The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1932
Page 5
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1 ^ * 'I CLASSIFIED ADS 1t»o cents » word for Cist II Insertion and one e*nt a word '/for MC& lubwqwnt inwrtiuo I Ho (dvertlMment taken tor taw [Chan We. Count [he word* aud the **5*v Phone 30C FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks. I'arl casli, )>ay balance in !>ycn. -Marilyn Uatdlery, Blytlicvllle, Ark, 21eif I'OK KENT FOR RENT—Five room bungalow, (J05 Chicknsawba. Good rc|uir, cheap rent. Apply New York Siorc. 28C-U WANTED WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, J06 First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher Sell OpixHiunity for assured ineoui?. V'oiir own biisincss. Aljsoliilcly new pro])o.™iHlon. Pruleelcd torritoiy. SuialJ, secured investment rcinilrwl. Men elcaning up. Uurretl, Marion Hotel, Lillic Hock. Alk. ' 30pkai LOST AND FOUND FOUND—Wcddliur ring. Owner may have same for closcripilon and paying advertising eli'.irj;cs. Apply Courier News. FOR SALE—Planting sc«l. Slonc- ' villc No. 1. See Monk Mathews, Yarbro Oin. 29ckl IN THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTV CHANCERY COUHT Amcrienn Building «nd -Loati Ac- soelntion and W. L. Dslony, as Trustee. Plnintlfls, No. 5114 vs. Alvlu T. Earls. Wary E. liar);: wifa : o( Alvin T. Carls, and Ward IH• vestment Company, UvfcndanU. WARNING OKUKI! .• Tin 1 defendants, Alvln T. F-nrls and Mary E. Earls, Stcelc, MIs- FRESH IlIVEK CAT PISH EVERY DAY Jimmic O'Uriun's Cnfe 105 S. 2nd St. PlionD 21l| BRUSHING UP SPORTS NF \ Jvxivrl Thinks Gii.ncs \VilK,ivo Hvuiiis Cluinipionship .Spirit \UlLL WT iS OF TIE WAteFlELD AIICH. W StlOOU !>,«,.. uhscnvi's mn u[ how ilk- U-iiin-, \iill conu> invn (lie siivlrh to 1 ti In l«(c Bi IL is: Hill-Hull tlrhnivs *'>'W Vrir!; I.I. I.ii Ml-unklyn Whiiliinls I'. l'iusl)iiii;h I'lruii-s 'I I'lnlilis I liati- to PAGE nvi kivvii'l the woisl uiaii|> of iu- llcldn'.s you could name, at, that. Call I'lionc No. 243 for 1NSURANCK SERVICE We Write: Burglary (Residence & Mercantile Safe) Insurance, HcaKU & Accident, Automobile Liability, Plate Glass, and all lines of casualty and bonds, i ' ' . fjcll.xpal estate, and service rental properly. W. M. BURNS COMPANY, INC. INSURED NTER I BONDED UTY TRUCKING V/ CO. DEPENDABLE DAILY SERVICE TO B1.FTHEVILLE FROM Memphis and Lltllc Kotk }. D. McDowell Telephone local Agent No. 82 Dr. P. L. Tiptoii Physician &. Surgeon Ingram nidg. Telephones: Odlcc - 250 Residence - 276 Guaranteed Pure / Stoncvillc No. 1 PLANTING SEED $25 PerTonJ! This seed was yrown on our own plantation nnd ginned In our private gin \vUh no possibility o! uiixlurc wllh Inferior seed. C. F. TUCKER on Promised Land Road. 3'/j miles southeast of Dlytbe- villc. NEW AND UHKI) PARTS For All Auloniubllc.i JACKSON AUTO I'AK IS 2020 W. - - - Phunc 66 imcomilieiaMu Chimes i u liold Hie timin In its hour of need •Sl'Jill of n Uianiiilon j u i m McUraw writes thut 'ihf different-:.' bclWKii tho;' 11 nmjor Itnwo clubs arc Cub:., Cimlinuls and Giants, us | | MHIMHI fomi. quite n SIM- II, will be the linllllng spirit of nnnuunwiiicnl. uld Hurlditli. it is TOiiliikiiuis, I'l'lii 1 uilinos nrcwure urmmd n chit) 'Inkta yi-ait; oil Hie nid men's hv. the U (he mills hlciidyluii coiilldctice ' Ing butk yoiiint fellow:,, llilmra Is | A story from Ix>s Angeles snys Jess WlllHrd Is comliiu tack, com- i ; l'liu White Sox won n giiinc In the south the oilier day. Bucli ux- OVITV uii'li :i rluuii|)lnn, ami u iiam Hint ((its mini selves heroines n (hot will nut bo lii-nlcn. 'Hint [i. why I ix-llm,' (In- c'urd- j "" « • • huils will illn down below lho| U'on Sec-, mnimm-r of 1'rlmn Utimls this ycur-bei-imsi) Ilkw Is; Ciuiom, K .is suspended by the Nalloml iioxliig Association aflir K $l«o clicck lie giivo Hie com- nilbslon bounetd btcfc Uonsltur Bet lias been learning the customs ' ot American boning managers ret; flulclcly, • • • The. Boston Brnves ought to'bo Bind when Ihc season opens. They won'I have, lo play the Yankees nisuln (or n whole ytfir, AIDS SPORTS Govern! s^otls receive (.ubsldlca Ivum the tVcncli Bovernnienl. The lilyhcsi Kinn IE nuonl 111,400 given to encourage rlftc-shoollng, and the lowest, $80, Is for baieball. UUH BOARDING HOUSE ^ouri, art- warned to apiwar in the chancery Court within mid for the County of Mississippi, Stale of Arkansas, within thirty 30) days and answer llic com- iilaint of (be plaint!!!', Amciiean Bulletin); and Loan Association of Little Hock and W. L. Deloney, Trustee. It. L. GAINES. Clerk. E. B. Stokes, Attorney for Plaintiff. 23-30-U-13 Flayers Ought to Display Badges nl N. Orleans Camp IN THE MISSISSIEH'L COUNTY CHANCERY COURT 'American Building and Loan Association and W. L. Deloncy, as "Trustee, Plain-tills, No. 5173 vs. I. W. Fraser, Anna J. Fraser, wife of J. W. Eraser, Grimes Lumucr Company, Hnbbard Hardware Company, N. O. Nelson Manufacturing Company, Alvin T. Eurls. Mary E. Earls, .wife nl Alvin T. Earls. Ward Investment Company, Bryon Aluise, Trustee for Joe P. Price, \V. 1. Wheat. Jl. .T. Bylee, Bea T. Wiggins, Joe Isaacs, and Chii-inn Mill nnd Lumber Company, nnd W. M. FrasL-r. Defendants. WARNING ORDER Tiic defendants. Alvln T. Earls and Mary E. Earls of Sleelc, ;\!is- ouri, and Grimes Lumber COiii- y (Address unknown to tticsi ilaintilfs), are warned lo apijnar n l-he Chaiirery Court witliin unl the County of Mississippi. Giato of Arkansas, within thirty 130) lays and answer the complaint >f the plaintiff. American Build- ng and Loan Association of Little lock and W- U Delony, Trustee. R. L. OAINES, Clerk. E. D. Stokes, Attorney lor Plaintiff. 23-M-C-13 WAKNINU OKDKK E. J. Owen. E'.idura Owon ind EXsie C. Fry are warned o appear in the Chancery jOnrt for (he Chickasawha Uis- rict of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days, and answer Iht complaint of St. Ix)ni5 Union Trust Company against E. Fry, Ihem.selvcs and other.-. Dated this 29lli day of March. 1032. li. L. GAINES, Clerk. Uy Harvey Morris, U. C. Reid. Evrard & Hcndcison. Attcrneyr, for EMaintilTs. 30-G-13-20 By NEA Service NEW ORLEANS, .\farch .TO.— Ilcineman Park, scrno of the Cleveland Indians' 501-1111,' trninln;; nc- tivilios. is as busy a spot as a pre- (leprcsslon pretzel factory during n Sacngerbnnd convention. Besides the major league entry, two minor league clubs—the Toledo Mud Hens.,class AA. and the N"c\v Orleans Pelicans, Class A, are ticrc, getting ready for tire 1332 baseball wars. Mote than 10(1 ball players of all description, working in three shifts d.nily tear up the terrain with (heir spikes and, since even minor league jobs will b^ nt ft premium tin;, summer, cvcrylxxly is hustliny. "Evolution," the demon bat boy of the New Orleans club wlio serves nl) Ihrco. shifts, wii;c.-; the sweat from off his brow and exclaims: "Mislali. they Is .so many ball players here, they gets in your hair!" SKCONi) HANI) FURNITURE Sec Us First R* J. Dodson 361-503 E. Main G. G. CAUD1LL Rcnls. Buys and Sells Homes and Fanns Writes Insurance Phone 791 Firmer. Buk Bid*. Track Srefk Train Co|i5 FORT WORTH, Texas, (UP> — Policemen here keep in trim for cbasiny law violators by holding angle lo LMiconrasje the racers, prizes tire usually ^iveii to the winners. Twenty turkeys va-nl lo winners in (lie last meet. GLASS INSULATION The first, factory in the United Kingdom for thu production ol glass wcol. primarily for heat insulation in shins, lormnotues and engine rooms, has been oiwned al filasgo-.v. ii'5.4 Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 115 1-2 Annconda Copper 61-3 Auburn Ill C.itiTjiiHur Tractor 8 V-8 Chrysler n ;(-! Cities Service 5 1-2 Cuca Cola 112 Continental Unking- •! 1-2 •General Kleclrli: 133-3 General -Motors . ... v ... 17 Middle-west Utilities 1 1-U Montgomery Ward 8 3-S New York Central 28 Packard 33-8 Radio .' G 5-8 Simmons 8 Standard of N. J 30 Texas Co IL> U. S. Steel 41 i-a Vahu- uf i 1 . llnr.v-tmiM! r.ifi Cnlw, OimilnuK and olnni::. sm-li as tills |ic:miiint|inlr.ii nl' llIllllllM'o 1(1 In', (III- Vllllll- III •s fiihniil lii' rillni.iti'il in wirlji alime »( Hi • vjrlurli ilm-dl will win. 1 :•>•(' il. wlirn the Oil;:. '.-. In liall phivcr-.liatk Wilwni yen n r.: pltcln-r. llnd lln- fl'dllln-- i liM-lilllli- till' Will] Nil'dial Ij-aijin- ii'.-nnanl. (.'ul.i.'^ have pi\ib!("ii-. (,j In 1 Mir--, in tin- Inlicld an,] uiullrlfl In-, uhai National 1 niijuc tvnln (hat iniuhl Itad inn.,.t of Hi- b.iM-ball liantlk-.ii'iicis i<> piny Mil' 1 :ii!d M'lrct the Cardinals lo rfreat. Hut,,, u lu Oiullnul:: lei C;riines i;rl mvay. they i::i\c I he Cubs rxnetly (lli> inr.nillvi> nnd spirit the Chli':ii!i] club luck [;l lust—not lo mention the 17 01 IS wins old Unrlcliih Is ready Ir flius nut of Ills moinccful urn lliis .season. • * * N.nm- I'mn 1 Uvlter If iiitchinu is lit! per mil ill hall club, (he Cubs are In. li Grimes. Umil, linali and Malon Ihe (.-n!--: have what looks lo ]>? th be.: four in the k-aiji-.'. AtkU-d t (li'-sc st-.irlers arc Lou Wavnekt nnb smith, Jnkic Mny and Uulel Henry. In Herman nl rtvond baw nut Iliu sensalioiial vomit: Titanic Hack al lliiid. il may be raid thr Horn.^jy is takinj: a ^ainbli-. lln yon will find tin- other Niiliuna I.^nun'n cnnlrmlni-s uinnblincr. New York Cotton , GREAT CA£SAR! -THIS BLoap PRESSURC -fa- LiiJ6( I'LL SlOttlfiO LlkE AIR-BRAKE: » 1 w " MV WORD! IS -THE 'Bieaes-r' SHCK:« i HAVE, -j 0 t EVPeteiEnicEDj j is BLACKMAIL, A AND ilER BUDDIES WICI.I,, KOK- ByMariii NEW YORK. March 30.. (UP) — Colion closed very slcarly. May C2t) C3H July 037 (ISO Oel Cri7 072 Dec Ii7-l IW3 Jan IHU tail Mar Gfllj 703 LOW GI8 liolj 1357 K7-1 Ml) O'JC C8S 037 Ei»ls closed stauly al (MO, up 20. New Orleans Cotton NEW OtiLI-:,\NS. Mar. I •—Cotton;! .slca<ly. Hi!!): I/Jw C2I1 C3R C59 07-1 May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. C34 G10 fi7l 008 COS Clare CM fial) 087 C58 7IOb I. up 17 .. with Crll/'s arm, iirul in hir, oul- nrld. with nrw men. Tln> Cnrdln- r.lj nif R:\iubliny mi amic yumvj l>ltchct.-. The Ci:bs Inivrii'l Ihr bi-.s| oul- Hpld i:i 11: > Icaniii- p:Tha]i:;. Unl llic.v biive OIK' of iliL- IJi 1 .! oiiIhHil- i'1's In ilio biislnt:::) In Ciiyk-r. and fur the olhi-r .snols thrrr are Hlii'.'s Slciiliciifnn (he'll hH), T^inre HielfuoiiiH, Vin Unrton. Johnny ^To^!l> t Dan Tuylui 1 and Marvin Oiulat lo pick from, From (Ills point. Sir-vie looks lo be tln> clran- up iilUir. Ti-clm:c:illy. mi'.tr rial::; In Ilio IrriL'iii' may Iniir i:ilv,inl:i!;i-:; nl this or thai ixnnl in ll:r inlidd or nninelil. Hut ihr CiilM hiiv,' l;i Wondy K:;;:ll.>-li. al Mini!, ;i ; lin^ a nluvcr as there is in li.i:,rbull. And with l-Tini'sri iv.-sld" Ihrm. v.njilil il not Its pirftclly natiirul for Uaik nnd Herman lo i-.iiii tli" ton ft- A nfle cartiulgc d'jveloiiin-4 l:r:h year i Grimm gas pressure Is iiwd in Germany to Hairy start airplane motors. I ready thp major k-asni-.s? With al inv. lju>!>. and Hornsby, Taylor iiml l.t-sl-r Hell for"n:-:rvc datv. liiu Cnl:s !-'Iil-;CKI,KS AND BOYS. BtfVS: 6coo>JESS ME." ' IF Vtu V/AUT TO ARGUE LIKE THIS, PL6ASS DO ]T OUTSIDE....To He^E. VoO TWO, MO OWS WOULD EVECt you ^ HIS ntip;N»s 17 Amon; privileges now to inL'.oncr.s in ccrtnin jails arc weekly tiancint: i:la::-t:s. animal pel.-, lilted Gymnasium:;, cdncaiicnal talks by radio, an-l classes in shorthand and lorcijn languages. : MOKE FOR THE HUILUING HOLLAR A Hoard und Nail And a Can Paint, Make M a n y Place Look New—That Ain't! E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. OW, IT IS, IS IT? VIELL I'LL JUSf ITS A BIS SET /.LL, &T6AWGD UP CNSR socq LITTLE JUST A BIS / IT'S f. SWAWC To TAKE TAG UP V. flti u S.PAI. orr. ^ - .>T. ' < rtui ainvyt. IHC WASH TliliBK THOSE IT, COO-tOO—\ ^RIEO lo CiUARD IMTO |\ SOP.T OF VJt'lU. IA\!GS M40 .TO KNOuJ HQyj v(6 PROM WOI-FC.S.MC1, ,-'JWS ((^ HtRo? ^SttoCl6. BUT I filWT KtWVJ yioT Tb tX> THERE so t JUST smsec. w WHEM vou TOU>A CAME. OUT ^ ^Tic.t<r. f.t.Tlf.R SCf\RLD W'URED

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