The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1932
Page 3
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\ T11UI THURSDAY. MARCH 31. 1932- BLYTHEVll.l.K. (AKK.) COUKIHK NKWS PAfiR THRKE '".;.';' : SPEECH IS FUEL Harold Lloyd Gets Big Kick 'Onl of Making Newest Comedy Mayor Kuowlton Says Cpn- stilulion Still Holds in Arkansas Capital. UTTLE ROCK. March 31. <UI'l —relegates from Coinmoinveallh college, en route lo Ihc mine 1 ar.< LI of Kentucky, ivilh suppllevtor striking miners, were told licri todrsy by Mayor Horace A. Knov.'Uon, "this Is one place where the constitution hoMV'- ,.-, Knowlion granted ti:e delegation from the prlmliive school situated In Hie hills Mena permission to hold 11 iriee,tinu In the streets here at noon. The mayor was munching an oat- m*al cookie, given him by Lueian Koch, president of the sc'r.ool, baked by students of the school, i .J'A.H long as I get cookies h L u. j^Jlese," Knowltcn said, "I guess (he tfcwn Is yours. We'll even give jou iwlice protection." Tne delegation, which left Mena yesterday. Li selling copies of the bill of rights fnr relief funds for j detinue miners. There are some 700 of them on strike in '.he Kentucky fields. Koch .said. Air I in*r fi»t« Number rtlT Liner UCU numoer 13, Disregarding Ill-Omen from llK> VOHlc ov " ffh!ch lns company's liners fly their irans. continental mall mid pawngors, number "13" In large figures udoim I the tuselnee of the T, & W. A.'.s I newly acquire:! itir liner. i ll Is the nth of (lu> flc-vl. I'rvs- i liient Kic-liaul W. Holjbins, uwil- I ing Mip"rslitloii h;is no pl.iu 1 In li.o operation of an ulr line. inslM- rd that the nt'V. plinu 1 i j .ol ih. 1 hvxt number tu smression. Dobbins, now a resident «f I'ltls- biugh. Pa., was born tin a caltlo rancli near Norwich, Kan.. JD inll.'s THE RED & WHITE STORES EAGLE PASS. Tex. itll'l-Sldm'y Frunklln, Yankee biilldthter, will fiuv llueo bulls In :in aicnii at .'Meiiins NI-XRIS Apill Ml. 'Hi? bull- llh'hl Is part (it Mnvrrh'k ronuly'.s I'elibrali.m of Hie formal openluu of n $1.000.000 Kinvity liTixullun PlOJI'rl. AHiT I'riiiiklln's apix-niiinci' al ''ifdr.i', Nci.Mis, lie will leave foi 1 3p:un. "Eight Years ot Neuritis Gone" Savs Mrs. Carey le striking statement o( Mrs. corRe Curry of Illinviillin. Kans. "Ei|!hl years of severe v.iffi'iing ilh neuritis In my neck tuul liend 'urlnj which time I liacl lo take WASHINGTON, Mar. 31 (UP) — Members of a college students investigation and -.relief expedition into the. Bell county, Kentucky, coal minus, complained today be- More a small group of senators that. I V cloal operators had caused them to be ejected from the s^ate in viola- lion of their constitutional rights. Robert Hall. Columbia university. the. delegation. Here's a scene from "Movie Crr zy," Ihr Harold Lloyd comedy now in production. With Harold you see Comlancc CunimJniK, *)iu sup jilie-, the romance for the dim. By DAN THOMAS NKA. Sirvk-e Writer HOLLYWOOD—When a mangels a kick out of doing something vliKl he lias been doing for 15 years almost anything might happen. That's what the gang around Ihe Harold Lloyd set are saying these days. They really expect to sec the him a license lo use in some torn any kind uf equipment he desire A gignnlic camera crane, whlc into the air. dawn in hole •All thanks. praise nnd yaliUxi 1 -' ' out n.ilii, J is pone , . r my present KM;| health belongs I and ! liavi' imt liad to take any o William's S. 1.. K. Formula," Is ii&pumsMmr tnkiiif: this marvelous incilii-ii'.?. and I iilsn liave gained live iinmuls and feel like a dllier- enl IKTSDII nfii-r Inking only four uottlrs. My consllpallon had been corrected and 1 can recommend , this medicine: lo any one suffering uli-piim tablel.s of bome kind con-1 as I did." tanlly ami thlrty-Hv.-; yeais of William's S. 1,. K, I'ovmviliv Is ulfmiil! from constipation and ,, M ,,,, uteil lo slv ,, s;1 ti s r,icilon or K. ^ —y „„ be re,un,v:d. So,,« Formula. ' nml H'larnnU'ed liy Kliby Drug (.0. "Now I can lurn my head with- | or Klrljy Bros, llrug Co. Ailv-2 accomplished Crazy," tiloyd's before current "W: li. Smith, county attorney j comedy, is completed. of Bell county and a mob creeled Us at the stal.j line." Hall said, "and the Intimidation began at that time." A girl student said the entire yavty was escorted lo the county seat. "Colonel Patterson, an attorney for the mine operators, made a provocative sjieech \a the effect that 'we cannot havo communism in this state and our rivers will run red with blootl before we al" low it.' " She said that in reply to',- tions Smith told students. "I am (he law. and I interpret the constitution." X ' ^ Coslir>n Arranges Hearing ^WASHINGTON. March 31. (UP —Senitor Costlgan, Democrat'.' Colorado? invited a group of senator, to hear today the story of a dele Ration of college students who wen expelled from the Kentucky coa fields'when they sought lo invesii gate courtilions there. Those Invited to tlic inform; hearing included a number cf mem ters of the senate nianiifnctnrci committee. A resolution-calling to a sentitc investigation of Ihe Ken tucky mining regions is pending be lore that committee. Tlic student delegation of COO ar rived !asl nighl. Most of th;m pro ceeded at once to New York \vhei (l)ey planned n demonslraiicn. committee of five headed by Robe Hall. -Columbia University sludeii remained here. Bcston Hotel Rooms Decrease DOSTON. Mass.. it!P> — It estimated Boston now has 7CO le hotel • rocms than five years a 1 ? Tlie Qiiincy House, Arlington I! li-l. Adams House. United State Hctel. Young's Hot;!. Csp!cy Smiare Hotel, and the Rostern Tavern have gone out of existcr.-:; during the: period. And the reason is that Harold cms to be enjoying !iis work so uch. As a rule the comedian lias around in circles and whatnot. Harold's diluf joy. And he h found out that It both economl/es and speeds up the action. The other day a scene was being made in which the camera started in the interior of a "prop" boat, skinned around on the crane to take in a shot of the electricians, wind machines, etc.. and then dove back" into the interior of the ship. en like a finely trained priw in former days it would have Bluer when it came time to aclu- taken fully 300 feet of film to linv ly start filming a picture. He . uken in ail of this in separate ould be eager lo get into action - shots. With the, use of the crane t fretful and sullen and jumpy. On this picture, the reverse is w. While watching him work the ther day, he told me that it ac- all was done with 100 feet of film in one sweeping shot. "Nfovie Crazy," a comedy on Hoi . lywood, also will be the most ro- ually is'a plcasuic to be making j mantle film ever turned out by lis comedy. Then the reason for j Lloyd. Of course, that is almost- to Ls change came out. He has some j be expected. Wlien one deals with ew "play things" which amuse j Hollywood, one naturally deals with im immensely. I lovemaklng—whether 11 be synlhet- And he spends most of his spare ' :c or real. And young Constanct line trying to think up new things Cummings, who has been coming which can be done with them. The ahead so rapidly during the las aci that "Movie Crazy" has txen year, is a perfect foi! when it comc-s givuji . a ''studio background, gives . to that romantic business. Negro Ministers Work lo Retail'. Health Worker Wolverine "Lifers" Show Big Increase LANSING. Mich. (UP)—Michi Can's "life termers" ars increasln I at about W a year, according l At a meeting in the court house ' Roy O. Brundage, slale c'ommis i Osceola last Saturday with sloner of p.irrions and paroles. George W. Barham and Dr. A. M. Al t | lc C[K ] c f 133^ t i lere wcr Washbia-n of Ihc county health 6R5 ufc Krm pt i sr ,ners in four unit, present, many of the leading Michigan institutions. Since then negro ^ministers of the county unit- t nc number has been Increased to ed with the colored division of the nearly 700. Sixteen are women. Mississippi County Tiiberculcsis us- The women lifers all are Imprls- plnns sociation in working o:it Detroit House of Corw hereby 'the | county nurse may be ruction. Twelve arc white women. retained. Two men liters are at the refotma- Since all available funds are ex- lory at Ionia, and at Jackson Prl- hausted and something definite son trwe arc 300. Tlie groatest must be don? by April 15th in or- mimtxr—381—nre held at the Mar- e'er to keep her on the job. a mo- queue branch prison. (ion prevailed Hint Hie pastor of . : _ each clu.rch in Mississippi county ft, f*f+ become inime;licilely a trustee of t^ffrS^fe the'association. I]()(;I|) _ ^^. _ SAIAK H is csp=clcd that throush this ^ ,_. ri[1 nr Tab)! ,, s USI>|1 ;, l(mi . medium each church will mart:: a , 3 ^ y . !IK - Ks g a \^ e (.vtnu.nly. n,.ik, noiilhly cantiibiition for the pur- ! a c o nip ! P | r and ' crrcrlivc treat- >ose of rrtninln; tV.3 nurse. Thc ;nlcn ( f cr colis 116, Hum! Here ^^^"fX. \ ^ s '^">' K ™^* K " ! " y " rs. Blythevill;. bafor^ the 15th of pril and before ti'.c 15th of -3ach , ollowing mcnth.-.(Otlicr negro or- i inizations. missionary rncieties. • . units, midwife groups, lodg- s, etc.. are all called upon lo give . id to the movement. I If the cooperation'of all these gcncics can be established and laintaincrl, il is pointed out, the roblcm of retaining Ihc negro .urse will be solved. Professor Shivers is county chair- naii of the organization and W. L. :urrie is its secretary. Mrs. A. If. Currie.'who was elected general rteld gent, turned over $80.45 to the association. Court Indian Rituals Are Legal It's extremely likely that you' Men her picture before now. For Mile. Renee Latitner. noted French bwuty, was described the other day "s "the most photographed society tirl HIAWATHA. Kan. lOPI— The rituals of the Indian are jiift as wwerfuj os the white man's laws, according lo the Brown comity Irict cwvrt. Tlie opinion was delivered In a soldier's compensation case. Bessie Rhodd. an Indian of the Iowa tribe, claimed compensation for her nephew, Isidore Rliodd, who served in the World War. She slid she had adcplcd Isadore after his parents, mombzrs of the P^tta- watomie tribe, died. Among the witnesses was Chic Jim White Clo'.iJ. 90-year-oid pa triarch of the lowas. He testiflet that U'.e adoption was to tribal custom, and largely on that testimony Jurlga C. W. Ryai gave, his decision. The decision allows Bessie Rhodi I to collect compensation under th Kansas !»»'. She already had re ceive.1 federal have yo'j received your new telephone . . . . directory Thencwtelcplioncdirrctoryhaj lieen deliv«r«il. Score?, hundreds of cliangesin names, Iclr- phone nuraLcrs. ami .niidre.-si-.. have been made in it. If you luvc Jiol received your copy, iilcascc«ll tlic business olEcc. Soutliweslern Hell Tele. pbooe Company. Here's Extreme VALUE See the shirts and not the price and your guess would be that they ought to sell for at least $1.95 to $2.50. That is the order o.f the weaves and patterns they present. Solid colors, neat stripes, small all-over patterns . . , sizes H $ 1 ' 5 or 3 for '3 W White /iKNli tip. l>rovfd by Gucnl Housekeeping Magazine in every Kaiff White More. Let this eminent authority be your guild 1 to (futility. Prices For Friday, Saturday April 1st, 2nd REDS WHITE »» FLOUR GREEN & WHITE J YOU HAVE USK1) NONE KETTKK KRAUT lU'd & While We 2 for 11 CHERRIES "" 2 °™,. r 25° Sugar RAI\1NS RedJ ? Wh ,", e ,; Il/llolilO Seedier. 2 I'! CAKE FLOUR" 1 " 7^ 10 Pounds 45c MAYONNAISE u ,o & ,l\, RICE ctok ' 4*15° SALMON JS/JTc- 35 C ' PEANUT BUTTER '';.', 12" CORN '*; 2 Ci '":, c,»»25 c I" ] ;i CAKE FLOUR SW TJS26 (; IdACARONF or R TS. 25 C ^ PUFFED RICE (1 ..... r;,,15° SALMON COFFEE This fi Cup Drip-0-tator Regular $1.00 Viiltie for With I'urclinsc of One U:. or More of Our Famous (.'nflfoe The Drip-O-latcr Jusl reverses this unsclcn- tillc way of tcnklr: colTfC. The coflfc never Ijcils. The hot waltr drips from above and pisses throdfli the cu'- fcc JUST ONCE. No licliinf. No evaporation. And the colTre is so delicious and full- flavored that never a r aln. nred ycu or your F,ur:ts ask fnr .1 suli- slili:tc or sneak a le- jr.Iftl! "No" idicntolll- rn brown Ilrlp-O-lalor n.tTce is poured your cup. RED & WHITE ,,,39 C BLUE & WHITE 1Lb .31 c NIGHT & DAY i u s 22 C NIGHT & DAY ,, jta .65 c THE QUAl.'TY OF OUR COKn-K . NKVER VAU1KS The !>rlp-O-la(or has been appnivcil by the lest aalhrrlllcs includ- HT Coin! Itnusehcrplnf Inslitulc, Modern IJrU- rllla Trovins Plant, Koucrhold Kcarehlight and the Delineator IIciiic Institute. R. D. HUGHES &CO. Compete Outfitters For Men and Boys Laundry, White or Yellow, 1 Ib. Bar 4 B3f 1?C Milk Red and White, 6 Small or 3 Tall 19c PEAS 1>|UC & ww ?un. 35° MACARONI ^ Wr? BANANAS TdlwF , r fkl9 c TOMATOES Frcshand ^15 ( CABBAGE New Tox;is Green I,!). AT RU) & WHITE MARKETS FRANKS " vsh ,.,10 C OLEO !!luc * whitc u,. 10 C LARD IirinK Yoilr 1>ai i,., 7(: THE RED & WHITE STORES The Sign of a Dependable Store

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