The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1932
Page 4
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THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWB TgX COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHE ' O. R. BABCOCK, Editor U. W. HAIHEa, Aamtteing M*h»«er- 8oi« N»Uon«i Artumm DaUlet, lac Xioit, St. Louli, fiwk. . New York. Clilcaso, Kansw City, LlttW PubUih«I Every Alletnoou Except Sunday. as second ciaM matter at. tlic poit IBirc at Bljttieville, Arkansas, under «cl o.' Coujjrcss October 8, 131T. Scnta by tne Unnea Press 1 SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In tho city o! BlyCu'vllle, 15c per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By mail within a radius of 50 mllw, (3.00 per year, $1 50 (or six months, 85c tor lhr?o mouths; by In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, (6*0 per year, In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, playable In advance. Printing New Soinu . supjwsjilly .snuiul arc of (ho opinion lli:«l. failtnv of our supply of money Ui c-\p;uul in proportion (o (he iiKWi.w in our ;ifiri- cullunil ;md inilusti'iiil production was one of Hit! major causes of UKJ current Jcpros-ion. If Hint is inie it \vnuU! appear lh:il a degree of currency iuL'lnliou i.s one lliing that is nei-ded to help restore business and eznplnviiiwil comlilioiis to normal ami to eii:d)1e delilor.s to their obligations in a ineiliiini approximately ecjual in value to (hut which they borrowed, One way to accomplish Unit purpose, as Representative Wright I 'at man of Texas jioiniwl mil lodiiy, i-i for Ihe government to print ?2,000,000,000 in new currency for distribution among velei'nus of (In; world war in linal settlement, of tlioiv adjusted compensation claims. Without entering into the merits of the bonus issue, there is (his to be said: if currency inflation is what wn need its cil'eefa will he more quickly felt by (he cwiiidy as a whole if (lie money is widely distributed, as under the Palman plan, than if it j s passed .out through the reconstruction finance corporation. The City Election We )i;u;e noted (hat (juilc n. number of residents or 1 Wylhcville ' liaVc rallier decide;! views as to which of the three camlklatcs ought (o !,e elected municipal judge at the city election next Tuesday. It is; of course, highly desirable that the man bosL qualified by (raining, experience and lempcrmnL-nt be elected to the ofliTO, just, as it is highly de,-irable that the boH qualified candidate be elected to any posit ion of public service and responsibility. It occurs to us, however, thai more imiwriant than the election of the best man, in this 'or any other political contest, is the election of the mini who is actually ij U : choice of the legally qualified voters. . We often mffcr from the election to public of lice of incompetent or otherwise poorly (nullified men. Kni as long as our elections ; ,re conducted as pre- scrilwUy law the people have in their hands flic power lo remedy such evils. When elections arc not hclil according to law power is taken from the Immls of the people, and I hoy have no certain recourse against official incompetence or corruption. The municipal election last spring was followed by a contest which, while it pwliitnl Jillli; il' ,'uiy evidence of fraudulent intent, did bring to light rather widespread laxity in the enforcement of the poll tux anil other requirements Tor voting. It js to lie hoped that as a result of last year's experience election officers will adhere .strictly to Hie letter ol 1 tlic l.'iiv in check ing Ihe qualifications of those siwkiujr tn vote. We hnvn heard a mfmber of those ap[K>iiited to serve us election judges and clerks assert that none,but persons whose legal right to vote bus been definitely established will cast ballots .it their boxes, and we believe that attitude promise-, an election strictly in keeping with the in- lent of (he law. l''or the information of citizens il is worth reviewing |, L 're thai, in addition to the citi/cnship and residence requirements, the principal qiifdilication of a lepd voter i« Lhat he possess it receipt showing j«ay'im:iil of pull lax between January I, 1031, and .July 5, lfl;il. Payment of poll tax I'.wcpl between those (lull's does nol qualify the holder of (he receipt lo vole. Strange Justice The strange way in which tile machinery iif justice occasionally works was never better exemplified than in the recent trial of Dan Nevins for murder in a New York court. While (lie jury was dolibeivitinff, Nevins decided _ that the shadow of the electric chair was rather chilling. So he arranged to plead gnilly to a charge of manslaughter an;t to accept a .sentence of live to ten years in prison. Meanwhile the jury, ail unknowing, reached its verdict—and found him not guilty! The verdid, Iwcause of his «c\v plea, was not accepted. Among other things, one would like to know Nevins' reaction when lie found this out. H would also be in- lerei-linjf to know hoM-" llm jo/ors fell when they learned thai the man they had acquitted had confessed his guilt. Bo far ns I am able lo jndtT, not inra- c (ii.iii one liepuullcnn voter In 10 wants Hoover rc- noinlitiucd and hardly niiyono bclicu-s hc can lie rc-clcclcd. -Harold L. Ickes, Chicago pro-i-cs- sive ]>olLllcian. * * t lOvery naval ollicer of experience believes Ihe battleship is (he fiimlaiiiciilal strength or tliu imvy; everything else is auxiliary to it. —Admiral Frank K. Schulleld, coinmamlur. U. 3. Nnvy. * * t I instructed one ol Ulie girls l» picw h'.-r lips lightly on n jelly surface. We {omul the jolly to be wllh bacteria. I exhibited the lilulu lo the rliiAs as ,1 solemn v.iiniicii;. —Dr. W. K. Butts. University of Challanoosri nnli- l;i.--s crusader. OUT OUR WAY By Williams VNEU_ , WI-^EM v./Q(j TO DRAW A HORSE Trt' HEAD OM ,,-, PAPER AM'TH' MOST OF 1 TH Re^T oF HIM OM' TH' TASV.E CLCTH - so THIS is Jisr A CORRAL, TO KEEP HIM IN. JLraTEVIL^(ARK.X_COURIER NEWS SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "It would lie a good restaurant, if they'd only wash Ihi'ir Kiiinach." Doctors Gaining Knowledge of Causes of Tooth Decay ..I,:* "l!;" 0 /"^ " S1 ™ 1 £j^!.«"r "> "* 5»'» tteue-aDd has KeJa, the Health So much work 1ms been done In ccenl years on Ihe ciuiscs of ilcn- al decay that physicians am) tail- sis urc Beginning to have'a mil islijlu inlo lliu subject. Denial decay is no rospwU'r oi XM-sons; il iiffccts the rich and Uic oor, Hie young ami Uic okl. It may c found in those who are olhor- isc hc:ilthy and lliose who urc suf- crers from chronic lie- ween IK) and D5 per cent of rhil- rcn between 10 mid 20 years of [e have denial caries. In a. survey ol Ihc subjcci. Dr. tarlha Koelme has reviewed Uic promluciit opinions ol leiidiiiL' ivcsligators. There is, ol course. '.i'. 1 .'. of all Ihc Idea lhal ^ccil or M( tuelh are inherited, llownver. lajriaae.s arc not mace from CiiH-h ixjlnts ot view an:l ilioimh ercdiiy may play some |Mil, it is o'. jxi.y>ib!c lo delenninc that part saclly. C;lr:ni Tonlh Docs l>criy '•"or » while Ihe slounn--A clean ooih never decays"—was believed o I'xpR-ss (he Inilli. hul serious ImiciHs ol denial difeasc have since discarded lliis coucep- !on. People who keep treir mouths crupulously eiean may have cavi- -M. while others with visibly dirty iinuths have none. A survey of (hv subject, iiinflc by Kixnip of Wisconsin invcsligators iwhtnUjd lint mouth uraslys nre lot dqwiiriablc proU-clluii iviinst Icnlal decay. '•'or a white it was tbouuht that he chewing of hard food was a aliuihle measure, but loday it is that with chewing is help- IKriiiaiieuce of the lmh. There are many theories that concern Hie general chemistry of the body so far as acid or alkaline dietf piny, be Involved. Some of these •'theories place most of tl-.c emphasis on vitamins A, C and D, and oilier llwories put most of the emphasis on tlic calcium arid phosphorous iu the. diet-in" association with the vitamins. * *.- » . Vila rains Puzzling: It is dinicult to correlate the body cheinLslry as the basis of denial decay with Ule fact tllat rer- lain teclJi, for, Instance the'molars decay more rapidly and more frequently than tlic incisors, jr (he mailer is one of blood supply and nutrition itrinmrily, wiiy are not all of (lie leclh equally suscepliblc? •Tlicrc are parts of the world where rickets, due lo a deficiency or vilainin D, doM not occur and yet many people in these areas suffer with Die condition called "caries or Ecnernl dental decay. There is also, .of course tl'e Infectious theory which would place Uic responsibility on certain germs hi llw mouth. Un'forluualcly nu one has been able to isolate a germ that will produce dental decay in animals, and this theory is considered as yet unfounded. Finally, much blon;c has attached to the eating of sweets, yet there arc vast milliters of people ivlio cat Inree amounts O f swcels without flcvclojnnir rienlnl decay. The duel practical point i n all discussions is the fnct that good denial care given early to spols of decay prevails their spread and prevents the growth of the Individual cavity. BEHINO THE SCENES FN of in Wash- slirring '•"•• unein- •'•!>.• COll- ' K scc- i srat in •::rre is '"rills lo in Ihc :i:.iraiitoe ;'.•!• ncf- :i SC11- :• ;:l re- days, from the a mi-re sixxtnlor. to be liiglon. After walchhis Mirh siu-claeles ns Ihc Serial' plnymnit relief bntlle. tl."> liic! :md the wel-dry vm -. .voni- corresi>ojirlcii relly p!?asctl at haviu^ .the prrss gallery. And -O'Vl promise of mme i rarnc—bona 1 :, tax rielil\ Krnatc. bank deposit i pri)pn.-al.<;. Musrlt tiii-lJtiiikhe.irt contest t": n'.e si-at, more iiiiemp:;*-.; lief, extension ol Ihe p;,federal salary cuts n;:!i mure. No one paUl any aitc I!ou. c -e when It was b:i ^nd merely Ihe :ni:i iiihlier stnmp. Hut m. two-ringed cirt-u^. ct nolliinj excei't soinrtiiv.i tic (if pollliral drlrv -- --, nntl Hie limit.: u .1 than Ihe Senate. Ultle men turn m:t men and big men i lli?lr p«'rch.'s. Almo-i wants to bxrome a • his clinnee. The background i.^ , (ional dlslress and up,, jiwrlant sorlnl anrt itiendF. need of r^ra^^.^• 'a state of iiilernn!inn.-,i (:>n election vfar in v |devclopment Is elir-oly •„ , , , ri| ills possible effect on MII [i;'.u re . O f ! a president, the Den-.o.m;: k - as- Iplrants snd 85 ty-r r e : -.- C f Coii- :'.i-."i> lo (he "iv ••.Minn's '•'• 'i.-re's a •'•••r.'i 'd by . 'i' '••jvem- '•'' ."-T show '•f nn- ' • iiotnlc i^'iment. '•'••t and :i cvrrv "Scarfd Rabbit" Vole U's not always Inspiralionnl I5efc:it of the .sale; tax for instance, is ref-rrcri to here ns a "scared rabbit 11 vole, even by those who aip happiest about il ft wasn't exactly an uprising ol I brave men. Inspired by a h>roic desire to save (he nalion's bal; (crcd poor — although the insur- genls all said it was nnd some were sincere. hers Ix-gan lo hoar from all .sorts What happened was thai mem- of people back hoaie. all at once. Not the expensive, organized pro- papanria of six-rial Inleresls but n siwiitaneous sqiawk from indlv- t iilunls—small uianufactiirers. mrr- | chants nnd hale ritiwns. ns well 'as from lalwr. farmer and olh;r proiflw raprescuting millions o'f consumers. The exlilbition wns insptrallon- nl only lo the exlenl that a ma- Joilly jiunix-d through lhr> hoop when a public sounded its war ciy. The parly le,-u|r rs in Consnvs. who i are obeyed ordinarily, nrc ot'lilllc ! help In a member when he face* ; the voler. i • • • j That \Vol Minority i Defeat of the amendment to tax jtccrwas not important except- as l stone wt minority In Congress I which threatens (o grow. I Hul it \va.s a teller vole, like i vMes more acticn'than a roll c»U. ! The tollers, i man from each side- of the iwiiie, sland on cadi side of the entrance to the middle aisle »nd the members file through lo be countcd/firct those for and next those against. • * • Sore ShouMtrc Doughlon, the big, bald North Carolinian co-lcadcj- of Hie anti- sales tax nght, was. a teller on the Siles tax vole. He grinned and chuckled as he slammed each of his supporters on the back with his mighty right ham, first dragging, then propelling them on up the aisle. Those were heavy shoves and mnny member*, recovering Ihelr balance, turned as if ^o say "What Ihc ?"Even Ruth aryan Owen of Florida was one of ^hosc who got a sore shoulder from :hc sales lax vole. Doughlon bales' lapped the safes tax supporters when their turn came to flic by. Amusing little sidelights like lhat stick In your memory for i'cars. One will recall, for Instance low Ihe furay Underbill of Massachusetts, after the vote, urged that the House adjourn so members mtfjlit "ascertain what we have done nnd where we are." '» Ihe gentleman doesn't know what we have done today," harked LnGuarrila of New York, "he is the only person in Uie Uniled Stales who does not!" JVEDNRSDAY, MARCH 30, 1032 ' - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - Head Courk-r News Want Ads. 'Announcements The Courier news Has ncen au- .horlzcd to announce the fdlow- ng candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary, August 3. For Prove utinj? Attorney DENVEH L. DUDLEY Far County Jfdge AL B. HARRISON (for 2nd term) For Sheriff HOI.AND GREEN CLARENCE H. WILSON County Trrasortr W. W. HOLLIPETER (for 2nd term) Circuit Court Clerk R. L. "BILLY" GAINEF (for 2nd term) C«qnty and Probalc Clerk W. H. "DOC" SDARBORO MRS. JOHN LONG (Re-elecllon) MISS CAREY WOODBURN FRED • FLEEMAN For County Antwer JOE 8. DILLAHUNTY (for Zod •cnn) crrr EIECTIOS Tuesday, April S City Clerk 6. O. CRAIQ (for re-election) JOE \V. ALEXANDER OSCAR ALEXANDER For Municipal Jndgr GEORGE W. BARHAM IVY W. CRAWFORD C. A. CUNNINGHAM For City Attorney BAM MANATT For AMerman, 1st W»rfl G. H. GREAR L. G. "PETE" THOMPSON Fer AMtrmu, Znd Ward S. H. EASTBURW J- II. RONEY WHH6 IN C*WtS, BCD LIGWS LEAF-UKE APPSNPASE ij& Nose: We _ My Soii-in-Law ha s heen rcad- tlie papers again and he thinks - when hc talks to me about J«wt he reads in the papers that He is showing sonic intelligence. But, you take a m »n ol my ability and knowledge it takes more than a newspaper reader to lell jne uny- reading about a bunch of fellows way off somewhere who were making laws, or trying to, that, they had made a law that would make the fellow who has a Wg income pay most ol it over to the income tax collccldr. So. as I am interested in church financing, r told him lo try and get their names and addresses and I would tell them of one good law they could make, nut, hkcly as not, they did not Bive the paixr their names, or where they have this law making business (join* o n . That's the jjrcat (rouble with the world loday, there "re so few men in the church and out, (hat have my ability' and i knowledge and they are always sol- line olt somewhere- and doing a lot of talkins, but doing nothing worth wmlo. Now, if they were smart they would make a law that when a fel- low made so much money he'fluid : have to step down and out' and let someone take his plioe..With \ this kind of a law It would riot be long until everybody would hire plenty. '.Y ; . (Copyrighted.) ;f.y- . 10 Cent Lunch for Stadrnti ' MILWAUKEE, Wls. (UP)—In til eltort to encourage trie eattrif of balanced noonday luncheons, the Washington High School cafeteria Is offering meals for 10 cents to students .One cold lunch consists of milk, choice of meat or pemnut butter sandwich, and choice of .'an ""pie or orange. Daushtrrs of Vets Ortaafae MELROSE, Mass. (UP)—What is believed to be Ihe first organization of daughters of Americ»iix*4- glonnalres in the United State h» been established here.. It ls'lri<Jirn as the First Junior Cadet*. >A modified Zouaves' outfit has ^been selected as the official unlform;,:> About 2,891,000 foreigners -Hta in France. Half a million of them arc residents of Paris. '.;. 14) The Advertisements .... printed for your convenience Suppose all the advertisers in your favorite newspaper should stop advertising for a week. .What inconvenience would result! How much telephoning and shopping around to get the answers to such questions as: "What's playing at the downtown theaters? When will that new vacuum cleaner be on sale? Who is offering the bargains? Wnere can I buy that dry shampoo Emily told me about? The answers to these questions, and to hundreds of similar ones that people ask every day, are news. Vital news. You're interested to learn who won yesterday s ball game. But you're really interested to learn that a certain store is selling a product you need for a price you can afford to pay. Furthermore, the advertisements save your time, for you can read them at home, away from the pushing: crowds, and plan just what to buy and where to buy. And they save your money, by enabling you to adjust your needs to the limitations of your budget. in snort, they are pocketbook editorials, condensing and interpreting for you the merchandise news n t the day.

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