The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1931
Page 4
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Jw-- mn A-; j$&i 1^ ; PbtiB THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ??fsi'.'' . THl COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS -"':. •'•' 0. B, BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HA1N63, Advertttuif Mtutger :•' Bota Natloiul Aavertliing Representatives Tbe Tfcomu f, Clark Co. lac., flew York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallu, San Antonio, am O, ChJcsio, St. iouLv Published Erery Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered « second cttss milter at Hie post office it BlyihevUle, Arkansas, tundcr act o( Congress October 9, 1917. Serred by U» United PHSJ SUBSCRIPTION BATES By carrier In the city ot Blythevllle, ISo per week or (6.50 per you In advance. B; mall Hi thin » rudlus of 50 mller, (3.00 per jttt, flJO (or tin months,'85c for three moiitl-j: by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, «,50 per ye*r, la zones tcven and eight, (10.0C per year, payable In advance. On the Use of Colhn The use of 100,000 or 200,000 bales of cotton per year in bagging for wrap- ping'cotton is not going lo liuvc any decisive influence on tlic cotton .market. But tlie use of cotton to wrap cotton is part of a program that is viliil to the welfare of the .Soulli's 'chief industry and to the prosperity ot this part of the country. • We must either sell more cotton or grow less of it. The progress thai is . being made in cotton growing in India,. ; Russia nnd elsewhere indicates that ; in the future foreign markets will ; present increasingly difficult compeli- •• tion. Expansion of the domestic inar- • ket is therefore the chief hope of Am- ...erican cotton growers, nnd the development of new uses for cotton must provide the major part of such expansion. By wrapping their cotton in cotton southern farmers will drive an important entering wedge in the light Unit must be waged for increased consumption of cotton. Insistence upon the cotton wrapper will reveal a loyalty lo their own interests and ti unity of purpose that will assure southern farmers consideration when jthey go to manufacturers of fertilizer, feed, flour, sugar and other products which the South buys with the request th;it these . goods be delivered to them in cotton sacks. It will stimulate research in the efficient use of cotton for numerous purposes, for as it is made known that cotton products are what an import". v Hiit ! jjart of the American buying public demands manufacturers will exert themselves to meet that demand. And it is not.unreasonable to suppose that as such research achieves results products will be developed which on merit alone, will find a ready market in other parts of this country and in other countries. ,, The South should bo exceedingly ." slow to condemn any movement for . increased use of cotton ;is economically unsound. It is true that cotton bagging and cotton sacks are slightly more expensive than competing materials. Cotton bagging costs more and is worth more. And the money that is paid for it stays at home. The United Stittes - .department of agriculture and domes- OUT OUR WAY JBLYTTIEVIU.B.JARKOLCOURIER NEWS •-.~~ ^j« lie and foreign consumers of cotton agree tliat M serious handicap to American cotton in world markets is tlie poor condition in which it frequently reaches the n/'lls. Impartial lasts conducted by Hie government have demonstrated llinl cotton bag-ring <>( tlic typo which has heun adopted as the stamliml gives the bnlo holler protection lhan does jute. It affords better protection against lire, it weighs less, cotton does not adhere to it as it dots to jute, it presents it neater and more attractive appearance. An industry confronted with tlie difficulties in which the cotlon growers of this country have become involved does well to sit down and aiutly/u its operations. Savings in cosls at the expense of quality and efficient scrvjce are oflen expensive. II is just possible thai, all things considered, tlio cotton wrapper for the cotton bale will prove a sounder proposition economically than the jute, which seems to have little in its favor but the habit of years and a saving of a few cents ;t' bak> in initial cost. T Whcn Prosecutors "Bargain" The Wickersham Commission's survey of the administration of criminal justice in llie United Slates points out that a great source of evils is the custom which most prosecuting attorneys Inivc established of "bargaining" with criminals for pleas of guilty. That works out like this: a man is indicted for burglary, bill Ihe prosecutor is not quite sure he can gel a conviction. The; accused man, on the other hand, is afraid that maybe he will be convicled; so he talks things over and agrees to plead guilty to simple larceny —thereby getting a lighter sentence. Suck bargains are evcry-day affairs. In the long run they save .n good deal. of trouble and expense. Yet, as the commission points out, they open a great field for the "fixer." Furthermore, in a surprisingly large number of cascsj men indicted for serious crimes arc allowed to plead guilty lo minor offenses .and thus escape Ihe punishment they should gel. A certain amount of such bargaining is inevitable in any prosecutor's office. The commission does a public service, however, in pointing out the dangers inherent in the process. SIDE GLANCES P«r>nrr« IrCOrgC iATURDAY, JUNK 20, 1931 Izallons for (lie Hard of Hearing, with headquarters at 1537 35th j street, N. w., Washington, D. c. "Now, my husband is « man of very conservative tastes." until Gilbert Swan TODAY THE- ANNJVERSfl THIS CURIOUS WORLD 1 RUSSIAN INDICTMENTS Oh June 20, 1017, the Provisional Russian ECvernnunt began to take severe measures against the highest officials of the old regime who. were declared guilty of breaches of the laws of the empire. Former Secretary or (he Empire M. Krulzhanovskr, tlie strongest man In the government under former Premier Slolypln, was indicted for Issuing H decree as far back as 1007, by which the election l,iw v.-as violated In ilefrancc of the constitution of 190C. Former Minister ol Justice M.| ClityleBlovitoff \vns indicted for! unlawfully stopping the prosed!-j tlou of former Governor Skallon of I Warsaw who was charged with] having accepted a bribe of 100,000, rubles. ] Former Governor Kourloff was charged with complicity in the murder of Colonel Karpoff, chief of the secret police of Pctrograd, who was assassinated in 1909 and whose cieath caused a gr,?al sensation. Convicted officials and former ministers of the czar were imprisoned at the Fortress of Peter and Paul. Tlicro Arc Load? of Manhattan, Girls, liachelnvs in: veisatlon among the groups silting but It's No L'sc 'frying to I.ure Them From Their Cozy Quarters in Mich places; sometimes two or more will gather in it corner, but NEW YOUK. June 20—IC tens oii 1011 "- Tllcre of bachelors contlmiel 1!0<5s x«™°"S thousands, to dwlgc matrimony, one must hlaine p:irtlally the super-attention talk generally goes on in subdued ,ts. There are formal and polite Is ^imong the old-timers and iistimcs a passing comment on ioni health and weather. They called him a hula hula dancer because he hnd something on the hip. A ploughing contest Is to IK broadcast in England. IJut do you suppose the censors will stand for this dirt? The sailor hut, fashion experts say, 1s coming back. Probably because so many women are having their hair waved. A Los Angeles clergyman preached 20 hours to make a record, taking only lemon juice for sustenance. A sort of hmon-aid, as it were. received by this fussy and fastidious nvmy of gents, most of whom have reached: or passed, middle aisc. Bachelor lir,i;i?, I am told, arc among the Inst to suffer from the constant turnover in trncic that ailecls most hostelrlcs. There; Is one chain eUone in Manhattan maintaining six places for "ijenile- tnrn only." kxpo'ts in male psychology aie often called in lo supervise l!:: physical and seclu! details of such places. Certain types of chtiir— ihe kind comfort-rceklns males are Hkriy to sink hjto—arc selected, licom arrangements arc such as '.a appeal to even the crank.s and the [mtterers. The element, of quiet is tven first consideration nnd, passing by of r.n evening, one can glance in upon n club-like rocmi where only the rattle of nev.syai.fis is heard, with now mid then the tapping of a pipe upon a heel. Pips I about racirs arc handy and there arc]'I 1 '"" private jars lor "put" tobacco b - v brands. Tlie average eligible yomis 'vom- an of the metropolis dees little lojthe They seem to have slight inter- I KI in the great city about them, ! baing content to lollow a disci- I I.'lincd routine with that meticulous ! discipline thai only bachelors seem 10 achieve. Sku!! Reveals Human Life 100,000 Years Ago NEW HAVEN, Conn. lUP) -Discovery of flic skull of a Neanderthal child near Jerusalem is believed by archaeologists here to have given undeniable evidence that hu- nan life existed in '.vhat is now Palestine Su.OQO to 100,000 ye.irs ago. Report of the discovery in a cave it Athlit was made to Professor George Grant MacCurdy of Yale, director of the American School of Prehistoric Research, by MUs Dorothy Garrod, woman explorer in charge of the school's joint expedition with the British School of Archaeology. Previous remains had indicate:! man inhabited the section RS far back as 30,000 years ago. It was Miss Gflri-od who discovered a Neanderthal skull at- Gibraltar in 1920. The government of Brazil has dropped the letters K. W and Y. Thus intensifying the depression among Alphabet soup makers By Williams Quite different are tile gay mid- j die-aged and elderly ladles who come to town. Seldom do they seek out the quiet, side-street places. They vvipt (heir advent, into Neu Vori: 10 ue followed by & larje view of v.-hat is yoing on. TliL' hotels lint front rijht o'ii Broadway's avlcries are most ofu-n selected, and those with lobbies ico!:iii3 out into the street are particularly favored. Day after d,iy, \vulkiiuj through the . main-stem bdt, I have seen these groups ol white hiiired women v.atching the stream of life for hours on end. Tourists, I find, have learned the professional "bus " and no longer arc lined ttiis decoy. The bus sitter is usually an elderly person who is'i by day to occupy a jeai in lure the unwed mnlr.i away from i siffht-scctncj conveyance. Half such sanctuaries ol celibacy. About nc/cn occupy chairs, and give the the last thins most of Manhattan's appearance of cash passengers /OIL ._. tvjuFf Vwtv.x_,TrWf;e SEE A SOOMtr ^ \ r\ M AnT\-=>V Of- Ti-V CV-O | "SCl-KXA- — VVE MPi"b To AVIOOMD MACHlMCfVf J *=?PtMO "Tv.MO MOMTt-\*=b, AT A PtCMtC 7 ( M^H'IM' A ..,<=, \\-OCrt < AGE OF TH' \IT unmarried girlies think about staying home. Nor can many of them afford, upon tht'tr modest earnings, to arrange a place likely to tempt a bachelor away from his clubby retreat. One Bdieral rule of the bachelor places has been tn disturb them as little as po'slb'.e. since It is difficult to tell when one v. ill come upon a particularly crotchety nature- So one notices little exchange ol con-1 (Copyright. 1031, NEA Scrvic to i waiting for the bus to barker, ineanwhile, assures the suckers that, the trip is just about to rtart and only a few more customers nre necdc<l before (he take-off When several long-suffering passengers are finally secured, tho decoys slip away and start nil over again on another bus. GILBERT SWAN, c. Inc.) Science Pushes Research for Deafness Prevention BY DR. MOKKIS FISHHEIN : scientifically. liditor, Jo:irn^l of llu- Amcrirui: Tho causes of most deafness arc -Medical Association, ami of 1!>- j r.ow well known. The conditions j associated therewith arc v.cil ini- is I derstocxt. but the mechanisms in- i-.tjvclvcd and the exact methods ol •s. i prevention arc certainly not fully :;;.-! elaborated. In laboratories and in sj institutions ot research throughout o the country, scientists are spe ;D • ninny hours in an edort to fl:iS t;-.c '?. facts thut will lead to prevention .:. ;( and control. In their work thcj .-.flare required frco.ucntly to i:«e liv :c Erria. the Health Ma^.mm Dr. O^orge E. Shambaugh c;:iphasircJ 1)15 existence of c\ amount of congenital iic.i: -Marrir,gcs where there i^ .1 I. history of congenital f.(.\ should be discouraged. I';.-.-;:, deafness in adults is l^rcely cV. o'.osclercsis. a locking o[ i;.^ \ and linanicnts involve:! :r, '.:•.-:• Where there h a t.imily 1:;-: thl> disease in both p.uvr.s b rcasDn to believe t'n.M .1 .-- crr.ble number of the »!u'.iu:: be an"cctcd. In trinpin.: •-•;.•;•. ttren to life, the p:ircn : .^ .->.-•:• respciuibility which (iicv •'•, • , alizc. Dc.ifncss is no! dii,- t,-i K. - cai:,ie and nny pvo;:rti!u :>-.- i:. trol must be t;ise:l • :i ,- v t : :of nil of •:,',' The answer to tile pi-obl.-v: ,; sclerosis i> more rrsr.n. -, hue that p:*!iu;lve c!r\;... ;- ricus methocts of trc.-.tnv.T. 1 .-• helpful, but this Is not -.1 f :•'" this i.-rloiis prcbicm i;., . •' the problem ran cn:-r r-.•;. the hrjrd of luarii!:. -, • '. suffer irom atoscler;".-... ;'.'.- . countenance silly s,-n:;- -;••make certain that !i-.r <;-;"•'.'.. .gans alter dsath M:II ^.-".".'! I to those cnpablc of Buenos Aires has a new subway four miles long. "ZO /rtUUOM VFA8S WAS KCCf HTM UM£ARTH£0 NEAR. CHURCH EXCUSES = Uy George "And wh:n he came down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him. And behold, there came :o him a leper and worshipped him, saying Lord, if thou wilt, fhou canst make clean. And he stretched forth his hand, and touched saying I will; be thou marie clean." Matthew 8:1, 2, 3 me him, ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY Committee. OKEGO.N- M.AiilES PAYROLLS SALEM, Ore., (UP! — Ths administration's economy pro.sram THEATER FEATURES HEAT BUENOS AIRES, <W> — The , .,, • - --- ' ,-.•„...... I Jack of heat in the majority of mil mean a saving of S200.CCO for theaters here, despite L chilly tne next two years in the state! winter weather, has led one ein- nidustnal Accident Commis.sion enia to feat-jre the fact that it is alone. Principal saving ol 5120.- OtO in payroll was effected by discharge of 20 employes. steam heated, in preference to Mliins the public's atcuitton i/O films being exhibited. the p going to get the Free Trip to the heart of a Vacation Paradise hidden away in the Jemez mountains. Eight Thousand Feet High In the Bosom of a Million Acres of Forest Preserve Far away from the crowds, off all the traveled trails, Ranch o Kea is the ideal place to bring your family for a perfect vacation J^very day teems with activity; all the rugged sports of the cowboys, trail riding, pack trips, polo, hunting,- fishing, swimming- archery, trap shooting, horseshoe pitching. .. in fact, you can't name an out door sport that is known to these westerners won't be found at Rancho Rea. that VOTE FOR OHE OF THESE GIRLS Martha Robinson, HlytheviUe Manrine Branson, Blylhcville Evelyn Harwell, Illijlhcuillc Alberta Elliott, Blythcville Marion Burns, Bluthevllle Ruth Wliitworth, Bhjthcville Ruth Butt, Blutheville Margaret Cross, Bhjtheville Carolyn Pride, Blythcville Althca Edwards, Margaret Milner, BlytheviUc Elizabeth Martin, Dell Rosa Lou Cook, Luxora Dorothy Gideon, Wilson Orlne Hidchctts, Manila Mary DeWcese, Hayli Virginia Burton, Curuiiiersuillc inj animals in which conriiiions fin'.iiar tn thr>se in mankinrt maj to icprociucctl. Such animal cs- p:rliriciit:iticn is necessary lo tho progress of medical science. In its attomp's toward progress, scientiflc j n::?mc!nr: is r.i:i!innally assailed by ;- •.* j fnddi-sts nnd fanatics who group to.. | ccther through sentiment and inis- ...;, [guided faith to prevent nrivanccs. ._:-. .In meeting their onslaughts, piiysi- ,.,. ! clans must l:e supported by tho;c -..'ijlwho have b:ncntcd by scientific ...,'. 'work. : !u : People who have progressive --. -if ; deafness hear for a cciisider- .-i- : nb:c length ot time by the use of .;.::ii .sultabic hearing devices which st»p '.-..-Lcs i'lp the scunils to bring them within j . of; hearing rjnjo. Thereafter they can j v.,3 still luirtcrstunt! conversation by ! r.;s- jstudyins lip riding. Toiay thcroj AT ANY OF THESE STORES ,.;:d 'are ICG organizations to promote :•: or-i Ihe study of ilp reading In this •.liblelcaimtiy. arc organized into them the American Federation of Organ- Barnes Nu-Wa Cleaners New Mead Clothing Co. New Dixie Store Co. Ark-Mo Power Co. Phillips Motor Co. 777 Service Station McMullin's Cash Grocery Elois Beauty Shop Gillen Furniture Co. forum's Drug Store The Booterif Central Shoe Store Hubbard Hardware Co. Uuhbard Tire & Battery Co, Guard Jewelry Store New York Store rsa

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