The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1932
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT OUZE III Development of Trans Oceanic Dirigible Mai Passenger Service Seen w KEA When Die nnvv's big r.cs- tllri«l '-' - Akron sails away [rom Us Ne\ •fffr- VOTC port nl Lakclmrsl ii "i? middle nf Anril on fi rrnisc t "-in r>i<"!0 ami pcrlnps Hawaii, j -"! r ,,., v v .:n, lf ._, n n ,l ( ]i(j ou i ? ?rew o r Iniskv and competes youua sai'orr— the hopes nl Amer lean backers nl cominc-rcinl Irons ocrnnic dirigible service. Alrc.-uly bills have been Intro duced in to provide yov ernmcnt assistance tor such lines This u*oiild toe done by flpplvtn" c v lstlii" laws covprnlii*; slcamsliiv operations 10 aircraft. No dlroc' er-vcrnmonl subMdii"! would be In vnlvcd. but it;-' airsh'.ns \YOUld !>' allowed to receive contracts tor <-nrn-int; mail. wlilcli woulil make Uiplr oi»raUon commercially profitable. It is believed licrc that cnn- gressioual approval of these ineas- iircs may well dcoend largely on the Akron's performance ilurine Its comint; Pacific flight. Two cr>rnorfll f ons nf rn adv hnv<- v— T, f^r«wl to rlryclcm pns<rn- f— qi.-ti.i-, iin"* In'cnch of tliem •»•,-> ""Mr<"ir-7"T)D"lln l\nn. huild- ^>- nf t u f Akron, ulavs n proinln- -nt uart. Onn mrnoraHnn. the Tntenm- r!nn-l Z-i'-'e'in Trnns'Wt Cornorn- "<•"!. takes the Allimltc for its ^M. 'As'^ln'erl wicli Good-^'eir- •Vr^»i | n (n n are : such banklnc ir-*i<: n <; (fir, rvitt'ona 1 C!tv Com--•>« T.-v-m-ni Hr 0 ii|i> rc nnd o. M" *fnt-n>i". nrtd such industrial rt-rv-ns QC t)m Aluminum Company 1 -> .Amnr'i") i^d Carbide and fn-'rnrd this nnd c Tc _ on „„,. ,,„„, nf •"• dr. luxe joute Great Dirigible Will Follow BV NO. «3 \V,«,,K. McKEN'.VKV , Arr^ricKn Hrld eP Uisue hand' was uic of Hie Today's most iin ilupllcate cantra'cL louinament hi sevci-iil «ays. ' No iv.'o tables It at Hie same contract. I siifigest thai, you stt l)ii.s jhas up for your friends (it, your ; next IjrKlso party HIKJ S (, e w .|, a[ i-ontrntl, lliey nnally arrive at *A-J-7-2 : VA-K-10-6 »K.9-8.5-3 *Npn? ' NORTH SOUTH A8 • ¥8-5-3 10-7 +9-8-32 46-4 VQ-J-7-2 »Mone *A-K.-Q-J-10-6-5 TUKSDAV, MAKCif 20, 'Continued from Pii.-e 1) '«s been set a., '"city day." g^,^ back to Us chambers and prompt ly in n \eidlct iipliclding lower court's decision mid cn:!jici:ding a $50 fin.' iho cape tcing hll by the pllot.'ess Great Lakes Captain Jo , , llg <oet Congressional Medal, 11 *" Twice more lie came up and each time he had to dive lo escape ihc boat. Tt;e third lime proved a charm, however, and Hie boat went speeding down t!;e river only lo bsacli a few minutes later. Dirigible enthusiasts, who ... t •outwent (hut pas^nger traffic of lie future will be cnn-lecl on -••111 liners, will be walcliliv with onsiilcmble Interest, thr sclioduled ni«ht of Hie navy dirigible Akron lorn Lakehurst, N. J., to Sun Dl- go and thence over tbe Paclllc ii to Honolulu. Picture shows mp of course and the Akron in fllcht. Lower right, progress of •ork on Hie Akron's sister ship, sc Mncon, In the GoodyeRr-Zcp- elin dock at Akron, O. Tile sixth frame Is shown Just as It was ilse<J into p!acc. St. Patrick's Still Amon^ Rest "x;implrsof Col hie Art in U. S. Pl?.ns Formed to Make I Education Cheaper BY DEXTER TKED NEA Service Wrilcr "W voitK — Rcprescnta- l!v .iiics church urchl- ro. S!. Patrick's Cathedral, nnd fn^inrfrs hare rt-jwn ntans for shins to hs used on these? routes. Such shlw wo»W he Hf«rlv twic" the size of the Akron. Tlia Akron is 785 fept Ion? nnd has n cnolc- foo* car>poitv of fi.?ift0.ono. The rtro- shins would be substnnti- Inn"" nrd woiilrl hnvn lic- inrwiruvi an d ii.noo.MO ^ii>-io fnot ran.icitv. Thnv wn»\r| Ix; nbln to carrv an- n*-nv(m^frtiv inn nas^encers each ?>.nd mnnv tun.-; of mall, nnfl wnulrt be fitted elaboratelv to civo tlwlr nnsBont-prs 'comi'o'f ro>nfort. Fv-nti'-iUv. it. l« tni'V nlr<:hi>» o( accommodate the I'ELENA, Montana, tUP) — Ed: lion r.-in be cheaper in 'Mc:i- : ? rdlnnh of the Roman ' r - n!> if "Ions of Chanccllcr - H "• re 1 bay,, chnnied A - Braimoii of the Greater Uni- lo i: lllious since it was dcd- v Mo"t-inn materialize. .'•" i'.' McCloskey In Dr - Brnnnon is mating a sur- V years after the layinj »'cj <I cosls with thj e o ui v.i Tli'e Riuumg Even the opening bid varied Some tables opened wllli 6ne club ~ olhers with lliree clubs tome with fiur—and at one luble tvon five clubs was bid. One table managed lo make a grand oltin—run at clubs but at hearts As they were tlie rnly ones to nr- ; ' I f e grand s.'rtm, I will give ' ; '. . u:ddl:i nl lhat taole, 1. SI;U-(;M-; _n» club. b;d one spade aii.i Nortli .<u!i:!Ed one rpa:!e. This dcnble I'.OiU.i his partner tremendous -. tn th—a willingness to play a ..and at. o.;c spade doubted. Easi o'. his rar.ncr cut with two dia- ~i Soutli bid three clubs. i 1 .'.. passed and Hcrth bid.t.-.ree e rt fast, passed and SoutJ. ::. four diamonds, enii'iiibcr that East had prc- :^l;.' btrt diamonds, so this bid f:ur diamonds by S:uth no :,d.ij5 di i..0:1.1. a i. . »p..iirt in partner's suit, ' ' jrasse . I'-ditcIji • living costs lo in various unlis of Ihc Ore I cornerstone. „ "i archbishops nnd canons •n C-e Afa;'.lso- nv.nne fid- '' s Ire. rlslnj 330 feet sky- rch re. In lh? de-or,Uivc and ecmurlr order of Gothic, aym-. 'oliKs the conservatism that Isj b 'I l-i ecclesiastic structures. It I ?inbcd!C5 the Ideas of the gifted' rrchUcct, James Ucnwick, wlio- t'cslsiiril the msin ciithKlrnl. Tile, i ' ~ . \ r ° l-nd' Chapel, with Its Iwo semi- i re 2" lal10 " 'our, is cwnetl by Mrs •'• ,s C1.1..1) of Onk Grove, nei. .o.mal s» :inci Invil; a s;am. :-i:tl f-ort'.: bid foiT -:o . '" o' ( • r no tni-iy simply .OUL 1 taul ; ejrt suil i.;;:l).o. (1; SI .;>|)«1. passed n;:d touth then .hi. '!• Ion.;. ... "~-s EigrY C'aws | On Each Forefoot. MONTEREY. California, ' (UP) - A cat with eight claws 61 ioot. instead' of [fit. s.We clmpc.'s, was acKsd here. "If lie rcnlly has nine lives ns tTMhollcs in in? m?:r:p,Tli'an f.rcp, i's 70 ivlniows tell :i uraoii- Ic story which cannot be ^dnpll- cnled nnywhere in America. Forty-five are figured nnd U are of c.ithcctrnl (jlnss in necino(ric aUerns. These, windows were made In France, some by Henry — — Ely of Nantes, others by Nict-.olns nimft ' rt ' !1 «. T «e averarje hen's '•:•&• Lovln cf Chnrtrcs. I'crhaps the mcst (ainoiu of these is the Window of the '•l.'S.'«! Virjln. It tells In 16 BELLEVILLE, III. (UP)—On- of tlie biggest Easter eggs ever laid is on exhibit here. The six ounce egg laid by n Buff Orpington hen U raven and one-eighth Inches in diameter, and ten inches in cir- two ounces. Indun Hr.ilth Board Formed MISSOULA. Mont. (UP)--An III- Slan reservation health board—ihe first of ils kind formed in the Unit episodes the story of Mary er attlvicy up through her cs- rh'f/ n" Jn ° S ?! 11 ' "' C blrlh of Ccl Sllitcs-iras 'been" c d"ni Chral. the flight into Esypt. her the nlnckfccl Reserv;Ulon. wiU, death, to the ass-.impllon. headquarters at Broralnf Will N'cw Yori-:. lias sloe-ri for more • ilinn l-.aif a century as a linid- mark which has not been eclipsed by Manhattan's skyicrapeis. Within its cbls'.cred clmpcls Girl Premier Dairy Fanner SAULT STE. MAU1E. Mich. lUPl —Miss Ruth Dennis. 30, has been >•- .named premier dairy farmer of the "••• ] lipper peninsula. Her f.illwr ~ Flannels ors in Roek-fellrr Ccnt-r K York, accorrtmc to the Wes^ne-1 h'eril,e" V fan'n.""hea"nv monsjged Iwise Fleclric Klev.ilor Comnanv. is years nro s>nr<. ti,»i i- i Urtrt beams are to be ,,roiec«,d li^pMd e,ff° ufcTor s e ^, *" across elcvnior cntraucos in such '•»-"-'—• - . . . - -- 1 "' 0 . nilC1 a wav anv ncrron , tn'i>rcei>lln" w«] cos*, a shidow nn .1 'U. ,,,„„„ ,v,,^,. „.„, V( , ?r> )V| Ory»n nr ch/vjt Ihnti hqrlc if (( have started to dote whi>« n i ™>~>~pr Is s'-n.i!no in n- out nf - lablisiieil a lierd of CO of the finest FOTIT WORTH, Tex. tUPI- A '•vr:n):ied, little man came to Federal Judge James c. Wilson to R el he ingredienls for his own recipe or rheumatism, a gallon of wliis- ky. To show his sinceritv >.c rrfve the judge his recipe. He had a tkid iMttlcmake and some herbs In "a jug. He pours ihe whisky over them and applies extcrnallv' FORT WORTH. (UPl-Mrs. JH.-, M. Darden, Texas candidate fo- rnn"T«sman - at-1ar«e, has de- rounced prohibition and declared «he will cami'len rmlv to thoi" • " ' vv '(°ve as sire does. "I shall expect no supoort from tT. I f " 1 J lM ' wl ='»•« of citizens! *Wch bdhrrps all questions in- volvin? the welfare of the human race were automatically settled with the adoption of the 18th Amendment," sbq said. "Prohibition is a ghastly failure and It should be removed fiom the basic structure of government before the private and political s of the nation are desiroy- are That's o a man. n g \w ),;- Flannel suits arc coining; they have an easy informal w a y about them - - and H a r t, Schaffner & Marx have made them easy to buy - - at tin- prices of JL6 y ears ago Effort* »re being made In Greece to 'tonlo « n autonxjbliB spring $24,50 .. ,it to six hearts and o '. whic.. i an> _ .:i , i,' u h wcr.t to wveii hearts. The bid of seven hearts Is. hard./ jusiiricd, as N'orlh could .Just as Queen of spaces as "the nee awl ™"% • .. and still make the same bids " s 1 c has made throughout ttti ..and. The Play There is nothing very interesl- ;i 3 aboul the p!ay as North can • 1 mik? seven hearts, while Hi .ou.j r.iake-only six clubs. Only one table managed to 1 th'j hand at. six clubs. One table played it at two spades doubled In the West and took onl. live tricks. North opened tlie :ins of hearts South played the uecn to force North to lead a small heart. A small heart, WHS played, by ^fflrth and won by South with the queen. Two clubs were cashed b;- South. Another club was led v.-hich was ruffed by \Vest with --, ..vt*. ,:n ,;.•) lu y [JflJ Appeal cases from tha ixilie^ div slon of miinlcipa] court will I, tried on that day. 'Iwo lieruor cases, one a felun and '.lie other a nitelcmcanor cas app^alud trcm municipal cour v.ere uic<! by Jury during ihc firs 'ay of iourt. Jolin Slralnnlre, a former officer '•.urv.'tl with, po.'iesslng n felc'iy. was oulckly acquiltc<l .lllarU Hcrry, Manila blacl--smltli was fined S50 by a Jury whtc! upheld his conviction In miin!cip.-i ourt en :i charge of possessing lm;or for the purpose of sale. The Slrohmirc jury returned . erJicl of acqiiitt-1 after (tic fonn- olflcer had taken the stand 10 plain that at the time of his rresi, while approaching a stil •i:ers had already captured l>e s -hunting rabbits". Areh llh;~ . . a deputy sherifT, tcstmcd liial trrhmire was walking up to the till when accosted by officers. H :aid Strolunire was currying „ oadcd shotgun but offered no rc- istance. Slrolimire aiid he • car 'cd the gun because he wns hunting. Another witness. Leonard Man '. told of visiting the still with ccinpa-.ilrn and findins streh- I-' already there and that Stroh- re o"ercti him a drink and la'?r ;:l:cd him to help him opera :L uistlll. On c.-ois-examlnatio ? ariinitted that Strohmire, while • oirieer, harl arrested him anfl ihat he was subsequently Fined foi gaming. Berry Conviction Upheld IT ihr. Manila blacfcsmUi offered no defense to the evident}of state witnesses. ff e Jat quiu; ly by while officer.-; told of r raid on his shop and -related i: t.elail the operation of a liqi:r i '•' i often thwirted c-Jfor:; secure evidence a-ainst the biu- blacksmith. It developed thcl Bony had oblishmlv expl?liicd t officers the operalion of Ihc trap, uhich when sprun;, sent a quan- •,f Iro. 1 . .v.rnblinj down on ttv d li-r- r b tier. The Jury filed back In'o t.. courtroom soon after retiiing tr <;uire of th r covn if i «•:.:• es e: tial to conviction that llc,u- seized be produced in cour! rir-n being informed that actual J-.AKf-AVOOlJ. ,ijii| _l 1'air found S7 Nlisfffs Cap'.aii) Charles H/Mohr ve-crin' C;I!ANTK I'AaS. Ore. (UP) _ ui l lie (;iv>ni r.^v',. s ' Js '., | TttTisty-seivii f;o!d ntisests, lotoling i rjon' : '" valllc a!J!>iil 5)WJ were found by for his Mt '- !lnii ^ c *- Hob.-tl Burns of f,c-n- Innd- din-in;; a week's e ten of Anodes. North over- .ufled with the jack and led a dia- GEMTHFATRE Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:45 Adm.—JIatinee and Night— 10 and 25c ducilon of the seized ccntrabau vas not 3iecessary th = jury went which was rutfcd by When the club wns returned West ruffed with thr •i':ei', but Nor h overrulfed with he ace and led ru:other diamond, •v' Ich Soulh rutfed. One East played played thr '^nd at four diamonds cloubhd "i':' managed to ,50 (town only .•ec Ticks lr>r.s ICO honrrs. whici; ave him top score en th? boars CopyrWU. 1932. NEA Service, fnc.) RITZ THRATKK Tuesday and Wednesday Adm.—Matinee—Adults 30c Acfm.—Night—Adults 35c To All Students a SPECIAL PRICE- Up to the Seventh Grade 5c All Over Seventh Grade 25c THE SPIRIT OF NOTRE DAMI with Sally Blaine and William Blakcwell Also News anrl Comedy And the Four Horsemen— Sluhldreher. Crow Icy Lavden Miller Also News and Comedy II he given lal of llonoi vulor. tn the ]>a<! <lecade , the vet-ran has saverl 27 lives im- perilled by norms tint wrecl'tM their oi-afl. Ills i^ , u . t of ,, ero . ism resulted in navin-j ten lives ?.ltur their asctl selioowr vas be- ' •IS ;.oi:nJed to pjen-s on - Ihc' . ecfs, i I-ellow ;tiiini>n of the In'.erna- 1 -loiwl £l)ip .Maitcr*' Asscclailon .oted him a special medal for :.J!or nt sci" and now lie will b;; ;:vi-n the Congressional iltdal. i along Grave Creek. ^VVhyGetUp, E At Night? Pilot Chased in River By "Mod^ Motoi-boat CfUCO, Cal. (UPj-E. W Oclom Knows what it. means to own a 'mad" motortoat. Cruising up the Sseramtiiln Rlv- ci; the siwcdboat swerved ana- thicw uni into the water. AS ite cam- to the surface 1)3 had ID liive lo es- I: you are one of (he millions whpniustgetnp several limes a night, your trouble is prob- at>lydu«to an irritation of the bladder and kidneys wlitch tan be corrected. Just try taking GoW Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules regularly. For _ 236 years this fine, old prep- I aration has been widely pre- I scribed for this very purpose C It has helped million* of "I""'; wty not you? 35c £ /ic. GOID MEDAL HAAtLEM Oil CAPSULES GENERAL MOTORS TRUCK 66 HORSEPOWER 6 CYLINDERS I '/a TO 2 TON CHASSIS F.D.B. PDNTIAC BODY PRICES F. 0. E, BODr DEPOT i&efe*$ &0ff&s $$mi SiwurtptaiMusue $iiidua&.*ct,,,,..,K» Viipinr^luoH Open E>PTKI, JJO.OO STANDARD BODIES TO MEET EVERY HAULING REQUIREMENT Every one of the ten bodv types illos<T»l«J .bore ij enfi- rctred (o the U4-2 (on General Motors Track ni-inth chassis. Scren additional models, including farm combination unit, nrc availiblc nn ihc 157-inch whtetbise ehtss's, r.( corresponding low prices. Choice of iwdre eok»s is o?rksn»l atnoextra cost. We canshowyou how rou cinsivo rao«r br stJ^Unj • Uuck rlium ud body M a unit W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES '117 East Main St.

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