The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1932
Page 3
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*• FlliriAY, MAUC1! 2ii, IKK BIATHKV1U,K. (ARK.) No Politics, But- Dell and Joiner May Foi- feit Charters K They Tail lo Do Likewise. GSCEOLA. — An extension O f Him- for ll'-'( filing of pledges by candidates for city offices ul Dell and Joiner was grniucd by resolu- l.'oii of (lie comity election commission yesterday. The.' commission c?rlifit'd llie names of candidates for eiiy of- licr-s lit tbe April 5 olfrtion n Hly- tlieyj'llo. Ob-c:coln, l,uxora and I rachviilc. Unless tickns are IU- C'l ;ind rlrclioiis lielil this year nt Dell and Joiner those cammiinl- ( lu-.s will lose tb-ir charters, it Is 11'1'ey didn't discuss politics. ...said Willinm Glbbs MeAdoo said. Of the other incorporated | war-llmi- Seciclnry of ihe Treasury, after Ills conference with Speaker Span, Promoted hy Osceola Concern, Will Be Dedicated in May. McCnlchens Had Leading Part al Film Theater Convention I , Mnmmh IhLs month ' f'^"" '"P of the Pr towns it: tin; county BurdGUe, it i 1 .mclerstond. lias already pen fr<\ its charter lo lap?:, while Ma- | J t jwla, it was reported, licld an fl- j 'iction IHM year nnd need not hold " ono this vrar lo !:<•::> Us diartw. 'Ihe enlirp licl-.ct in l,iixnra Is • unopposed, but lively contests ap- ' 'mar In prospect for municipal jurlso anil city cV:rk pf BlyihevihV. | vllh three candidates for end) of- lice, for mayor of l.ciichville, wiih four candidates in the field, ant! for city marshal! o[ Oceola, for j which ll)ci"»'uru three candidates. The complete list of candidat s ! as ccriificti by tile commission, fol- i lows. I Hlythevillo-municipal jud', r e. C A. Cunninabnm, Ivy W. Crawford I and U. W. Havharn: 1 city clerk.. Oscar Alcxand:r. S. C. Craig. Joe ' W. Alexander: cilj- attorney. Sam ] Mnnatt. tildcrmen, fust ward. S. j O. T]iomn. c on. G. II. Grear; st oiul ward, J. H. Honey, S. II. Enbt I man; third ward. B. n. J:ick?on. Osceola—mayor, A. S. Holers recorder. . Horbeit liryant; cu treasurer. J. E. Montague; city at torney. R. I,. Nnlllinc: ciiy nn shal, .Dave Young, W. n. Allen. Prank Conway. Leachvillc—iv.ayor. W. A. Hot rrs, Raymond Phillips, R. L. Shinp. Louis WPlnhcrj: r.viordcr. E, P. Smith, D '.n. Culver; rtldenn n ' lie elected! M. n. Honncll. T. A ; Kcnnctt, A. !'. I'i.nce. N*. .). Hipp,'6. J. Moore. L. \V. Vnuslit. j O. C.-'-pichens. Littorn—mayor. It. A. Wise: re corder. J. M. Majors: aldermen, JUKI one of the inosl promising business ventures they haye '< r jirotnntcd .accorclltii; lo T. I'j Hnriilii. president of Hit company. The hi Idie v. ill not lie formerly dedicated 111! tlso middle of May hut ivus opened to traffic a w?ck a°o nnd is aecoinwnilnliiiK a (riglill. steady stream of Iraflie which eiistcrn auloinobllc associations l.!Mi-d nmniij! the five lenders In Ihe aiiniHii corn-nil Ion (if tin- Mollon Pidnn' Thouk'r Owiprs of Air.<'i:ra hdj i n \Vashiiii!li)ii InM wi'i'l; u- ;ls o. \v. McCiitclien. dr-K'- IMli'. Irom Aiiiimsus, Mr. Me- Cti'.rhi'n's iiltlm.-, ;i]»\vinvd in the nllHlton I'd: 1 .! I0?elller with •iilu-i- leailt-i.-, »f "dir oraanl- ^ lioliu. nld Insellier ivlih u feature.story of (he ronvenllon, which win livid i , HI Ihe M'aynoii.:r hold. A! llu' b:ni(|iiel, lUlendctl by UXK) liiu-sls, Induilliik Vli-e-presi- <l<'iil Cliiirf .1 t;iir(ls, SOo dclenalc.i mid suvnul hinuhetl eonin-esMneii :iml iiii'.Muiidiii'! moyl;' uciiuw ini.l iiflressi's. 11" McCiilrhens were seiited wlih Hennlm- JIH> '!'. nnliin. • son, lie p. o. ii. (!rO';s. Hop. HIV! Mrs. W. J. Dilvcr, mid »•.•:>. uiiil •'.rncsliiu* Sdm- iniinn-Hcink Tlu-calcncil Wilh I'neunionia. Mar. li-i Ms scheduled (o op™ a engagement this afternoon. The 70-j'eor-old- operatic slar" complained of a slight cold yes- • icrday ntxl Dint "the St, Loub nil- li. not kind (o my lliro.U". ~ liov:over .-.lie nKciutcd H mils*- li-sllml m ijnjioj- of the jwct CStwtlii: ul I he (Vnnaii house. last n iDlii. Mnincntidit cf th ( . liu-.Hcr v.-hu'e' shn wns Ui sine sa |d ••Mnm:i Solid-"' iiiiinn." us ilie liki'S lei !*• cullcxl, wiiiil;! iirnbiibiy IK uliU- 10 a|jjKAr by ,Mo)i(l.iy. -a irouii, attending tlio Jolin N. OaniK- ileft) in wnsulngcon. Bin "the Garner-Ior-Prcsidein Here they are lordlier in ihe Speaker's office at, the cnpitol. Their Winning Pose JT T ~" ~ Q •are now dirrdlng over routes for mcrly tivoltled beeaiust; of the Inconvenience of erossinc the river by ferry lioal. wlilch for D9 veiirs has been the only ai-coinmotlnilnii at HUH point on tlic rlv.r. Tin 1 .stineture, buill at a cos! of $1.000.000. is the only bridge ucmss the Mississippi river. II is eoiistrneted in two spans bav- ins a lotal length of a mile and a half. Conver^ntr ut the bruit'."- ILVC Ihiee national highways. U. S. No. 18 Iran Milwaukee to the west coasl. No. 55 from Chicago to Minner.po'.is, and Ko. Gl fiotn norlSi 10 soulli now cross the rlvev over il;e l'rair!> (in Chlen-^a ciucl'.e Ijiidge. ilii- uoitlieiii route thioiinh :nul irliirnbu: tliroiiKh Ilia iiiUuh viillt-y of Vlriilnla. lle ul tin- roiivenilim tlic ivrelvetl scferal honors. Mln wns nlven i-luuRe of Uie ijinoii booUi where the drlr- ••eliiTki'tl In". Her plctuu- s-rvliifi in tills rapucliy w.«i .h.-d In Hie Wi.shlnuKin Her- Inclilenliilly Miss IVtty U'i> re- luriird Jimne wldi u prkeit collne. lion of aiiti^ruplis. Vlcvi'i-esideiU I Cm Us, with whom ,-ilie lintl i™ one j nfterimm, John N. Oarlier, Mrs, iltiillli- W. Cutaway, J. 'ilamlllmi l.ewK. c. c. Dill, vim l,ynn. \\e\x- I DniileU. Clauddte , Colbert, • June ! Co.'iyer, Sliiint Etivln, (.'llvn'lji-col: j I and Kddle • Powlliin, master ot j I ceremonies, wen nnmns! those wliu I aulo;;iu|iliiil cauls for her. ST. I.OU1K, Aluilnm:.- Knii'Mluc 8cliiiiiiiuui. a-jt. dliignofed her'illness ns i-nr, iieinK, world innii.-iis (..nlral'.o, ,, m i hrhiKltls of a severe, type, was treated licnr todiiy for.nn in- • ti'ck nl i;rii; anil ];!s lh:il . , COl.UMIiUa. Michigan. (UP) -' "' 1 ' I'h.vsli'lan mnl "niay develop! '" 1 ' 1 l>t:i'c'i:Hiil.i." . \Vlirn n lociii iiiciiil)?r cf Hie flro I'lepnilment died n-cenlly, 20 an- Mic was i-onlhud in bed In liev plleanls sinn-m tin- I TO Coh'uilms Kxni nl Coniiuiilo hiilel n li|j;k')i:t.i n populalbn o] 11)000 i>>r' awjy from the llirulcr where she sons. -.' Missouri Action N'o Violation o | Funeral Held Yesterday For Mrs. Dessie Trantham , Funeral services were held yes| terday nt tlrinkle.v cemetery, in i Ihe LUtlc River cojmnnnlty, tor • Mrs. Dc.wic Trantluun. 50. nnd he' in/am 5011 who died Jiile Wednesday. . ! i They are survlv.d by liie husband and father, Henry Trnnlhnm. -The Cobb Undertaking coiniiany was In charKe of fimeral arrnn^c- ments. ' highway laws. Mr. Klelkor Mntoi. that he did not liellcve Arknns.\:i ; |i:isseii|--'r aiitoimibilo.', would bo 1 MnplKMl while passhiB throiish Vnto Ao'ivrnuMit MK ™'"'. M mat-, trucks whwi b l nre ni'-Cfflliig, outsltlc (he 'stale ; innsl cpmpls-tJAvllli ihe laws icI.VITI.V: ftOCK, Arl:. — v. A. Kiivillinj-^llCTiis* plnles. .Ho Mikl Klc:t.|-. audhor of ihe .stale .'he Missoiul law was .similar to way depanment, suld lust nlijtit H>c one In Arkansas ami (hut Hie thni the iicllon of MLssourl high- Arkansas law, except. In (he prts- wuy piuroluirn In rcfnslni; lo hon- out eni.M-gcncj', reritiin-.s llceiiw or AiXunsas "sllekei 1 lyrmiu;" was plnles 1)0 displayed. , no! ;i violation of 'the r^iprocal! . . ^ ', • \ iSri-cmsiit between Ihe slates. ; • -,'' Announcement that cars or i HeR(ivillCf.s of Mi-. Klelber's stute- tnicks displaying the "sticker" "ici'l lll »t 1'f did nol Ijcllive -\r- .'imn-viy iKTinlls would be barred Kansas 'passeneer cars bearing v o:n Missouri was made til Uly- "stickers" would IK- turned bar!: in hev:l!e yeslrrday by MK«oin-| pa- -Missouri, si ale patrol officers of roluirii. I Mlssmirl hnve innilc II plnln Ivre thai tfiey will turn linek such tars li.'. Klclber said tiial Cnc Mis-' nnd . ures i drlvcis on second of- so'.ui ia'.vs inquire that a llcenve Imse. be displayed on the automo- i bile mid that "sLlckere" do nol comr under provisions of tlic u ta d Courier News Want Ails. I^lVDEFf^ Just by way of variety, Berlin staged a new kind ol beauty contest— corder. J. M. Majors: aldermen, i !i "'^"'css-and-doa competition. And ii \vas no trouble at all lo Tom'iBallcw, J. I.' Mifllin. Jesse • : ''' v!ll:i llle msl Piize once judges hnd espied Cilly Fcindl, noted con- IJrown. W. T. Thwcatt and R. W.! liiiciilal.ter.iny, nuti her pst doj. Ardwiek Uiss. in this charming pose. '.PomaE. .". ' ! .—;' : ii;^,fol!ov:h;g judces and clerks- tP1 ;. •ci e ,v. K v.-:i->. named to hold Ihe election; Si'n'illi. fJlytiicvillc—first ward judges; R. B. Stout, J. I,. Cherry. T. K. rr.rkhurst; clerks. ArtY.ison Smith, Russell Marr. Second ward pulses. Virsil C.reon, M. A. Isaacs. E. C. B:n Butler. D. ngc, came to this county from It- hncis as a boy an^ since that time Leachville -Judges. Bmi:c Tay- i reside;! at 'Cottonwood wrier-- be lor, Alma Mticalf. Avchw Andev- I.was known as a progressive larmcr. son; clerks, Luther VVinshead, M. i He is survived by his wife. Mrs. V. Mitchell. - i Ollie D. Abh-itt. and the following ..,-,,,,„ , . l.uxora—Judges. J. C. McDaniel. ' c.iCclrcn: Jess. Car! Oranvel PerI'atton: clerks. Jake linear and C. M . c . CookQi Dl , wilki Ucrt:s , c , „ AW , ' C, Ilcriman. -llnrd ward judges. £om Rolvcl , ail(1 D , 1VC RMm&s _ . . 5 - °:. .? "''=".=. C. Alexsnder.-Dninnu ifcLeorl. - f,ce Percy: chrks, V. W. Mullins nnd Jack Homer. Osccola—first ward judjer;. J. H. J.ovuv.-ell. H. P. Farnworth. Will Fletcher; clcrl:«. C. !.. JvToorc jr.. D. M. Abbott, Pioneer t'-rs, Msadames j\m Ilorncr and • Grace Jeiin; All liv« at (joitonwootl. >!r. AbbDti In? one nephew. .Charf Icy Atbait a! Bl;-{|ic ulle. PtlilisCOt Resident, Dies T1 >f funeral was cciuuctJd hy t:c _..-... ' , R ev. D. K. Foft;r al ihs Abby.t Martha Carpenter. Second ward MAYTI, Mo.—D. M. At';c:i of ini>»c.s. R. D. Thigpcn. J. B. Btinn, Coltonwco:! Point pas;;-il away re5i!lc " c , ; Wednesday afternoon at oclw ' k a " d ill " irm «"- was at ingcs. . . gix-n. . . tinn. coltonwco:! Point nas"-l -,wav -.t i-.en. Ballevv: rlerks. James Coston his home Tuesday at 5 pin v '.-Mt • c Tayl01 ' cclnclei 'y- T). H. Moore. Third ward, judscs, an illnc« of oi'cr nro ' .W. O. I'ace. Ira Wrighl. T. W. Pol- M r . Abbott, who was 07 year« Hrrul inrior Nws W;uit Acs Pay. lADDln TROUBlt Doc to: a aay bladder tcoubi is more common today thai ever before. But why r,m »ij with it? Just try taking Ool'" M«dat Haarlem Oil Csp.nule^ regularly. This line, old preparation has been used for this very pvirpost for 230 ytart. Today :; is one of the . most widely known oE niexii- ' cinea- That its popularity has continued so long is tlie best proof that it works. 35c & 75c. GOLD MEDAL HAARLEM OIL CAPSULES he best way to cook is now the easiest way .•'Never in history did foods smack of such delicious / flavor as when they were taken piping hot from the gradually-receding heat of anOld DutchOven. Now never in history have foods prepared in this same matchless manner heen so easy to cook ... so easy, in fact, that (hey cook by themselves while you arc out of the kitchen. It's the Westinghouse Flavor Zone Range that insluU a has • revived the unforgotten,,.&oodness of Old Dutch cooking . . . and at the same time combined it with modern automatic control that makes the world's most delicious cooking as simple and pleasant a task as can be imagined. When you Flavor Zon you have rnerel\ to place cold foods ii; the oven ... set the clock . . . adjustthe thermometer to the right temperature . . , and spent: the rest of the time as von please. 1 1 ere is a priceless <tfft to both you and your family. Westinghouse ELECTRIC RANGE W 1 T H T H K AUTOMATIC FLAVOR ZONE O V E N Saturday and Monday Specials Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. EGGS I SUGAR Trt'Lih Cunnlrv Ib. lOc 10 founds, Cloth Bags: MI? y EV »P- 1>;i « c l{ni ITilLil •••fall Ci MATPHF^ s™«Wteht W- iTl/i 1 LilLo (i. Itoxcs Ld BEANS fir " ; " N 'fsr" lc CATSUP " D-Oz. BoltJc IftC 10 KKISIMKS KcllciKK's IftC SALMON ."a-^ir BROOMS "\»,,25 C BUTTER \Vnuil))iirn's I'nro • c™j | u Rfl yy stohe) , s Fjne$t Nfl ^ ^ 3 for 2J- BANANAS.^: F ,: huu 5 C OLEO Gold l)»t Ib. lOc CHERRIES "S^SiW MEAL 21 - u '-* >d Vo r 26 c I'.'ilmnl.'ve Laundry 10 ['T Liir « e (i lor TH AT A PAMI 01 'siwKhoi' ; i no P%?K! IVlAtAitUlii ^KpJU iHi^i HAMS I'remiiim or I'urilan H;ilf nv Whole Ib. 15c Center Sliced. U>. 20c FLOUR Optima 24-lb. Sack ?0c STEAKS Beef ' Rou " d ' Loin ° r r ' !?. 19Jn !--«fe-:ii M,&mTV lA-'iW. *• : .v .•' J^- - 1 • Shoulders I-'rrsh \Vh»li' ?ln I 2 l RCAST !iL - cf -' {illorCh .:flO c VEAL CHOPS ,.H.lf. I'rt'.sh (iround 1/>C .(.I). l.b. VEAL ROAST LIVER Krcsli Tii;- TC rx^f.-i 1 .'. Mi. J ; ' 4v-' #&: McMULLIN'S CASH GEOCEEY

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