The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1932
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Served by the United Presi BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER O» NORTHEAST *»jr»Mu»H »wr. es^.i.».. n . ..._T_J!T 1— ' ' ••—• T T P^X DOMINANT OTW8PAPK8 OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXIV—NO. 8 Blylhevllle Daily N«w», Blythevllle Herald, I Valley Leader. BlyllKvJlle Courier, MS ON Lone Objection Blocks Doctor's Suggestion that Members Take It Easier WASHINGTON, Mar. 20 <UP)— The house Mday adopted the Crisp subs'itute amendment ic- siirins; ta;:cs on malt., \\orl, oil, Sra/K concentrates find other proil- , ueis after It had run wild It'.trj- j ducing tailf: provisions into DID; section. ; The vote was 185 to U. The amendment carried an import tax of 10 rails per hundred pounds on coal and tokc, a measure sponsored by Hep. BDland, Democrat. Pennsylvania, and inlro- duc«i OM.T Ihe opposition of the )joijse leadership, '•'/fiction came after Crisp had wdfncd the rebellious Diiiiocratic mcnibeis they W3re "deslioylng Iheir party" by their anieiidments to the revenue bill. An attemnt by Majority Leader Rainey to secure unanimous consent agreement from thc house to caw trie nervous Kirain 01 the nrese'it session by insiituliiiK u five day week was blocked today by t!:e loan objection cf Hep. Sr I 'p n fer. Republican. Wisco»sin. Haiucy made his rcnuest after reading a kuer from llr. George Calver, ollicial house physician, warning that, the nervous strain of the session was likely to prove dangerous to the health. Yesterday Rep. Sirovich, Democrat, New York, collapsed in his office, the latest victim of a scr- ies of illnesses which has befallen the house membership. Two deaths already have occurred during the session, Representative Rutherford, Democrat, Georgia and Chairman Quii:. Democrat. Mississippi, of thc JJLYTHEV1I.LE, .AUK/VNSAS. SATURDAY, MAHCJI 20 wmwm 1»S2 TO OBIT ME IF Serves Notice II Will Not Permit Interference Manchuritm Affairs. n Chaplin's Fiancee? Well- . Was the Founder of the j vvi " "i r j ,, LactaJlac military affairs committee, on the same day. dyin Dr. Calvcr's letter stated he had never sion. known so strenuous French Theatres Wilt Strike Against Taxes PARIS. 'Mar.. 26 (UP)— France will-be without public' anrascmctits after Tuesday as a result ol theatre owners decision to refuse the governmerit's offer of financial aid. Thc thealre owners had demanded suppression of the war tax and th e poor tax. The government offered to lower (lie amusement tax on legitimate theatres, but not on movies, nnd lo help arrange financial assistance for theatre owners. Tcdav dance 'halls, night clubs and thc boxing industry joined \ tlie monies and music halls in a decision to walk out. Hearing oi Railroad Profit Case Delayed .. LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Hearing an application of thc Jonesboro, Late City and Eastern railroad for a temporary injunction to prevent thc government from collecting about J40.000 on alleged escess profits 'of the line hns been postponed indefinitely. The hearing was to have been held here today before three federal judges. No reason for the postponement was given by federal *urt officials. TOKYO. Mar. 'JO (UPI — decided iciiny lo withdraw fjojii thc ii-ogii cf nallrns U Die league atmr.pled io e.\eri undue pies-1 sure for settlement of the Slinn<j- ! hai ond Mciichinian' situations, i An official timiouuceinent • htn- j void llm Sir Eric : Drnmmoml. i ICUJHC fecr.'tary genera!, hrul in- ; uo:! Japanese delcj:ilp' Nuotake j I Sato .11 Oeneia (he le.iBi.e n.-in, pared lo apply section fcur of ! article 15 of thv covrnsia-lo the dispute between China nnd Jn|au i in Manchuria ! Japan has contended through-1 out 'that seltlEment must be made by direcl negotiation^ wilh Chlnu. In the event Ihc league acts ac- cordinj menl. to Sir Eric's annoiince- a spckcsman said, Japan . . - understood Japanese Am- LinCOln I '"ssador Nasaoka at 1'aiis, who \ , L'l r 'I wl " re l"'esent Jai>an at the league Automobile Lompames.] council's next meeting, had been liiifanned of the tovemment's cte- cision. SINGLB COPIES FIVE CENTS EflPIl POLICE BUTTLE REDS IT J Beat Marchers FL'icartls Attacking Im... o Maybe it's just BOssip— that; report tlmt lo Mary Reeves, comely English girl. But here the- camera hus pictured her in the company of Boris Evciinolf. irinniujcr of Ihc screen comedian's iwrsonnl affairs. In Paris. They'd ]uat arrhcd from Ixmilou. an DETROIT. Mar. 26 (DP) — Henry At. Leland. 89. founder f the Cadillac and Lincoln molor car companies, died in G:ace lits- pital here today. U-lnnd founded the Lincoln automobile company after the control of tha Cadillac had passed lo Investigate Drowning o{ of Mississippi Girb . . . —- •- ANGUILLA, Miss.. Mar. 26 (UPI other hands, and later sold his in- | -Investigation of tlie drowning of f,r«, K m «„„,„ ^...i two Emall sll . )s _ c and I() yearsb0|d which closed yesterday to permit burial, may be reopened al any "ne. B. S. Jones, justice of the peace told the United Press today thc girls, Rebecca and Nora HiBgin- botham. drowned in a drainage ditch about 10 miles east of here z:^3r the farm of their falher Randolph Hlgginbolham. Jones said physicians e.vamined Ihe girls bodies and found no mark of violence. He said officers accepted the man's vsrsion of : the accident, that he heard screams of the children but was unable to reach them. Tlie three had be^n fishing. tercsts lo Henry Ford. Creator of two of America's most luxurious automobiles, Lel.ind was comparatively little knosvn. In 1902 he founded ihe Cadillac motor paiy. In 19£3 (h' e control pas- into thc hands of General Motors, but Leland remained os general manager. Spured by patriotism at the oulbreak of the war in 1917. ha resigned his connection witlr Cadillac lo lake charge of building the famous Liberty motor.- T'ollow- tho armist:c e he converted- the factory of Liberty motors into the Lincoln motor company and rtarteU building the Illustrious competitor of his own early' creation, irhe CadiUac.. Financial troubles, however, waylaid the Loncoln' company and: It v.ent into « federal receivership. That litigation ultimately led to a break between Mr. Lcland and his o!d friend, Henry Ford. The latUr bought in the Lincoln properties at th c receivership sale for ?3,CQO.OOa. Six years lat:r Mr. Leland ond' his "son, Wilfred, brought suit against Henry and Edsel Foru, lunds breach of faith. The Lc- sought M.000.000 damages lor . original stockholders of Ihe Lincoln company, claiming that ilie Fords had verbally- agreed lo reimburse Ihe stockholders when I hey look over the properties. Second Quarter Auto Stickers Now Available Bank Failures in March Are Lowest in Months Second ciuarler car. license per- miis .ire non' beiiir. issued at the sheriff and. collector's office here. In order to purchase a second quarter permit Arkansas motorists must, shov." that they luva already paid, for a first, quarter Permit cr will be required to pay lor both charters or the first six months period when the srcfnd quarterly permit is issued, j Motorists who have kept their I cars out of use during the first, i three months will Bud lhat no 'tranomy was etfected in regard lo license costs as payment for the first quarter will be required Beaten Unconscious \VKen He Refuses to Divulge Secret Formula. LOS ANQELES, Mar. 20 (UP) — T. \v. Parks, inventor of ,an explosive anti-aircraft shell which lie told police he had placed in Hi.? hands of thc yovernmcnl, was bound and bealen Into unconsciousness when he refused lo reveal la two men (he formula of Ihc Illinois Central Officials A i . ,. . Al'OUSed by . IVlurder OI Negro Firemen. MEMPIns, itar.' 2G (UP)—Officials of the Illinois Central system I clinicians Sent to Serve With Military Forces on 1'ar Eastern Frontier. BV EUGENE LYONS L'niltd Tress Starr Correspondent .MOSCOW, Mar. 26 (UP) — Russia today was moving ii considerable number of lechtiicnl specialists to the Soviet far east for ffrvice with the strcnelhenc'd military forces. Press and government were silent, but the news spread as residents of Hie capital told of friends and acquaintances who hnd been crdcrcd into the far east. Engineers, construction soccial- isls. chauffeurs, aviation mechanics ana physlciruis are among Ihe men fent east. Their orders conformed lo n recent declaration of f^e | government newspaper Izvestla thui the government was taking imasures to protect the far cast-j searched. They considered It pos- rrn frontiers. ! sibjc lhc mfi ; v , n , 'Admissions have been made re- torc | Bll government, cently that military lorcos along the easlcrn EtrEiiglticiied. ^__ WASHINGTON. Miir. ,4« tUP)-- Polic c and Communists: (Milled In the strcols and on' Uic prlvaki KIUIIIUI.S sui'iCundins (lie Jaiiaiu-.w vmbn.vsy Iniliiy \\ln>n -n score or iiioii? of yowl;; iK't)j;le iititl nt'ijr.Ms nlii-nivldi to nuirch pait [In- eui- l!:i'sv cinryiin Ijiinner.'i \vill) slxiis nUueklnR liiiiifrlallMn,' A ![|ii;ii1 tf M palke rushed Ihi! CLimmin.sid. ri'irnu' Ilich 1 bun. ni'i-s. clnlililnir llinu i\n the \\nu\i, i)li:I plimliiu them to thc pivt- incut, likgd w;is drawn dam tcrcil heads of Iwllv police and cctrmunlsts. Tli« liollce uputMiral lo huvi 1 Inokon up uio (luiionslra- aoii nun leu mlnulr;; of llrrcu lljhllns. -but roiiioiunlsl.s I'oDiin- ucd shouting: "Ut'fcnd Ihe Soviet union." "down with' J:i|i;ims3 linpiuliillsm", and "I'lalcsl I'll 1 un.'klnx masses." Dmltey, Jonrslx)ro «(- fy wlio lius announced his cnn- ..-.ij y nir iiiosi'dilliiit nlluiney. . DENVER DUDLEY T Missouri Delegates Will Ask Wet Plank ST. LOUIS. Miir, 25 (UP)—M- cButcs from llirce liepubllciin con- Brcsslonal districts cT eastern Missouri \vcre instructed today lo vote : or an aiitl-prohiWllon plank In [he nalloiinl l!-^piil)llcan platform il the purly convention In Chica- 10 next June. The six delegates and sis niter- nates were elected In conventions u the tenth, eleventh, and tw.^fili districts yesterday. Their election must. 1)0] ratified by the Republican state convention which meets nerc April 12. The two men, shabby and of Icreign appearance. confronted him. at lite door of his sister's home, Parks said, mid demanded Ihe formula. .Wlien lie snld'hewas r liable to _ produce 11 he said Ihe men beat' him 'until he was unconscious and then - rmmcked Hie house. Police sold every drawer nnd possible hiding plnce had been arc Invcslignltni; the four negro fire-men slaying of ami thc NEW YORK. Mar. 26 (UP) — Bank failures during Ihe past week fell to the lowest level in months. Seven banks clore.d and six oth- ,.. „ . . ers reopened, according to figures"? 0 fi , rst 1" atl f compiled by the American Banker. blllc lnsl « !ti "' Failures since tlw first of March sere, wish thc exception of August, 1929, the lowest of any month In four years. Failures so far this yenr have been. January, 372: February, 128; March, 31. Prisoner Who Escaped From Hospital Still Free Ullss Brack, county prisoner who escaped from thc BIytheville hospital where he was convalescing "fier an operation, bud apparently made good his escape today. The Manila man. under indict- mp nt for burglary, walked out of 'he hospital ycslcrday afternoon Dipped him a pair of overalls. Of- after a friend Is believed to have fleers said they bilieved Brack had p«n sjjirlied across Ihc st.ilc line into Missouri by friends. PS if i-ars hari been operated jrlng lhat period. The second quarter permits are were but are color the of Ihe first permit Issued. Einstein Signs Petition for Pardon of Negroes BERLIN, Mar. S6 (UP)—Tables were sent to President Hoover and lo Governor Miller of Alabama today signed by 2flo German professors, artists, writers, and lawyers requesting pardons for Hie seven negroes condemned lo death at Montgomery. Professor Albert Enstcln and Dr. Thomas Mann were among tha signers. wounding of others and expect lo stamp out the lawlessness quickly. G. E. Patterson, vice president of tlie lines, visited here yesterday and today prepared to further his investigation. The tour firemen w:ve shot bv uiidenliflcd altackers while at work. It was said trouble between white and negro firnmen of the line had led (o the terrorism. •"It goes without saying," said Patterson, "that this reign of ter- ciilirc I ror wl " havc " a effect whatever upon our policy of employing ne- groes lo do ihe work for which they are qualified and to which they arc entitled under seniority and other rules of thc railroad. He said he had been advised Governor Conner had told tho railroad authorities he would cooperate in the move to stamp out this lawlessness. "Reports received here said thc objections arose when railroad officials refused to Increase the ratio of white firemen over negroes. The present ratio Is flfty-flfly but it was underslood whit* engineers sought a higher ratio in view of exisling business and employmenl cotidilions. frontier have been Al the same lime it was imderstaxl certain culegor- j i?s of -the" mililnry reserve 'arc teins Infonnc.-l to hold tlicmselves n readiness for service at short lolice. Well informed circles con- 'Idcr Ibis a ncrmal precautionary mcnsnr;. justified hy mnnenvrrs near the Soviet Asiatic doors. The usual military drill of aas niisk practice and oilier preyar- itcry activities have been increas- rd in .alt Soviet factories and Instilntions. The million or more Members of the' Society for Avia- :icn and Chemical Defense have been extraordinarily under stimulus of Hi Marianna Auto Victim Well Known in County BASSETT, Ark.—P. H. Blackwell, known is 'Fred" to residents of Basselt. Evadnlc and Wilson, killed in an automobile accident near Marianna this week, lived for several years In this community working as clerk for the Evadnle I Mercantile company and later for O _, n i n -i ; his brother, Joe Blackwcl), when *.«POrt UOgWOOd rttfU \ the latter was in business here. Hit by Misuari Car! EJECT STUDENTS rtevclofments. Military defense propaganda has been Intensified in thc press, over the radio, in (he (heaters nnd on Ihc screen. The governnient has cmpli Kizeci It is .-mx-lotis to avoid war bill Is urging thc utnirst preparedness ID repel any attack. Authorities Suspect College Investigators of Communist Leanings. CUMBERLAND GAP, Ky.-Tcnn.. active l.itely M " r - 2fl (UP)—The second bus load fur eastern nf students ejected from Kentucky Will Ask Federal Aid FLIES STO PUNT Loss iii E. L. Bruce Com- pnny Mefri'plus Estimated at-$150,000 MEMPHIS, ^ttrch 56. (UP)— Firemen "loday conllnucd' to pour water'onto' (he smofderlnf ruins of the dry kilns nnd sheds of the E. I,. Bruce Umiber company here, and it was suid ll:c fire, which broke out late last nlglu, may bum for more tlinn three days. The fire, one of the most spectacular In thc 'city's history, destroyed approximately n million and a lin'lf leet ol-huub:r. mostly flooring blocks. One hundred thousand feel of ImrdwooS lumber, six large storage shed-s. and some mill VquJptr&nt were also destroyed. C. Arthur Bruce, vice-president of the company, estimated loss would approximate $150.000. Nolle wnj injured. ' •" Jonestaro Lawyer Seeks Democratic Nominat'km for Prosecuting Ally. .The Courier News has b:cii au- Ihcriztxl (o announce (lie candidacy for prosecuting ailorncv (if Denver U Dudley. Jowibmo' nl- ioiniy. subject lo Ihe .DciuocMtlc primary uwa August U. Mr. Dudley, sun. ol ihe laic Judge Robert I!. Dudley. »:is »d- mlUcd to Hie bn r In 10W afler serving for some time v, court stenogrnphcr. For several years h c win; associated wllh hi-, father, hut since the toiler's itcalh has uulll ii]> a large practice of his He rcpresctile'd Crafglicad counly in the lower house of ihe 'ale legislature In 1025. Tin.' district. wliidli Mr. Dudley desires lo serve Is composed ' or Clriy, Oreene, Cralghcad, I'oinscll, Cross, Mississippi and Cilllcnden counties. If he is elected 'it will be the first time since tho Inte Senator T. H. Caraway. served as prosecutor thu'l.thls-bflloo hhs been Oiled by q rrsldtrlr 'Ar"6rtlglu!i([i' county, the secon'd largest county In the dlstrlcl. Mr. l>uillpy Issued (he following slateinem In connection with his announcement: ' . • "After waking an extended tour of thc "second 'judicial district, imd talking, v.Ith .lenders In euuh eounly. csamlnlnj the courl ret- lEIEtBiDSIS itiftiDH Measure Would Provide .$75 Per Acre for Pu an Poiiil Laid Owneis HOOK,' Mar, -K (Ul'i— Arkansas' rcvuiid eictriinrdiiuii) ses slou of Ihe 48lt| Ki-iicral nsscinh/jr uus In 1 adjm.iiiiiicm' ind-ij unll( Monday lit 2 I'. "M.'Ilie. wjiiiitr, having complied all Moi-k cimtnhifd in.tin- gftwt. nor's [-nil, \\;in in bos.slon yesterday fcr only 4li ininu'.es. H hjn-iii the Hint: m';iiiiri whether a bill luliwlucod by SriiiKur AbJnrfon •f White county was in tlij^taipi. (if- the (jovernor's- c.ill. • f- ,, IVHUlll KxlMHl Kul, •i.-'t.i-A- .Boiiuloi 1 Ablution's aiu lilll No, 2G,..upuhl-h.iH ' vlJed fur'--'a iwo-yuaf- .!. of lliuc to redeem- lands fu.rtcl'fl,.. lo Ihc state for non-payment, df Uses. While (he bill wai being • third llnio, senator'Hcmi: ricks arosu on a point of order, .i«klnj! n ruling us to vshctlKr it was within (He. linrvta'vk of Ihc Ijovcmor's .call. K whs linaHy ruled' that Ibe. bill was out of ordvr. 'Ihe housjj passed the senate^ ' hill .iiiithorlxlng -clcsed banks lo •< 3 iinrrov from (hn - rcconsli'tielloU'. finance corporation.' Argument our a'bill by Representative Haney of Woodruff <-.oun- ty which would (Uilhorlze tcftb dlstrlci lo Issue'Olslrlct bonds ,to, tohil Oivni?r.'i for (.'Cmijensntioji for lauds left without,' prelection' by levee rulbacks. k'cr.l the .home' In cession until G:30 l>. M. The measure was Intended :-lo apply only fo .an area of iboil D.WO ncrc-s nn Pecan Point,'Mis- ^fwlppi cuinily, where' tlie govern- incut shortened n Ic'vet- six. mllr-b Hut (.'lilting across' the nscf: of the point. ' - llfutble lo Sell Bonds Mr. iiftncy said the St. Francis Lcvce Roaid hud ayrccd to 'pay Els landowner's >75 an. acic us omiiagc lo Hull pr;pjrly, but Hint. Ilia district found H'cbull .me 3?ll bruicU under present•conditions, niltumgh it ,' .is. authority lo &uii;$iHM>,OC3 ; . \vortii'.of ' ' • In .mosl of' - counlles, mid where they wanted to investigate mininc conditions and charges of official terrorism passed tl-a s'.nle line into Tennessee shortly after noon today. The part of 25 was slopped at Fondy, Ky., and escorted back in- lo Tonnessee Ijy Dell county aiilh oritles. We came here lo Investigate you. but you arc thc ones doing ithe Investigating," profited one of excassive charecs made bv th- Charge Two Companies With Trust bw Violation WASHINGTON. Mar. 20 (U!'> — The government today started suit ngainsl two companies charging them with violining the Sherman anil-trust net because of alleged 10r Victims of Tornado tlie girl students to officers who 1 companies on ihe Interrogated Ihe party as to government. jiscortalnthjj first hand Information, with reference lo'the num- ?J'-In wlilch tho olllcc. of prose- Hlnif -attorney Ins been conducted, and suidyijij; il niilj contemplated Improvements with a vhiw lo exjicdUtnj. the business of the district, and consequently reduc- Ins; ihe tremendous cosls.lo .the counlles of holding Ihe various Criminal courU. and reelnc Ihc Broil need therefor, I havo itc- clded lo become a candidate lor t!;iH office. This ,«-|!) be- your authority to print my aiinouncr- ment tfiih svhalever u'lldilional Ualcincnt you desire to make. "Thc only promise I have lo innku lh<, voters is thai l shall make a campaign Iren and clear nf any political faction or clique, and thai If I nm fleeted I will go atom tl'.e duties of (lie office without fear of any group or organlza. tion; mid - 1 promise an honest. Impatllal and nggrc&lvc attempt to enforce all criminal Ian-. WASHINGTON. Mar. 26 (UP)— The Alabama lionse delegation today bill Ihe party as to whether or not they wcr- communists. agreed to introduce a joint I federal relief when necessary information has' ~... upi'iuj/imLlIJ^ ItUCrill TCHL'I ft , for storm swept areas of the south, i DU1T1S Home in Hope 01 •The measure will be Introduced n •. .- c » ->>.„ •„„ ,_, ,__ .... i Penitentiary sentence KENNETT. Mo.—Mrs. Saiah Gib- More than 8,000 persons are re- , son, 31. mo;lirr of five children, j confessed In Jail here that she sst been secured from the governor and other officials. SUta* Praistd , BOSTON, (UP)—Thomas Ball's ~i ' «»M««M> sUtue of Qtmgo Wash- " 8 i n the equestrian In , the United 8t»t«j » n one of the tour best in the world, in Ihe opinion of Cyrus Dallln. the sculptor. Reports her e were that a pupil at the Dogwood Ridge school, about three miles balow BIytheville on Highway 61, was struck by ft Missouri car yesterday afternoon. According to report* the child was not seriously Injured but was attended by a physidtn. The identity of the pupil Jn. Jiired or the drtvtr of the «r could not be learned today Officers Mid Hiey h»d recelvtd no re. povl of tlie accHent. Fir 6,582.6 Miles Before Coming to Earth ORAN, Alserin. Mar. 26 (UP)- Bossoutrot and Rofsi. French army flyers, established a new world record for flight over i closed circuit tod»y when thjy Untied .tfter flying 10,600 tllorueters or SH2.S wiles In. 76 hours and 53 minutes. The lorrner record of 10,373 kilometers was oslabllslied by Joseph LAris. Johnny Golden Wins Playoff at Pinehurit PINEHUR'ST, N. c.. Mar. 29 <v P) — Johnny Oolden. Noroton, Conn., won the norlh and soulh open golf championship today when hc defeated Craiff Wcod of Deal, N. J., by four strokes in thc rtay off of their first place tic of yesterday. Golden turned In a brilliant 71 lo take first prize money ol $1.500 ported homeless. ... , „ The Alabama members will seek, fire Thursday afternoon to the the support of representatives house in which she llvod because from other southern slates. &li« wanled to go to Hie penilen- tlnry to get away from her husband Ed Gibson. The house nr.d most of It's con- tetits,irere destroyed, and eight oilier houses were rtamasixl as th" fl»mes, fanned by a hlRh wind, threatened two blocks of residence In the north rr.d of town. Mrs. Gibson expressed no re- forse, saying Ihnl she had long contemplated some act ttnt would """It In l\fr bfinx sent to the psn- itentlary. Her husband said thai she had threatened to bum (heir "<>me, but us s!:o h^d made similar threats previously 1-e did not take "" talk .seriously. Texas Company Office Ransacked Last Night Tlie Texas company wholesale offic* at the Cotlon B«U crowing on Elm street was ransacked by thkves sometime last aighl. Tlx> lntnid«r« scattered |>apcrs and flJes, Uttering lh« office, but failed to And any niotHgr, accsrt'. ing to police.-/Th? safe was not- tempered wlOi they reported. New Phone Cnmwctlon* The companies involved are the International rjiuln.'As Machine Corp. and Rcmiirgton-IWnd. inc., nnd their subsidiaries. : Tlie government contends they made nn agreement In 1931 wnare- by tnty have n monopoly of nil such business machines. I The government charges the International company controls 88 per cent of such business and Reminj- lon-Rand the remainder. United Slntcs j "I -believe Ihe large experience and training I huve nnd In the defense. ,and piosccutlcn of crlm- inal matters adequately for the olTlce." fits Ed Jones Named Director of ^Missouri Lumbermen Ed Jones, local managsr of the East Aikansas, Lumber compaiiy. was elected lo Ihe board of directors of thc Southeast Missouri Re- Murray Says He'll Ouit If Better Man Will Ran FORT MEYERS. Fin.. Mar. 9fi (UP)-Gov. Wm. H. Murray fold nn audience of 1.500 people herj today "It Is immaterial to me whelher o r not l sm elected president, but It Is material that thc people nominate some one to restore economic stability to Ihe Untied States." Murray asserted: "T will rim for president until the prooer man comes forward and Ihen 1 will support him." . Stall Lumber Dealers association which Held Us annual convention at Cape Glnudeau this week. Charles E. Kleiner of Perryvlllc was chosen president (or the 13th consecutive year. J. i/mler Byrd of Track Walking Cost Foal ARMSTRONG. Missouri, (UP) — STOCKHOUf. Sweden, (UP1 -jjnmos Wldaman, walking alon? J^^l teleplione connections be- the Alton traeis near here, sot his right foot wedged In a switch. hers mid Bermuda and Honolulu have b?cn Innusuratcd Count H. AAo'l H»nillloT), li-art *" Swedish telephone and tcl- board. O-Us lo Bermuda J icronor for Ihret minutes. those to Honolulu cost Z12 jkronor for ihe (IrM Ihrnn minutes. cost. , frost. From near at hand, around Und. n lr«!n Wid«, untlerf his slio*. strained in vsln lo is foot, tlntw his body to one elde- as the train thun- ' der*! by, ' hi* foot, h!s lite, but last . uilllor :ty lo Issiip bonds dlrcctlylo- the IniHlcunci-s. Action on .tliiv bill was. put ott until alter.tin; house (llii-tot-i » (lie Brown bill Monday. Thief net,- aumndmcnls *ero nilo|]i:r! by Ihe hous c to Ihe Brown bill 1 'for refunding old rand 'district bonds.' Thf bill was sent to. Ilia-oimrosslng crimmlUec and H wii.s'(lotted II should lie ntllnl ap- on for- p.issaue when the )ioii:v.- rcconveneii Munday Jllernnon. • T« S«k VnvriiUK.illoni, HcpresbnUtlve Charles .-Flcniin; of St. Fi-nncls comity sail ycr li'rdiiy that he will'-present :i •iijoi- in Monday or Tuesday, providing for a joint -urtnmute a (met riniiator:; and five ifpiescntntlves to Inveslfeale the slnte Danlclti^ c;p.irtiuont ami ihi; stale Reicnue Depftrlmenl. He .siiii) the resolulion.'\vould provide lhat the. committee shall have power lo summon nnd . I'X.iminc wUuesK-s under oalli and would provide tlint report nnd recommendations be submitted lo the.. General As=<>mbly. Several such resolutions hive Iren held to Irj not «ilhiii. llm ; ucvicu' cf thc governor's c-nll 'by tlii- prrcjdiiis' 'officers • ol -L-jich' 1 house, nnd several ineiiiber.'; hnvt- expressed llicmsolves as favcvlng rclcnsion of.lhc session lo iuves- ligale \aiious depnrlincnls' nnd'.tb- ruact. cronruiy tiioasnves. An c^tcn- :ion resolution 'lias been hi 'cir dilation in the House se\enl Says but ils spcnsors, hnva ncl ^in nounccd tlie nvmber of sljrja'ures ctwhied. Two-think of e.ich house \\ould l>e neccssnyy to c-ltci d (he rr-ssioH. Charleston Is the vice-president. W. "'' ol n t* T. Nethcr>- of Hayti the secretary.! inchcs ln and O. T. PfeffcrKoni of C'nfT';!f" t! 8 , . illollts thc treasurer. Othpr membors of the " Leghorn Hen Lays Egg Weighing Quarter Pound An egg Hint would do credit lo lurkey was laid recently by n while- leghorn hen on tlvi place of. V. Lewis, 4 1-2 miles north, of BIytheville on Highway 81, The egg, weighing n good quarter of n pound and motisiiring 6 5-8 diameter the short way board of directors nr> p. M. tnson of St. Louis. L. T. Mclz of Pop!»r Bluff, C. A. Hlmmrlbeixcr of Cape Qirardeau nr.d L^in Hcrriri; of Fetus. For the past twelve years the association has met annually at Cap? airnrdenn. bw It was vn!?<l lo hold next year's meeting al Pophr ninff. bvought to tho CourleV News today by Mr. Lewis and may be scon there by any doubling Thom- ases who qt;;slion the egg protlnc- inff capacity of his leghorn lien. ', WEATHER lowan Dies at Springs of Collision Injuriet —Sidney Welch, 50, Cedar-Rapids, lows, died liere last night from Injuries suffered in an aulom=bl!e »r. ; ARKANSAS—Parity cloudy, cooler In norlh and cemral portions, i Sunday partly cloudy and cooler In cast portion. According to lhi< official weather I observer, Oharlw Phillips jr, the t«mp»»Uvre hew ywter- M degr« s .nd the mum 59 degree*, clear. Today a year ago tli* maximum temperature was " ie minimum B d3- |(

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