The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts on May 5, 1928 · 22
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The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts · 22

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1928
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PITTSFIELD, MASS. THE BERKSHIRE EVENING EAGLE SATURDAY, MAY G, 102a Parties Do Not Look for Treason in Either One of the Keynote Speeches , Next Month Both Orators Will Point with Pride and View with. Alarm the Trend of Times Republicans Will Indicate in Democrats All the Evils to Which Our So-called Democracy Has Given Birth and Democrats Will Find as to Wickedness in the Republicans .Nothing Else but Fess and Bowers in Contrast Preparing for Conventions. . - T By EnvET S. GEimX WASHINGTON. D. C-May 5 Jus,' & raonih and a week from today the r'p-b Lean performance wifi , com-r cnee.1 Chairman Butler of the ra-t cnal committee vail call the conven-t.on to order. Senator Fess of Ohio. 1 a vi rg been frately elected temporary will ascend the rostrum . a hi atcault the delegates with the Select speech. And what a point-l-g-wiTh-pride" will be there, my brethren, what shouLng eulogies of tie Coo .Idee administration and what em and robust view lng-with- lam of the major delinquencies of t e democrats. What storming sp-p'auee front the perspiring delegates and general d.ssatisfaction all around. Resolutions There will be a resolutions committee which will hold hearings perhaps t r.i squabble over sundry proposed planks which will mean very little In tie conung The permanent chairman will be instaled and git a t o.ce to another rousing party speech la the process. There will be nomina-t.ors -accord .rg to the formula used by Noah; which means that solemn end red-faced gentlemen wall talk and talk, citing point after point which a successful candidate must hate and prefacing each point with the mysterious declaration that "the r-an whom I am about to nominate" possesses this priceless qualification; and concluding, when eery one is and asleep, with the name of the candidate. It is the formula of clunax, which Is today very anti-cli-rract.c since the very cats In the basement know the candidate to be nominated by etery speaker. But it is Noahs formula and therefore likely to be followed by most nominators in both contentions. Whenever a candidate Is nominated Ns supporters seek to stage a cem-c ns trat.on"and parade around and raise the rocf and generally disrupt order and reason. If the "demonstra-t.on can be kept going an hour Its authors are considerable and worth-w hue. When A1 Smith, for instance, is rimed at Houston his realots will perhaps try for a record and keep the com er.Uon hall In a riot for an tme-r ua.ed length cf time; large-lunged arid carefree gentlemen judiciously p anted in the gallery can furnish p-od g ous aid on such occasions, and they have been uul.zed at times by the best cf our statesmen. , Conventions Alike Both comentions will be about the m broad aspect, except that the irpb'.caa one is generally more ed and respectable on the sur Activity Hri Building Trades Is Believing ' Siutation BOSTON. May 5 Unemployment In Massachusetts showed much im-I -o-.crrrr.t during March. Report of t ,e department of labor and Industry s shows that among organized I uJimg tradesmen on April 2 there were 14.165 r.ot at work as compared w.i 16 '2 on March 1. These flg-ti'es are fur 280 unions, having a r. ,.'-T:-v.! p cf 49 023. which reported o April 2, and 263 unions -with r TUnhp cf 43,553 which reported March 1. Returns show that, on Ap'"l 2. the percentage of unem-I if ed was 23 9 per cent as compared v .t 34 1 cn March 1. Lack of work or materials was re-t v i.c for ur.errplojment of 13,-183 on Apr.l 2, and for 14227 being fat of work on March 1. Other e t - were In com pa rtf' n with these figures. Improved r - l.t.cns were due largely to we.t'her more favorable to cp'-a: -cnv Ckc jpat.cnal unemplov mer.t Is i, uwn for March to have been as fol-lus. Erick'avers, masons and plasterers. 23, 6J35 membership, IT 4 out ef work; carpenters, 94 ui..cns, 18 574 members, 4534 out of wmfc, electrical workers, 18 unions. 2MJ men bers, 574 out of work; hod-crr.trs ari build.rg laborers. 19 tr j ns, members, 3C15 out of vLk; lathers, eight unions. 336 me ty-rs. fcJ out of workr painters, cfccrators ard paperharcers, 47 ui ns, S7C1 members. 2v78 out of v rs; plumbers. gasi.tters and fesi .fitters. 33 unions 3548 members, M J c.t cf work; sheet-metal werk-e.u 13 unions. 642 members. 155 out cf wetk: other occupations. 14 UI .s, ;:u jr. embers, 553 c-t cf is shown fer two M-t vschu.-ett c.ues. has 18 unions report.rg a i r - ' berth ? cf 275, cf whom 11-1 cr 42 3 per cf-t were cmplmed n A r.I I. 47 1 cn March 1, and 23 1 cr'i cn Ithrujry I. 1 vk kid 13 unions, with 12C3 n ri v, rr-.vrt.r z.-cf whom 633 or t i It cm t wt.e urr-plcjei on GIFTWARE Fur All Occiur.s Greeting Cards- xm: stork INC. r- ?n ilr-n! if - . i l f J 5 face. There will be the usual scheming? In warm and quiet rooms at night, planning lor the next days battle , and Messrs. Mellon. Butler, Roraback and Hilles may ask the Hoover managers. "What have you?"; while at Houston the 100 per cent southerners will seek combinations for beating Smith. It will be observed that the democrats have chosen Claude G. Bowers as their keynoter. Mr, Bowers Is the man who would, have Invented those famous phrases pointing-with-jSride and "vlewlng-with-alarm." if they had not been too mild for him; too mild and unpio-turesque and plain. Mr. Bowers, as those who heard him at the Jackson day dinner here this year will testify, has pride and alarm all right, but he possesses so much of these emotions that his diction is backed up against a red fire background, with ruaty long-tailed coats and muskets hovering on the horizon. From which it can be deduced that the democrats are In for a rattling old-style keynote oration. This little guy, as Will Rogers calls Bowers.does not look like a keynoter; rather, pale and slight and thin, with eyeglasses and hollow chest, and an aspect that is a bulls-eye for a small town school teacher, he looks like most anything but. But "this little guy" can put words together and intelligence and originality were not left out of his make-up, any one at that Jackson day dinner will tell you. His style is what the books call "flowery. with a new flower, or at least a new color to the flower, every second. , Bowers' Houston Appearance It will be Interesting to see how he gets away with his Houston effort. As he turned his machine-gun charges, denunciations, and epigrams, on those diners at the Jackson day ban quet the decision hovered for a long while between good-natured amusement and cheering enthusiasm, with the latter on top at the end. He will probably make a hit at Houston. For. although the statement Is a strong one, a democratic national convention is calculated to be less judicious than a Jackson day dinner. The democrats are promised a better keynoter than the republicans. For Senator Fess looks little more like an orator than Bowers, gets just as excited, and cant write as good a speech as the latter. Mr. Fess is a little man Who used to teach, who has a rather mincing articulation, grows red In the face w hen excited, and sees Just as much iniquity in the democrats as Bower does in the republicans. There will be no treason in either keynote. April 2; 65.5 per cent on March X, and 35.4 per cent on February 1. Returns of the 13 cities considered as of April 2 all showed improvement with the exception of Holyoke, where unemployment continued excessive. A decided Improvement was shown In Springfield, Brockton and Lawrence. NO SCANDAL WIgg: Sorry to keep you waiting, old man; but Ive Just been jset ting a trap for my wife. Wagg: Heavens! What do you suspect? Wigg: A mouse in the pantry. Passing Show. . - London's smallest elementary school is a tiny classroom near Praed street, where the children whose homes are canal barges receive instructions whenever they are in the district. ' Ladies Smart , Lot Cut . Footwear at $4.85 a Pair J. S. Robertson i Tha Right Place for Good Shoes 221 North St. Pittsfield, ftlasa. . American House Bldg. BUST NEGLECT IULU LIES M year easmlc.r-g eye sa t;.. c.-y. ha gu- ' worse here. All the latest tr la mcc. 1 Orchard Empress Isi Limki of St. Joseph, Mich, Will reign as queen of tho 1928 bloo-eom festival In southwestern Mlchl Cans fruit belt. TO POT EIID TO HYPOCRISY Washington Paper to Tell Truth About Salons Using Liquor WASHINGTON. May 5. The Washington Daily News announced editorially yesterday that it proposes henceforth to publish I as news the appearance on duty of any so-called dry member of the house or senate in an obviously intoxicated condition.' "The decision was made to "put an end to such hypocrisy the News said. "The spectacle of a senator or rep resentative. under the . influence of liquor, undertaking publicly to discuss affairs of state. Is always disgusting, the editorial said, "When Such a sen a tor or representative Is one who con slstently votes for prohibition, the hypocrisy and rank abuse of special privilege make the spectacle intolerable. ' The newspaper admits that, congressmen have as much right to the "synthetic pleasure" of drinking as anyone else. It says the "great majority ofi members of both houses are "gentlemen, capable of controlling their appetites. And It adds that "on the whole, probably, there are as many or more teetotalers among the dry voting members as among the wet voting members, though "this is I question that has never been de cided. t j The News says it does no Intend to "snoop and explains: "But when a fire-eating prohibition 1st wanders aimlessly about the sen ate chamber during the discussing of important business and finally Inter' rupts to ask the , presiding officer. Whass bizness before house? or when a similar exponent of the Vol stead act has to hang hard to the edge of his desk, where his legs weave i ( NEWMANS Every popular shade and every stylish shape i from the leading manufacturers. i f is Spring Felfs Featuring the productions of Knox, Mallory, Feijy, Borsalino, Sunfast-and Marvin, $4 to -r .'I v-,Vr e-i" ..'I' n Spring Work ' i Get Your Garden Ready . HOE, FORK, , RAKE, SHOVEL . You Want Them AIL THEN SEEDS Corn, Peas, Beans, Onions and AH the Others. f Peircon Hardware Co.' in the Center cf i he City o n ll OVERNIGHT NEWS DY THE ASSOCIATED fie. I breaks endi DOMESTIC, GREENVILLE, 8. C. South Saluda valley residents flee homes as 6,000,-000 gallons of water break through dam. WASHINGTON Walsh withdrawal prompts Reed to announce he will continue fight. 3 LOS ANGELES Member of Reed state executive committee announces plans for third party If Smith gets nomination. SALT LAKE CITY Republicans select 11 uninstructcd delegates, WASHINGTON wilbur names board to Investigate means of developing more safety In naval aviation, CURTIS FIELD," N. 1Y. Leonard W. Bonney, veteran aviator, killed when "seagull plane he Invented, crashes, , i . . - ' -w PHILADELPHIA Navy seaplane unsteadily junder him, as he attempts to make a4 speech, or .when a champion of the 18th amendment relapses from maudlin Inattention Into snoring sleep. In the midst of a senate Session, the News will undertake to make his condition clear to its readers. C HERS Gill Ell PITTSFIELD Consolidated Automobile Association and the System . Company Incorpoated Spe-iial to THE EAGLE. BOSTON,- May 5. A -charter of Incorporation has been granted by the secretary of state to the Consolidated Automobile Association, Inc, of Pittsfield, to procure members and to sell membership privileges in a motor vehicle service association. There Is a 5000 incorporation with 500 shares of common stock, par value $10. The incorporators are Henry C. Sloan, prsident, Wallace W. Kearns, treasurer and Henry J. , Turner, all of Pittsfield. Each holds 100 shares of the stock. The System' company, Pittsfield, clothes, boots, shoes, etc., has been granted a Chartef havlhg 1000 shares of common stock without par value. The incorporators are William J. Mills. Holyoke, president; Fred J. Clarke, -Pittsfield, vice president; Stanley F. Clarke, Pittsfield, clerk, and E. J. Mills, f Holyoke- Ipatent granted Edward D. Treanor of this city has been granted ai patent for an Indicating device for electrical apparatus. He assigned It to the General Electric company. $10 t'- 4 PRESS endurance record for C-2. type planes. . KANSAS CITY Methodist Episcopal conference gets charges of maladministration against Bishop McConnell. , WASHINGTON President still displeased with flood control and farm relief legislation; veto expected. l ! f FOREIGN, PEKING Chinese continues ' ss-saultRj on Japanese troopsjicfendlng foreign zone at Tsinanfij. jl MANAGUA Marine patrol kills two rebels in clash. 4 WARSAW Member of Russian legation staff wounded' by Russian rciugeei bullet. OSLO Snow holds dirigible Italia from continuing I flight to Spltzber gen: j i 1 MOSCOW Big Bill Haywood improved. I I wimmixw a ALBA JULIA, Rumania Thousands of peasants trudge into city for five day congress of peasants' party. PORTLAND, England British navy supply ship Bacchus makes port after .collision with steamer,, , SPORTS-NEW I YORK Babe sxth homer of season. PHILADELPHIA joe Hauser, Athletic first b&seman,-rhita fifth of season, i . , ; NEW ENGLAND BOSTON Grand Jury will probe existence of alleged liquor, and vice ring; promising exposure said to involve many well known persons in evtortion plot. BOSTON Reading inquiry witness tells of alleged Irregularities in United L. A. W. Acceptance corporation office at Worcester BOSTON Stephen Hoppe. Vermont criminal recently, returned there after capture in Connecticut, will be loaned to Massachusetts- to stand trial for murder of Quincy police man, J. Ward Carver, attorney gen eral of Vermont agrees at conference here. giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimimiiiiivmiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiinimmiiiiiimiimiiiiimmimi Art ex Seat Covers J Beautiful colorings, new designs of finest1 " i gearing materials, smartly tailored, assuring glove like fittiqg, .have made ARTEX SEAT COVERS-so popular with particular folks. Made with the care and exactness of a custom- - tailored suit, trimmed with Alligator Spanish Leath- erbtte. Special patented double pin fasteners mtke installing or removing easy 1 , ARTEX SEAT COVERS cover all seats, backs, side panels, doors, everything up to the window line. Handypockets on doors. - Guaranteed for fit, work- manshlp arid materials. New low prices are now 1 offered as belowt 4 and 5 -Passenger Cars ars E Old Style Fords New 'Style Fords . - All Others 2 Passenger Cars J Fords, All Styles ...... Whippet, Star, Chevrolet AH Others I i The Ailing Rubber Co. j J 128 North Street j Rubber Goods Sporting Goods .Auto Supplies ff siimmiiiiitmumuiwiimiimmiiiiiwtimimiimmimiiiiimiiiiMimiimmuiiimmiiimimimniwmitimmiimtiiiiP $ FRANK HOWARD HOWARD BLOCK Corner Fenn and First Streets Seeks Madden Place Oscar DePricst, Negro, haf been selected republican congressional nominee from the first Illinois district rlrt Chicago, ' Hit nsmt will rsptsc that of tho late Congressman Madden on tho ballot- Greem jLEBANON-STEPHENTOWN ROAD PARTLY FINISHED Four miles of the new Lebanon-Stephentown concrete road have been completed and opened to traffic, But mile and a half on the Lebanon Springs end remains to be finished. It Is 1 expected that the latter part of June will see the work completed. Completion of this road will make a hard surfaced highway all the way from this city Into Troy by way of Stephentown, The road has been under construction for several months. , STRAINED CAPACITY "You know, Edward, X speak as I think." i '"Yes- and probably a little more. -Tit-Bits. In courtship i,hav allwus advised the oblique rather than the vertical process; if yure mistress diskovers too diskover less - in herself. Josh Billings.. - . - . f f 1 $7.95 $84S $985 $5.75' $6.75 $7.50 NOW THATS WHATl I CALL GOOD CLOVE V No danger of growing a crop of weeds from this seed. ' 1 1 It genuine fine Tree brand - cleaned and recleaned ofknown origin, sealed by Dickinson, certificate in every bag. v No use taking chances on seeJ of doubtful quality when you ar get gbi. , -i ( Come In and see our prices. Full line of ocher seeds for spring sowing. 4 FLASHES OFr LIFE BY THE- ASSOCIATED PH ESS NEW YORK A young man who Can do such thing as multiply 31,416 by 363 in five second avoids alcohol. He found It prevented him from making any computations at all. Samuel Isaac Krelger, 25, bald and stout Foie, whole known as the king of logarithm. Is, visiting, us from Germany, He denies he is a prodigy, saying the secret Is a simple formula ten-year-old child could use. He quickly squared a number ofL 20 digits that defied a calculating machine because there was not room enough. CLEVELXn D Miss Genevieve CUne, who has been appraiser at the port of Cleveland for lx year. Is to be the highest paid woman in the federal service. She has been appointed a member of the customs court at New York at $10,000 a year, PRINCETON.' n T J. Sweethearts of Princeton boys like to dance with plenty of music, and the boys are glad to oblige. For 700 girl attending house parties there are only 10 orchestras. r, - - i -r NE WYORK Filmland of the future must do without the services of Euzanne Vidor, now 8. She is here with, her mother Florence tidor of the screen. "There Is no possibility of her entering the movies, says her mother. NATIONALLY ADVERTISED PRODUCT Underwear (guaranteed Not 1 to Rip Anywhere k EVERY weak point in ordinary " underwear is a strong point in No-Rip. It is expressly fashioned for active men who like to becom-fortable. Made strong where the strain comes; roomy where room is. needed. Crotch curve-cut like well-tailored trousers. Also models lor i stouts and Tongs." Come in today and let us. fit you with one of these ' , cooi, comfortable 27 Q. H; CUTTING GO. 135-137 SEED, TIME IS HERD . All of our, seeds are northern grown and tested and are the' best we can buy Our stock, is very complete, in both Garden Seeds, Flower Seeds,-Onion Sets arid highest grades oil Ferttftfer and-Sheep Manurei Garden Tools of alt kinds, Wheel barrows. Our prices are -extremely low and quality 'o.f the best. ' V- 5 . 5 - 1 Berkshire Hdvi; Co., 156 North St-1 a CONNECTICUT VALLEY, COICE AND COAL CO. , High grade coal prices for summer coal. Take notice of these prices and order your coal from us and? get what you pay for,' First olass coal, no dirt, well screened and 2000 pounds to the ton. Terms cash, , : Stove Coal, $14.10 Chestnut Coal, $13.75 Also taking orders for Coke Stover and Cfiest-nut Coke, $10.50 per ton. Get your order in early Tel. 3S00-R Stove Cdal$14.10 f TtT A T T P D Why go to the expense of aj IN U 1 1 Vesllt new roof? U will1 make your 1 old roof as good is new with' Triangle Liquid Root Cement and guarantee same $ . 4 do work from Springfield to Buffalo. EstimatesLgladly given. JOHN' KERINS1, ROOFER 200 Second St. , Pittsfield, Mass. TeL 182 tVrS Heres a Stock i : Money On M . Neverriv as a time when there was so much money f being invested. You tcan make money on a stock of A coal. If you buy it in May, It will be much higher I T inside of six months.- . 1 -1, $ GEOR'GE HOTSTUFF cooper I I 1AII. AxTicuHnral Bank BuCdln PAT'C if COAL mtsrkii itan. CUKL CINCINNATI- Mw r b tA mad aM as ATiri't 7 N, M, by Negrq ccmpacy fear tst announced purpos of elevating tne Negro fro "time-worn ro,e ef clown or vandal in the preser, cinemas, LONDON Engl. ahmen who to ee RimSan actor here iur,t be on time. The actors, have giver, notice they will wlk off lb stags if anybody i ahown to seat during the performance, - j BELVIDEHE.'nTj A copper m.r.e 300 year oid ha bten Junked. Eariy settler usd to transport or 170 m,le by cx cart ar.4 Ship It to Holland, Machinery recently installer fey the latest owner has been told to. a junk dealer, T . ROOMER, DISPLEASED SHOOTS AND KILLS WOMAN HOUSE OWNER Miss Kate Belmont. 33, wa shot and Instantly killed sin her home at Hudson, N. Y- yesterday.! Alexander BrizelL a roomer in her house, was arrested on a charge of murder. Police said Brfzell cam down stairs to dinner and found Mms Belmont and four other women at the tahie. He became enraged, they said, wlien he found a woman l in the seat" he was accustomed to occupy. Guarantee If N-Rip Sit rip wr mien, we will give yee UW - Suit FREE. A North Street Nut Coal, $13.75 ! t ! You Can Make jj I J r . i 1 i i r t.u tL

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