The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1932
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Served by the United PreM BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT MKW8PAPEB OF NORTHIAST ARKANSAS Ann Ron-Tin-AOT ,7,o7™^ "*" * "*-* ¥ T ^-^ MKW8PAPEB OF NORTHIAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOCBI VO),, XXIV—NO. 7 Hlythevllle Dally N.-WS, IMythcvllIe Herald, courier, lU.YTliKVll.l.K, ARKANSAS. KK1DAY, MAllCll L>r,, m SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* MR FOR ITS RETURN p • i V ' • ' A J '•"' llus b.ind expects (o flic suit nl I iomilient '.Virginians Ad- tl:e Nevada capital, -rnj actress will Will Visit Reno tor, Divorce Anne Harding HOLLYWOOD. Cal., March 2S. <UP>—u will prolxibly be a Reno divorce which'severs lhe Ann Hurd- itig-Harry Uannlster marriage.] .bonds, it became known tcday. | Gurncy Kcn-lin. attorney for thr i Inmons motion picture star, rulcl' I'.cr exacts (o flic suit nl DOWNPROPOSALFORBEERTAX Bob^OirBoaH^f Wrgini a mit Conferring with Col- ~ ccp . llldr . 4 :^ a -'-°'-i «™*M<»- bm one! Lindbergh. NORl'OIiK. Vo., M:!V. ii iljl 1 ) Three prominent Ncri'di,; men re- >:ewed ell'oris today which they liofc may lead to Hi? riluin of kidnaped- Charles .V'iji:-.U:.s 7Jnd- Ijersh. Jr. The three, Rear Admiral Curragc. retired, the Hcv. l)o:K,)ii 1'encock. anil John lln:-;hrs Cnrth. (J3i)ieci tile baby w-.r,- on ;'; .vi'.'cJit in ChetaiX'al-.e Bay. leail.' [,> ce rcinrneil to them :\".w:t l!:e ransom was paid. They saii: "We admit we moin v -^;l to llope- v/ell, N. J., Tuesday and .^aw Colonel and Mrs. Undbersh. We had a very pleasant : vhi:" them and wc-rc Iheir utics.; «t clfiiRvr. What transpired is :; confidciHir!'. »)3tler.* Any state.T.rius «c .'n.ifJe lo -Colonel Lindbergh wire sirlct- ly conndenlial and whatever he may have s:ild lo us was in v.ikl- cst confUlence. If ;iny siatcnient Is- ID b; made for piibllcnllon II should conic trom Coir no! Lind- hcrirli." HLorie:; v.-hich t',Ti:iaied li-re were lo the effect .1 r:mi rminer had eallrd nno:i CM-!!-, mid hart advised him he temlii arrange the return of the Lii:.-ilx-rjli baby to;- Hie payment of rani-om. ]>os- Mbly the S50.000 ]i"?n!ioued in Iho -note left at ;.!v l/mlbcrgli linm; die nigiil of tun !:inim;)- iir^. The mm vbiiied IJinlm-.-jli .UK!, ticcordini! to sloiies hetv, returned and entered ncsoii-ji;o:i.; lor the leluvn of the child The exiict whereabouts al thr- chiKl was never disc-ioseti althc-i",h pnti:i;-|icd -storie:; had aid 011^ of the airce hitermediari;s ]iu;| KL-JH a i-,'iild • v.ith the rum runner. A lejxirv currenL i>-.'t-^ .'or'.'-o.'jis time Unit th c child war. r.boanl a y:ic-lit in Chesnii^iVM aay lit ted )nlcj U:e itcueral pl'_;. The three men were; lepresenleii tctl-iy as -be- ins femful ]mblica!io:i of iteir cf- •icrts miylu. hinder '.'n? .-cardi. Bannister will have in; privilege of ] visitine the chili whenever he- desires. Anur.iinc'ins t'vit tecnuse jjiss Haidlna'.s iiLnie lendcd lo destroy her limband's Idcmlly ihe mnrriaae had failed, Uic couple revealed plans for divorc: Wedn^^ttny. Coroner Satisfied It Was Suicide But Wants Thorough Inquiry. LITTLE ROCK. March 25. (UP) •No verdict had been returned lo- day In the death ot Dick Hcgan, secretary of thc Hogaii Conslruc- lion company, Dr. Samuel G. Boyce. county cotoner, said. - "Alihough I am convinced it was suicide." Boyce said, "! want, lo wall tinli] everyone has hod his say before I file my papers to lhat :!- 101 Owner Drives Off Attorneys for Receivers /''With Shotgun. NEWKIRK. Okla.. Mar. 25 (UP) — Col. Zack Miller, who used ; a shotgun yeslcrday to drive from his 101 ranch house two receivership attorneys, wn.s arraigned today on a charge of assault \vit!i a dangerous weap-on. The pioneer showman an;! ranchrr. his voice trembling nlth emotion, pleaded not guilty. His physician and attorneys stco:i about him as he slooil before County Jittgc Farkhursl to 3iiter the plea. He was seriously ill. thv physicijin told lhe coutl. and lhe trip i-.rre indanjerert his health, impaired by worry nvor ihc many fm;i;> attempts he had made to save the ranch from itcdUcrs. Judge Parkhurst or<lered hk re- leas? on $1.500 bond which was fifcr.e:! ty Harry Craigin and W. Vui'cher. Ivu of his life long friends. The court then ordered Colonel Miller p'-acc;! m::lcr si.000' )>c-,icc bond, which also was signed. Hemius was sel for April is. Two Gaines Quarters Youths Held to Jury fiiy Lylle and Hazen Hall wera ™:ind over to nwalt nctlou of the Brand jury by Judge Ivy W. Craw- lord in municipal court this morning. The pair nrc among those accused of taking money from Emm "''Hard, housekeeper for Uncle znch Galncs, after thc latter stole, about $20 f rom uncle Zacli. In connection with the money squabble among rcsidrnU of the Games quarters police are making a move to "clean up" Ihc Place, long notorious as a "hangout' nf pollen characters . Tbc .reason the papers have not been filed is because of in occurrence in lhe house several days ago din-Tug the reading of Ihs report of -Ihe highway audll commission. HogaiVs company had b«n invV'sll- galed for some work il luJ done lor the slale. When Hogan's name was mentioned in lhe report a'rjprese'nlilive asked: ' " "Is man wib cither.took his OIHI life or'was'iissa.ssinaled2" Divigr.i H. Biackwooil; .stills Wgh- way c«nn)js.sjoner, jumped it[i and laiighinpiy shouted, "-Yes. I killed him. 11 ' The representative said that he nnd worded his because he had it. was because o! tins Boyc; was ask mat Btackwood be fingerprinted and Ihe compared wilh prints left on some notes in Hogan's office. "Nalurally ihe>; did not compare," Boyce said. -but. we bad to "io it as Blackwood disputed my verdict. 1 am sorry it occurred nnrt Blackwood Is too. We just had to-set at rest any rumors that might pop up at- any lime." House Still Working on Refunding Bill; Senate Has Finished Task. LITTLE ROCK. Mar. -5 (UP. 1 — Thc house cut off JID.OM from lhe expenses of ihc highway department- in un nmcmhncMl ':> a •:r.f- lio:i cr the Brmvii hill for re- i mdiirs old roa:! dl^i-irt L»:i:is. The bill originally c.ilicd forf-'SO.- 000 "or so much thercr-f as mav b^ retjiilred for the expfr.ys of Die slate highway dciianwoi'.t, IK.M- :;?e. slaUoncry, clc., bi'.aripj of i-n- gineers. renl on divine: engineer's offices, pi-inline auto:inbib lags. sic.' 1 Il was reduced to SlT>.i'i3!j by the house. It was believed lii? bill v.ould pass the liou-;i! 1:1 prJler- ence to (he ;-ena!e ctt'.';tsur'j tincl It was ihoughl ihe hruf-.e v.-ould n:t nniih Us work b-'fni 1 !' next week. Amenamrnt Dtb^i^.l An iinicndiuenl by A'.-;;iii Wheai- C. OF C 1 Tennessee Schoolboy . Killed Playing Ball ItAMK'li, Tcnn.. Mnrclt as. fUP) —Tlie. entire slitdcnl Ixxly ot the Unmcr ^cllcol toilay was prepared lo attend funernl services for 15- year-okl tstell Jours, who tiled Mom Injuries sustained during a baseball uame. The boy was running between lltat nnd second base when struck if. ,,.: t( M nm<v | | rt on UK; head by a Ihiown ball, n^^ 01 " 111 " 161 - Named to leached second base, sat dowii and | rubbed Uie back of his head, and'' ilien collapsed. 1'iofL'ssoi- Kyzer. umpiring the OF iiaine. called pbyslclnns who pro- uounrod him dead. culate Initiative Petitions in This Community Hlreciors of the Blythcvlllc rliamber of commerce last nl|(ht In ilheli- regular meeting since lhe jinaiiHurtitlou of C. A. Clinnlnijhani :::s presldonl- hiutu:lind plans lo «lvo I vigorous supi»rl ur the movement i for renpponloimient of Ihu Ark.iti- '"•; Reneral assembly on a iwpulu- Girl Killed WKeti Patrol Shoots up Speakeasy Radw C11TCACIO, Mar. 35 (UPJ-Ooro- .hy livelyn itrnslitiw, 23, of Sioux pity. Iowa, n riivorci'e, wus kllleil ii u spetikeiisy today when u cus- lonii'i- filed lit u radio lu'cmif3. he tlldn't like (he music tiud lhe Jlllet wenl wild. Miss Hi'mhuw, described as ll'i launhli'r,qf Sheriff William nun- stmw of Sioux Cllv, died In » hos'- illal. 'Search w.ts slurled for Earl Me- Dowell. One of tb's iiatiW! or Ihc speakeasy, when iKillcc found lint McDowell killed Miss Kuishusv with thc lust of n half shols he nlnicd In drunken miner al (lie radio. T IMS general 11 ton basis. : C. J. 1 L! Lltllc. Nclll Heed »ml C. i G. Smllh ivere niijioliitcd a S\K: clal connnllleo to. nrningc for elr- Frank Watson- Tflli of I Clll!>u °» °< petitions for the mltb- taiiiv waison ICIIS °> j Mm, of a constitutional amendment Campaign ior Sale of jonesboro Power Plant ol Cralgheau csmi!-.v Die sixth paragraph oft He sixth ix-s- tion asked that ,-.ll Iwjl vouchers on lab^r, material, comraclor.i. etc., .should be. paid prior In the claims f.f cities; for money a\\ rp^tl build- in". His amendment caus«i niiirh decate. A substitute agtteablj to Whcallcy v;ab approved v must of Smith house. Ii or Puliirki made by and provided "this not inlerTtiv .viih ihe Me)cr and Nor.leet hills n.i.vrd In a pevioii': scsMon." The senate bill v.-!ikn would c.1- loa elos-j.l .Irom lh~ l corf.oraiioii «RS to bnri-:-*- »ncy WASHINGTON. March 25.—Te's- timciii- that he had sought to buy the support of a Jonestoro. Ark., iiew.sjuper for u propusal io dispose of that city's publicly owned electric and waler plants was Vlven before the federal trade commission ycsl?rday by Frank 11. Watson, or- to bilng about Ihe leapporllonmcul. pud were instructed to cixll upon oilier members of Ilic organization (or whatever help they need. 'Ihe amendment, limited by o committee- °f which Senator H. A. Nelson of this cily was u inembor, would Inereiis; Mississippi caunly's representation in the lower house trom one to three, mid Would give thus county a senator of 1U own, instead of sharing; a senator wllh J "-.• .jj t inur. 11. >rui5Ull, ur- "iaw;*tu ui DUttllll^ 11 M'lmiUl Will] Banizer and head of llio "Property ] I'oinselt and Jackson counties ns Owners Lcucue" of J[in(«;imrr. al m-espnt There was some cbjevii.xi lo Die •wordln-j or Ihr. mc-isirrc but ii,ls believed lo htvf bec-n o\er- v.a lOiil Owners Leu cue" of Jonesborc. Waison s.iid he had ofTcred W. O. Troittt. editor of (lie' Jot'.esbaro Evening Sun "a handsome faun" Ior Ihe support of Ihc papsr In campaign to sell the plants (o private inleresle. but lhat Trautt had declined' Ihs'ofTcr.- " ' • Watsisn iKitllled lhat he receiv- ed-SG.OCO Iro:ii reprcSentnlivis of U-.c Arkansii.i-iMluciiri Tower i-uin- piiny lo finance Ihc Property Owners League campaign for lha sale | of the power plant. He testing thai lie sttgBOstccf lo Ihe power company that It back his brother, c C Watson of-Lake City, In IK- rstnb-. , lishment, of n newspaper, at- Jones- fcti.iale Is _ rlii-.ins)i _ '-]boro. but that the company declined Tilt-; sr-iiau* was riiyf-,- ti adjourn | Ihls proposition. The' sr-)i fine' die'; al present. Oppose M^ore I.ever ic directorii also went on record as opposing issuance of any iulrii- lional bonds by llie.St. Pjjuicls levee t'lslrict c*ce|)t for acquiring ncKS5rvry right of way. This ncllpn ' ' . taken in , couHPcfion pro[>cs:il now In the leg- . by relocniiqii ol iryces. alfrctcil are chiefly In SEIZE TUG Connecticut Police Make Big Haul at Stamford Dock Today. STAMFORD, Conn, March 25'. (UP)—A sen ijohig tug, many trucks and nulomobilcs, and assorted liquors valued-ut more.'limn $250,000 were seized today ns police surprised n rum limners InnJIiii; (i.irty. Fifty men verc arrested. Informed suspicious In'mUng ojier Cdm COTTON SETS 'S Exceeds Previous High Mark Set by Bolivar County (Miss.) In 1925 A new nil lime record for cotton production by tin American county was hot by Mississippi county ivldi Its 1931 crop of MT.OT? run- linljs In the opinion ol Churlui S. lioiiton, sltitlslldan ot tlio United Slalcs department ol agriculture ul Utlle Kock. The previous high mark wus an- proxlmiucly 1!J5,000 bales, made by Hollvci- county! Mississippi, hi 192::. according lo Sir. Boulon. While exact statistical Information Is not available, It Is believed locally (hut an accurate csll- hiatc of Mississippi county's 1031 cottoji acreage would show that In inciting Us world record crop-Ihls county also set n new high murk hi yield ]>er ucrc. Puts Acreage Jllili Mr. Doiilon credlls Mississippi comity with u 16,11 averoKr vlehl of '441 pounds per acre, which Is more than double IhiTnallonal nv- praqo. He bases this on tin csll- muled acrcate ot 236.220, which U believed here (o be considerably Ylellou Excise Tax Propos-' • als Revived in Effort to Balance Budget. ; : . ; . WASHINGTON,' Mo.r. '«• lUPj4 A proposal for n tax \i;i . booi -. was dcfculjil In ih u housu'.'oday^ uflcr WBIB had made n mieclHcutar^ dciiiomlrntlon with 'demfiiuU " .. • . -o -.--- u*:jit:vi'U ut'ro HJ Uli cult "'°'^ ^'3, ",,.^S.,J» ! " «'»« Iheacliml ocwnB, , stltinds ruslw'd lo ihe Stainlord Mu- Supply company dock! Bleve. ' son Supply company dock Sieve.- . •"''".""" "' "• T " 1UI "V dors were mn'rchhifc' In' a steady • w - IO '» r y. ot , tn<! i wnl chamber ot procession from the hold nt ihVlu* < Ma - mme - Mr - D 01 " 0 ' 1 "»«t have wininni ii vtnnri,. nt !>„!,,.«-t ^r." mode .un error .In compulln!; the - The higher bcdy has canipit-t- cd nil business coi>if.lne:l in thc governor'i- call. The hoiii? is Mill ficbatlnj the Brown- i-.ia>l. dUtcicl iciundir-j - till. ; Tr.e '16v:er' body -ipent almcbl all o- yesterday cle- bnling tho measurf.. ' Due 10 the fact the refunding bill has not passed Ili2 house, (hut. a resolution to e.vcend-. the session, signed by some r.0 Kicns- j-bsre of Ihc bcdy. may be intro- i duced and parsed, an early ad- j joiirnmein seems remcu-. I Shoukt the house urlopt {he .^en- nn refunding mensmc. ihr Mc- OUT BFSPITdL .-\labama Agencies Unite With Red Cross to Aid Homeless and Destitute. MONTGOMERY. AM., .March 25. i UP)—The entire forces of the Blale nave joined hands with' the lia- liorial Red Cross and local relief workers tonny in the lask of rehab- ililallnj; scores ol communities devastated by Monday's tornado. TlKHisanda of perions were lellt esliune of even lhe tare neces-' life by the storms which Elhannon bill, ce pos- , - sible to end the sesron this week. Brcntfc of (he rcso!>iiit»r.:isking thai thc session :>c extended to lorce econom.v in -s*ji!e pavennn* 1 ?^ and because the Kef.ito cannot ad- end in l/earrd mallei s deadlock. The resolution EfSiion may be ini Rep. Curtis Cannr-i of llr;np- stdKl county. to extend Uliss Brack, Recovering From Appendicitis Operation, Escapes Today OIL'iS Brack of Manila, prisoner removed from lhe county jail to Ihe Blythevitle hospital n days r, go f or an op;r;uion, escaped from the hos- pltul this afternoon! Hospital atlaches found l-is bed emply and immediately notified Insllra »Cf: •>• B. Clark, chairman, Shcrill W. W Rhni-xi- jn ,»„„,.,..,.. w - M, Burn.-. A. 1), Holland. Mature, to nuthorl'/e Hie- district';, hoard to lss:io bD:i.tfs"to rnrnprnsiilc owners of Innds kit. witlunii lew. protttticn Lands .so Pecan I'ojnt lcintslil[) (ii Ihls roun- ty- 'Jlie directors adopted a resolution approving ami promising co- cpenillon in the campingi! plftnjied by local parent-teacher iiwoclmlom to encuurago payment of jrall .luxes us a schonl relief measure. (-cmmitlfrs Annninu-cii President Ciinnlnghiim announced appointment ' of -the followlne staiKdng commlltce.s: Agriculture: T. J, Mahnn chairman, c w, Affllck, .c. C, Smith. C. R. fiabcocic, *oa;ji.«9 Taj-lor, Retail and . \yjn).'esa!e : Trade: John Waterman..chairman- M; N N;mn..a..D, Ijughes, Aaron Iio;en-- thal, Joe Klebhn. Joe Isaacs,'G. G Hitbbard, Liite Hubbaid',; ;i. C. Barnes. Ji-fT 'Rolnud. E. P: Borum, Harry Khby. R. Jiedel. H. Wal- polc, O. fl. Grear. Ii. p. Gay. J. J. Daly. Fred Sanclefur. l-'rert Mat'th- Cotton Tiade: R. D. Hughes, chairman. J. p. u-nii, L. H. Welch, T. J. Mnhaii, G. Ci. Smith w, w' Snavcr. c. II. wibon, J Ii ROIPV C. H. Hall. Finance: A. lirocesslon from the hold nt Wllllnnj H. Moody of «ocXport. Me., to.tho Iriirti. 1 Seven (rucks loaded with chiiinpauiic, whisky, and assoiled line liquor:, .sioo.-i-oi) «liorc. Oilier cmp'.y ln:cki wrro walling. Police -riuhrtl upon (lie scene revolvers In hand; Masl of the rnn- neis surrendered al once, dropping (hcir-.vtck.s of liquor. On Infn'rina- Llon furiiLilied by Blnm'fortl anlhorl- lies. Oreemi'lch police arrested Louis Pops, «, pf White Plains. ! tl made un error ncri!i'fi> thal.'fni ., credited Ilic county unly W7.615 :icres in . B. Fairfleld. chnir- man, ff. T. culn, Cecil Shane, M. N. Nnnn. c. R. nabcoek liussell Phillips. . ' * «"** ,,ti,i>^^iuM:i^ nuillltri journ withoul the Viola:, it, ap- Shcrill W. W. Shaver. All deoiUI-s iV'fircrl nnftPi -i THI i«i! rurl in -i ii-ntlnV.>^ _i n._ _i . -~. * . . . epn-s • ' • available nt the sheriff's office were , ! rc 1>rev ™»o»: W. M. sent out to search for the conv.i- th« | lescem fugitive. iKima alone. Casualties in Geo.-gin. Kehliicky brought Ihc loll lo Tibove 350. Will Seek Rehearing of Scottsboro Attack Case MONTGOMERY. Ala.. March 25. (UI>>— Coiiasel for seven negrces senlence.1 lo'lhc electric chair May girts at Scoltsboro lasl year will ps Gov. D. Xi. Mllfer of Alabama had returned to his desk today aft;r a personal inspection tour of tfe most severely stricken areas .\fore lhan 150 lents, 1.500 cots, ari.1 3 000 blankets, In addition to .food and medical supplies, have be«n sent Into stricken districts by Ad;t. G*n Hartley Moon. • Two airplanes under direction of I «orlay oy Brack was cnrrietl lo lhe hospilal :md an operation iierformed for the removal of his appendix after physicians had advised officers lhe op- crallon was necessary. No (jtiard had been.Jcept .it the hospital as officials did not believe Brack, who is under indictment for burglaries at Manila, had recuperated sufficiently to altempi on escape. H was learned this atlcrncon that Brack was visiled Ihls morn- uig by a friend, wlio hai been held a suspect along wilh Urack, and --• , chairman. J. B. Clark. A. 13 Holland, Neill need, i!oy I lead J Nick Thomas. Legislative: 1{. N. Ware, chairman, . n. Il.irrl.son. J. A. Leech. Membership: fiit<soll I'hilllps chairman. H. T. Ciilp. J. A. Waterman, j. j. Dnly. Cecil, A B Pali-field. W<mM IKMd. -Pi«U«t- WASHlNaTON,. Maich'-te. (UP) unil that Mr. Bonlon's 1931 c.sll tnalo of cotton and corn acreage alone Is In excess of this flg'uri without lotting. Into cojulilerntlon Ilic extensive iicrea^c .in hay.'.vej- ctables, oals mid cithir crops. It'ls M ' ' census men wen iiciiuuiiut-ti Ion ucrcflf.". • sliiltiuoii' over lhe cdmity, Hun' Hi!;' 'n'cituiil' >931 ' ncrj 1 Kge In cotton was nol much In ex- ,.--., ~ ,^ r ..v u .,.,.cess of 190,000 iitir'cs; which would Hw Domocrnllc controlled Well Known Frievid of'Un- fortunate Transients Died Yesterday.' J. n. Ump. . 00-year-old. • keeper ol a horn; Inr trniulcnl imforlim- ntrs, died yeslcrday ot ihe home on Franklin slreet. He had been in 111 health for some lime and his (ijath. was nitrtbuted to |iio- ina.ns tx>l.soning. "Major' Letup ns he was known to many here hud been n piu- ti.'iraquc figure on streets of this city for several years. He claimed to b; the, local bead of an on;im- unlitm • known as Ihe Christian Volunteer Workers ol America nm) was ollen seen pushing his small carl nbout ihc busings section, j In the opinion of J. Mell Drooks tio:llllca(lrin of.prohlbliipn iti heli,\ ilefealcd by a vole -of 'Jlli i'lii! 'volo'-.was concluded >tit l; 6:?C/' P. M. prohlbUIOii ksiii: diirlrw - uiijgMf?*- ollon (if the blllloii Vlolltif'r/vsiiil*;' bill now, bdnij reshaped- - i" ' iMinilniiiion of Its salt's uY'iiro-. 'l.sltin. - ' - : - ,...' ilct>. Mary T. Nnrlon, Dv;i(«;riv, New Jersey, loot: lhe tloor-lo :!]:-'. : ' uenl to the 'rneinlwn to "vf;|« fa • llicy drhik" ami supp-ort ihi| cVil- Itu beer ninemlmcnl' lo the riiveiiii" Wll, . -..'••.. •••:' the wet amendment'was' hfid In't Democnil, - Alabama,'' who was In i the chAlrj when drj' " It-led lo block It. - - WASHINGTON, .„......„,,„,-,-.,. Democratic leader RobirKon-of-th» Mimto said today he bellfv'ed,the sales tux defeat In lliij house H'ould force coiiere.w to Wlitrn to work after the national coiiven- '!ons. ' . .' : . " . ..'. ..,', ' He said «\tch a Jam of W lion' was ticeiimulaUng .ho cU consreos 'coiiid.: complaic '" awl a lolul ot culllvalion, ..ii.i «,it! «n,i»i VIUK>- • nf nojtiiivj Aun,. ft]ilicit-<n>, turJ s Mr. DrbbkVbellc-f, based on —The house met Iti confusion .toda> i npircs.And trie;' 1 opinions of ovi-r wiTckaso of the blllloh-JollaV veil ucqualnlccl lylth the'coj- l»x bill .•;/.• •.;••'•: ;vi>-;-; Qrrcap.~. . rjltiinttan' over the '-Willie Us defeated Courier^.h'm-i , this coiuily an average cotton vlcld-of we)! .in /?xces,s of n- bale an ncr«. Thai. h|s Is not' far «ron3 Is snbsiantlated-by. thc experience of numerous-, farmers vmo' nvcmg- d-n bah and u half lo thc acre ed on cxtensivt plantings. I*a*> Stale In Com Mr. Boiiioh's letter to Mr. Brooks rflutivr lo • Mississippi county's prodiicllou follows: '' "The final glnnlngs mode public \farch 31 show Mississippi county 207.677 runnins bales. This will be In standard bales close to 210.000. I suppose there will be a few more • ginnlngs .ye,t ' lo be done.' '-•] believe this Is a world's -record for a 'county. • As, , far : as I know the biggest previous one was Boliver connty. Mississippi." in 1925. • " . .. Wliilc its defeated aeaderV. Imiv iedly began- draftlnu new revinuc -Id rttJlatb Ilic ''sriiCs- tux, IHEHIIS comhiitlec wa.v catol tn.ile- vlse new'way.? lo-T.ii^'J500.000,800 provided In the tales iovy- pldii. killed yesterday, 323 lo 153, ln"thp house's, only major Insurrection" In rpce.n.1 yeirs'. 1 !' " •' : ' •----'• taking whalcviT merchants .and re.sidcnl-s oirfrnl to aid him h. wort, fie maintained a sort uf open house, for |>coule unable I to find food or lodgliif. nllliough thc aid he received was barely approximately i ID.").*!*) ruh- riint; b.iles. Of course. It; ls - a question In a heavy producing year with n low price jusl how much dlory can be taken from it. bul in any event it. Is a very remarkable record and \ tee no reason why you should not have the benefit of full publicity. I flciircd thc acreage In Mississippi county 23G.MO for 1931. This means an average ^ ,^*..*.. ,, t ,., .,.,,11. j 0) . jg^ rnis means an average enough lo lake care of himvif [ yi . M „,,. acre of 441 pounds. The m « , ll! l. li '. n0 ' R tate of Arkansas ran 1.822.118 , an tilion the Alabama snprenu court It.-iit a pair of aviralls had bee for a rehearing within 15 days. Tfce supreme court yesterday affirmed their conviction by a six to one vote. Chief Justice John An- i walking for several days. ,-.... w , Jt ^.1 m i 0 nau wvn left with Brack. Other patients in I he ward where Brack was n pa- Iwnt said he had been "practicine" n-n11.I__- *•__ _ ° deraon alone dbscniing. j on the overalls walked out • v-vii muni, Mi.>..vLiniL & . | v.i vi ic u> era i is iitju Vs'iilKeu Under thc Alabama lan* ( such a|| without a word this afternoon. petition must be filed within f«Aunm iiHi^L w. «rc« iMiuLii 15^ SherifT Shaver said it ^"35 possl days :and AUy. George chamlec ot jb!c that Brack's friends had an defense counsel would do so. s nnnoitnced he i oiitomoblla waiting for hi Enforcement of "Sticker" Ban Will Start at Line The report Ih.i; Misvouri highway authorities vull no: Interfere with visits to Missouri filling stations by Arkansas cars kwring "sticker" permits in lieu of lirease tags Is erro- "eous, the courier News was advised today by M. Dace. Missouri highway patrolman aligned to the territory just, abose [he state line. Cars tearing the Arkansas "stick- er " permits may not, travel legally Before takini; up volunlecr work feme 15 years :ljo "MaJcijV; Letup , had sen-cd a number of years IBS an employ,* of (he Krfsco 'rail- 1 road. Hi- hnv lived in and nrnund this secllon for more thai 1 Id years. Hcalizln;? Hint Ilk dralh was not ••-«•• -wile v,^iiHig ior nun. i i^vmiiLb iiu> uui. uttvei icgauy Two ainrtanes iinripr Hi^ii,, . ""'"•" " u ""' r THe Mori Ha man hod eluded of- i °" Missouri l.ijhways. Dace said, Moot,"artTtourinirTh ».i ft rm ° Defense couasel are determined to fleers for several months after lHsi and «''» be lureM baelc whenevW ar?a" o £ Sn'^^l"" t«S "">' their " Etf '». ij-e UnlKd Indiclment but was nnally caught ?»* ™nh ol the state line. En- areas to ascerlain the exact needs or the stilerers. Slat« to Plant Trout Fry LANSING, Michigan. (UP) _ Between 8.000,000 and 10,000.000 like trout fry. will be planted in Michigan waters by the slate confervalion .department and the federal g&vrniment In the next few months. States supreme court If the new appeal falls. Indictment but was finally caught ' ' 0 " nd north and icdged in the jail here. j for «ment, o . , f this rule will start nt I 'he state lir.e. !-.c raid, not at some TitU Slaits Esperanto Clxss MEDPOHD. MassachiLielts. (U i — A class in Esperanto, the Universal language, has bjcn .organized at Tufts College under auspices of the Fabian Society. Of Hie 20 sludems a majority did so out of merf curiosity. KSON, Cnl. tUP)-As an indication of the renewed interest In mining, ths famous Bonanza mine at Drytcwn U to be worked again. The mine, once a rich producer of <t w«s_ closed 52 years ago when 11 TS. The ed ; mimned out. "at he'at (he lir.c all ot the lime. *»lt that, he cxperted .to give that part of his territory its full share ^attention. He biiri no arrests had ***n made as ycr for violation ol "sticker" ruli»«. but Intimat of persl-.lf(U viol.itow lu .. running bales, hence Mississippi county made slightly over 11 iwr, rent of the crop of the stnte. "Now answering further your letter of over two months ago on yields ami production ! will five you our rsllmate on corn (or Mississippi county. We mode Mlssls- elf "Major" I,emp called in ! s i nt> i county com acreage lunprol tlireclor dnys aso and made arrat for his funeral. The date of the funernl his not yet been set but services ?lll bo held al the Namrene chMrsh with the Rev. l,. W. Stafford nnd lh e Rev. James Husse!! orTlri.11- i"f. The L. G. Moss Undertaking company Is in charge of funeral arrangements. Thc deceased Is survived by a .. everal w j ln n yisld per acre of 35 bushels ami protluction of 2.19S.WK). That mokes il also the banner com counly of the slale." Coleman House, Cooter Landmark, h Destroyed COOTETt, Mo. — The Coleman residence, a Cooler landmark, oc- ., *„ ^ f _ r ^ laence( a ^ooipr niiumars, ou- sisler. Mrs. Koly Brown of Jones- CH p|, d by R . p. DurnSi wa s '-n- boro and: lhre P brothers. G. W. s t roy cd by fire late .vesisrrtay af- Lemp of .\tount Carml. III.. Frnnk <.»^n TI,« v.,!ui n » ,,-nc <^-«^ . , ., Lemp of Evnnsvll'.e. Ind., ami C. J. Lcmp of St. Louis, Mo Sptcimtns ot dross DURHAM. North Carolina ,(U P) — Though North Carolina' is not one of the so-called grassv stales. Dr. H. L. Blomqulst. Duk^ University botanist, has collected :miK)iniic fjt.-,iui:i Jtllfm'y Ol ^ \\o\vx remnhiMl onlimuiki'.liul' ipres-scd belief (he house ifblikt i-evamp and pass .the tax bill .l»y ; end of next'(wc'ck.'. • : r'.--.'--• . . • -.Actins Chaitmaiy iijjjs p was 'ready to givo.'the hoiist' 1 fceor bl.09,0' vote today on, Us o^n.plan. a.tnx of vthreo tents a jilnt^oli' 175 per,- cent] brew.' : i>ei<-:H ;o( : - thL<i:'u'as cortsldered -certain. ' ' ' .' '? ' : : . ! ; • ,i CrLsp favored revival of thc'ad- mlnlstiallon plan advanced -by.ltfic treasury last Jail, coiinltxl wKhMrii'c- projwsals.of l)ls own.. He declared he would' 'isk fprUhe following taxes, (o. be supijlcnwnleil : by others: ' " ' ' " • ^ Incrense of postage rates /rpm o lo thi-ee cents, 'would raise J125.000.000. •- ••'• One .-tent per gallon ua's'tix $!65,00fl,000. ;. - _ • ; Automobile sales tax averaBinr.'.'5 IX-r cent, $100.000.000. ."'"; Higher tobacco taxes, $i8,OW,ono Real estate stamp tax. $15.000.000. Seven |>er cent' tnx on clectrlcltv • " •' .. T'honograph and radio sale's tax $10.000.000. , Two cent, tax on bank elicits $97,000,000. '. ' .'•' These and possibly other money raelnf schemes probably- will be, reported lo Ihc house from llm e :to time nnd win be ,-otctl o,, separately. The house iiileht even get back to Iho sales lax bill Crisp said he would not lake advantage pf the rules to gel another vote hler. I-'anwd I'ikilK Invited NEW ORLEANS. La.. (UP) — World famous .air pilous have been Imlkd lo partlelpate In lhe iVc\v Orleans nlr carnlral. to l>e I'.cld in April. The cornival.'iindrr ,ii,sp!ces of a nc»'S]raper, wiU l lour clays. . . WEATHER ARKANSAS - ' CloiMy. fWSslbl? i showers tonight and Saturday, ! Warmer tcnight, cooler In northwest Saturday. ternoon. The building was locked near the Cooter ?ln nnd II Is relieved sparks from the Kin set the house »flre, The build in f, btillt 25 years ofo mtuium« had be?n remodeled recently. U,er obsen'er, viiarn.-<> «uim was valued al $4,000 covered by: ihc maximum tempcmtiire <r^ c S1.200 insurance. lyestlvday »« 87 degrefs and the The house was th? r^cond oc- ! minimum 43 deities, detr. f***i to the ottidil »-«ath- PhJlllpg, j r University botanist, has collected: cupled by Mr. Burns to -be de-!> y«ar Wo 240 specimens of grasses from thn stroyed by firi irtlhln a few ature w»s I i months few i ature was N dtfrtes atx) the 11 mum 45 defr«s. ehir.

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