The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1932
Page 6
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.GE EIGHT »U"nrKVlU..I3. (AUK.) COUKiKK NRWS When New 400-Yard Dash Was Set in Who Shattered 16- Year-Old Record Looks Like Olympic Cinch. BV CLAIRE liUKCKY N'K* Service Writer Wherever the subject of United ntcs Olymiiic hopes is discussed. e of tha flrsl names ULI for -'on- is Ihat of Ren Easuuan .Stanford University. He's in, rrii\3 accidents lo his loll, skin' frame belwcen now ami July. In the west they liava ln-llovrd the lanky Stanford.tTyer sini'e s tresliman days. As a very raw olilc. lie sent varsity .coith Uir.k emplelon into ecstasies with n •acticc quarter-mile under 48 sec- ids. The Stanford coach enthus- siically predicted lie would fume ly eclipse the world record of '17.1 :conds, whleh Ted "1 cnnsylvania tsWWisiwvl in hat day cause March 2C. r.astman iimini' the 440 in «.-( s-.-i-oiid* in he EUnford-I.os AnBelcj. A .C 11:1! ni:?c. I'. \vas E:i't»'s firsl flrclal lest tit Ihe se.TJ-.i. Kr.'.Unau ia a l-.omely. blond, pettavled ymith. bill, lln 1'.h rncsful speed in his lon^ lee:; t: ininiilng. He Rlic'.is alom; in cf Rroimtl-eiUlng stride. Hi: peed Is deceiving, but that is he •anw it npiwars .so easy for him The ,iast saw him In the T. C IA sanies nt Philadelphia Ins iprine—ami marveled. Favored I -in the 4W, he was forced lo :ic :ept, second nlac-i to the elosiu itirint of Vic Williams, his wester rival from Southern Californii But Williams, in winning, cmialled Mereditli's world record, nnd Eastman finished striding strongly on his hefls. Ail hour Irtt^ir lien trolled out and won the half mile In 1:5^.4, the first lime in Si years of I. C. 4A history thai a western tunner had won the half. Eastman is purely a product ol Dink Tcvnptelon's' sound track leaching. He playecl tennis in hi^li school. He ran one sprint in a high school mcet-and finished sixth and last. At Stanford, his brother Sam Induced him Ho try the middle distances with the freshmen candidates. It was 'then thnl Templeton took htm in hand nnd soon predicted V a brilliant future for him. Eastman was defeated twice last season by Williams. Tile Stanford boy triumpfcid In. their ttrsl ir.ectlnK.-T eViiialliiig " wiMfl record time. Williams turned the tables a; Philadelphia—In the same time. In the -'muter" race, on the coast, Williams again won. But Eastman man always was learning. Now he a pears to be the United States' chief hope in ihe Olympic •100 meters. What's ha going to do next since objective No. 1 for 1032 has be?n accomplished? -J,fnke the 440 mark still faster.' drclflres I3oyd Comstock. coach 0 the Los Anse'm A. C. team whose victory over Stanford was grcalh diminished by the performance o Eastman. "He'll do h easily," lie llevcs Comslock. "Xot only cut tb? nuarter-milc mark to.under 4G seconds, but pull dovvrv the half-mile time, too." says Templeton, Eastaian's coach. "Plug -hard for the next exam,'' says the hero himself. That statement nipiie givrs you p. picture of the modesty in this sensational performer. And Pop Warner, \vho can e.M i;ist as enthusiastic nvci 1 a fr.ut- ball player as the npx 1 . fellow, but uho seldom says much about track performers, looks upon Eastman af the srealcst rum>:r of nil time. '•His nthle'ic temperament is perfect." Pop declares. Through it all. Ben just "Gfi? wiii?. 1 ' and "GiTsh." rcddr in^' as only a blond can l-lu^h. THUKSDAY, -MARCiI 1032 tf»L^«;- &..JL. • r, • '•f'-^'j^'jf-' Fo!isc'c;i \Vriics of Plans to Pul Remr/Wccl Tciim In hi'sl Division. nv M:W roNSKrA MIIIIUKM, Clric-agu \VniU- Sfiv -'iiyrluiil. IM2. NF.A S'.'ivi'ju. Iiw. SAN AN'IONIO, Tex--To ;-|,y si i I'm sl.!i;.< <:[ '.he- 10:« c.impJ llni the Wiiltc Hox. an'fjijlul! pi,iv" i in!) last year, will !>:• :i prn- n;uu contender EN.s .^nson would !>(• ici!i]|Mi--:Hui for u n:;v m;in- ac'-r. Hi.l I will' thai we have Hindi' yuixl x'ridi-.s in improving ',h* rl am! Hi,i! we \vlll l:e lUliliii", for a plan' in the lii'M. ciivisiui'.. In taking Ihe nuiii'itsc-mi'iil of the Grid Hero Turns Pro Boxer From line plunges • nnd touchdowns to left hooks and knockouts s the recent step taken by Ralston i Rusty) Gill, below, 103) All-Pnclflc Const Conference (nllback from the University of California. Rusty is n husky 190- pcimder who boxed in Intercollegiate- circles for several years, He obtained leave of absence from California recently to lufee up pro- ii'^-tomil' uoMini;. "f'm ilolnu it lo l-.eljj the folks nlon;,'. 1 ' explains Gill, j "bin I had a lia.r.1 lime corn-hiving \ mother l)^' fivlil 1 '!'' ''• "•> rougher than football." i SUIT PRICES Have Com Nur'.s .... (.'nmc in ;md Soc f" r !e finally did. In his (list real it-M In I0.1i! emiiprlltlun, lull Ikn Eastman. .Stanford University run- 1 nor. i-hatti'i'cd Hu- world record in the -lllj-yiiid 'la:,t>. after ilnialenlni; lu l»e:ik li lor two years. This pieture show;; ttiMinan unnklui: !h» tape m Ins irconl inn of -lil-l wconcls. :i lull ir» yards ahead rc ,j., M (,, rmmiii!; i.x> :if Jimmy Gmdim. l.ns Alo-U's A. C.. vvhci, <uu--ti!lli .s"t'ii<t li.-hlnil llii. Ifi-vear-uld mark field. I', will In' our inn Your.-olf. thai Ted Miwdnli '-.s! ui:il thru iv,ll anntl!''! 1 Alt.-l-M-cullds l.l[] 6'''- : l- smart. iind from ttu 1 Itciitttiful New SHIRTS ' uf th. 1 s[:i'iii': liave iak: i n a for a 5ucce.s.s- v.ay the the latter pan of last scnssn for us. Sliortstup Ori-B Mulleavy. recillw' i from Tulftfo. is amini; [lie rc^'.'rv?.': Two of thi> iiuw outfielders )i:m .shown ;;cod work in iruiiiinu. Tlie.^i nre !lam!:i Anderson, from St. Paul who hit 3!5 Ian year, and Uc;:c: Campbell, recalled from UUl: Reek. Anderson hit 23 home run 1 liist y.\ir. and he has been playing brilliantly in tl'.e outfield. We have b?2i\ tisini^ him in center. Campbell came to the While So.\ as a fi:-e asjcm years ago. year hi 1 was sent lo I/iUtr H?:ck on opllon, an:J lie iiit .Ml. 'i'hal cn- to every considciraticn .iie final lir.eup is dericieri upon, .loiinny \V:>twnr,d is- one ol the hoidf.vcis r..s is M?i Simons, recalled li cm Toledo. LS.SI year 1 played scnis in Mi Rfl:! an:l feel 'S IBES BE5I IH 1E1S Paul Rosenlhal Says Lowj Prices Have Failed to Affect Quality. Paul nosenlha). manager of lilt Grand Lcaier. in an interview this morning slated "We're making the men take notice by jiving greater values now. Months a'AO ',vc sUuUd cur search of the men's clothing markets wilh one definite k!ea in inind: to yive the ineti and young men of this community quality p!;iyin» a 1st of ball g am :4 j c \otlKa and accessories at ths low- are still experimenting with the lineup to find t!ie best com- hinatioii. 1 have been shifting r/lay- h:-3-e and these to liud out their est possible price without .slighting style or quality." Mr. Ro.senthat slated that the manufaciiirers are giving greater cooperation than lu anticipated. That's why the Grand Leader Is able lo ofTer present Suits of exceptional worth al a price so low that, ctlers a challenge lo any competition. Accessories such as Shirts, Underwear. Sock.s, Ncekwear, etc.. _ have all seen the "price cutting" I knife without, losing any of their or quality apical. Shrewd merchandising together with a willingness on the part of the Grand Leader management [o saciifice profit margins is making their store a mighty attractive place for the mnn and young mail shcpper lo spend his clothing dollars.—Adv. I'.ii! Klrm Breaks Down: Admit! lit "Never Missed One Here" * « « BY WII.UAM BRAUCIIKK Bill Klem. umpiring for 28 year'. | aveiaslng 120 decisions a day foi 154 days of the year, is "Ihe mnn [who never celled one wrong.' 1 That 1 is his own honesl eplnion, mind you. This slory isn't being (old | by John McGravr. • Hu^h Brodlcy, newspaperman writi:i!5 {or AmcrbsTi Mercury. I louncl Bill at his urin'.cr home iv ] Miami Beach recently. Asked | Hugh: "Bill, do you honestly believe [that you never called one wrong?' Klem's response was dramatic I "The" man leaned forward." wr I Bradley. "He wears a lavendjr I shirt with collar to match, a blue 1 tie ol quiet pattern, blue suspend- lers, while socks rolled In coilce- I late : fashion, low tan shoes, and |a blue serge suit. "A he»»y. almost pudgy, hand IbcaU twice against his left, brcas 1 In' the approximate neighborhood lof his lieart. He speaks earnestly | slowly. . •".'SB, never have I miss** one HERE.'". •U), don't you think that H i gr< ;u deal ful. s'-a-son. piuiiini; staft .shapes ti|i since Tommy Thornns mid 'led liyons have shu'.vn a rcturji to form. L.isl \\t-ie '.ancuppL' by nil- Tilt 1 addition uf Jones ani from tli? Sennlors, aecorj- i'.ig '.o my old fric;v.l Billy Evans, the VVIiiii 1 Snx 'JO mot 1 . 1 than they won last year. 1 ccrt.nnly IIOJK- nilly Is right In this vu:r ,,, Tl.cie are a lot of nt'w faces in amp iliLs year. My joli will be to tinil ^ome men nmon coim-ir. who can produce base lilts. fhr pitching staff sl.iek.s i.p favcr- ahlv with any in ihc league, but be given some runs lo work on; T\u> recruits _from the Texas I.(.;':iie have beeii Ini]>ri\>siv3. One is inlieictcr Carey Solpli from Hous- wlio \ votefl the most valu- abilith's ar,:i weaknesses. abi,- |)layer In the league lasl year. Ho hit X12. We have been using hh:i at thlrti and second base. Tiie ol::ii' is Ralph Erickson, left-hanrt- Ali tr.c players have been showing n spirit of co-cnevaiiou. They have teen hustling, and dein- ons'.rai::r-' tii^v ni3 willing lo ed pitcher from Dallas. Among his 15 wins last year wns one elub. This teamwork gaaif. which spraks highly for his has c.r,-:i very plcssinu- to a new | manager. I no*, sine cr wlu'.ro ccii>'.:in'.!y play ti^gre^sivc ball. pliys second base. Cissell. al short Is :i holdover, as is Blue al tirst. u:r.e hit .304 for us last year. T.-en we have ycimg Joe Sullivan, lr;:n 100.CW oil to United Stales N'jlre U.ime. who played fine b.ili WUir.sit blrrH-liim; (lie linn. It is easy to sec ivbjrr (lie Wliilr Sci\ may <-ausr con- i in Anu' l.cajjiic rank this MMsmi. Tliry have: nilt'll'-n—ill} [m't, llu-y lliivr uhir starting pitrh- cr;, I'nly ll:rve of ilhicli an- .shcun I Hi-re. In -.irtnitinn t" Jmws awl i IMilli-y. c.lilainccl in a !r:ul,- with i Waslimjlnn. :nn! Oastcin. liacJi-d by Ur.-lcm. llir Sciv will tiavi- tlir i-.rn-- , ii'i-s nf \'vteran- Frasirr. I'alier. i J.yotis. Tlniina. 1 ;. Caraway ami .Mr- Kahi. If all nine rt tlsrin lnvo fnnd yi-.irs, nati-h mil Tor I.i'u VV.n- src-a's tram. ^- fe-^a^^Sf'" ">_.--.-*_ * S! ".S r V.'iih a ceil.iln pn'.mri bv tlirnv -' ini; In fn.-i, Wilson, n-lin;-. t',.'-1 n: ••-• 10 ihljri. .lake ri!itti-r>. ni third. | had onh 1 lo tout-'h tlmd Ui n I'crc.-ont. After tl'o confusion li;:i! si illn-r- inneli tlUni--si.'ii I-HOA •.'hen b: 1 cauflil Hie tall liat! r.or noticed iinmcdKilely Flow- i-i-s' pi'siiUm when h-> mi-k ; nr.r. emu- ir^i^-l«'. I-,.- ha-1 b-m: >'• i'jiLirtli:-. c nil tl-.ird bav. I ; ! ,h.- iiboni 111 froi :i-.\a;- I:-'." •i- -till- I::!'-:' rrplll HIV <~v. !• c.•-..'. \-.~ • "Ayahi the man; fcji- His eyes are sm;ill. of a fudcd They nrr not evo.s tha \\nim yon iviih their ":ou mi^ht cill [.Neatly made pf SOscjnci/e percale in a ilicsl of attractive new i\ r. t. e r n s. Fasti colors. ; prc-slinui k 'collars. 01 !!' G::CT mi;:," i vr.! ll'.c lelt I could mi:,; o:u\ MnVViE ; Jut never firm HEKE.'" The Heart WnuUl Know | Then Mr. Klem proceed-, in! crceful. challensing tones. I "I defy any man to pro\e t't .ir thai I have ever r.-.lloil a ii~nl jel'. fair. I defy an,' nun to -rove that ! have civ i.-al'.eu .1 'air nail foul. I defy any man ;n 'nave that i ha\e ever called a fly ball catch wrong." And then the interviewer as.<i. "Bill, how do yd'.i kno\v yo-i ncvev nils?ed one?" To which the swift reply I.-: "If I missed one I would know it here.' Again the hand conies to the breast. Writer Bradley's pieture of Umpire Bill Klem is. correct. Bill's estimate of his own worth is not prompted by conceit. Bill simply Is s\:rc of himself. He always is sure of himself. He takes pride in his work. A Tough Spot In tti 6 second game ot the lasl world scries, an odd play came up In the ninth Inning. Ko'xs walked and atltr two were out, Dyke? walked. Moore iwiuis at a low third tlr'.kc which Catcher Jinnr.v WiUon scooped out of the dirt. e;l 'bat quite a few r: :!.•.in Ihe pu-ss Imx rn-.n ihlufc llml rir.wei-.' •«•,. £001 on Ihinl base wnr i he <-MUht tlie Kill. Klein's ic'Jlv wa' r.--ii> Vn:; wo-.ildn't bi- !ryir; '•) r.i.i 1 :.out thai the -.ilii.iie w.". v L 'ix ! Oliid yen?" ; Which war. rncu^ u . Thar 1 an, the rare hnr^e from ; •\n-(rali.i, dors all his l>in; cloun | brforo his rarrs, in which he ilif- j err. r.'-dic.llly from the Krili'li ' licavynri^hls. . Ralph Kress of the Browns say^ i it's to;iqh to play a reason in t.v : "(or a mnisly SS.fW." Ye, 1 ;, and it's lonelier yet tri be a [ rclitwl lenehcr in Chicago and w rt: ; for 11111111113. » * » Lew Fonseea may r.oi wi-i il" ^r.naul with his "biegpr m-; iv- ter" Whit: Sox IVm year [\-\ n. v.'li achieve a iv.irked sn.-i'-^ i 1 he manages to remember nil ".-.rir I ri;hl How abr.ut lio'.rtin; a poll lo determine who tol tho LTI- tcr of that trade whereby Bieok- lyn gel Stripp. Cucclncllo and ",ike- foith. and the Keds tuok H,- mar. Lcmbardi and Gilbert? . . and the Courier News delivers your 'store news 9 to 4,000 HOMES like these". 11 is in these homos I hat the v;isl nui.inrity of Iniyiiij; dci-isions" arc niado, whclhcr Ihe purchase lie u 1 clivcclly cnni'cniir:.!; every member of lite family or an nilhiuiual purchase liy nn iiulividunl wemltcr of Ihnl iin;ily. Y>m ;is i\ mevchant shnultl therefore, lie sure that your Mure n<.'\vs" is lieiuj; I'laicd in (lie hands (if MA- of these .niliul fmycr.s HKI'OUIC these family "luiyin.i,' decisions" ave liceti iiMfhed . . . To do >n economically COIVCENTRATE VOl/R ADVERTISING IN THE DAILY COUNIER NEWS .Men's Dress Trousers The iiEiv Nub nnri plain flannels in the spring shades of grey, tan and e>'cen. Slack models so desired by young men. Wide or rs^nlar \vatst- bar.d. $O.95 Spring Hats The ntv.' shapes in Mich new .'.hades as Crust an;] Snow. $•1 .95 Spring Caps Checks. Plnicls and Lattice Weaves, silk lined, exceptional values. 98c SHIRTS SHORTS Rayon or cotton shirts and Braadclolli or Hainn Shorn. All sizes nt 25c The GRAND LEADER

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