The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1932
Page 8
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5N.ii SIL '812 80SS' Soviet Russia Will Celebrate Dictator's. Anni- .versary Tomorrow. EDITOR'S NOTE: This ts Ihe first of a sfries cf two arlirlcs about the tratK aimlvrnary cf Joscpli 'Slaliu's «lcc(ion as ficncral srrrc- <arj' of the I'omniimht parly, n- s.uUuig in lik ncccs'.ion to Ilii' om- .tiol (if thr- So^fl ridtn. . Bj- MILTOS' nitOXM-:U i XKA Kuro|if;in .Mnnajcr LONDO.V.— April 2 Is a rrd-lclie." .day in the "Red hl'.ury" ol" Uiissln. It Is ll:c 10th aniiivrTMiry cf HIP ejection of Joseph Stalin as c?n- cral Fecrriary ot Ihe Couiiiiunls 1 . party. The celebration is ct ^n'.crna- tlcnnl c!|;niric.incc lor thnv reasons. First, Sialln Is by all ocids tl:e most ixswcrtul dicintor In t!:? world today— in fact ihc powerful the worlti hxs ifcn in rcc?nt thnos. The>' also finds hiir. deeply .entrtnched find more powerful than ^vcr,- Second, ihe man Slalin himself, »;l:o is one of tlic most fascinating and- Interesting fiBrjrcs in history. Third— and perhaps Iho mo^t . important one — it marks the nenv completion of (lie so-called five- year plan. Th3 anniv.TJary nl'iD creates speculation as to Ihc success of this plan. Clasp Is Still nt Iron As to Sialln, he still rules Russia with an Iron clasp despite the claim of his former colleague and pre^nv . bitter loe, Loon Tro'.sky, that Stalin's rule nt Afoscow is crumbling. The exiled Trotsky from his Islnnil retreat at Prlnklpo. Turkey, In a recent statement, said Slal- in'! action in ranking Ills exile pcr- pttiial vis a confession that his power, waning. Trotfky bcllDvrs his Ideas. .vdilci! nrc tmird but manage to b? fpiuBglcd intr, Russia, sue Rain- Ing and are d'jlni; much to wnkcn tho personal position of the paity secrclary. Neither Stalin's name i:or tls ponticn Is quite wliii', it fesms 10 b?. When he was chosen secretary .of the party In 1322, he was a lout •way from being ruler of Russia. He • wos cue 01 tr.a Intluenlial mein'or; of the Conitnuufst parly but ln:n . vrere others who ranked far ubDve Jilm. Secretary e,?>iwnl ns n n.ime cocsn't signify any particular In- fliisncc. : . • The name, also, Isn't exactly genuine. Statin— tic's 53— was born Josef Soviet Dictator t^Jffll^^L^U-^4J^i^! l -ME? Ruthless to Ills enemiw; .... master iioliliclnn (o Ills followers'. . . klmliy father to Ms family . . . the riifiUMl Joseph Stalin rules. ivllli tlial imtli'c shrcn-dncss tlmi finds him deeply entrcnchi-d on tlio lUt!: anniversary of his rlro 11011 ns Htiirrnl .secretary of I tie Communistic pnvly. editor ot a labor paper j,, t | 1( , Ol i town of Until on tlie Caspian SM. The town was Illlsd v.-ltli Inbii-m. who became (lip. center of Ills Coin- miiiilsi iirapaeimila. Repeatedly tip . „,.,„.. lras , 0 ,., C(I] bul S1|(ljn ftp|(s .illslilni; DO end of work, llo 'iv all th« Imignngm mid dlalccls of tne workers. HP mingled .imoivt Hicni. lie st»dl»d 11,011. US ,, w ,|t, inem his friends, Stalin's paper b:- cnrni! Iliu ]i,o s | powerful O j Il]0 Communist origins in Russia. Stnlin niso was Earning politic.-*, to was ns practical us ho was liarl- f-'orfclng. All these years li? w 'as 'olillral machine that was -.Vstmr'j lo jilve him the reins O f govern- ncnt. When (lie revolution broke, lie was anloiiD uic lenders although . . He ndoptNl thr aim? S!n!'H iiftrr- he had grown to uianliocd and wts rirlng to power. Bis birthplace was Tiflis in Caucasui Oeor^ia. j Pritslhood till His I.iklnj His fattier was a cobbler and Jii- molhcr had ambitions that !•: •should bKome n priest. So he ivs' •sent to a seminiry— dottbtbss by the dint of much self-sacrifice on the part of his parents; But Stnlin \v\isn't destined to be a priest. In a short time. th» student was expelled for being insubordinate .and lor showing loo much Interest hi radical movements. Among these movements , was the collection— olten by force— of money for carrying on revolutionary nctlvitle" Slalin was one of the collectors. In this movement, the future nil er of Russia learned Ms first te «ms in Communism. He repcatoc!- ly ran afoul of the law. Srverr- times he was arrested and sent to Siberia only to escape and rosuir. his revcluticnary activities. Presently. Slalin organl™<! a s!r>" Collections increased. Revoliitionnrv leaders were pleased, so S'.nliri moved up. He soon popped up r,s GEM THEATRE Friday and Saturday Matinee— 2:30 - Night— 6M5 Adm, — Matinee and Xighl— .10 and 25c Also Serial and Comedy Sunday end Monday Adm.— Matinee and XigM— 10 and 30c with . Mae Clarke and Pat O'Brien hrj Cartoon' and Comedv' R1TZ THEATER Last Time Today .-2:M - Ni s lit— 6:-15 Aclm.— Mnlinof.— in find ,'10c NiKlit— 10 and .'JSc Sec 111 'The Passionate Plumber' Cartoon & Comedy Saturday Only 1:00 Continuous lo 10:00 Adm.—Matinee find Night— 10 and 25c !i!s position in tho gomnnum was not important. Yet hi> had hoen railed for scrvta by no less pjr- i-ons ;han Nlralji i.snln and Trot- j sky. Then I.enin disci. Slalin vao, »]». valcd ta !)•: R-.'ii'.'ral seciMary ol \:-c parly. After Ills election, S'.illn !)> (siiii 1-1 Inrreasi; )i!s power. Ills In- ] (Iriii'iii'iraiea lliKt li^ knc'-v aViiin'i'ji [tl;out v/ar;! jKilltK'.s ns nj,y Tammany badt'f. And lie pkecd l:is iin'ii in !:cy positions while MIC'.; iin-ii ai Tr'i', Kammclf mid Ky- 'i:utl sf.vnlnely df.'lrl the aiitlitu-lty. Ttntslly nil "the Out" Scon Trotsky find his friMid- fnund cm SUlin eoiil-J out- vot; them every time and his ac- ce>':inn ns rulvr cf th? 'Sovl?', u^? ''illy ti matter of time. At fiftt. Sialln illfiicr-rt liis frx"i. Tlisn |-» f-xilod Trotsky. His i)3sllion *-.i.s iiuw scctiie. Today lie has no op. pcMIInn anil .through a strictly <ji-,- c'lpllncd organization, lie wl;ld?j iiinvc powsr than the czar of n'us- • i-U <lld In his palmiest days. I Pi-tii:i|if (lie man valuablj assM I Ktalln his Is his ix'r.>n;nl|i.y. He live-, a (jtiiPl Sp.ii-lan life, ejjilclu-'l by hi-, chi-iDlstry-stiulylii!' wlfs, siiriciiinclc'cl liy his sturdy 11-ycir- nld son :ind Ills small <'airjh'.ei- -,s'ho !:kc-.s 13 hear her futhcr t?ll storiei. He can he nuliK'.ss snd Is. I) 1 ..; to cloM' Iricnrts. he talks easily, .smile-: alincu lo t!:c point ul a ctriii and works hard. n c iij^.., [ o ,oad tin; M-orks "f Lenin nnd do^r. )iis rcmnh iK'.st niih nn'.Sve .slic'.v:lness to' t::ii<!c> the jiariy. wlilcli lie uses n-= li:s ni3ittlip!ef-[. In carrying out or- dcis ami «isVos. As (he anniversary approaches. Slnlln is ijjini; exloliecl. In fuel lie Is bcliii} worshiped as a hero, with otdcicinuc eulogies being hcap:d upon him. , ' • So Ei-cal has been Hits ndmlra-i tlojj that the ivor;l "round" is Ij;-1 luff conpleil with his iiumc. That wns Ihe word reserved for L-cni:j. [ rtalluii wor:l '(cluup" as uppllcc! lo' .Mussolini, nm Stalin is more than "II Diiee." lie's Sialln. (lie bigi;ejt boss on earfh. TOMUI1KUW — Tlic Five-i'ear , 1'laii. Golton Names Rulers Great Britain to (ear Croydon of Flying Schools CROYCON, tnglancl .(UP) ._' C:;!i!iic::c!:iB Air,'. I. ail llyln-,' rchcols and .liutiuctiona! llyu:j{-. ai'J lo be baiiMtuI trjia tli? nn'i- !n (-rrat liiit.iin ' . 'f))i-: i-; d:i- t-j n, y ie-j on of. the Air Mlnistiy that flyin? by I novices In the \icinlly of tile in- 5 |JO:t nirtrs the jics-ibillty cf a i •erlors dl« in the tvori oi a '•. rplHslcn tciwwn a:i insU'ticlloiul- r.act:l:ic ;n:-J cue of the giant air • iners. ', J"uri-',2 a ncr.T.a! dyy at the ?:rl: of ilia vciivis! iea.scn List :t:min<r 3:i air liners took o!V froni Cio :lrn and as ninny landed the,-.?' ,?cih. At, LCitain '-.ouvj, the op-. !i;:l'r,.n uf tile fljinj seliools nl! ' :xi-: .•fnin.'s, chartered macliii cs , ai;cl air liners. mMc Iht . nrr: ™.P,Ay. APRIL 1, 1930' us king and CIHCCII of the iiiid-Eautli Jlardi Cras, Miss Kath- erii-e nmier, Memphis society girl, and J. p. Nor/lcet, scion of a famous southern iamily, both shown alovc, will i-uie over the annual Mtmplib. Tciin., Cotton Carnival in May. Mere thun 10.000 iwrsons i 11! iiilfo pai-t in a pageant ex- lending over three days. WATCH SAVED LIFK RAVENNA. Neb. i UP)—Jim Kyndle'.s watch-saved his life. Kyndl: Krabbcd for his gun and accidentally discharged the weapon with '.he imr/zlc pointed toward hi< licart. The bullet lodged in the watch mcchanijin. ,^| palooluo / 5ll&BIG/\>ff! ^B!MIWl#r\S5 UfgitMiu nrTM I 57^- J '- )-->gfc.j " with j Ben Lyon and c. c; Also Serial and Comi'rly Sunday and Monday Atlm.—Matinee ainl .NMglU— 15 and .I0c Loam All About Ihc People from Riulioliind in— Irr (he vlnv of 'the Air Min'-'.iv, dangerously congested. The ban ajali'4 the nyitv; Cc'.io:/; !:i i^Isi-j vnoio:r;ly ero- '. ••-. hj ii. in., .iisimvnt. V;ii.- / County Puzzletl at; Rfmarriage of Divorced; KANSAS CITY, Kan. (Uf')-l!;- no gDl lament iMi'aiis; of marri- a^es Ihas d.iln't .slid:. u ;1 t the tf.lng (liat Mrj:r::'; Wyin-J g n c coim- '• !y court uillc::als i-s divorces that! clon't latl. ; Three times in as miny weeks' i lie county is^eort marriage ll-l tenses (o couple that recently' '.tele divorced. " j One of tin; couples, in \v)i!eh the I man was 50 a:id his ex-wife. 48 ' said they "just no-, tco lonesome! foxing an alone." 'j The iijxt couple to gel its ji-c-' ond Hccns-.'. refund 'to say 1 wh . t im-ic Uem change their .nlnds iib.u. rtlvcrre. hut they announced tie M.™ PHMJ*,. who had ti«' !!;.e lirst xnol wouiil eel tha job of to-iii;: it ajftln . .• . ..." 'Ihe uirt In the ca-c ask»l Mr ll'.i- llec'iivj for Ihe third nilr'-i-v trap y^,.;. s: ,<, ^,,^,.,4 ' ^ s Headach An M-NATUkr* lEMllr 3»U«~n-illiiron,pi| Bu . , The best >/~>t i T-^I « Cake-Flour comes in a SACK/ 'with"" William Haincs and Madge Evan? Perhaps you haven't discovered this yet! Are you buyiu» so-called "cnkc-llotiv" in small, oxiwnsivc |';ick-;ines? K'you are — then you urc |)ii\ins iJuve tiiiu'j i-s m u j\ /or 'aih<:-/loiir" qiiiility «> yait acr need la (my to make tin: finest cikcs you evei baked. If you want to improve your hakims—and save j;ood dollars and cents doinq ir — learn for yourself what rens of thoiisands of Southern liotiseu-ives know— The bcstaila'-Jlour comes in a Siick! Perhaps you doubt that? Then why nor prove it to your own satisfaction with n flour rliar briuys you the last woui in flour quality. Its reputation for excellence goes back nearly a Century in the tnuiitions of the Southland for fine baking. That flour is Omega. When you buy Omcisa, you aic buying •cake-flour" quality in every bit of Hour in the Oineg.i sack. Hut you are XOT paying a fancy "cake-flour" price for it. Omega represents only the first run flour —the cream of the best parts of selected soft wheat berries. Not 1% of all wheat grown is of ihis superfine srade. \Ye mill it in year-'round J m , c tein'ixrattire whore OM ihc air is washed ami filtered'to keep it pure ami frv^h. Then this pick of the Hour is Mf.-eJ throti^h silk to nearly 30 tmKS iht fineness of common (lours, bveryhoiir in its millini; Omtj;a is tested in ovens liy experts to protect its qiiLilicv for you. ' If you want to be.doubly proud of your S.CIH as a cook—it you want your family to enjoy i lie best in bakiny— ( in<{ if you as «vll as cakes—at the price of .,, K ,,- BriKk 1 , all-purpose flour, lour iloalcr lias Omcya in convenient, close-woven sacks—6-lb., 12-lb. or 24-lb. size—either plain or self-rising. CHESTER. |Ll. OMCGA TLOLIR MILLS V Z .» OMPCA TEA Bn- curs. U« wur/,«<«. irt recipe rtivl Omcja far y.ittr r^\t bijfuit a,l\eniuT<. You'll Swifts CircSc S Half Qr Whole LAR1D PORKSAUSAGE 100'i Pure Lc:if 5 Pound Limit.- 5irirt|>: Vour , 5k OYSTERS PORK ROAST SPARE RIBS lb; 7c SALTMEAT Our Display of Fresh Vegetables LETTUCE Head 5c ORANGES Fancy FInndus Sizo 12(i's APPLES Wincsap Tho Old Fashioned Kind - BANANAS Fine Cnldcn .Yellow • Fruit Dozen 15c Dozen 38c | Dozen 15c Grapefruit 11. 4for25c Artichokes Avoi'atlas Hrussels Sprouts Entlivo . Cuc'iimliers Oyiitcr Plant Green 1'eas Radishes Rhubarb Fresh Aspnragas Reels Carrots (ireen Ik*ans Curly. Kale Krcens Fresh Asparagus Mushrooms Spring Onions Spinach Frc-sti Toinalocs Turnips \vilh Tops Spring Urook I'urc Creanici'v BUTTER 3*BBEiaiMi^^«a»»»l»^aaM»MBap { mm EGGS Fresh Country . 23c HOMINY No . 2 ,. 2 can 7^ CUT BEETS No - 21 - 2 S10 L GOLD DUST Kes - 1 %S" f SHRIMP LIMA BEANS BEANS f ' in(0 nr ' G - n ^ Xo. r 2 DC Can 0 Northern QIC l.ij. J2 CRACKERS Country Club 2 Pound I!ox 19c Vanilla Wafers Country Club I'ound 19c JELL PEANUT BETTER "A 10 C MACARONI 8 - Lb - Sack 85c 24-Lb. Sack OCTAGON • 3 C SUGAR In Cloth Snck Fine (iranulateil 1C IMimit 44c CATSUP l-arj;c linttlcs 3 for 25c PEAS fird Early No. 2 Can 3 for 25c Standard Early June No. 2 Can PIE CHERRIES S£ lOc

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