The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1932
Page 2
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Society Calcndat Sunday • The. t Sunrise prayer service o the First. Mctliodisl church will b. held at 1 o'clock in observance o Easter. Tlie. Woman's Missionary societ, of the Firs', Christian church I holding a sunrise prayer service a last observance of tlie Easter wee of prayer. Monday The W. M. S. Qf Fli-sl Bnptis church. Is hayliig circle day will No. I fn'lho home of Mrs. FranV Seaman; No. 2, Mis. J..R. Holly No. 3. in..the clmrch and No. -1 Mrs. A. S. Smith. The B. and P. club Is nieetln 7|30 in club room at Goff Hole - for R study on "An." J. Lou! Cherry wilt b; a vlsllor. The Delia Thcla Chapter No 103 .of .the KappA Alpha . Phi fru tcrnity Is meeting 8 o'clock tonlgh in Kappa rooms, located In 11) Faawers Bank, bulldtpg. All vlsll iiig-;l)iothers are •w-'taaie. Tiic Metliodist W. M.. s; is having -a study group In tlic .churcl at 2:30. ... Mrs. Honey Shlsin Is hostess ti thc;W- M. S. of the Second Bap ttst: church. - . The Woman's council of Uu First Christian church Is having i quilting party in tlic.-lionn of Mrs E. K.. Lallmsr with the Charll> group in charge. The Presbyterian Auxiliary I having a Bible study In the churcl al 2:30. Woman's Club Han Cond Mcotlnj !. Tire Blythcville Woman's Club -held-il-i regular monthly noting at 'tlie club house Friday afternoon with Mrs. W. \V. Hawkins . president, jasrlhe chairman. .• . The secretary "read a litter fr6m Mrs'.H.C.Dew.presldcnt of the County Council of Home Demonstration clubs, extending 'EiskV< greeting and^she enclosed.a'.ch^ck for nil- prec.ialion lo the ciiib for the use of (he club house for (heir meetings.' The regular routine of business was dispensed wllli nnd Mrs. J. P. Sanders, chairman of the Heajth commiUeh reported Hie co- opsralion of the club with .the health department of the city in the i "Clean-up Campaign" begin- »lns; the flrsl w«jk of April, and she urged each--member, to take l»'r^ by beautifying their homes ami' encouraging their neighbors in vie vork. Slic also repoilcd 45 hours work witj> -the Red Cross and-her findihjs al the Samari- ton Home located^on Cherry slrcel. Delesatcs to th±'county federation; of v/onmn's clubs which meet- Tuesday April 5 were chosen wilh Mrs.' J. E. Critz and Mrs. J. F. Sanders to go'' The club will also be represented ,by tliosc who arc . officeis of the federation, Mrs Howard Proclov-ls treasurer; Mrs Oeorgc Lee is music chairman: Mrs. 1 C. E. Crigeer Is clttainshlr chaurnnan and Miss Cora Lee Coleman, is junior club chairman. Officers for the new club yeai will be eleclcd at ll:o county meeting .and n nomination committer composed of Mis. Tra Gray, Mrs N. B. Mcnarrt and Mrs. J.' D Barksdftle was appointed at Friday's meeting. Thor.j members wlio have nol paid their 1932 dues are urged to pay lliem or make part payment that the club may gel credit foi this al the fedifalcd meeting. Scnkr League ~ Sponsors Fartj-. The Senior league ol the Firs' Methodist ehurch with H. A. Hiemer sponsoreava" party'In the so-- cial jjrooms Friday'eveiilrig with -31 young people of the church a: guesjs. •" ' 't . „ • . . Va'rious gam;s onS contests maac-' up the evening's entertainment im til tfie concluding hour when chicken ilad, sadwichcs and coca cola; were"served. - - - - boi r. , T. ' . i" . PrcsSch . Mrs. H. G. Partiow opsnetl tr.i meeting of the Pre-Schcat p. T. A which was held at the horn; of Mtj ..Jce D. 'Halbacn Friday afternoor with i discussion on "fiK Child aiu His Goal." The bcok 'af-s^x -Plica- tion was studied ultft Mrs. W. M Williams leading the discuWcns. Each: rfother.-tfas given a -chll- dren's,. charter (lial yas d^iributst during-.tha While'HDusj"confjrencc as a part of the CtvM Wclfar- prc. gram T.-htch is Icing sprasore-' bj II:e president, Herten Hoover During a .social hour the he-ness served refreshments. Friday afternoon, April 8 Mr= C. W. Garrigan will be hostess to the club. *. » i tJ"Sifs Bible Class Urges Attcniince. .. The Ladies Bibie class of I'.-.e First Methodist churcrj'Ur'gjs a larger attendance Sunday for the Eist-r «r\-ices. A. O. Hudson will h~- i-. teacher of the Bible" lesson and .Mrs W. W. Holllpeter will lead the J». volional period. 'An imitation is ••>\- tendcd to all. Art Is Sabjccl . • . . Of Tht B. * J>. CJ^l,,. -' •": •-^^^L^^ x r ,r^ a ™ r-.fesslonal Wornan's v -dub -when it Cort aid rlfiH n f S. " isV-'-^pM, its international Nations^ New %-ker «, ^ ^ "^ i;-.'.»~^»*>^y-'-e»*ntar.-(n-th*i t ,m*mo n - ^ " SC<i *° - . >'"^-^—-^* "-— • • """'"" " ASpriii^Goat.-of Tim When sprint's suns shliic ' In' (lie norUfland, fair Alice Klclwls of Chicago already will have her coal of tan. Here the camera lias cauetil her in a charming pose while Eim-and-un hkthlng at Ml- fmi Dcaeh. She's u leader of the ' :uiiSJ|- society fclk at the Hoi- Ida res3rl *•< if Bits of Netis Mostly Personal iubject sre: Misses .Grace Lowrcy, Althen Fdirarde, Margaret' Mcr- :1U. Cora Lee Colenmn and Ernes- Inc Holland, Dr. Edna K'lcs, Mrs. Lottie Sheppnrd, Mrs. Lrwis Phillips, Mrs. Mae Aldrldge and Mrs. licrnlco C. Jones. Tnere is only oii?> more lesson ot :he serifs furnished from tlie i'.en-. eral extension servica liuvcnn of K'omcn'K clubs from the Univers- ly of Arkansas. Visitors arc cord- ally Invited nnd welcomed. • • • * Jpcn IHur CI.1K'. ;• . ';-..-' Extends Invltattiiu. A cordial invitation 1s extended •Isitors nnd members are urged to x present'for study Sunday inorn- ng of ilit Open.Poor elns's' o! the 7iist Methodist church. Mrs. Paul Pinion, flccompauied l>y Mrs. Oeo. il. Lee will give a solo and Woc:K •on- Fisher will piny.a violin solo vlth Miss Kalluyn 'drear as occom- lanlst. J. II. Steadninii of Anno- el will deliver a five minutes mes- ase, followed by the d;vot!onal service with Mrs. N. 3. Menard as The class htis a very interesting encher and the lesson Is csiwci.illy 5/ee/e Socicly—Personal Bridge Party. Mrs. -If. E. Dcerner was hostess last Thin-slay to (lie members of Ihe bridge club and two Invited auests, Mrs. nilcy Jones and HUs- Uixit; Crawford both cf Blylhevllle. Decorations were ciirrlc.1 -oul In SI: Pilrick cff-ect.' 1 "' •' ' "•'•'•' nirthiay'IIo Mrs. Sims Mlchle was hosteBS to a surprise birthday dinner hulion- or of Mr. Mlctilc's l)irtli(|ay', Tuesday. Those enjoying it w.«re Mr. aixl Mrs. Ncwberry Johnson, Misses Maude Alice Bcnsley, aiul Uolllt Lane, Charles York and Mr., arid Mrs. Michie nn'd sou, Joe Marlon. ..Handkerchief Shcwer. Mr. and Mrs. Hays Smith enlsr- taliied Wednesday evening with n handkerchief shower, honoring Miss Jessie Pierce, who leaves soon for Muskosee, oicla. Tl-.e main entertainment was'.Yoo'k wi'fh'lhe bbU: and Losless winning high score. At ' MH ni,^ M i - ;-• ' ''"" '-""ess winning men score At o:u,ce a £ l,-^, 1 ?;^!"";'^ 1 ^ of <>>* SS a sundwid! ere yesterday a by who has t liuh weighed lappa 'Alpha I'hi a nance. Uclta Theta cliitpier of the <nppn Alpha Phi sponsored a rtnnc? I the Woman's eh:b house l-'rIJay veiling. There were fiicsts from lemphis. Wilson, Osceob, Lnscni teele and Cnriilhcrsville. las Party For 'enlli Anniversary [ighwny Bl r.?nr . were .Misses ,To Hollv nnil Ruhvc «. ll! !^S 1 -J. h . e lJ*"' ta!r «' Corter. MIB Thehm, | Mays of Cnruthersvllle, Miss Mable Smith, Miss Pierce and Messrs linndall Mead, Raymond Hennel, D. L. potts and Charles York. Newbcrry Julmjon ai\r'- Fred Kc-llcy spent Mb'n<lay In Kfeinphif Mrs. j. H. Rnndall motored to Warden Wednesday. Bennlc RoblnAon spent Snmlny wilh J. Hamilton of Maplewo6d. Misses K-edfl Alcxanticr ana Nell" .Cnrnes, Garth Koa and E. s Workman visited In Kemiett j evening. Miss Hilly" Lcgsctt. daughter of ; Mrs. j. S. German, iv!:o linvWi :r. an Mi's.- W. C. Lncunll cp|p_ in thr nu.Hm,-;n^ i.^.^.i.^i '" Ir. an Mi-s., W. c. Lcegcll celc- raled her tenth blrthdny yes- erday - afiernoon wilh tin Easter arty at her hom^. There n-erc 25. guests prescnl ho paiticipaled in an Easier egg unt. Harold liosenthal nnd Recss (ancllff tied for tlie prize offered or finding the greatest number of CSS. Miss Leggetl was presented witli number of gifts after which re- rshments ol individual cakes nnd '116 were saved. ^hrb:tlan Chorrb In lold Snrpriss Traycr Tlie members of Die Clulstinn nirch arc holding a sunrise pr.iy- r feruce in observance o! Easter itli the Wonvnn's Missionary Sci- Ely as sponsors. The topic tar ledltation is'"I give'my Uf e 'for hce." The junior choir will sing id the folloi ' .m the Blythcville hospital, was "re- lurned to lier home here Monday Cnr! Hughes has accepted a po- suion as mathematics and science teacher in' the Slcclo high school • is Inking the place of A D Ab- J. E. Darliam who lian ^ vl , , m . ployed here for the pasl several montlis lias been liansfered to Louisiana. Lewis Phillips is nb!c lo be out •igaln after a week's lllnees from Injuries he had In an accident. Mrs. R. J. Dodtoii and eon, uu Hob, und Miss Cltffle Webb went to Llllle Hock Thursday, for a short visit,'.., •:' ' ".',' Mrs. Jack Hill of Los Angejei California, who Is visiting In Qsce- ola and Mrs. J: H. Stevens of Qs. ceola visited with friends her ThuredAy. •', Mrs. Clnrcnce Vollm»r nnd Mrs W. J. Wtinderllch visited in Memphis Thursday. ' Mis.-H= K. nanictt, jr., Is slowly liniJi-ovlng al the home of her parents, Mr. nnd .Mrs. E. A. .Fjslier, after scvir,rnl weeks illnefs. >. < Mrs. J. W: Richards of;6sc«>la wos Ihe Buest of Mr. aiid Mrs. o W. McCutchen Thursday. :..'-, Mrs. W. H. Johnson and Mrs. \v. B.'Nelson'of Memphis spoilt ThUrs-' day here with Airs. Baker WJlsoii an<l family. • . j Mr. nnd-^Mrs. Berry B. Brooks, Jr., of M.miphls will spend 7 -the Easier holidays here with Mrs. Brooks' mother, Mrs. Allen Walton. :': Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hosenthftl and son,-Paul. Jr., have returned from St. Louis where they visited rov?ral days. -:.'•::• . Hfrs. Theodore Logan lias .returned rfrom Jonesboro where . she- Til-' lt«d with ^^rs. Otlls Sheppard and family for a week. Mr, and Mrs. Sheppard nnd datighler, Wlnetle ticcouipanied her home for tlie c?fc-cnd. • . ; • • Eibert Huffman, son of Mr..and Mrs. E. M. Huffman, who is' at- tenriiiii,' Soittlm-cslcrn University in Memphis, is sirendini; the. Ens- . ter holidays his room-mote, criiatliy irtio lias bccci siibstiluti for Clay Aslin. . Mr. ami Mrs. Jli liuuiic Hnmilton tnid family of Holland have recently moved to Steelc. ^fisse^ Margaret O/nunt and Nel- OK Games and Floyd Smith .and .-Buster Carter attended th> .sknl- | '"g rink In Blythcville • Thursday evening. . Miss Keck President of College French Society ST. CHARLES Mo.-Miss Vir uia Kc«k, S10'.'\v: Main St ily. -„ , Ilicvillo was recently elected Prc^- ,. . - -- contribute ! idem of Beta Pi Thcl.i fl, e nv Ihe Prosrmn Mrs. Join, Mc-jtlonal honorary French Fra'rnUy an=y. Missw Mnric Moon. Mar- a( Lindcnwood College The 1 nr rt Rhn ,. r „„„ Marjory Flp! tionnl organization publishes a 1 magazine in which coti:Hbutlbus from the various local fraternities arc found. Bctn.Pi Tlieta si»n- sorort ;twp ^rcitth\plays Riven recently-hi; Rotnftr^ Auditorium In which Miss ' Keel;' took part, nnd the fraternity is very active on campus. It is n distinct honor to be a member of this fralcrnity, and n:ore so to te elected the Prci- idcnl of Ihe local chapter. *, aret Shaver r ood. At th? n o'clock hour there Easier music and scnnon. climaxed 'by the •omnnniion service jind dedicatioii, on l^nrn Mr. and Mis. J. T. Fox announce 10 arrival of a 7 and 1-2 pound on this mornln? at the family :nce on Sycamore street. The . has been nan:*! j.imle harks. ttlhodisl Oratorio ^as Ik-tn Pttstpanrd Due to <!ie tiiiicss v! , n( , p ri ., C j. •il soloist. Ross Stevens, nnrt tiint I t-. O. Redman, the Mctlioiiisl nolr 51-111 not present Uic.r crucl- xton oratorio Sunday fvenin? :30 as planned. However parts the music will be rendered at c 'n tl:: morning nnd cvcnme scr- ees. » • • Old (W! Restored LEN'OX. MJSS., .UP) -'Atop a _tigc and ornate bam raied re- eiiate ot Will Hold Services [j. for J. R. Lemp Sunday s:rviccs" .will 1« heln 'at, the Nsxarene churcli Sunday a'f- ternccn nt 2:30 o'clock for J. H. Icmp. who died at.his home here Thi.-r.5day of '.'itomalne poisoning' Rev. L. w. StajTord and Hey, Russrfl will conduct, the .••;rvlcrs and Interment will 6e made ftt Sa«7cr ccmclcrj' with IJ. G. Moss Undertaking company in charge. Hospital A'o*e.9 Atlmittcrt: J. fe. Rfece city" Dlsmisrart: W. P. \Vinn. Sleele; Allen Cabiniss, in Florence, Alabama. . • Mrs. '\V. M. Halz of St. Louis is visiting n week here with, her daughter Mrs. H. J. Kleindiensi nnd family. Miss 'Dorothy Orae^ of -pavmti, Mo. is n week-end guest to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hall. . Miss Florence Pittman ' has K'- tnrnetl to her home in-Indian ola, Miss., after a month's • visi hore with rdalives. Misses Hazel Gordon and Sue Slinson of ^^c:nphis arc the euesls of Miss Frances Evans for Rislti holidays. Mrs. T. J. Grcemvrfl of Biloxi Miss., is visiting with her aon. Pan! Grccnwcll and family for a week Juanita and Jonn. little daugli- Icrs of the Rev. and Mrs. E. K Latimer, aro veiv much improved now after n week's influenza. Miss Virginia. Terry nnd Jaincs Terry..student.? nt Arkansas iini- ;crslty. Faycltevllh an :he Easter holidays here with .heir parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Terry. Mrs. I. O. Westbrook K .very much Improved oft.-r ti week's illness with influenza. Miss Limn Hardy is siwndins the week end in Memphis. Mrs. Clarence Kohvyck is nble to be up after a two nwks Ulne.iS. Mrs. II. E. Keltner of Memphis wn.s Ihe Riiest. of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spicer. :is 5 Winnie Phillips and Sam arc spendi'iiR Easier in l.nke Cily.-as Riicst.i of Mr. Hill's mother, .Mis. Will They will be accompanied by Mrs. Hairs- Taylor. Max Logan, student of Juncs- boro A. & M.. is sp^ndir.ft thr Faster holidays-with his r>.irc.nU. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Loe.iii. Paul Hurks and R. A. Nc'.w>n. students of Joncslwro .-\ and M.. are .spending the ho'.id.iys v.ith their parents. Mr, and Mrs, W. ].. Plnilips rpcnt s lo<lay in M-:ii]iiiis. They were atconipanlod by Mrs. 'j. g Halsell nnd daughter, ceo!a. Don Smith, student o; NAZAKKNG CIKJUCH Jaines A Huysell, Paalor Go lo Church Sunday. • . Sunday school; 0':-tR,.'..Preju-hlng ot 11. Thc'EiiVject for 11^ mor- iilng hour yjU hi" "Prtcloiis Merii- ci'lcs." Evcnlhg sMtek. rf; -y. p. S. 6:30. For (he evening worship nt 7.30 o'clock the subject will be "The Heavenly lisunlon." Don't miss 'these "Services. A welcome awaits you. SECOND Il.M'l'IST CHUKC1I J. I.. N'ewMun, pastor Sundiiy school 9:45, J. D. Booker supt. Sermon, 11 a. in., sub;.::t, "The Itesurrectloii." II. Y. P. u. C:30. Roncv Chlsm, director. Sermon. 1:30 p. m., subject 1 Three Crucifixions." Tlie church is conduct I nc a ti. V. P. Y. study course each night «;;k with J. p, Friend of the First church In charge of the seniors J. I.. Nqwsom, the inlemicdiate.s f,nd Mrs. Hatlie SmUldy Ihe Jun iors. The c' p. m. will tcjln tit 7:30 CHURCH OF CHRIST .Main Aiidilcrium of C'our! Hnust Sunday school 10 o'clock on subject, "Jesus Discs From the Dead. 1 ' Holy communion,' 11 o'clock. Young People's meeting 1 o'clock in (h.? home-of Mr. and Mrs. Roy S. Cnnnan. Ladles Dib!e study Wednesday afternoon at home of Mrs. • Waller Clork. Everyone is cordially invited to attend each of tlvesc services. . FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Main nnd Seventh streets I*. Q. Rnrie, 1'astor Sunrise prayer service- at 7 a in Sunday School 3:45 n ; m. Baptism of Infants at 10:50 a. m. Worship and Sermon if a. m. reception of members. Junior League 2 p. m. Hi-League 0:30 -p. in. Scnjqr League 0:30 p. m. Womans Missionary' Monday 2:30 p. in. Society ' .. Prayer' meeting Wednesday iii ' of Woman's Missionary' So- =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Jesus' Resurrection .—M!™!JA-Y---.™?c." Jl c ;J 932 The International l.'nlfcjun Sunday School Lissun for Mauh 27.' m- WM. '!-;. oiLiioy, D. ». Kdilor cf The Cougrr^ilHmalht The i;iiracu!ous sto;-y 6f 'on ri<- in? of Ji-suv from i;.-.. cieail ,; nlh'.-cl. In this lo:;son '*i','.i die in- Cfrest of human .ivliijwsM-, it != Interesting Ihat nil ilie stories of the- •Ite.'irroetlan of ./osus 'uvc' Ihat dc3i> r.olc o; i:; and! human Interest, nmi'lhi:; fuel'Is! not without Us >.! :« uu I of the truth r,! ti:c r?,-- ord. The miracle cf Hi*: R«niM-- tlon of Jesus cannu bs '.xnluhicd. If' it could, it would r.o 1 : uc a mirac.'o. It may to that w : ; c;ay ivc -l'.:'.ll i!l.-;covcr laws ci tin: ipii-:-:- ual world, and <if the pn-,v:>r of Efii-it ever mailer, that may mi: such fauu as the Hesii:i-cc;i.:n" oi j Je-sus within tho ranije ol scion-1 tific explanation. At prcsvru we' ail>roa(Ji the record in fr.ith ,iirj In appreciation of its sijiuliul slRniiic.incc. CM™ fr.ct that cioc=: r'i'.r.'.l out very dearly is thfit in an iu. U r whcn tlie disciples v.-orc tickcn in .-..I thoroughly dtehi-avi'- cmd, foe-ling thai -ilu faith t>i;>t they had |iTuced in Josns v.-a-j irustratc-d and hcnsless. ti-.eii -Vary sr w levins. . His rt!sap;j:Intmont hnd !;cr _'cvc r.i><! !;er :t:'OH3l dcvotiin. ho !o;t, but !i Her hope that still !« said it was to him jrit ., . icil as if (i,a child had hec\. j there in actual physical fern We .'ia-.-c >:o evidence mourned. ; vidon thu! Mary has that- UMH at faith suddenly revived in such . way Ilia: life si:<i purpose ivjre i-mewcd and E'.rei'.sthened, ihcy w;nt forth with Mils new .. sion of their Lord, stroiii; to proclaim the Gospel, Wiul was the nat::re of these visions of the Master? That is prrci o!y what \ve crumct nnswcr. But the recirds indicate that in '-Her: t:i c appearance of Jc-stis to hi.i disciple.! had all (he reality a;k-k'. one ot the head and one icr;i in our lesson! One cwht^o : foe; cf Jc-sus, an,I she I rec^nizo, hoover, that such ei-.,- ,,,d Kesri their voices «,!„»" Worn- J S^ h^S h II ^> u- ,n, v,hy RTC p, !e tho,,?" ,,.,„. are^eal a\,a vita! We'have Mary siw her Lo:u, and ho I r.ot biynn to explore th« mys- :;;ok? to her. and she C.I.-KC bscJ: i lerire cf t!:e spiritual \c:[-d and lo the (iiscitJleE telling them the c! the resurrection life. 1 -If belief in ti != ResurrecMan cf | Jesus weie merely n m-.t;cr of ot r::cn exp?-1 mystery, it would not t* -jrHu- tako ui important. Ths sjijlcaiit wnc si-rvrd Hi | me: ci resurrection faiili b the r.b'.e story. would A ;riei:-j r l-i, emhly preence with the the aWt- WarVc!;! ,nc thVin the j n'ccep^nce nc:i:S effect of mjstcry and in- ' ••-- •••- •• - | ••-<-<.HI..I«.I. sp:r:ilion in the consciousness that had not triumphed have- the picture we of of risen ^rA^ bUni ^ OI , U " M - ^« «* B?cr , and',,,; viemn" '•?"^.._ ShC "- :ral ' , u : ht: * . hc « a5 : cf c; '- "vcs to him ; ' " '^'*^^£^ l ™^^^^--arms, ca-.lin, to him. "Oh, Dad-1 contort ai^ Insjjlralion. P ' ; ' fills all space; and it is tmpossib:e to conceive of sucii oainiprcscncc iiid iiHlividualiiy except as infin- , - - . . . . i'e Spirit or Mind. Hence r,!l is Choir rohrarsnl Wednesday 8:15 Spirit nnd spiritual" (pa^e 331) i. m. _' LAKE STKEET METHODIST curucii W. J. I.cUoy, 1'istor ity of Alabama at THM-.-,:ci",a j s visiting tvitli liis 'parents. TJi :.;ui Mrs. F. D. Smith during I:'.i- v. FoVmer HaytifRisiHcrit ••Killed at Beauvoir, Miss. HAVTI, Mo.—-'Jamis T J a fornicr Hnyti cilizcn b.:; resident of Biloxi,-M'Ss. vc.s March H al Beoiivotr. when by a rbadstcr driven tr. }' Ruble.-S2, ot Gulfiwrt. ' . 'Mr. Jscksoti suffered a .' cd skull, .a badly broken ;. and a - crushed cbjt-st. T.... Injitiy Ms bellevM to l:,v., his instant death. li( -.-. V>!oyed ' by tho lioir.r t, company In Bltosl. He- was:a member ot :.-. odK Chm-cli.ond. a ^!.. leaves jnany jrclativr.-- a:-,.-, FIRST PKESBYTERIAX CITUKCI1 SlarsU M. Calliway, iMinirfer Clnu-ch. schcol,-9:45 a.m. J. Nick Thomas, superintendent. Morning worship 11. Sermon subect: "A Proclamation of Faith." •Vfiss Virginia Keck will give' n solo at this service. Evc-niii;; -worship: Christian Endeavor, 0:30. Preaching at cn v *,,. thirty by the paster. Mid-Week prayer • service We'l- nesday at 1: 30 p.m. BCard of deacons Friday ev»'ii"- at 7:30. ' A cordial welcom; awnils yon at this church. FIKST CHIIISTIAN CISUKCI! K. K. fjti'nnrr, I'aslor Sunday school. S:45 n. m.. - 11. o'clock communion niid s.moil: : Special -Easter music. Sub jcct for discussion will be "The In cvitables of Easter'. 1 " ..' . •• Ther.? will be no vesper service's WM. i;.- Secretury. Aiiu-.-ioan Rtidju- Lciigue had best cash his ace of spad.-s at once before he loses it. Alt:;- v.'in- can- ning his ace of spades, UasL fsssstr™- -j.i.ivsMSrA ;= srirs^-—' a :tf; ,,— — .. ^J.HJL.^ ii^nt. tu ce Preaclung. 10:45. Subject, "Why ! cd ' a s a real nlayin- exn»-t t Was Ciirist Crucified Ue'.wjen T«-o 13'our oppor,o;its an onnorfinifv Thieves? What Two Classes cf ' 5 Give to Thbves are Still Prcsi'iu With Us? League. 0:50. Prc.\ciiina. liM. Subject, '-Da M-.-:i Rf-lieve Tcri.-iy Tiiat J.?sns i^f from the Dead? Du You?" L"f;- face thii question honestly and Everybo-y cCTuiahy nnitii;; ^oj a warm welcome will be yiv?n yoii. Attend botli of thr=c s»:-vi:es nr.d Sunday scliool on ..^ u . ..mi i^lLIl l[Lt: [|l" I'll West could see that a club finesse is going: to work and that an error even if vo,, >-.„,•, I T , B ° lo work ana th =>t a sure tr'cV Vrnn n ar " vvi " pcsi5ibl! '' lojc Onl 5' ' =sj» £**=« = s;'>s.ira".,5 S?',,n,rd;"s-»? S'i"S,,,r^r 'sJf jwtort In die : tiftl. coutratl -as il :e favorite. rrs±>«: »•« --r,earrst : lowing is one of the inVreitUi : hands selcct«l from ihj s contest PILGI!l.\f LUTHKKAN H. J. Klcimlrcnst. raster Snndiiy schcol rind adult B'bl class D a. in. • il Easter sermon i o'clock on theme. "The Twofold lo Mm of the Angel of the Tomb: A niunb?r of children will be baptised nt the niornin; services' FIRST iJAPTIST CHURfU (.'ornrr Walnut and Slh Strcrls licv. A. S. Hnnvrll, IVistnr Bible School !):« a. m.. G. C Miller, Educational Director. Sermon 11.00 a. m. and 7:« p u. The Pastor will preach al both hours. His morning sub: ret- will DC. "The Essentials of True P.c.- ligiou." 2fe will sue;ik at nishl on. "Sin." B. Y. P. U. C.30 ]>. in. Deacons meeting Monday 7:30 >., m. Teaclicrs niceliiie-. 7:00 p.'in. and he Mid-Week Prayer Service 7:-l5 >. m. Wednesday. m. Choir rehearsal - 7:30 p Thtirxrtas', Mrs. Paul Tipton, Di- ier:^ will lji> a Regional Conference held Ihe the First Baptist Church at Luxora. Tuesday, bcgln- •jnj at !0:QO a. m. Slate S?ere- jry. Rev. Ben' L'. Bridges."wiil be iiesent. There • should b2 n numj- tr fro:n this church in the mnl- n?. A meeting for the Pastors and Official Hoard Mcmbets of tha riif- 'cTiil ciiiirches of the tow n will in.i 1 -'?-I'.cld at the'First rrcsbytcrinn Church Sunday 2:30 p.-ui. ABOUT THK !'..\|;|-|, Scicntist.s estimate ;;:.,• ;. cent of the land area o: :;,, s derrvt. 30 |»r cent iv ;-., : ind 30 IXT cent Is i>.v.- land, forest.-higli tiio-.i : -. :i:tk] CHRISTIAN' SCIKNTF. ,v,! "REALITY" is the sitbj--ct ol the 11-rvson-Sermon lo be read in the • :: . i Christian Frrvicc Sunday ..-; • nt 11 o'clock. .'.;-r- '''he OoMcn Text is. "Shic^ !hc • •el jbccinnini; hnvc ••i-.-i:ot heard, nor pevceivpd )«• the .• ro-far. iPither hath the rye t ccn. O God. beside thce; v.lint he lulh •'-.- prepared for him'that wnitcth lor :i c him" ilr-aiah G!:4V . ;:,. i Amon? the citations from the Bible is the follonlne." And r.od sw ' . ?vcrythinp that he had marie, and i , behold, it, was very fjnoci" (Genesis : •-•••'.'! 1:31 to first period). . • '"h j The lesson-Sermon will a!.v> in- 1 ':•-!•. leludo pa.^,if(>s frrmi the Christian I >•-".« [Science toxtbook." Science and I '.Ji Health with Key to tho. Serin-i -is ' tures," by Mary ' Bake r Eddy, one \ •vo-;ol- which reads."- Everything - in' •God's universe e.\p:-.sscs Him.'He .. ject: ASSF.SIBI.V O:-' fiO!) CKUIJCH v.->u?. \\'- L. Tliurmond in Cliar;:u ^Sfjiday schco:. &:-i3, N. jr. T:-an- am, saporintendi-nl. . . chiiiB rervlee. II o'clx-V Sub-' "Why Did God Tu:n-Kis' -.-c troin Israsl?", . ! Ycun? Peoples SeryLce, 0:30 P. M. | Evani;:-lL-.'.io =e:-vlrbs. 7:30 p. M i cengrfsalloiiiil siugi:^, and a bDX ' rermca by the cvangclls:. j All 6?ats free. Revival servicts throusiiout next wcri:. Masons Greet Orphans Board j-3eacl at Osceoia Ar>. — Scven-.y-fivc VK-10-8-6-3 #6-5-3-2. *K-9-8- A10-8-5 VJ-7-2 *A-K- Q-9-8 NORTH I- ~m CO > UJ in SOUTH 6-4-2 V9-4 410-7 AK-9-3 VA-Q-5 «J-4 .T.-A-Q-6-4-3 -IS1 The Kidding- Roulh had the required lv:o and ie-hn;f tr;f;ks. l:ut although n c vniCers or the Osccoia iir . fK ,!, .]m i ilrf , ^C .top^d r^vt-^ of "^ts - otherwise whvwonld'! » C » "Ji % ,'J-- i , tin!r " K °^ frcn ': tl!:U i" rontr.vt n suit' should" b • i W( ' fl ^ ™ !"«!ous to deliboritcly lijthei'Ih-. \VilK,:,. Tyro:,-, -,r : ,;.i ;id in }mlf ~ l ., );e to „ ,,„ ,.. "' - Bi>'c declarer a ruff ft, dummy? -. /.panto. aiUV.;!cd the n-olinv, thrmfn,, =„„„, JX.,", „.;.,';?: !--~ : memters of :oc~ l^l«^-r^^^ ^ oSc^^s^, ^t i ~- ;^F T ^"-1 ^^TaT^'^'F" ^^r^\ Fas'. Vi;<l r::;; —the ? ». and with the ace. queen jn me dummy. West's jack will b n Killed. If one of those honor cards • conk! ce forc-i-d from dummy, hoiv- " ever, at lensf the declar.:v wouid \ be put up against a guess. West ;' now made a very flue defcnsiv.) Play nnd sv:ung his king of clia- '-'• monds. East Immediately read,. ] what his partner was tryiire to da .' I -im! tntnipcci in with the nin» of I hearts which forced dummy's '•" ; ciseen. ''' • Declarer led the ace of hearts . ' . from dummy and then the fire of | hearts, W^st played the seven, and •', ! now the declarer was put inv"' against a guess. If he played the ' ten. of course he can make four ; ' , KM. hut at least \v.r*t ^iven .-. i Ihe dcciarcr an opportunity to-i make a intake snd if hc haci j guessed UTOUJ, West has saved , I tho pame. .. ! From th? declarer's nnglo hc -' should R-.ark West wilh the jack .. of hearts — otherwise why would Dr. -Warren officiate:] T.eetin:!. cc:ifc ¥ rri:ig the :i . ;rec on a candidate. Besides Er. Wainn. ct::.-.- cd?c officers ppjicnt- at t: .r.j incU;dc;i rini'-. E. Milj . senirr warden; I-'rcd Slue: tricl dei>'.ity grand ir.a^,- ; and J. B. Bu?.;.. Junior ricricon. , , 0 fo . |r conlttct PS^MAMON-TWAVK^I Inclttdins "Shampoo .'und'^fll S-:l. Guaranteed - - - - ™ KI-AI.Xli J5KAUTY SHOP Olcnccc'lililj;. I'lionc-iS hsold Funeral Today t n n r* p \ ; f : : '~ ll n r^ (Jinnionds Noiv ;-ll inn- for B. F. Pearcc, 64|Xo:tn r an !i:iV o tc i'j^ufy i, is ™ t ('•••_ ihv kin;,-of hearts «!id t!ie kin« I: ' Funeral prrilcfs \»ill !-.. n\; ttday for IJ. P. Pf-.;r. -. jf 11:.- Clear Lai:;- c~i:;:r.: tho died E'tj liis l.or.:3 1,1.; i; Utcr an iiincis t! more i!:.s ^ar. The Rev. Iflijlics v.V.l to:: ho services )>nd \ji;i n.iiic til. Hatcher c:niric.-y ,- : 'clock. The cltccsfcti i; ^:irr:vr:i 1 : . rtioiv an:! three <rhi!rt;cn. O. ^!o;s v.ill te In rl-rir;'- ur.eral nrrnii^cn'.eiils. -M I.HIIIHI or Tr.HcU usrd i,ilcrn- ;il.y and CM .Snlvc cxtcrnnllv, m.ilt c a rnmplolc ni ,,| crfcclivc' Ircat- l«cnl fnr fricls. JVi«sl Spvedy Kcmctlics Known Sweet Cream Uulfer 30c Uj. Berinetfs Pasteurized IViiik 10c (Jl. Delivered Phone 7-1 15c Qf. Go (o Cliwrch Sunday There are n-.orc ' ?"M M'.cop in Aublrnlis which \ lire soflie sASOJtW balt-s of Dvmidenc I'criir.iner.t Including shampoo sg> and Sot ----- <J) Frederics Wave - - - SG 33 - ':F,ug«io - - - 58 ; McArtatu's Beauty Shop Phc:i= 2S3 - - - In3r.i:n Bid.. EASTER FLOWERS Irttc-i! F.-vstir I.ilics, licanlifully ilrroralcil, n rntl other blromiiifr plants. Ko?rs. C'arnatiuns, ^naj-:dra;oii3 - n:| ,,,] r Cois.itos cf Rr.srs ami Valley, G.mli-iu.t 3 3: Valley, Sweet I'cas anti Itoscs. Dcn'f forpct lo remember her v.itli i^uj flowers frnm Beaton's Home of Flower Davis Avc. p - - --Flowers \\irci[ An>wlirre

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