The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1967 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1967
Page 5
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Blueprint for Oblivion In ithcr years, the roid to political oblivion in Arkansas ha* been paved by reform. The high-principled (but impractical) politician of other days has assured a truncated political career by alienating first this political entity and then that. A governor, for example, who might either be highly idealistic or weary of the game, could turn against gambling; call for property equalization; seek to end politics in the matter of new roads and highways, and get in a few licks at the political establishments indigenous to the various counties. This done, the various interest groups coalesce and bring down the political house. Weil, then, consider Gtov. Winthrop Rockfeller. He has said "no" to the gamblers (at least he is in the process of articulating this reply); he has said "no" to th« Helena bridge interests (and these include, evidently, some very large and affluent elements); his appointee as insurance commissioner has presided over hearing whjen led the petitioners for an insurance rate increase to suddenly (and surprisingly), fold their attache cases and vanish into the belly of the nearest jet at Little Kock Municipal; he has stepped on political toes in the handling of the prison farm'atrocity; he's just getting warmed up on the highway department affair, and heaven knows what else is on his political agenda. In other years, this is a blue print for a single term governor. But in other years, a James Johnson didn't upset the Democratic party establishment and a Winthrop Rockefeller didn't shake the very political foundation of the state (i.e.: the Dem- cratic Party). Generally, the people of Arkansas seem to be taking a great measure of joy from the Governor's first efforts at reform. The Republican Party here may be as the winter wheat in Mississippi County: green, but growing. Edit or 6 I lost two friends last week. Only one of them the hard way. T. F. (Doc) Dean was taken by death. He was not a close friend. Nat as close friends go. He had never been to my home nor I to his. We didn't borrow power mowers or exchange fishing tips. We weren't in a car pool or Sunday school class together. But .whenever he was in the Courier News neighborhood, he bounced (yes, still bouncing at 74) in and said a few words and I loved him for doing it. Like most people, I had a standard reaction whenever I saw Doc. I smiled. When our brief encounters ended, I was still smiling. .. if not laughing out loud. I knew nothing about Doc Dean, personally. I never knew of his ambitions, his disappointments, his triumphs, his travail, I knew only that he was a bright, vital, friendly man who put grins on a lot of faces. The day was better for having chatted with him. I knew him only for this and I loved him for mis and for this the world was happier and better while he was here. I will miss him terribly. * * * I had full knowledge of the fact that Rev. Myron Dillow, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, was leaving for Harrisburg, D.I., because it has been duly noted on th* front page. But it was with some suddenness that he turned to me at the conclusion of a noontime men's gym class at the YMCA and shook hands saying, "I don't guess I'll be seeing you again." I fear that is true. Myron Dillow was not my pastor and was not a close friend, but his departure was an occasion to re-evaluate my relationship with that YMCA class. We do push ups together (Myron Dillow can do more than I) sit ups (Myron Dillow does more than I) and play volley ball (Myron Dillow plays better) and at the end of the hour, we're all refreshed. But this is not the only value to be derived from this association: there is something therapeutic about being together with a fine bunch of men and feeling a little foolish attempting physical feats which I really couldn't do too well 20 years ago. . .and realizing that their laughter at my physical foibles is not laughter of derision but is somehow compassionate and sympathetic. Myron Dillow was one of these friendly, helpful men. . ,snd you don't lost that type without missing him. * * * While on earth, men make various contributions, but those which are made to the lives of others must be better than all the rest. -H.A.H. Sbow Beat by Dick Kleiner HOLLYWOOD (NBA) A little skullduggery going on it some of tlit major itudios — making ersatz silk purses out of lows' can. What they're doing is making feature films out of old televi- lion episodes by adding new scenes. The new scenes are generally flashbacks, using other actors and whatever sets happen to be hanging around the studio. Exhibit A - Universal took five Tammy episodes and reworked them that way, and soon there will be a Debbie Watson movie. Like all the others, it will be used as the second half of double bills and in the foreign market. What they're doing is making a movie for peanuts. And the audience thinks it's seeing something brand new. James Coburn's next film has been known for some time, but it has been known only by initials — "T.P.A." T- and everybody's been wondering what they meant. End secret. "T.P.A." stands for "The President's Analyst." Coburn's own company, Panpi- per. and Paramount will team Of Congratulations Congratulations to your members of the Arkansas Municipal League for your work this year in the General Assembly. You certainly have shown a united front. When you are called on, you responded. That's what builds a great organization. As long as the municipal officials remained united, there is nothing you cannot do for the improvement of the cities and towns of our state. Very frankly, I never expected to live to see the day when you could pass a bill through HAM u/iu, CLAIM FCM M WWHMGTOM wiu BIOSSAT AHu CROMLtY IN WASH/NGTON Romney's Face-to-Face Talks Have Good Impact the Senate by a vote of 31-S and In the House by a vote of 93-3, all over the objections of New" Mexico and the Governor. But you did-and then, forced I" fl^^S itl, h P Z By BRUCE BIOSSAT Washington Correspondent Newspaper Enterprise Assn. WASHINGTON (NBA) Several western Republican leaders who were cool to Michigan Gov. George Romney's representatives at a recent party meeting in New Orleans are described by knowledgeable sources as having been "very warm" toward Romney himself on his 8,500-mile western swing. Traditional western hospital* ity should persaps discount some of the change. But checks with party men in the states he visited — Washington, Alaska, him to give you special consideration over his announced intentions. You deserve everything you have asked for—and more. Be sure to thank every member of the General Assembly for their fine work this year. I slncerley thank you.—Glenn Zimmerman in Arkansas Municipalities, Official Magazine of the Arkansas Municipal League. JACOBY ON BRIDGE NOKTB 1 *A7 »J432 4K«l + AKQ10 WEST.(D) EAST 4sQJ1094 A6S3 V K V 10 9 8 7 4)10984 e>QJ 4762 e>»5<} SOUTH 4KB 2 4A7SJ + J8 North-South vulnerable West North But Sooth Pass 1* Put IV Pass. 3«f Pa«» 4N.T. Pas 6 V Pas? Put Pus Opening lead— 4 Q This hand cost a National Championship back in the '30s. It was board • a - match team of four in which your score is compared only with the score of the pair playing the hand against your partners. South wai one of * group of experts who like to outguess themselves. He looked over dummy carefully and decided that North at the other tabl* would be playing in six no- trump. He say that sixno- trump would not make unless declarer would pick up four heart trlcki and th* only way to do that would b* to find Ewt with specifically th* king and one heart. So thin unlucky expert won th* spade lead in dummy and ltd a h*ar to his quten. He wai folnf to make seven hearts if he could find that king-small with Eart, and wwld still RMke) fix htarti] agithit any 3-2 heart break. South wasn't dismayed when! West produced the king but he was rather upset when West showed out on the second heart lead, South had to go down one trick. He did explain to his partner, "It shouldn't make any difference. Our opponents will be in six no-trump and will go down two." North wasn't at all impressed. He p o i n t e d out that the six heart contract was a very good one and that it was up to South fo play safe to make II and that the safety play would have been to play the ace ol hearts just to guard against I singleton king. South could nol guard against four to the king by any line of play, so all the finesse did was to give some chance lo make seven. How bad was Sauth'.s play? It was really bad. At the other table North and South did gel to three no-trump and did make four, so six hearts bid and made would have been a winner. "Now, iff. wewW row lib fo tnt rt* iAwM*r rtonwsi for DRIVING M/*(/r Arizona — indicate that the governor's personal impact in closed - door political conferences along the way produced a sizable gain for him. Possibly the most Interesting aspect of his trip as viewed at the strategy level is the evident fact that he was almost exclusively his own spokesman in faca-to-face talks with party leaders. Asked for a report on how Romney was doing with these leaders, one of the govern's aids confessed he had no real idea, that neither he nor others of Romney's staff were stiting in. The governor is still regarded in many quarters as a political novice. But it is plain he does not see it that way. Coining off his experience as a governor, a civic leader and a corporation executive, he immense confidence in his hand-on-the-arm, pierce you with clear blue eyes tatic of persusasion. The night Romney landed in Seattle for an overnight atop en- rout* to Alaska, Washington state leaders and county chair- men were meeting with Gov. Daniel Evans in Olympia. Romney made a late-evening 100 mile roundtrip drive to talk to them for a bit more than half an hour in private session. Though time did not allow a real exchanges of views,, he evidently made some dent just by showing up. * * * In Anchorage .Alaska, at a noontime session with Republican precinct workers, the governor himself brought up the thorny business of his failure to support Barry Gwlodater in 1964. A detached observer who was there says his forthright argument scored some points with conservative listeners. He had little persuasive work to do in heavily Mormon Utah, where state leaders say flatly he would be the biggest, boost, as 1968 Republican presidential nominee, that state and local GOP tickets could have. In Idaho, the arch conserva tive newcomer, Gov. Donald Samuelson, is widly viewed as frosty toward Romney. Yet Romney is said to believe that he broke through the ice crust. He had two long private chats with Samuelson, one in Pocatello, the other in the governor's car on a 50-mile ride to that city. On Id.aho Republican, stressing that sentimement for Richard Nixon is very strong in Idaho today, nevertheless said that many pro-Nixon party men have a "haunting fear" that the former vice president is a loser. Not alone in Idaho but also elsewhre on his western tour, Romney in private talks with leaders is reported to have hard this worry expressed often — by politicians who told him that in 1966 they want a winner. Just as he did in his long up for what is supposed to be a provocative story about a psychiatrist who is hired to help the president, thereby becoming privy to state secrets — and it is the analyst who breaks down under the weight of what he knows. After that, Jim will go to Tangiers for a comedy, "Avec Avec." He is currently what is known around town as a Hot Property. "The joy Of success," he say$, "is being able to do what I want. The rest is icing on foe cake." There is considerable icing. round of public appearances|jj m ° s current project is deeo- the Michigan governor dwelled: ra ting the big new family house. A call from Mike Douglas, for whom the word "genial" was invented. He was doing i week of his show in Florida, but he'll return to Philadelphia where it ordinarily originates. "But," he said, "I want to come out to Los Angeles, and do the show there for a few weeks, maybe a few weeks every year. I'll be able to get people on the show I haven't had before." Mike says the Hollywood Palace wanted him on the ttow, the same show that featured Milton Berle. But he said no — 'I'll do the show, if I can be the host," he says. The Mike Douglas Show is syndicated but don't feel sorry for him. Mike says the syndicate now covers 92 per cent of the United States and he claims to have more viewers than either the Tonight or Today shows. in these private meetings his essential conservatism, his fredom from bonds to the so- called "eastern establishment" desipte eastern moederates' espousal, of his presidential cause. IS Ymn Ago -In Blythtvillo Judge Faber White has appointed J. Louis Cherry, Free- The case of Edwin Mechem,, n ian Robinson and Keith Bil- By RALPH 00. Money does matter. It is important to the President and the Congress as budgets are reviewed. It concerns the citizens who confront taxes, de- mandf and opportunities. Money matters to th* world for we ar* divided into the afflu- uent and the struggling, into the people who find it so easy to make monty and others who seem unable to make money, That'i as true in families and nelghbhoodi ag it is among nation*. Sine* money ii to import- ant-anil most of ui dtal with jnoiMy almost as much as we deal with language — it is amaslni to M* how amateurish w* are about iti uie. The abut* os money U flagrant Blythnrill* (Ark.) Courtor N*wi Friday, March 3, UfT Fa|*SU Men throw it around, wast* U or use it to enslave or to impress, missing 1U true meaning. Money it worshiped and caveted to th* place where it becomes th* only criterion of values. This degradation affects our daily life. The abuse of initall- ment buying becomes a major factor in domestic strife, In fact, financial irresponsibility is one of the moil frequent causes of marital discord. The abuse of bankruptcy provisions Indicates a flaw in our character. Since monty is so important we aught to know mor* about it, understand it propery and This la why talk about monty as well as th* banker. For money It a •acranwntal factor of lit*. The Reformation erased th* linti between th* itcrtd and th* •ocular and r*c*nt Vatican Court- DM it wisely, a pnacher can New Mexico's conservativ na^ tional committeeman, is interesting. He shunned an airport reception for Romney in Albue- qurque, but took in his Lincoln Day speech with 1st recurring stress' on the failure of "federal answers" to many major domestic problems. Mechem is reported to have talked warmly with the governor afterwards, and indicated strong approval of these utterances. Arizona, Goldwater country, was probobly the governor's thinnest going. Yet even here, Gov. John Williams, mindful of sizable colonies of Mormon voters, gave Romney the notion he is, in Romney's words, "very open - minded." The leadership was polite, hospitable, and not in any way openly hostile. Goldwater himself is, of course, an other story. He is publicly committed to N'xon, The western trip, then, was Romney's baptism as his own field strategist. If it be acknowledged he appeared to do well, some observers Still would argue that the gain is small, since the five states (leaving out his brief touch down in, Washington) have just 64.delegate votes — roughly a tenth of the 687 needed. But who is to say which one tenth wins a presidential nomination? brey to a Court House lawn improvement project committee. A similar program has been launched in Oaceola by Judge White. to use our money, then we might to know that we are not free to worship money without paying the consequences. The serving of mammon is still an act of worship. If that's the value we put on ourselves, we are selling out too cheaply, degrading the sacramental possibilities of money. Lent demands that we examine our attitude toward the whole of life. And that includes our money! On his morale - boosting trip to Vietnam, John Gavin visited the forward lines and spent time with the Marines. And then, since he had been a carrier pilot in the Korean War, he asked to visit the fleet off the coast. He had been stationed on fee USS Princeton, and there was a sister ship, another aircraft carrier, in the fleet. Gavin stayed aboard that vessel for one night. He seldom dreams, but as he lay in his bunk he dreamed about two of his Princeton shipmates. Both had been killed in what Gavin calls "bizarre" accidents during the Korean War. As he slept fitfully, the two visited him in his dreams and warned him to get off the ship. He was going to leave the next morning anyhow, and he did. Two days later a fire swept the ship — the USS Oriskany — and the cabin in which he had dreamed so vividly was in the path of the blaze. t'Hr. COURIER NBW8 IBB roumci, ismvs co. B W. RAINES ruBUSHKR HARRT ». HAINEB lisiltant . ubltsher-EdJtoi I'AUI, D HUMAN Advertising Manager Sole National Adnrtlslni Representative Walla™ Witmer Co. New rwk, Chlcato. Detroit Atlanta McrapMl t>'ond-class postage paid at BlTtherllle Ark Member of the Associated rttm SUBSCRIPTION BATES B; carrier In the cits oi BJjine- nlle or an; suburban tuwo where carrier service u maintained 3Ic p*> week 11.80 par montb. Bj mall within • radius at in •nilei, 18.00 per rear $5 00 for six months, ?3ufl for three montk. by mall, outside so mile radlue '18 oo iw ve?« payable In advance. Mall subscriptions are not accept- er 1 In town? and cities where The Courier News carrier unite 19 maintained Mall subscriptions are nayahle in advance MOTE: The Count-i (THWJ assume! no responsibility (or photograph* manuicrlpts. eneravinci or mata I'M vitb It (or possible nubUcatlon Entertainment Amwar •<» Pravloui Puule ACROSS 1 Report from — Jungle «OId, old — 11 Teacakei ISWildlUy 14 Musical compQsitloft ISDeputiea It Biblical . character 17 Feminine name 56 Irony reformer 43 Mineral spring 44 Barley bristle 45 Greek letter 4« Medical men 50 fosses! 51 Kounliln range (Sp.) (3 Public storehouses 55 More difficult 1» Nose (Ft.) »9 31 European beetle J4W«. allowance Z8 Used in automobile* 3*Mueulini cil added a contemporary emphasis. On* could not keep God in th* church and out of the wallet. It't plain,, at tlmpl* and as awesome as that. The broken body of Christ had something to do with the way we break bread and break a dollar. In a meaningful book of prayers, Fathtr Marcel Quoitt includes one entitled, "Pray«r Before a Twenty Dollar Bill." It concludes with the thoughtful dedication: "0 Lord, I efftr this bill with iU jtyout mysttrlM, its sorrowful mysteries. I thank you for all the life and joy it has given,. I aik your ferijivtnw ftr the harm it has don*, •ut above all, Lord, I offtr it to you as a symbol of all th* labori of nwa, Indestructible money, which tomorrow will b* chtnjtd into your •torntl life." When we ar* fr** to work, to bt paid for our labort and m«uajn« atari 32 Hill—— nan UObUlB 57 Follow alter M Leaven DOWN 1 Agree 2 Recorder 3 Convert into* conductor 4 Collection of fact! IGrwkamltal terra I Devotee 10 Worm 12 Ferocloui 13 VlilU IdGuido'shigh note 22 Number 23 Color 25Hlsh in ttatur* 39 CateiorJei 37 Mongol 38 Pair 40 Ideal location 41 Tree cuttere 42 Evening phenomenon 47 furklah annjr corp« S7 Unclose (port.) 4> Algonquin S» Wooden airif Indian • Persian ptiejlly 30 Incidental 49 Remain cut* JZGenuiof tlWomin T Presage domestic cattle designate* a Referring to 13 Little demon 52 John (Gaelic) • MConaiiam

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