The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania on July 29, 1921 · Page 4
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The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Franklin, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 29, 1921
Page 4
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4 V PACSFCin - THE NEWS-HERALD. FRIDAY, JULY 29, 1921. Woodbury's Facial Soap 8 Cakes 65c. C. H. SMITH SONS CO. "Oil City's Greatest Store" E "W JJor land's 1 Column. II Watkurs Cocoanut Oil Shampoo 47c TUE NEWS-HERALD l - nimn in on city. VraakUa leaning Maws, BstaMishss; Pes. 18, 1878 ( Yeaengo Sally sraM, J, Established Sept. a, lso. i ' Pwbliehed 1y Mo mn-kcBus nmm co, ; Praafcun, fa. ?iesUeat Md Omni Manager, Wayne 'V. BlaaUayi Ytos-Piesideat, C. Baviiardj MmMhi ana (twiuir, Paul 0. Mooi 'Directors, James . Borland, J. reach ' MUler, Warn V. Bleehley, 0. Barnard, -Paul 0. Moor. - erating costs have increased sufficiently to create a large deficit in spite of Increased revenue. The impression prevails, and President Harding at the time of his visit to the canal is said to have received the same impression, that the 'government is spending in the Canal Zone rather more lavishly than it should spend. This would be a natural state of affairs, when the history of the enterprise is taken into account. While the canal was not built with lavish expenditure, expense was always a sec- tary Hughes that the American prisoners be released before America takes any steps to feed the Russian starving, as a putting of the welfare of a very few before the lives of the many. If it be true; as intimated in some recent dispatches, that Mr. Hughes demands the surrender of only a few prisoners before relief work is begun, we think none too well of Mr. Hughes. We would rigorously insist that every American "prisoner in Russia to set free before one single pound of American food go as a charity into that country. Indeed, it would .be proper to go further than this, in view of what we know about the thousands of Russians who are in prison unjustly, and demand the opening wide of all the Russian prisons, for, where one criminal might escape, a hundred innocent men and women would go free. There would be justice in demanding that Lenine and Trotsky be thrown from power and the soviet abandoned before we feed anybody in Russia. The Russian famine is the world's opportunity to tame the Russian wild beast. Any proposition to feed the starving Russians, no matter how individually innocent millions of them may be, without such action as will secure the world's safety, is sentimental ' weakness. Kayser Silk Undergarments New Mid-Summer Prices 'n ii n i r' Women will want many of these cool, silky garments, especially for vacation wear aiid of all the garments of silk known, none quite compare with Kayser brand, vests, bloomers, combinations and suits. $4.95 Kayser Undergarments $5.95 Kayser Undergarments ' $6.95 Kayser Undergarments $2.95 Kayser Undergarments $3.50 Kayser Undergarments $4.00 Kayser Undergarments $2.35 $2.75 $3.15 $4.35 $475 $5.50 J Oeorge A. Pahey, Business Manager. I i . mall 44-J: , 88. Job. Dept. BeU 4-Bj Pet. 180. SiUts rial iwwinti "'i : William P. P. Perroson, B. jr. i Bteven- Son, Jaates A. Munin, O. B. tkam. Phones Bditozial rooms, BeU 43: Psa S7. I Br Carrier la PraakUn, OU Cltr and route town par week, 16 casts; par .month. 80 oents; par year, 8S.75. Br Mail Within oounty, ps 00 outaldo county, in state, $M6, ntslde Pennsylvania, 87J0. Telegraph Barrio of United Press. Bntexed at the Vranjoln Foatofflca at second-class matter. A CHANCE TO TAME THE BEAST ! . One of the interesting features of .'the situation in Russia is the attitude of the bolshevistic mind. ' The. Russian famine is distinctly the rwufof that type of applied socialism which is called bolsbevlsin. Nor should we fail to insist upon the fact that the' theories of bolshevisni in no way differ from orthodox socialism as taught by. all its prophets from Karl Marx down. Bolshevik is a Bussian word which merely means majority, and is applied because it was the majority wing of the Russian socialist party that came to power under Lenine and Trotsky, h Russia, no matter what her troubles In the past, has not been a country of famine. Her agriculture and industry were not well developed under the czars nor yet her transportation system; her common people were not accustomed to luxury and the majority of them were very poor, but hunger, while perhaps not unknown, never reached, -famine. Socialism simply ruined Russia, from end to end; put discord in the place of peace; established conditions in which there is no incentive to work and for multitudes small opportunity to work; attempted to feed a great army of official parasites who did nothing of value in return for their living; destroyed wealth, capital and intelligence. The result was inevitable. 1 Socialism not only did this in Russia but attempted to spread the same destruction over the world. True, 'Moscow now disclaims any intent to foster revolutions in other countries, but both the Intent and the attempt have been real enough in the past ; and a great part of the socialist leaders in Western Europe and the United States worked in harmony with that intent. If Bergei and Debs and their associates, great and small, had had their way, what has coine to pass in Russia would haveybeen accomplished here; : And now . these lunatics reach out their hands and say, in so many words: America MUST feed us. 1 Why? Mercy might dictate the feeding of a starving wild beast, captured and harmless ; . but you would be insane to feed wolves that they might have more strength to raid the sheep-fold or carry off the children from the dooryard. There ,1s nothing to show that the Russians,;. saved from starvation, would be in any way different from the Russians -who have planned world destruction. Certainly, the ruling crowd in Russia shows no signs for repentance, and, if ' we feed anybody in Russia, it will require great care to preventtheseifrom being feed first , . We read that Russian representatives in Central Europe protest the "inhumanity" of the demand of Secre Extra! Special 50 Summer Frocks at HALF PRICE Placed on sale today for the first time at half price are ' 50 smart Summer frocks of batiste, organdie and combinations.- The colors are both light and dark, the dresses are well made in every particular and will go very quickly at the Frrday Bargain price. Extra! Special 48 Tub Skirts at HALF PRICE Skirts tailored of gabardine or surf satin in practically all sizes. Materials are mostly all white al-though'a few black and whites are to be found. Today is the first time any of these skirts have been placed on sale at half price, make youT selections early. O. H. SMITH'S SO IMS CO. Studebaker Cars Robert V.Allison DEALER 1313 OTTER STREET : Pet. Phone No. 54 From Early Issues of The Evening News. From a copy of The Evening News (No. 4) of February 24, 1878, I take the following as the list of advertisers : A. A. Aldend Bro., clothiers. G. T. Dewey & Bros., grocers. G. L. Gray, crayon artist. , ' H. Martin, butter. George Allen & Son, Weed sewing machine. Smith's Grocery. W. Lindsey & Son, jewelers. Drs. Borland & St. Clair. , J. H. 'Smith & Son, book store. H. L. Hunter, 'plumber. W. J. & Perry DeWoody, grocers. II. Baker, meats. A. Llndquist, merchapt tailor. T. H. Willoughby, U. S. Hotel. John Will, barber. The oil market opened that day at $1.58 and closed at $1.64. That night the Emma Abbott Concert appeared in the Opera House (Hanna's Hall), minus Miss Abbott, who was ill, but the readers were admonished they would miss a "rare treat" if they didn't go and hear Mr. Arbuckle, the eminent cornetist. In the issue of April 18 (No. 50) were the following additional advertisers: H. J. Strodmeyer, barber shop. L. Samuel, cigars and tobacco. ' American House, W. C. Piatt proprietor, Samuel Sey, cigars. R. T. Scott, U. S. Hotel restaurant. Gerstle Bros., cigars and tobacco. E. Harvey, Oil City, pianos and organs. Isa' Black, photographer. H. Vernier, steam dyeing and scouring. II. V; Hall, meats. P. Cohen & Bros., clothing. W. W. Peters, flour and feed. i Kennedy & Quinn, Alhambra Dining ; Saloon. r j C. P. Sibley, agent for Devlin & Co., I New York clothiers. Taken from the News columns of i the same issue : J Joel Ridgway is building a wagon 1 shop on 12th street. j The funeral of the late Richard : Kennedell will take place tomorrow j afternoon at 3 o'clock, conducted by ! Rev. J. A. Bowman, of the Cumber- I land Presbyterian church, to which Mr. j Kennerdell belonged, assisted by Dr. i Etiton. ! Her numerous friends will be stir- J prised to learn of the death of Miss : D.. E. Porterneld, of Emlenton, former-1 ly a teacher in the Union School of 1 this city, on Saturday, April 6, of ' consumption. , . ' ! Miss Allie Ilogue returned home yesterday afternoon from Iowa, where sne nas Deen visiting for the past two months. Liberty street; is receiving a dose of gravel. ISSSSBgfiglH THE MAGICIAN. Life has such a Subtle war Of forniing roses, out of clay; Of taking tears that seemed in vain ' And making of them April rain; Of getting from a heedless rafter Echoes of dead bits of laughter; Of welding in a sunset sea Lost loveliness and imagery; Of making out of crawling things Butterflies with airy wings. Life has such a subtle way Of turning darkness into day; Or bringing music, ocean-old, To newness of a tale untold; And then, grown jealous of its trust, Of changing roses back to dust. Vivian Yeiser Laramore,.ln Life. Erie Times: A young widower has been known to escaiw them, but the betting of all the women is 10 to 1 that he won't. New Castle News: -Many a man's popularity is due to the Sweet disposition of his wife. Punxsutawney Spirit: No man ever cut much figure, in this world who worked less than 14 hours a day on the average during the vigorous years of his life. Jamestown Journal: There is little use T asking the price of anything unless you really know its value. , SSSXXJCSSK1H SPENDING YOUR MONEY Pinxsutawney Spirit. There are plenty of people in this world who are capable of making ! money and accumulating wealth. ! 'T u i . . t as tget tne most out or ate for themselves and at the fame time become a beneficence to others. PUNXSITAWNEY SMITIIISMS. Punxsutawney Spirit. It is by endeavoring to sldrk diflienit things instead of overcoming them that men become weaklings. To envy another is to confess yourself his inferior. Self-confidence is sometimes mistaken for egotism, but more often egotism is mistaken for self -confidence. Culture consists largely In the ability of people to enjoy what is good. People who deserve the least are usually the most discontented with what they have. . The bert way to get even for a real or finely injury is to forge about It. The person who takes it into his head to be an avenger is In for a stormy and useless existence. ' Life is too short for reTenges. DO YOU REMEMBER When you walked to "the old coal bank" to hlp exterminate the den of rattlesnakes? When yon walked to Cochran spring with "her" for a drink in the old days? When you wore a carved peach-stone on your watch chain! kmdary consideration In the building operations, particularly where pay and maintenance of American employees were concerned. The same system appears to continue in force. The number of employees retained is large In proportion to the amount of work done; the pay rate is high, and the government spends a great deal of money in making employees comfortable, beyond the immediate demands of housing and sanitation. The figures so far considered take no account of the cost of governing the Canal Zone. No published statistics treat of this but it takes quite a lot of Uncle Sam's money; AVe could probably save money at Panama, but the whole enterprise is small in comparison with the present magnitude of governmental finances and is far away and little attention is paid to It. This, at least, is very satisfactory : the canal is In successful operation and commerce Is flowing through it in bulk sufficient to entitle it to be regarded as of great importance to the world. THAT OIL TARIFF The cutting of the proposed tariff upon crude oil out from the draft of the new tariff law, now in committee in Congress, may have been proper and in harmony with the financial welfare of the country, but the ground upon which it was done was sheer nonsense. We have a strong feeling that there Is altogether too little information about the oil question in general at Washington, particularly about the producer's side of the oil question; and, unfortunately, while the refining end of the industry takes pains to let Its views be known among national legislators, the producing end. in this as in other matters that would seem to be of vital interest, appears to be negligent. " The proposed tariff on crude oil was cut out in the name of conservation, the theory being that a tariff upon oil would prevent importation and. as a result, domestic oil sources would be the more quickly exhausted. The theory might be worthy of consideration, if it rested upon even the slightest substructure of fact, which unfortunately it wholly lacks. Whether it would be more to national advantage to buy oil abroad if this would stop drawing upon our own oil supplies is perhaps debatable; but the conservation of our domestic supplies would in no way result from importation. Nobody knows that fact better than the people who pleaded conservation before Congress. In the first place, the meeting of the world's demand for oil, in which our own demand is the chief factor, requires alt possible exploitation of American oil fields. Not enough oil can be found anywhere else in the world materially to relieve the demand upon oil production in the United States. In the second place, there is no intent on the part of the oil importers to attempt conservation of domestic oil. The only effect produced upon American oil by imported oils is found in the fact that such importation as is possible makes it easier to keep down the prices of domestic crude. If the thermometer is 100 above zero on the top of the Alps, these days, as they say it is, what is the use of climbing? After all, Governor Small of Illinois didn't dissapear so very much, but, if he had, it wouldn't have been much that disappeared. It is marvelous how many cases of loss of memory we have these days; but you will notice that, usually, the fellow who loses his memory is ac cused of doing something that nobody i would want to remember. ! After all, when you hear that the Toronto landlords are making a charge of two dollars just for showing a house to a perspective tenant, vou iv'uu. uini nit? muuiuru ju me vvi U. S. A. might be worse. According to which report you believe Trotsky is sick unto death; Trotsky has gone to Siberia; Trotsky is in jail and so hungry that he beg for food. Somehow, that last report Is sort of agreeable to believe. A Chicago judge who is said to have presided at two thousand divorce trials gives a set of rules for avoiding trouble In married life. If they are not good rules. It Is not for lack of opportunity to observe die einsea of guch trouble. The ex-crown prince of Germany wants to lecture in the United States. I So far as we can see there is no ob-jjertion and the enterprise might be J encouraged, but for the fact that there isn't enough of him to utre more (ban : one audience a good cbancvx Senator Borah proposes that we leave the question of the tilled debts unsettled until we find whether our former allies are willing to Join in disarmament We are not sure but there is some sense in the proposition. Certainly, we can hardly afford any specially liberal terms that will make as pax for European armies and navies. ! I I I AUGUST j BRUNSWICK THE PANAMA CANAL Recently published reports assure us that the fiscal year just closed has witnessed the largest business ever enjoyed by the canal enterprise at Panama ; and, in spite of the supposed existence of a world-wide industrial and financial depression, more tonnage is passing through the "big ditch" than at any other time since its completion. The canal is serving not only the United States but the whole world. An analysis of the cargoes for a month shows that of the westbound traffic 64 percent originated on the eastern coast of the United States; 23 percent (in petroleum) came from Mexico; 7 percent from the United Kingdom and 5 percent from continental Europe. The destinations were as follows: .'1(3 percent to our west coast; 24 percent to the Far East; 20 percent to the South American west coast and 15 percent to Australia. The eastward traffic, which seems always to average heavier than the traffic to the west, originated as follows: 44 percent on the Pacific coast of the United States; 28 percent on the Pacific coast of South America; 12 percent in Australia and 10 percent in Hawaii. The, destination of this east-bound traffic was; 36 percent to American ports; 2S percent to the United Kingdom and 29 percent to continental Europe. .It will be noted" that in each case the percentage is not complete, indicating some scattering cargoes the origin and destination of which the report does not take into account. The report goes on to say that thi revenue from tolls for the year were just more than twelve and a quarter million dollars, which apiears to be a pronounced advance over 1020, the most favorable year up to that; time, when the total revenues fell just below ten million dollars; but the additional statement is made that these revenues fell four million dollars below the government's expenditures for the canal during the year. Items are not given with sufficient detail to enable the reader to determine just what this means. In recent years the revenues of the canal have slightly exceeded the actual operating expenses, and from the opening of the canal to ths close of the fiscal year, 1020, the total of revenues had fallen only two and a quarter million dollars below the total cost of operation. Apparently op -Established 1873 THE GOODS 2 Dc387 I August naturally accents moods of lightness, gayety and entertainment. Accordingly the greater number of these records scintillate with sparkling dances or entertain with popular songs, fresh and festive. The records listed herein of serious music will appeal to all lovers of melody and present an admirable contrast to those in a lighter vein. In every Brnnswick record the ideal sought for Is Tonal Beauty and Interpretative Truth. .-; . ' . ' r ' " CONCERT. -13024 Until (Sanderson) Tenor Thao Xfcrla $1.25 JJraam (Bartlett) Tenor Thao Karl 10034 Tha World Cant Go 'Bound Without Yon (Jardon-Lamb-Solman) $1.00 Soprano Dorothy Jardoa . .... INSTRUMENTAL. 13033 Habraw Melody and Sane (Zimbalist) Violin Solo Pianoforte by $1.35 Rudolph Gruen Ellas BraaaHa Soraaad Sapagnole (Spanish Serenade) (Chaminade-Krei.Mer, Violin Solo Pianoforte by Josef Bonlme - Ella Braaakla ROSSMAN'S MUSIC STORE 41CTear in this Room- Hawaiian Melody Frank Ferera. Anthony -1264 Liberty Street-Franklin, Pa. 3106 Ua Xilka Ho 85o Honolnln March Lias (Lua) iMUHIHWIMAMUg, "Kurtzmann Established 1848. One of the World's Best Pianos StranburgV Music House 1207 liberty St. ROBERT N. SPEER Candidate for " " DISTRICT ATTOa.NET 01 TEW AJTOO COUNTY ' Subject to Usages of Republican Party, September Primary, 1921 Office Lamberton Bank Bide;., Franklin. Pa. Medicinal Springs Water DELIVERED WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS LN FRANKLIN. Leave oruers Willi tue KEXaLL PHARMACY and MAX BROS. News Stand, Tet. phone 04S-X. Any quantity delivered in sanitary - uoctiti Introuuuiou price only lie per gallon. Nature's great remedy for rheumatism, indigestion, headache, constipation, disorders of the .liver and kidney and bladder troubles. Tje alkalinity, magnesium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, calcium sulphate, calcium bicarbonate, iron bicarbonate ana otner minerals m Medicinal Springs Water are present in the proper pro portions to make it a drinking and medicinal water second to none in the world. Xo finer laxative on earth. Only 15c per gallon pretty cheap medicine, isn't it? The public is Invited to visit our bottling works at Cochranton, Pa where they will sea fine plant with all new machinery. P LEASH NOTIFt OUR MEADVILLB OFFICE IF TOCR ORDERS ARB NOT DELIVERED PROMPTLT OR IF TOD DO XOT RECEIVE COURTEOUS TREATMENT AT ALLTMEK Hedkhil Sprizp Ccrpraiica Warren E. Smith, President, MeadvUle, ga, . , A 3113 Poor Buttermilk (Confrey) Novelty Ragtime Piano Solo Zas Confrey 85o Ton Tell 'Em Ivoriea (Confrey) Novelty Ragtime Piano Solo Saa Confrey SACRED. S0S7 Drifting' Down (Pounds-Hackleman ) , Criterion Mala Quartet 21.00 Gospel Train (Miles) Criterion Mala Quartet POPULAR. SC58 laddie Back of Mine (Brennan-Ball) Tenor James Sheridan $1.00 Molly O (Scanlan) Tenor James Sheridan and Crescent Mala Trio 3114 Aint We Got Pun (Kahn-Egan-Whiting) Karmoniiers Male Quartet 85e Down on the Farm ( Hare-Crane-Fairman) Karmoniiers Male Quartet 3110 Carolina lullaby (Hirsch-Panella) Tenor, Baritone Chas. Hart, Elliott Aaw ' 85c Orange Blossoms (Piantadosi-Green-Glogau) Crescent Male Trio 3108 Pegry OTOeil (Pease-Nelson-Dodge) Tenor Billy Jonas 85o All By Myaelf (Irving Berlin) Baritone Ernest Kara and Crescent Male Trio Confidence is the basis of all business, and you should know with whom yon are dealing, as well as something of the quality and reputation of the Artical you purchase. - With our many years experience In the Music business we are able to intelligently assist you in the purchase of an Instrument that will give ibest service. .. We know all the hew developments in the Music line, the latest la, The REPRODUCING GRAND PIANO it renders entirely and by itself the world's greatest music a lterpreted by the majority of the pianists of the day. Call and here this wonderful instrument You-will also find at this store the IYERS & rOND Grand, Player and Upright Pianos J and many other leading makes. 35 Pianos to select from. MR. EDISON'S NEW PHONOGRAPH All the-TIctrolas, prices from $23.00 up to $275.00 And positively the largest stock of Records and Music Rolls. Bring back anyrOld roll and we will allow you 33 cents for it on a new Boll. A few bargains in used Pianos. 3093 Boll Weevil Bines (Hess) Z Ain't Afraid of Ruthin' Dat's 85e Tenor Frank Parent and Anthony Fraachlnl Al Bernard, Carl Penton's Orchestra. Alive (Bernard Baritone eireea anHnr nvrwy saaa r&AY : LimWICX BXCOBDS. W. F. ROSSMANl Ernest Hare 3107 Memphis Bluae (Norton-Handy) Tenor) Al Barnard, Carl Peatons Orchestra 85o Prankie and Johnnie (Leigh ton Bros. Tenor Al Bernard, Carl Pontons Orchestra FOR DANCING. Met Siren of a Southara Sea Fox Trot (Brashen-Weekn) Zaham Jones' Orchestra fl.00 Mon Xomme (My Man) Fox Trot (Tvain) Knickerbocker Orchestra 8111 Peaches Fox Trot Intro. "Trying" (Kaltnar-Ruby-Conrad) Accor Solo Mario Parry 85o After These Tears Fox Trot Introducing "My Mammy's Tears' (Hagen-AppleHeld-Coslow-Ringle-Shafer) Accordion Solo Mario Perry lit Oh Mo! Oh Myl Fox Trot Introducing "Dolly" from "Two Little Clrls In blue" (Toumans) Carl Penton's Orchestra 86e Tea Cap Olrl Fox Trot (Wilson) Carl Pea ton's Orchestra 811 Mooallght Fox Trot Introducing; Tin Mlsln' Mammy's Ktasin' " Conrad1are-Pollack) Cart Peatoa's Orchestra ase Beep la Tsar Byes Walts (Jacobl) Carl Peatoa's Orchestra ailS MeUo "Cello Fox Trot CMoret) Broody and his PaaasytvaaU Bote! Orchestra So An Por Tea Fox Trot Introducing "Without You" Johnson- Gumbie-Oreen) Xrdody aad his Pennsylvania Bote! Orchestra HO) AJat Ws Oot Paa Fox Trot (Whiting) Beanie Kraerer'a Orchestra to DaneTeroaa Bines Fox Trot (Brown) Beanie Xrnegex's Orchestra ;. "SERVICE FIRST" f . K. STORAGE I , : MOVING I PACKING SHIPPING :There is nothing too large or too small for us to handle. ail Boodya Baby Fox Trot Introducing "Snugrle- (Dans-Ager-Santlr-Spencer) reea Brothers' Vovotty Baaa Trot (Sol man) ABTPMOBOO: cab WE DELIVER S. T. KARNS SONS COfiFArW Homer Brumbaugh Fraiildin, Pa. Pet!7SG -r-- -I &k i.

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