The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1932
Page 6
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PAQESIX IKES' CtH Reveal Wealthy St. Louis Bachelor's Penchant foi Feminine Companionship By NEA Sen If* ST. LOUIS.—Tn-o women win elatm they remained unmarried a the request of Nathan Frank, former congressman from this dis trlct, and two oilier women who allege large sums of money are due them, have filed suits against the $4.000,000 cslale of the prominent St. Louis bachelor and philanthropist wlio died here a year ago at the age ol 70. , Depositions that Frank h.itl a pronounced penchant for pretty blond "nieces" and n fondness foi so-called "soul kisses" have been mate in connection with tlic Mills. Early trial dates arc notv ujlng sought. Mrs. Gladys Catania ol the Bronx, New York City, claims the entire $4.000,000 esltito. Frank adopted her, Mrs. Catania says, asserting she was to be so!c beneficiary. Mrs. Ann Hamilton, former manicurist, mother of three children Is suing for $500,000. * • 4 ReouiMd Unwed .Prank promised her this amount, Mrs. Hamilton alleges, if she would remain, unmarried during hk lifetime and thus allow him the complete companionship of herself oml children. No mention of her was made in Hie will, however. Miss Estelle Senscnbrcnncr, who says she was Frank's confidential secretary,, is suing to bo recognized as trustee of (he estate. Miss Scn- senbrenner alleges Prank promised <o make her his executrix if she remained unmarried during his lifetime. He desired her companionship, she says. Mrs. Esther Hansel, prominent in local society, said to have been Introduced by Frank as one of his -nieces," is suing for $44,000 which she contends includes money sheave to him for Investment and IMOO commission due her on a real estate deal. Mrs. Hansel's suit brought the key witness of the tangle Inlof prominence, she is Mrs. Bornar- dlnc P. Marquis, who says she ol one time was Frank's housekeeper. - .Mrs. Marquis made depositions that evoked some sensation when • the suits first became public. Tclk of Tour __She deposed that at one (Imo she of eastern cities with llh Mrs. Hansel. Frank ... I them b:lh as his Mrs. Marquis said. She have adjoining rooms: Mrs. Marquis also deposed that «ank was "fond of blonds" nnd that .he loved a "soul- kiss," which she described as one of those extremely - - • • Want Promises Fulfilled" COURIERJjEWfi Surprising testimony irmt Mrs. Esther Ann Hansel, shown in upper right, a St. Louis society ilgnre, traveled through 'the cist SB as n niece of the late Nathan Prank, former congreK;mhi)"ami i,u. lo mire bachelor was given by Mrs. Bernardino P. Man uls tow"r left, a former housekeeper for Frank, when Mrs Hnmei ,l"d inks estate for $«,000. Two other women claim re'™ m on In aleced Pr o, n i 5es lo u-main umved during r™,k'., i/ctlme „ d a fourth seeks the entire J4.000.000 estate on a claim of adoption I'-rnnfr JJIOWH nt left ntove, cltat a year ago n "°» uon ' Franks lawyers and'others defending the suits declare' that his -interest in women was sobly philanthropic in nature, based on a dc*™ to as5l!t them - "is benefac- rSSJL xt ?K de<i 4ko to " ien •"«» ^rl"*' they V° M out When Frank died, he willed •mounts to Various charities here including J50.000 for a memorial chapel at UK Jewish temple. H s eri ti re reute was to tually to relatives with bequests to certain other Individuals. Former employees, mostly women, were remembered with small bequests. Germany boasts a bock that is twelve and a half feet long, four feet wide and which welglis two and one-half tons. Huge electric light bulbs have °«n put on a Los Angeles speed*iy to enable auto racing at night. Canada last year rankefi second t^rt f L- he countri « Producing gold, being bested only by the Union of South Africa. One of the most interesting trips to be taken by a traveler In Vienna is a two-hour aerial tramway trip which carries possensers over the Alps. Thornna RY r>AN THOMAS Wotk Vs. IMay HOLLYW60D. - Wnrk versus plnj'L In probably no other plucu Is there us nne a line 'drawn between two occupations ns one finds In Hollywood. . , . Henca this column. Natalie Kalrnus hc.d to work, color expert for Technicolor the :orporatlrm headed i by her husband. A Tertinl-c'olor film in which the fun flames promlncnl- Is ' to be slnrtrrl shortlv. M« HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY -BY DAN THOMAS| chicken. Just throw the bones .overboard and nobody can check upon how nmcli you cat. Lunch was served buffet style on deck ! Just for that 1 reason. And there, ,-wns plenty of'chicken — nt the '.start. Wonder why it Is people to climb around tike rnon- wlicn they get aboard a yacht? '" : - - - aiorloiis'icolors decorated the sky as the sun began to sink and we turned hack toward 'the harbor and home, Everyone was happy —those who went for work tind But It wouldn't bo any fun to 20 out on n fine vachl '<i]| nlonc? and study colors. So Natalie, start•M railing'her frb.nrk m) t] lc t»le- "honc. . . . -And did thcv rsl'v around? . . . With n nice crutsc In sirht. ' ' • You suess. Nat?lic was working. So were wero 'wo or three of tlic rest of "s since mv. must alwavs keep an eve on™ for news when film folk ore nroiiiid. But It was tun ton Thnt's wliv Hit- line retweon work nnd play Is so fine. Even a Princess! Princess Ovkn of Rumania was in board. And Mevvyn LcRov nnrt Olnser Tinners. Ko were Rarhnrn Kent. Vlvkmnc Osbornn. T,tln Lee Frank Borsajii'. .TMnctte Median.' nniie Dove. Mnrilyn Miller, tlori Alvaratlo nnd 3\fnri>aret Ettincer. It wns a perfect day for varlit- Intr as we set sat! down "baltlc- "hln rm>" nnd out to the open sen. And did those- gobs cast disdainful looks ns we ctuLvd past the mlRhty battleships. One could fust h?ar ther°_\ savin?. "WcnIUiv cnod-for-nothins: Idlers." -If they only knew the truth. nrtaw Draws .-» Smile Llla I,ce and VlvlMine Osbnrne were particularlv on the job when it came to greeting the nnw boys And Barbara Kent did draw a smile from a passing commander. LeRov and the red-headed r.iu- tfcr were Info everything. But thcv never got far apart. Neither did Marllvn Miner nnd Don Alvarado Nobody on the boat seemed to sr>- noal to Don quite as much as the blnnd Marilyn, As for me— well this free lancln? is a frreat racket' JKinctle Mcehnn started pcp- pine things up by doing a hula. And was followed by the Princess Did \ou ever sre n real princess do a hula? That's something! Bor- sage tried his hand at it, too. But wasn't .so good. BilHc Dovo was all for goin» swimming. Thai's the effect vacationing In Palm Beach has on one. But nobody remembered to bring swimming suits along, Even that didn't deter Blllla from her dciiie. However, she managed to keep things under control and stayed out of the walar — even thoush I offered to fall In so as A K»ce for Chkkfn Wh«t a (rrand ulnce to eat fried in buyinq... you save in usinq W» BAKING IVV POWDER ounces for H1 0« POUMDI UflO BV SAVE on Every Trip! EXCURSION ROUND TRIPS' •Selling date expires March 31 Heturn good until May 31 MEMPHIS' --... j 3ao •Four buses every day CHATTANOOGA - - - 1380 PADUCAH --... 7 <£ ST. LOUIS' i;- . . . 9 ' co •Three buses every day EVANSVILLB - - .". 1155 BIRMINGHAM - . . 12™ ATLANTA - - ... isjo DETROIT --... 21 GO NEW YORK - ... 4050 UNION BUS DEPOT 2nd & Ash sts. phone 27g 01X11 GREYHOUND m mmm SETFfiST /Continued from race <m«> tlcally the entire session of comt yesterday. After about two hours dcllbem- lion yesterday afternoon the . liny repoiled at 0 o'clock UuL it uus deadlocked. N. P. Knight/foremnn, fiakl the. jury »as divided..•sevoji to five. The; Jury was dismiss-^ by Judge Killough until tills monjitiT when It -again resumed deliber.i- tlnns ami wltliln a few minutes brought In [he wrdict of ncquitial. Ix>wcr court convictions of four men charged with gaming WHO jphcld by a .trial Jury yesterdsv afternoon. The Jury found A. M. CiJover. Codlce Glover, Ernest'Ral- cllffc and Homer Burn.? guilty 'ami assessed a nne . of S10 tiach. i\ rccominendatlon thai thhVfhj^ of Co<ltce Grovcr. the youn'jjtiil f 'at the group, Ix; held' up, was Wui- pllr-d with by the court, Two Pfead flullty Four defendants were arraigned before the court yesterday afternoon and two ent,er.ed pleas »t guilty although ' this., court : Indicated Invcsllgallpii would be nec- cs-sary beforeiorie' woi 'dcceptsd. Alma Dillon, Iqrimr housekeeper Tor Zuch, (jiilercd a plea of Kiilltv lo a charge of robbery. She admitted taking $22, belonging to Galues. Sentence was.'iiot pass- Kofcerl 'Horton admitted the helt of a watch frorn a punch- ward In a local pool hall. He said ic was guilty of stealing the walcli hut did not believe he was guilty of grand larceny as charged "In he Indictment. He questioned valuation of the watch at more than 10, expressing the opinion' he was ullty of petit lavccny iastcad of he felony offense with which he wns charged. Judge Killough said ho would ake the case under ndvlsement, nusscll Brower also charged vith grand larceny In a compan- on case to the Horton case'plead- xl not guilty. Horton told Jud?e •Clllougli that he slone took tbc Marcus Fietz, court steri- . r and a recently admitM icmbcr of the,bar, wns nppplnted o defend Bower. said (Us morning he was he wntch.was not worth as much as $10 and that the, charge should onsequently be reduced to a mis- emeanor. It was considered likely hat a hearing as to the value of lie watcli might, rrsult in n re- uctlon of the charge against -Huron and acceptance of his gull:y lea. A novel issue was r»Is*d In ilia case Informally and m»y be inlro- duccd If eitlier Bower or Honon aptually goes to trial. It was (Minted out that some question might exist as to the legality, of -any charge based on theft- of the The Smiths Step Out Atonlmltan promcnaders, thronging Fifth Avenue for the Easter Parade, had no trouble recognizing this familiar couple His famous brown derby traded for a silk topper, former Governor Alfred E SmJIH Is .shown here' with Mrs. Smith ns they joined the Easter worshippers. watch from a "punch-1 substantiate his contentions and .- .-s based on the' presented a certificate from Dr ion that properly rights Fox of Manila .setting forth Cody's' the article's association . gambling device. Doyle Widner, indicted for high- Pinkerman,.. Gosnell entered a p)s* of not giiilty. Jimmy Jones Sick . Trial of.Jimmy Jones, accused of selling. and procuring liquor, was set down yesterday afternoon, for today. but it was exceedingly doubtful if Jones would actually go to trial this week. His attorney, Claude F. Cooper, said that Jones was sick in bed and that he was prepared, to. produce a doctor's certificate of his inability to .attend .qourt today. Judge Killough said, a .showing would have to be made of Jones' illness. Sickness was also advanced as grounds 'for postponement of • trials of Mrs. Ellen Wright oi this city and Tom Cody of Manila, on liquor charges. Attorney Cooper, defense counsel. 1 .! " prepared.. to -: i Other liquor cases set for trial today, which will hardly ta reacli- ;ed are those of Mr.; and Mrs' , Clyde Head and Nora Rlnnert all charged with selling and procuring liquor. . ; __^l_ ^_ .v;Completion of a coal-tar oil pro- 'Uirt that la said to be 'a satisfactory substitute for gasoline in internal combustion engines lias been announced in Ireland. It took 14 men to land a liuae ocean -sunflsh recently caught off the coast of New.Jersey. It webh- ed more than 1800.pounds. Seventy-five miles an hour will be the average, normal car speed m the next five or ten years, automobile engineers predict .—,jt'20 per* cent of Chosen's 54,532,100 acres is under ciiltiva- fion Japanese owning nearly one- Jf- of the tilled -land. ER than ever to follow —in enacea* — n reromuace— ui CHRYSLER h« don* thinp'to moderc' motor- the same way ,bout the performuce of ' fnr chr,< •!.« • tor Chrjsler w ,h Floaung Power eogine lt±-f!~ a 7 , nlM) ' 0th£rVitallyimp0r - tantcngineenngdevelopments-hasinaugutaied a ^-eepmg change in the p irit. pace and "f«l" secnn g- Changes your opinions about ease and silence; of shifting gears. Changes your ideas «bi%-abouf a Jot of things. It's all a of kri s g> yen performance a ne w glamour -a new serjiation. A ride in a Chrysler is unlike a ride in any other motor car. It isn't only the stirring Experience of Chrysler pkk-bp and speed -it's the way it/«fc l t - s ,h e smoothnesi.of it, the silence of iit-a sensation beyond word*. /*!_.» _*•„!_''*_ ."^ "^•l. i . , "• • • • and you U BI -* matter to „„, ..w, ruu!l! . into a new Chrysler today and PLATE GLASS umiltrd in Et'ltU. OktamaUt n Six *nd Eifbl SrJani, $17.50; ** Imftrul Stdjmt, fio; *IIi-f4ii. Ctufrt, fata, rrv A" »»MU«« . SILrKT 6I»ft SKUCTOk . ' fl I * D C K-T • US S THAME Blytheville Motor Co. East Main St. Blythevillt, Ark. •\VEDNESDA\VMAHCH 30, 19i!2 The Editor's Letter Box Warnirut tu Evil noei-, ' ro tire editor:) while crlmlm jurl Is in rfssion nt your city 'i will ue worth whlh> to Insert tin followhiB passages of scrlptnro H your dally yapcr. H i,,| 1; l H enlighten some of your citto-ns who are inteixstcd in laws of justice Exoilus, Chap. XXI. 12. He that Emlieth a man, so death! 1C '' •'''"" |JCSU1C1 J' I' 1 ' 1 '" 13. And If a man lie not in wall but Gcxl deliver him into his hand tuen i win appoint tl-.-.» n ulace whither he shall nee. H. But If a man come prssui lunusly upon his nclgliUor lo • him with guile: ll, 01 , shnU iilKK him from mine nJiar. thai lie may I. H. 1 _ Oscoola,. Aik. Why Biack-Draught Is So Effective Tire plant which gives niack- Draueht 1(3 active princliMo la unii at Jim foremost cathartics (or laxailvo lierln). wtilcly uscJ tlirousliout t!i« worlJ today. Bcrauso [I Ls etfoctlvc Ufausc ica aclloi. Is no well know;,, llils ulaiit Is in-eiuriMl in v-irlou.-i lonns o£ mcJIcitio. auuli as IhjuliJ r-x- tracc.i, syru])sv Powilyrs. In iK>u-deveJ •"'»•'ford's raadi-Omuglit, tills vain- rnodiclnnl Is [Jrovlilttl In ita natural form, with tlic leaven ... .v.4 and tlncly Krounci KO tiiat llio illKistlvc system of your boily may •extract Iho nmll- .. ' cine .i-uslly ^nj fL_: •FOR,, natural ly. Give your family lhi« aJvnntates of a laxatlyf: tnaJe ^^^" * r vn% *™^^ CONSTIPATION INDIGESTION BILIOUSNESS ' , inrllc plaiU.H. 1'ul a ' luctvibc of Uir.lfnrd's Ul.iok-Dr:iu K !it cm your IITOK, innll.-tm.- slide,— for iisu Ly :l || the rajniiy. ,„ „ GEM THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday Matinee—2:30 - Night-- G:<lu Atim.—Matinee ami Night— 10 and 25c See The Carnival Boat' 'with Bill Boytl Ginger Rogers Also News and Comedy RITZ THEATER Last Time Today Adm.—Matinw!—Adults f50c Adm.—Ni«;liI—Adults 35c To All Slutk'Mls a SPECIAL 1'RICK— Up to the Suvenlh Grade f>c All Ovi-r Suvtnlh tirade 25c See The Spirit of Notre Dame' with taw Aycrs Short Subjects Thursday and Friday A dm.— Mntini'u— 10 and 30c ••'' Night— 10 and 35c Three Lunatics! — for the price <if one? i£V3 FIX UP THAT CAR FOR SPRING AT LOW COST little !,ody and fender work (tone by C x,, er ( s in our shop will •to' much (o innirovc the appear- unco of your automobile. \Vo also repair radiators. LEE TIRFS AND TUBES Spring ,i s the lime for a new Duto l>ainf job. Have il done early anil enjoy driving a bright, now-looking car all this summe^. CABS WASHED & GREASED Our mechanics will be-glad to inspect your car ami utivise you what work \vill be necessary to Put it jn shape for the extra summer driving. DAY AND NIGHT ROAD SERVICE BATTERY ERVICE We sell National Itatteries but we are etiuippctl to service all m:\kes of atilo b;\tteries. If your battery is weak just Rive us a call for quick service. BOB DENT'S DAY & NIGHT SERVICE, Inc. PHONE 555

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