The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1932
Page 7
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••¥ i MARCH 25, 1932 BI,YTHi;Vn,LK, (AUK.V COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS jTvo «nu ft weed tor- ftr* |Ui«crUoa u>4 one ewt » wrd Mor Mch tuiMqttt&t inMf (No idvertlwment Ukea for {than We. Count the l irord« jwmi Ui« cub. PhwwSOS FOR SALE FOR "SALE—Missouri school war rants, 30% discount, collectable. In six months. Box 127, Blylhevllle. FOR ,SAL.E—Baby chicks. Part cash, pay balance In fryers. Marilyn Halcl-.ery, Blythevllle, Ark. 21cl! FOR SALE OR THApE—My Wat- nut •'street home.'- No reasonable oiler refused. H, -Ir."'Chambers, I,',-. ' .-. v • 24P-K39 FOR SALE—Pure Stoiwvllle No. l planting cotton seed. Save;: bc- lerc rains. $25 per tan. No other cotton ginned oji our gin,,except this cotton.' J.-^.H. Siiiarl;'8r.''.V:''..' FOR RENT—One of Shane Duplex r/;part merits'., on .West Ash at reel one of Shane'Apartments on 'cst .Main street'.-"-Telephones 107 ami 571. IflckW FOR RENT — 4 room furnished house on 110 East Rose. $15 per month. See Mrs. Bisch, 2iO \V. Cherry. 24C-KM WANTED—Bring ybw; poultry to B. T. ^Vorthy's, f06 First Streel.-We pay market prices..J E Fisher let! IN THE DISTRICT 'COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. JONESBORO DIVISION In the Matter of • T. G. Johnson, Bankrupt, No. 1M1. Nolle? is }icrcby given Urn petition for discharge of the bankrupt hos been filed, and same" will be heard In the United States Court Ream, at LiV.iB Hock, Arkansas, en ;hc 28th day of April, A. D. 1932. at 8:00 A. M. SID B. REDDING, Clerk, By Be'ss'Mathcs. D. C. Call Phone No. 243 for INSURANCE SERVICE We Write: ' Burglary (Residence & Mercantile Safe) Insurance, Health & Accident, Automo! bile Liability, Plate Glass, and all lines' of casualty and bonds. , r i ( 'Selr're'il estafe, anil service' rental property. •\\.-M.- BURNS COM-.. • I'ANY, INC. IKS DR ED . •-.-'.:. BONDED £ TKU<;:itING V/ CO. i DEPENDABLE • DAILY SERVICE =. TO BIA'THEVILLE FROM Memphis and : Little Rock J. D. McDowell T«ltphone Local Aernt No. 82 Dr. P. L. Tipton Physician & Surgeon Ingram Bldg. Telephones: Office - 256 Residence - 276 / Guaranteed I'urc Stonevillc No. 1 PL ANTING SEED $25 Per Ton] This seed was grown on our own plantation sind ginned in our private gin with no possibility of mixture with inferior seed. C. F. TUCKER un Promised Land Rond, 3'.!i miles southeast, ot BlyUie- viltc. NEW AND USED PARTS For All Automobiles JACKSON AUTOl'AKTS 2020 W. Main - - - rhoiK 6S co^iiais m:<;i.\ IlKHtt TODAI BI.I.E.1 KlUIIIKK. a*.aill»l Sp.j«ir..H, I. re. I, MIRY H\k- HOWCiATK. jruanc arllM. Wh^a «*.a»ra«Ma faquir* i, aailari rlH Kllem ofrrr* t* aiarrf M'HVK.V BIHII. «V. IT r'lM «M ai« wr»l(kr. tltr iMMTtrlakr* <a»ilr I- l««»»i»< (a •a»i«i>, Rirrlajr ••• tori ««rrlr< •»_li". «<•»<•! ar*o«r*»l*a kli NtjIraV flf.rcf rrcrx I.KIM <i«»V8(».\."««.ffr. T« «>.!< »»k- llrllj Kllia • •! Rarrla? arc •fCrnly • arrlra'. Taf» irlYC Co ala l.aac Ulaa* ho«F, fCMrlfA rirrpt f«r ^Knnu<l. (kr Iwllrr. Tfccr» ll>rcl>> >««fr» » krurl >u lirk. I.IHU* iVMkf. •irHnVi Inrrjrer. .frrlTf. wlik <«rlitr> ••< •umr.; 'B«tfl«j tit* nt 4n»i«. A/Mr* frill Kltra fcrr MurrlnR^ lep ItarrUy'a 'dlvor<7r kav* ntnlr*. .< l-VtltN rivtd* all rUlr I* •*°l. Tar* *m? Itmrmm l.mrrf llar- r<mrnlr In llarclnr'a Htphrw, llmrllirakfa, "k* rrlarna agair. Fllfa 4U1riwli ' Krrto*. Hat form bnrk lo mark a» a fc«>lrM al Urramlxaa-. l.arrr eome* lai-r*. IcII. krr ala rnKacrairal li »rnk- fm. nnj Mik* her In atnrry aim, Film baji fti>t la* cimrncr In irll •IM rtt krr Murrlagr- (« Barrlar, l.nrrr kaarra Ellrjt mm mmnnj- mini* Irllrr ar- hn» rtrrlrt* Ihrralralaa; 1« trll Dm*paarra tkat UarvUr/^lr** mm a rraall al • nlghi ol mraaajtl .'vvllh a Trnilitl'tr raoipjialaa. Kll«» kNoira .Frr«Ma irrHUa «^« le/tler. • NOW (ill 01 WITH 1 UK STIIIH CHAPTER XLV J-J vcr tli« plain cold rl»c In bis ocket and with fits of lercrlsli Ira Insisted tbnt ho niul I'llen ac« !« Cltjr Hal! 10 Clint slie mlglit Mother aa K|IO Is," ho salj slowly, uncomfortably, "I'll bo honest. (Idling her lo como aroui'.J M ibliO Gome inauiiRtiiii. 1 illil It by casually mcnlluiiliiK Unit •c«r tlial ring, too. Always she re- 1 Kngllsli mint of yom-s. Mother uscJ. - Tlia reason sli« wo was! imulilcd. I.IUo nil American* slio AYS slid by tn which nothing liat eho had not met Ills mother : f*arry had never con esseil '.'. t!:e sir! I 1 ROW Mrs. liar . owgito Imd refused to meet tier.' jho know that tha refusal ills ressed Ijirry. Tlius llio uaiipfncss if tho engagement days altcrualcil vllb moods ot blacli despair. ^ • • » TMIEN on a Friday tlireo weeks later there -was a change. Tho blustery foil diy besau IUBI as nay oilier day with a Liaiilnzard break- fasl sharcii hy Molly and lOIIen »n<l served on the- card table. In Mlko'e beilroom. Everything wns friendly and tiomellko with Molly's challcr of tlio couilUR nrnrlnRO to make U so, Molly kncvf nothing or Iho blackmalllUK letters to l/arry, knew iiOllilug ol Kllcn's sfcrcl fears ani irciii.drs. Ellen had thought It bci tcr to keep her own council. Si Molly could ratllo 0:1, scrcac am confident, "absorbed • In woddlDi plans. :••'.. • "iiiit there's .Larry's mother.' Kllei: offered In a snlnliied \vay. t "Old cat!" Molly said rebellious ly. breaking a iilcco Qf toast.. "You shouldn't talk that wnv.' In sccrc tlilnkn an ot I COUIUMS In cuo I,' Olt n moment Kllc *• ol d Two weeks— thrco, Eii Pn iirotcsli'il tliough woct;s and no more was heard of Fergus, l^irry had sent Iho money to the anonymous claimant. Once or twice he mentioned tin matter, congratulating himself thai he had handled It successfully. Ellen, her .'heart pounding, would iigrce tlial 'ho had 'Jone the only thing'that was agreement. "Atler all," she aildcd sohcrly, "Larry's lK>r; only son." "You're guile oa i^ocd as he Is and ho lias tho sense to know It even U his mnihcr Hasn't. Our rum lly—Ihe Kngllsh hrnuch-ot H any way—Is every kit ns' tlie Harrowgatos'. even li we don't hap- Tell a Liang anil hurl riilo luit l.'irry'a plvasui'u and .".semes* carried dor nloiii:. II cho wanlcil lo marry lihn. It ''.is up ID licr lo nKiko his mollicr •c-iii lo care (or tier. "Does your mother undcraland," •lie asked <]iil(!lly. "lliat luinu oE U3 iaa seen Auul Myra fur years?" "1 mid ber lli:it. And she wants I'ou lo como lo teii this lUleriiiwn,' Larry tinisliod trtumphanlly. "Tills iiftcriiooul Hut 1 li.iveu'i IhltiK lu wcari" Uirry know plie luiil Biirreiulcvcil "You'vo solii of HiliifM." Im Urmly. "Kvon II you hailu't nw«jt ;e:irt. you'd Iw a queen lo tno In calico." llo really meant that. Ellc: fnuililul ulili pleasure anil went I lell Molly. All three ot them 'liul tiled ami laughed nnd throiiRli Ihe lunclieon lU'CiKiralluiirt Altenvardi! l.:u-ry helped dry 111 dishes anil then departed. "An erranil for Mollicr." ho lihlncil, -She wants some tlilim from my i]i;i-lo'» plnco Since it suit |I;H lieen tjettloil ft lielou^s t her. You know llio'IIOUHO i« qul a sbow" llo iutcrriiiilod lili selt lo say Einhlenly, "Why dor yon KO om ivlih me?" "Tn—lo vuur uncJo's hiuno?" Steel ilriiiiiiiiGd aij.-iliist tlio \vl dow lenco. bul Inside was inter i p:i!e:i was cnnscin'JS of to be done. She was half-til from I pon to be In tha Social I'.eglstcr." waiting and worrying. A sense ol | ."She hasn't been exaclly anxious Impending disaster . »a» always; lomi , et n , Ci » [Ollen siilil. with-.her. A dozen times she linil | "i| erc , u so your m:iil:in." Molly slartcd to tell Larry everything and [ sl , ofec hurriedly lo .Mike. Heiurn- a dozen times a word from him, a j lng lo E n cll she'Observe.!. "Well; Ecstiire, an eiprcssioa had stopped i ^^^j. ,1,1,,].., you - ro n || r | B |, t ntiil her. l#:rsonally I'd rather have my luia than bis ' Larry came often to the Brooklyn 'l™ 1 th , l . nk l v;a3 ""' apartment these days; He and luo le " 1 1 suiiyuse there is that," Ellen coucciied wiib a rueful laugh.' At 10 o'clock Lai-ry arrived un u-tr-ecleiHy. lie was in the innorl Ellen loved liesl. nursling 'l:ito Ihc living room lie s«e;it her Into hh arms and did a mad ilautc. "We'ro lo ho married In two vreeks." lie sang nut. "KVery tiling's tixed. And you're- solus lo meel -Moilier toilny." "Dut — but — "' siamntcred. "How did you manage in" i'rouil color stained her cheeks. "Now Elleu. Is that 'nice?" Urry Molly had patched up their^iiTer-1 ences. had even come lo like each olher. Larry and Mike were close .friends.. Jt was l.arry who uai) ..«iood liXiWllou Mlko essayed Iil3 first attempt to walk on crutcht'3 All Mike's wonien folk 'bad hccu •ruled out-ot'thO'/oom-lest tile boy &huuld tail, Tbey bfid been called "In" after (ho lirst iralk \vas a c'rl- umgh. ... • ' Tho apartment which was to be Elleu's and Larry's borne was deco rated anil furnished. Larry fretted reproached. "You'll bavc to WARNING. ORDER [with 10 per cent interest CHANCERY COURT, CH1CKA- SAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Virginia Reeves, Plaintiff, . No. 5182. vs. - Albert Reeves, Defendant. The defendant, Albert Reeves, is varned to appear : within t'nirty s in the court named in the aptlon hereof and answer the omplnint of the plaintiff, Vir- .inia Reeves. Dated 3-18-1932. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elizabeth Blythe, n. C. Sain Manntt, Atty. Ad Lltcni. 18-25-1-3 In Iniv.ird trembling. Silo glniircd t ward Molly anil *a\v thai h niolhrr's fnce was pale. "There'll tie plenty nt time Ixirry urged. "'. think you'd lllio lo ECO Hie place." "I have seen It,' 1 Elleu Ealil. awal- 'owing. l.arry liirnrd In surnrlso. "1 lolil yuu ll:ai your undo waa a, -friend ot mine, lie took mo thcro once." she couclnded weakly. It was Mully whu came tn the rescue. "I'm sorry but ICIIen can't so." alic said (irmly, "t'll uceU acr liere." ' l-irry rtlurucil At esacily tour o'clock, in spile of all licr result! lion l-jllen was frluhtuiicd. Slia tell young ami Incsucricn'cftj and GQI done to l.ari-y rs ihn cnr apcil ihruiiKli wlilrllnfi snow up Park Avenue, Ahti'vo Uiein liflita twln- IUS. IIAHUOWOATE ciuie 10 » nieci tliem, Sbo »'ii» a siusrt. In, bklllully mniie-up worado onrttin a Paila h'own, ijlio an- area liosiiltnhlo >nd At the taint mo vaguely formidable. Sli« ctiicd unxloua to make oinondu for e past yet her ninnnor wii4 not illo convlDcIn^, It eecuicj Impossible, (or !.nrry'« olher lu iiiaHo t Kcuorom iur. •nder. Slia <\\A avoloifUo cusu- lly for her uogllEcnco liul It «r»s ith tin air ol expecting InsUiut nrdon. llllcii Buillcil shyly lu roll, uslon inul liidlnci] licr head. K!JO new i-lio would never como to Ilka Ir.s. llarrinvuiilo but sho could Kel loni; «ilh licr. Tho older noinmi roppoil u llKlit klsj on iho Rlrl'n orelica.l. linked nrm» with licr «nd IITW her Inrward Inlo Ihe warm, lower-hcruiril llrlrij room. Kllcn was* riovcr to fortiot th« lour tint fullowcil. Tlicro »-ure ra ro>\'3 In n bluo bowl ou the Inw cofeo tnlilo ' where Mit lo' tUllvued Iini6rl[ ip mnr Iho lea. " Alwnya ever nfier* Die «weet heavy otltir waj'to brlup, tlio tjccno b^ck to the itlrl. Sho ivt-niii "sco thai room np,nln In ill IN limirluim and Inlliilto i|» all. Slie wuuld hear Mrs. Ihiirow- ;a(e'a Uironty volco sllliplnn nlwi lu ciinMr.-:Ulnri ibat wan Rraclnui biit"n»l fiDiii llio heart.,;"Sho would reuicml'Cr Larry's dark mil h«d Iho blue ill ills chair and UIQ fii!C,M:il Euulla bo flashed to\vard her (ici|ucutly. , : ' An outsider wonlil have ohbervcd only, a etiii'ry.oycd. Hushed youiiR elrj l;i a Einoriy rt'lvet dress, alt- HUB .11 lea with a man who nb- vltniFly ailort'tl her Hid uu older woman who adcircil ib.'iii iHith. Hnl [or two uf ihcm llio mcelUit; inejnl luncli iiinve lliau that. Ty Larry mil! lo r.!lcn this waa tho ncKln' ulnj; or true hnpfihicsn. Notlilnj; now Mood lu Hie way of Ihol? mar. rlace. Mrs. llarro«F,aio wns thlnkiui; anil IcclhiK would have leu from nn outsider as It was liiildeii from l^ii'ry liy fits mother's de!t anil accusl oincil world' llncss. Tlie lio'Jr Hcil away. Ellen at l-irvy with i.uc Inlcrrog- klcd rij:ailisl the ilnsk. They alVvo . Hint nskcO If llo wore lie stirred, Mrs. HarrowMt* ai G lowcihii; npartin house, cnlercd n Jewel Iwi of an elevator nml were Hfied upsvard,-- lOllcn difiw a deep nrcalh. tier eyes wore like stars nml her checks wero blazing- With l^ivry she entered a richly run)lFhcil. warmly lighted apartment. Tlio' curialns ivero drawn ami ihero was a crack- lins nrc in tho sralo. ready lo leave, pared tu rise. caiiBhl llie Kcsture. "Djn't eo until you've, hail a ctKk tall." siic said. "It's almost tllnner llnio r.r.rt 1'rl like one inysell," l j erlia|is ther* wua Bunicitiln£ llltlo bleak In lior cjpvcsslou. A auy, rale Larry seltled hac'.i. "Well—lusl one." &C said. Mrs, llarrowgato louthcrt iKll... F.llcn leancil hack agalnsi in snft.i li]\iirio.lis cushions anil snlllc at Larry to say slic iiudcr.sloDd lic.irtl the tiutler enter, lie.ird Mrs. Harrow^ate tlvc. llio oi'iler, Soiiig InilcElnable luipnlse maile her .glaiico over tier shoulder. The builcr was Verona. Kllcn loolicd directly Into his cold, con- leivjtuous eyes. (lo lie Continued) tli PAGE SEVEN (iKKMANS TAKE i: On March 25, 1919, hsi'd-presscd fltlsli troops ivm>-forced-to ovuc- \te iiupmmu.', Nesle and Clulsfiiml of German dlvl- a«rnum news »gengle» announced lh»l Ihc Fifth BrltUJi Army was completely dcmorallied and wa* being luken from til? from, Three French dlvUkms were thrown Into » |»p belwwn the tt-cncli mid Brltlsji IUi«« »nd lieW on to tliclr positions deiplte nnswd stssuiu of Otrinim shock troop*. lasses, in the »re»t tattle wB)je.1 In Weirdy were running' Into many thousands dally, Gonernl announced ons between the Dill lib an.1 Drench armies, 'iiunii ofltclals claimed iho cap- ire ol more Hum aooo prisoners nU inucli eiiutpment at Hapaumo. first Ainerlcmi troop.^ to engage In major conflict tn tlio World W»r. Head Courlei- «cws Wsnt Ads. PSSL, of Man, (UPj-For years l»lo of Mta K»ldents have • ' from a , \tnicMy to.'be;J g, but- tlity .never- kntw • i what mad* thim that w«y until ' ' now. It'a 6t»wced. ... . ', , , Dr. F.-J4,. Lorigion, rnedU:»l o'f-j >•> fleer bthi, irlalms to h fve ' proved'. " that trie presence ot seaweed has'" n slrtnijjq, irritating effect on Iho nerves. He Is now advising ncr-| 'ft vous JM'isons 'to move aw»y from..," " tlic sliore.. ' , ' "I huvo studied the subject," lie, ,' said, "and found that if tlry got u*ay liom the sc» and the tca- wced, tlioy arc better." • UUK BOARDING HOUSE By "AbrnT r(OLJS& IS LALl&^I^G -r IT VaU'Re AS CORfi ( \-f BEFORE: ; 'OF PCEKiTV WILL LAP -THRU BOOTS AIS0HEU BUD1>1EG Bv M«rtir Counter or Table Service. E O'WUEN'S CAFE SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First odson 501-MJ E. M«Ja G. G. CAUDILL Rents, Buys and Sells Homes and Parnis Wrilfs Insurance 137 Ftrncti Balk with 10 per cent interest from i Court for Ihe Chiciiasawba Di;'r!ct l be required lo execute Imnd will; January 7, 1032. . , cf Mississippi County, ArkniKK, j approved security, to secure the THE purchaser at said talc will j en th c 23 day of February, ID3i. payment of Ihc purchnse moniy, be required to exccuie bond withlwheiein The Mississippi County i and a. lien will be retained ii[>o:i [approved security, lo secure Ihe l Building & Loan Assn., was I'ln'n- said property ns luldilional secnr- | payment of the ptirrhnse muiiey,! tin. No. 5101, nncl Wheeler S. Afc- tty far the payment of such par- am! a lieu will be I'daiiicd upon , Call -nnd Lillian H. McCall. ivn\; | clnsc money, sairt properly ns ntlriiUonal sscurily i C'c-fciidants, will t'jll at public tcjr.-' tor the payment ol such purchase i (10:1 to the highest and best bi'l- nioney. • l der, on a credit ot three inonlli!;, WITNESS my hand and tiie seal '• at tho front dcov of the Coj.-(, o[ ssiiU Court, on this, llic ISlli ^-House, between the liours prcscrih- 'day of Morel). 1932. R. L. C.AINES. Crmml.-sioiu i' in Chancery. Reid, livrard fc Itcndereiin,' Attorneys lor Plaintiff. COMMISSIONER'S SALE • NOTICE is hereby Riven that he undersigned commissioner, in compliance with tlie terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chicknsawba Dis- ;rict of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 23 day ol February, 1932, wherein The Mississippi County Building <t Loan Assn.. i Plaintiff, No. 5100, and John Hargett and Beulah Harjctt, i-ere Dctcndaiits, will sell at pub- .lc auction to the highest and best, bidder, on n credit of three months, at the. front door of the Court House, (jbctwcen the lipurs prescribed by law, in the City of Blythevillc, Arkansas, on the 9th day ol April, 1932, the following real estate, to-wit: Lot. Eight (8), Block "A", Barrot! & Lilly Addition to Bly- thcvillc, Arkansas. SAID sBlc will be'had to. satisfy' raid decree in the sum of 51,235.58, by law, iji the City of Uly- Ihovillc., un the Oth day o! April, 1932, the following real j estate, '': | Ifll.s Scveil CO and Elgin. "» j in Block Four (4> ol llrarn Addition lo the Cily ol Uly- tlicvillc. ArkniiwiE. WIFKESS m.v hand nnd the ixia <~< said Court, nn tliis, the Itch day uf March. 1932. R. L. CiAINF.S, Commlssluncr In Cha^ K"k>. livi'.-ud fc Hciiflcrsoii, Attorneys lor 1'lalntilT. NOTICE i: hcri'fcy g:vi-n lhal His : Labor V'utes Tay ('«t - SACRAMlii^TO, California, (U PI — Building crall-Miicn here have jiiit gone on .1 new wage SAIU will he h:i;i lo Knlisfy scale 15 per ix'ni lower thnn in decree in tlio M::II of S3/Mi.P-l the. past. The HUW scali: wns votcti undersigned commissioner, in c^m- ' with 10 |)cr cent Inlcre.U Irom vciuntarily by the organized labor plianco witli the terms of a de- ; Janunry 0. 1932. croups "in viiv. of existing ecu-. crcc rciitlcrcd by the Ch.inrcry TifE purcli;i!.er at :,aid s;ilc will '(lilioiis." MORE FOR THE BtHI-DINT, DOLLAR ODD JOBS Now's the Time To Get Them Done Phone 100 Use Our Helpful Service E C. ROBINSON LUMBERCO. WASH TUHliS AMP fRiEOA USE W6W N^ (U)SH;MG RlP To ft HOSPITAL. / A I-'ORTUNK! . . FRIEDA GOES TO HER T ••>JleN^!^ B;\NK wa\H THE ' ' X («iIr7 : ro^<NOT7Y>rE(.L, LAOV, t I STOCKS . V 9o^ VOULBN'T 5SE616 \ VJL M *l^000 CAS«_7 ('

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