The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on October 31, 1904 · Page 15
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 15

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1904
Page 15
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TITF BROOKLYN DUTY P ACT R WCT YORK MONDAY. 0(TOTU:ii 31 lOOf JB0TEL8 AND KtlOBTS ATLANTIC CITY HOTiLS AND RESORTS ATLANTIC CITT. HOTELS AND RESOSTS. ATLANTIC CITY RAIJ ! UN OCEAN STEAMSHIPS ETlAMBOATS WAGNEftlANS IN OPERETTA. Quartet Club Singer. Score Surcec. in Pretins: "Th TtMiurt Digger" Annual Conceit Tb mrmt-m at the RH-kard jt KKWYORK wh,testArliiv,e OOC -OOOOCOC (entral ' 4 HUDSON RIVER R. ft. ATLANTIC CITY NEW JERSEY MFD'TERRf NFAN . THE SIX TRACK TRUNK LINE. ' night Tlx , MM jprfM! KICs r:k' Fall, W inter, Spring and Summer resort, combining everv kp.nwr. auraction and tadlkv tor amusement and recreation, with 8 Bh&I! a climatic condition, especially during the Fall and Winter, that Ins g made the resort famous the world over. ' o Maqnifictnt hotel, famous ocean boardwalk five miles along the beach, social and out-door pleasures of every description, casino attractions, golf, sailing; in fact, everything that combines to make resort life complete. Atlantic City's accessibility through its superb railroad facilities from New York City is well known. The Central Railroad of New Jersey and The Pennsylvania Railroad run directly to Atlantic City without j THE FOLLOWING ARE THE HOTELS Hotel St. Charles I HAINES Hotel Dennis WALTER J Hotel Brighton A permanent bureau of Information Is maintained In New York City at where illustrated booklets and all inlormw cooooo cxxx)ococcxxooococv:3o STONK, IRON AM) MARLBOROUGH HOUSE ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. JOSIAH WHITE AND SONS. HOTELS AND HESTAUB.ANT3. ....... Hotel and Restaurant Syndicate, C A F MARTIN DINNER $L25. FROM 6 to 9 P. M. LUCHQW S GERMAN HtSTAURANT. mouquin's iE::uJB' CAFE BOULtVAsiJ ... , ... La Rochelle Restaurant C'V:V) Burns' Heal)'s,:;rj;,;;,;,:,: h'HFiTi's Criterion w;..:.. Hotel Hiiiiaria I,!,;,1,"';';;,1, BROADWAY CENTRAL I Little Hungary Ligety's Orpheum ; 1 Ziemer's : " . " Marly's;.,';" Au Lion O'or " ', The Carlos Ardin Riccadonna's ' " Where to Dine nocKing oiunf: : Hugot's ,:;::;;.:' PRINCIPAL CITIES. WORLD'S FAIR CrtOUNDS. Kinei Hijh.i. Bon.f.i.d ' Mrihervii Avanut Kit Mi M. Mi l l:. tiu.-c. Philadelphia. HOTEL BITIENHOUSE, Washington. D. C. mmsmm The fsssssu J 5HOREHAIVI, j I The Leadin: I ashionahle Hotel. B I American and fiuropean I'lan. R 8t. Lcuis. WHICH ARE ALWAYS OPEN ANO HAVE Haddon Hall LEEDS & LIPPINCOTT Chalfonte THE LEEDS COMPANY Hotel Rudolf I Hotel Traymore THKYMOKE HOTEL UJ c obtained. Telephone ocxxic ococx:oocxxxyx)scoooooo SLATI: CONSTRUCT . JN. LONG ISLAND. GARDEN CITY '.NXELJMt LAKEWOOD, N. 3. Lakewood The Laurel House The Laurel in the Pines ATLANTIC CITT. fHE ST. CHARLES ! CHALFONTE. fHc LEC03 CC tH NEW JERSEY. THE ALVORDi MADE THE RESORT SO POPULAR: The Wiltshire S. S. PHOEBUS Marlborough House JOSIAH WHITE & SONS Galen Hall Hotel and Sanitarium r.L YOUN 1364 Broadway, above 36th 5567 -38th Street. CCXJCXJOCOCXXSOOOCXXSOOCCXXXSOCO POST OFFICE NOTICE. WEST SHORE R. R. READING SYSTEM XKtt- JI-lisKV CKM'IIA l H. U. 'itkV:iliiAit'iilK.iV i.'u yVtiwi !. LAKEWOOD, LAKB 'KST. TOMS1 itixioit M) iiin:w;at-7.4 o i LONG ISLAND RAILROAD. LEHIGH VALLEY. l.ackaw HfaMroad Worlds Fair. I. ""'r Bleam- .''uKsTNlV sil:KKTS--SI..'.-.. 1 JTwi'lvr No.'j''x. i "it . .-r. )l. M.'il.'n .N.T. Plnnjr-.'p.'n'"!..! Avirt'!.,vV!,o'n'r.u 'l.f ... ' l ...'L.-rl. Mul l'. r'n '''zwl.' ! JJ- , x m "' "' " ' '''' "" V". " i ' ' I 1 ikgrSi w! Koenlge.without i mpanlment, and Tjw l W "CLYDE LINE. ' ,., .J ,,. '-r j x"t.'.. ...K'""'':;'-.; 'i';V. In rnrla traveler will find the prm pt,',' Wi, 'i'!'.V':; , It V' r - '.t ' r'''', i ' .'! , V P ihi'ui.iiiMuw w-.'il iurw (eioept ... , , . Brooklyn Basle Bureau at 83 Hue hw v:i. m-I -i..v. km. e great that the Ingere hardly could begin 'wm- '-.'"'.!' )-'.'.' V.. .','.xv. Oaml..:i. xvnm- any kind of Inforum- a! "''''.', ". M . . '." '",''.) 5'" .' ::: V. $ ;ih. , .md r r Th- orchestra -, U"' '". ",''V 'to' !' I.oiinlnr-- h..n.,'s. and a po'kct cuhle jVViVi- 'x'-'J n'jv' 'n'l'-, . r''".ya- V'""'"-' ' iW ,t.-'tir.'i- cr,c,"V.Wj"l'"h"' V,''....' 10 ' :'" '"' "lll;i'i''d It Name J i.niii'.i -t:n f i.v's'.vs -.. r.i. '; H.- . n m.iny sriifeBfii railroad:" v"6 fTrzz fete I vxi: ; amburmerican. lZlllJ ' 'LSi u.i' 'I'vni'.'.'iii. !i p.m.. , ... .:, , - I Xp 'N;' , ' !'!-V""'';"'' " A ' ' ' Sandnlphon Lodge. ' '', , .' ' r ii' ' 'ii.'""'!i""z''nki r "h'.'"a n ram "hT,! j;';V. : 'i;f,'N'v8CIN..,N.XATli Medjterrariierin See. rvic , ; ' vmS : 5 1"'." j . m, , - I A SILVER ANNIVERSARY. ' in., .life ii.. j Memhiiii.r'..-.v( oim-iiii:u.x t m :...! ' 1!' ,,,n " "- ?" 1 ": i!t. I ,?,. i ,.(.. .. ' i Difit iii rm i h lied Conipnnv Doen Honor to HOLUND-AMFRICA LINF, ". m, nr.. m,s He,ly w. OCEAN KTtAM3HIP8 BEEMUDA AMD WESI INDIES. ' ? o'&r"i!r ' '. r nJ j! LKHRFN KHAt WINTER CRUISES West indies Mediterranean & Orient CUIMARD LINE. AMERICAN LINE. RED STAR LINE. EUROPE Orient or Southl ''. .' ,,"l','V'.'j' CANADIAN PACI !C RAILWA AHtntlc Tran'Dort Line. FOE PORTO B1C0. ALL AN ,S J; fl 1lNE. f;'. ,' ITALIAN KOiAL MAIL S.S.CO. 5TK AMBOATS. TROY LINE. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS BY SEA AND RAIL TO ST. LOUIS EXPOSITION The Old Dcminion Lin? Norfolk & Western Ry, n'i'.' "1,1, v'' ' """" ,s",p ,,n"r uiiil lln 1. ..ism Suinin.T r'.-s..ri.- lii'i- ot , Hi. Norfolk A XV, it, t II 5y. I'. rn,it nhn Kixni for t.1.!, n,. t Vir:i,l.i II. a. h ami j ".i! lin.lK... v., I I:, -.. i :. ,. . 1 ;r fnrtkrr tnformtUm api'iu " X. C V. iili, .v 808 B'wny, N V WASHINGTON VIA ;! OLD POINT COMFORT EXPRESS STEAMSHIPS OF THli OLD DOMINION LINE OLD DOMINION LINE. 1 ; j . o ne il hniiM kindly l.ear Minor, will be on ih- ell. the S'.mi!, ii-n,,: ' m al a. Major. Lettert. on Tlmrday ..( l-.-i I :: 1.1' K.r Ern.i KaiM'-rmacn to gl a . tl-t.Lnrrd ..1 Irinrentii.i; : reraninje . The fi-jtun; of th. rv.-olng us the oper-tU I)er frhatagrartwr" ( Th.- Tnure 'lgr". by V. Lor. ni. Th to art plar Helene Bartenwerffer. iniiiKing .lid. on o . i.unt of It. many dim Mttlw, offered lo Iht aud (he nolo A.

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