Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 25, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 25, 1897
Page 23
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Anwgernente have been perfected for a U»e of Semi-weekly Pullman Vesribuled Itoable Drawing Room, and Sleepin Can between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles •&L, running through without chan Tkese cars will leuve St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:0 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturday md Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Built Smoking Car and Dinning Car are at inched to this train at Kansas City, run Bing through to Pacific Coast -withou change. Only three days from Logan port to Los Angeles, via this line. Fo berth reservations etc.,call on or addrc: C.B.MewEll.Agt WABASBR.R, Logansporl, Ind. Do loo Love 11 •«. tceuTC one of the latest and pretties two-Steps of f e day, by mailing Ten Cent trttrer or Btampa) to cover mailing and post mft, to the undcreltrned for a copy u£ tho BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark eurelope "Two Step.) We are civing ihls music, vhlch is refjula •fly-cent «h«^t music, at This exceedingly loi Mte, lor tho purpose of advertising-, and test tie tko value of the different papers as adver tt«l*ff medium*. K. 0. McCormlok, Passenge Irtfllc Manager, "Big Four Route." Cinfiln mtti, O. Mention thlg paper whe» you write. ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agents ot the Pennsylvania Line will furnish Information regarding Home- toekeriT Excursions to various points In tbe Mortbwest, West. Southwest and South, ll •will p»y to Investigate if you contemplate a trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line HcJtet Agent, or address W. W. Richardson District Paesei gtr A^ent Indianapolie.Ind ennsylvania Lines. Tralac Bun by Contr»l ' AC rOLLOWM; T Dully, njonpt fijtuto TO UM»1 CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY Leave for ChicBifo*S:05 a m;»G:Ot> a m;*l :25 p m «2:OOpm:*4:SOp m. Arrive from Chicago*12:30 a m;*13:SO pm;*l:00 p m; *1:40 p m; *8:16 p m. BRADFORD AND QOLUMBUB. or Bradford '1:10 a m;t7:40am; -1:45 - t4:30pm. om Bradford »2:<5am; tlO:20 am; •1:20 pm: •Mils pm. irrsfirc DIVISION. LMT« for Kffner ^8:15 a m; t9:0« a m-18:06 p m 6pm Sunday only. Arrive from Bffner '7:85am; 112:59 p m; 18:45 p m; 8:80a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. IiMve for Richmond t!2:55 am: t5:SO a m: *3:»6 pm; 12:20 DR. Arrive from Richmond •3:89 a m: tJJ :00 a m »l:50pm:+10:50pm. IKDIAKAPOM8 AND LOUISVIK,*. Leav* for Louisville 13;45 a ra: •!: 10 p m. Arrive from Louisville *2:*0 a m: *l:56.p m. j. A. MCCULLOUGH, Agent, t, led. « 1* 74 LOGANIPORT NO. BA8T >OUHD, K»M«rn Express dally 8:33 » in Mail and Express daily »:«« • D' Atlantic Express dally 4:18 o m Fort Wayne A ceo Ex Sunday.... 6 :ffi p m Local frelifht Ex Sunday 4.-1S p m •WIST BOUND. •4 Western Express dally _ 10:2-1 p m 1 Fast Mall Dully S:1S p m 7 Mall and Express dully 2HO p m 5 Pacific Express daily 11:33 a in 11 Decalur Acco Si-Sundav 7;3Ti a m 7^ Local Freight Ex-Sunday 7:S5 a m UL WTOM DrVISJOX, VB8TIIDB, UIITWK1S W»ST »OU»D. •o.».... arrive* - S:» a. n Mo. BT~ .....Arrlvw.- 3:30 p. K • A.8T BOUND Ho. **.... ...—Leave* ,8:95 a, a MO.M —Leaves S:46 p. n VANDALIA LINE, Time Table, In effect Dec 5. 1S97. Leave lx>anui!Hport, FOR THE NORTH No. 8 ..... _ .................................... — 10:SS a. m. No.* .............................. - ................ S::KI p, m, FOR THE SOOTH. Bo. 21 .............................. ............... -7:OS ». m . So. S ............................................ -:IS p. m. For complete Time Card, pivin£ ail trains and ftatlODB. and Tor full Information as in rfctea, throuftti oars, etc., addroas 1, 0. KDOinrORTH. agont, Loiransport, or V «,. FORD, General Paisenjrer Afrent, *t. Lou's. Mo. & W Time lable, Peru. Ind. Solid tmina betweec. Poorii uid Sanduskr Mil Indianapolis and Mlch%an. Direct oon- Beotlonj t» and from all poinrj) in the CTnited •Utea and. Canada, AKRTVa 8OCTH BOrryu DJLPAHT IHo SS Indianapolis Rrp daily 7:10 a m (Wo 3S " MallAKip_Il:38«m (A*)'.T except Sunday) Mo SB Indpl's Kxp ex dun-... 3:26 p m •:!••• Ho M FasMtuter exeept Sun Ho 151 Rochester local arrive :46 p~m •xeept Sunday, WORTH BOTJIID. , l:SOpm *l P m Ko M Detroit Kxp Xz Buk Mo ISO ACOOM eioept Sun... 1:45 a m DOM no* run nortk of Peru oa Sandaj. tlo)M MtM *Ad t «o«ral Infonnatkin call , Moket *««at. L. *. t! W. THR First National Bank L«CanMport, Ind Hum- CAPITAL J250.000 A.. J. MURDOCK, PKBSIDJEST, W. W, ROSS, CASHTEB, J. F. BROOOIEYER, Assr. CASBIBB. DIBECTOB8: A. J. Murdock. W. H. Uriagtiursl, Dennlt Ch:, B. S. Elce, B. F, Yuntia, i M. Harwood, w, T. wagon. Banking in all Its Departments promptlj and cureiully done. Safety to Cuetomers and stockholder for. . Stronjr Reserve Fund Maintained. EXCURSION Rates Via Pennsylvania Lines for Christmas and New Year. Following the annual custom. Ticket AgentB of the Pennsylvania Lines will sell excursion tickets Dec, 24th, 2oth and Slat, 1897, and Jan, 1st, IS'JS, for toe Cnrisdnas arid New Year Holidays. Tickets will not be sold to adu ts for less than 25 cents, nor to children for less than 15 cents. Kcturn limit of excusion will include Jan. 4th, 1898. For rates time or trains and further information, plraseapaly touear cat ticket Agent ot the Pcnntylvnnia Lines. For the Christmas and New Year Holidays, the Wabash K. R. Co. will sell tickets for the round trip at greatly reduced rates. Tickets will be good going on date of sale only, good returning up to, and including January 4th, 1898. Tickets can be purchased December 24th, 25th, and 31st. 1897, and January 1st, 1898. For further particulars, call on or address. C. O. NEWELL, Agt. Wabash R. R. Co. Holiday Excorsions Yanflalia Line WOR the Holidays the Vandalia Line will sell Excursion Tickets at;redui.od rates Iroro all stations, to local points on Us own line, and also to points on connecting "lines. For full particulars call on nearest Vandalia Line Tiqkot Aj;ent, or address E. A. FORD, Gerrl Fassenger Agt, St. Louis, Mo. Home Seeta ExcDrsion... FOR November and December '97 - -THR -- lave authorized reduced rates to many points in the West, South and Southwest. Tickets will be sold November, ind and 16th, December 7th and 21st. For particulars, call on or address S IMPOSING BITUA1 Logansport, Ind. A bottle of Dr Wood' 1 * Norway 'ine Svrup in the house saves doc- or'9 bliJs, saves trouble, and very ften saves precious lives. Gives almost instant relief in cases of coughs, olds or luog troubles uf any sort. MANHOOD »Tbc -world admires tho perfect Man! Not euratrc dipnlty, ormu?cular development «?oae, ut that subtle and wonderf ul -force tnowa as ^EXUAL VITALITY htchlslhe glory of mnnhooil^the pride ot oth old and younp.^ut then; are thousands of men uflorlns tho mental tortures ot a weakened lanhood, ffiattcrcd nerves, and xailiuf -•sunl power who can b« cured by our Magical Treatment iphkhmay betftfepnathnmenndcr our direction! r-ve will pay R. K. fare and hotel bins for those rho wish to ci-me hero. If we /all to cure. We have o free tirescripctons, free cure or C.O J?. fake. "Wo avc J-250,000 cspltal and puaraMfe to cure every .asc ire troav. or refund cvory dollar you py n?. ot cc mav be deposited la any bsnk to be paid Ci When a'cure is MTectcd. Write lor full part-lci:!KS, STATE MKDICAL CO., OjnAha. »b. LOOP POISON r .tlory JBLuOO FO1SOS pernvinenCy cured in 15 to55 days. You can be treated at homo for same price nnder size jrttaran- !ty. If yon prefer tocomehero we »illcoj> - tracttopsyrailroadfareondhotelbillsjuid Docn&ree, if we fail to cure. If you have tsken mer- nry, iodide potash, and still have aches and aln», Mucoos VH tches in mouth. Sow Throat, 'implt'S, Copper Colored Spot.*. Ulcers on any part of the Tbody, Hair or Eyebrows falling Out, it ia tills Secondary BLOOD POISON )trn»r»nt«etocnrc. We«olicltUienio«tob«tJ- tc cases and crialieni;* tne world far 9 aue -we cannot cture. This dteeue h=s w» n baffled, the skill of the most eminent physi- elans. VSOO.OOO capitaj behind oar nccondi- CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION AMONG THE FRENCH CANADIANS. Where the D»y Is More of a Holy Day Than a Holiday and Wliere Gift* to th tittle Folk Are Jlot Credited to Santa Clann. Jean Eaptiste Leblanc of lower Canada has this advantage over bis cousins in the rest of the Dominion, that his Christmas celebrations are not confined to one day, but are divided between that great holiday and Kew Year's. Then again he has the further advan tage of an early start, for while the English folk are .still sleeping snugly in their warm beds he is out attending mass at church or cathedral. Indeed it may be said with truth that Christmas timong the French Canadians is more of a holy day than a holiday, as it consti tutes one of the four great church festi vals of the year. The celebration of the day begins at taidnight on Christmas eve, when, sum- raoned by the chimes of the bells, all good Catholies who can manage it crowd to the sacred edifices, which are appropriately adorned for the occasion, sad there take part in an elaborate service lasting nearly two hours. The splendor of this service, of course, varies according to the equipment and facilities of the establishment, being comparatively simple in the remote country churches, while in the large edifices it 'becomes a superb religious function. The midnight mass in Notre Dame church or St. James' cathedral, Mont- Teal, celebrated as it is before cong gations of many thousand people, is perhaps the most imposing and awe inspiring religious ritual to be witnessed upon this continent. The musical features of these services always receive careful attention, with the result that the whole proceeding is made so interesting as to attract large numbers of Protestants who are willing to forego the comforts of sleep in order that they NOTRE DAMK CATHEDRAL, MONTREAL. may be spectators of the proceedings. To what extent this is the case ma}- bo judged from the fact that for the midnight mass iu the Jesuits' church of Montreal, where the music is always of an exceptionally high order. Those not having the right to a seat in the hurch may obtain oue by payment of a fee, and these seats may be reserved in advance, just us they may be for the theater or the opera. Nor is this the ouly important religious function of the day. In many places there is also an evening service, where again tho proceedings are very elaborate and ornate and the music very beautiful. Since the advent of electricity and its wonderful adaptation to purposes of ornament there has been added to this vesper service in Notre Dame hurch a novel and striking feature in the sudden illumination of the great altar. Just when darkness has enshrouded the vast edifice by means of innumerable electric bulbs cunningly concealed in the intricate and florid cars-ings the whole altar front is instantaneously il- .uminated, producing an effect which cannot be adequately described in words. In the rural districts the midnight service, if not so sumptuous in its appointments, is indubitably more picturesque, for there, as the hour approaches, one sees the great stone church that dominates the parish lit like a vast lantern, and stretching from it on either hand the homes of the habitants, each ene doing its artle besc in loyal imitation. Hardly have the big bells in the tower begun to ring oft their clear call upon the crisp, cold air than the. little bells on the horses' necks send back tinkling responses as one after another the carioles appear upon the road and speed swiftly toward the church. The houses axe awake aud ablaze all night, for when the lone service at last comes to an end the congregation does not go quietly home, but breaks tip into little groups, usually consisting of family circles, that with chattering and laughter hasten indoor to enjoy the bountiful supper which is the reward of their piety and at which by immemorial custom doughnuts and potted head form the pieces de resistance. These family gatherings are perhaps the cheeriest of all the yeiir. The strangeness of the hour, the sense of satisfaction at having done their dun- as good Catholics, the inspiration, no doubt, gathered from the service they have just attended and the fact that the day already broken into is to be given up to pleasuring to the full extent of their ability, all these influences not only combine to put everybody into the best of humor, but to produce an exultation of spirits that drives all care and worry into reffipci'ary oblivion. For those who are very picssiy disposed this midnight mass by no means completes the religious programme of the day, for if they so choose they may again attend high mass at 1C o'clock, Tespers at 2 o'clock and benediction at 7 o'clock, thus practically spending the C»^T in the church. mair. \ til i'ais, and rhe majority of the men go in for a good time, according to their taste, whether it be to gather at the tavern and play cards and checkers, or to regale cue another wirh well worn stories garnished with tobacco and eau de vie, or to engage in horse racing, shooting matches and similar sports. As I have already stated, Jean Baptiste divides his Christmas. By this I mean that two important features of the festival as celebrated by English people on the 2oth day of December are reserved by the French for the 1st day of January—namely, the giving of pres ents and indulgence in especially good fare. With regard to the giving of pres ents, in which the French take jnst as much delight as the English, it is interesting to note that these etrennes, as they are called, are by the little folk credited not to Santa Clans, but to le petit Jesn and are perhaps all the more enjoyed oa that account. A ^ to the culinary characteristics of the day, my readers may perhaps be interested in a list of dishes, some or all of which may be found npon every French Canadian dinner table on this occasion. They are: Pain dore (toast with egg), pate aux patates (potato pie), poulec sauce blanche(chicken with white sauce), tourtieres (meat pie), graisse de roti (fresh pork grease), co- chon an lait (sucking pig), paleron (roast of fresh pork—shoulder) and tarte snelles (pie made of hawsX SPUR GEAR. A New Way of Making the Chainle«« Bicycle. Patents have recently been granted covering a spur gear for a cbainless bicycle. The essential features, besides the gear, are a driving rod and crank. The crack is attached to the hanger and has a two inch throw. The driving rod is connected with the crank and with the large spur gear. A roller bearing pin runs in a cam on the spur gear, which equalizes the throw of the pedals and at 6be swrae time permits the driving rod to be lengthened. It is thus claimed that SPL'K GEAR CHAINLESS. there is no dead center and thnt friction is reduced to » luinimum. A slide is made on one side of the fnuue in order to .'idmir. of ;v ball bearing pin, which is journulcd in fulcrum. i;iviiiK a leverage power of several inches The advantages claimed for this sear ,-irc many. Among them are these* A spur jrear has less friction, no tendency of the {rows to crowd away from one another, less we.'iririfr surface, is easier of adjustment. noteole«sncss of running as compared t" '-hi' bfvcl g-car, and that it has but three tooth meshing, whereas on the buvel ({t-'»r then; are six. On the bevel ceil r four gearwheels are required, while on the spur gear then? are but two. Eighteen Inch Billiards. Schaefei' believes that tho IS inch game, as arranged !'cr the championship, is one of the most difficult, which could have been devised. He- likens it to cushion caroms, as it is almost impossible to acquire a po- sirion whci-e nursing for any luugth of time can follow. Xo*^ St?at Post I>cvicc. A now sea! post fastener fur hioyolcs does away with rlie bull and nut. ;i nmcb mew dainty jinjhh being given thu upper rear stays, which merge into one just before they meet the end of the perch tube. The only outward evidence of the existence of tho adjustment is a lever about an inch in .ength that runs down the side of the tube Tom a small aperture. A slight inward n'essure of tho lever frees the pust, tiling one to move it up or down with one hand. Dr. Nenman a Collc.ciao. Dr. Paul Neuui:'.n. the famous swim- jor of the Chicago Athletic club and the \niorican vhumpiou. has entered the Uni- oi'sity of Pennsylvania, where he will like a, course in dentistry, which he purposes to practice in Vienna, \vroro lie re- ivod tlie ile^-ree of M. U. A Hard Struggle. Women are allo-wed to practice law in Xew Zealand. But in a recent letter to a London paper mention is made of the snicide of a female lawyer who bad waited three years in vain for clients. Reference is also made to 32 -womt-n who passed examinations as teachers, bnt were, unaule to get places, as men are preferred for the high schools. CARTERS ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these little Pills. ^icy also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. Aper. feet remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowrf. ness. Bad Taste in tie Mouth, Coated Tongna Pain in the Side, TORHDUVER. They Regulate the Bawd*. PureJy Vegebhle, SmeU Pin. Small •man P?lo*. NDERFUL MEDICINE FREE! PROMPTLY SENT TO EVERY MAN WHO MUM A GENERAL BRACINO UP. It Bring* Perfect Manhood to All. Tho Greatest Discovery of the famous* PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, of Chicago, III. GRATUITOUSLY, GLADLY SENT to all men who n»»d it and who will write for It. A large percentage of tbe men of today ore sadly in need of tile right kind of medical treatment for veukuess peculiar to men. Many cases are due to early vices, others to excesses, while many of the caaea are due to overwork, worry and general nervous debility. It matters not, however, what the cause may have been, the fact still remains that they all require proper medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Write us at once, giving a description of your case, and we will prepare you a course of trxv.ument specially adapted to your condition, and ttni it to you ABSOLUTELY FREE, in plain seated pactope. We can give full strength, development and tone to every portion and crpnn of the body, stop all drains and losses, aad^ restore you to PERFECT MANHOOD. Failure is impossiuie with our actHoa. "" ------- *- -* menials from all over the world. READ WHAT THESE PATIENTS SAY : JftyririiW /.UK*!!*, Chimp I BLANCHAKB, WiEH., March S, 1835 PUAK SIBS,— I hare nearly finished niy course ot truutment, and £nij myself a'litfMrent nmn. I cannot find words enough to praisu unit •.'.xpnsiw the deep yratitui-ie I foej towards you. Your treatment i.i uiaipjy wonderful. 1 om perfectly cured, uud thank you a hundred times and will help you ull 1 possibly ciiu. ;j:iy God hies* you and your work. Yonr^ traly, C. £. P- have thousands of testl- FtHjfieiaxS latfitutc: HiVAXi, N. lj., Jan, 3, 1895. Gi:xrliEMfi>V- 1 wish to express my beartf«lc thanks for the result of my treatment. .DurinK the last two weeks that I took your treatment Uiw improve- me'it tfas remarkable. I )iar« bad no emission* or other symptoutt ^in«j taking your medicine. My friends are sll narprised at the improvement in aiy ff appearance. Hoping that you may i?vur prosper, i remain, 1'otirn u Hundreds of similar letters are now on flle in our business cfflco, and all arc bona fld« expressions of permanently cured rc?a. Do not delay writing to us, and remember that w« »ro not on)y •; responsible institution in jvery way, but ours is the largest medical Institute in America, that makes a specialty of SEXUAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose G cents for pottltff* on medicine, which is always plainl, icalod. PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, 1751 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL. A New Game Made Up of Croquet and Golf. HOW TO THROW THE BOOMERANG, Obedient When ."Manipulated by Experti, but Dangerous In the Hands of Novices. Center Ball Finds Favor Amoue People Who Avoid Violent Exertion. Notice of Election. The annual meeting of the share holders of The City National Bank of Logansport, Indiana, for the election of nine directors for the ensuing year, will be held at their office on Tuesday, January llth., 1898, from ten o'clock a. m. to four o'clock p. m. F. R. Fowler, Ca8 hier. Society on both side? of the Atlantic is giving considerable attention to croquet goli', u new outdoor game which is intended, as the name implies, to be a happy medium between the extreme features of tho two athletic sports from which the double name is made up. An ordinary tennis court is required to play the game according to the rules. The hoop of tbe croquet ground anil the white line of the tennis court are utilized in combination. The hoops are of odd shape, three being placed on each side of the court, while three flag posts are placed in the center - u js honored cr , e year from d&te or sale, for equidistant. A successful play consists of 1 Exchange 'i icktts over either of the ioilowtog knocking the ball with a light mallet past • iv hoop and thence on past each hoop across the inner white line and striking ea,ch flag post, all these plays being made with as few strokes as possible. If onl.y SO strokes are used, the player is considered stilled. The uumber of players is regulated about as it is in croquet and may be played The CentraKPassenger Association 1000 Mile Interchangeable Rebate Ticket Is for sale et principal Ticket Office* o The Pennsylvania Lines. individually or with partners. The ball that is used is about midway in size between the golf and croquet ball. Special costume for the olnyers is unnecessary, and this gives the young women opportunity to exhibit their gowns. Throwing the boomerang has created something of a sensation in New Zork as gkillfully done by the noted Rawson before tbe Knickerbocker Athletic club. la appearance the boomerang is merely a bent club of j^ieavy native wood in the shape of the letter L, curved at tbe intersecting lines. Its flight is eccentric, describing several circles, and when thrown by a j skilled handler will return to the starting Ann Arbor Baltimore & Ohio, Baltimore Si Ohio Southwestern, Chicago & Eastern llllDOii, Chicago &'. West Michigan, Cincinnati & Mugkingnm Valley, Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, Cleveland i Marietta, Cleveland, Canton & Southern, Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chicago * St Cleveland, Lorain & Wheellni?, Cleveland Ternjinal & Valley, Columbus. Hocjcicg Valley * Toledo, Columbus, Saodusky & Hocldnc, Dotroit;& Cleveland Steam Navigation. Detroit. Grand Bapidg & Weitfirn, Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & fittibur*. EvansvLUe & Indianapolii. BvanSTiHe & Tone Haute. F'indlay. Fort Wiyne * Western. Flint * Pcre Marquette, Grand BapHg A Indiana, Indiana, Decatur 4: Western, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, point. In unskilled bands the "instrument j Louisville & N&ihville, Between LoulivUto * 1 Cincinnati and between St. L and Bvarusvltt* is dangerous alike to the thrower and to everybody else within reach. To acquire LovdevlLe, BvarjgvlUe & 8t Louif Louisville, Henderson & 8t Louii, the art a supply of boomerangs and a large Michigan Central, field nxe required, for the method of ban-> jr ew YQ^ Chicago & 8t Louis. dling *he thing is ,is complicated as the most elaborate system of ball tossing, and the curves are far more bewildering. Its erratic flight is due to the constantly shifting center of gravity and the impetus given it at tbe start. They have to be adjusted with a nicety hardly to be expected in aboriginal weaixms, for a miscalculation will v,-ork considerable harm. Mr. Rawscn hindlos four boomerangs at once, throwing them 1:1 a ivide circle about his Tvife and ends XID by sending one out over the audience toward the top gallery. . He has never had an accident. Ohio CentrsJ Lines. Pennsylvania. Lines West of Pittsburf, Peorta, Decatur t Kvansvtll*. Pfttsbtirg-& Lake Erie. Fltteburif & Western, Pittaburg. Lisbon & Western, Toledo, St Louis & Kansas Cltj Vandalia Line, Wabash BailroiwJ, i Ohio river. In the new game of center ball t.be oen- te>- or object- ball is carved to show six faces, numbered from J to 6. The only other requirements for the game are a number of hand balls, all of wood and different colors, half of the set being in dark colors, haL? in light of corresponding shade. The players are divided into two equal camps, dark color on one side and light on the other. A court is marked ont or indicated in any manner most convenient. and. the center ball is nlaced in the essct center. 20 feet from the stake lines if possible. The lights and darks piay alternately Two persons, or any number, may play, each provided with a number of balls- The object of the game is to place the hand ball as near as oossible to the center ball, and to dislodge, if possible, an opponent's ball, if nearer the center ball than any of the player's side. The center ball is not moved except by a rolled or thrown ball in process of play until the end of each game, when it is placed in it? proper position for the next game. Th* number of balls of either side nearest the center ball, after each side has exhausted its balls, is multiplied by the number shown uppermost on the center baU. The rules allow the band balls to be towed, thrown or rolled, at the choice of *ihe player. fivery nuisance can be abated. Every iril dp. be corrected. _ The price of thf »e ticket* are Tuirty Dollar* each. They are not transferable Jf the ticket it used in its enOretj and erclugivelr by U»« original purcbas'T. a rebate of Ten Dollar* 1» paid by tbe Commissioner of tbe Central Put- senger Association, EJ. A, Ford, Gen. Pass. Agt. Fittsburg, Pa Sept 30. UWJ All tbe way From tbe Missouri River to Buffalo, the Wabari Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. Having- leased the tracsrt ot tb» Otmo- Trunk Bailway between Detroit and Biup«<>- don Bridge and tho«e of tbe Kile R. B, fron Suspension Bridge to Buffalo, the Wabacti B • wlQ ran its own train* from Kantu Ctty Omaha, DCS Homes, Si. Louis, Qulicr, H*uf bal, Keotak and Chicago to Buffalo, Mo* «fc» only road fraic MJstouri and KMMlpplBi*** points bavins; it* own line and train* nunta* ntoBu«»!o, Through oars from KaMMCStr. gt, Louis and ChfeafO to Boflalo wtthov* chazm "Mr husband had two taken from hit face, and another ww coming oa bU Up. He took two boV- tlea of Burdock Blood Bitten and It disappeared. Hu It oomplaUlr wtU." —Mn. Wm. Kitty, Akro», Srto Ofc ir. T,

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