The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 31, 1932
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Served by the United Press THE DOMINA.',. "NEWSPAPER or KomnrAer^l^^^i^^mau^SMi^ovRi "^^ * ^ VOL. XXIV—NO. 12 Hlythovllle Dally N>ws, lilylhovillc Herald, Valley Leaaer, Ulrilievlllc Courier. HILL CflSE BESET Call of Old Murder Cnse Fjncls Siale'Dnweparecl; Court Proceeds Slowly. Trial of the only murder cas; on the crjrnlhal cor.rt docket, sal for today, was postponed until Wednesday by ' Judge Nclll Klllaiigh v.'l" ,<i : of the case found the .si,. nprepared. The case had Leon set earlier in the week for trial today but ii developed this afternoon that. Hie state had not itiiiccl subpoenas for Us wincsHs. The case in whicn Tom Hill of near Manila is (!cf*ml- ani, lias been on tlic court riacl:. 1 ; since 1930. Hill Is accused of the murder of Dewey Woods at a hunter camp south of Manila In August, 1330. It Is understood he will plead self defense. The closing hour of yesterday's court session and the entire morning session today were consumed in trial of Russell Bowers, chargej with theft o! a $1.50 watch. BO-.Vers was acquitted by the jury, which placed tile value of the watch at $7.50, nt tlie request of the court, .to guide action on the gcllty pl?a of Robert. Norton in a companion case. A string of witnesses was paraded by both the .state and defense with local jewelers being called to testify as experts as to the value of the watch.. The jury not only accepted the defense version of Die theft, which young Horlon in a companion case had already, admitted, but also accepted evidence of a Jeweler, wlio qualified for th? defense as an expert. The state eon- tended th3 watch was worth more than ten 'dollars as a basis for a grand larceny charge while the defense contended thai even if found guilty of the theft, the defendant could only be guilty of petit larceny because the watch was not worth as much as leu dollars. Ti-.e jury's action in placing the value of the watch below S10 in answer to a special interrogatory of Judge Killoiigh will mean that. Kober[ Horton's plea of guilty to the theft will : te accepted as petit larceny. . ' fridntr Gets Thrtt Years 'Doyle Widner. young Gosnell man, entered n plea of guilty to 3 charge of robbery just before noon and was sentenced to three years imprisonment. A two year suspended sentence was also meted out on iiis p!ea o/ guilty to a burglary charge. Widner admitted playing a leading part in the holdup of°Ed Pinkerman. Gcsnell storekeeper. this winter. Widner iiad previously pleaded not guilty. Ira Jones, alleged companion of Widner in the Pinkerman robbery and Indicted also for burglary of Crawford's store at Gosnell, was to face trial this afterncon. It is understood the slate had elected to try Jones for the store burglary. Nine jail prisoners, indicted by tha rscent grand jury, were arraigned in open court this afternoon. Included in the group were five white men and youths and four negroes. All entered phas of not guilty.' They are: Harvey Tanner, charged with burglary and grand larceny; Carl Cullson, charged with burglary; Owen McKay, charged ivilh burglary and grand larceny; c. C. Rebstock, charged with 1 selling liquor; Jack Ford, charged in two indictments with ,, -Burglary and grand larceny, and tl'.e following negroes; Eth;l Haywood. charged with grand larceny. burglary; Mary Watkins. charged with grand larcsny and burglary, and James Alexander, also charged with burglary nnd grand larceny and W. O. Lynch, charged with assault with intent to kill. 45 True Bills The grand jury submitted its final report yesterday afternoon and wxs discharged by Judge Killoiigh. A tolal of 45 true Mils was roturn- ed by U-. e jury during its thrce-iay session and four no true bills were returned. In submitting Its final report tha jury recommended repairs In the living quarters of the county jail. Otherwise ths jail is In good repair is well as the courthouse, the jury reported. Officers of the cnirt received the praise of jurors for their assistance In enabling thi Jury to efficiently carry out Its work. Investigation of the death of Floyd McCormic, Clear Lite farmer, in a fire which destroyed an East End rooming house resulted in no indictments by th; jury. Subpoenas were Issued this morn- Ing for H state witnesses .In the "scs of J. F. Roderick and Earl Roderick. The former Liachrille bankers, charged with receiving deposits with knowledge that the tank was Insolvent, will face trial Tuesday. Stale subpoenas were Issued [or the following wltnes«s: J. Weln- Mre.'L. G. Bycrly, C. L. Smith, T. E. Rose. E. L, steed, W. W. Keyson, Dr. SUudenmeyer W. II mer, \v. H. Brysnt, and Luther "instead of Leachville and M. E. w»no of Caraway. Nathan Denied H1.VT1IKV11.I.K.'ARKANSAS. T11UKS1MV. JIAUOII Ml, Swamplands That May Hide Baby Lindbergh VOTES 10 TUP EUNICES .cvios on Stock, Bond aiul Commodity Futures I'vansiictiona Approved . WASHINGTON, March 31. (U>'> j—Tlic house Imlny npinuvi'd luxos | il,-sU|i,ed to t;,p rwli.'insi's of the riMiiitry lor $104,000.000 In new vcve- niie. Within three liom.s four aniont!- Immls wore iidojui'd (n Ihe tax bill. , With the amainus they nre t'xprci- 1 r<l lo'niLK- they follow: I Stock rxcli.iiii;c trniunclloiu. S73- ! 000.04 0: j Uond transfers. SI3,flOO.COO. ConuiiOfltiy fuluros nuirkets $tj 1000.000. m(;iic wmvevnncfs, SIC 000,- le In fhurge of Wnll K«'«l 000. Tolnl, $104,000.000.' The lust amemlnicnl adopted was A rumor thai, ihe missing Lindbergh baby and his kidnapers nere aboard n boat "ivlthin 30 miles >t Kcrfolk. Va.". rent searchers' aliplancs wlnilnc ovi- tli c desolate re-ion of hidden lakes and streams known as Dismal Swump. 'This striking picture sho.v;, Lake Urummoiul. In ihe heart of the swamp- «n bond transfers. It provided n land, bordered b> gnarled cypress roots and lrencJi?rous marshes, ll's .-111 men that would seem to Iw I til!c °' °" e ''ifi'" 1 ' of one per cc'iil. an ids;il setting f'.r a mysterv stnrv j"ch levy to Iw not less tiimi iwo 'cents. | No Change Noted in Pickens Condition MEMPHIS, March 31 iUI>)—Con- diiion of Geraia Pickens, Armorel, Ark., youtii. i'i Baptist hospital, re- malncd imchnngcri, his doctors re- , brand Aunt of Missing | P °H|" u'ltiii delirious, u ,umbm«. Rare Element! Are Com- Earlier Ihe liousc adopted n plan of levying oiic-tonrlh of one per cent on sales of shares nf stocks. The liousc adopted « tax of live cents per liumlrnl dollars on nil futures conlrucls on the wliertt. cotton nnd other cummcdlly exchanges. Baby Says Prohibition! i 11 ." 1 , a ' ;c '" ptllll! lo " I0ve alw >'' »" ,., | ,, .. . i "'s tied. Doctors have expressed the Makes Homes Unsafe. ] opinion he is n victim of sleeping I sickness. y,SJILLTI!uE bincd to Weaken Diseased Tissues. NEW ORLEANS. March 31. (UP) —A new treatment for cancer, emphasized us "not n cancer cure" but a method which has "produced improvement In every case treated, increase, in appetllc nnd In weight, decrease In pain, n belter mental condition, and a lengthened Jlf?." was explained before tile American Chemical society here by Dr. Rosu- msh Security for Last Year's Balances. ' Parr of 1 of II- E.S'GLEWOOD. ^f. J.. Mar. 3) :UP)— A gray and dignified old adv. n crartrl mint of the kidnap- ed LindberBh baby, returned home (oday to lay aside several trunks of oriental toys she had bought for urn in Turkey. Mrs. Agnes Scandrett. sister of the late Dwight Morow, left the | liner Exarch, which brought her ;rom Turkey where slie visited her tister. Miss Alice Morrow, at Jersey City and went directly to the Morrow home. She' talked lo newspapermen of [he kidnaping. "It convinces me as long as we :iavc prohibition no home in this country is safe," she said. "We j nrisen irith The rcn>lpt of instnic- I it dees ivith white rats and X-rays arc at the mercy of the gangs, tlons by J. E. Critz. county agri- land human patients. It is based on They nre thriving on the general cultural agent, requiring .second I work witii generation after genera- disregard for law. I cant believe | mcrtgaees covering unpaid bat- j tSon of white rnlS, Dr Parr ex- people realize how strongly en- .• a i>crs on last year's loans. plained. She said It had taen dls- trcnclied the criminal elcRieiu is. ; Many Mississippi county farm- coveretl that harmful effects of sc- And the pity of it is some of the , e rs who borrowed from the f«ler- 1 lenliim might be checked by add- flnest citizens are blind. They are . a i government to make last year's ing to it sails of Germanium, an- down m the trenches, with the crop naiu part of |hc ot , igntion ,„ oih(;r very mre ,, ement . 1)ool1cgBers ' _ i " s " , ail(I P" 1 »P Cotton as col- j The scientist, working with ral.=. ' ' nleral lo cover the balance. Such \ found (he drug could be aamlnls- ' Thc treatment, was discussed In a paper, "A study of Tissue Reactions to Selenium and .Germanium' the A new complication in ..... handling of applications for fed- I The method" concerns it-self ... eral crop production lonns Ins • much with higher -mathematics as a PPJ'in? 'collateral. LITTLE ROCK, March 31.—Op-1 Lund owneis U Pa nn |. PI..L- i """"•''»• "WWS for loans this tercd by mouth or injection, that reople TICK year, must- give second mortgages . it wns taken up by the blood stream Convention Delegates 1 7 , adtiiti ° Ml security for i nnd ccncc ntratcd in cancerous V-OnvenilOn ueie n aies tho^balnnccs protected by cotton ; meas . tllus weakening (he diseased ilis-sucs. The weakened tissues were - -. or other Persons then bombarded with x-rays and portunity for the Democrats of Ar- j navmg an interest in this year's . gamma rays Kansas, to express their preference j crop are required to execute a i T , " . .. for the party's presidential nomi-1 waiver of lien in connection with I nf !"*„„ e „ ™ cn "P™ nation was asked by Senator R. A.; the second mortgage, just as for ', ,' , , , ,, „ • 1 fr mvc<1 Nelson of B,ythevi,,e in a concur- the new ioan. >S^\^^^ In the event the farmer's appli- | c ,j improvement. rent- resolution adopted by the state senate yesterday afternoon. TRIM. IN Gllj/S DtftTH El Dorado Grand Jury Indicts Tramp Despite Coroner's Opinion. EL DORADO, Ark.. March (UP)—A first degree murder Indict- mcnt today ivas en file here naming Irving .L'ddinston, 38, tramp. In connection with slaying of Jackie Ruth Younjjblood, 1 20-year- old co-ed. Wat for Edttlngton has been set for nest Wednesday. Eddlnston confessed to attacking the girl and throwing her body under a train on Saturday. Later he repudiated this confession and officers temporarily dropped him from consideration of the case «-hc it was decided he was deranged. Coroner T. A. Barton hr.s contended the co-ed commuted suicide, pointing to testimony of the railroad engineer which said she deliberately placed herself on the rolls abend of the train. He told this lo the grand Jury which Indicted EddingUm. cation for a new loan is not ap- The resolution requests the state I proved the government will retain Democratic central committee to i the second mortgage covering for- defer selection of delegates to the! mcr indebtedness, but will svlili- national Democratic convention un- I hold the recording of It a reason- til a primaiy is held or county and [ able length of time to permit the district ccr.verj Lions "express their j applicant to obtain financing for. choice both for delegates from | his new erop from other sources. ' Greta Nissen Married Yesterday at Tia Juana state at large, and Iheir choice for mortgage, the nominee for president as is being cone by our sislsr stales.' Henderson Wants to Move Small Station WASHINGTON, March 31. (UP) —W. K. "Hello World" Henderson Louisiana's "bad boy" of the air. today was fighting before the federal radio commission to save his small Ehreveport, La., station, KWEA ] Houge. His SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Must Shelve Old Folks lo Save This Blundering World Says Doctor Pitkin Ictmmiita slaulllty never will return uitil every person more than W ears old is rellted. Wnllcr I'ltkln. i.syi'lmtiijjlsl. aulhcr '(mil piufi'ssor it Columbia University, said ludny. I'llkln, who l-i 54 hltn.vU. a.idc;! hill "any jw.wn past 60 michl lo ;cl Inlo a rocket nnd tliko ell for tit- moon. lli> would hi 1 'letter mi lll'IV." ' minds IIIKI sluplclliy was CO, Moltko was 05, Kltc-licui-r was G<. Korh WHS W, Jmfru was 6J, mid Wilson was 58, "Some of ihesi; genlleniL>n were ready for Ihe pnt!d«l i-ej| hi IOH." Illjlory. accordlnij (o I'rufv.i.sdr I'llliln, IA Hl!(>(| with mnny .such In- stiiiia-.s of iiiunun stupidity. "I.eok iiroiiml you," he said, "and ton farmers, look at M !til Inclicfllions Arc It Make Reappearance in Changed Form. •••"•* w.nm j tm, jm cviiii^ "niKi • HOCK, Mor. 31 t UP) — what you sec-, ixxik nl the cci- Dialer I'urkliw today withdraw rU *•••)•«••« i j t vii i tit i Hi: I a, llMJA n L AlUS-SOM Ml Hi- blamed by IMtkln lor most ,,f IH (he politicians look at e NPT the world's great, blunders in his Yorkers who yea I,am e\,- ,u nni- hnnL- "A cit,«,.( I.,.:-...._.t I .. •"-"' "' "I'M Jl.M Cltl imiiiuiy criminal*, look Old whose Ideas me n ly," to lay. ...;;i,._ _ History of Human blupld- j ni'lienry tu 1 mtLHuliii-t A >%.-I1 XAn.k*,- ' _ ^ . April Pool's j should do tv.c nil- i u ii| l bill lie Is nollilnt; inori! ihnn IHT cent fnriiier-ini.'rliiinli' " ...,," •'.'."''" — ..... "" ""•' ""' I IHT cent fnriiier-ini.'rliiinli' '""•"'••>. Jiiuni. 1 v. in: , he salil. \uini|! iwoplc Miould I Whc-n he Ufulns to think of ,i>"hi ° r lls brai(l scope. ill chlllHC Of Wnll Kln-i't nnrl ivnlil.,,,,.. ....... „. ....... . •" 11A '' U n,, r .i,, ,.,., ^..,_,. Washington. The uverug: b.mkcr. "iD pr past, Is liH'np.-iWi- of UK' uc- tlon Hint Is needed tu pull ihe world OIK of llic iircseiu hole. It Is a terrible- error nut! must be changed If civilization is to endure." Tlie woild's ton greatest blmulcrs lllc to hi m stupidity were nnmcrt by I'ltkln as follows: First, the creation ol Ihe world Second, ihe Irish race's IKTSIM- cnce in raising potaloo.s. Tlihd. Mussolini's dictum to lu- crciise (he population of llaly. Fourth, prohibition. Fifth, (lie civil wiir Kislh, thc world war. Seventh, nil other wars. Eighth. Ixird Kitchener's conduct (luring (he world war. Ninth, Napoleon's Mosc.w cam- Usn. Tenth, the deportment of all farmers. "The tragedy of the world ivnr, •„, „ , „, , for example, can be attributed 01- ," , &lnlcs "S ly IS..??* 1 ""* '»"'<*'" ™*m !,?'"«' he makes n terrible r»[ r ]i ol it. lie Is a man bom u> tlnk>r »llh ninrkliira. not wlih people." P B."SITE1T BEE! FILED Condemnation Proceedings Bronchi to Quiet Title lo Property. i , Sull [nr the condemnation ol |ih? II. S. Unuison proix-rly nl ;Wn!mit inul Uroadway as u site r "if ': -ilonicD buildlns U •be built, in Blvllujvilli- IVM fli-d I In federal court at Joncsboro yc-.<- i lerduy by Wallace Tomiscivl, United Slates district nltorney. ;hc said. "When the , ' y wns lntcn " c '' identify Four 'Persons Held at Memphis. ORCEOLA, Ark., March 31. Pour suspects, one a woman, held In Memphis as possible promoters of the supixxscd kidnaping plot frustrated by Night Marshal Elmer Womack In Kclscr Monday night, were released late yesterday when Mr. Womack failed to Identify them. "near" Virgin, Dill Dorsey, Clovis Clayton nnd Virgil Rankln are still In thc Osceola Jail and will Ire questioned ngaln today by olfl- cers. They live In the vicinity of Kclser and were arrested Monday night after Womack gave the warning. Two other suspects, arrested yesterday, were released last war broke "out : ^ y A ! ty ' D ' Frf(l To >' ior ' Jl '- ° •"'"" Osceola, who luis been named nt- loniey ad lltciu In the case. T.V- mutter vtli probably com? j before Judge ,1. E, Marllneau at |the opening of the next term of federal court at Jonesboro May 2 Mr. Taylor said. ( Mr. Taylor explained that Mr. i Branson and the government lud (agreed upon the price of the prop. 1 C '1 • trtil ""^ " lal t ' w condemnation laCK rails to procosdlngs were brought simply mp for the purpose <}f quieting UK title, which could; not otlwrwls* be relieved of clahnu of.' vftviaii luilirovemeni- u'mu'CC.S for bcvic-'iii assessed ngainst it. Information received here from Washington Is to t.he eftcct thul plans for the new post office h;we been prepared and the treasury department vjill be ready to nik bids for Its construction as soon us title lo the sllc passes to Ihr 1 aoveimncnt. An appropriation ai S90.000 has been mnd c for the building. Disabled Veterans Leader Will Speak Here in May CINCINNATI, O. - AllllOiince- nlght when' Yiw night" marThai" said ™ n * ™ * , m ^ e .'\ crc loda >' lhal they bore no resemblance to thi, C "P'- >V. L .bhaddk naltonnl or- gnulzcr of the Disabled American mean should the session .be two men who carried him n mile I *"'" it:l ' ul urc "sauieu American mean should the session . be ex- out of Kelscr Monday night, mask- 1 Velt ™'' of lhc Worl d War, is to (ended as It Is generally believed --• •• ' -!speak In Blythcvlllc, Joncsboro, it will be a fight will be "' March 31. (UP)— 1 His 10.000 watt station, KWKH each congressional dtslric, and the 1 for which he m »y E ive a ™ .M^^^f^^.l^&ffi^ * M *«*<" I today on trc. motion picture which I I taw the stall of their lnnrriag^. ! OrfgOBJan Invents Married in Tia Jimna. Mex.. vcs- Osceola ts handling the case. Veteran Memphis Jurist and Legislator Is Dead Kentucky Judge Will Rtnorts Adversely on White River Development terday, they returned (o Hollywood . M . . o • by alr ! >l8tl e ar.d planned to com- nead Missoun Mate , WASHINGTON, March 31. <UP> I pletc fllms °" whlcn thc - v have • : - : '— Maj. Gen. Lytle Brown, ch.'ef of | 6t!>Ited ST. IX5UIS, March 31. (UP)— "army engineers, has transmitted to I " " Federal Judge Charles f Dawson Secretary of War Hurley an tin- Ajj (IL- f' . lU'ii of Louisville, Tty., was expected to favorable report on improvement of " la "»K> UnSI mill arrive here today to assume his cu- \ navigation channels in the White ties as president of the Missouri j r 'ver in Arkansas and Missouri. State Life Insurance company. | Hurley Is expjcted to send thc State Superintendent of ins«r-' Tcport to congr«s t«<l»5' or tcmor- ance Joseph Thompson, one nf rim row anrt "• xvilt ^ tnttA ° PuWic receivers appointed Tuesday for the company, said he had insisted Judge Dau'son take up his duties immediately. Application for a writ of prohibition, filed with the state supreme court, has restrained the receivers from proceeding further with tre litigation. Actor Fails to Awaken for Sleep on Stage CLEVELAND, O., March 31. (UP) —A wave of applause swept over the audience as Justice of the Peace Sam Goorge, 60, Elyrla, playwright, actor-Jurist, finishing a gag line, cast himself In a chair on the sla«e in mock slumber. The rollicking comedy, "Smythe vs. smith," was making a hit in the Loralue avenue Masonic tcm- pte. As Ihe applause jutslded fellow- actors continued their dialogue A cue line c.-aj spoken for the sleep. (Continued on 3) jing man. There was I He was dead. no response. when transmitlcd. No More Pay Days (or Dodged Depressions WARREN, o. (UP)—Many de- iresslons have rollei past thc old mtcr mill at Phalanx, o.. five miles west of here, but. despite Its age. j It continues lo grind out flour, j Tlie mill, built in 1815. has been i remodeled several It wns NASHVILT..E. Term., Mar. 31 (UP) — State employes depositing , ri * ' •vjj.uut.i.u ot-*i-.«i urne>. K wns Employes constructed by Eli Barnum. one of the Connecticut settlers and a relative of P. T. Barnum. of circus iup) — state employes depositing , ' ame . ll'-r-lr March pay cheeks today were ! Had It gone to steam, gasoline v;arned to be prepared for four or electricity, say thc owners, it months of pnyless pay days, ' would have gone out of business With SS50.000 interest on the. long ago. stale general fund debt due on- It ls opcra(cc| b fl fc and before July 1, 1932. thc trcas- as F. A, and A. G. Rood. Th-se urer and comptroller will require men have been dead mnny years virtually alljncomlnj revenue to . They wore cousins, and the prop-' '"'" " " '"""* n°w ts in the hands of three accumulate this fund. Will Propose Extension of Reparations Moratorium LONDON. Mirch 31. (UP)—The Daily Herald said today Great Britain will propose the reparations moratorium be continued for another tix months when the detls and reparations conference meets at Lausanne In June. Mass Sung at Notre Dame in Memory of Rockne SOUTH BEND, Ind.. March 31 ' (UP)—Solemn requiem high mass was: sun? »t Notre Dame todty in commemoration of Knute Rockne football roich, who was killed In a Kansas nir crash March 31. ifiai New Type of Motor PORTLAND. Ore. (UP)—A gas- steam automobile motor has been built by Mark M. Clayton, mechanical engineering Instructor at the Oregon Institute of Technology here. The motor Is identical to an ordinary gas motor, except that one side of the cylinder head has been replaced with a motor head, into | brothe - rs which Injectors havc been built. Those Injectors force water Into the cylinder unn'.odlalely following ignition, the fnrce of the gas making the Injection. Thus the piston is forced downward a second lime without expenditure of gas. ed, gnggsd nnd bound him andTo „ , ulylnevnlc ' Jo»«i-oro threw him In a drainage ditch so " US5cUvlllc »nd Fort Smith, Ar he wouldn't inlerfcrc wllh a "kid- knll _ sns l enrly .''} ""? (or t!lc P w ' naping Job" they told him they wrre golm; lo "pull" In Kclscr, but which didn't malerlnli/x. Deputy Sheriff Hale Jackson of , ' trnrtln ft >inil^1Hn» »Vlft naca lUtC, In the near fu- Chapters of the organization hnv< been active in Little Rock. F;'.yett. for a number of years Capt. Shaddix Is stopping in the ue declared. Arkansas cities en route to the 12th its concurrent resolution which isted Governor Pnrncll lo call au- Uher oxtruordlnary session to ennct ^Ills lo reduce govcrhniFiitnl ex- Nine o ihe amendments bill, which, ivere offered accoriliin; to iirkins, jmuli; it unwieldy lj;cai(S2 Hi' s.iltl lln- oi-iglniil Intent wjs for flivinclal rrtrcnchmcul nr.ii •eliool relief, fiirklns said hu' woiiltl vrltc u new resolution. Tlic seniilo was In ndjournmciil o :i I 1 , M. - lluusj. I'.issfs Graham Rill . Tlie liou.w Is iiuaHiiig senate icdon mi the araham-Lcvluc high-- vny Improvement rils(rlc( bond rounding meusure, which It i>asse<! •c'ttiriny by a vote of (17 ta-14.->»., 'Hits v.iui ii.u llrst refunding neasurc passed by Iras house. Drawn by Prosecuting Attorney- Cm! E. Ilalley ol Pnlaskl county,' t dllfcrs from the McElhannoii illl pulsed by the immle and--ilia.- Drown bill, sill] ponding in the •, liv tlmt it piopostb that old road rlistricl bonds bo refumk-il only to the amount of the imilur- llc.s the stale . Is unable to meet each yetir. Beside: .insslng (he Grahniu-. - !•"• bill the liouse ycsk'iilay considered tho Kluwey bill io h> iuce Ihe license fees on atiloiiio- blles nnd certain classes of inick's. 11 wns placed back on second > leading for Amendment, Rear} of! Pulaskl yave notice he will offer" an amendment to prevent the pro- ' posed . reduction from applying to .iic-mul truckf, buseji and taxl- Kan(hnvm Scores Oovtmor flcprcscntntlvc Henry Knughmnri, -, iu n closing speech Ibdny on a ' motion to bring the McElhannori. : refunding bill up for second' rfjd-"'•' ,ng and amendment, launched iu-. to n . lengthy tirade . ajatnst • .the ; goxernor nnd .)ils'Ueulctifl,\t^j;;,i.l-. -,.; Th'e. Epeee! 1 ." which 1 \v!l!'-6i -con- '-• . tinned this afternoon .was Inter- . preted as an attempt to stall for tlmo while the house awaited action by the senate on the Oraham- Levinc bill. ' He said that Lt. Gov. Lnwrjnc)' Wilson Is "robbing (ho people >oj' Arkansas and Is not fit to. perform any duty of the state. "What 1 we mint do, Kaughman said, ."is to rid Arkansas of tha leeches. Those are the kind that, -are wrecking our credit and Jeopardls- • •ny our homes." A questioner asked what he pro- :osccl to do about it. "Wall anil 'see, we are • not .hrough yet,' 1 he replied. "Dcn't Vole for Harvey' 1 -. This answer was Interpreted, to On practically every department. .• Kaughman switched from his at- pose of organizing chapters of Ihe tacks on Ihe personnel to what disabled veterans. Thc date of the seemed lo be an election speech, to be held In Ihcse cities Whom il was for wns not revealed.. Dcn'l consider men like crnor Harvey Parncll when he comes nrormd (o your town mas- ng speeches nnd asks you to sup- vllle. Pine Bluff and Hot Springs port him for the U. S." senate. He not fit to represent our state," MEMPHIS. March 31. — Judge Jesse Edglngtcn, for nearly 40 years a member of the Memphis bar and once a state legislator and criminal court judge here, died at about midnight last night after an Illness of several months. He was elected to the criminal court bench here in 1910 after serv- > (UP)— natlonal convention of disabled vst- . erans lo be held in San Diego, Cal.. thc middle of June. Villa's Casino Site Houses Gaming Tables Again EL PASO, Tex. iOP)— The gamb- "ng hall made famous by Pancho Villa, notorlcu^ isudit chieftain, once Bgain an; iciouud a-lth the click of dice and ths shuffle of cards. Enrique Fenundcz Li moving the gambling garr.cs !rom the Tivoli tn Juarez, Mex.. to the building once occupied by Villa's casino. • In 1914, Psr.tho made his headquarters In Ju.ire?. Jt;arez citizens recalled Villa 35 .1 reckless gainb- l*r who would ;:t al a table with huge stacks of American dollars. Villa didn't p'.cv his own games, out often liked m make big bets with friends. Red Army,Strengthens Position b Far East wuii uuncn r.cre in ,»iu auer serv- • WASHINGTON, March 31. (UP) Ing several terms tn the Tennessee —Reports from reliable quarters '"gislaturc. , reaching Washington today said the Ills widow, two sisters, and two ] S° v iet army is continuing to .1 strengthen Its position on tbs S!| bcrlan-Mnnchurhn border and ' more than 4.000 tons ol wheat hove been shipped Into Vladivostok In Ibr Youth Must Live in Gas Station Year to Win Bet MASSILLON, O. (UP)—There are bets—and there arc bets—but whoever It is that offers prizes for unique ones should consider the case of Wllbert Shilling, 19, of this city. Shilling, by reason of a $25 bet between himself and friend, declares he will remain on the prem- j Ises of a gasoline station here for one year. He has until Jan. 26. 1933, I to win his wager, having begun I'.ls stay Jan. 26 of this year. He sleeps In the filling station where he works, and eats at an ad- Joining restaurant. In gl), his stamping ground measures 50 feet by 150. Dlta'l Nc*a Divorce VANCOUVER, Wash. (UP)~ When Walter and Pearl Prlddy sought a divorce. th«y discovered they never were legally married. They immediately obtained a license, married. the past 10 days. Report Blytheviile Man in Serious Condition Says I.radrr Needed Representative Kimbrough prev-. i.'Ely had said "the August primaries will tell what the people- hav c been thinking the past long hard years. We need a man who Is a leader, one who can bring. Ihe state of Arkansas out of this hole, one who can guide the citizens of our state along the righ' path. "It Is lime we stopped asliin" bonds." he said, and started paying something-. Neither the McElhannon or the Brovn bill is any good. We need some Independence and must display some 'individuality." Rep. Levine satd in a plea to 'puss a bill sa the senat- can discuss it" that It was "not the purpose of the house of representatives (o shift the buck tut eo tillives IU MJHl IflC DUCK CUC to MEMPHIS. March 31 (Upi—AI-1 ' lud>1 ttlinss °" 1 "relully and bert P. Jones, Blythcville Ark Is I Ill2n £c ' :d n '"'" !0 " I3 £tnaw In a very serious condilion "hsi' lVlllc!l wc tllink ln our 1)llnds wlU doctors reported lo the United Pr»ss ix! ncce ! :tab!c lo today. He Is In Baptist spinal treatment. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Fair and frost tonight: Friday fair ar-| to the official hospual ror Roosevelt Gets Maine's 12 Democratic Vote* PORTLAND, .\fe., .^arch 31. (UP) —Maine's 12 votes in the Democratic national convention will be :cast for Franklin D. Rcosevelt'un "' * m » Jwltjr ° f ^ d5lesatlo '» ls om Eovernor '.lie Although at least tw - tt»h ^ more, of the delegates favor some m..i,,."" ";~" y a year , candidate oUi« 'than Roosevelt i):e ;«*^r l r*v ei siss i SfR^nS'^'i™ of S: clouti> ' wtth - 03 '"'""isr™' 1 unrt " tho ! °- c " Mt

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