The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1932
Page 6
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i'A(!R SIX Critic Forecast Close Race In American \Vilh Yankees Finishing Second. iir WILLIAM nn.trniKK CLEVELAND, O.— No American League club ever has wen lour pennants in a row, nn;l only one National League team, the Giants of 1921-24, lias nccomplished fe.-it But Ihis year Connie Mack's Ath- IcliM appear desllncti lo win their fourth consecutive (lag and equal the record hitherto held only by 'the men of Jjbn McGraiv. The American League race this year may he closer than the 1931 campaign but in the end 1 wouldn't be surprised lo see the teams in i ' this order: 1— Alhlttirs 2— Yankee ' 3— Indians 4— Senators '• 5— While Sox C— Red Sox 7 — Browns - , 8— Titfre . ... It should be a close race b;caiiv,' of tho'lmprovcmriu of most of othor teams, especially ihc Yankees and Indians. If Joe McCarthy's new second base combination of Crosetll and Sallzjavcr clicks. .-•the Yankees won't be more thari . two or throe game.! tehlml the champions at ths payoff. IndUn Problem Tf E'Jdlc Itfontajue can plug Hie ; gap at short for the Indians, ilial team -should worry the leaders nil the uay, even though (he Ohio entry stands to start the campaign without a left-hanncu piicher. The .Indians and Yankees have imqiu's- .. tlcnablc power. Improvements each . club has made. In defense appear to b= adequate, on the face of snrhn: returns. The Senators seem lo linvc mi improved outneld, with Car! ' Hey, nolds. but have made a Ivomcuil- oiis sacrifice (n Ditching slrenelh by rending Jones and Hartley to th. White Sox. • • • • Mack lui't Nappint But while Ihoso teams huvc been omprovlng, connb Mack also lint been mending his fences. He Intends to start the season wilh tlie same lineup that won for him last year, but wit}) .bpfitr reserve* Ed . Coleman, big slugsev from Portland, is ready | 0 step into ihc breach. if the ageing Blng.MUl-Y .'"Slips. Haas.wlll ba-'lh -center.- again with some fellow named Simmon* m left. Roger Cramer also is on •tlie list of reserve oiunelriers. Dib Williams v.-.'-.o rMnltel.v sup - planted Joa Boley last season, wil start at short. Max Bishop Is rc.irty to continue his valuable, though not greatly publicized, work around second base. F\>xx figures to play first but should Dykes show any signs of 'slipping at third, the Maryland Moonface will be sent to lake his . "Place, That is wh.-rc Oscar-Ro-tl- gcr.-. veteran from tr.e American -. Association, enters ihc plclur- noettccr. is a goon" first bascimnn and is almost sure to hit. other infield reserves are McNair and Bc- Foor Pilchrre, SO Games rtur pitchers can be figured -. van 8fl games between thcm-Gro Earnshaw, Walberg and Mahaftey' The number that Malm (Icy fulls short of 20 will be made up by Lefty and Bin George. Four pitchers will be carrted-RomnH Bowman, Cain -and Kraitss- Bowman and Cain are breakin 5 in , nnd should get a few chances to iiltcli against the weaker clubs. Besides Cochrane, who will BRUSHING UP SPORTS C08IUKR NEWS Laufer , meet of the catching, there " HeVi " a do is the Mack has not 'deviated from l-. lan to wi' , XKA Srn-i' i.:ant ol u m;in wjl es of tli; c-nsl lo I r.-i-cilcn Ks Olympic sho: cli:inip!on:;hlp in 20 ycor^ ••• i i.-.tfi uanu ; jj, r.'ji ; '.' Its this iumini-i-. Ik- h I ^o I . Kcxlon. " j l» (he Jen-; ifiic or ;.!iot piittin" i ;nats, only lu'ij l^fore Eexton ' I- :•.-.- coin; from itu.. Atlantic siilc. ! Cr.r was 1'al Mrnon;ild, au Irish i H« -. „ >i 1Ll f fc Xtt:»irt^t;n Plan to win'b'a!l;gamcs by dint slugging and pitching. p i n j. ing fo . tbe big inning rather lhan'th™ or" fui method advocated bv Gabty Street and a few other "Naltoml cf — ^^v.j. ii ivu Jlun ^ ^.j^j club that can furnish such big ln- ninss as the A's frequently p ro - dure, you .would plav for-bis in .too. " iwI"EfrecIf\/E PilcHEes OF BASE iH V)V> WER^ LEFTHAWOERS"" HE PIAN'GP iQ fjAMEii IM " Sexton! He's Big Shot v In for I -_- ,.jjir~. uii-rorin of i hi< : :-.MUH h a nay :;utt:r u, Dim,, '. has Ihed on l_on» island "•: he was a y:ar old. He was :: recognized r.3 a child prodigy. rJr.i' lio finished elementary irnl und lour icars later he was :i!ii'i!?<| Irom hhlTschco!. De- tlien he was too ycunj for , he look extra prep school cu:iiH.£ und flnishril an insurance c.i.rv al New York U. in ti year. At 1G he ciitersd Cicorg;lov:n Uni- U Grade School Soccer Loop Race ~ Begin); The elementary school, soccer league, recently organized for a ten game schedule, oixmed play ye«ter day with all six tsams parlieipat- T»e Lanse Yankees, Sudhury Athletics and Sudbury Giants hit Ili3 win column in the first games played. The Yankees won ever ths Central Cardinals, C to 2 T!ic Sud biuy Athletics defeated (he Linze Indians 7 to C and the Sudbury Gt- n»ts trounced the Central cubs 13 to I. Tiie teams are bclmr coached by s.-nlor high student*. R. J. Watson is nianaeing (he Sudbury Giants Bobby Goodrich Is tutor of the Central Cubs, Coach Keiley handles the Sudbury Athletics. Clarence Webb re? , 10 ^ ngc todtan * «« «*• rcy is tlie pilot of the Lanee Yan*««* Rol >^ B-mer is in charge of the Centra! Cardinals Games are to .be played three »'ws a week, on Monday. WsS days and Thursdays Much interest is being, shown in I* games by (i, e grad e students the w „ "or at the close oTthe rac e o.™ mil be played today m account of ™,±,"" B "" >.""V *>, ,., t 2.3»ge Yankee .... j' Sudbury Atlilc>lk'.s '-"" 1 Sudbury. Giants i Central Cards ' o Central cubs .. " 0 I^n^e Indians ' o Pet. 1.000 1.000 1.000 .000 .000 .000 event, using a tluw from the hips with on? (urn, instead of the overhead '.DCS. In one respect, Sextui is n world record holder, thou-jli un- clficialiy. iti .the hisii jump. In 1923, when he weighed 212 pounds, he cleared G feet. 4 7-8 inches. Even ' now \\2 will licl lie can -•! rlx feet vlth a liuli :-i alien, anrl he nvijiis 240 ohjcc-licn kepi Sexlon, aller n scam wllh Uio freshman. Turning 0 Ivacl: and lielcl sports, he began XGVT: Ccnp 1 larccr as an all-round- |>cr- '""in!. iormiT. He was recovering from broken arm sustained hi nnle ' ()-',„' I o L- the 102B Olympic 1 " lgln °* " a ' Hes in .?a;r: sailed for Amsterdam. " " !.'c.\ton is 22 years eld. two !C-ii:< out of tollcBff. and a rccoj- ni/cd contender in nay weight tos- . He was the first to Vrcjk tlie holds of McDonald nnd IfcOratJi. those Gotham copuerD. n the A. A. U. Se-pouiid weight tlnowini: championships. Ss^Ion fievelopeil his ov'n style In this Wnlsfngham. the present owner of M«ton Hall. The story gees that they were taken into tlie woods by 'heir wicked uncles v:ho wanted their estates, und left to wandor there. Eventually they died in each other's arms under a trco. while — the robins covered them with prep- heaves. The woods in which they are supposed lo havo wandered, still Vcr.jko, schoolboy are said to be haunted by their : ghosts, walking hand in hand, j while for many years It was the I custom to give a stuffed robin to •each visitor of Merlon Hall. has de- UUI.II VI3ILU! VI iVICllUll J Wood Legend Found! Lord w » |sin Bham now ° pfrf^rf in fut-ii fliii Unl( <«f NORFOLK. Etlg.. CUP) — The lepfinl of the "Babits In the Wood," the popular children's play, near originated, at Merton Hall here, it hns been revealed. According to tin legend Uic babes were Ihe children of Sir Roger de Grey, an ancestor of l.or;l house. I to turn the Hall into a guest Uurieil nn W ddin? tv f CLAYCROSS. Derbyshire. England. (UP) — Miss Mary i Cook, J8. v;ci5 buried an the eve of her. ^oddintj. her -wedding dress >bein^ used as her shroud. Italian Cycleplane Holds Interest of Great Britain LONDON. Ensland. tUP)'_ Avi •Iteii fans. In Gwat'.Britain .« easierly. a»aitinir the promised (Itmonstratioh of . a ••cycle.-pton^ nuented by an Italian aerohauti- ca engineer, which he claims has .'olveci the problem'of flight by mini power. . . •. According to information the new aircraft incorporates the use of rotor, propulsion such 'us waS usi-d in tho Fletlner • rotor-ship. Tht ion's rotors, or revolving tubes, rnn the whole length ot the wings and are rotated by'the pilot pjdallmg on a bicycle-like gear- UIK. The pilot sits enclosed In the cabin of what 'to external appearances Is ah ordinary but very small light plane. ' . • ' The machine 'Is called the Bor- t'hese-Parrizzi cycleptane. Argentina's coal . reserves' have been, estimated at more', than 5 - OOO.OtK) metric tons. "-•.'.• Actors Seek to Raise Bars for Foreign Artists | The Yankees aren't a bi! lilt' «, rgue about Robbi Jcko < 0 " Jack Quinn really is (ho pitcher on the start. ilavc this seascn, cvn h as been dismissed cl- S ' Ira'ntEh 8S Day ', one cr "10 Brooklyn pitchers, declares lie is "nn- a • Bucky Harris/manager of , hc TI- BMS, deserves some kind of inedal ?or cwdor. He admit* the "" *•" club ' '', W»«4 OMrter . England, (UP) — -trys to enable Amarican actors and actresses to play In Knjhmd on the same terms Hint British ;.clors mi!) nctrrsscs arc allowed I-' appear in Ihc United stales ar= brin;: taken by the British Actors Equity Association. A depiilatlon fioin Ih^ nssocia- ilc:; has visited the .Minister of Labor nn.1 outlined ihc plans" under which the association thinks >.:i:ericeu and other foreign art- lies should be allowed to appear 'ii Great Britain. Thc.v. plans, it understood, follow very closely the terms of the United States - ,"i(y Asscciatio.'i allows for ar- .i^te to appear In America. The United Slates organiyalicn '(.•quires visiting actors lo join the association nnd to pay a percent- 13* ot their salary In .idi'.iiion to membership fees, with a mi;il- ol $10 a week. phann ISSUE WHO wAsT/SiME if "•"n"Kfi)UJ t fc UVIE IT" Want Ads, Oldfield Plans Attempt To Set New Speed Mark TULSA. Oklahoma, iUP) — Harnc Oldfield, who back In 1910 set ihc world automoblie speed reccrd at (he then unheard of speed of 131 miles an hour, will itttempc lo sel a new record of 300 miles an hour 'next year, he announced. Otdficld, now 54 years old. was here with his wife and daughter visiting his sister-in-law. Mrs s , . . iccdiii.; l.xi;;;..^. IM,ported chkily :i-r.m ih? li:ii:>M states. Will; i hem shoUd no rubber t.anli?iy K to cover ihe bottles ar.ii kivp on: tin- iriins when :.r milk i.v [-r.p.irc.-! ,-itiri -/it in Ihe fcrttle teiernl hours bof'o-- a frediug. Tin- batlcs arc slill bDing imported and sold, but importers | claim the rubber caps are so ex| prnsive. <!it c (o the t.uiiT. th.n tl'.eie is no lonjcr any demand tori ihcin. Hence they have cancel;.',-! j their ciders. ' Hiiilsh mothers ar c using mnke-' ill ananp.eaionts to keep cm Iho |:(!iv.s. P. »0t5t. The vetcian taid he wr.ulii return to the racing game ID a,, aticmp! to bMicr the world rec- c-td of 2.33 miles an hour, set by Sir M.tlcoini Campbell. Great -,,-,„*? Britain. He has set his goal at 300 I Kin," King's Terrier Spares ; Only Royal Trousers; ul ..^ miles an hour and will mnkf the attempt on the Daytona lie.ich coui-sc. drlvil18 LONDON-. England. lUIM _ King Ciccrge's new Cairn terrier has at la>t been named—Bob. up ently Is noi so friendly as ih» termer ptt. snip, (or he ,oi e I J! 1902. Shortly alter the Indianap- tide . ells classic In 1010. he retired and has not done much mcins since. attack.'; every pair n f troiicm hi- H'cs. except tl-,i»r of his rnval master, liob is the Milv dog allowed m- lh c really Iv.ugbi Charlotte. Ihc g'* study, 3S n c parrot. and ' was (o yoi ,ivi'e HOMES like these". It is in these homes that the vast majority of Blytheville's "bnyinp derisions" nre m;itlc, whether (he purchase be onp tlii'ccUy concerninR every member of the family or an individual purchase by an individual member of that family, Von as a nu'rchant should therefore, IK- sure that your ">toro news" is licin;; placed in the hands of AM, of these potential buyers HKr'OHK family "buying decisions" have been reached ... To do so economically CONCENTRATE YOVR ADVERTISING IN THE DAILY COUNIER NEWS L

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