The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1932
Page 5
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SATUKDAY. MAKC1I 20, 1932 Pastors and Church Leaders to Hold Joint Session Sunday, Afternoon. Tlic Ministerial association Iw.s calljO (or a Joint, meeting of nil Die officers of Ihi'lr respective churches Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the First Presbyterian church. The president of the association, the Dcv. W. J. LcOoy. will preside nt 'ihls mestiim and short talks will lx> given by th? dilfcrc'ni piviors. •* . Tlie Rev. I 1 . Q. Rons win speak for ten minutes oil the stitjjcl. "Our. Ideals Compared to Our Conditions." O. C. Miller'*. topic will he "Your Opportunity For Service As Leaders." Tlte Rev. E. K. Lati- mcr will use as his -subject. "Your Opijorluiiity for Service Through Giving." and "Vour Opportunity hi Evangelism" will be discussed by (he Rev. A. S. Harwell mid til? Rev. Marsh M. Callaway. This is the first of these meetings v.(here it is there will be fellowship and mjiiy created (lie olficials of (lie ani churches In Blyiliei'ille. Heso- liitions for iinincd' v.ork will lie presented to (he group. The meeting will last only Due hour. gMoitgage Lifters BLYTHEV1LLR. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'something" that clicks with Mr. and Mrs. Public , . . but (hot something Mone tan't sufflelent. slx> or he must be- carefully oped with ROCK! roles and proper Sermons In the Flesh Very often, it i s tree, tlie o-'fr- light slnr doesn't lust as long as ilio one who comes nji gradually, bit by bit, bill !«• is the one Ihut makes the buslm'M really liili:re.i-t- f. And usually his populiirlU' ftm made 10 last If lie Is given proti- er pictures. • • • Huw About K*al»n? One of those who lias como along gradually and who seems reniy for the <0]i now Ls Evelyn Kimpp . . , Jewel Alsup Captain of Hayti Girls Team HAYTF. Mo.—The Hnyti basketball team chose as iheir captain for 1932-33 Jewell Alsuu. county all-slnr forward. The girls receiving letters for 1531-32 are: I.avcni? Foster, Jewell Alsup. Christine Homer, darn Gillem. Margaret Myrick, Juanita Provow, Eilleen Oatcs, Ora Keller, tt. Alsup. and C. Hajcman, Marguerite Ungemanii. Those (hot received honorable mention were; Ginda Mai Harmon, Estelle Bail, Vnltra Holland. Mildred Heard. The Hayti girls ha,va lost one gome during the season, scoring G20 points during all games. The oprxments total score was 346 points. Individual scoring record is: Jewell Alsup—245. Lavern"i Foster. 244, Eilleen Gates K. Estecle Ball 3D, Mildred Heard 2, Mar- gi'-rrltp JJogemann 2. Huffman News Mrs. Nellie Moore was the Tues- Jf, dinner guest of Mrs. Smith Bledsoe and Lissie Pc,?ry called on Mrs. S. Brackin Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. W. R. Guild returned to her home here Wednesday afier an extended visit in Illinois with relatives. John Metcalf. is the guest of Albert Brackin this u'cct. Mrs. Beadie Lyle has been the gi'-^t of Mrs. P. K. Kissell sin."e Tuesdav. - / Mr. Shaw of Newnern. Teuu., is (lie guest ,of his daughter, ifrs. Annie Stokes. Bob Peerv Iras been on th?. sick list. Mrs. P. Moore and Miss Maxine Copchnd and R. H. Orecii and sons Randolph and Dick motored to Byltheville Thursday night for !i visit with Mr. GreWs son. "Honev" Paul, who is in the hospital there. Mv. Castillo of Memphis,, Tenn.. was here Thursday transacting business. Miss Penrl Peery is ill at. lr:r home here. A. F. Bowlds of near Tyler, Mo., was a business visitor here Fri- dav morning. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Oxford of Osceola Ark.. \vcr» lierc Trmrs- da, "Pi:t your faith in God. your family in the fifld. your flivver imdsr the shed, and grow wluu feed you j n?ed." That was what Key. Sa'm I Smith, a Norlli Carolina colored preacher, recently took as liis lexi,' and he doubtless preached as good a sermon as any lhat has been delivered on the subject. Here's hoping Iliac lie made his heurers see the evil of their ways and resolve 10 . set their feet on the road 'that tends upward, out of ihc slough of one-crop dcsixmd, to the broad, -shining plains of diversified farm- ! inj where happiness hud prosperity abound. If only better balanced farming methods wcie generally as they are preached! Hut every year brings new converts into the fold, and one ol these days the Hcmli is wing to be a veritable Promised Land, provided an epidemic of backsliding doesn't. br3iik out. sioric-s of profitable farming, v=ta!d here, are sermons that live nnd breath?, and may tlieir number increase. Prices of farm products ore lo*', bul G. w. McKinney, O f Franklin county, Arkansas, goes right on making money on his 300-acre farm. His flock of hens and herd of cows keep something coming in the vrar around. Legumes on a 'liberal acreage buitd up his soil and feed his stock. He paid cash for a new automobile last summer, out of profits made on his lavm during the first six months of the year. in the heart, of the cotton belt, Oscar Keener has rim his 540-acrs farm In MrDuffic county Georgia for six years, without growing a stalk of cotton. He raises feed for large herds of beef cattle and hogs, and has surplus hay and corn to sell. He says lhat if a man farms to make a living and not to mate money, the money part will take care of itself. Mr, and Mrs. C. O. Sehafer, of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, are getting ahead by selling more than they buy. and never having to pay j» grocery bill. They believe in hauling stuff to instead of from Ic-ivn, and the grocery store always owes (hem. sometimes as much as S200. The 11 acres that they devote I largely to truck crops yields a gross I income of around $6.000 a year. They grow plenty of .feed for the 1'I.ATI'OltMS OK I'AKMKIIS HIISMSG FOR 1'KOSl'KitlTY 1. A goad garden, canned vegetables aim fruits, a mill: cow, flork of liens, and 'a feu- pigs for every farm. 2. Reduce casli expenditures for farm operations and receive cash Income from several farm products. 3. Reduce the cost of maintahi- inf work stock and tlw produc- n of milk, beef, pork, and ing lambs for market by developing good pastures, growing legume liny and grain feeds. Store surplus hay for future use. 4. Depend more on lime, legumes, and farm manures for fertilizing purposes. 5. Sow land of mediocre fertility and hill land in grasses and clovers for grazing and Improvement. 6. Terrace hill lands and sow winlsr cover crops to prevent erosion. Keep farm implements In fenatr and under shelter when not in use. 7. Oro\v cultivated crops on the best land on the farm, limiting the acreage of tobacco, corn, cotton, potatoes, etc., 10 amount that am be economically handled with the men and horse labs.- available on Mic farm to assure quality as well as quantity production. Improve the production of livestock by use of pure-brsd sires, by the sals of inferior animals, and by teller feedim; 9. Keep farm records to determine typjs of farming that y best. Prepare credit statements for banker and keep it up to date from year to year. This practice will put- tlie farm on a better business basis. aM credit standing, and inspire confidence between banker and farmer. 10. Cooperate with other farmers in buying needed supplies and in marketing farm products. —Recommended by University a! Tennessee More grass—less growling. More cows—less cussing. More ho«s—less howling. -More hens—loss liackllng. More fruit-less frowns. Mor; grrdens-less grumbling. More canning—more chewing. —John L. Upe, Havana, Ark ftinc Oak /ferns Jiie home of Mr. and Mrs. Kill Bonjy : Si-is destroyed by fire Monday' rooming. Nearly cvorythhw in tr~ house was lost. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Boncy expressed tlieir thanks to friends for kindness shown in helnins them to replace part ol their loss. A larpe crowd ntt-nried the sing- 1 ing at tlie home of Mr. mid Mrs. Lawrence Powell Sunday night. The Lone Oak community club will meet in the home of MrsMat- tie Horv next Monday. ' Mrs. Mary Fields. Mrs. Mollic Lane and Mrs. Karl Boney were all day visitors in the home of Mrs. Lawrence Lane Sunday. Mrs. Lity Dunawny is sick tills week. Mrs. Li2?ic Lancaster's children, who have been ill with the nu. arr- Improving. Lmn Manley if sick with flu. J. P. Kinc.innon of Osceoln visited his daughter. Mrs. Diet Fh.'ds, Mondny night. Mr. anrt Mrs. Lewis Maxwell are Ihe parcnis of a big girl. Walter Maxwell was the dinner guest of Eimr-r Loblcv Sunday. A son Was born to Mr. nnd Mrs. Vesl-r Overman Saturday. Everyone is invited to atlend Sundav school here cnch Sunday morning. HOSTON. (tjp.-The exact location of the grace of Gilbert Stuart. Ihc famous portrait painter, is not,known, but a j s .suppowd to •r*f -MI Hi. Boylston Street side ot Boston Common. The I'alnl and Cl.v Club has marked the supposed spot with a palelte-sliarwd tablet. Four Young Men Face Dye r Act Prosecution Federal officers were enrouie here from St. Louis today to return four young men, b?ld in Jait Here, to St. Louis to answer charges of violation of the Dyer The four are: Robert Meyers of Memphis, Jolin p.?aslcy anrt Freddie Johnson of St. Louis and John Bunch of Chicago. The quartet was arrested by Arch Lindzey. deputy sheriff, after fl car, in d-hich they were ridin<* wr-.skr-d on Frighwnv Gi north of here Wednesday night. Meyers aciraittcd stealing the. car a big scclTO. off the slrccts of SI. live stock and keep up (lie fertility '«( I lie soil by turning under manure eroiis. Dr.' L. C. Floyd, of Olaiita, South Carolina, has as much right to put P. I). (Doctor of l-'nrmliig) nftci his nam; as M, 13. Librnil dose.s of his prescription will work wonders "* p ith iho most diseased agricultural system. He J'lid his tenants KUI sicker and sicker every year growing cotton and tobacco in the old share-cicji ivay. but now both lire thriving on Hie new methods that lie adopted s?\n\ or eight years ago Dr. Pioyd sees that every ion- ant has a milch cow, a sow, a ycar-arouud ennlfii. nnd cans at ample supply of vegetables am) fruit. of their cash crops are pocled for marketing. Early in Jnn- wnry the's activities arc out| lined, and crops are planned with n view or each tenant growing not les, than enough, food and feed to rio him tire following year, H" iccommends hi 5 method as being repression-prcot and says that while they way not wind up a y«ar'.s work with much actual cnsh. they- are sure to have a lot of things that they can uss In the place of cash. _. w - °- Mnngum. of Woke county. North Carolina, milks four to six <lairy cows thai supply milk lor the family, skim-milk for pigs and poultry, maii, lre [or the soil, a market for home-grown feeds, and cash Income of $350 to $400 a year from the sale of tour crearh. His four pure-bred sows supply ihe fn m ]|j. with meal and lard nnd bring In S150 to S200 n year clenr profit from the sale of pigs and meat. He makes a profit of $250 O r more a year from the sale of poultry and eggs. Like most ot'hls neighbors. Mr. Mangum used to depend almost entirely en cotcon, but he realized several years ago that one-crop farming did not furnish employment, throughout the year and that pay-day was generally very uncertain and always too fur off. So he turned his addition to cows, hogs and hens, and converted a considerable- porllon of his cotton acreage to feed crops and improved pasture. Now his entire family hns something to do. m f0 cd pav cvery day in the year. PAGE THKEfc High School News Wrllte* »r Mmbrn tt tfe BtXknllle W«h irhMl tm Km tlau, infer tkc tfewtlcii and Wlltar ArrlHf. I'.valyn Moflt.v. Knapp, top, and Karrn she has waited two years for a real break . . . After a great start, the Warners Marled plugging Marian Marsh and forgot, nil about her . . I imve nothing against Sflss .Marsh, but she never can attain the heights I'm afraid. Evalyn Ls capable of reaching. And on the some lot is a young Ind named George Brent you're apt to see his name up In the lights any time now . . i iw's due and he can do it if he geU the clianco. Claudetle Wears * WJ» Maybe you didn't know il, but Clattdcite Colbert Is blond no*- . . Wi the screen, at least . . . she Is a Rolden-lulred eoid-digger for a bit in her new picture . '. . she «'cars a wavy wig. ; And they're saying that Grcla Garbo doesn't keep the center o! Hie spotlight -throughout ''Grand Parent-Teacher Associations to Sponsor Drive lo Help Schools. Pay-yotir-pall-tnx Week" lit Bly- 'vlllc will l>e held April 10 10 16. This was decided this week at a inreting nt the high school called by Mrs. Olio KoclttiUtky. president of Uiu High School PareW-lYuchlr association, ol which representatives from the scvpral I'. T. A.'s of the city were present, decree Ijarham, local attorney, also met with Hie group and offered Miuucbllons lor Ihe drive. . With tlie decrease of over $600,000 in tiw (UK assessments for the local'school dLslric-t, representing a jwtemial loss of about 111.000 In school revenue, It, is essential that every possible dollar of school revenue b« collected. When a local citizen pays |l poll (ax, K cents of the dollar goes Into the school funds, the remaining four cents tong divided between tlw collector and Iho tr«»silrer for their commlssloas, Since this Is election year Ihcro should be a Kreater Inlerest („ d lc paymom O f the poll Ux. K was decided by tire P T. A representatives to mnke a jxvsDn- lo-pcreon campaign, soliciting 1 every adult in the .school district j or (he payment of lib poll tax, It is said Hint many parents who have children In (he schools do not pay a poll lux W |,ere by ctoinr SC) they could aid tlio .schools materially, Whitworth Second io County Speaking Contwt Claude WhltTorth. representing the vocational agriculture depart ment of Blythevilie high tchoo placed second In a county wide wublic speaking- contest for agrl cultural students held at Wllsoi Wednesday. A Wilson student won the contest. Whitworth was chostn to represent Blvlheville at an earlier con- lest participated in by students of the local vocational agriculture department. Ifc>r.ib<* Senior-Faculty Program to B« Held Monday Nigkt •hlrli was panned for several voks ago fclll bs given next Mon- luy night. Il as iwstponcd be- nise of the basketball comes snd )ihcr activities. . The memtsets ot tlie senior class .111 give talks on Tomiyson's life ml works. Aflor the program here will be a business meeting. The refreshment commlllca will wrve light n-fiwrni'iils after tlio business meeting, Senior Clau Meeting At the senior class meeting Thursday, 11 was decided lo put out n. small paiier. This )x>]>er will contain u summary of the year's accomplishments. The students ul- so OKleiad their ' Invltallous and diplomas. Tlie cap and sown or- U-r was also sent off. Measure- iirnlji vere Uken by Muble Slinon, Noointi Magers, !>reston Hamai', AuWroii Smith, and Demile r'ow- HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP Thorn: Wanted: A N cw Star! UOLLYWOOD.-Hollywood need INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY - BY DAN THOMAS -- nnother skyrocket rise ur two hat's what makes the business -- — -••*. -».*i,i*i.j tn 01, ''-rosliiis finrf fur Mil Louis. He said he picked the other what brin-i them in ,i ,.,„ •, ",~ ivivo ii,\ «,. it,- v.:_\ ^ . '"D-^ uitm ui at the bov of- - .....I better . I is one big picture. . all she needs Hotel" as. she usually does in her j films . : . but you could hardly'ex- pect her to do that with John and Lionel JBarrymore, Joafi Crawford and Wallace Beery o'bo hi the p'.t- wrc. . . and some think that Lionel and Joan give the best performances in the cast ... their parts are not supposed to be quit-as important as-the-roles"'played oy Greta and Brother John • Dorothy Mackaill goes to England for three pictures . . Roland Young will B0 Iherc for one - . the British producers arc try- mg to be serious about giving Ilol- ^•u'ocd some competition this time but we'vi.' heard lhat befor- nrl u' just never worker! out boys up on Hi- highway. Huffman Men Fined $26 On Theft Charges Dallas Arnold and Henry Arnold of Huffman- were fined $25 ,-ach by Judge Ivy W. Crawford in municipal court this afternoon on charges of grand larceny. Four automobile tires, two batteries end other auto parts idenli- fir<i (is stolen articles were rccov- eied in possession of the pair. Constable Erwin Harrison of Huffman made the arrests. PRINCE ILLUSTRATED BOOK STOCKHOLP, <TJP) - A royal n-cdwh illustrator of a book abon' Hollywood is Prifice Sip-ard, second son of Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf. The book is a series of travel impressions of the movia capital by Wilhelm Soercnsen. Prince Sigvard. who has studied in Stockholm and Munich, has given proof of an original talent. Read Courier News Want Ads. ar every grave ho. C McHaneyTjr. "The Monirvent Man" New Grand Barbtr Shop 110 N. 2nd Hair Cuts - 25c Earl E. Parker. R. s. Prevost fire! New stars are apt to burst forth most any time. Who, where and when? That's a hard one to answer . . . but during the last yoar. the producers hnve been extremely lax in developing new ones of rourso, there's Clark Gable . . . not to mention Jimmy Durante . . sntt Sally Eilcrs and James Dunn. . . . and James C^'ncy. But the Great Gable is the only real, sure-fire box-office ace . . . nnd one a year is far from enough to keep the cash registers ringing. Here's a Xowlnalion Outstanding of the candidates, in my opinion, Is Karen Morlcy . . . she was a Wampus Baby star last >'ear ... and It iv.-is little more than a year ago that she left the Pasadena Community Playhouse to try her luck in Hollywood . . . now she's a potential bell rinzer . . , ^BLADDER* TROUBLE P<>Ct«n MT bUdder trouble » BMtf cMBmoe today ttun *nr Hon. But why put up *nh il? Juat tr; iakinr Gold Mtfal HaaTtea Oil Captuk* "cnlarly. Thii fin», oTd pripmiimi htt bwn tued Dorothy N'teds a Break Barbara Kent, Lillian Dond and Dorothy Jordan nre three more hkely candidates for the new starring Jobs. They are walling'only to; their chances . . . nn j. eon eof them may t= one cf the best bM- omcf attractions months, she has never n ^i ble - Vow Kindergarten DETROIT, (UP, ... An nncle||t livery stable, long In disuse, has been taken over l,y | lle salvation Army, and in the loft CO children of kinrJ?r R artcn nje are being Instructed. Their days arc spent in Supt. Greene Named to Advisory Group Crawford Greene, local superintendent of schools; ias Invited tills week to become a' member of an. advisory group of ArlutiiSas school nvn to nsjlst the 'research staff, of the National Survey ol School Finance. The••• invitation was extended by.. .William John Cooper, commissioner of eUucation Washington. t>. C. Tlie. national survey -U' bei .rnada over a four year i*riod under the direction of Commissioner Coopor and Dr. Paul R. Mort., of Columbia University. The survey i bein? sponsored by tlif federa government. • . Mr, Greene accepted the invitation and will meet with tlie directors of the Survey In Little Rock nt sorrux Icvtcr-date. . • • . BoysChb Meeti flopped In | Army provides .1 double ' service part.. while caring for them. lor «hi» Ttry fftpose for 236 y«ri. TW4r it U OIK of the tno«t witdjr kaown of n»di«««•. That h» popularity b« contieanl M Icn< is the bMt pf*Kth»tftw«k J .35c*75c. OOlOMfDAL HJUUtUEM ON. CAMUIIS YOU CAN PAY MORE Bui you cnn't K ct :»ny more for your money. When you us* our gas you get fuel of prime quality. It tests 100 end point and that's h*ttcr than the average gas. 16!c Per GENUINE AlEMITE GREASING REPAIRING; AND CRANKCASE SERVICK VOLLMER & SON, Inc. Phnnn 719 '_ _ . Yarhru Rd. . morning at 10 o'clock the Boys' club heard n program by members of the club. A trio, mnde up of Alvin Muff' man, Cnrl Rylec, nnd Thomai Hawkins, sang "Loveless Love" and "Nobody's Sweetheart." Claude "Whifu-orth r.pofce on ooiwrotlve Marketing." Tha program was concluded by tlie selection, "Ornndfather's Clock." by n 'luarW made up of Carl Rylee, Alvin Huffman, Thomas Hawkins. and N. B. Menard High School Brief s Those who were ahs-nl from last week because of Illness Joyce Sopiilneton. Irma Uur» Harries, Lucille Harp, Mary Louise Taylor, Frances Holland. Deek Johnson and Juuntta MclXxiald. Virginia .Toriipklns was tbte to come back to idiopl Insl week after a week's Illness. The Blythjvill* high sohool chap- whlch It the symbol ot the . The fire »ctl« m*mb*«, Virfinto TwipkiM, Tommy Ttwntwi), Emma B«Jwt>y, Dotl* aeeoy ind OOK>th»a Aotttt boufht ptru. The Juntor class hu (Seei<led to • buy their senior nnts thl^ term, order will be sent off n«t *cek and trMs students will receive '*lr rings several week* later. ' Sara Kunn s|ient Sunday In Helena last iwk. she and Adele Ung- ston were In Memphbt 'Saturday shopping. Miss Laura BwseU «nd MLw i5cl- m» Lefitz gave their rooms small polled plants for the Ewter season. Their rooms are very attract- ' iv« win, a small potted plant in each window. The first year French clius has received the names ol several French sludenls from .Pttbody college. Tlwy win begin their corre- sixxidence immediately. Myrtle Hood, Edith Crocker, Clols Sliepherd, «nd Dorothy Rylee hiked out to Myrtle Hood's Iwtne Thursday noon, Th«y a t« lunch at Myrtle's house and then walked back to school. Myrtle lives about tour nillefi (roni school. The track benefit play that was given last Monday rnomlnjr was a big 1 success. Tlie boys made about eleven dollars wluch will be usad to buy track malerlUs. Alton Jaggers Is able to be back »t'school after a week's Illness He hud n severe case ot influenza. . Paul Price, of the Allyn-Bacon Co., and Rjy Brown, of .tl« Hough- ton>M!niln Co., were visitors at the high school during th« past week. In the Interest of their respective companies. • W. D. Mcciurkln, of ihe hiih sclwol foculty, attended the tennis exhibition staged in Memphis Thursday night by Bill Tilden and his group of lennk experts. Flue and bad colds have plajed havoc wit hthe school attendance of laic, both In the high school and Making DELIVERING ft tho |w»wer plant electricity is produced in great volume anil at low tost Hut it is not ready for youito use. It must be tr«nsfornietl into a lower volt- age to fit it for household use. It must, be tr^sniittfd ii> the point at which it is. to IM-, usftl—at whxlever time'it is needed. F.l»l>6rat«: ^iid roippJes farifities nilW lie maintained constantly so that denwnds lor servit* can be met instantly, no'AJit- ter wUfiro or vhen they occur, Aiid tljc poorer, used by eadi cuiiomer must be measured abd recorded, a bill sent aiid collected. '. . .•;...•>;• All this likes place after tlie po*;er is produced.,Uttle wonder, then, that the cost of electricity at the power plant ig only a fraction of its final delivered coat. And Mill electricity is the ctn-aprst thing you can bity. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI TOWER COMPANY A 3 second Solution to better house cleaning Discount On tawdry Phone ,127 For White Truck Takt the receiver fioni tlie telephone book mici phone 327 for a white truck to call for your Rugs, Draperies and Redding. Let us rid them of winter's accumulntion of dirt, grime and germs ... the cost is . . tlie protection sure. BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY.

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