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The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts • Page 3

The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts • Page 3

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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THE BERKSHIRE EVENING EAGLE, THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 1892. NUMBER 7G. BRIEF PERSONALS. LOVE AND POLITICS." J. R. Newman Sons. TROTTING ENTRIES Mlaa Acaaa Haraden to Opaa tha Aead- rr tha llark.htra Aarloultural rair H. Cullen it visiting friends is Mrs. E. Dal'on, ar Wadnaadaj Kvaalog. The season of 1892-93 will be opened Bum. The entries for the trotting races of the LADIES READ THIS TOt al Gentleman and Lady Frienit F0U LAWD-1 tie. KfcaaEaataa- aaaS 4.aaat- FOU GENTLEMEN Sr at the Academy next Wednesday evening. Metaa4letrCra Choir. About 75 persons gathered at the Method tl church last evening In rcapoaae to the Invitation concerning the propnaed cborue choir. The choir gallery was full sereril were seated on the pulpit platform, and s'ill others were provided with sea '4 la the gallery. Several hymns were rebeaxaed, and regular rclx-aruia were arranged for. Prof. Llddle la the leader, and J. Arthur Burbank Is president of the choir orgtnl ration. when Miss Agnes Hem don will appear la her new play "Love and Politics." Miss Berndon appeared bere last year la "La Berkshire agricultural fair doeed Saturday, and the list guarantees tome excellent races. There are some 47 entries, and these added to the entries for the colt stake a total of some 75 entries for the various events. The list of entries is as follows an4 Uair rnta a a l-inlmr a I Belle Marie," and delighted one of the biggest audiences of the year. Miss Herndon is opening a number of New England play houses rr 1 1 1 trtktM at imiataia prfcaa Sa a. T. H. ROBERTS. Kfwr. aSJlMfe, a IIHMUnat. Lae tm It Slav aa4.W all ra att 14 larM 41 Miss Norrie Dolphla Is spending a few months in Boston. Miss Daisy Wlllard is home from a sojourn at Nantucket John Drew of Hartford. visiting la parents in this city. Mls Belle R. Van Bergan Is spending a week in Tyrlngham. Miss Emma Corta of South Schodack, is vUldng friends In this dty. John Barry has accepted a position with Curley, McCormkk Joyce. Miss Nellie Flanagan baa returned home after visiting friends in Ghent. Frank Webster is spending his vacation at his home at East Nassau, N. Y. Dr. and Mrs. George M. Wentworth, returned yesterday from a trip to Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. White of Chicago Celery 5c a bead, at Garvin's. this year, and Manager Stempson Is fortunate in securing her for the opening attrac CTitg II otto. The Dust Will not Trouble people For a day or two, And that la one consolation to be derived from a rainy day. An arc light has been placed on the corner of Columbus avenue and Ooota street. A large number from this city attended the re union of the 49th regiment at Will-iamatown today. The work of building a new concrete walk on the north aide of Linden street, began, yesterday. It i reported that Redmond Welch and Jlichael Drennan have purchased a saloon in Danbury of Patrick Buckley for $1,800. Rev. Dr. Clymer's subjects for next Sunday will be, In the morning, "Courage, be not afraid In the evening, "The Blood of Jesus." J. F. Cooney baa sold over $200 worth of tickets for the Bernhard LIsteman concert, to be yen at Central hall, September 7. Wednesday, Sept. 14. 3.35 CLASS, pCRSB $200. I. W. Smith, Lee, Cornwall. A. H. Stickles, West Stockbrldge, spoons at La tion at the Academy. 1770 Pittafield Rue's HOUSE PAINTING F'apa-r hui, Hare Wa4 run av nrtia it a a Sam mil. John. J. Hornbeck, Falls Village, Cornwallls. JJUKX trifOXXCLL. Edwin Hurlburt, Great Barrlngton, Dr. Carver. "Obaeara." Hat Natlrabla. In yesterday's edition of the Sprlccflcld Republican there appeared an Item la the Fltufleld locals that a player named Knox had been secured by the local baae bail team, and would play today agalDet the Waterburys. The Journal cooscirtstiously copied It evening without Irjqulriog CranrlH, rratlaaa, Taaa. CaaT to rtuH tTntrr WE AHE CLOSING OUT. II at a lusillfi E. C. Watklns, Hinsdale, br Er C. J. J. Webster, Pittsfleld br Hazel. A. F. Dodge. Pittsfield, ch Carlos. A. F. Dodge, Pittsfleld, ch Beaumont. Fatherland farm, Byfleld. ch Tootle Laaaa a- titof All llslit weight soods. Irto the matter at all. Manager Williams, -r-Ta when spoken to about it this morninr. aalj at gTCatl rCtlllCCil JITIcCS. I- aC SMftatSH 11 at a -at G. DO such player had been rn raxed by tlra rAXCY OCHJDS. W.f-U)-aTT. rwa. jh. Ti It Is said by a person In a position to know, that the Boston Albany railroad Fatherland farm, Byfleld, blk Arthur. three: MIXCTK CLASS, PCRSK $200. F. B. Cassin, Kinderhook, N. sod that the team that woukl be prtwcuwl la the next game would l-e the ooe rwo-tiooed In hut evening's Eagle ia a4 ar w-i tm -company will begin work on the Curt streat cut, September 4. US II. St. SVaBSall .14 SM, f. t. td, (aaa 1 -a. Shelby. The largest crowd of the season listened Chas. Hill. New York, A. S. A. L. Phillips, West Stockbrldge, lou are'rather in danger of belli? left If you don't hurry up. We haven'i any time to lose, neither have you. Within 10 days we must close out our stock orsummer Clothing. Fall goods are arriving to the Germanla band's excellent concert at Doctor Wilkes. r. lr n. u. aacm. I' tr 1-a i vca maia kukat4 i tj a. are the guests of Mrs. T. II. Richardson. Mrs. Martha Metcalf is visiting her soa and friends for a fortnight at Springfield. Miss Blanche Dcdertck Is visidng at George Sornbcrger's, North Chatham, N. Y. Mlssee Nellie and Lizzie Buckley of New York are the of Mrs. P. W. Ooe wey. Officer Van De Bognrt, after spending hit ten days' vacation in Iludaon. it again on duty. Miss F. I Thomas of New York la the guixt of Mrs. L. U. Bugbce at the American. Eugene W. Backrmn returns tsnlijht after a three weeks' trip as fir west as Ifcn-ver. L. S. Baumgarten and wife and Mies A. C. Miller of Toledo, Ohio, are at the American. Minnie Davis Is visiting at West Lebanon with her mother, Mrs. George Marshall. -W. G. Hayes has resigned Lis portion at the park, last evealug. I he program was Barton, Valatle, N.J Blue Custom honne Cfrun effectively r-fut the cfitold itory that prot-ction hua destroyed our rt-in trade. Under the tariff law of lv.0 iur export trad incrvaM-d pt-r and tiieexjrt vt Grt-at Britain the lame trtoI, ondi-r Democratic frw tPade tariff, rvv-d. per cent Governor McKinley. the finest given thla season. W. II. Perkins of the Third National Bell. Iftllf bank, has a "King's Daughters' pin, plckei O. J. Brusle.JGreat Barrlngton, br IIax' ins 1 IX oniov oct tan tui ia.ii 4 la up on the south shore of Pontoosuc lake. Ben Ostrander. a ai aa w3 aira. The owner can secure it by calling on Mr. 8. W. Tillotson, Lenox, David L. and need Perkins. W. G. Clahasey, Lenox, Lady Har every day the room. vester. Rev. Dr. Clymer of the Methodist church is to occupy the Renne house on J. J. "Webster, Pittsfleld, Charlie Wilkes. A. F. Dodge, Pittsfleld, Carl Ander MIa Ague! lierudon. The play of "Love and Politics" In which Francis avenue, formerly occupied by Dr, HISHTS PAWNBROKER'S lal a I B( acuj at rr rv 1 Laa Uutt BDP CWTBIJ6 fTOtX, ITS Waal atraaC fiawyer. Dr. Tier's family will come to son. O'Rrlrn-In tbla rllv. Aarat 5X Prif'irH vxlfaof lUrnard ii'Hrtfn. a-t Ai Vfn. Flttsfleld In September. A. F. Dodge, Pittsfleld, Lotta B. tnarknl in FLAIX and tirirtlg OXK Miss Herndon will appear, has attracted widespread attention In consequence of ts last act, wherein the heroine at a political meeting, mounts the platform la defense of The Boston and Albany railroad are to Fatherland Farm, Byfleld, Lom Alt ffooilt FIGUltES rniaz. run an excursion train from North Adams Jordao-In ihi rttjr, Tliomu Jordan. afftl S7 yrarm. Krliali Id tt.lo rftr Atftut 3 EiSvard Scliaia. aad jraara. bardy. to Pittsfleld and return, Labor day, con Little Fatherland Farm, Byfleld. J. X. riXKFLSTKJX. her husband who Is absent, and who bad Ethan. sectlng with the excursion train to and from Springfield. The fair will be about been assailed by the previous speaker. It is a Stirling episode and in Miss Herndon one half the regular rates. JUautrtt. C.ned) Many attractions are offered at Pleasure hands it Is stirringly rendered. The speech it self la noteworthy at this ht labor Friday 6ept. 16 2:40 class, pirse $200. I. W. Lmlth, Lee, s. Cornwall. E. Watklns, Hinsdale, br E. Beach on Saturday Aug. 27, for the ben CHOSIEK IJAHTLTfTT, aoLauii tic aav a n. jjSi im FRESH and SALT MEATS. POULTRY, HAM. SAUSAGE, LARD, tte. n. 1 Mattrw Strtat, efit of the patrons of the grand excursion troubles have been so prominent in the public mind, for the relations of labor to capital is one of the ideas brought out the American hotel, and goes to work at Maplewood. Miss Lillian Howard has returned from her vacation spent at North Brook field and Worcester. Miss Mary Doyle of Daniels avenue, has returned from a three weeks' sojourn at Nantasket Beach. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Pomeroy will give a recepdon, tomorrow evening, for their guest, Miss Fowler of Buffalo. Edward Joyce has returned from a short trip to Springfield, and has resumed his position at L. B. Simon's clothing house. John McLaughlin, the popular young clerk at Stanton's, left today for a two- which leaves this city on that day at 6 :40 J. J. Webster, Pittsfield, br m. Hazel. a. making stops at Lee, South Lee, Do want a fxvUiun, hat irm a Iwmm la rent or mil do ym ant frrvaHl ifrc aw any- Ihlnt ynu rLth to mli quick i mum tStWaitl fi umn lit thcDnHu K-mjU Our rjM-kii ratt fiw'Jhrt narrtiiiu of thrtt Unm titeh tcid b4 only tS ccnU until Sept. I at. A. F. Dodge, Pittsfleld, plga most forcibly by the lady orator. Pittsfield and GloversvlUa. A. F. Dodge, Pittsfleld, ch Beaumont. Housatonic and Great Barrlngton. Round trip tickets are only $1.50, which can be had at Talbot Nugent's. Wood TIE SHERIhF MATTER. Fatherland Farm, Byfleld, Tommy rmmiTmiititTTTTiinnirtTtTTmiTTiiiiiiimiiitiiitiTiiii. Fatherland Farm, Byfleld, Callisto. Judge Rnblnaon apeaka Good Wnrd Bi others and Manning's drug store. 2 :50 class, PCK8E $200. CHANCE TO INVEST-10 prr eant to ear, claar ot all azpao Tear, ciaar or for Major Merriam. The North Adams Transcript of yester par rant aax-b aa on tnvaall la ral aatata. F. B. Cassin, Kinderhook, N. La Rue is the man who will furnish the ApplJ to t. CO B.S. REMOVAL KiMs Hosic Tobacco Store large tower clock in the Crane Memorial, Shelby. Charles A. Hill, New York, bhC. A. 8 Dalton. day contains the following interesting article regarding the republican nominee for ViXTANTtD-SSiTO rnl floor tiarrala. Ihla A. L. Phillips, West Stockbrldge, week. BKADLKY BROS, illtaOaid. WANTED-Oond wood turnar. lmroadUla- the office of sheriff Tomatoes 10c, 3 for 26c, at Garvin's. Doctor Wilkes. I. W. Smith, Lee, Chester. lr. FAY KG. (JU I baa tar. Miav The Importance of the office of high OUR ELECTRIC INDUSTRY. O. J. Brusle, Great Barrlngton, br Ben sheriff in its bearings upon the politics of WANTED A a-ood girl for nra booaa- MOVED TO HOUSE'S OLD work. AddIt at oaca to 3U iu; air Ostrander. A. F. Dodge, Pittsfleld, Lotta STAND line on Which It Promise To; Have JLarge Growth, Udil CCHENHY. the county naturally excites a wide interest in the struggle and the candidates for nomination. We recently called attention to weeks' visit In Hartford and Providence. Rev. W. W. Fenn, formerly pastor of Unity church In this city, will preach Sunday at the Grand Army rooms at Great Barrington. John Smith formerly a popular deTk at Manning's drug store, and now a resident of Ware, Is soon to be married to Silas Hall of Chelsea. Timothy O'Brien has resigned his position as clerk with Curley, McCormlck Joyce, and has accepted a similar one with Llnnehan Brothers. Lorenzo Peaslee, son of William A. F. Dodge, Pittsfleld. Lady Hart A NT ED Tabla Boartlam at tha Dtn! The electrical industry which was inaug 4 CottAara Kow aiao a few the merits of Officer Fuller and his qualifi ford. Fatherland Farm, Byfleld, Callisto. urated in Pittsfleld a year or two ago with rooma to rant- ninmn lor a fu do batter plaea In ina Cltr. Mra. L. ELKailh 4 Cvttatra How. 1ST arta fttr. TTVr tan -s -i a rUaa avaewfaw- cf J'hai-aa mmd aari rV Letvt Vv CALL A XI) SEE H1X AXDJCDGZ FVK TCZTKLK cations for this position, and we still retain our estimate of his character and fitness, Fatherland Farm, Byfleld, Little the advent of the Stanley Electric Manu facturing company, is prospering finel; Ethan. FREE FOR ALL, PCRSE $300. and Its steady growth is a matter of con Jor Salt. im in mi mul i in i rxxxxx mini Hlgby, Port Chester, N. Y. gratulatlon not only to its organizers, but Major R. Honest John but a new candidate has appeared whose ability and availability must lie considered. This candidate i Major F. W. Merriam of this village. His name is suggested by leading republicans in northern and central Berkshire as a man of admirable qualifications for the position and of exceptional Vest Stock bridge, A. H. Stickles, Sam Hill. to every citizen of this goodly city. The announcement has been made that the Stanley company Is to occupy the balance SALE All nT honhold afTacta. con-I atotinK of oua aDtlo rbambrr suit, one plah arlor dlniDi." taila and rhafrv and all kltrhao furnltura. ItKO. HF.V1EN-WAY.M ElmatrwU tfdT Edwin Hurlburt. Great Barrington, of the big Morton building on Clapp ave THE BEST LAUNDRY WORK tV dry It ot tV -1 Pittsfield Steam Laundry, Summer Street- Dr. Carver. J. J. Webster, Pittsfield, Cheplts, Jiue. and while that of course signifies blark horara. re 1y)H SALE A fair of fln vrara old. Uuod alvl growth, it does not give any ral indication wrll niU bed, lirht aarb. F. M. Dodge, Pittsfleld, H. J. Rock- of how the concern is really branching out KKI.U Fneter broke alnalo and dnubla. Apjilyor aitdr N. Ha; lioiu-e. Weatlteld. M. litdTS well. A. J. Dodge, nttsficld, ch Carlos There has iust been shipped from the Peaslee of this place, has been a guest of his father the psst week. Mr. Peaslee Is one of the progressive and 'successful merchants of Pittsfield. Chathim Courier. II. n. Huycksof New York, one of the guests at Maplewood, while playing lawn tennis yesterday, slipped and fell, badly spraining his right knue. He was taken to his horte th morniDg. David L. Evans left last nltiht to attend the big jkjw-wow of the Red Men at Gloucester. He will attend the meeting of the Grand Council of Red Men in Bton, tomorrow, as a representative of Mohcgan tribe of this city. Edward Schale dii'd at his home on Division street this morning after a long Illness. He was TS rears of atre and an oil Stanley 500 light transformer, which SALE -Stock, fixture, and will of Fatherland Farm, Byfleld, blk Arthur. iiiiiuiininniiiiimiTTirmiiiiniii fact is Important to a degree best Fatherland Farm.Byfield, ch Tootle one of the iKrirwtt buiinw Mtoiv in Iterk. shire County. 1.1 aue of Hawkina. tfa.D Fatherland Farm, Byfleld, Honest lien. WOOD CARVING, A-rt-Th -t t.ntm Axr T-m mn t-rVI The entrlei for the running races, which popular strength. Sheriff Crosby has many advantages in the contest, and the republicans must select their strongest man to secure a vic tory. Major Merriam has many claims to popular support, lie has excellent practical ability, attractive manners, a wide experience with men and remarkable self command, courtesy and courage. He has a fine record as a soldier, and Is a memlier' of th a Grand Army. He is an architect aud builder and some of the most attractive buildings in our village re built after his designs and under his directions. He is now a member of the inspection department of the, police force of the state. Laving charge cf factories and public bulldlDgs. In this position he has exhibited marked efficiency, vlgllence and will take place on the last three days of tte 50 Itftlt. do not close until September 10. jLa Rue's. 18k wrought gold rings are 'IO KENT For a trra of ear, ttie llubbell firm. Aiuilv bv lt-tt-r or In irrMD the gold not cast JIL'UHELL HOMESTEAD. LaneaUoro. 3lJT6 resident of Pittsfleld. He leaves a wlf. DOOR PLATES, SIGNS, PICTURE FRAMES MOULDINGS, ETC. WILLIS WHEELER, 95 Cclnnbas Atc, PittsMl PITTSFIELD HORSES- In Room. tfd rp KENT Farni-liel Kroat quire at l'l Mrivliie at- Entered far the Kacet at the ltig Chttt- and' three daughters. The funeral will take place from tr, Josephs church Stur-dayJ morning at 3 o'clock. Announcement is made of the engagement of Karl O. Cyrus' of Carl Hydren's drug store, to Miss Matilda the oldest ham Fair. I II r-r-M realized by the electrical word. When the Stanley company was organized, 50 light transformers were the rule, although 100 light machines were made- To get higher service than this it was neccssary to bank or concentrate the small transformers. The Stanley company has In turning out this large transformer which has an" of from t6 to 97 12 or thereabouts. To get the same result by banking five 100 light' machines, the efficiency would be reduced to 80 and fhe saving gained by the larger machine, is very great. The Stanley transformers are acknowledged to be the best In the market, and uo? that the large ones are succesff ullymade this branch of the busi ness promises to grow to large proportions. But it is not alone in the field of transformers that the Stanley company seems to hae a future. Mr. Stanley has invented and his company has constructed a new motor, which, if successful, means a great ileal to the company and to Pittsfk'ld. The The entries for the races at the coming fidelity, and at the expiration of his term pon s.ai3. A nice lot of Feather Pillow at 1.7 per pair. P. L4tDO, Tb Rroatatfr, South linrrh Mrert. fair at Chatham, N. closed Saturday Governoi Russell promptly re-appointed night, and some 115 horses and colts weie him although several democratic applicants desired the place. He is regarded as one entered, this being an almost unprecedented- WARNING LIGHT of the most valuable members of that im F. Umm aa4 naaacer. ly large number, Among the entries, we find the following from this city. portant force. We need hardly assure republicans that the Major-Is a republican of unswerving faith and fidelity. There Is no First Iy, Tuesday Sept. 6, 1898. 1 daughter of Jacob Gimlich. The young people are to be married Thursday, September 8 at the bride's home, and scores of friends will join in the heartiest congratulations. Albert Pujlbll and Dr. F. A. Myrick of the New York Bicycle club and W. II. Francis and J. II. Marsh of the Massachusetts Tourists of Boston were In this city over night. The New York wheelmen rode from their home to Boston and are now rc-turnirg with the Boston wheelmen as their guests. doubt that Major Merriam would receive YEARLING STAKE RACE for Foal8 of 1891. Meadow Farm, ch colt Adams, by Aris- tides. the united and enthusiastic support of the republicans Of this district and a large vote in this town. He has no enemies and no vulnerable points for attack, but has a WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31. Grand Opening Attraction I The Great Heroic Actress, AGNES HERNDON, In her netc Spcciacular Cmly, Meadow. Farm, ch colt Hianatb, by America. construction of this motor permits the transferring of the power a long distance Meadow Farm, br colt by Almont, large range of affinities and the respect of all parties. It is the belief of the republicans who present the name of Major Mer Jr. ou small wires. This result is partly made useful by the aid of the Stanley transform Meadow Farm, filly Omemee, by Sun reaches 20c quart, at Garvin's. Mora lo( Poisoned. er, and therefore the success of the mo tor ny Clime, i riam, that he Is the strongest man yet named and that there are good reasons for "AMBITIOX," or "LOVE AXD means that the making of transformers will be given a great impetus. Thus far new motor has worked well, but there yet the conviction that his nomination would sweep the county. This is a question that remain for it many tests before its efficien The dog poisoner has again ttarted to make himself felt. A dog owned by Daniel O'Connell on Melville street, was poisoned yesterday, and a dog owned on Lin coin street was also poisoned yes SEE the republican convention will carefully consider. Remember that Crosby will cy is fully demonstrated. Meadow Farm, Sahwa, by Arlstides. 2 :40 race: Purje $250. A. F. Dodge, Olga. A. F. Dodge, ch Beaumont J. J. Webster, br Hazel. Second Day. Wednesday, Sept. Jf; TWO-YKAB-OLD STAKE BACK. A. D. Gale, Clara Renne, by Chas- should it meet with the expectations of make a stout fight and that his trained terday. The number of dogs deputies will do their best to elect him. Mr. Stanley, ft would insure for Pittsfleld an industry which would far exceed the capacity of the present home of the com- that have been poisoned on Melville street. Other things being equal, the republican The Tetl Tale Lore Letter. The Stolen Camjniiffn Fund, The Great Mask Bait Scene. The Duel and the Masker. The Joint rUUicai Debate, Miss Herndon' Great Labor Speech, This Great Actress, This Great Flay. PRICES, 5.5c, 50c and 73c, Advance sate Monday at Bvyales Gregory's, AND HEIR Is getting quite large, and somebody In the neighborhood will probably be called to account before long. pany in the Morton building. convention should nominate the man who will best unite the republican party and attract the largest vote. terlard. Meadow farm, Shaw-Shaw, by COLUMBUS AVENUE GRADE. Jacobin. Conaidarlna- The Plan of Catting Down Meadow farm, Dahlnda, by Sunny Prompt Is a big word with La Rue. WatermeUona 35c, at Garvin' aw, Tha Grade. Clime. The matter of grading Columbns avenue i INTERESTING LOCAL MATTERS On or about August 26, W. Back-man will arrive with a car load of extra fine driving ane business horses. Don't buy until you see them, rs they must be sold and at once. Mushmellons 5c, at Garvin's. All the latest drinks at our soda fountain. Rice's Bakery. from Bobbins avenue to River street is now True Enough. Quite a number of Adams people went to THREE MIXTJTE RACE PURSE $200. A. F. Dodge, Carl Anderson. A. F. Dodge, Lottie B. J. J. Webster, Charley Wilkes. under consideration by the board of public a.ia.lHllllHHlltai.1aaia1iiaa.ai11atim1.1iaaai rrraaa BinmlnnQfin To Keep You Off The Rock works. The order which passed the dty council last year calling for a cut of at Pittsfield last Wednesday, to enjoy a day's outing at Pontoosuc When the train was AND TWO TWENTY-FIVE RACE TROTTERS least three feet on Columbus avenue be 1UUJ. tween Bobbins avenue and River street, Is near Coltsville one of the drive wheels broke from the engine, rolling up the embankment beside the track. The train was thought by some of the members of the board Of public works to be too much of a cut and thev are therefore coin? to ask PACERS-Purse $400. A. F. Dodge, ch Carlos. J. J. Webster, rn Cheplta. Third Dur, Thursday, Sapt. 8, 189. THREE YEAR -OLD. BTAKERACE IHava Ta fraa tba Haw 9Idal Tfcla Tatt stopped and nobody was hurt, but the ex For lack of ambition Hydren's Fer-Tonic. Burns Music House Sells the world renowned Knab Piano and Esty Organs. White's Wonder Worker. J. IL Manning, agent. cursionists were alarmed. It was really a VS the city council to consider the question of wonderful that more serious results did not We thall open at our new ft ore in lirackin Block, Saturday, August 13. (Formerly, 6S WeM street.) JDn Tgp a atom and Kraal "lad Clatklar ad Cate' Faralsker. the advisability of enforcing that order. follow the accident It is said the engine Meadow Farm, Pittsfleld, In an interview With one of the abutters is 24 years old. The engines on the Pink, by Alcantara. on the street he says If the city wishes Ladies chatalame silver watch, open face, stem winder, only 4.49 at Artist Wheeler's Get your Ice cream Sundays at Thomas A. D. Gale, Pittsfleld Ella Hails, Loiells, Clni-' lands and Little Giants. Pric. S35.00, 85.00, 95.00. 100.00. 115.00, 120.00, and 150.00. Rene, by Chastelard. to relieve itself of claims for damages on that avenue, which will amount to about 15,000, they must make a cut of more branch road are most of them a condition that would warrant their being sent to the junk shop. When an engine Is too nearly worn out to run on the main line, it Is sent to the branch road. Adami Enterprise-. i La Rue's repair department is a success. than three feet at points on that avenue, which shows a fill of over four feet in some Cjahloa er Piwnmattc Tlraa. JLU Warraatad. places." is hoped that the avenue can Taraa rT. CK4 Waaala Taaaat la be graded so as to relieve tha city of these Carson's, Whelden's block. North street. Peaches that are peaches, melons, pears, berries and fruits in general at Clinton's, 151 North street. California egg plums 35c a at Garvin's. Hydren's sticky fly paper, every sheet guaranteed. Sold wholesale and retail at American House Pharmacy. Baby day at Artist Wheeler's, Saturday, Autnist 27. One cabinet of any baby claims as it does not seem as though the TWO THIRTY FIVE RACE-PuTBe $200. S. J. Webster, br Hazel A. F. Dodge, ch Carlos. A. F. Dodge, ch Beaumont. Fourth Day, Friday, Sept. 9th. FOrB-YEAB-OLD STAKE RACE. A. D. Gale, Vera, by Chastelard. Meadow Farm, Bljue, by Alcyone two-fifty race Purse $250. A. F. Dodge, Lotte B. A. F. Dodge, Lady Hartford. demands of the street wonld warrant the paying of any such damage. NATIONAL. BICYCTJE Atw4a Drat Slara, potatoes 3 quarts for 25c at 1 rita4Wad, Maaw muumiiinmiHiiimiiiimm Sweet Garvin's. um Bartlett pears 10c a quart, at Garvin's. FREE FOR ALL TROTTERS AND PACERS under twenty-five years old for twenty-five cents. Delicious ice cream sola served in our ice cream parlor; all flavors. Rice's Bakery. 1 Smatbup on tha B. and A. Purse $400. A. F. Dodge, II J. Rockwell, A. F. Dodge, ch Carles. A freight train broke in two and the N'V -V r. 1 a. If IT I jraaa. ij Bar W. i Another Disappointment. Luck seems to be against Manager Williams in arranging games and getting the clubs to keep their agreement. Word was received this morning that the Cuban Giants would lie unable to be here Saturday. Before advertising this game Manager WH1-lams telegraphed their manager to let htm know If they would surely be here. An answer was received that they surely would, nd now after the advertising Is all finished, and It Is nearly too late to get another team, they cancel their date. This has been done several times since the new team has been started and It makes a great deal of trouble to the team and people who make arrangements to come here. Manager Williams will try and get the Dalton team, which it Is claimed by some are the champlonsjof the county, for Saturday, If they have no other engagement two sections collided near the bridge about a mile east of Washington depot at 3 :30 Prohibition Convention. The prohibitionists of the county will o'clock this morning. The collision smashed some of the cars so badly, that they were burned np to get rid of them, hold their conventions at Ethel hall tomor Lenox Bouquet Is just the thing. Hydren. Old fashioned German Rye Bread, fresh every day. Mrs. Andler. Pies! Just like home made; delivered hot for dinner from Rice's Bakery. Don't forget our German Coffee Cakes. Every Saturday. Mrs. Andler. For backache Hjdrtn'i Kidney Flaster. The Edwards Jewelry store, sole agents for the Bowden seamless plain fold ring. and the road was completely blocked for row morning at 11 o'clock. They are to nominate candidates for sheriff, county several hours. The early train carrying C'V fiai commissioner, two special county commis the Springfield papers, due here at 6 o'clock, reached the depot at 1 1 :40, and E. COSTER SONS, WHOlEl ILE a ad HRT1 1 taaaj. ra la ttaaaaaaaad rrall ml allaladala taalr aaa. sioners, three commissioners of Insolvency and if the attendance warrants candidates other trains were correspondingly delayed, fa aijCT for representatives will also be named. ow was injured by the accident. Mi SOEBT aa4 i WIST TIIXT

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