The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1932
Page 3
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SATURDAY. A1AUC1I 20, 1932 BLYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Moitgage Lifters Pastors and Church Leaders to Hold Joint Session Sunday. Afternoon. The Ministerial association has called for a joint meeting ol all Hie officers of their respective churches Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock In the First I' church. Tlic. president of the association, (lie Rev. W. J. LcRoy, will preside at this meeting and short talks will be given by t!i3 (JJlfcrcnt pastors. SfThc ncv. P. Q. Roi'i! will speak "for ten minutes on the sufcj?ct, ••"Our.Ideals Compared to Onv conditions." Cl. C, Miller's.topic will "Your Opportunity For Service fcs Loaders." The Rev, E. K. uti- jjcr will use as his .subjsei. "Your Opportunity for Service Through Jiving," and "Your Opportunity in Svanxellsin" will be discussed by Ihe Rev. A. S. Harwell and ih? [Ilcv. Marsh M. Callaway. This is (he first oi iliese meetings Sermons In the Flesh "Pi;! your faiili in God. your family In the field, your flivver under the shed, and grow what feed you j need." That was what Kev. Sam i Smith, a North Carolina colored preacher, n-cpnlly took as his text, ami lie doubtless preached as tood | a Sfrmou xs any that has been delivered on the subject. Here's hoping 'thai he, made his hearers see the evil of tlitlr ways and re.solve to set their feet on the road that leads upward, out of the slough of o:ie-cnjp despond, lo the broad, shining pliilns cf dlversHle:! fann- g where happiness and prosperity atound. If only belter balanced fanning .here it is tiust3d there will be fellowship and unity created g the officials of the 1' Snl churches in lilytlievillc. Hes>-lmeil:od5 were practiced, as general- Iillions for unified w.otk will be '}' as tliey arc preached! But every year fold, presented-to the group. The meeting will last only one .our Jewel Alsup Captain of Hayti Girls Team T HAYTI, Mo.—The llayli basket- ysall team chose as their captain -for 1932-33 Jewell Alsup. counly ^ull-stnr forward. The yirls vcccivinr; letters for 1031-32 are: tavern: Poster, Jewell Akup, Cliriscinc Jfomcr, Clara- 'Gillem. Margaret Myritk, Juanita -Provow. Eillecn Dales, Orn Kclley, 'G. Alsup. and C. Haseman, Mav- 'guerite Hagemann. Those that received honorable mention were: Gratia Mai Harmon, Eatelle Ball, Vnlera Holland. Mildred Heard. The Ifayti girls hya lost one game during the seoson, scoring 620 points during all games. The oprjonents total score was 346 points. Individual scoring record Is: Jewell Alsup—245, Lavernj Foster. 244, Eillcen Dates 86. Esteelc Mildred He Hagemann 2. Huffman News Mrs. Nellie Moore was the Tnes- «j, dinner guest of Mrs. Smith brlngs new converts into the and one of these days the South is ijoing to be a veritable PromLvd Land, provided an epi- domic of backsliding doesn't bmk out. Stories of profitable farming, irtald here, are sermons that live and breathe, and may tlreir number increase. 1'riccs of farm products arc tow, but CJ. W. McKinney, ot Franklin county, Arkansas, goes right on making money on his 300-acrf farm. His Hook of hens and herd of cows keep something coming in the yjar around. Legumes on a 'liberal acreage buili! up Jiis soil and feed his stock. He paid cash for a new automobile last summer, out of profits made on his farm during the first six months of the year. In the heart of the cotton belt, Cscar Keener has run his 540-acre farm In McDuffie county. Georgia, for six years, without growing a stalk of cotton. He raises feed for large herds of beef cattle and hogs, tind has surplus hoy and corn to sell. -He says that If a man fauns to make a living and not to maka money, the money part will take care of itself. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Schafer, of Tanglpahoa Parish. Louisiana, are Belting ahead by selling more than they buy, and never having to pay Pc.?ry called on Mrs. Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. W. R. Guild returned to her homo here Wednesday alter an extended visit in Illinois with relatives. John Metcalf is the guest of Albert Brackin this week. Mrs.. Beadle Lyle has been the gu-->t of Mrs. P. K. Kisscll since Tuesdav. - ' / Mr. Shaw of Newbern. Tenn.. is the of his daughter, Mrs. Anntc Stokes. Bob Peery has been on 115?- sick list. Mrs. F. Moore anrt Miss Maxine Copeland and R. H. Green and sons Randolph and Dick motored to Bvltheville Thursday night for a visit with Mr. Green's son, "Honev" Paul, who is in the hospital there. Mr. Castillo o[ Memphis, Tcnn.. v:as here Thursday transaccin£ business. Miss Prarl Pccry K ill ni lior home here. A. P. Bowids of near Tyler, Mo., was a business visitor here Fri- dnv morning. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Oxford of S. Brackin! 1 " 1111 '" 5 slllfr l ° instead of from town, and ihc grocery .store always owes them, sometimes as much as S200. The 11 acres that they devote largely to truck crops yields a gross income of around $6.000 a year. They grow plenty of feed for the PI.A1TOKMS OF FAKMCKS IttNNlNCi KOR PROSPERITY 1. A good garden, canned vjg- •tablss and fruits, a milk cow, i flock of hsns, nnd a few pigs or every farm. 2. Reduce cash expenditures 'or farm operations and receive •ash Income from sjvcral farm products. 3. Reduce the cost of mainlain- inf work stock and the production of milk. beef. pork, and ;prin» lombs for market by developing good pastures, growing ume hay and necessary grain 'eeds. Store surplus liay for future u;e. 4. Depend more on lime, legumes, and farm manures for lerllllzing purposes. 5. Sow land of mediocre fertility nnd hill Innd In Brasses and clovers for grazing and Improvement. 6. Terrace hill lands nnd sow winter raver crops to prevent erosion. Kesp farm Implements repair and under shelter when not In use. 1. Grow cultivated crops on the IKS! land on the farm, limiting the acreage of tobacco, com, cotton, potatoes, etc., to amount, that can be economically handled with the men and horse labor available on the farm to assure llly as well as qunnlitv production. . Improve the production of llve- sloik by use of pure-bred sires, by the sals of inferior animals, and by tetter feeding and,care. s. Keep farm records to determine types of farming that y best. Prepare credit statements for banker and keep it up to date from year to year. This practice will put the farm on better. business basis, aid credit standing, and inspire confld?nce between banker and farmer. 10. Cooperate with other farmers in buying needed supplies and in marketing farm products. —Recommended by University of Tennessee. M&re grass—less growling. More cows—less cussing. More hogs—less howling. More hens-Ires hacklin" More fruit—less frowns." Mor: gr.rdens—less grumblin.. More canning—more clrewing —John L. Lipe. Havana, Ark. 'something" that clicks with Mr. and Mrs. Publlo ... but that lhhiE Mono isn't »uacl»nt. . . ho or ho be carefully tlewl- oped with good roto nnd proper lories. Very often, it is irue, ilie over- light slat- doesn't last as long is lie one who comes up gradually, bli by bli, but )*> is the one thnt nakes ilx> business really Inlercsl- ng. Aiul usually his popularity ran be made 10 If lie Is given proper pictures. * » • How About Kv»lynt On« of thnso who has como along iraduiilly and who seems reaiy for the toj) rioivijEvalyn Knspp . . . PAGE THREfe High School News V!titlt» k; hm clmu, under Ike Jkttilon tt Jo>« Arrh«f, jnnul- D,roth« O?ccola. day. Ark., wcro here Thurs- Four Young Men Face Dyer Act Prosecution Federal officers were enroute here from St. Louis today, to return four young men. TxM in Jail here, to St. Louis to ansircr charges of violation of the Dyer The four are: Robert Meyers of Memphis, John B.?asley and Freddie Johnson of St. Louis and John Hunch of Chicago. The quartet was arrested by Arch Lindsey, dcpuly sheriff, after a far, in ivlilcli (hey were riding. wr-ol:pil on liigluvav 01 north of here Wednesday ni!>ht. Meyers admitted stealing ihi car n bis sedan, off the streets of St. Louis. He said he picked the other ', boys up on th? highway. /one V'iic hemp of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Boney ! *ss riestrnvcrt by lire Monday* morning. Nenrly everything In" tl">. liousa was lost. Mr. nnrt Mrs. Boncy expressed tlieir thanks to friends for kindness shown in to replace part of helnin* them their lass. A larpe crowd ntl.-ntiert tile sin?-' ing flt the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Lawrence Powell Sunday night. The Lone Onk community club will meet In th« home of Mrs.Mat- tie HU.J.V nest Monday. ' Mrs. Mary Fields. Mrs. Mollio Lane and Mrs. Earl Honey were nil day visitors in the home of Mrs. Lawrence Line Sunday. Mrs. Lit)- Dtinairay is sick tills week. Mrs. Lizzie Lancaster's children. . who have been ill with the flu. are improving. • Lum Mr.nlcy is sick with flu. J. P. Kincannon of Osceota visited his daughter. Mrs. DicK Fi'-'ds, Monday night. Mr. nnd Mrs. Lcivis Mnxivcll .ire the parents of a bi« girl. Walter Maxwell was the dinner guest of Elmer Lob) ev Sunday. A son Was torn to Mr. nnd Mrs. Vesl.^r Overman Saturday. Everyone is hulled to attend Snndav school here ench Sunday morning. UOSTON. <Up)~Tho exact location of the uracc of Gilbert stu- arl. Itic famous portrait painter, is not _known, but it is supposed to •rnf "ii th« Boylston Street side of Boston Common. The Paint and Clav Club has marked llic supposed spot with a p,dclle-shap/x] tab- live slock ami keep up Die fcrlilllj if tin- soil by turning under y.tfii mumirc crops. ttr.'l,. c. Floyd, of Olnnla, Soutl Carolina, has as much r-lnlu lo pm F. U. (Doctor ot Farming) nflei Ills n;ime as M. 13. Liberal doses o liis prescription will work wonders Vith ine most diseased afirlcuHura system. He (•!!(! his teii.-inl? uo ! sicker nn<l sicker every year growing cotton and tobacco In Die o.'( .shaie-erop way, but now bo'.h urc thriving on the new methods tlia lie adopted ^e\•en or cislH years a«o Dr. Fi 0 y<i scos u wt , cvc| . y le ant ha.s a tnileh cow. a so\v, yuar-nrouud yardc-n. mid cans ai ainp.'c supply of vegetables niul ! fnni. Mo.,l ol their cash crops are pooled for markelltie. Early In Jan- 1 ! nary the year's activities are out| llnad. and crops are planned with u view of each tenant growhiR not less than enough food and feetl lo <lo hfm (he following year, »r= lecominends his melhod as belnu depressloii-jircof and says that while they may not wind up a year's work wiili imidi nctua! cash, they- are sure lo liave a lot of things that they can usj In the place of cash. W. G. Mangum, of Woke county, North Carolina, milks four 10 six dairy cows that, supply milk for tho family, skim-milk, for pigs and poultry, manure for the soil, a market for home-grown feeds, and 'cash Income of $350 to MOO a year from the saie of sour cream. His four pure-bred sows supply the family wiUi meat, nnd lard and bring In $150 to $200 n year clenr profit from the sale of pigs nnd meat. He makes a profit of $250 or more n year from the sale of poultry and eggs. Like most of his neighbors, Mr. Mangura used to depend almost entirely several farming did not furnish employment, throughout the year and that pay-day was generally very uncertain and always too far off. So he turned his attention to cows, hogs and hens, and converted a considerable portion of his collon iicrj- nge to feed crops and'improved pasture. No«- iii s entire family has something to do. at good pay. every day in tlw year. on cotton, but he realized years ago that one-crop Thomas Wanted: A titw Star! HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY -8Y DAN THOMAS- . HOLLYWOOD.-HolIywood needs bctlcr and bette another skrock - |"ul her purls hnve been Retting . skyrocket rise ov tv vo . i is one big picture fats vhat makes the business in- ] • •" needs Evalvu Knap|>, lo», and Karen Morley. she has walled two years for n real break . . . After a great etart, the Warners started plugging Marian Marsh forpot all about her . . 1 have nothing against Miss Marsh, but she never can attain the heighls I'm afraid. Evnlyn Is capable of renchfmr. And on the same lot Is a you lad named George Brent . . . you're apt to see his name up in the lights any time no« p . . : he's due and he can do It. If he gets the chance. * • • Ctaudetle Wears a Wit Mnybc you didn't know U, but Claudeitc Colbert is blond now It TAX QUOTH Parent-Teacher Associations to Sponsor Drive to Help Schools. •Tay-your-poll-lnx Week" In Bly- (hevllle will be held April 10 to 16. Tills was decided this week «t a meeting nl the high school called by Mrs, Otto Kochlllzky, president of UK; High School Parent-Teiiclitr association, at which representatives Irom the several 1>. T. A.'s ol the city were present. George Barlwin, local attorney, also mei with the Bioup and offered suiojosUons for the drive. With the dccreasi' of over $600,WH> In Use |nx uASOisini'iiis for tlie local 'school district, reprnwmlnii a |K)'.tmlal low of ubout Jll.OOO in school revenue, 11 l s esMWIul (hut every possible dollar of school revenue be collected. When a local citizen pays $1 j»U lax. 96 cents of Hie don»r joes Into the school funds, the remaining four cents bslnt' divided betn'ten the collector und ilie ire»surer for Ihclr commission.';. Blnfo thb Is election year there should be greater Interest in llic iraymom of the poll Ux. H was decided by lire P T. A representatives lo make a j>erson- to-person campalsn, sollcllln? evetj nduli in (he -wrwol dl-ilrlcl for (lie myintnt of his poll Lax. It is said thai many parents who have children In the schools do not, pay t> poll tax wliere by doln* s> tliey could aid the schooLs muteriully. Whitworth Second in County Speaking Contwt Claude Whitworth, rtprtsMUlng me vocational agriculture depait- ment of Blythuvllle lush school placed second In a county «i,j e public aspeaklnir contest, for agricultural students 'held at Wilson Wednesday. A Wilson student won the contest. : "WtilUortli was chosen to represent Blyihevllle at an earlier contest participated In by students of the local vocational agriculture department. on the screen, at least She is a golden-luiircd sold-dlj^er for a bit in her iie\v picture . . . she wears -a wavy \vlg. And they're saying that OrMa Oarbo doesn't keep the center bt the spotlight .throughout "Grand Hotel" us . she- usually does In Iwr films . : . but you' could 'hardly' 'expect her to do that with John and Lionel Sarrymore, Joan Crawford and Wa'Uace Beery also In Che picture. . . and some think that Lionel and Joan give- the best per. formaiices" In the cost . .. . jhelr parts are not supposed to be qnil* as important as the roles ' played by Greta and Brother John • » t « Exodus to England Dorothy Macfcaili goes to'-England for three pictures . .. R 0 lanr: Young will go j], C re for one • . the British producers are trying to fce serious about giviii^ Hol- ywocd some competition this lime but ' n-1 it but we've heard that before nn-1 just never worked out. Huffman Men Fined $26 On Theft Charges WA "1- New stars are apt to burst forlh most any time. Who, where and when? That's a hard one to answer . . . but during the last yoar. the producers have been extremely Dallas Arnold and Henry Arnold lax in developing new ones of Huffman' were fined 525 racli of course, there's Clark Gable . by Judge Ivy W. Crawford in n ° l to mention Jimmy Durantc municipal court this nftcrnoon on 3nd charges of gr.ind larceny. Four automobile tires, (wo batteries and other auto parts identified as stolen articles were recovered in possession of Ihe pair Constable Erwln Harrison of Huffman made the arrests. Eilers nnd James Dmm. Break Barbara Kent, Lillian Bond and Dorothy Jordan arc three more new Klar- likely candidates for the ring jobs. They are wailing only for their chances . . . any one of tnein may fcc one cf ilie best box- office attraclions months. she has usvcr feu- flopped in a Slable N'niv Kindergarten DETROIT, (UP) - An ancient IVT:.V stable, long in disuse, has been taken over by the Salvation Army, ami in tnc ton G0 ,.„„,,,.,„ of kmc!?ri;artcn age are he!n» In- slrucled. Their dtiys nre spent in umple classes ami piny. Most of their parents are working, so the Army provides a double service part.. while caring for them PRINCE ILLUSTRATED BOOK STOCKHOLF. (UP) - A royal Swedish illustrator of n book obou' Hollywood Is Priilcc Sigvard. second son of Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf. The book is a series of travel impressions of the movls capital by Williclm Socrensen. Prince Sigvard. who has studied in Stockholm and Munich, has given proof of an original talent. Read Courier News Want Ads. JIM. C. McKaneyJr. The M»n«menl Man- Grand Leader Barber Shop 110 N. 2ncJ Hair Cots • 25c Earl E. P.irfcer R. s. Prevost , and James Ca°ney. But the Great Gable is Hi? only real, sure-fire box-office ace . . . and one a year is far from enough lo keep Ihe cash registers ringing. Here's a Nomination Outstanding of the candidates, in my opinion, is Knren Morley . . . she was a Wampus Baby star last year ... and It was littl- more than a year ago that snc left the Pasadena Community Playhouse lo try her luck in Hollywood . . . now she's a potential bell rinzer . . . BLADDER* i TROUBLE Doctor* «»r MKtdcr trouble M OMT* common today thin **v Mor«, But why put up «*h fc> J«t try ukin« GoH Metal Htutera Oil Capwfe reiuUrljr. Thii fine, old pttptr««ioo hM b«en oMd . for tkit wry p«rpoK for 236 I 7««r«, T«*»jr k » one of the I m«tt wi6dr known of m«di- ciot*. Thtt h* popularity bat t«it«j»»d M lone a tb« bwt proof that h werki. 35c A 75c. , OOWMEOAl YOU CAN PAY MORE But you can'l get any more for your money. Wh«n you use our sas you get fuel of prime quality. H tests 100 end point and 1 hut's better thnn (he aver- ape gas. 16!c Per Gallon GENUINE ALEMITE GREASING TIRE REPAIRING AND CRANKCASE SBRVICK VOLLMER & SON, Inc. Phnno T10 ' Phone 712 Yarbro IU. S«nior-F«cuky Profnun to Be Held Monday Nickt which wiis rK» lin «l for several weeks igo ill! b^ ulven nenl Monlay night. It as ixistponed b«- ciiuse of lh» Uasketbull conies snd other acllvltks. The members of ih* senior clwi »'H1 give talks on Tennyson's lite ind works. After the- program hero will be a business nuwjlnv, 1'lie refrcslinunt committee will serve lljht refifsmcnts nft*r tlw business meeting. Senior CU»» Meeting At the senior class meeting Thursday, It, was decided (o put out a small paper. This ]>oi*r will contain H summary of Uie year's nccoiiipllshiwiils. Tlie students ul- KO ordeiad tliclr Invltallons and diplomas. Ttie cap anil gown order wus nlso sent olf. Mensure- nif uLs werfc taken by Mablc Simon, Naomu Muijers, I»rei>ton Rani4i', Auldrou Biulth, und Dennte Kow- ltr - . '..'' which k the jjrmbol of the «ocl«t>, The fife KtlTe m«nbw«, Vlrflnto TomptoM, Tommy ThOBpwt, Bn. m» a»l*«by, Dork gecoy »nd Dota- thft Rotent boujht pliu.- The Junior class hu deeWrt to tiy th«lr senior rlng« thlj t«m. The order will -be sent off n«tt »'eek and l)i« studenls will jecelye tli«lr rings several weeks later. Sara Nunn spent Sunday In Helena. last week. She and Adele Ung- ston were In MtmphU Saturday chopping. Miss fiaura Baswtt >nd Miss Scl- m« I#h(z gavo their rooms sm»ll potled plants for the Hauler se»son. Their room* are very attractive with a small potted plant. In each window.' Th« first year French class has received the names ol several French students from Peabody college. Tliey will begin their corrj- High School Briefs Those »ho : were abs;nt from cliool inst wrek because Of illness were Joyce Supplnslon, Irmu Laur» Karnes, Ijiclllu Harp. Mary l/xilsn Taylor, Frances Holland, .., Johnson and Jiuinlta McDonald, .Virginia Tonipklns WHS able to come back to school last week alter a week's Illness. 1 The Blyihsvlue high school clup- (cr of ll» National Honor society bought pins lust week. Tlie pins are plain gold »lth the torch on it . Myrtle Hood, Edith Crocker, Clols Shepherd, «nd Dorothy Rylee hiked out lo Myrtle Hood's home Thursday noon. They, ate lunch at Myrtle's house and liien walked b«ck to scliool. Myrtle lives about four miles from school, Tins track benefit play that wis given last Monday morning was & big success. Thr boys made about eleven dollars which will be ussd to buy track materials. Alton Jauiers Is able to be bock at -school a tier a week's illness. He hnd u severe COM of Influenza, "i Paul I'rlce, of tin Allyn-Bacon Co., and Fay Brown, of ltt« Hough- • ton-Mimin Co., sere visitors at the lilth school diirliig the past week in Ihe Interest of Ihclr respective companies. • • • . W. D. McClurkln, ol the high Bcliool faculty, attended the tennis exhibition staged In MempKic Thursday night by BUI Tllden mnd hU group of tennis experts. • Flue and bad coMs.hg** pl»y«d havoc wll hthe school atlend»nce of l«tt>. both In the high school and the grade school?. On one recent day 155 pupils were absent from school in Hie city sc|K»U. Supt. Greene Named to Adriury Group Greene., local superintendent ot schools, was Invited this week to become a ' member of an advisory group ot. Arkansas school rrsn to assist the 'research staff ( of the National Survey of School Finance. The Invitation was extended by.. William John Cooper, commissioner .of .education, Washington! D. C. : The national Survey Ms' beln? raada over n four year period under the direction of Commissioner' Cooper and Dr. Paul R. .Wort, of Columbia University. The survey ls : being sponsored by the federal government. - - . . -. • . Mr. Greene accepted the invitation and will meet with the directors or the survey in Little Kocte nt soma later date.: . • • . • . BoysChbMeeU tiy morning al Itt'o'cloclt the Boys' club heard a prosram by members of the club. A trio, made up of Alvln Huffman, Cnrl Bylee, nnd Thomas Hawkins, sanff "Loveless Love", and "Nobody's Swrellwarl." Claude Wliltworth spoke on "CocHX-rntivn Marketlns;." Til* pro- grnm was concluded by the sslec- tion, "Grandfathtr's Clocl:," by a <iunri'3i mscie up of Carl Rylee, Alvin Huffman, Thomas Hawkins, nnrt N, B. Nfejiord. DELIVERING ll«! jwwer pl^nt rlcctrioity is produced in groat volume ant) at low cost. But it is not ready for you :to use. It must be triDBfonued into a lower volt- uge to fit it for household use. Jt must be to the poiot at which it is, to Iff, uswl-at whUerer lime it is, iieetfed. V.hltorxu- ?nil complex facilities itii'ist lie niainiained .constantly .so that demands for service can lie jnet instantly, no matter whort! or vfht.D they occur. And \\\<s pojver' used by each ciutoner ipust be measured and recorded, a bill sent and collevled. '. . : ' . . . . -,:•-.. AU this takes place after the power la produced.. Little wonder, then, that the coat of electricity at the power plant is only a fraction of its final delivered cost. And Mill electricity is the cheapest thing you can buy. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER COMPANY A 3 second Solution to better house cleaning 25 Discount On Laundry Phone 327 For While Truck Take the receiver from the telephone hook and f)hoiie 327 for a white truck to call for your Rugs, Draperies and Bedding. Let u,s riil them of winter's accumulation of dirt, jjrirnc and germs ... the cost is slight . . . the protection sure. BLYTHEVILJI LAUNDRY.

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