The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1932
Page 7
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L .THt)ftSDAY, MARCH 31, 1932 BIA'THEVllrl.B, (AUK.) COUIUKK NEWS ADS Two out* m word tor fint luiertJoe «wj OM cent » wczd for wcfa (utaequent tn*rUa) No •dmtnemcot Uktn far k* ih«n We. Count the woidi md tfud Ux fyih PhMe 306 FOR SALE FOB SALE—Baby chicles. P»rt ; cash, pay bahince in fryers. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythevlllc, Art 2l FOB SALE—Planting s*cd, Stonc- villc >}o; 1. See Nfofik Mallicws, Yarbro Gin. 23ckl -«.«mm nunT€ BY MABEL McELLIOTT FOIl SAIiI>-Tiit>iisands 'of certine<l I'orlo liico and Nancy Hall potato plants, tomato, cabbage, peppers, etc. Fresh garden seeds, bulk and package, -.$ccdi coi'n,- alfalfa, clover, grass, £0"y bsans.'stoc'l; peas. Banner Sieve, 'US' W. Main 31C-K1 FOri SAL-E—ICO rank asli cbok oiid heating wood, . $2.00 delivered Banner Sim. Phono 1032. 31C-K-1 k'OR RENT RENT—Five room bungalow, 1'60S Clilrtnsawba. Good repair, man rent. Apply Ncv: York Store. 280-tf FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. -.305 Ddujjiin. 1C-K8 FOR RENT—Furnished npartmcnt, ; 108 West Kentucky. Phoii? 083. 1. . 31C-K7 WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. j'^T 1 . Worthy's, 106 First Street. We ji»y market priws. J E Fisher Sctf v^t • , VJAn aluriiinum ladder weighing ' .lour ounces recently supported quarter-ton weight in England. New Grand Loader Barber Shop 110 N. 2nd ; I _ • Hair Cuts - - 25c EarliE. Parker R. S. Prevost '! FRESH RIVER : CAT FISH V EVERY DAY * Jimmic O'Brien's Cafe 105 8. 2nd St. ' Phor.e 211 . Call Phone No. 243 for INSURANCE SERVICE jj We ,Writc: Burglary (Residence & Mcr- cuntilc Safe) Insurance, Health & Accident, Autonio- bil« Liability, Plate Glass, and all lines of casualty and baDds. ' S^ell real estate, and service reiital property. %. M. I5URNS COM; PANY, INC. /INSURED INTER HKKC • UMN CAIU'.r It If.r.l.K •1t»*XTftyli7 IM • t'Mc«K« fe««ll"«» •chMl, Krpriwnndrd ••« rfjtjr ffr •• *rr*r, >kr Ictk* M I* •«* HfiBKHT I)1!M»H, »ulkcr • !•- dr«t, >l«riBfi >t t«r. IU« »•• hriN k« Ij ihr ktlr i» lk« !>•»• hai.r*rl«B« *B4 wnMtra wkj fca li Irmjmlmm alf nuvr«»ky, Tkat • l(kl «ke c»» <• a »nrlr HI Ik* k>«r «f HOOK MILTON. • •«• •! k«r lrl««», flMetlPV t* fc»»* » MUcraklv llMe aliier *k* bftl •• CMort • •• kntiv* l*w al Ikr • vr*l«. A dark MIMK wn* nnwrd lIKtt LAHrMA.1 ikoni kcr «l(?•)!»•• • •(! •«*• krr kNMr. K»*a ••» K0*4ltlckl It ktn kurrtrdljr krr»>r >h» tftfu't »>•( AUNT j[:.«1ir. >ritk «km >kr urn. lo nuh cat ••< •€•!• krr f« daUy- '•*> NOW GO OH WITH THE STOUT CIIA1TKI! 11 f\H. l-ordy. l-orilj, bow Susan did " h«t» getting up! Slio ynwoed deeply, bnrrowinK her head under ttia corcrs and trying to »hut out (ha eon nil ot Aunt jESGlc'8 nasal call; "Susan! Sug-an! Get up (his mlnu(e. Rreakfast's getting cold." Shuddering, blinking at (he Ilglil, llio Elrl swung' ber feet orcr ilio side of dm bifc bed \vlilch ground In sympathy-, Its springs were old mid 3UBsl"B.'Slio stood In the- middle. of;tlie lillle room with its bravely, .patnlcd dresser ;iml whllo niflted iciirinlns. Sbe slim and youthfully curved, ex- qulsllo In bcr ttiln cotton nlKti Bonn. limp from man; washings. "Su-n-san!" Aunt ,'rsale w»3 grumbling »9 Susan camo Into the kllctien. continued to grumble as she nouret coffee from the snout of (lie old bill enaBid iiot and slapped tblck slices of bread on the toaster. Susan llke'il tWn toast but A\mt didn't believe In catering to young folks' tvhlire. ' "No egg lor me, thanks," Susan reiiionalra'ed. Aunt Jessie hogan to ecold fresh 'Igor. "You girls nowaday — never know when you're well off —string bc«n shapes— no Tltallty— " Susan hail heart: It all so many times before that sha Karcety listened. 1 "You're not hearing a word I'm saying," grunililcd Aunt Jessie. "Can't think vrliat gets Into you these days! 1 said It's 10 past S and you'll be late again If you don't run lor the car." PAGE SEVEN Stock /'rices "Going la lunch?" lie inquired. BONDED f'ltY I .TRUCKING \^ co DEPENDABLE DAILY SERVICE TO BLYTHEV1LLE FHOSI Memphis and Little Koct J. D. McDowell Telephone Loc»l Agcnl No. 82 DrP. ./j.. ij, Tipton Physician & Surgeon •=•' Ingram Bldg. Telephones: Office - 256 Residence - 276 CUSAN camo out of lier daze an,* ssnlned the last of the coffee. She rushed duwn tlio nail «nd 5 on ber last year's Hat. li wnsn't af- till like the ones la Hie sh'o~p windows but Susan couldn't help tbat. Her plowing graT oyc3 l richly curling liair. and the color tliat camo and went fitfully In tier heart-shnpert face triumphed oter tho'nandieap of last year's mlill ncry. Sli9 hurried back Into the kitchen to say gooilby lo Aunt Jessie. The dishwater was making an obhlisatn In the chipped tin pan as Aunt Jessie tunoiisjly turned on faucets aud swirled an aged dlsli-mop. SiiQ pecked at Susan's check and muttered: "You'll lie late, surc'ti you're corn. Never did sea such a phje.iyhead. Yon lake otter your mother's folks, that way." S!io was Elill grumbling as Susan ran down the track stairs to lake tho short cut to the. corner whero slio cniight tho surface car. The filrl sighed, clinging to n strap Why was Aunt Jessie such a srouch? Sho loved her—Susau knew that! Hadn't she nursed through diphtheria during her first year In bbjb school? Hadn't she brought her back to lite when prac llcally everybody had given her up for dead? Oh, Susan knew Ann Jessie really cared for her hut slip had such a queer way of shoving it. That, thought Susan shrewdly, w.13 Aunt Jcssio's generation. Uncompromising, bard on others as j well us themselves. They couldn't help It. "I was raised right and I'm going to see you are the same," Aunt Jessie often said grimly when tha young girl complained ol strictures. 'liaised right" meant going lo tied early and rising early; having rery littla tun, nude-over clothes, putting monoy In tlio bank, quoting "handsome Is as handsome iloca" and thinking tho devil lurked wineglass. Well, reaybo Ihey 'san fairly ran the last ll '° "-'"'Slit: Wlml would Aunt . and crammed hercc-lf s * c s;v ^' were rigbt but Susan thought there must ba more in life than ]uat luat. She hoped so. anyway. Her heart sank when she thousbt of the day before, tier and ahe Hipped the pages of ber book us sho swayed and jerked to tho uncertain rhythm of Ihe street csr's progress. "Up In front there, up in front." droned the conductor as more and more passengers crowded n at 'very corner. It promised to lie a warm day. The frcsiiness of early morning was anisninj; as they nearcc; the down town district. The odors of asphalt under sun, of gasoline fuinca, of inman hodloa nnd cheap seems mingled together. Susati hated it. Mho wondered how iliat lantldlous .coking young man, Holiert Dunbar, roilc ii-tu town. Probatdy on n com- fortahle suburban 1 train with room enough lo strcleli liis toiiK Ic^s anil read his morning newspaper. She envied him. He.£cctncd to he. a visitor from another sphere will) his line linen, bb well lilting lounge suits. morning. The sharp hreezo off Lake Michigan leased herbal lirlm blew hcrs!clrls. Kusau walked very rr;il{|ly. .\llsa Allen M:IS -:iiru lo deliver a tcalliiiii; rebuke if she iliou 1 - 1 arrive laic. The dock in the bank on the corner said 10 inln ntes to S. Su: tew yards. Into au already packed elevator. She said "incuse nio'' lo an unseen male ns the car shot upward. Her olhow bad jainnicd Into a vest front and sho Hushed scarlet with confusion as she heard a nnitlcred and millo Involuntary "Uticli!" ni the linpncl. As she stmultlcd out at Ibo Htu lloor she turned lo lluil young Mr. Duubai ai her becla. In;; liu 1 Liiirrchani'.o ul Sns:i:i Khuiik IIIT hi'iid, trrunln^. ii ivimhln'i di» to IUT- lull ill: K'.i;r.||i) HiU'ii, frli-ndlv ill sin: v..l . tu 'art that tjiilt of l.ltk. IIUTnl noon as Su.-an walled tor ' II- :-.-n In tin' ihiiviisuiis [ojci VUHIIL; llnnhar illlfnvli'od llrr. '•ifiil.ii' to lmu;lr.'" hi) lui|iiUvd plv.i<3i,''y. II iv .is liy way .it Moms' uu-ti \v is llio olivlmiH ovdcr \it Uic Slits:.n sillik'.| :U lillll. :i°i et' 1 * .•idenii:;; luiili'r I lie lirllll cif her "I'm waitlilf; li'i-ni) scat- Mate." ilm sulil -Shu fuilldn'l i;i't n Iho cl-ovator with ino." "l>o miiio aloiiK willi ino, rtnn't •our L h.ilvj til Um<*h ululu'," n'iineii iho yeiinv, nian. "H 1 :, latJu-r iliff, lli<> u.iy M'o all Rlaud on roiv- iiiniy ai that dump upi-Uiiri:. I K^Y >ui:r iiaiii,- iiinl I LUL-iiiise— hn|ie >nu iLriiHv iniiie." Tlio i.irl iindilcil. "lint I nni'il «all f.u Helen." she nnili-'ii il half luarli-lly. The lall juui..; iniin sliri!j;(:i"il. "Di-n't yini do cvciy day?" iiii can^lil l.rr liiuer l)|i IK I lueun IIIT tt-itli, di-li.llin^ Ihe uial ter. lint thr iiriibluui u.ri rulTCil for hor IICI-.HI^O al Ilia! iiiMlilpnt ituleti ^Jar^ii.ill L'lnoi r.rd fioin r, oaj;erly lo Iwo c,lrl!j from ilio -jj- vuiicetl fia^.j, 'I'iiL- threo t::i;-.ii-i'. i.ut of tho Juli'ty v.'ltltoist nvrn n-it'Mui; Siuait :i:nl IUM ri':ll|iall!ou- 'TliLi-i-. illil I tell yoill" asked the la It yiiuni; n?nn In llio Bi-'V "'L :i.asU'i[Mlly tiiutur, '-•« sail'3 all:i. "SliL 1 '!! fnl-rnlli-Ii. nllflll' you alrc.uiy. I.hi cinne aloui;. I'll tio cvctl;'stlii;:!y In yum- dvlit. I in tioreil ivilh IKu ami nci'd tioir.eunc lo lall; In." SUKIU was riinsclom of a Ire- ilid ju-ni to be l;ai»!i; - 3iliiK to iier after ait jnsl wtiiMi i^hn hail I'.lven un lln Klnrioiis pn^sLliLlltyl i-'ui n 5[ilil r'Onni] lic<r mind. nnioiniilU'al- ly lo tills rollex. renimeicil JC3- A, T. niul T ........... 110 1-! Aiuicondii Coppor ...... ti 'J-n AiiUiii'u ................ li U--1 Ctiicri>lll:ir Tractor ...... ii 1-2 Chrj!.kT ............... 10 5-U Cities Si.TUi-c .......... 61-1 Cuc.i Call ............ 10'J 1-1 Cuiillni'iilnl ll.ikln,; .... -I tii' Lk'i-lili: ...... 17 l-'l i-ls-u.'rul XUilui-s ..../... 15 S-n Mlllllll'VVl'Sl 111 till llM .... I 1-U Mcntgoiiiay Wnvd ...... 7 a-l New Voik t.Vnlial ..... M 7-K I'.u-kai'd ................ :l :i-ll H.idlo ................... I! 1-U yniminns ............... 7 titamkivd ut N. J ....... 'ili ;i-8 Ti'Xiis U) ............... II l-'J U. S. SU'i-1 ............ 39 New York Cotton NEW YORK, MdVCh 31. (UP)— iCaiton closed bJitly itcady. .Mar. I M*V July Of!. lice. Oi«n llljli Low 711 6JO 049 IHi'J 6B7 6X 649 1170 Ma 69 a USB 60'J B'JO tH5 014 C!ose 030 (III) 629 650 W7 070 New Orleans Cotton NE\V ORLEANS, March 131: (OP) • —Cotton closed. »tik dttd : erratic. Open Hleji Lov Close 6S7 t)3a 002 'Oil . «4G 8J6 ' OfS ' 870 G35 i '618 Spots clufril ijniol lit 620, olf 1>0. ovn-iK TO UK i'Koi>:<:i>:i> S'lOCKUOltM. IU1 1 )—TllC ulltl' «:li IK> iirvk'ctixl by tho Swedish IJIIVOIIIIIK'III, wliich will forbid Its dctti'iitllon except near (Isli li'.itclv- I'lles. I'roin lilLfi (o 11«0 1,131 oi- lers tti-rc Kllleil In Sweden. 629 '669 666 674b Mny July Oct. IX'C 68^.045 658 Jun Mar v ,., ;..'• :.6Klb !V~ Spots eloscil-.slcady ill ill',Ml 22.'i ' WOM\N JK1.S AT 99 , UOCHESl'Efl, N. li. (UP)—Mrs. ''.' Carollno Sylvaln, who is <ft, and ' who bus 163 llvhij dcseeiidanU, . tfaocrd Jl^s nml sunn recently ai : i- the wcddliiij rcccplton of one of licr ^ 7 j I -• SQ^^E^f^!we^ »ftiJjd aU VcO, ,CA/J "fiCLI. •fU'WrtN Vou Silcrfs AT SIMMER I V'ULLGUl -ftlRLl r ^.w AM' -itU-r Mtff *X-C OUS-TO — 'DiDkl-r' A SECO.MD UM-M- Ml Arl — ~ -^ij (He ciUM6is GUESS ~ U fees IDES , - AH ^-- LJM wi-rtl OU iH 1 LAii'T" COUPLA DAMS Like: A BELLCSWJS • WHAT UJA5 THAT "Was It-ob, It so 113rd WAS you I cried Susan. ovcrcotuG with cuitiar isccin.-i rassuicnt and shaluMi out ot her' shyness by the realization. "It—ub—iiMS iiolbhi!:." catd the yoting man, Eialllns with a Hash ol while Uetli hi a tanned face. Susan bad time to oliserve tbo pevfcrlion ol his \viiile dolled darl; hlue cravm before Ihe swinging dear inlo Hie She Knew Ann: ,lrss!e woiilil not TJiin adventure wmild conns under llio head i:f "(ialllvaul- :i btrani;o yuiinK nicu." i liio'ieil mi at tho ynnni; man Mrhlln[; lirsidr: lier, irylnii lo sll'.i '.j^'.-, ta IICVH. Tii£ »;lrl was uu iuii:l:Ll edit Inn Vcinuf. bill iiobcrt Uunhar bcemcd oxiraonli- uarlly lall. "Well, wlial do yon pay?" l.tniRti- ing blnn eyca i:iel serious Kray ouea. 'I'o ll:e liuy It uil,;)!! linvo llio i:iovL ¥ bl casual eiicuunt dim of ti-o!irji:diiu:> drnma. "I'll c:ia.o" itie sahl sliyly. Susan Ilkud his clipticd [:ii; I.I., li:i:nl under tier <ril!inllv, at crr.fJlpn. IJC.T Into Ihe fjrvat di:']r- liOO'I^S AIND REK BUDDIES Ol'Al/S VERSION 1 atitc room opened to admit tlictn Air. Ulock, head "f liio sclnn)!. frownud :U tEieni niLd sj^itnlcd OIL) "C;6o:I!" vn:te. II clb-t\v. tiif 1 tcctivo n lie stcei\- v;ay of a 1 ['In Isa'l inin-li," Uiintiar calil "I.nla of till nuil elu- nously ai Hie accnslus; clock In Ihe h;t-!lircail l:-:t it's decent center of the room. "Don't worry about It. 1'in not nermancntly Injured," the man had time ti> whisper before wider. fynil'a noi bail. And we've tbrcc-iinarlcrs ol n;i l-.our." | Knsan Aliened bur oycs AT one of Hie downtown corners. ^* amid a cl;iiiyniir of sti'ect car hells 1110 whine nf hastily j][i|>lied lirukvs, she alighted and be^an awUMy in walk rn.^r. It sefr.ii) toc- ; . to he nud yomi[; this oyly sllll Stic Susan vanibiied, very iu;ieb flus- leied, tnio the eonlinea o( tbo la- tiles' dressing room. Tho mornins passed more quick ly than usual. Snout's half-hour ol study on the street car tlood Mer ; in good stead. Klio passed tbo spell- ins tcsls wliliotii an error and Miss Allen waa almost affable. To make matters nuuo Interesting Robert Dinihar smiled at ber as she re turned to her scat ntlcr a triumphant tionl ivltli dlclntlon. "Made a Villinp. haven't you?" irhisiirrnl Meh'li nbscrv O i~~» ", ~,_ /> , iny. Hrrk.-illin-. wlirr:; Syniim'.i It Kvrn Sluinpi'd tin- -lut!;c Koyal Academy to uet j livcs .,„„ nn;1 ti , t . I(WI , ,, nl , Cill H ..i r,p ()VANt ; Wn:jl , ,UPJ-J.I.I.:. Modernized Blljle PiclUie recognized. Synions refuses to dh-' Webster c,lktcd t-i c..ause li:c wns'lnr Hie lii'jt ll:nc In tier ynun^ lilo v.-ithin llio Eacrcd iiorlala gf llio "Siili-mr.ilc." i\o\? she InniR bark lonkiu" ullh dl.-mny at bi-r v'.iaWiy coal and skirt. — I'm not dressed tn Luncli lii-re." she faltered, [icouy red wllh contusion. Yoiiny Ounhar look lirr arm with a ecnlln bill compelling pressure. "Noi:sense," lio said linnly. "Yi>n look chanuiii^ anil yon'ro luiictili\if htro with me." (To fl" Cniilinurd) Pilru, cil.l Ju: 1 llrndi-ikiiN IJ:i--ks Va;i Wtr- n:itnrri!:,-u:-ih. Guaranteed I'urc Sloneville No. 1 PLANTING SEED :• $25 PeiiTonJ. Tills seed was Brown on our own plantation nnd Binned In: our private E'I» with no possibility - ol mixture with inferior scid. ,C.F. TUCKER on Promised Land Road, 3',4 miles southeast of Blythc- vlllc. NEW AND USED PARTS for All Ailomobilcj JACKSON AUTOi'AlnS 2)2* W. Main - - ,- Phone 66 LONCON, Er.r,:.ini.. lUI'i — An-j clhcr modernized 1 biblical picture' to be submitted'for this year':, j Royal Academy by'Murk Syn-.ons, | the artist. • ': \ Syraon's last picture, "Christ In j Modern Time.i." crca'lcd a great'. controversy among the Clitics. It | depicted Chrisl tvalklnj; Dircuali a strc^l crowded wllh all kinds of present-day psoplo. ilis nev; pieiure is entitled "In the Slrerrts of Tbat Great City. 1 ' II shows Christ nailed to Ihe crass, vg pnllcd into position between the two thieves by present-day workmen. The surrounding croid !S composed of various tyiies of pccplc soino of whom ar; wor- sliipjilnjr and some scofTitiij, but die' majority arc merely curious. The scene is taken from Koart- . spired iKC'.KI.K picture. name whon 1:;- A!vi:ii: : Hoaii Camu-r rtflKNDS Cra«. SECOND HAND 11 FURNITURE I Stella. First R. J. Oodson -. MI-M3 E. Mthi G. G..CAUDILL iwnts, BUJTS and Sells j Homes and Panns r Writes Ihsurknce W ramm Buk BMc. MOKE FOR THE ntllLDING DOl.tAR DOESVJT I:\K,:C. AN'/ tJce to MS.... I'M pEaoy AuVTwe 7c-J SAY= 10 A r?,-,cs, T.ICIJ tie .'UTS T--C TO T! 'I.L. 36AT 'HI/., 1<X)X- KovJ STUCK up lli£V /XRtJ, JUMBO -BL S niiE-v \>»UT ee. IHAI vjj.AY \}'HC>J vt O t %«. •VOONS seetJ OOR RAL. 5, LdJSTiwe A^' I THIUK. I v*!E SOTTA HEART -R> HEART TALK.. fWoW-6 FOR A RAc6.. 'lt(J OW BEAT H.V., A Board and a Nail . And a Can of Paint, Make M any a < Place Look New—That Ain't! . E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. _W'ASH ' c"Pen c.v Ur-uiep;-. RIP'S Al.l, DOI/LKI) C! 1 ! I DUNNO. IT'S UXE NOU :ES A BET A, «N-r«M\n. T^ OF p. WHILE SEK M "MS R w^srt TO /060V 1 . ior STOFF! ^ KiM. ^>UIT OF CLOWES. ^_/)V» M£ l . > FEELS SO C.OOD I HURTS. >l' M-L t re ft Kite OR TW> To TfcvXMWI ^L tfrftAj

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