The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 28, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN 'Kandy Bar Kid Is Colonel ' \\ winuy, .juyd And Major Ho in One-Man War 'God Said TO (The following etory by James A Michener, author of "Tales of 'he South Pacific" and "Return lo Paradise." was released today by the U.S. Navy. Micheaer Is in Korea no a correspond en I for Hobday Maga *lne.) By JAMES A, MICHCNLR WITH U. S. FIRST MARINE DIVISION IN KOREA W - Erery once in a while you meet a man whose extraordinary bravery stuns you. But high on anybody's liM would have tn he nn amazing Marine railed the. Kandy Bar Kid. Twenty-three-year old Lylp Lewis of Taconia, Wash.. is phenomena even for the Marines. He apparent ly has no nerves, nn tcnr, and nn need of sleep. More than 40 time*' in rhf !?-=t two months he ha? penetrated Comninnfol lines lo a depth ; of more than two miles, hap scmit- ed their postliotiR for periods nf up; to 40 consecutive hour?, and ha 1 ; wandcre.d bark to his own lines lo report whfll the enemy was up tn, 5 Times ;SmhiiH|i?H He ha* neen ambushed by IMP Chinese fivR lime.s has engaged them in polnlblank nicht baillf* eight, or nine limes, ha* lived through several artillery barrios nf enormous concentration, has been wounded once and weiH bark behind enemy lines three days 'ofInl- ine, shrapnel was removed from his leg. Lewis lookp the part, Six-feet two. sloogh-hipped. nhie-eynrt. h«» Is much like a fast-shoot Ine cowboy in a B-movie. He has a hear! of red hair that looks as if mice nested [ In it and an Icredtble moustache | ' that wanders all over his face like i ! a lost forest. ! i He has developed .such ereal skill ! In penetra'ing enemy mine fieltls. \ i cutting barbed wire, probing en- ] | trenched position* and Ivinp low | i amnn? enemy clemnni^ ibnt he hsfi : revolutionized Marine procedures in ; I his sector. : Fnre Wai Sni^rcri ! [ saw him Ihe other night a.> he ! started a probe which would 'ake; him morp than two miles into the l hear' of whn( his crjmmnnrtinjz of- '• licpr termed "Linu.=nn1ly heavily for- tided posit Inns " Lewis was drr-ssed ^ . In rtiiiv fallcnes. hrlmeri and ar- : : mor-pronf vest,. His fftce was smear- • ert with black painl. and hr> car-j rlrd hnnd prrnfirie.e; and a sub-nil- i r-hinp Rim. Ke was a lethnl charar- ter, hefldpd for nne of the toughest job? a man could pp.l. | ' He woiiltl pcnetrfite pnemv mine , 1 fiflris. rliinb lo the (op of n Corn- ! !innni«t-heM hill w«]J inside enemy lines and prr-^onallv hlnw nn R : toublcsome ma**hine-cnn hunker He ciinncri lltrnueh h^ ramoiiflaee ] and snfd. "T frcl hf-Her n*iont i.hi- • Job sinrp thr rain stnrird, VOM c^n ninvn quieter." Mr* sol nut Uiroiiah i nil Asiatic cimidburst. - , i His hndfHe=; rail him Mi*- nne-rnan ; ! army, Thnrnforp his nickname, thP • 1 Kandy Bar Kid, <:on^s as a sur- j nri^n. This rteflrily fishier has a ! special trir;k he use* when II Is ab- \ ! soliitely vital that, IIP scUip-ln-dale : [ informal Ion. HP leaves his oxvn lines j ; a' dusV.. goes derp inside the pneniy \ i positions, finds somfi natural cnm-I I oiiflape and hnss the pf»rth BF dn.v breaks There ti* Mrs, in OIF hla injr sun, aJI thrniigh fi** 1 davlisht hourf washing <*nrmy di^poijiiinn^, AP 'he second nizht hryins he us- i]wily niovrs forward in ^n al'empt to take a prisoner or wreck ROHIR installation. Thirty-fiix hours he sir^RClc.i hnfik tn his mvn line. On t*uch trips he t^krs with him one A fnenri say«. "Givp Lewis ihi'pp candy bars and a sub-machine Kim and he'll Invnrie hell" KIR commander. LI. Coi Oninld RiiAseU of Ororfiflville.. R. I , repnrls, "The only limil to Ix".vis' rniirnRp i« my orrfer Dill lie cpn'i co morp lhan three rnilep Inland. He*" Inn-edible." Lewis iv no dead-end killer. He comes from a coort family, h married and has two kids, HP speaks «oft]y hut enjoys a Root] bust with thp boys. When >on ^el fo kno* him hr >ms a rich Irish humor. One of flip men who p<"*s out with him sny.s, "You've heard of Guru Ho. Mnrfn-? for rrnl louijh cuv. Well, Le-'-is i* boih Colonel Guns and Ma lor Ho." Russian Hospital . Is Opened In China SAN FRANrrscO ^i-The Russians ha\ r p nprnrd a hospital In Peiplnc. the Chinese Communist.'! ccporL j A Peipinp hroadtrftsl rerordpd : here says ihe hospital Is "riirprted by Soviel experts, staffed with Soviet docloiiP and nurses, pharmacist*, tabatnry and x-ray technical BRIDGEPORT, Wash UV-Four - small children and their yonnp mother were slain as they prepared I to a Mend church services early yps- I (r-rdav and nolicp arresi.pd thR fath- ! ei. who admitted killing hi* fam- ! lly because "(he minister said God ! Is a square Rhoo'er." ] HP!<| In connection with the mul- ! flplf slayinc that. led. the modest j family hnm* 1 on the oiit^kirL? of this j North Central Washins'on rommu- i nity a bloody shambles was Ma.t- j 'bias Swparson. 27, a lahorer, 1 Dead w*re. his 2S-year-old wife. I .Joyce,, and ihp couple's four young children. .Some had bnen shot, (he i others' IhrnMs had been slashed. Pohc.p Ohipf Lyle Prof.hero quo',- fr\ Sw**arsf>n a= saying' "The Lord 'nld OIP to lake thplr lives and (hat I would Join them later." 82nd Congress Took 28 Million Words to ' Hove Say in Session WASHINGTON '/Pi — Thf Wnd Ooni?rrs,R used 28 million words to have its say in 'he session which ended parly this month. The, spppche/>, reports and special ar-tirlcR published in the two- yen r session of the Oonnrp.ssional Record equals 28f) ordinary sized fn its last 'rssion. Concres? approved 4,591 measures. Including 501 new laws. President. Truman vetoed 22 bills and the legislators overrode three vrloes. IKE MURRY IS THE BEST QUALIFIED H z M Q fl! H O 98 fig Sure Signs of VICTORY! 1. Ike Murry Is the Best Qualified- Ike Murry has a record of 15 years of public service unblemished by any act, which has brought criticism. He has served six years in Ihe Legislature, six years as Assistant Attorney General, and four years as Attorney General, and is qualified by this experience lo make Arkansas ona of its greatest Governors, 2. Rival Candidates Fear MURRY- It !s a good sign that all of the other candidates for Governor are no\r attacking Tke Murry, Thia is evidence that Ike Murry commands the popular support'of the people ot Arkansas and 13 certainly the leading candidate. 3. Ike Is Genuine and Honest- No one has ever qneslimipd Ihe Integrity and honosly nf Ike Mnrry- The endorsement of the people of his home town nmt comity and Hie support he haa always commanded at the polls 13 evidence that the voters consider him an ideal man lo serve as Chief Executive, 4. Ike Murry •• Your Next Governor- Ik£ Murry has never been defeated in any campaign. When lie ran (or Attorney Genera! in 1943 : he carried 72 of the 75 counties in Arkansas. He has attracted the attention and support of peopla in all walks of life and now leads the field and is certain to be your next Governor. 5. Ike Hurry's 14-Point Program- The Only Definite, Positive Progjam, The ORIGINAL Program: w w 1. A 12 psr renl -ul !n s:!m!nlslrjtivf costs. ernmt;nl rntli. 3. A I'iaf at f"nn 11 n1 Rnartl connio^rd of ^ f o 9. Industrial ?\p.'n*«i>Ti " hlch <vtM cnlal 1 . crtnliial sll tnr-*lnu of. doiiblf (sxition tmn"'»ed by Hie* Incom t,i\ which lit levlfd on ledenl Lnrnmf !?T payments "'"."uciT'Vl"'^! ciIntr^"no»"rt 1 |nSlr., r H''Vf''l» h< tl.r 1 "(i nr v" ^y"w n "r'' l »n!!' < T™m?«"nrVr"lip m "c<i"nlCtr7lh" rnnlrol Hn.\rd inslr^rt ,,( l>v tlir (iov-nvu" 1C Dgirnlnr nf wrllar' rolU fnr lnsr?r|lt>Ti "• •• In lncrrii>» 6 r.,nn-,-.-.. V «( ...r HI-.Vv.,, V,, ».,^r I.,, ISM Act. ^^l^,"^ '""""'" b5 "'"^ "'" " ". IrsL^r'lio" 'o ['ut-lif ^rhnnl luiitl ,if ll'f t.i\ rr'^'iuc^ u \ n.ilthi? p^rlpfl hffr>rr ^Icricncj ctdrr* Ixkr fftfrt, l?.*r-n frnm U h> Mir \tcTlalh ^'llilH<^lrii'JflTt in I'M"*. ,,, ,^ to an^u (l mf ft>i pro,r-t?. S ' HheTm"--"""" l in th |?V-"i I lh;T,!t t boSaH.'n">vhllr K- 11. Umll «f l"o Urtn- In r,nvcrr.or'< oHlM. lo b« e.l.Hl.h- duclnE bonded debt Jin.OOO.nO". '<! *T Cotudlntlonal Amcndmcnl. Take a "*m fs Site = Ifee Mwrry Whs Will WIN! EVERYONE WANTS GOVERNOR You're We/come on the IKE MURRY Bandwagon No Tickets Necessary-No BACK DOOR Afterwards. We've Got Victory in Our Hearts - Determination in Our Spirit — PollUC'l <d». [•«•<! ''' <>r .I'm Blini, CirrfJ'On Dirs H O TOM GENTRY w the \j|ML • candidate FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the U.S. Th« record ipeak) for irself and rhe fact i* rru< that NO OTHER CANDIDATE FOR THE OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERAL i^ on record according to the Telegram from the Clerk of the United States Supreme Court. It ll important that your Attorney General represent the Stnte in all marten before the U. S. Supreme Court. Xeud lh« Telpgr«m Above ... If was Just SM^Kw* by Tom Gentry this past week, July 21, 195?, (torn \VashJnelnn, D. C. r^ r\ r^ r^ r^ r^ r* r\ r* r* YOUR Phone Co. REFUND CHECK Which You Have Received or Which Is in the Mails Now .,. Is Made Possible by the Hard Work and Leadership of TOM GENTRY Receives First Check ... ;«#r IfcA*^ Hcnil the »l)nvft newspwpfir clippitlf frn;n this week'* Arkansas Gszftle. -Inly 23. 19,^. One of the first of thrmsan<l» to h« happy »hndt Tons Gentrj-'s Kbilitjr snd sincerity. Tom Gantry, a? City Attorney if Ut*!e Rack, filed the initial proreit re the inereaie<( (elepheng r*t*i. 86 other City Attorney! followed! iwlt, Tom Gentry WM «»- leeted by the tity attorneys filing protests to eontfutt (h« tris! of ths hearing in behalf of all of the cities. He was honortd by being !"i~sd chairman of Ihe Steering Committee of the protesting «!»y attorneys. AJ • result of his leadership and the combined efforti of the eity attorneys, ths telephone uien of Arkansas are now receiving over $3,000,000,00 in titk COMPARE Tfts OHfsJandiwff record of TOM GENTRY, with If Yean Experience a* an 4c<U>e Attorney, 5 Venn a* Cify Attorney, with ANY »f the opposition candidate! Candidate B— Inactive AKorney— SsslnfSi Man C — 4 Year? experience 0—1 \'\ Y«art experlsncs Elect fOiJR NEXT GOVERNOR TOM GENTRY ATTORNEY GENERAL for >>r W. T.

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