The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1932
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Served by the United Pres* BLYTHEVILLE VOL. XXIV—XO. U ni>tlU!Vllle Daily lllythvvitle Herald, HievilU' Courier, When Rods Bankers' Demurrers Tem- poranly Overrule:); Jury Probing Dealh In Fire. Oeimirers fi!o;t Monthly in tlv . eases of ,1. F. rtoilci-lcl: and Earl j Utxlcrick were temporarily over- [ • . ruled by Jucliie Ncill Kiliniuh Jasl ! '. nlRhl and trial of tli? former j .' Li-udivilk- hankers wns ."ft for! ; Tuesday of next week. i The former president mid cash- ! i ier of tin dctimct institution :\r cliarucil wltii iira-pfing deposit!! ! with bnnwlcttui! ihat the bank was ' Insolvent, 'file deinnrrers raised i Ihc sanv, issue as in the A. B.' Banks c-.i'.e at Oscrola nni! in Ills' :i|:|ienl to the sii]:nme court from Ptilnskl circuit conviction. The question, raised lor the first jj«e in the Banks cas:^. j ;; whether :• buik is bj.solvL-ni u-Hbin ih? »' a 'ins of . Arkansas strumes unlil i tank examiner lias found (lit h- uililics or the institution to be in c.vcess of ils asrats. The Roderick demurrers also s:t forth that none o( several other specific grounds THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEIl OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST IHKVILI.K, ARKANSAS. WKDNKSIMY, AIAKClT:!^" Dallas Newspaper Fears Collon Acreage Increase IMUM.S. Ti'.v.. .Mm. 30 (UP)-, Thi-ie Is danger' of expansion ol co: (on di-wigo In 'IVxus despite 1 cromnuk- factors opi'i:i(!ni{ u^alnst cxivss pluming, tho 13nlins Ntws .il today. •There Is dimmer of colton ox- panlon as (lie season gets later mill thoiiMuids ol ueres :ire still unplnnlod In all aimillps," Ihu News paid. The News pointed mil. iioivcvcr, that drylni! oul ot soils Is proving it drawback to (imeral planting of |crops unrt may risiilt In i-ro]> shlfls if Ihc fondltlim pros-ills two wci'kb ilontKr. SECT! IN j Doctors Predict Armorci -« ; Youth Will Enter Coma S Wlien Exhauslcd Kfforl lo Strike Out Ban on Mall taws R o a cl s Bonds Is Defeated. UTTI.R HOCK, March 3D. nn>> -The "Park Hill" .wi-ttun of Ihe Crinl'um-l.iTlhi' bill for irdmdlnr "Id road improvement dWilct lnmrls lumx'd die m.ijor stumbllnc liloi'k I" li'ulslniors In ihc IHIIK? to.tiiy. Tin 1 bill, phu-ol on MVunil lu-ar- i inn for uiiii'iulmrm. \\:is nri;u:il im- i'il Ilii- ses-slnn uiljuunii'd until 3 | li m. A motion ' »iy lj<>p. Oooch. chuii:- <l by K»'p. Curl Is Cnmion with bi- Bandit Explains Robbery Is Only Way to Get Cash HliAUI.KY, Ai'k., Maich III], ill[>) —A mhlilh'-jigrd baiWH «ho-, • companion might hav,, bn.,, his s n n Hunk of Hrailley imlny u [ JK.UIHI a.s (liif "only wuy lo jjcl Iinuls duriii« tin 1 depression," "All we want Ls th,- money," lh c I'lilei'ly bandit (old Mrs. J. w.' M,-rl: iiMlsliiiil i-nvliii-r, ••Kverylliln,. K .,..,' Unlit- this Is (ho only »,iy »-i- VP not of yelling II," Tim robber i's<-;ipe.-| n|i|] |,| s - I'OiniK companion utter pl,i< Inn Mis Mivk 1111,1 her ion Jrn-k In (\ w vault. A pussi: follo\\Hl I -r b.i:idil loivni-rt tlie LoiiMiuni 'line. SINGLE COPIES- FIVE CKNTS - llnnls Slayer of Sw<:rllioarl TO IES1 Victim cl ih t - clash between WaMnnston police and Com MEMPHIS. March „„. .„.,_ Doclois continued tu:lfiy In thi'lr belief Gerald Plckens. 21-year-old ;ii"n stricken front (he hill. ! i A hubbub, caused by th» motion, i U1 '-.- '.MS_similar tu (he Unlit i,, have th-' (vivo Arkansas Town i. With Supplies for Slrik- % crs in Ky. Mine Field. MKNA. AiJt.. March III), i .._ Ground Squirrels WALI.CWA. Oregon. for indictments were allied in the true bills and that the indictments, were In a -manner, bast':! on a conclusion. It is possible dial Ihe,- su prcmc court may hand down a dc- nlslon in A. n. Bunks nuijcul from Piilaskl circuit conviction Monclny. If a reversal on r-.i-oundr, of the issue ns to the question of the bank's .solvency injected into the appeal is si-anted II Is likely that (lie temporary order over-mini" Hie Roderick demurrers here 1 w li? set aside and lhc dcimirre sustained. Otherwise Ihe Leach-1 ville bankers will go to trial Tues M day. j „ 17 Mnrc True Hills | KOOITi. Seventeen true bills were re-1 turned hv the grand jury early (his morning bringing the lo-al returned since th? jury oninrd ils sessions Monday to 28. It Is believed that most of the indictments \verc returned asainst prisoners now held in trv> county jail al- thntiph conn alta-^hcs declined to reveal the Identity of persons nam- .. cd in tile indiclniciits unfil : 'bench wrifrnnrs-ar." served. A rjrand jury probe, into Ihc drntli of Floyd McCormick-. Clear Lake farmer, in a fire which de- st<-avrd a rooming house licre on March o was revealed torlny when witnesses, known to have been cnlled for questioning, were closeted with tile jury. Rumors which WiTC circulated after the Tire were investigated by officers who declared the reports to be groundless and Ihe investigation was rimnped. Revival of llv> investigation on the part of the grand jury was at the instance of the -ie-irl fanner's brother, it is understood. Two brothers went on l'"il in circuit couvt r">re lorlnv. Walter Havnes was convicted this morning of sellhiR liquor and piven n one vear prison sentence. Trial ol Hugh Haynrs. charged wlih assault wilh intent to kill closed this afternoon ,is the jnrv retired at 2:30 o'clock. Hugh Hflyncx is accused of attempting to kill Zcrta C.m'nes. A shot lircd by Ilayncs did not hit Oaines but struck Mrs. .linr I,vlle in the foot. Haynes admilM firing the shot but claimed Gaincs was^ndvancin? on his house in, the" Gainss quarters at the lime.! ^olh are recosni?.?;! police char- | yacters and ill fecJinsj hns existed I between the pair for some time. [ Efspite Inclement weather th:> i c^Tciiit court room on the third i floor of the county courthouse j was packed, manv of the onlookers however being witnesses called for other cap.?s and to appear before the grand jury. Verbal exchanges Iwlw.^n state and defense nltvs. often caused a ripple of laughter to run through the crowded courtroom, s. T,. Gladlsh. bia husky voiced chief nroscc.ntor. transferred his activities from the grand jury chamber lo the courtroom to Assume personal dir.rclion ol cases tried today otter two days assist- ins the grand jury. His assistant. N'oill Reed, retired [o aid Ihc grand Jury. • - Marcus Pictz and H. C.. Partlow, court stenopraph-ys »nd vouni! altornevs were appointed by tlie court lo represent Hnvncs. They frroitonlly clasl'rJ with Prosecutor Gladlsli ns the drew to a close. It took n jury earlier today only n short time to return a verdict poiivlctinq Waller Kaynrs of selling liquor. The state presented i witness who testified to the nuv- radicak' anti-J.-ip.ini-si.' de.'iionslr.uion. riot was quelled afler sneral minutes of saivjinnary combat aiu! twenty of 'the paittclpHnls in ihe riol WIT, Lindbergh Negotiators rf. No Developments •' NORFOLK. Va.. Mar. :10 1UI 3 I — Tilt- Norfolk trio negotiating \vith a Broii|i vl siiuiiosed kldnajiers lor I'll-' return ol crmrlvs A Undbor«h " in ------ -' urn o rmrlvs A Undbor«h ^j Oklahoma Governor Hides ' ^ cn(ts °i! ay vcpol ' ted " na <levpl °i!-" From Reporters in Hotel ' Tlie R " v " n<ibion re.ic R one of Hie three, niinuiinced ..... lie his colleagues were nctiiiy "at the rent'Mt of Colonel Lindbergh, made personally by him." It was indicated (here had been no communication with the contact man of (he group since th-. return yesterday of the Rev. Dou- MEMPHIS, March 30. (UP) — Governor William II. "Alfalfa Bill" Murray of Oklahoma, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, today barroil newspapermen - lrr.m his room and scut word to ho-i son Peacock from n visit to Col- tel employes he wanted to see no oncl Lindbergh. Interviewers. The.' Okiahoman, who Jast night competed his campaign ot southern cities, slipped inia tmvn unnoticed. "Hell no, i don't want to see you,' 1 lie told newspaper reporters after they had found him at a hotel. \ He went Into seclusion in his room. The hotel clerks were informed lie was not to b; botherel faci lie is able to talk ami seeks to move Ills linnds and feet. The youth, in a delirious condition, has been crying and .shouting nlmust continuously since Sunday night, lie Is. however, doctors said, nsk't'ii and unaware ol Ills pleadings. I'lckens. normally an active ix>r- fou, bccame^so violent earlier in (to week hospllnl aulborllles EIMJI- peil him hand and fool, in bed. They Mill he wiii.lil (hop i,,| 0 n coma when he exhausts himself. His case and (fiat of ,I-je Hu?S")s, Q-ycar-old slecpinc sickness victim who l«lay rrtiiHinm hi his 102ml day in a coma, hav attracted wide attention. (UP) — lliqus.'inds of ground cqttlrrels have '.'irj out of their ground nests ,'.iis spring and reached the snr- :ac5 ihrcirgh three leet ol snc-.v. Many have starved. Memphis Authorities Arrest Suspects in Beating of Night Marshal. Davcupori Convention Al- •I'lioii Included i» uw Drown bit] Coll| montt<'iilih the subsequent battle to Ime it removed, A motion lo Imve the amendment pnslponcd liKlcllnllcly w-is adopled. Rc)i. riolicrt Elwrtinrdi of Crll- U'liilen county Introduced mi am- j'llineul (o -have fiiserUil In the •omth Uem of section four of Ihe JJll Ihu folloivini;: "Such amonnis as mny bo nec- '•.«ary (o pay interest on road improvement district bunds not on rtr- IKWII bill subji'd lo deposit with a niislee us provided In the ncl." Tills, according to KlXM-hardl would force those holding bonds lu tni'ii tlK-m in. Action on I hi; soialc concurrent ..... ^ p, n .|.| l); . ()f Wnrre|1 - - mine area ueu- ussiir- th vd this afternoon sl.Ully L-.MIHV IcavliiB they would Imve lci;iil rcn- rcsenlatton ir arrested wlion en- ti'vlng KcnUtcky, Rojjcr N. ll.ililwln. dlreclur of (he American Civil Liberties union wlicrt I're.sldent Liiclan Koch of (he collcne llml legal iissishmic would bi' fiii'iiklinl (he party 01 live p,.,suns K they were nrivslnl. Koch said [he dcli-Katiun wonl<l ni'i'lvi! In l.lltl<! uoek lo sppinl the nililit. MKNA, Ark.. March 30. lUl') — Overull-clad sliulenls stood In Die doorways ol the crude |o s lulls of Commonwealth colleyu and ivavcd to thi'lr cnll.-ue pn'siileiil uriis of Warren er coeije |irejiii!eui t:i csiend the »>M|<IH some ,'!0 days h 1 " 1 " deleaallmi of fclloiy sludenb Id torrn nrniinm.- i.- who lef state and county Kovernincnts" ! s srlvjdulKl lo come up in that body Thursday. nihon Repeal. DAVENPOHT, lotva.. Mar. 30 (UPl—Gov. Pranklin D. noosevelt of New York has added For Budget Balancing Tax Measure. a ,, d chnse of n quart of liquor from Haynos. Th- defendant put two .'nil mates on the stand, who testified that they were present at 'seen Haynes' house one tlmi when the prosecuting witness visited nnd that no liquor was sold to him. Sain Wins Acquittal K. ,\r. sain, manager of a Big Lane dance hall, was acquitted of n charge of rnnnliiT n dlsordcrly liouse by a Jury this morning. Trial pi Sain, who had sppealcd from a lower court convicllon on Hie misdemeanor charge, occupied prac- (Continued on page Six) MBMPms, ^reh 30. ,„„_ fe ^*&SS£ Ta IT* " ..r^wSsr^rM^s'^- 0151 - 1011 " r °" ibiu °" — and Osccola, Ark., officer investl- Alt»r lioosevelt had gated a klrinnping plci antl an at- k on a nijht marshal at Reiser. — -- ,—.s are held here i and the others arc in the county , Ark. F ™ r °f "«= - ' mc ,,t to the state throi B h c- '' „, Tf' tutional conventions ' y wllh " Ait«r lioosevelt hid l-nnnn-im i""™ 1 •""'s.' ed a motion ^s m de o dc™-" '> h u , "" c " ' ° "'I ; nale Gov. Win. H. Murray as second choice. The motion fnilcrt for lack ol n second. The prohibition resolution was T-I ' ..~ T v ° '''.., L " c proinunitin resolution Elmer Womact, night marslinl at adopted almost tmanimouslv. Keucr, was lo come to .Memphis! today to view Uie suspects held) Stcele Pastor's Wife r n consoiwt- S return! ?"" "PP'"™ 11 ™ 5'"'^-- ranillll = Pl«i> 'or n bal- t ended factional n B hls l ? m "' C °™ ml r "' cmlc reds, won another victory speech today. here. He was sei«?:l by four n:tn IMonday night, beaten, bound ami left- in a drainage tlilch novCi cf KeiEer. The men told him 3f kid- naping plans which they warned , the marshal not to Investigate. | Undergoes Operation 'S by his . ,, UI1J Hep. Cannon, Democrat. Missouri withdrew his substitute proposal to abolish the privilege of consolidated tax returns. Cannon explained his act by saying he wanted (o "follow the speaker." The house then adopted (he rcc- | , " " • ««-«i\*n 'TMIUVill.1 who Ipfl today for Harloii, Ky., wllli supplies for striking miners.' Lnclan Koch. 24. Ameilea's ynung- •i college pruMdnit. wtlli li-riii- students will "nllempi. to make u li'si case on the rlsht to carry supplies through (he ijuardcd conl towns." An nllempi will be mmle to have a liming before Governor Ufloon ot Kentucky. Enslern cnllege ,itu- ' denls were heard by the governor but iteren't given any encouragement, .. . r .. ., -Via ivlll seek (lie cooperation of CTStcin. labor scliools," Koch said, "and an allempt to jet the i-oopjr- atlon of university groups all along the way will be mode. A wire has been sent Senator Costlgan asking for a federal Investigation. We arc not communists,. "An attempt will be mndc to gel by deputized mine superintendents on (he highways. Not only are we orlngitijf supplies to (Me miners but we have a bill ot rights for the sheriffs, commonwealth believes anything worth believing Is worth doing something iiboiil," Koch said The purpose ol the school Is lo train leaders to spread the labor movement throughout (lie world •The party will be In Little nock this afternoon mill Memphis Thursday, other stops are at St; Louis. Cincinnati, Frankfort Ky., nnd Lexington. Expect Judge Priddy to Announce for Governor LITTLE ROCK March 30 I UP) net the attackers sought an official \ stccle M O; "mideVwen'i"n m'i'fa"™" i " 1 "" l . lon aml a tax of 13 ' 5 JW cent -Belief Jiid BC A ' F) Priddv of i J ,,^7w^,== : Hr-" = « - F"'—--- - - cairS£«' ? Trw^ T^'ir ImM imrn ,-,-i-n fi, n ir . y . _ 13 nor rfint urpviflncl,. ™*.~ . i .. , , 7 bu'viuur was ex- LOcal officers exprc.s.-cd the b,--' cf lief the attackers sought an official |s( CC ] c MU™ March 3 0. ,OP,_ ! Sitcc ^15 ^ leSn' jtoH.W. Doss, wife of the pastor |n consolidated return for • ( •"• *'»i«i.vM i^'Linik LUT ;i COT- church at jporation and a tax of 13.5 per cent n^ninv ^T\_ i ^., „: ._ .. ' tvilv The lo'.ir held here gave tlieir names 25, Biidgeirart. 111., Norman I,. ' SOO H Campbell. 31, Ridgely. Tcnn., Prank ' iisiitton. 27. Memphis, and Margaret Miller. 25, of Hollywood. Those held at Osccola gave (heir » Mnrion ,« Thornpson. L*^,™" 5 S111a r' 1D stco:i thf °"- •idseuort. 111.. Norman 1. '"' Cn Wc " ail:l "- r co.ldltioa wj. Flax Onler Pl.irnl —^^w. ». v >*• f- -^u^^«... &t ..v. iI.V.IL POrvTLANr). Oregon, fUP) n« as 'Bear" Virgin. Bill Dor- Rrali/^llon ol Hie future in Ihe '- sey, clovis Clayton, anil Virgil Ran: kin. All lo ! .:r live near Kcisor. [Says Jobless Miners of Arizona Eat Dogs "EL PASO. Tex., March 30. (UP) —Unemployed copper workers in , Arizona are eating dogs, Hoval A. i Smith, technical, advisor of the I Arizona mining commission, .<ra:d i here tcxjjy. "A crisis faces the mining in- j dustry o! the southwest." Smith said. "Its only salvation Is a protective tariff. The domestic indus- ' (ry cannot compete wilh cheap for- ,cign labor." infant flax industry of Oregon was believed near with the placins nl an order, by Se.irs. Roebuck & Co. v.itli the Salem Linen Mills ;•«• goods «'crtli mrre than Sl.OOO.OOfl n year. 13 po'r cent previously rccommend- <-d and K per cent In the existing laws. GOLD BEACH. Oregon""('up) — Trm fry «rested an Important angling honor from his old rival "H.ilnboiv" Wilson here by catch- ins tlin fir^i Chlunok salmon ol the sprn,;, rlm . The 3C-pound fish was outfit earlier than a Chinook ever has been caught hcrc- tcfore. pressed lierec lo^ay. K WILS believed (he nnssellville man would announce in the Stin- <lny tnpors. He Is MTV|II£ jib tenth year on the bench, Trees Old Apr Insurance , former stale legislator, plans to set out 50 filbert trws next spring to provide him \Ulli nn Inrcme "In Ills old ngc.' 1 He is 8s. The trees will bear in about seven years. -. Stephen Ratlin (above), 42-year-old Swiss trapper I i , to r n r, «" "' Texans Build Fisri j Dams at Festivals i AUSTIN, Tex, (UP)—Fish dam cstlvals" are being held on stream ,. . . -- I "inks throughout Textis this sprlnj urnisn explorjr wrx^ as four-foot, dams are constructed seven years ago in the I to preserve the state's supply ot rosso Jungles of Brazil,, fish has caused an international sensation. Raltln, returning to i)| 0 Janeiro, reporlcd that a whlte- , ' 0 " l cpmfiit, trowels lunches, farmers and spsrtsnun co- j operate in building the small dams, j «,»« ----- Mi" "•""•- operate in bulhtlng me small dams. d Tl S B , Fi>WCCtt " ndcr tne supervision of an engi- ' 0 '"' > * ou ' *-"[JH» c i/UVJ miles from Dead Horse Camp ihe tost outpost of clvitoation i n the niazilian wild lands. | Commission. Nearly 200 such are to be built, creating ponds whl"h are stocked from state fish hatcheries. Tells .Girls Who Hold Johs They CJJM'I Mix Romance and Kusiiioss Tho Kir] who makes social ciigajfrnirnts diiriiijr office lioni-.f anil "steps out" w itli acfiiiainlancos mot Ihrnnpri, imsiiiess association is makinp a serious niislake. aiwiviiiifr to ftFaliol AlcKllioU, author of sc- I'inl love sttiries, Jfiss Mi-KllioU's newest romance, "The ilmi Ihinf- ci's," is a romance of the IniRincs? worltl. Susan Carey, thr licnine, is secretary to a Chicago architect. Susan loni;s for romiince and gaiety liut when she tries to liml it in dates with Jack Waring, her superior at the ofiko, she is (tuick to learn her mistake. Oil'.oi' pirl workers are important chnacters in this serinl. You can't afford to miss a single chapter of "The Man Hunters." It begins today in the Courier News. . tin 1 riMimlnclfr ot her life a mini hunt, Miss Alice Olson it). HUOVI-, Is nlvIng nt muS ( nsslst.- mre lo San i-Ynm-iiro. Ciillf., p:il- ., uvl . ,„ *<•. In their nm-rti fur (h, f e men In rash >vho killed ICT n,incf. I'uul Hnn- -uii. when IKJ founhi ,,ff (iiclr at':'»i|i(. tu nllm-k her. Miss Would Prim New Currency, Thus Avoiding Strain on federal Budget. WASHINGTON, Mar. 30 <U1>>- ••' The minilMK of Prrsdli'iit Hoover nualnst inn p:iymenl of velerhiw (•fliii|K>nst(iaii eertincal«i al nn rs- • unlink cwt of $s,t(io,oao.oafl ims UiroMii (In. fun ,,|. ire O f W |,| tn House tllsnpiii-nvnl <m u subjrvi thiil hns bi'i'n sibling sllmi ti'cniilh In cnnijm.s in drflniira il all Inslstciife ihe builijel .|xi Coiiflrcss is fitruup.llnR lo find . (l.COO.DOrt.nw In new ivvenne. Al ilv"i Kunf Minn Iliert' Is sliaplnt uii fliili'lly bu( with (he ajipareiU In- .- I'Vlhihleui'ss of n juggernaut' a' (u illstrlbntc' Iwlre this sinii 'ly to world win- has vowed (a spend ilie rest of 1m- lite If necessary )„ i rac k t | cwn ^ Ma. . EIGHTH IISTBICI l.iltlc Aclmil Improvement Bui Outlook Described as Better. ST. LOUIS. Mur. 30 (UI'|_A1- lougli slliilil advances In the volume of salt* In some lines uvrc offsett by recessions In others tin Improved sentiment prevails In business clrclts in the clghlh federal rescn-e district, according lo Hie monthly review of trade by the [tdernl reserve bank. "In n llmlteil number of lines sales volume was Rrcaler than lost yfnr. However, lav. prices placed the value, of the.- alock turned over below last yrjir," (lie review raid. ....... "nools. sbtws, dry goods, chemicals, drugs, and some foods and hardware showed an upward trend. '.While Ihe purchase of goods continues on an extremely conservative hasls," tlie review said, "there Is more of n disposition thtm heretofore to replenish depleted stocks and fill out assort. The number of bank failures' In February was much smaller and this record Ims continued during the first half of March. "The rato of withdrawals from financial Institutions receded also." A fall In the. slagc of tin; Mls- , as an "Important develop- Nations Nurses Will Meet in San Antonio Public Health Nurslnj and the Na tional league of Nursing E-hicatl-n prize of 528000 will meet concurrently with the nurses' association. Presiding officers will be Elnor;, E. Thomas, cf tl:e University of •5Ti virBTOKV R "iiiiiiiis. ci ire university of Gcpiiart annoimcert the flight P o,. u ' 0rfB0 " 1 (UP) ~ Ores™. prcsWeni of (lie American would be mode either from Boe- I . ^HCniainillCr. Inmirr cl^fn rJlir^rc- Aeen/-lnHnn. T^ll^.t.^n. s* i «;-,.. n ...... ^ _ . ' . Nurses' Association; Ellwbclh C. Biu-ge.w. of Teachers' College. Co- Lumbla University, president ot the iVnlloiial League of Mirslnj Ecln- eallon; dnd Sophie C. Nehxm. til- rector of nursing jervioe. John Company. Boston, president of tl National Organization for Public Ftcallh Nursing. project Is conltilnrtl •- In bill NO. 1, Introduced - by '''- Ui'pir.wnlativc Palimin, Dcmocmt," •'':Texas. Thi; iiiitmiral ni!iiliis.l - I'nlninn'r. i>ro|x).inl Is chiefly (lint *'' (he Bovrinmi'iH cannot spend two . billion dollnis when .It Is already plllne up H IIIIKO dellcjt. • : Tlii" in wmii'tit for (Ivj bill as •iiiinmnrlv.i'11 by I'nln'mu Is ns foK ,.. lows: . ;As (o the cxtwnso Involved — "TliL- paymenl can be made. -, : without mibiilanclUK Hi?, budget, -^ wlllmul n hnnd Issue, without nd- illltonal Icixes, awl without in- : Interest payments by tho - uovcrimiPnl. The pir-sldent snld . noihlns about imbalnncinB ihe when lie wits uonsiiaclhi'g •. concrOM lo give Mellon, Moreari tint! other International bunkers , two billion dollars' through tile: . rcconstrurtton finance corporatioiv' .; or when persuading cmieress' lo Brant a moratorium in fnrrlgn ", coimtrlos." As to where Ihe money would . . come from The natlmml -debt ' ••;m«ni r lucetl tli? " ono lislf ., billion dollars more "thnn vyus rs-. q»lre<l by law.' Therefore the. govr'- eminent could 'pay the adjusted ' corllfleates In full, and still riot , cnriiire«i ^F ' "'-.;... '.YAU ^iiwll „ tllll^l VW) M Hj IF.U l\^^i plated It should under' the: 'schotF ~tr nle for retlrenieht of Ihe national"'' i\'M." ' ' •• WcnW Print Nfffswry Mon-y '-'. <; Pat man sold the gold. reserve :' i'OB sufficient to permit Issuance- '• of two billion dollars in United " States notes, which require only •10 i»r cent gold backing. This, he' •:'. aigtteil, would eliminate payments., which would be Involved In a bond Issue. • '; 'Public- welfara would he prij- '.- moled by snoh a move," -Palinan conllnued. "Tf Ihc volume ol money (s Increased commodity va!- nra n-o'uhl rise, fiirmrrs would .. gcf , prices for Ilieir products, ............. - -""t-v «, nn. ,,i^- i:^^ier puces 101 ineir piouucts, slsslppl river, cllmlnnllng thrcnl ,|,elr Increnscd iiurchnsing power of floods further south, was men- woll id put factories nnd Inner nt , vor k. This Is 0112 way that cnr- rency can be inflated by placln? money In every nook and corner, of. Anirrkn and not by paying a dole or a bonus but by paying a debt." SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (UP) — Members of Ihe American' As^ocioUcn, which has a membership roll coDl.ilnhu; 103,00(1 names, will nuiet here. April 11 lo 15. tor n biennial session. Over -(.OHO nurses ale exper[{Mi. nu?i;u rti-iunuiuitLu association. The National Organfeflllon for from tilers who will nUeinpl to Season Opens for Flights Over Pacific SEATTLE. (Ul>) — Applications, are now being received by Valen- ' tine Gcphart, official of tho Na- • ttonal Aeronautical span Ihe pacific anil win,a cash :| Geuhnrt announced .that two' Americans and n Japanese flier'ha'd- posted-entry fees. Gcpiiart announced the flight Ing Piekl. Seattle, or sVan Island alrporl, Portland, Ore. • Applications can be made until June 1. Gcphart announced. , M:I vicu. junn i.ite nwurancc War Vet With Broken Neck Removes Trass. BROCKTON. Mass. (Upi_N cn r- lyiwo and one-half years a?o. Leon- .irj W. Holland. 35. World War veteran, fell and: Broke his neck In thres places. Broke his ,<plne. I-INCOLiV. Neb.. (UP) _ Fol , r nroke one shoulder, nainllngs have been wiled to the j Recently, alter many months In Nebraska Art As-wclallon by Hie I a cost, he was able to remove the Inln n^r»» ir D .v.,,...., ., . ... , Thomns „„„,. t))U n((od |i(g)j i:i»n the, back of his head and -'— on the lower tarl of his neeS.' Art Association Willed These Paintings .w^.*.».\y l | U j UU lale George H. Rirchard. of Lincoln. v wn," C I " lnltings , nrp ••Prmilrs- )-„• , .„„„ ,„._„, )11:i ilL ., s . i Wilton Ixxkwood: "In Ihe Boric- He had worn UK collar sine? the e orc- e .shires" t>y H. B. Jones: "Osb.iin's .'sccldent. [ Pass" by Louis Alkcn. nnd fine VUn-" by E. Pettcfinst. Tt was stipulated l n (he will that Hie pnlnllnes will lie kept on dis- Dlny at Morrlll Hall, of the University of Nebraska and never dis- POJCfl 01. MArtSHFIELD. Ore20:i, 1UP) — Jolin Smith saw a buck dr-er swimming In Coos Bay — almost exhausted. He hauled lh« buck Intrt his rowboot after It liad sunk once and was near drowning. Smith rowed lo the wooded shore and roli-aml ihe animal, "I (Cfl like a new man." he ssld. WRATHf-R ARKANSAS — probably-frost In northwest lonldit. Thursday generally fair, colder in east and south portions. According to the official wealh- tf observer. Charles Phillips, Jr., the maximum temperature here yesterday was 72 degrees and the minimum 56 degr.Ms. part cloixlv. Today a year ago the maximum tempjr.iture was 61 degrres and Ihr mlnimuni 40 degrees, clondj-.

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