The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on June 15, 1904 · Page 1
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 1

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1904
Page 1
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UBRsKY e 00a.. f Twe Oovles Rci"i-.' JUN 6 1904 JBtpyrlght Eimj uw. 1 vey OLASS 8 XXo. No. OH COPY A JUN 16 1904 EAGLE FOUR O'CLOCK. Eiitwrl at thr Ton Offire pt Brooklyn. V. Y.. XwnihT V2, IRTn. u Second data of Mail il alter, under llio Acl ul iliiu J, IttTU- NEW YOKK. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 15. 1901, VOL. 05. NO. 1GG 21 PAGES. Copyright. I9fi4. Tlv the iironlilyn Dallv E.ig.a. Traile AlaiU "Kiiple Registered. THREE CENTS THE BROOKLYN T . Steamboat General Slocum Edge, MANY PERISH IN PANIC, Woman and Children Leap Overboard to Escape the Flames. VESSEL IS RUN ASHORE. Scores of Victims' Bodies Washed Up On North Brother Island, The destruction of the steamboat General Slocum, used until July, when the Rock-away season opens, by Sunday schools )! over the greater city In mammoth excursions to groves on the Hud.ion and on the Sound, at 10 o'clock this morning, just all the. foot of East One Hundred and Thirty-eighth street, Manhattan, probably resulted In the loss of 300 lives. This la a conservative estimate. The po-I go fir" re at noon was 200 dead, but at t 'iu t liou:- bodies wero being brought in by the score from North Brother Island, where lluy had drifted ashoro or bad t"n carried In small boats, and friends of missing relatives were reporting the disappearance of families of from three to five at a time. Probably 1,500 Were on Board, Mostly Woinen and Children. Tbe General Slocum carried probably 1,500 persons, for DS2 adult tickets had been sold and taken at the gang plank for tho excursion of St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church of East Sixth street. Manhattan, to Locust Grove, on tho Sound. Each adult ticket probably represented three or four persona. Tsrents were permitted to take children from the classca free on the purchase of an adult ticket, and In many cases each ticket sold meant that three or four persons were passed on It. On this ralrula tlon, the total on board when the boat left tho foot of East Third street, at about "clock this morning, was raalty about .So0. There were very few men b"t many women, lads, grown girls and children. There was a band stationed In the saloon on the upper deck, which played aa the boat was leaving. Children were running about on all Of the decka, playing tag, ratrblng bran bags and skipping ropes, and the older ones were listening to the band and several cou ples were dancing. Flames Spread With Lightning , Sapidity. The pastor of the church, the Rev. George C. F. Haas, had all of his family on board, and the committee In charge wero congratulating themselves on having an orderly and quiet crowd. There were several people on the lower deck up near the forward dining saloon. Some had already begun to eat. Suddenly there was a puff of flame, caused, it is undisputably stated, by a pot of grease boiling over on tho cooking apparatus used In the boat for preparing the hot food. The flames spread with great rapidity to the flimsy woodwork surrounding, and It seemed as though the people who were In chargo of the culinary department lost their heads at once and took no 'means to put out the fire. Tho comparatively few people In the. bow of the boat rushed astern, screaming an alarm, which rapidly spread to tho two decks above, where hundreds of persons were gathered on camp stools and folding chairs, idly watching the passing panorama on the river front. Tho Are took a speedy grip on the entire boat, and it found ready food In the light wooden superstructure stretching In two platforms above tho hull. Choking and dense smoke began to pour up the compnnlonwnys, flooding the bow of tho boat with stifling vapor and driving tho ex- curstonista to the stern. The vessel was about opposite tho sunken meadows, at Ward's Island, when the fire broke out. Hundreds Killed in First Fifteen Minutes. Thcro was no possibility of order r.ny-where. Women, children and men became panic stricken. Tho tragedy did not tk-moro than half an hour In Its enactment and the first fifteen minutes were death dealing. Seen from the shore the spectacle was to bo remembered for a life time. A mau who waa standing on the float nt the foot of East One Hundred and Thirty-eighth stre't. almost opposite Vorth Brother Island, die tured It grsphlcully to a reporter for :he Eagle half an hour after the occurrence. He said that the General Slocum came up In a eioud of smoke and fire. Its whistles screaiq-nig and answering warnlnge from a ouml.. r of tugs, launches and rowLoata, which were hastening to the big steamboat's aid. Tenible Panic Among Women and Children. "I never saw such a sight In my life and nope I shall never witness such a thing again," said this narrator to the reporter. "The stern seemed to be black with people, and men and women were frantically running along the deck. The Bra had eecm.'d to have taken entire possession of the lower part of the boat, and tbe spectators on the shore could see the stanchions burning away and breaking, cne by one. "The mass of humanity on the up,x-r il .-k seemed to be In ronutsnt action. tinnie were clliKblng over tile tailings In an effort In reach th water. As Hie Flneum reached the foot ct East tine lliiidrr and Thlrty rlnl t!l 'tin, her bow appeared to swing over i If I be pilot was palming to North Urnthrr Uii iid. The boat could iv bn b iu-1.- 1 nd many more Uvea could half b-en muI I : -J, J. ' jrimrMCTMtMB A mmt -' . ' ; v"-; Mtu SCENE OF THE DISASTER IN THE EAST RIVER. Vhowlntr the Court of tho Oentral Slocum, the Point at Which the Fir Dioke Out, the Point Where Passenger! Began Leaping Overboard, the reli t Where the Upper Deck Fell In and tho (J pot Whert tho Steamboat Waa Beached. t mi U,A7 )'WrK'V I &ffili f 1 J 4 $) a (r SljHD I ?)V "" 0MS wi't Flames Broke Out as Ves- sel Was Going Up River. UPPER DECK CRASHED IN Many Lost Their Lives in the ' Flames; More Were . Drowned. STORIES TOLD BY SURVIVORS, Excursion Was That of St. Mark's German Lutheran Church, Manhattan. VICTIMS OF THE CATASTROPHE WASHED ASHORE ON NORTH BROTHER ISLAND. FROM A PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN AT 12:30 TO-DAY BY AN EAGLE STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER The Genera! Slocum is Hall a Mile North of This Spot. On' the Bluff Ninety Bodies Were Lying at the Time the Photograph Was Taken. From Here They Were Taken by Boats to the Morgue. If the pilot had run ashore sot'iewhorc on th .Mauritian side. Hundreds Drop Into the F.lvcr and Scoiea Arc Drowned, "We could not lell, of eourje, what win h;ip'i!hiR on the vi a'i-1. Mil the shrieks of tho dyltg and pjnle sirUkin reached us In an awful eh' rus. As Hi" boat swuim v. lie re I thought she would he safe. I had lost bIkIiI of try brother Chnrllo In the meanwhile, and I ran bark to am If I could fltj him and to illscovcr. If I could, a wa to gi I off the boat. Woman Tiled to S.we Three Little Children. "The ca'ilaln tinned to ho running her to arourd. showing her .inrlmurd side to thee thn ,n-a- Wh,,n 1 n' ,ion ' ""' ""'-U on the Munhaitnii shore, I noilnd Ihit a lit"! of l'i"T r innli.g from the "rn to b low I raw Ihr'e Utile niihli r, lyi'.K on tiu tumr. They h'd letn trarvlrd on by the the rsd.ll- box was fringed with women, j l''- ' ,!o"' k,,n how 1 1,1,1 " tut 1 ho; , anl girl.. Th. y were hanging there ""'l " "'"'' hke cloth.', on a M'.r.biy ws.h. b. low th-j " -h-Mmy mother .s. Th. u I v.nt b.i. k lower deck le of the Th-y hi4 : to n"c I ' Mht of him one. cl!-n!..d ov-r in an . ffort to e...ip.. Iiomj1'" ,b' a 1 ,n;" ,,,m ",n- fn' 'r'",', lh.. fliii r.. and rloi-.l. of smoke ...... i lr mnip to where the was Urnlng. "I muet b.ive .mi my h.'ad. I do not know wh.ii I did, but I think I started for my jitioih.r, hut coul'ln'l find h.-r. ehe was aweepltig oer lh. Ir heads. "n by one. It r'.mrl to me, lie y dropp.d Into the water. As the el. "no pro...l .. a bli-ai - it,t, I lo.t ,,,,,,,, gone, and so w. re the thrre lobl. s. Msvbe o( h.r around !h- urn l, at lh. h ad of Nonh ; ' " ,nn l"rl o"'. llr.ith.-r I.Unl. lut I am rur. that .ror-a of nn'1 U l'"M'1' o.le were dro .iml bteeea linn.lfd j " Manlng all over an I did rot s-.m to and Thlrty-tojrih 'r. et and the oint j v-ll.h sn- was tn'hed. You ran s.e now "Ch'lle wss aone, moth.'r wa gone, and AWlng on the surt.e. of the water rn , ' re wss roihlng f ir me. an I thought I of life rr -"Ttrra the' rf" to lh.- ! m'1'1 l"n u o-erl.o.rd. I could not salm who wnt oerloard. I a i.nn tnmia I didn't sunt to aw niftko a flying I sp from 'h- U.p. r drik. Kh- was pl'k'd up by the crew of tbe tug Th.o," All I warned was to dii. Hut I was taken off and put In a boat and rar.'! d h re. I think Cliarll end n y n.oh.-r ar- bo h dead." Th Vil Bun Aahort on North Biottier Ialn;td. The flrn. tnl H1.K-U41 was run aarout.d on I, or a I, vi:triiKit i'iti:inn.iTii:s. Inrfl rtf.tnlx nml iisrmrr lii-nltiti Tliuriln-. fnlrt 1 1 ia la I In frrsli noulli ... Hoilllittrftf uinil'i. I. am lift p'tsims were i.!,i:i cut of tlf w.ilir hf the m it o:i lh . i:.iHi,n and they wi re hiiTl. d to Norilt Htoilu r I land. Kor hoarn afcrHard, the water In the It. lhho. hooil of the wreck was filled wlih row boats, Inuti'-h.-s and iukk. I'h-lileit uf. bo.llt'a ar I r -.vl rim: u.'Hi;'innt'e to th.-i v h, m e. li d It. Kv.-ry aii:!ii:liin:-r In Mai: hnttan was tall'-d l.tlo s'-rtlce, and ov.r a hundred phy-'i. li n. and an hum- were a. ni ov.-r to ihe Inland, wheie ih.- In-Jurcd were tak -n lor tr. aini. nt. The n.e ! an I hnr 1 1 ,l staff ol the l:iittti!lo:i cr Nnr'h Itr.iiher Inland w.-re nl:o on l.aal tc II' Ip. est Idea at this time of the number of fatalities, for many persons hurried away aa soon as they wero able. Hut the number mlnslng reported up to 2 o'clock this afternoon was at least 2.'.0. the figure upon which Ihe police base their estimate of the death list. This is conservatively below the mark, for there Is little question of the fact that muny more persons perished. Criticism of Cnptnln and Pilot. There ws much criticism over the action of the captain of tho vessel, William H. Scheldt, and the pilot, E. 1 Van Wart, la falling to beach tbe boat on tha Manhattan aide. Had he done ao. It la believed that many of those who lost tbelr Uvea would have h -.-n saved, for. as It waa, the vessel waa bcii.hed at a point where there waa a minimum of ehancc for assistance and very III In opportunity for escape for those who were In the stern of the boat. The i ii (i it In and pilot, both of whom wera saved, wi re arreat-d early III Ihe afternoon. It Is understood that Captain Van Kihai'k said he would hsve bearh-d the vessel esrll'r had It not been that he hsd been warned sini'tH to Ihe poll.-e million on -sunder avenue. The main ni'tlng room In the r".ir of the HtatiiMi was convert. -d Into a morgue. At poor. sKt.eti of the r. -mains of drowned woi.1. n, clad In nil the iltiery affected by the Side for n .lay's nii'ln. were lying on the Hour lit two kIimhiIv rowB. In one cor-n-r of ihe siiiing room lay the corpses ol fix Utile ihililr.n. Ml hud In en drowned. 'I h-r. was un tin. ii'il.iir Mr. nn of horrnwlng r.'iiitlvii sc klnr, r n alrin nf ib'-lr !ot nti.-s. (i n ef ih. in tt.-s .lne.h VolltiH r. s per -lit. who lit-; ha.', hit iniir- fniinl. . V.'lhn.r'a nil.- wai Ijlnic lit. re sud hn he e.r.v h r he n r uni' d In aKouy and i.l-t io .i fi lm.-d h of hi u'. r gone. h. n t d. Hi e of He m was Jo-. ;ili Vnllin- r. j Musirlana Displayed Oreat Heroism. v.b.i had arm. I only U-i ..-k a h. ro'a j Th ,.,, ,1,1 , hat the smoke and h-at ...n,e by savii.g thiry p. r ...n- In a burning j ,,,, ,1rll,r him.,f .,, ,b pnot from tha 11,, 11. nt h.,.,- on i. I'a.t Hide. I 1ot hwf firr h(i 1lW( rl )4!) h' r. Me ilei lar. d also that the crew of the hont bad a. ted w;h great presenca by srriie one of the attendant tugs that If he run ahore on the Manhattan aide ha would have been In dangnr nf a more serious i.ihtinKy by running In'o either oil worka or a lumb.-r yard. Th. bay had b'-.-n 111 .Tici. of an eb-vator I anl he rm the I It 111. and d'in Iti the bu id Int; ul t 1,. ris of hi 0-.1t life iiti'll In- l.nd d l. r-.iii i!. r-. To"lv he. wl'lii Pnthetlc Sce.te? on Noith Biolhrr I'.lr.nd Thr I ib rro'!:-d N'.r'li 1'iother I land waa illl. I wih a.rvivnn 'tho sir. iiin,,-. i to le ta. a . Ir -wh-fi.. Th. y lay In r-. In lii-oiu n: n hlr... s Ml, a l..--. nil'ti-'. rii.: ... I ; r'n ri." n. r ii'-i i-nriM ri aim w. mr" wss 01 cool rf.-..: 1,.. nt to, wh.le .lefi, afl ; ,.. .,., ,,, h rMh ,rr ,u, liutiMR, with lint and oil -ibd ihm 111. t -il-- : ,,. - ,1.. ,,,u.'t.rf 1 1. .i.n.i. .. ... ,...n.. , with s'.imul.itits an I sui !! 1....1.I. ,,,( ,. r.tiot I me l,.y t ihe 1 ac. mliilt. r. -d to il'.ir . '! I' o: ii. r of llii l.tle l. ro j of inliid and bravery. Me ... 1 'S not tell bo many of lh- erev hs! hern em. I, ti'.r Was It possible st tho Brooklyn Wontan Saved, but Lost Her Pc!allYa. Iir Irforn.ailon fnte thai tils per son wl .a. r.-.tur It II.. Then waa '! ,h" "II"' 't"1 ,,f N"r!n "f"l-r and j ( tn krn i( If evith f-eond rrt. , ,sli" ''"' of people b. h.i.l r. mala. 1 oa Klilrro'rl She p.l OM. , I be to of I h- l'QS In Spl l ol I Ii-flrr, j-m. B- :!, wsirr l.y V'lillsm Hr).r of Ih.. Tino '"I ovrfhoitl. ard in n some nal fbll Ir-ti I sat as. iai'a dit. in ih- b'.lia at j all- lo "a le ehnr. Thna. who had Srnh Itreih-r eln I, oP. nog from In.- r ii,1n.d In th- stern nf Ih.. host w r- not i ruri: .n, and half rra;r etr lb r.a of her j foriuaste. . or-s wno lro n-l and ' irrih'f, l.r. and bee If ih' r fhail... U.ib t, other, died fmm burns or w.r- un. .1. of whom aUn live In lh- r.a.trm Jiimlri ,t, ,tk mni ,,,,,,1,. ,n , i,jrB. Im f regiihd sum. lent eint"".r- Mr In ! ,4 ,..1, 1.11 b-r , m an ;.!- rw-rt-r It f ,. H, , ,h tol. aii a v rh ' I'm' t mi i it v. r I u (Ji'-ln Uf its' ( HOfl U11) JI.. si' at I ih t!!MlPi.. ;r(m lo-. I i i ' I f In; h r an1 lit t, n.'tf'Mf, a brh-r or MM. $tttv ut It. f ..'tn'ti' lu lb frrti.. Tlion vtio r' nut I t liy huti Ijs.rt' 'r I I r im 0" lit I i 1 1 I uri-uj i f dii bu r tit l"M Mm' 'i. h Oh til hi K to (In r,ai,iit:iti'l ? Ii 1 1 v 'riiiti of Mm.Vi'uh ti ihf )'! r rr t'H 1 an fi,! -I ur K d , itt If jttr!ir Mt,, n'r tn n t f ih .n ' 'tl iti ih- rn 1 tti'lli Ii n (if l-.ii.i'' 1 1 ifiifli l!tm h'ti 'hf t'ir'i ft rnmfir'ft l hM- tun W mtnn hot i v i Oinrir l krxp't 'hti f t - f n'V -n lllif ft fit til (I I h- -if of ri'.nit to j vho r tb lurvlv '. t.f 1 hi ir, Th f' f lb tnti4 rnijl 4 ni t ( rrntih 1. il'houih If Ii uti'lrtao4 liT 1 ltiff Any th Bo'tlr of I ho Vlrtima '.. b of t'f 'irui.r, itri.lnc ot ati4 'T7 lii'i. h i.'-iir-l, inuh mhm to f-ll I liil- il.- fntti' r tt'l s trt.M-v li t mU lh iH' ftin't' 11 fi'h'T b- 'ii' niri (hi; Iti hit whim-I lo I an n il-n Vmh rtn'r ttia Ihf muii- ian hl ilia lU'H inir"1 h-roUtn at th tim of tbo tt. ( up lu th" Uti nmnnt. I ... ."fl'' jtri iinl Pll-I 11 1 eji r ! 'I II a hi t, .!nili-at thiir lti-trmiri'( taf tir. t'.i '- !)' If' '' K O ltl'r'si t4K"ti j 1 li'irrh'l to ft !!' r ! k ar.4 t.ft, h&4a .! Ii hiiflj II. I -Ii 0) l' Ii. lUin t 1 1 nit iMtt to 't-x Ir n'l'tti'-l vntiun anl rt.ll r ii'id t'f-ti 1 1 a i--.U u4 ' . . . . , 'lf a 'b Hf -fMf-r til b hy tar ttm "I IM lh ht rnith frf trn'h-f t I I thr in'tirn r, lh" f'rti'ir'a of CfkaU lo to on ih n tiri.n v rm tn la rfi lio ili- r, h' ll-i. all loffribrf hn toal ftr. J of, nf (I,. 1.1 r-m'r of rrf (h i Hial In' n nw hi of hftMtlhst of IV f " .li, th nnVB ft rm a hr I ,a j t; mar l ' I'V. I.' Ivhh h P'riiiH h ' rl'aon, of h- 'i a th t'H ft nti IH irnnl of Ihw ha! n tha 4i.- Kjf irt'i'h'r m ooi orit anl I lo'.t. lr ot Ha rrr tp ,h , h'rr t i(,i hf 10 trtff ftif th" fa k of 11.0 lut n-o, ti a.' Too nt 'i Mn'ti t"t flu ri -i lo f! Y. h. r. r muA ' ( 1m If., I I wnyn'if h if ni il V f f i.r afi't i f. IB r ,jf III" .f ih' I'.r At ,-,r I'.-m Haar.m lMa taa (Uar, f.,. . h. .... V . ( I H II t I I ! t i -- - ""- ., ... f , ..... 1 ,, ,. ... j ,.1.1.. Slowa, PI MS I II. lew 0. . ttii'.. .i .l li-.tite-.e'..!"1! i t-' t hm mi t . t'.t. .a -e. j t . .. . . 1. 1 iu il.. .- .I. n Ji"t le Woik of a I'tl-st. 1 1., r.. w. r- -on.- 1 1 1 1.. . 1 n. s at ?t..rth I'r iti.-r I.. wh-h i- .ii 'ti.ia Ihii t. w.-l. hi.,.. 1 lit a . (.r, il.'l.- h-.u . of ilir t -In i. . 1. fuii.tljr l.i.a'hiKg -nl uti. ON. .oM. It. 1 - f,f ....,, i. of h , J( n . . 1 I 1 r . h. ... e , t i.t! Sofih on t'i- S ...4-.l 1 b . i . n,,.. ml In th' r I fenra .til nf lh.. ii.or.-ie lt. o-f'hsrt'l'a Ihi-iM."1 NinitiD't"! I.n la t t'h lo 1 .. ih 1 I . a of . lo .e .V 1 In H di.o.-i r D-d fli'ti- hf tli Dos-n I-i jrwl.'i. T,.f- w.r. it. ad We l-y ! o S,.r.i 1. 1. ..h.r l:i.d. I.! 1 s-t '! dona bro'i.tit of f on 1.. '.ill i. In .1. .'.( of lhi- aid f 'ii til' I ti i. ' d... k a It. f"- i of M it I and V , Pf'l, . l 1111 It i,l" I .h! Tin H.lla.4 N. M. Lie stnnlr-al. ...i n M .. . 1. a ' I . . 4 ! . i-"i'. 1 ...... 1 a.-." Il " . n. l I ... .-I 1 d I t.M . r. d Ihe I .1 r.i . i.r hi. 1. ,1 h in f r", fl. f .n. i.f ll,.. .lol'.'iKI r,nal ri . 1 n....t ..I ih.',, .... ..,' ii. t m i,, i.a , ,4 w ti I- il. 1 i 11 n. i . ',i , 1., if..,, 1l..r. ,,.,,, ..,,!' .f 1 all,... a,n 11 w.i, fr. I w;,.i, ..',. t"tKi,l 'I.. 11 i'.il.'f. t '1 ta I, . li. 1 .!.... I. ri.'. f "., I '(,.,1 'h. , . ,, .1.,.. ,,, ,1. Il II nil 'b." it... ..,i. 1!,, ,t, I. at, I .at,' 1 . 1 f,, , I ,o , 1 . ,, ,. ' i. 1 ...ill .)'. lo . .ho ... . ,., 1 P i. I .tlinsia of Nun ht Iwad tl I. !";. f , o. ' I, I., for th" .1. il.. ra. ka this II. -r .III -ten alwa ib-ir own lii- w.r lo p. r I, It - i,,', wlm tnld til. ory le a rrportef wa. o'. of the m niters of the s,tnr.f ilool and ! hinn-lf by s-m.niing tat ' o ' . . nf 'he an .Iter ta.sis 1 l.liir-n-Y-r Old Boy'a f ffort to lav Ilia Grandmother. A ei 1 ir of the o'ing n' oa ) is.m! , .tnf....' j f 'I , h I I. . I I h I: -a 0' h.rn..m la attig ..nt'! w.i.f of t- I. I. t rnoah' MB s le I'lui.d In t' .rt ..Ira- i('.e a"I h ti 'hr t"'ii-l la 'e- w.'.r t ioo.r I alo'l'-d tof prl.'.o. la if-.r ..'h ih-tn Hy ih- -B-.f. nt ike ti' i b"" a n.'ii'l'.r .. r- .and Mi.. "ii. nf 1 Fa.1 rifinb si'a.1, 1... I. I; oil. ... So- of Hiom. Who 10 ! 1'iri'i I oii't'.t l III. grao.:tn ter wta I . . h Hi 01 II. Iii.-I In b'l. but k-S il" i.i' if.nri i'i k'..r int ibe bifrt.a. lie. t.. ' ),.(. ens Tarkl.k IS.ika. 1 1 mb4 U CIIW4. k-tiUk Irlsi Ii... tke T'.."S'.' i 1. 1 11. ."i .iit.n fN.iasy .. .... l , ia i. rim frwra.

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