The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts on July 27, 1893 · 2
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The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts · 2

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1893
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THE BERKSHIRE EVENING EAGLE, THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1893 NUMBER- 55 (Httt XI0U0. The Cool Air U Welcome Indeed after ,..'. The depressing Weather which we Were compelled to Endure yesterday. , The Btorma wired a good purpose la clearing the atmosphere. . Special day, Saturday of thU week. One finely finished cabinet photograph for 25c. at Clark's. . It U atated on good authority that the fete given recently at the Academy, waa not a success financially,, the deficiency amounting to a sizeable sura. Baker Carson has a new sign, the work of Harrington Brothers. O. P. Iticker of Boston was In town the first part of the week exhibiting to local capitalists the prospects and endorsements of the Black Wonder gold mine of Colorado. A. J. Waterman of Plttsfleld; is the president of the syndicate which owns the mine. North Adams Correspondent Union. The Gounod quvtet which sang at Maplewood, Wednesday eveniug.wlll appear in Daltn, August 9. - BRIEF PERSONALS TJenry W. Bishop of Chicago reached this city, Wednesday, for the summer. Ills family Has been here some time. . Prof. E. T. Morley of Cleveland, Ohio, is visiting PUUfield friends. Patrick Cain leaves today for a two weeks' visit in New York. 1 William Gaghan of Winuted, Conn , is visiting with J. F. McCue. The many friends of Miss Nellie Buckley will be pleased to hear she has recov- ered sufficiently from a recent sickness to be out. Peter Bedard has returned from a week's visit with friends and relatives in Adams. Mrs. Mowry has returned to her home in Greylock, after a pleawnt sojourn of two weeks with lriends In this city. Mrs. William Stanley has as her guests, her brother and sister, Leonard and Miss Christine Wetraore. Dr. Tompkins and wife of Boston are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Tompkins. Miss Edna Kfngsley is vltltlng her grand parents at Falls Village. The funeral of Cornelius Dily, who was killed Monday in the Richmond Iron mine, took place today. . Miss Sarah Lally has returned - to her home in Wllliamstown after an enjoyable visit of several days with relatives here. Miss Katharine Fleming of Daniels ave nue, returned Wednesday from a pleasant weeks stay with relatives in Waterbjry, Conn. WiUiam Koehler of Hoboken, N. J., is spending his vacation with his son In law, Fred Meyer. I ' Mlf-s Anna Brett has returned to her home in North Adams, after a pleasant-week's sojourn with relatives In- this city. Master Clement Costello of Dorchester. Is spending a portion of bis vacation with his grandmother, Mrs. Owen Coogan." Mr. and Mrs. Sanders of Providence, are visiting Mrs. Sanders' sister, Mrs. E. M. Wilson. Miss Mary Jackson, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. II. May has returned to her home in the eastern part ' of toe state. Remember St. Josephs band fair this week. Concert at Mwpietrnod. Despite the threatening weather, about 200 iople attended the concert at Maple- wood last evening, and enjoyed a very pleasing program. The nist number was a selection on the "symphony pipe organ. played by Mr. Plumb. Three other selec tlons were played on the organ by W. P Wo:d, and "the audience was delighted with the instrument. Felix Wlnternltz, the violinist, played three selections in his usual skillful manner, and two of them were encored. During his rendition of Bazlnni's Scherzo, a string of his violin broke and , he was compelled to retire and repair the instrument. . He returned and finished the selection with so much spirit ana expression, as to win a hearty recall. Tho Gounod ladles quartet of North Adams, with Prof.- Meltzke as accompanist sang three selections very pleasingly. The concert was a very pleasant entertainment Remember St. Josephs bank fair-this week. At the Hand Fair. . The attendance at the St. Joseph's fair, Wednesday evening, was much larger than the evening before. The open air concert In front of the Coliseum was listened to by a large number. During the evening several articles were drawn and dancing was continued until '11 c4clock. The fol lowing program will be rendered this even ing: Overtore, "The 8vr BolV Hong, with violin obligato, C. K. M. James. Bass solo, "Happy Thought," J. Welsh. Violin solo, "Fantasia," Da Herlot vv alter xtatrord. Clarinet solo, '-Snd. Air Vane, Thornton C. Clifford Wangh. Starch, "Belle of Chicago." Will He a Good Oarar. Among the features of the picnic given by th A. O II. society -Of Adams, Satur day, will be a bae ball game between the A. O. H. societies of ritufletd and North Adams. The tem from this city will be captained by Cullen, while Mackay will look out for the interests of the team from the upper end of the county. Etch society contains some fine players and a good game is eipectea. hmiulj, Tllden's Money, The general term of the Supreme court Wednesday entered an order staying a levy for a judgment in favor of Alfred Mosher of West Troy against his son in-law, George II. Tllden o: jncw York. Tlldeo is a nephew of ex -Governor Samuel J. Tllden, and the litigation is said to have originated from Mr. Mosher instituting proceedings to recover f 30,000, which be advanced to en able his son in-law to contest his uncle's will. The courts have adjudged the money legally due Mr. Mosher, and the order granted Wednesday was to prevent the immediate levy on property, owned by Tllden In Albany and Columbia counties. Troy Times. ' A Yoathfal Wanderer. At Officer Marshall was patrolling Co-lumbus avenue about 12 o'clock Wednesday evening be saw a small boy step from one of the doorways In the American house annex and walk towards Noith street. The officer questioned him and after a few moments the Utile fellow began to cry and said he had beeo taken away by an older loy arid It was so late he cooM not pet in the boose. Officer Marsha I inpfrel bis name and where be Uvod and took him borne. THE ALTERNATING MOTOR NEGOTIATIONS FOR ITS SALE, NOW PENDING. The General Klettrle Company Will Donbtleaa Purchase It Hw tbe Sale Will Affect the Plttafleld Coin-pa alee Tbe Plana of the Stanley Kleetrle MaaufaetBrln C I Will Be Benefited by tbe Sale of the Fie ter. In an article headed "Electrical Rumors" the Plttsfleld Sun stated that the Stanley laboratory company had sold, to the Gen eral Electrical company of New York, the exclusive right to manufacture and sell the Stanley-Kelly alternating current motors and generators, which right baa here tofore been held by the Stanley Manufacturing company. The report that the sale had been effected is not true, although ne gotlations are now pending, which will probably result in such a transfer. The alternating current motor has al ready been described in the Eagle, and is one of the most wonderful or. the electrical contrivances. When it was perfected and found to operate successfully, there was talk of an Immense plant to be erected at Mornlngslde for the manufacture of motors and generators. Mr. Stanley had an architect prepare plans, and some Plttsfleld men offered to form a syndicate and erect the necessary buildings. The offer was never accepted. It would have been a grand thing for Pittsfield if the plan could have been car ried out, and there was a strong hope that it would be. But it was apparent that an immense capital would be required to carry on the business. It would of course be necessary to manufacture- motors and gen erators of all sizes and carry them in stock, and to equip a plant and carry such stock would require a capital reaching into the millions. The profits would of course be very large but the question of raising the great amount of capital necessary, was a serious one. In fact it was practically Impossible to carry out such an enterprise in a place like Pittsfield, and it was finally deemed best to sell the invention, if a pur chaser could be found. The own rshlp of the motor and generator up to 50 horse power machines, is vested in the Stanley Electric Manufacturing company, and above 50 horse power In the Stanley Laboratory company. The Stanley Electric Manufacturing company agreed to sell its ownership with that of the other compauy if a purchaser could be found, and negotiations have been in pro gress for some time with the General Electric company. This concern is a consolidation of the Edison-, Brush, Thomson -Houston and Fort Wayne electric companies, and is the larg est concern of Its kind In the country. Its capital la enormous, and it Las all the facil ltles for making the alternating motors and generators in connection with its business Mr. Stanley and Mr. Kelly have been, and are now in New 1 ork, conducting the ne gotiations, but up to Wednesday night the transaction bad not been completed. The motor is a very valuable invention, and if a sale Is effected, both of the companies Interested will realize very handsomely. It will give the Stanley Electric Manufactur ing company ample working capital and a good surplus. ' The company will then confine itself to manufacturing the Stanley transformers, and other electrical contrivances the pro ducilon of which, does not require such a great working capital as is the case with the mttors and gent r. tors The trans formers made by this company, are by all odds tbe best and most effective on the market, being supplied with many im provements over all others. There Is i steady and growing demand for them, and the company's business along this line, is most promising ' It Is understood that Mr Stanley has about perfected another elec trical invention which will soon be put on the market, and the Stanley Manufacturing company will doubtless be the concern to handle it. The transformers and other contrivances which can be bandied by the capital at the disposal of the company, will constitute a business of large proportions, and It is not At all unlikely that eventually the company, will move to a new plant at MornlDgslde. as its present quarters will be too small for tbe business. It is, of course, to be regretted that the great works necessary for tbe manufacture of the motors and generators could not have been located In Pittsfield, but tbe amount of capital required made It Impractlable . Its sale will confer a real benefit upaa our city, as it will furnish the companies with capital upon which their business may be extended. The patent papers on the mo tor and generator are being examined by the General Electrical company, and it Is prob able that the transaction will be completed In a very short time. Mr. Stanley s won derful alternating motor, is certain to be real benefit to Plttsfleld after all. Remember St. Josephs band fair this week. Remember St. Josephs band fair this week. Drath of Officer Flynn'a Mother. The death of Mrs. Edward Flynn took place at her home In Palmer, Wednesday evening, after a long illness. She had been in poor health for years, but had been on tbe gain for some time and It waa thought she would recover, until the death of her two sons took place about a year ago. Mrs . Flytin was 65 years of age and leaves a hus- hand and three children, one daughter and two sons, Officer D. P. and Dr. M. W. Flynn, both of this city. INTERESTING LOCAL MATTERS. Ice cream parlors now open. Rice's bakery. Dr. II. O. Shaw will certalnlv rnrn catarrh, If not, money will be refunded, 83 Bradford street. Delicious strawberry ice cream madn right from the berries at Rice's bakery. Corey's Cough Balsam marked C. C. B. is CUaranteed to cure. On as 1a at War-mil & Fahey's, price 25c, large bottles 50c. jjeiicions water Ices made with pure, fruit juices at Rice's bakery, Buy your bananas and oranirea at E Coster & Son's. Try our crushed slrawberrv cream. ..:. ' nice a Daaery. If VOU want a POrx! bnalnm hnran nr a nice stylUh driver, call at Back man's stable summer street. Fine Photographs at M. C. . MulottaV Children and babies, picturw are especially one. vpen event nes nntu y o clock. fine brands clears. tohaw rlmwiiM etc., at 10 South street Carpenter A Co. Great bargains in millinery goods at the Mlwes Sheridan's, North street. Ice cream made of pure cream ontv at Rice's bakery. First premium potatoes. Berkshire Agri cultural Fair for 1882, were raised on Bradley's fertilizers. II. P. L'icaa, agent. JUST BEFORE THE WAR. , Ex-Senator Dawes BeeaUs m Critical Time la Waahlagion. In the August Atlantic, the Hon. Henry L. Dawes presents some Important reminis-cencea of Washington, In the winter before tbe war, detailing several dramatic episodes, all of which he taw and part of which he was. It waa Mr. Dawes' fortune to serve as a member of the special committee appointed by congress to watch the progress of the Southern secession movement. One of the committee's duties happened to be to summon before it the embassy which South Carolina sent to Washington just after It seceded. This embassy's dignity did. not permit It to treat with a mere congressional committee, and so It sent Its secretary of legation as lu representative. Mr. Dawes describes with much humor the Interview with this Individual a youthful fire eater, gorgeously attired, "a dude of dudea of that day, fit to be the prototype of the race." Mr. Dawes continues: " We were subsequently charged with a much more serious duty, of which little beyond our printed report was ever made public. The public mind at Washington had become greatly excited by the belief that a conspiracy had been formed to seize the Capitol and Treasury, to get possession of the archives of the Government, and to prevent the counting of the Electorial vote and the declaration of the election of Lincoln; thereby creating chaos and anarchy, out of which might come the establishment of the Confederacy aa the Government de facto in the very halls of the national Capitol . Treason waa known to be plotting to that end in the Cabinet Itself, and Mr. Buchanan was bewildered and nerveless. We were Instructed to investigate the grounds for these apprehensions. Meetings were held with closed doors, and we requested that General Scott, the General of the army, be detailed to aid our investigations. Already General Cass had left the Cabinet because he would not consort with traitors, and the thoroughly loyal and terribly energetic Stanton had come Into it just In time to save Buchanan, and, as many believed, the nation itself. Tbe first struggle this great hero had was with himself. Almost at the threshold this question confronted him: Shall I obey the law which has hitherto and In ordinary times governed cabinets, and keep secret what has transpired in councillor shall I disclose-and thwart the machinations of - traitors wherever I see them? He obeyed the higher law and the oath he had taken to support the constitution . Indeed, as he . told me, he had entered the Cabinet for the very purpose of saving that cabinet from wreck ; and, as it proved, it was none too soon . Calling on him the evening after he had taken the oath of office, in that anxiety which troubled -all . loyal men, I was assured by him in this way : "I have today taken an oath to support the constitution of the United States, and by God, I ill do It." "Putting himself In communication with our committee through Mr. Seward, be more than once led us directly upon tbe treasonable footsteps of Floyd and Thomp son, and by early disclosure made impossible the attempts of these men to turn the opportunities of their offices to the service of the ecemlcs of their country. Of course secresy was absolutely necessary, and tbe name f our Informant was never attached to the papers we received. But those of the committee most in sympathy with the cause of the Union were informed where these papers could be found and where they must be returned, and of the reltablli.: ty of tbe (.formation they contained. Some of them were found and read by the light of the street lamp at night, and then returned to the place of deposit., Information thus derived often gave us tbe cue to the next day's investigations The bold handwriting of some of thee papers became very familiar to us during the war. as our intercourse with the War Office grew frequent. I remember distinctly reading one of these communications, handed me by Mr. Howard, chairman of the committee, late one night, giving information of that famous cabinet meeting In which was disclosed the treason of Floyd la ordering tbe guns removed from Pittsburg to arm Southern forts, and the ab straction of a million of Indian trust funds from the custody of the government the cabinet meeting at which Stanton branded Floyd a traitor, and a personal conflict was avoided only by the Interference of the president. The next morning Floyd htm self was called be fere the committe for ex aminatlon. ' A few questions disclosed to him that tbe committee were In possession of the secret, and before three o'clock tbe news of his resignation and flight had spread through the city." Boston Journal. Remember St. Josephs band week Remember St. Josephs band week. White's Wonder Worker. J. H. Man ning, agent. Genuine cream and brown bread at Pow its', 102 West street. Boston brown bread and raised dough tuts at Andlera. aaaaaaaaaaaa, A bom if w BEECHAM'S PILLS Mnititataa a family medi-i cioa chmt. BirU Hrad- meke, H'ak BtomaeH, and Vain in theStomaeJt, tUddiy e rwiiia,BiMui na lyiwmau, ttaxtnem. w iihii', ixmi iniui, nniung oj tf mm, Mornanw or jfrearn. UMMiPraeas owiCMt o. rna BKtm. JMafurfMd Nm). 5 ami all mramu ma tmnbling anun- TrfllM. .iff IM. i - ' - lull. e coveree wirn a isttsiest and soluble Costing 2 Of alldmrciata Prioa SA eanta a boa. X New York Derx.t sna Canal Ht For OPEN FIRE PLACES. Best Cannel Coal 1st the market. 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LOST Tnesday, somewhere on my route, a pocket Ivsik containing a sum of mcney, Tinnfler will lie rewarded by leaving tbe s with William K. Stone at poet office, tfii L4)ST-A sky terrier, please leave with Daniels avenue. . bich the finder will John Meehmn. li.' :itT.4 IN I SOLVENCY. riotlee of fferoad Jtlcetlnc. The undersigned has been atinted assignee of the estate of the Owen laer companvof Oreat Harrington in the County of Berkshire, an Insolvent iebtor. Ti e sei-ond meeting of tlie creditors of satd debtor, will he held at a pourtof ln-olvency at Pillsrteld in said County oo the llflh day of September next at ten o'clock In tba forenoon, at which meeting creditors may be present ami prove tbelr claims. THOMAS A. MOLE. As-U-nee. Dated A darns, Mass., July t, A. D. Is.. JAMES CASSIDY Has oiened a Klarkamlth shop for Horseshoeliiff at 71 .TlrKay Mreel. Particular attention given to kime and Interfering horses. Road, trai'k and coa'ti horses a specialty, tlive me a trial. World's Fair ! 7.65.-S3JT SPECIAL EXCURSIONS I I'ltlnllcld to Chicago mimI It el urn, AUGUST 5, 9 and 15. Tickets goisl ten daj-s, and for return on any regular train. Also Excursion Hate, Pittsfield to Chicago ai.d return, gissl until Nov. 13, iMh.TS. Tickets umk1 aiiy day on auy train. Choice of several routes returning. Tickets, time tables an 1 lurlher information of H. A. DUNBAR, Killroad and Steamship Tlrkri sztal, 31 North St., (BlattlifortTM, PltlBei, Miss. FISH, FRUIT -ANLV VEGETABLE MARKET Ocean, Lake and Ktver Visit ICereived tlxlly, also Koft I ralin, riainn, Orauaes, Lemon Banana. ,'telons, fes Plant, Native Paul- try, early Chickens for brolllnir. Fresh Vegetables every Morning From my own Harden (8 acres), at F.lniwood Farm. Prompt Delhrry, Coed Goods at Low Trim lUiottllantouo. HOUSE PAITJTiriO Paper Hanging, Kaiaomlalbkt, Hard Wan1 Finishing, etc FHIWW IKCLKR ift mwm er ALiEX A'USS, Custom TaUor Fine Trade IMIIrltadl. . Boom 6, Bowerman's Block. SUITS MADE AND TRIMMED $ 1 2 Repairing a pec laity. f. 8HANDORF Tailor, over Talbot atoro it ft u k k Haitmii. ! Ant, . nrf intMrtmrinir Iuitm a wtim 1 . t f . n . i it . u . i t .. . . - - - --W I HH(1 WHI tWVQ .Ml .SUAlfL. F, JW . . anteed. Hrv ee reasonable. HONiisT voom, U0NES1 Dealing, honest prloea are my motto. Graeerleaf canned (oeda ALSO Fruit of all Klnda, Tobacco out of tbe question. R. N. HARRIS, 818 flfi A ve. BARBER SHOP. HAIR CUTTING, SHAVING, SHAM- POOING, ETC. A la Foaapadour a Kperlaltf. Children Hair Cattlnc JOHN BEIRON. North Street. Next A. O. H. Hall UK HUE SOBE BORE Of THOSE CLIPPED OATS &N0 1 HAY BRADIBYROS., II WEST ST TrXKPHOE aiX lit i. NOTICE OF REMOVAlT I wish to Inform my patron that on Aog. 1st I shall move my businese to my new location on Heav r street, therefore shall Dot be ah e to do any renovalliiK for a few days after Saturday, July 20th. Notice will be given In this paper when 1 am attain ready for buslneaa. P. C. LANG DON, Renovator. LOOK - AT - THESE - PRICES 1 1 am doing1 the beet of work at the following prices. Kail ob Tap and Heel, See Ladles' and Hoya " SOc. Children' Taps and " Hie. Thi Bbht Oak-Tnnkd Lkathbr I'sao. VSecond-Hand t'lothiun bought and aoht SAM POMERANCU, 178 Weat dtreel. W. F. Gale. Ilrackin's lilock, .TO North Mrtet. 1cr distance telephone 5-1-2. F. C. NELSON. Fourteen Yean with T. 11. Riehnrtimtu I have opened a shop where I am prepared to do a'l kln!s of CUR'K ANDJEWEI.KY REI-'AIUINU at short tioti-e. Clocko called for and delivered free. M Korta SI., Bims Block, Plttsfleld, Mm. With ifuerAJ. Fumfwre Dealer. FRESH FRUITS ! nr ail variriiea aa lue e a an it advaueea. . . RE1D & BABNFATHEB. JAY P. BARNES, Civil Engineer and Survey v Fine Mxrs a Specialty TACONIC BLOCK 28 WEST ST., FITTSFinJ S PRAGUE ,C MOORE, 071LTJOEEa.iraC Urrica, 15 Depot sr., PiTrsrucD, Mam. All Freight delivered to and from Frelut House. 1'iano and Kurniture mo Vina t cialty Telephone Call 10-12. DOUBLE TENEMENT HOUSE FOR SALE, On Columbus Avenue. House contain seven large room in each side. Will IJSold Low. WILSON e READ, 18 Wert Street. STRAW and FELT HATS ! -ANTV- G EX FURNISHING GOODS ! Of all kinds. Best line in the city, which an examination of otir stock will pror Sole acent for the fatuous KNOX HAT; also the GUARASTEK and DUC TILIjE. I a' so handle a'l the . ' r WOOLLEN REMNANTS Of one of vut 1ik1 mills, anil can eave jou from J5.00 to 10.00 on a rait of Custom Ma le Clothes. ,.' "Bon Ton." JOHN R. FEELEV, Pittsfield. i;;i;sn;;tii;;; 103 North St Paint We keep both, ; Also brashes, glasu ami' ait . .such materials and tool. IS Cheaper than Whitewash. A NY COLOR AND ANY QUA NTITY. ONE QUALITY THE BEST. Harrington Brothers, 96 Columbus Ave. miiir:i:ii:Ti:iii:i:irii:iiiiniT-.T...,rTrrTTTTTTtTTmtn WOOD CARVING, i In all its branches. ESTIMATES FURNISHED AND WORK GUARANTEES -1- 11 1 j I i mm " WILLIS WHEELER, 96 Colambas Ate., Pittsfield. .' rrirtTiiiiMnirmiimiiTTTTTT ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY INSTKUMEMS TO SELECT FROM, ai WOOD BllOTHEBS. DECKER 11 ROSS J KRANICH f It AC II HAINES RROS. PIANO Iink through mir ORGAN WAREKOOM W Inn "mV atork ty town In this county. Ak U beahowo lh5 Wllcit VVi!tf alf nlayto HVMPHOlfV ORG A w'll ple yen to hear It. FOR ANYTHING IN THriMUSIO UNl PPLT TO WOOTV BROTHERS.

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