express trains. On the Plttsburg division one of the engines hauled seven Pullman cars at a speed of fifty-six miles an hour for quite a distance; another with eight-inch driving wheels hauled the Atlantic express, between Pittsburg and Philadelphia, for 100 miles at a rate of fifty-eight miles an hour. LOSSES IN OIL. One Pern Operator Drops SS,000 and Other Smaller Suras. A special to the Indianapolis News reports that Carry C. Harris, ihe well-known Flodlay, Ohio, operator, who has dabbled In many oil fields, turns his back upon the Peru field after dropping over 18,000, The special continues: "Many oil men quit loser at Peru. Wells that in open territory could be operated at profit have been abacdoned, as thev can not be run. with pofit in the city. NEW PENSION Veterans Signing « Petition for • Full Settlement To pump them repeatedly at the market thai now rules would result In an everyday loss. Only a few properties have so far paid out. Many never will. The early subsidence of the boom will ruin many contractors. By actual account there were 100 strings of tools at Peru a few weeks Many were from Ohio, but. the jorlty were from these fields." ago. ma- Are They Punished too Severely? There Is much unfavorable comment in regard to President Mc- Klnley's frequent pardons granted embezzlers and bank wreckers. A well known business.man said yesterday that "these pardons are too frequent and their recipients appear to little deserve executive clemency. Does the distrust brought upon business and the financial embarrassment or ruin of hosts of others count for nothing in the president's estimation? It is hard enough to have meagre justice meted out to that increasing class of high toned thieves without having an ever ready pardon at hand to free the rascals from the get." little punishment they do A Lncky Escape. Victor Wise of the Bee Hive recently sold his interest in the Chicago store that was wrecked by a gas explosion In an adjoining restaurant last Thursday. The stock of goods was completely flooded and the loss will be very heavy. It took the firemen nineteen hours to subdue the fire, and thirty streams of water were playing on the flames. Opoa what is Known as the "Twentj- Ie«r Flan." The discussion of the government changing its plan as to pensions aad paying all claims in oulk is being discussed In Logansport, as well as all over the country. A Pharos maa today interviewed Captain Frank Swigart, an active Grand Army man and one who is In close with the old soldiers of this community, and he states that the matter of such a change would be brought up aod discussed at the meeting of the Lngansport Post next Tuesday evening. Mr. Swigart be Ueven that if a change is made that pensioners should be paid the total sum they would be entitled to under the life expectancy plan. This would oe fair both to the government and the pensioner. In this connection the Indianapolis News reports that the war veter ans of that city have held a public meeting and are circulating a petition to congress asking that the United States settle with the pensioners on what the petition terms "a twenty-year plan." The suggestion is that every man and woman on the rolls be paid at once the amount he would reoeelTe If he continued to draw a pension at the present, rating for twenty years. It is explained to the veterans by the jpen who are circulating the petition that thegovern- meno might, within one year after the adoption of such a plan, make final settlement with every pensioner and at the end of such period be ready to go out of the pension business permanently. One of the arguments put forth In support of the suggestion is that by adopting such a plan the Government could at once abolish the Pension Department and thereby save the enormous amount of money it now costs to operate the department- The veterans are generally signing he petition, it Is said. It is pointed out by the man who Is drawing $6 a month that under the plan he would receive 13,440—enough to buy him a ittle home. As the yearly pension roll amounts o about $140,000,000 a year, the sum otal required to pay in bulk all pen- lOQ claims would be enormous. BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS - - AT THEl - - The Golden Rule AND SAVK MONEY. SCHMIT HE1NLY. Holiday Goods™ NECKWEAR, MUFFLERS, SUSPENDERS, HATS, SHIRTS, We are headquarters for the inest Knee »f COLLARS, GLOVES, CUFFS, CAPS, UNDERWEAR, HANDKERCHIEFS, SLEEVE BUTTONS, COLLAR BUTTONS, PULSE WARMERS, HOSIERY, Etc. DEATHS IN THE STATE. FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS at lowest prices. Men'sBoy's and Children's Suits, in every style, variety and color desired at Unheard of Low Prices. Boy's and Children's Overcoats, Ulsters and Reefers will be sold at One -fourth Off for Spot Cash. Reason: We are overstocked. This is Special. Don't fail to look these bargains up. We have the largest and finest line of 50c Knee Pants ever offered. Open evening during holidays, J. D. FERGUSON & JENKS, 322 Market Street, Logansport, lad. A Decided Increase Shown In the Past Three Manlbs. The quarterly bulletin of the State Board of Health, just issued, shows that within the quarter there was an increase of 584 deaths over the preceding quarter. Of this Increase in deatbs, 210 were due to typhoid fever and Diphtheria. Four hundred and sixty-two deaths from phthisis were reported, being 74 less than within the preceding quarter. The board states thai this showing is re mark a ble, as a decrease was anticipated It Is snggested that the mild summe; weather in September probably ac counts for the condition. Of scarlet fever there were ten deaths and 230 ases reported, being a decrease of five deaths and an increase of 57 cases. Cases of diphtheria reported 484; deaths, 125; per centage of mortality, 25.8. The mortality for the preceding quarter from diphtheria was 47,8 per cant. The mortality from measles for this quarter was 7.1 per cent, of the cases. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. After Horse Vhleves. The farmers of the Flora nelghbor- lood have organized what is known as the Wildcat Detective association, the object of which is mutual protection from horse thieves, counter- 'otters and for the suppression of crime in general. They will hold monthly meetings and compare notes. Twelve of the men have been ap- jointed constables by the county commissioners. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM POWDER Pumping to Begin Monday. The owners of the Walton oil well will oegln pumping oil next Monday and then a better Idea of the produc- Iveness of the well will be obtained. A large tank in which to store the oil has already been erected and the pumping machinery is in position. firikemaa Hurt. August Dexter, a Pan Handle brakemau, was pinched at Crown Point last night. this city, where amputated all the Ingers of the left He was brought to Dr. Hetherington hand. He hospital. 13 now at St. Joseph's WORLD'S FA»R,CHiaGO,l893 Drunks. R. B. Blnehart of Wlnamac, Edward Harrison of Adamsboro, John Doe, Frank Bush and Johp Season, were locked up yesterday and last nigbt on the charge of intoxication. Christmas la being generally observed in Logansport. The banks, postofflie, county and city offices, railroad shops and offices were closed during the entire day. A majority of the stores were closed at noon. There was no mayor's court today. Glen Forgy is down from Chicago. A great many turkeys were masted today. Alva Ferguson has gone to El wood to visit friends. Mrs. M. E. Crowe of Fort f,Wayne Is visiting 'riends here. Just received more sleighs for tb present trade—Henry Tucker. Frank Beaver bas gone to Niles Mich., to visit with his parents. Dr. J. W. Talbott who has been sick for some time IB reported wars today. Thomas J. Peden, the Chicago attorney, and wife, are here to spend Christmas. Miss Mellie Viney, of 1305 North street, is at Rochester visiting he: grandmother. Will Swigart the traveling sales man is spending Christmas with his family here. John Follen, wife and son, of Ft Wayne, are visity Tony Cook and family of the Eastend. Mr. and Mrs. Cadwallader of 610 Chicago street are at Lafayette Tlslt- ing the latter's parents!. Edward and Harry Metzger are at Kokomo spending Christmas with their sister Mrs. Chas. Stewart. Misses Bella Whltehead and Jessie HU1 of Kokomo are visiting James Wbttehead of the Johnston house. After four months'jfork the big Scott Hardy ditch in Carroll and White counties is about completed. Thos. Powers fell last evening in front of Steam's meat shop and sustained a fracture of his left wrist. Dr. Nye adjusted the fracture. Mrs. John Wslzer of St. Louis is in the city visiting relatives. While here Mrs. Walzer remembered the Sisters of St. Joseph's school with valuable presents. Prof. William Stelnhart, Arthur belong They were initiated, Thursday night, by the local lodge of Elks. ; Upon the departure o! Rev. Thornton the colored minister to his new lome in Missouri, the pulpit will be filled bo a local minister Rev. C. S. ones and the presiding elder H. H. Thompson, of Indianapolis. The commissioners of White ounty let a contract for the contraction of twelve miles of gravel oadi to a Frankfort firm and have been made defendant! la a salt to enjoin the issue of bonds and the, building of the road. The complaint was filed by several wealthy land- Keesllng and Merrell Pickell to the antlered element now. owners who do not want the work done. Miss Persinger of Auoka is visiij ing at La Paz, Ind. Harry Dale of Chicago is visiting friends over Christmas. The hotels and restaurants served elaborate Christmas dinners today. Samuel C. Spencer and Emma Bowers have been licensed to wed The barber shops of the city will not be closed until the usual time tonight. ' Miss Lorena Briggs left today for Montlcello to spend the holidays with friends. Harry Brown, son of William H. Brown, is up from Peru University for the holidays. The Wabash railroad is being taxed to its utmost capacity to keep up with its freight irafflc. Charles Boone, of Dykeman'g cafe, went to Flora today co attend the weddicg of his brother. Mr. and Mrs. Wickers, of Indianapolis, are spending Christmas w'th Hon. and Mrs. L. B. Custer, Mrs, W.'s parents, north of the city. Thomas Cronin, the attorney, of Chicago, was in the city today en route to Carroll county, to spend the holidays with his mother. All saloons in Logansport were supposed to close up last night at 11 o'clock and not be open until Monday morniag at 5 o'clock. The law calls for similar closing on New Years. Citizens of Lafayette have agreed to subscribe 150,000 worth of stock in the Sterling Remedy Company, and the plant of that concern will be removed from Attica to Lafayette. The funeral of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson fl. Howe was held at 3 p. m. toJay from the residence of S. E. Howe, No. 704 North street, Rev. D. P. Putnam officiating. In f ,erment was made ID Mt. Elope cemetery. The Indianapolis San says that L. . Earl of Lafayette Is talked of for state fish commissioner in case Z, T. Sweeney accepts a call to a Richmond, Va. ,Ohristain church. What's the matter with John J. Hlldebrandt ,he energetic Logansport deputy. Dr. H. B. Hill, of Bloomlngdile, ibis State, will locate in the city next week. His practice will be a st»e- lalty—the nose, throat, larynx and windpipe, and he will office with Dr. Thomas, in Masonic Temple. Dr. Hill has been tte private assistant of Prof. Ingals, of Chicago, for the last ear and a half. Prof. logtls hu written a letter to a friend in thtj Itr, saying "that Dr. Hill a** very operior qualllcations for bis spe- itlty." GEE-WHIZ! That's what the man said whe* his laundry came home yellow, orm and faded. Then he concluded to try MARSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen was returned as white as snow and without beiig torn in the least. Call up phone 110 and have our wagon stop for your work. Christmas Presents SPECIAL. Satin Slippers, »l.50 to 12,40. Strap Slippers, 75c to |1.60. Quilted Slippers, 75c to fl.55. Plain Leather Slipper*,50c to il. Children's Legging 76c to $1.M. Ladles' Warm Lined Shoes 7Sa U •1.50. Men's Slippers, 50c to 12. Baby Shoei, all color« 50e to $11. : Children's and Hisses' House Slippers 50c to II. •, WALTER MAIBEN, 412 Broadway, OPPOSITE—BEE—HIV« : HOLIDAY- Shoes and Slippers The handsomest, and best assortment of CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippers ever shown in the city. Patent Leather f Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, green,red, lavender. In fact anything in nice evening slippers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing for winter. Stevenson & KlinsicL 403 Broadway.

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