The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1932
Page 8
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LUST till SIILI Shotton Hopes They']} But Philly Pilot Recovering From Headache that . Quaint Outfield Caused. ..EDITOR'S NOTE: This is part W ihe eerie* »t ifories on the ma. }w k»r», clubs In sprint Iraln- BY WILLIAM BRAUCHKK NBA Service Sparts tdltor ,' WINTER HAVEN, Florida,—Burl Shotton, manager of the floundering .'Phil lies, is beginning to re- cover .from his headache, '.- "If you liad been manager of ti .(cam, 1 ' Burt lokl me here the ether day. "with, an outfield that worked like mine lost year, you would liave had a headache, loo." But, wasn't this'fellow Klein a pretty fair country ball jjlayer? . "Yes. but \\f was the only man in th e outfield last year who -looked like a big leaguer. The reeli'of tlie Outfield couldn't Jleld •'irid 'couldn't hit. We won more • "pffifcs than we lost at home, hi ixWr smaller park. But when mir *•<*»! fielders got Into the big pastures of the other National League clubs^ they dlda't know how to • »c!,''and -lone hits were costly. And when my men hit long drives In the larger parks, they \ver c iisunt- ly caught. . • "Buzz Arlett looked like he would help us when he was hlt- 'tlr.g. but he couldn't cover any .ground, and when he quit hltdng we had to take him out of there. "This year. I have hopes that George Davis will help us in the outfield a. lot. I saw him several years ago wT-.en hi> was a kid fanned to Reading by the Yankees. 'He could, go arid get 'em then, but was weak with Ihe bat. Bob Cannery, president of the St Paul team, tells me that he'll hit now. That .343 batting average he had at St. Paul last year seems . to prove- that he will. Besides you can bank on what Comiery tells you about a ball player." .Besides Klein and Davis, the other outfield candidates are RUJS Scarrilt, former Red Sox flash. . rescued • from Baltimore; PreU Brlckell, who was with the Phils last year; Hal I«, former Brooklyn, recruit, who hit Ml for-Atlanta last year, and Doug Taltt, another outfielder from Atlanta, who hit ..368 last year. Now, .how about that Infield? "We have a good infield, but It ••: didn't function as well as it should have ..last year. Bartell at short and Mallon at second are youngsters and are Improving. Mallon was i-eak -on double plays when we started, with him last year, but toward the end of the season he 0!me;«long .fine. He liad bad legs I «nd: TO underweight list- spring : hot; took* -great, this year. : ..-TBarteU can cover a'world of trimnd, but. had a fault when go- : Wf-.'.-'Jto" Vhifi left, slopping to straighten up 'before letting it go He's getting over that, though. r.-Plrikey -Whitney was bothered by that back Injury all • season. Piakey Is'about as good a third baseman-as -you'll find anywhere. He-will'show them some good, ball SUJ year." •' •The only rookie infielder in omp is Shortstop George Knothc. from. JJew .Orleans,. who at 32 is a vete'ran of-many minor leagues .The.only addition to the catch- tag staff is M Todd from Dallas, the young man who quietly walked out to the pitching mound one day l*jt summer 'and planted on,, of Ws best Sunday punches on thc chin of the great Dizzy Dean. Tlie feud between the two was the talk of the Texas League, Mr. Dean furnishing the oratory while Mr. Todd. -was content to take care Manager Sholtan is pretty well satisfied with his pitching slarr Wh .Phil Collins. Jumbo Htioli' **?; B*"* 6 »nd Clise Dudley as regular starters; and Is depending upon' Ed Holley, who won 14 and lost 12 for Kansas City last year- Chester Nichols from at Paul •nd possibly Ray Hansen, from Dallas, for help. ,2G, 193? Laufer^ Walter' Johason'* -run -of' JUCK, continues consistently bad The for - K reat pitcher faces 'thc-pros- ?! * ****>" *'" h " P'^'ns staff that was all but wrecked to Misty Clark Grifllth's desire for a right-handed hitting outfielder in ie person of Carl Reynolds. Ever Elnco be'romlnjf manager of e senator.-; Johnson has beeii seeking a 2l).game pitoher-. And for -wveral years Owner Grifflth ' has )iuntlirg a flght-handed M L : outfielder. Grllf. finally has hii leWcr, but In.lradlnt- off.Bumi) •.Hiidlcy ami sam. Jones he blasted .'Johnson's pitching .plans. . Without jtriCM two pitchers, the Senators ap- i'hi'b tr>lbe a ' MCOnd . Division ,bjll The larje headache lhat Burl Sholton, manager of the Phllltrs, 1* here exhibiting. was caused by Ihe atrctlous wtfleUlnj; his boys lave him l:ut season. Hurt hopes Ihe kf pt c k jmd lilp jjjj season will brUi, him KlM Messrs. Klein, Lre, T ,j,, Brl( , kf|| nod Srwritt, m i»j2 011 »1ll <liK-l«f Muuter Shotlcn. No Wonder He Hits So Well Williains. Outslugs Dougfi aii [Hot HOT SPRINGS ,Ark.-in'-"thc mosl sensational fight here'this season Woodrow Williams. StVLouis featherweight, defeated LeRby-'Dou- gan of 'Blytheville Friday night.-! There were 10 knockdowrui'iri the fight with Douga;i hitting the floor ««hl times. Three times Dougan was down, when the bell stopp«d:the 'ount. Twice .in tile .fourth 'round Now - Lloyd • Drown, the . sturdy' .'fmithpiw.fflnKtv-ttvnsvup With a ; fretful flipper. 1 Jrlierj U neV way of knowing .how serious this may be os X-ray ewmtnatloh failed to dls^ any dislocation. . .'•'•• • Krpo Marberry, Soe of : th*-mound siaff, reports' stomach-. trouble and : .1 severe. cow which have delaye his roimtiine' into condition— and. i .iraiallyukes some tlmr 'for. Mar ;«rry to bring hiaiself into shape even -.wlien he Is well. : - - • .T" Sam w^t trtjiped ^nd 'fell' »-«lfe chasing a !ly ball in the Bilord ba! T, k /' "l 7 ^* 8 * 1 ' to *e-"f»it: onvthl eJielf • with a pair of b»dly bruised knee.4 The flu caught v up " to Spencor, the - " - .;,«• Customers stay Ai«y ' "Unusually .c6!d" : weatherasdfr- aycd the conditiorjink'.-activitles'of the Senator .squad..The chilly bWz- ts H!?O swm (o have'-froiii 'the t.irnsllle. V . as >, 'recMt : Slt^ game at Gulfport.drew ]uif$18T6 wor 6f " -. .• ~-?--^« ~»"j« oiv/»¥a ana Jjv Onffla. Manager'iohnsbK his" : f tfjcrulk, 1 tb 1 . plcX'.'fr5m;' ; ;nbh«° ' 1 mr .un Wllhums knocked Douga'n ' doftii TOd (he little Irishman arose "in caught Williams a short. left' 'Woo on the chin and toppled hiiri for count ofeight. Williams was bjecd ng at the end of the fifth' • rfougaj V . K "°< )rpd a'gril n in ':* V sixth' ' ai'u lie boll stopjKd tKc coiiiti; ' n™" '-•-f~\f.i^«' .fyr an hi? ameness «<as, remarkabie under.the punishment, he,, took; He was -hit ••' -. t, kept on- trying. . Wimams::had previously ' '-- Bt. )f Ihe pitching, candidates. One of TV^, ne.-recruits Is Prarik • Ramland ! f e ^ s " u " prospect of a Ragland'fronvl-ChaUa'nooga a tall : rl? tavolvin f J °e Judge, and young, man 'who will' 'walk >verv-i K e Hairris ' whicn would bring an- in the.'-Ainerfcan League if ^! P^her to the club, but other iven ah 6ppbrt'unit.y. . •' • • I .* a ^ cn l Passing around any •._-..-._ -_,.-'.-... iood pitchers In exchange for such . , _ Another from Ch'attanoogi is Bob TOdtrtcha, » 'reformed ;' outfielder •hp -failed to. set flre to the Southm: Cea(u«- last'- year, "John Joseph Boyle, .19-year-old, free 'agent from uyonne, .N.. J.-, completes 'the 'list [ mound candidates " ' ' 5c uncertainties « the agsing Judge and mediocre Harris. -From this point it appears that the Big Train is. in for another tough year, even though Owner Clark Griffith has acquired his C«*ter Getting Afl Set for BaiebaD *«e made . '»« night for a fast independent UU club to represent Copter this season. T N wiBteitM named president of Uie club, Lois MeCann, secretary u* C..A. Olllen, managfr " b ' U club *« in i « c «o ta the second half race of the Southeast Missouri l Mgxle ^ SSs^S ^1 the k)CJ " club Jolne<1 SouUiem league teams to seek fur' ^"•'•w* and 'fortune. Thoj- are «w*rt TTiurmorid and Jerry Sad- Sw I**** 1 *. **« o' the lo- erob this setson will be Joe who hurled good ball last awl T. A. "Bed" Mlchle. a well known m the •, . Kx) « r *»1 again for the locals. The wott of buDding a new Ptant-will begin immedl- Ihe 23rd day of wherein 1S12 door of the Court H. ° Of y ° f ' f n , P r the following real esutf. to- '<> Quarter of theSouth.- > v, S <«>: the Norfhwfist Quarter -if Section Nine m : all in Town ship Fifteen (15) North, Rause ^™ E »«. containing?,, all 360 acres, more or less. 6 * J " "* hid tos8(fc 1 lhC 5Um ot $15 ' rn V n "'MM from November 20, 1931 r^uf""*" 5 " « «ld ML vrtll required to execute bond wiih approved security, to secur. llie payment of the Vrd^ a ^ e and a » m - nal scctirfiv sl ,ch ,-ur'- ' chase the payment of ^ said Co'n-t, OP this, th; 13Ul of Maroh, 1932. R L. GAlNFa, Commiss-rnrr i n ch,iii»- CLASS^ltD ADS ; CBT THE RESULTS "°T, ICE I* hereby given that (he , ttith cree rendered SI? ^" 1 W«t 0( by in com- terms ol a de- Count,.-, on die 32nd day of . 1932. whorein The * Southern Lite Instm, e nn T"' S" Piai " llfr ' No . ami Q-a Capman Torter Kate «v, " and said Eva. Chnpmati o crass-compJainant. will sell nuclion .'to,. .the highwf it Wdrfer, on ?a credit, of 1 months, at the front door o Court, House,, between the hours prescribed by law, in the city o Blyfhcvine, Arkansas, on the 15th rtay o April, 1932, th e folios- Ing real estate, to-wit: Port of the Fractional North- vvesti Quarter of NortliWest Quarter and of Lot Four (4) In Section Thirty-five (35) Township sixteen do North' Range Eleven' 111) East de- scrlbsd as follows: Beginning at th« northwest corner of said Section Thirty-Five ( 35)' mil (hence south nitn Section line 1118 feet; thence east 13M feet; thence North with etst line of said Lot Fbur (4) 1130 feet to the northeast corner of said tot Four U)thence In a westerly direction with the Sectlo nline 1328 feet to the point of beginning. SAID sale will be had to satisfy said decree In, the sum of JI.80000 «'ith Interest and costs In favor of plaintiff, and «00.00 and Interest and costs In tavor of Eva Chapman Porter on cross-corn- plaint. THE purchaser tit said sale will be required to execute bond \rith approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money and a Ken will be retained upon snid property as additional security for the payment ot such purchase money, WITNESS my hand and thc seal of .^Id Coiirf. on this, the 2Cth day of March, 1932. R. L. OAINB3, Commissioner in Chancery. w-a-9 . er^.frM Wft.hoolc. a.ndtheh-jW,' ut ariq drove Williams all. overMhT ring Pobgan' :opene<i'.th«"^elghtli bj opping. -Wimms .vrith.Va' rig), cross but. in the.ninth'nougan.'va. knoclaxl down twice .TXJugarj tloorec Williams in the-'tenth'-wte-'irjef Matinee—2:30 - Nigh't—6 ; 45 Adm.—Matinee .and N'jjjht- 15 nrid .JOe . : See . TheWiwrSex' "with _AIso News .and-.Comedy Comtrip; to the'Ritz Tfiedre Nexrt Tuesday' and ".Wednesday, .March 29-30-—-mi SPIRIT OF ,-fiQTRE PAJIE' A Picture ••All-;Studentii \\'ii,' S*e,":So. \V e Ilnve .Made a gpecial Price for Them— Ail Students Up to tiic ' ?th Grade—5c A!) Students' Above (ii f 7th Grade-^-25c GEM THEATRE Soaday *ini Monday Matinee—2:30 - Night—fi^ Arim.—Alatinee and Nigh: 10 and 30c See. Menace' H. B. Warner, H«.II C Davis and Wall n Byron Also Cartoon and Conv :\- had 'fought 'one' draw.', the Arkansas ...Irishman '-badViS from.the, st...Louis boy-at.! W vine. - ... .. • .,. , i muuno canqidates Boyl='s chief - i, v " illul " " ai acquu-ed his claim to fame 'is four no-hitEames'"! ded hiui »e outnclder— lie'hurled iri-hl2h scht»l ' ~' wil ° hit .290 last season. . hurled in- high school _•••.• «--.•'.. . . Clwuw,' f«r..Tr«it?-- : - - =-'- - - ,. ' • If there Is another Nfathewson or Rusie In that bunch, it will 'have to be set down -as another example • Connie. Mack still holas faith in the power of heavy hitting and good pitching to win ball games. And,- jince he seems to have heavy hit- j abo^i'.^^^.^ and Rood pitchers, maybe lie'.. right. * urt Shotton. manager of ( : lc Pink, admits his -tea,,, will not win the pennant this year. That makes the opinion practically unanimous • » • Jimmy Dykes is the triple-threat man of the Athletics. He can field, hit and talk. ch v out lhat one '<" Cliuck Klein's- weaknesses is that he cannot bunt. To which it might £Lr ddW ' hat hc can ' 1 P' ! °t an airplane, eilher. Latest figures of the U. s. De- of' Commerce siiow thr/''*- of "the wo-.-ld ta ,b:' ; '••Courier. delivers your 'store news 4,000 HOMES like these". '*' ' ' ' '' . , . . . U is in thiw homes that the vast majority O f Blythevilie's "W-inir' decisions". aw made , whether (he purchase bo owdirtdly concerning every member of the family or an •ndividwl pHrehaar-by an individual m e mh « r of , hnt family, , . ; ; • Y W : U • merch^ii should therefore, b« sure that your "store iwws" is M»z .placed in the^hands of ALL of these ** ve b «* n w * che * t BEFORE these family "b ( ,yin ff decisions- economically CONCENTRATE YOUR ADVERTISING IN COUNIER NEWS

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