The Daily Notes from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania on June 23, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Notes from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1920
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. JUNE 23. 1920 THE CANbNSBITR(j DAILY NOTES ROBT.LGRANT Phone 202-J Meno Juspul Adjusting Brassiers fit as 'they fasten are the only bras sier that is self ad justing. m:: V ) . '. The patent lacing device prevents them from becoming too small, no matter how often they are laundered $1.50 each Pink or White All sizes in stock PAGE THREE SOCIAL Surprised On Birthday On Thursday evening, June 17, members of the Vonleo Women's Club and Good Will class of the Venice Sabbath school met at tho home of Mrs, C. T. Littell and spent a very enjoyable evening. The affair was planned as a birthday surprise and was effectually carried out. Music and refreshments were tho special features of the evening. Mrs. II. L. Fee, on behalf of the club and the class of which Mrs, Littell is the teacher, presented her with a cut- glass salad bowl. Mrs. Littell re sponded in a fitting way. Another gift was a birthday cake by Mrs. Walter Patterson. Wishes for. many returns of the anniversary were ex tended the honor guest by those pre sent. O To Visit Friends in 'England Mr. and, Mrs. Harry Shaw of North Jefferson avenue, leave tomorrow night for New York, where on Sat urday they will sail on the S. S. Bal tic for Liverpool, England,, arriving there on or about the 4th of July. From Liverpool they will travel to Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent,; to visit Mr. Shaw's mother and other friends. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw expect to return in August. Missionary to Speak The Dora Whitely Circle of the Greenside Avenue United rrcsbyter-ian Church will meet Thursday evening in the church. Mrs. Emily M. Clements of India will meet with the society and tell of her work in the foreign field. COMING AND GOING See Weltyf s 6 Day June Sale Ad on Page Six Sale Starts Tomorrow' ! 1 J ! i 1 I Elaborate Sport (Continued From Page One) CORCORAN'S 5c and 10c And Variety Store Phone 121-W , Fine White Voile 50c and 59c a yard Lancaster Gingham 35c a yard Cretonnes 21c yd. up White dimity nice fine patterns 45c yd. Counter panes Ready Made scrim curtains with fine lace edge $3 39 pair Ladies Gingham Street Dresses $5.29 All kinds of Paints and Varnishes, Harry Clark of Moundsville, W. Va., a former resident of Canons-burg, is in town visiting friends. x John Clark ef West Middletown is visiting his cousins, W. B. and Miss Lizzie Houston, at their home in West Pike street. x Gertiude Rogers of Ginger Hill is the guest of, her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. M, Hanson, North Central avenue. x , , The Misses Mary Richardson and Helen Little of Carnegie are spend ing a pan or tneir sumiwr vacation with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Little of Ridge avenue. x " Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Williams who shave been in Denver. Col., for several weeks, the guest of the for mer's parents, Rev. and Mrs. -Charles Williams, have returned heme. i Rev. George R. Murray of Thomas Station was a caller in Canonsbiirc; Monday afternoon, lie recently re turned from a Western 1 rip. durinf which he attended the United Pres byterian . General . Assembly at Ster ling, Kan., as a delegate from Char-tiers Presbytery. ',, ' Prof. George Norris of California, Pa., wn.s in town on Wednesday and visited Prof.. S. P. McWilliams' Summer school. FORGOTTEN BOMB LETS GO IN PITTSBURGH COURT HOUSE PITTSBURGH, June 23 A bomb confiscated from suspects arrested in connection with the Castle Shannon bank robbery more than three years ago exploded in a locker in the cour. ty detecaive bureau in the court house early thfs morning, causing the near suffocation of two detect ives and damage estimated at $500 Spontaneous combustion is believ ed to have caused tfie explosion. Boya' teams from -Paper Gasket, Press and Scroll Shear Departments. Winning team to get $7.00 cash., Water Sports Swimming Race Open to. all male-employes, distance 100 yards. Prize Silk Shirt. : ; ' ' ? Underwater Race--Opon . to all male employes. 1st prize, Gillette Razor; 2nd, Necktie. . . , Boat Race Open to all male em ployes who can swim. Prize, Panama Hat. Tilting Contest Open to all Male employes who can swim. Prize to winning team, 1 Ham. Children's Races 50 Yards C.irls up to 12 years $3 in mdse Boys up to 12 years $2 in mdse. Girls, 1 2-1 fi yrs. Box Wirting Paper. Boys, 12-10 yrs. Tie Holder. Note All children's races will bo handicap affairs, depending on age of the entry. Other children's races will bo ir-ranged if advisable. Specialties Horseshoe Pitching. girls. Prices 1st, picture; 2nd, Hot Water Bottle. Horseshoe Pitching, men. Prizes 1st, 5 lbs. Coffee; 2nd. 25 lbs Flour. PTg and Spoon Race, mixed. Prine Tennis Shoes. , ., Blindfold Rnco, mixed., prize 1? Theater Tickets. ! ; . 3-lPKgod Race, srirls. Prizes 1st Silk Hose: 2nd, Umbrella. ' S-lees-ptl Race. bovs. Prizes 1st Spot Light; 2nd. Auto Pump. Baseball Thowing Contests, girls Each entrv has 1 throw. Prize $3 Box C'.ndv. , Kail Driving Contest, girls. Prize Box Candy. . Pinnt Race, girls. Prize $1.00 in Merchandise! ' fr . Peanut Rolling Contest, girl1!. Prie Rox JVriting Pnner. '' -Foremen's Race. Prtze: JTmbrolln:. Old Men's Race. Prize Slab of Bacon. Married Women's Race, open . to all. Prize Sack of Flour. Needle Threading Race. Prize-Box Face Powder. C-inle Running Backwards. Prizes 'nov. Sboe Polishing Outfit; gii'l. Ladv'f? Rubbers. Oicn Race for Men. Prize Stid-pin. Onen Rnce for Women. Prize-Victor Red Sr Record. Tontwcr.fal Can Company em- plovps not eligible,. Hair Combing Contest. Prize Box of Onndv. Prize .Bancins.' Waltz, couple 5c each. Two-step, couple $1.00 each. Fox Trot, couple $1.00 each. Cake Walk, prize, cake. COMMITTEES NAMED FOR CONVENTION Th? Tri-Distrtct Sunday School' and Christian l-Jhileavor ?ouvention p! lur Pittsburgh Conference of the A. M.- IT. HOUSTON Church yU meet .at Pnynu A Clnn ch July 13-16 inclusive! . Tlie following are, the committees tor the en-tertninnu'nt; on i homes! i Mrs. j Sadiui Wallace, Jennie ijillori, Jeiirue Pal- lcr:u Birdie. Goodly, J),'tle Brown Jieh Wil Mi itl Cdmmlttee--S; I A." Warfield, George Davis, -James Burgess, Clirls' Davis, John Walls, Alex Brown; Jolfr. A'hoetor, Mrs. Ida' Brown, Mrs.1 Emma Johhston, Knimi tt Jones and Reed j ' Williams. . i S ' ; ; f i , Duller and Milk; Cpmmiltee Mrs., I. B. Hrndwsoni Mrs. Ida Vactor, Mrs. Jennie ' Da Vis, David ,' Dempster arid George Durham, A. W. Bush.' ! . Tea, CoffVe and' Sugar Ir-s. 1 C. fe. Prawl, Jeannette. Asbury, Ocelean Vacfor, FAta . ,-Cott, JJcss'ie ; Brown, MatMe ' Williams, Irene' Bice, Pearl Bush, Clarfi; prown, Valora Patterson and Harriet; White. t ' BA-ad George C. K. Sluy, Miss Margaret Wilson, Ola Durham, Mary Fullum, Maud Davis,' Madaline-Brown, Mebecca Ihhh) fPliieb 'Vactbf 1 and xvoaa woseaior repairs j j j ; Tlio roadj irom; Floils)t(Jr( tq Mcij- .nejis jmius; fias- neon . closod. Irom Houston t,o,thp ;polnt -Jiere'lt ;i intersected by the road which connects the Little Chartiers and Plum Run Valleys, near jthe jresiilonce of, Elljs O. .Fee. Hardy i-'liartkiri. yhd have the contract for resurfacing' he IIou-iton-McConnell's Mill road from elen Griffin, Cora BalcU and.MayJUei tho-Llttej form, tp lotjstonj, are haf 'ilrfon. i " 1 ' .'i : - ; jng diffieijlj.v in securing Imaterial as rapidly as it is needed. ; ' i f Tim? if. 'I DRUGS EXCITE YOUR KIDNEYS, USE SALT? if Your Back Hurts or Bladder Bothers, Drink Lots of Water Sonora You don't have to defend the wisdom of your choice when you select the Sonora.. -Your friends know that it is reputed to be The Highest Class Talking Machine in the World and after they have seen and heard it, they are convinced that it lives up to its reputation. Superb styles $60 to $2,500 Ben Reynolds & Co. 2 Doors North of Chestnut St 116-118 N. Main St. Washington Penna When your kidneys nurt and youi back feels sore, don't get scared and proceed to load your stomach with a lot of drugs that excite the kidneys and irritate the entire urinary tract. Keep your kidneys clean like you keep your bowels clean, by flushing thera with a mild, harmless salts which removes the , body's urinous waste and stimulates them to their aormal activity. The function of the kidneys Is to filter the blood. In 24 hours they strain from it 600 grains understand the vital importance of keeping the kidneys active. Drink lot3 ot -water you can't pharmacist about four ounces of Jad Salts; take a tablespoooful in a glass of water before breakfast each morn ing for a few days and your kidney Give your trouble prompt attention, will act fine. Tais famous salts is made from Jie acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined with lithia, and bas been used for generations to so it no longer is a source of irritation, thus ending bladder weakness. Jad Salts U inexpensive; cannot in- lure: makes a delightful effervescen 1rink too much; also sret from any lilhla-water drink which everyone oboulrt tnke now and then to keep their kidneyji clean and active. Tr; this, also keep up the water drinking, and no doubf jou will wonder what hof-amo of ymr kidney trouble and backache. Frank Crosson $5.00. Louis Ziegler 1 ham. R. N. Sandberg dozen $12.00 Photos. Geo. T. Skirblc Silk Shirt. Robinson-Price $12.00 Silk Shirt, VanEman Bros. Gillette Razor. J. M. Templeton & Son 1 dozen cans of Cream. American Pastry Shop 1 Cake. ' Rose Markowitz Shirtwaist. Kokinakis Bros. -Box of Candy. M. S. Piekholtz String of Pearls. Cut Price Shoe Store Lady's Rubbers. -. ' Jos. Auerbach Union Tie. C. L. McCorkle Box of Face Powder. ' 1 II. L. Cockins Picture. First National Rank $5.00. , L. ,P. Sollon Box of Candy. T. C. Barr Box of Writing Papfcr. H. T. Welty Lady's Umbrella. J. Morris Gent's Umbrella. A. J. Hopper $5.00. D. A. Skirble & Co. Panama Hat Thompson Drug Co. Box of Writing Paper. T. A. Chambers Hot Water Bot tie. . W. E. Johnston Pin. Max Bernstein Necktie Holder. Tom Vlachos $3.00 Box of Candy. J. Hoxworth $5.00. M. J. Farmer $3.00. J. A. Corcoran $4.00 in Toys. Star Theater 1 doz. Admission Tii-i-ets. W. R. Reynolds 1 Record. Nick Vlachos $2.00. J. W. Ililes Shoe Polishing Out fit. Alhambra Theater $5.00. T). S. Pollock 1 pair Tennis Shoes. R. L. Grant 1 pr. Silk Hose. Frank Kill. Jr. 25-lb. Sack Flour Geo. W. Koch, Jr. 1 Spot Lifiht. Isaac Tatsch & Son 1 Auto Pump Citizens Xrust Company $10.00. Geo. & John Schriver Slab of Ba con. Wilson's Meat Market Minced Ham (for Refreshment Committee.) August Dietz Bakery $5.00. Canonsburg Milling Co. Sack of Flour. John Graff, Wholesale Fruits 50 Cents'. V.7. R. Ebeling Printing 500 Tickets. C. L. Reed. Houston $5.00. McCrorv Co. $1 in mdse. Mary Brown. Preserves, and .Canned. Fruit Mrs. Etnjria Asbury, Margareta Washington, Lydia Williams,- Jlathef wilsoii; Margie E. Wheeler,, Manid Wheeler Grace Burke and Margaret Tiyner. , , Linens Mrs. Julia Chambers, !Mrs. Virginia Sluby, Mrs. Mary M. Jones ind Iittie Warfield. ., ; . , ; . . bichrs, Knives and Forks Maria MoGant, Kate Hill and Mary Butler. - Vegetables Mrs. Mav " Sherror; James Vactor, Moses Bush,, Sampson Collins' Alicte ILill and' Harriet Vi'hi ler. ' . ''; ' ' , Tables and Chairs' James Burgess and .George, Sluby." . ' ,., '.' ' ", L-fhts Alex Brown and .Wil son .. . Cooking Supplies Elizabeth Brown, Minnie Hayden and Kate Hill Pies and Cake Mrs. Rebecca Bush, Sarrh Pun lap, Stella Patterson, Porn McCielland and Bessie Plunket. Banners and Badges Miss Frances V.aclor, Goldie Hilton, Jessie Brown, Jr., Pearl Foster and Grant Henderson. , , Pur-chasing committee tfrs. pssa Grooms, Birdie Goodley, Elizabeth Dundee, Eva Brown and Jessie brown. Qr shier for Dining Room--Miss Margaret Williams. Treasurer Mrs. Dessa Grooms. Superintendent of Dining (Room Mrs. -Margaret Wheeler., . - The. .choir 'and deaconess board will op-rvc Tuesday. ,ho Dorcas class Wednesday, Hillen Mystery Club, Tbiuday, and the Senior and. Junior Stewardess, on Friday. , 3as li Going; MfgUr ! ! i i 1 ' ' : I i Gas is going to be higher, and the of the company will enter your home,! inspect your gas burning appliances,! and if they do not suit hini he will havo them thrown out. Vet, in r.ionarcbial England a great man once fad: "A man's iicui;e is his castla. and no one mi;y rntfr it without the consent, ot the owner." We have progressed (?) some since we left "the. Old Country." You bet. 4- paid on jsyiGAccbOjNrs 'fesafo , , .'-( ( : - - ; f i-s ; How A Bank i Account J Helps Accumulate J : ; An account with the First National link is a sourco of great satisfaction it, will help you accumulate money.; 'U fc safe, convenient and instills the habit of regular deposits. '4 Interest Paid on Savings Ae- C0unt9.' . ! .--': The First NationalBank ; 'CANONSBURG ;'PA; CAPITAL ....u.i....J-.J ll 00,000.00 SURPLUS. & PROFITS j j $298,14C.GQ , flFMSEft FEDERAL RESERVE BANK :-f in HENDERSONVILLE Notes Clatsified Ads. Cost LItUo and Bring Results Rev. James H. Grier of Canonsburg preached Sabbath afternoon in the Community Building. Children's Day was observed and an interesting program, in charge of Mrs. Thomas McCloskey, was carried out.' Mrs. James Mcrnerson anu Mrs. William Shindledecker were at the Greensburg Hospital last 'Sabbath to see Mrs. Clarence vveyeaiu, wnu is in a serious condition. Mrs. Arthur Hickman , and son, .Arthur Loyd are visiting friends in Ohio., ' . -. . . . Miss Evelyn McPherson has taken a position in the store of the Henderson Supply Company. i Lawrence Fife and family of Perry-ipoliis arc visiting at the home of Mr. Fife's parents, Mil and Mrs. James Fife. ' ' ,' ',. ". v" , '; '.''" John Willis of Greensboro Pa..,' visited his brother, Percy, Willis. LINDEN The recent rains have done much damage to the corn, oats and potato crops. , , Mrs. Malinda Sheets is very ill of stomach trouble. . , ' Mrs. D. W. Templeton, who has been very ill the past four weeks, is slowly recovering. Miss Margaret' Camel of Chaso City, Va., is visiting her sister, Mrs. u. it.' Murray. Mr. and Mrs. Charles' Combs and umall son, of Akron, Ohio, are visit ing the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. II. McCormic and family. Glenn McMurray is a patent at the Allegheny General hospital, where he underwent an operation'. Albert Holmes of Claysville spent few days with his brother, S. C. Holmes and family. Thomas Robb is seriously ill. Harry Loutitt has returned, after spending a few days in Columbus, O. Houstop Brevities Pull weeds. ' j ' . , Keep the lawn mower whirling. 1 Jur.;eirososjare at their aesrr t . Much .coal pacing, thru , town truck?.. Home-grown cherries are selling at :$6.00 aj crate, j ) j ; ; ' ' . The official board of the M. E. Churcli will meet this evening. ; Old Sol .when he broke out today Ayas. joyfully, greeted. . , , , Mrs. J. C. Kistler id somewhat im-provrd, altho still confined to her room, , " r ; i . . j This summer Old Sol is trying to show that lib is of a retiring disposition". ' 1 ' ' ' ' - Harold Kistler will take the sum-mfr course at the Pittsburgh University, which; opens next, Monday. . , . In this wot weather it is important to keep the feet diy. All styles of footwear at Teacock's. 91-It HAVE we a Board oi Health If fo, h:is it looked over the flooded district? . Mi.-s Mary McKee has moved from rooms in the John Baker house to Canonsburg. , . . Have you seen the Tennis Shoes at Peacock's? They surely arc the real thing. See then-. ' ' 91-lt Instead of McAdoo's declination there are many Democrars wiio jay: "Me A Doodle Do." i Wo hear of a few people who hTtvo lieen cursing the wet weather. They shouTd bo ashamed of themselves. . A mimber of people from this side were in Canonsburg last evening attending the . meeting of Chavtiers Grange. The price of Chautauqua tickets this. yar will be as follows: Adults, $2T0; Jnninrs, $1.10. In each case the sum mentioned includes the war I lax.. Ocm on low ground that was over-H-jwmI at the time of the flood last week is showing itself above tho mud; but' it is having a hard row to hoe. . - ' ' Work shoes, solid, substantial, good wearers, .at Peacock's. Also stylish j;t.i icily' up-to-date dress shoes for men raid women, boys and girls. See them, inspect them, price them. 91-lt 'bi. J. C. Kistler and 'Elder Grier Barbour ;reprt-sen(.4d-Houston IT. I', congregation at the meeting of" Char-tiers piesbytery at "Venice-on Tuesday. At a meeting of - the Chartiers Presbytery at Venice yesterday Glenn Reed of this place was received as a student of theology and will enter Pittsburgh 'Theological' seminary in the fall. ' : The school beard is negotiating with , the M. E. congregation wit h regard to renting the Sunday school room in the church lor r cliooi pur. noses urtil such tiin-; as a new school hotnc can ho elected. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hodgson who are on a trip to the Far West, are now in Portland, Oregon, where the Sariners are having their annual meet. It is said that there are 90,- 000 Shriners in the city. There were 70 bands in the parade. K. E. McNary savs the report to the' effect that the concrete bridge at Plnnkett's on Plum Run was swung around by tho flood, was a mistake. The dirt approaches to the bridge were carried out, but the bridge itself was not moved. F. B. Smith is now street commissioner in place of Thomas Wylie, who resigned by reason of continued ill health. Mr. Wylie was a very faithful and efficient man for the position and the Town Council and th! citizens were sorry when he was compelled to give up the office. The Movement to consolidate country school has gotten a good hold in j ' TODAY'S 'ANNIVERSARIES 17t" Empress Josephine "the sinr'of Napoleon," 'born at j St. J'ierro, Martinique, pied-, at .Mnlmai- ! son, May 24, 3814.. 183!) Lady ijrsiqr,- .Stanhope,, tit? bri'lli.-int. ! niece, and companion of 'William Pitt, died in a con- vent r-.t Mount Lebanon. Born March 12, 17" 6. ' 1848 General OaVaignac. , was appointed dictator of Franc". 1570 Amor, T. Akerman . of , Georgia became Attorn?y-G,wical of the United Stales. 3 SSI Silas Clarke Herring, inventor of the modern rafe, die.1, at ! Plain field,1 N. J. Born at : j ' Shrewsbury, Vt.', Sept. 7, 1S0H. 1896 The Canadian' Liberal party was victorious in - the parlia-y' I :mentar" elections.'. ' ! '. ' i i ; ' 1908 The United States several, diplomatic relations wiih Venezu-:ela. lOlfi-j-Wheat dropped below the dol-.lar mark for the flrsr f:me sTnco jthe war boom' in 191-1. ' ' j 1 ! Notes Classified Ads. Cost Little and Rrinr, ''Jesuits MScholl's FcotfomforfWelc . June 21-25 We carry a complete line of Scholl Foot: Appliances. Drop in tin's week. D. S. POLLOCK Phone 2C2-R CANONSBURG, PA. RELIABLE USED CARS' mrintr.ln s comn'.ote sisartmcnt' of at! tjular mnkfe. picei ni.hi, and on. LIBERAL ' ' ; . ' TIME PAYMENT3 j " $150.00 to 300.00 in at! the Vrsh. r.tassery. ' Writ for Hst or specify 'tlie cjr you prefer. "We have it. . A POST CARD PUTS YOU WISE SR15 PEKX AVHXU-B RELIABLE AUTjO EXCHANGE Phone tlilanu 11 E.. PITTSBURGH, PA. this county, and is growing rapidly. Will. tho hoards of education in North Strabanc and Chartiers townships fa1.' in-line? Bom To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart of Reed avenue, a daughter. It is well to be economical, hut not misery. For instance, it noes noi pay 'to charge the customer who buys ritrars for the match with which he lights his smoke. , NOTICE I will not bo responsible for any debts contracted by anyone else than myself. c. l: NIXON, 89-3 Houston, The city of Pit'smirgh has decided not to oppose the proposed, increase in t ho price of natural gas. Presume it was thought that to do so would be a waste of tiiiK1 and money, as nothing is able to stay the tendency of the prices of the neaessaries and comforts of life to soar. : ' TOO LATE 70 CLASSIFY LOST Silver bank at P. R. R. Station, on Tuesday. Leave at The Notes office. ' 01-3 BASE BALL SUMMARY : NATIONAL LEAGUE Yesterday's Results Pittsburgh fl, Drookjin 7. " Chicago 10, New York 4. 1 Cincinnati 3 P h i. I a d e 1 p h i a . 1 . .Hoston 3, St.' Louis 2. Philadelphia 5, Cincinnati 1. . Standing of the Clubs " w. L. "' Pet. Cincinnati 31 22 '.585 Chicago 30 25 . ,545 Brooklyn 28 2-1 .53 S St. Louis 30 2 .52 6 Pittsburgh 25 2-1 .5! A Boston 22 26' ' .".453' New York 23 32 ' .1 IS Philadelphia 23 .32 .4 IS Today's Schedule Pittsburgh at Brooklyn, Cincinnati at Philadelphia. ' Chicago at New York.' , St. Louis at Boston. Pea SALE All kinds Flowering Plants now at half price. Ful line ot vegetahie plants, not an sweet pepper, 10c to 25c doz. Tomato 10c to 25c per doz. Cabbage, 5c to 10c per doz, 35c per hundred. $2.50 per thousand. Sweet Potato Plants Samples branching asters, the kind we grow for cut flowers, Also Kohl rabi ana savoy Cabbage Plants. All plants at reasonable prices. . Thomp son's Greenhouses, 210-J. Flower Shop, 92-J. ' c-91-4 FOR SALE One Ford Roadster 1918 model; one Ford Roadste." 1916 model; one Ford touring car l'JK model; one Kora speedster. Doch-Magneto. demountable rims. four new tires, special racing gears; one 101 Saxon roadster; one 1920 Ford coupe, demountable rims and srare lire; one Chandler roadster, 1918 model. C. R. Banner Garage, Houston, POR SALE Two horses, both mares 5 years old. "About 1300 or 1400 lb?. All purpose horses. Steve Gu rick, Hills Starien. c-9-5 TOR SALE- 1" Grocery and fruit store of the late Giacomo Camniarata. 3 South Jefferson avenue. el 9 1-2 OR SALE Gihson mandolin. Good condition. Call 5G2-J. c-91-3 "WANTED-" work. nue. -Girl to assist with house 141 North Central ave-91-3 WANTED At once an experienced H farm and dairy hand. Apply to J. C. Miller, Canonsburg, R.- 11. 1. Phone 420-r-ll. - 91-G-eod AMERICAN LEAGUE Yesterday's Results . Chicago 2, PliiladeHihia 1. Cleveland 13, Boston 5. Washington 6, Detroit 1. St. Louis 9, New York' 3. Standing of the Clubs W. L. Pet. Cleveland 38 10 . G ' 7 New York 38 22 .63". Chicago 32 25 i5(U Boston 28 26 .51 9 Washington 27 26 .509 St. Louis 28 28 .500 Detroit 19 37 .33.') Philadelphia 10 -K .27,1 Today's Schedule Washington at Detroit. Philadelphia at Chicago. New York at St. Louis. Boston at Cleveland. WOMAN'S CASE AMAZES CANONSBUKG A business man's wife could not sew or read without sharp pains in her eyes. For years her eyes were red and weak. Finally she tried sim ple witchhazel. camphor, hydrastis, etc., as mixed in Lavoptik eye wash. The result produced by a single not tie amazed everyone. We guarantee a small bottle Lavoptik to help ANY CASE weak, strained or inflamed eyes. Aluminum eye cup FREE. La Belle Drug Co., 15S E. Pike St. To Notes Readert Note readera ar cordially Invite in frond to thla offtcf any Item of Inter. Ml Lam uifcj u)Ui ui ihe'i i tvo.-.u'i.

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