The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1932
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 1932 dLYTHEVlLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FACE Infanta Margarita, Little "Fairy Princess" of Spain, Became Pawn of Royal Diplomacy The Infanta Margarita of Spain... looked like a fairy princess with her golden h.ilr and Uly-llke loveliness BY ALICE ROUE Written for NBA Service If you look only at the head of the little girl in this week's [amons painting you will be struck by the modern way her hair is done. Slie might be just any well-bred cliild ol your acquaintance with her fan hair brushed to one Eide and tied with a boiv of ribbon. !3ut oil what a diflerencc! No mother ccmbed those golden locks ami in nurse either. Only one of non'e blood dared touch her] She is the Infanta Margarita cf Spain. Her father \vas King Philio IV and her mother was Marianna. Emperor Ferdinand of Austria's daughter who was betrothed to Prince Bakazar Carlos of last week's portrait. The Infanta, as they called princesses of .the Hoyal House -. pti.Spaiu, wt\s bon\ m 1651. At thii time Velazquez painted tills portrait she was four years old. . Sh c was a lovable, charming child and Velazqnc/ has brought out in this beautiful painting all the delicacy of her {ace with' its ingenuous and sw eet expression. is,dressed in white, embroidered In black-rather sombre colors for a child. The whole picture is in the grayish tone of which Velazquez was so fond. But how the light mother. When sh e wanted to play nephew and her mother's brother! she was handicapped too by that I Children were married in those belief that no one was good days for reasons of state. Margar- nnough to touch her except these > ita was such a docile child she oi noble blood. When MnrgarKo's j never questioned anything al- sister Maria Theresa mnrried Louis | though she must have known that boss cumbersome clothes and al- married, or one should say, fhe vays surrounded by the formality! was married to her cousin who ot court lile? At this tim e she I was also her uncle, -Emperor Leonad no brothers or sisters to play nth. ,-ear ,-ears. Her half-sister was old enough to to a companion of her Pilncc Prosper was barn a later and only lived four on hsr golden shines and what gentleness glows in her small face! That was one of the rare gifts ol the great Spanish artist—to catch the bcml ol a siller cv?n when it was a little girl. His paintings \vcr c simple, so fnr as composition was concerned but they were the more powerful lor this simplicity. There is just a tourh cf wisllul- jiess in Priiiccfs Marjarita's face which no doubt would have disappeared i[ she could have had a, good time like other children. Her PUynviUs Limited hy Custom XIV of Prance she dropped a jeweled bracelet. A ' lady picked it up and handed it to her. But as the Princess could not accept anything from th 0 hand of a commoner there was nothing to rio but glee the bracelet to tho finder. Which was a bit of good hick [cr the polite Same even if the custom seems foolish. All this formality, naturally, would interfere with games and childish amusements. About the only thing Margarita had to mak: sport of was the let of dwnrf 1 , and monstrosities with which her 'ather's court abounded. In spite of this cruel habit of laughing at deformities which she was taught to do. Margarita had a sensitive, kindly nature. In one of Vclazquezs' most famous paintings the central figure. It is called l^as Meninas (Ladies in Waiting). It shows one of Hies,:: noble dames kneeling and onerine her a flagon. Another nobie lady bows oljsetiuioiisly on her other incurs (jTMcrlbed by law for Judicial silts on Wednesday, the 27 day of April, 1S33, til* following do-. scribed re»l estate, lo-wll: •The West Halt (Wit) of tlw Northwest Quirter (NWH) of Section Thirteen UJ>, Town- bhlp Fiflmi U5) Morlh, Umige Eleven cm E«st of Die Fifth Principal Meridian and containing In the aggregate Eighty (80) ucrfts, more or less", In Mississippi county, Arkansas, TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three inonlhc, the purchaser being required lo execute bond us required by law and the order and decree, of said Court In said cause, with approved security, bearing Interest at the rate ot t'ljht Porcent (8%) per annum from date ol sale until paid, and a lien bcmc re- lalned on Ihe premises sold (o secure the p9ym«iU o( the purchase money. Given under my hand this 24 day ol March, A- U. 1933. R. L. GAINES 21-31 Commissioner in Chancery. NOTICE~oir r ~C<»lMISSIOKER 1 B SALE Notice Is hereby given, that In pursuance of .the authority anrt directions contained In the decreta; order of tho Chancery Court ol tht Chlckasawba District of Mississippi Comity, made and enwred on irk 32nd day ot February, A. O. 1933. in a certain cause (No. SlOi) then pending therein betmrecn The Federal Land B»nk ot St. Louis, a corporation, complainant, and Harvey A. McKay, el -al, defendants, thi undersigned, as Commissioner 01 faid Court, will offer for sale a. public vendue to the highest bidder, al the front door or cntranci of the County Courlhousc, in which suld Court Is held, in Ihe Chlckn- sawba District of Mississippi County, wlthui Uie hours prescribed b> law for judicial sales, on Wednesday, the nth. dny ot April, 1031, tin following real estate, to-wlt: "Lots Five (V and Six (8) and the Fractional Southeast Quarter (frl. SE',1) of ths Northwest Quarter iNW'.i) of Section Five (5), Township Fifteen north, Range Thirteen U'J) East ot the Fifth Principal Meridian, containing eighty-two and 75-100 (82.151 acres, more or less," in Mississippi Coimly, Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On a credi of Ihree months, the purchaser bs ing required to execute a. bond (> required by law and the order an cccree o! said Court hi said causi with approved security, bearing In tercst at the rate of Eight Percen We) per annum Ironx date of saU Lcopold's bride until politics inter- ! until paid, and a lien being te Icrcd. ained on the premises sold to f* ure ,the payment of the purchas. noney. .Given under my hand this 24 da, if March, A.-D. 1032. R. U GAINES. 24-3' Commissioner In Chancerj nold I of Austria. Philip's dcsi.'c to keep Spain and Austria In his family certainly reached an Int"- cate bond in this union. Margarita's husband was her faUvr's her -elder sister, now Queen of France, had been intended for Became " Wife" of Emperor Margarita was fond of Leopold and history speaks of her as an ideal wife. She was the real home, type and won the. Emperor's love by her wifely'ministrations. An old chronicle says: "She sained the Tffeclions of her husband by her domestic virtues and endearing attentions " Her gentleness however £cems lo have developed into ex- cresivc meekness. Her frail constitution and spiritual natur e may have accounted in part for her humility. What time was not spent in wailing on her husband she worked and embroidered covers for altar pieces and paraphernalia for the church. In this latter her skill equaled her industry. The little Infanta who became an Empress looked like a fairy princess v/ith her golden hair ai lily-like loveliness. And she was side while in the foreground arc I as fragile as a flower. After bear- two hideous dwarfs—the matter-of- ing her husband three chil<Uen fact accompaniment oi the little Princess's life. The gentle character which Velazquez has revealed-in all of the portraits he painted of the In- fantn Margarita flowered more Uil- ly in her later life and made her the joy of her husband. When What, fun cou;il she have iu (she was fifteen years old she she gave her life when tiie lourth child was born. She was only twenty-two years old! The little Prince in next week's picture figures in one of th< great tragedies of the French Revolution—The Lost Dauphin," soi of Louis XIV and Marie All toincltc. IN THE MUNICIPAL COURT Or 1 BLYTHEVlLLIi. ARKANSAS. C. O Smith, Plaintiff, /•' vs. la Sparks, Defendant. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Lula Sparks, is warned to appear in tlic Municipal Court of Blylheville. Arkansas, within thirty tM) days anrt answer UK complaint, or the plaintiff, C. G. Smith. Witness my hand as Judge ol said Court this the 23rrt day of March, 1032. , ,• Judge ol tho Municipal Court. T IVY W CRAWFORD IVY W.CRAWFORD " " IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CH1CKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR• KANSAS. T.iree States Lumber Company and W. Leon Smith, Trustee, plaintiffs vs. No. 5184 . Karen Marie Wood. Charles A. Wood and William H. Tausch, D: feinlanls. WARNING ORDER The tetendant, Wlllianx.ll. Tausch is wurncd to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasa'.vba District ol Mississippi County. Arkansas, within thirty (30) days and answer the complaint of Ue plain Ufls, Three States Lumber Company and W. Leon Smith. Trustee Wilness'my hand as Clerk ct said Court and the seal thereof on this the 23 day of March. 1932. R. L. GAINES. Clerk By Harvey Morris, D. C. Cecil Shane, Ally Ad. LHcm. 24-31-7-1 and all other iM-'rsons having any claim or interest in and to the following described land situated ii\ Mississippi county. Arkansas, namely: SW'.t Section 2G Township la North. Range 12 East arc hereby • warned to appear In Iliis court. Fithin thirty days and file exceptions to the award which has been filed in this office hy the levre nnd drainage appraisers ol this county for the appropriation of the i>ortion ot the lierelntjeforc described land, for the construction or intended construction oE a levee, may be, over and across the same. Witness my hand and seal as clerk ot (he Circuit Court this Ihe '. court, within thirty days and file ex- WARNING ORDER No. 2946 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, CHICK ASAWBA DISTRICT- TO Louise Catr Chapman, Bank ers Mortgage Co., American Central Life Insurance Company, Roy Church Trustee for Rainer and Conncll Collon Company and Rain- cr and Connelt Cotton Co., and alt other persons having any claim or interest in and to the following described land silualcd in Mississippi County, Arkansas, namely: WVi NE'', NWV, Section 26 Township 15 North, Range 12 East arc hereby warned to appear in this COSKWISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given Ihat Hi. mdersigned commissioner, in com )liance with the terms of a decre. cndert'd by the Chancery Court io. he Chlckasawba Dislrict of Missis sippl County, Arkansas, on the 2- day of February, 1932, wherelt. American Building, and Loan Association of Little Rock and W. L Delony, as trustee, was Plaintill No. 5124, and George P- Shamlh; and Sunshine Shamlin were Defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, or. a. credit of three months, at the front door of the Court House, between tr.e hours prescribed by law, in the City of Blythevllle, Arkansas, on the 3 day of April, 1032, Iht following real estate, to-wlt: Lots One <1) and Two (2), in Block "H," of the Barron and Lilly Addition to Blythevllle, Arkansas. Said sale will be had to satisfj said decree in the sum of 12,346.01, with 10 per cent, interest from January 31, 1932. The purchased at said sale wil. be required to execute bond with approved security, ' to secure the payment of tho purchase money, and a lien will te retained upon id properly as additional seciultj r the payment of such purchase oney. Witness my hand nnd the seal ol ild Court, on this, the n day ol larch, 1932. 11-24-31 R. L. GAINES Commissioner in Ounccry. WARMNG ORDER No. 2951 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, CHICK ASAWBA DISTRICT. To Joe Carr Leroy, Bank ot Com merce and Trust Co., Trustee fo Tennessee Joint Slock Land Ban of Memphis and Tennessee Join Stock Land Bank of Memphis, Tenn 0 day ot March, 1932. 10-17-24-31. R. L. GAINES, CIcrt. WARNING ORDER No. 2050 N THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. To T. C. Alexander Trustee for he New England Securities Co., 'roclor Trust Co., New England Sc- urities Co., and all other p:rsons laving any cfaim or interest in and o the following described land sit- latcd in Mississippi county, Arkan,as, namely. Original survey SW'.I Scclion 18 Township 15 North, Range- 13 East are hereby warned lo appear in tills court, within thirty days and file :xceptions to the award which has oecn filed in this office by the levee and drainage appraisers of Ihls county for tl-.c appropriation of the portion ot the hereinbefore described land, for the construction or intended construction of a levee ditch, canal, or drain, as tho case may be, over and across tho same Witness my rend and seal as clerk of the Circuit Court this the 1 day ol March, 1932. R. L. GAINES, Clerk. 10-17-24-3 ccptions to the award which has been filed In this otTlce by th: Icvcc nd drainage appraisers of this ounly tor the appropriation ot the wition of the hereinbefore dcscrib- fi land, lor Ite construction or irv- ciKled conslruclion of a levee itch, canal, or drain, as tho case nay be, over and across the same Witness my hand and seal as clerk >r the Circuit Court this the 10 day it March, 1932. 10-17-24-31 R b. GAINES. Clerk. VOTICK OK COMMISSIONER'S SAW: Nolice is hereby given, That i iHiiiiiancc of the authority and di rcclions contained in the dccreta order of the Chancery Court ot th Chlckasawba Dislrict of Misslsslpp County, made and entered on th 22nd day of February, A. D. 1032 in a certain cause (No. 5119) the pending therein between The Fed eral Land Bank ot St. Louts, a cor poratlon. complainant, and C. E Blickmll, ct al, defendants, the un cerslgned, as Commissioner of sal Court, will offer for sale at publ vendue to the highest bidder, at th front door or entrance ot the Coun ty Courthouse, in which said Cou Is held, In the Chtckasawba pljtrl cf Mississippi County,' 'within th COMMISSIONER'S SAI.F. Notice is hereby given that the ndersigncd commissioner, In coni- llancc with the lerms of a decree endercd by the Chancery Court for lie Chickasawba Distrlc-t of Missis- ippl County, Arkansas, on the 22 "ay of February, 1932, wherein imerican Building and Loan Asso- iation and W. L. Delony, ns Trus- ee, was Plaintiff, No. 5127, and Charles F. Brown, L. O. Brown, and . W. Triescmnan were Defendants, rill sell at public auction lo the lighest and best bidder, on a crcdil of Three Months, at the front door of the Court House, between the lours prescribed by law. in the City of BlytheviHe. Arkansas, on the S day of April. 1932. the following real cstalc. to-wlt:. Lot Five (S), Block Two (21 Marsh Addition lo the City of Blythcvtllc, Arkansas. Said sale will b: had to satisfy -•aid decree In the sum of 51,427.56, with 10 |icr cent Inlerest from January 31, 1932. The purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase, money, and a lien will be retained upon satd property as additional (ecur- Ity for the payment of such piu> chase money. Witness my hand and the seal'ot said Court, on this, tho 17 day of March, 1932. n-24-31 R. L. GALNES Commissioner In Chancery. EXTRAS! GOOD NEWS!!! 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