The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1932
Page 6
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SIX UIHRS Cut Throats of Pirate Crew JJLYTHBVIU.E. (ARK.) COURJEK NEWS '.' H ." » Lilly AflaltUm ' H» Barron and fo Blythcvlllc, "* ln<1 t° s«Usfy the sum of •$2,346.51, Hustling George Gibson Believes His Pirates Will Do Some Hustling. fcy PHIL SINNOTT NEA Service Writtr SAN FRANCISCO.—George Ciib- son Is the "new manager" of (he . Pituburgh Pirates, in training al Pa'o Robles. But a half hour interview with George reveals that he is 1161 l!ie "new manager" at all. It sounds strange, but this is how George himself explfljis It: "I studied this club last summer, pretty carefully, r saw whai I thought were weal; points, saw some .failures In tram-work, and .saw saint' (too;! points as well us faults In Individual form. "Ws 'have practically the same- club as last year. Ti-.c bays have bceis working hard in training c.imp and have enjoyed _U-, Why, just, this • fprlr-Es, the improvement in tea-'ii- work ha;; been wonderful. "The pitching staff is in shape, and tha infield looks mighty good. Wo some extra outfielders that will keep -!he regulars' hiisl- linj (o hold onto their jobs." George, a former Pirate catcher, who learned baseball under John McGraw and Fred Clarke, has be- eim a "rebuilding job" n-i(h thii Pl- r:U? club. The. players; havn round 0111 tliat George is a hustler hlm- .-wlf and that h; expects hustling . from the team, that ho thinks a .spilng training camp Is n place where an athlete should get Inli condition. The Pirates have liecr toiliiift hard, going to bed early.-and : improving. "We've gol.a. great bunch of workers on this club." said Gibson, en- tliiislaslicnlly. "If the r(-(jul,irs keep •hulling the way they have been there will bj few chnii«es." Eleven pitchers have been performing in exhibition games. On (he raster are the regulars, "Wiz'' Kre- mei. Larry French, Ervln Braine St^ve Su-etcnlc..Charllo Wood und Heine Melne. Doc Crarufoll. .the old fox of the Giants' staff, is carefully sclioollne :tlie young hurlers. Bill Harris. « big light-bander brought. In from Texas last fail, sseins to b2 the mosi picmlElng of the rookies. Bill Swift frcm the Kansas City club- Jini .Biviu, from Wichita, nnd John N'eggelinir. from Des Moines. nre the Jlamfcurs amoiig the'first year men Catching is in the hands of youngsters—who arc- belns drilled by Gcorgs Gibson himself. Gibson was among (he great catchers or UK National League. Hal' Finncy and-Bob Grace, who caught lasl year, liave been reinforced -by Bill Bren»el, picked up from the 'coast league. *- * * Improvement in hitting, nnd a second base combination nre fuctor« U-at Gibson has been workliw to civelop. Qus Suhr, always a ireat •spring hitter, has been receiving special instruction on slnnce If he hits.the first base job Is His in , pinch Paul Wancr can piny fir«t • Pie Traynor, of course, has third Mse homesteaded. Around second bas;, Gibson is still exporimenilne Last year injuries to Tom- pfci ^f"f ht How "«l GroskW fron- *% icnita^ Rfld tllC c C t'.VO IlU'ii n(Y are fighting for "the second basr job.-Shorlstopplng depends a Vc| on how Tommy Theveriou- recover' .frcm that broken ankle li- s 1 In Chs.'icfry. '••OlIMISSIONKK'fTsALE 1932, wherein Ncill R«<1, Guardian Mahaln Brj'eajis, vccre Dcfcndnnis. , of James Elvin Hood, a minor, , . will sell at public auction to Ihe , , and ivy w. Crawford, Trustee, were highest ontl best , credit of three months, st the , Fisljliam Waircn and Paul War• , front dooi- of the Court House, her misDand, were Dofrad- tehvcon the IMIIIS proscribed «» "I- Dublin nucllon l!ie City of Hlyihcvillp. highest nnd licst bidder j'.;i n crrdR of thrro months i Hit. nont tloni- r.i Hit court !)•!•.(. i-ii Hit hour.., pn.-M.TlbM l>y lr.-<. In Ihu Oily n t lilyihcville B °'ll no --. Die /«JJo«-ins re.,, fsintv i a . wH . l.'K.-atfd in Ci:!!.kr.ra«l;n . i in. Mis'ilppi i MINIS', Ar- follun-s: Wist of tlx; rcllO'.diijt re:il SAID suiu will oe xccms hund uilh security. 10 of tliu |:nrcli5:; , i-f-tLiint-d upcn I sccur- . conmiissionsr. in com- Plfrtnce v-itli the terms of I ilk piirclniser at BEHI ; :al t . «-m , !:P -miuircd to execute Hand v Hh ! |aii;;nivr-(l .-.•-.•i-m-iiy. to .-:i-:i;r sawba District of . Coiiiuy. Arkansas Hit lien v.-iii b. :i!ri nronerly Chancery.! day of February. 19:12, wliDnHn flOM.MISSlOXKIl'S S.-UK ' "~ I'M ilin nnynicni of i ---.- •> •"". iinni.s. -Trustee, j Plainuir. No. .113:1, and Ktifui ivier. Myrtle S cvi^ a ,d Nr-h •-'•""•' «'-.ia -;;;;;: is f Clhsrin, Ihr olil ni)«; m-jnutini ilu: i'lrutes, hl.s (cam »11I trouble the so-f,Iltt "(ontendint teams" In ihe comlnj N»(loila] l.n^i, campilfii. brlW hlnjttv on (he (ram spirit and -mutfe" the beys have In jprlnr workoul, <m the roast. .11 and ..... _ credit of three months, a' thr fronc door of the Court House twco, 1:-,., h 0 ,, r 'rc.» rm-eron i>y ; :ouri. tor the Chkka; of Mississippi -Comity, Arkansas on th? 22 day o! Ki-b.. 1S32, whcro- Hecd. Guardian mil Ellii-lin wolier, minors wu Plaintifl. 'No • County. Arkansas. 1 nanii'iv: W'.s NK'.i and NW!i Section i TowisMp is Norll: 12 fast are hereby warned lo appear In thl tour I wilhin rliirly days and (lie L-S copllotix 10 (lie award whit-Ii ho \ Twason! Max Carny. sjKndlnir hour nfler hour teaching (lit Hroolilyii ncss Boys smart Ijusctall . . . then. v/iitclilng In iiiiiiufCJiicni, In ,1 the Noiviir): Beav flock tighllng for been tiled In this oilice by th; lev 11URSDAV, MARCH 2-1, 1932 a»roved security, to secure the payment of the purchas? mon«y and a lien will be retained upon fnid properly as additional security for che payment of sticli purchase money. ( Wltnr-s my han^ an;! lh A ?ral of sakl Coiiii, on this, the n day of March, 1532. 17.',., H. f,. OAINES Coinmlssloiior in Oluiiicery. ' "« aughn, describee! by Oib- sou . asT ';° n = of the brightest pros. •j^ JL have SMn ta """i 7 a *»•" r£ ." contencli »? 'or Ifce job Gibson is strong on Vaughn, declar- nn.M 6 •" ' SMn SUCh 3 P r °'»*inF mneJder nnce Pie Trayor brofec in G:bson says the 1931 oiiliMd ulr be retained, providing it hi,, <r nt WMW-P. U , in right and Lloy- Z~°' CO " rJe wl » alvf »y "it Co™"*** » scmnilon In 0(! last y<ar - °» |fi fif ' .''tae eagerly for a chance ak m. are: Oils D-.igas. wh( . Bart 1 '" f 400 f ° r Ka " Sas Citl ' ; D; >vr ri ,« * /° rmcr Bcsto " oiitflilder. drafted from the caist Leapu^ tit "? a J*iUS- thc loopin hom = •»'"' and Woodie Jensen, with th* pi ratfs last } - ear . - '" ' "^ S0me bo «"." Gifeon remarked -the Pu- a(e tcom But« h r "-'* U hQntl '"' ««• ^ Ve gone a lonlr w;i >' 10- ward correcting that wafcntss. 103 »r-~Tl m " WCrk ' smarl « r -baseball good bate-running are the thu. Cf « have been emphasizing. The ooys have jumped right intr, the MB- program, submerging themselves to co-operation. , 3 e ' w!i g ,°u to thD barri ° r w " h a *«n bill club, and in-ill give ;hem >H » good nm for thoir money." Read Courier News Want Ads. Call Phone Ko. 243 for INSURANCE SERVICE We Write: Burglary (Residence <t ilfer- cantUc Safe) Insurance. Health & Accident, Automobile Liability, Plate. Glass, and all lines of casualty and bonds, i Sell real estate, and service rental properly. W. M. BURNS COM_ PANY, INC. Jack Qninn. ancfcnl of undents, sent to Brooklyn to die - raited upon lo pitch the last three innings of a prncliee (;«me \i'!tli his old mntfs, the Athletics . . . mid sjrln- "IHB like n Clwshlvc cat nftrr llio gome . . . having allowed th2 American League champions Jiwi one greal big hit. anit 1:0 rims \ a * • Jack Qulnn. the oWest man In the National League, is studying baseball under Protessor Mas Cnrey at Clearwater. Pretty oki limn to be going; to school^ ; - * ')' * tn Hanoi- of B/li klcm John McOraw, fixlnE a l»ady pye en tlw profjrnm of thi' nice.", nt . . . huL Uial Isn't, all . with Brooklyn five runs behind, one oj tlie Bnlnilness Hoys attempts lo utter n sucrlilce . . . with Iwo men on bases. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR •J'HK CHICKASAWUA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Three Slnle.i Lumber Company nnd W. L»on Smith. Trustee, 1'hliiillVs VS. No. 518-1 Karen Mnrie Wood, Charles A. comity for the iipproprlatlon of the |»i-lioii of Ihe hereinbefore described land, for the construction or In*, tended construcllon of n lives ditch, canal, or drain, ns ihe coso "my be. over unrt across Ihe same. Witness my ham! anil seal as clerk of tin- Circuit Court tins tho 10 day of March, 1932. 10-11-24-31 H. L. CALVES. Clerk. Agua Callcnte and noticing . . . nocn Iliat one of the heats wns called "the Giants' Handicap" . . . then passing the remark that (lie race must .have been nnnnxl in honor of BUI Klein ... from which may be Gircual (he nature of u teau- friendship between the ai- nnts' manager and ths veteran Nn- liona! League umpire. » • • A Jolley Oooa C«lrlirr Smcad Jnllcy,- the White Sox outfielder who Is belli); converted Into a catclwr by Manager Lew Fonsc- ca . . . and going along wonderfully for nearly s neck . . . but finally coming face lo face wllti a hlsh twisting foul . . . „„„ Iosl the decision on points . |h« day, U«- pon,,,,^ lnk|n ?,, '° °" e i!fle ' an:l f ""*ol'>S Hies imlil Smcad hegaii to complain of a Charley HOMO in 1,1, * • • N'«r»r More 8rrlni« thm Howley, manner of the n c «; "Z lan "O Re(ls - "IHnx B»,lx- ln Cnllfornin by long distance and InrarinttiB B.iUc that hc'lind been Iratled to Cinci . . ,1- »T Aw, D,,,, ym ,- r( . k ^ & ^:. Wood uud Wiliiam II. Tutiseh. De tendnnts. WARNING ORI>KR The defendant, William H. Tausch Is warned to npjx'Lir in Uu ciuni- ccry Court for Ihe Chicknsr.wta Uis- liicl of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty (30) days and answer the complaint of t,:o plain- nils. Three States Limiucr Com- nany and W. Leon Smith, Tiiisieo. - WKnrss my hund as Clei'k of s-ild Court nnd the real thereof on this the 2U day ol March, IBM. R. L. OAINES, Clerk By Harvey Morris. D. C. Cecil Shane. Ally Ad. Lilcni. 24-31-7-H IN WAItMNO OKDKIl Mo. 295 n THE CIRCUIT COURT OF IN TUB MUNICIPAL COURT OF BLYTIIEVILLE. ARKANSAS C. G, Smith, Plaimilt. vs. Lula Sparks. Defendant. WARNING OliDKK The defendant, Lula Sparks, is warned to appear in Hie Municipal -MISSISSIPPI COUNTV CHICKASAWBA DIS'I'UICT. i 'I'o T. C. Alexander Trustee for Hie New England Securities Co I I'rccloi- Trust Co.. New England Si- ' curllles Co., nnd an other persons! bnvhiE any claim or in :i:ul 10 the lollowiug described land situated in Mississippi county, Art-a,i- sas. namely: Orifjinal survey SW-, Section 18 Township is Norlli Raive 13 East " •ire hereby warned to nppr-ar in this I court, within thirty days and file exceptions lo the mrard v.-liidi has bci'ii nied in tnis oilice by fre !-vee and drainage appraisers of thh enmity i 01 - t i; c iippropriaiion of th- portion ol the hcrcinbcroiv described land, for Ihe roiistnietion <>r in- ( I elided construction of a levee i ditch, canal, cr drain, as HID caie • "my be. over and across ihe same • Witness my hand and seal as clerk e-f I ho Circuit. Court this Die 10 i day of March. IOJH. I l«. L. OAINES, Clerk, i 10-11-21-31 Use pim-iirwd at raid sale fte required to execute tnnd «iih approved security, to secure uo iraymiiin »r.t!ie |)i:rcha.s;' money ami a lien will l,> rjlainod upon ,-^aJd nroi.v-rli' PS p,n'f'n,., i „ ,. „* j j«u,. nj as aira.t.onul security COM.UISKIOXKK'S SAl.i: .„„- 'i Kollcc fa hereby siven Dial the Wlliiess my hand ihe Ma l of onderslgued comiiiLsaloncr, in com- ild Conn, en this, the 17 day 0 11 ! ' Hanc « W 'H> ">« ttrms cf „ decree -Mareli, 1W2. n-24-31 Icll (iM(!(l by the Chancery Court for L. GAINER Ithe Chickascwba Distiict o: Mi'.si.'i- slppi County, Arkansas, 0:1 tlw 22 <lny of Febreaiy, \w>. wii?reln American Building and I.ran AS.SO- c-latto.'i and W. L. D-lony. as IVus- tee. was I'lalnlilf. NO. 5127. and Charles V. Brown, L, 0. Brmvji. and J. W. Trlcschnmt were IX^fcndant-s, will sell ai public auction to the highest and best, bidder, on a credit or Tliree MonlJu, at tj!e front door of ihe Court House beltven tlie hours prescribed by law, in the City or Blythevllle. Arkansas, on th« 9 day of Arirll, 1932, the following real Lot Five (S). iJiopf- Two CD -Marsh Addition to u, ? C liy or Blytlievilte, Arkansas Said sale will be haci to .satisfy said dectee In the sum ot Sl«75e with 10 per cent interest frani January 31. 1932. The purchaser at, said sale will he required lo execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the piirchasa money and a lien will be retained upon said properly as additional security for the payment, or r-.nch purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the n day of March, 1932. ll-^-i-ai R. L. GAINER Commissioner in chancery. <u> Nine in the Bloc)- B James Addition lo Hie City of Blylhevillc. Arkansas, located in Chlckasawba District, Micsis- .. County, Arkansas Said .sale will be had to satisfy ml decree in the sum of S1000 with 'TO'" CeMt iiueves( fron > !T "eb. 22, purchaser at said sale will be rcquirnd to r-xecute hond IVY W. CRAWFORD old " , t at \o» can always plcl: out a major teas IK- player in ihe hotel lob- ows of the south. His pant. n , > ""gy fro.i, sitting. Tht I.ililrsl Hookk Billy Evans, general manager cf ie Indians, nnd Maim°? r Pcckin P !"e" 8b m a 7 tlng a w™bln g eyes at •tl«k. recruit catcher from BI/ 10 . . . Fronkie Is 5 feet 6 inches hoi-t and the litti t ,t rookie com"S i:p this yesr . . . tl.e storv 80 -> tf Pr l ankf« y S rS lS ' ' E ™"° """ and* lh ° B1 "" nit '° C L '" a S l| f • 'M for the young man . . , "c ui 'gerstown under nn P "^ ^ eereament with Buffalo optional . in the - in the Central L^ani* vith the Buflalo agrccr.icnt s'till i",i Court, of Blytheville, Arkansas , within thirty (30) days and nnsw.-r t-OMMISSIOXER'S S.M.K Ihe complaint of the- nlalnlllT. C. j NOTICE is hereby given il-at O. Smith. |l!n> ur.dei-slcned eoniinissioiier in Witness my hand us Jud K e of i ™-''iplinncp with the terms of a siiid Court this the 2;!rd day of ; dl ' frl ' ( ' rendered by the Chancery March. 1933. ' | Court for Ihe Chickasnv.-ba District Judge of the Court I of Mississippi County, i\rkiuis.u on the ->-i day of February, ira. <•/. herein BIj-tliL-vWe Butld'ing ,>c! 'Loan Association, et al.. wei-p! I'lainlills. No. 51K. ami \v. M.: Burns, et al.. were Df fnidauis., '-'ill sell at jiiibllu unction lo Hi:- j i'lJL-hest nnd best bidder, on LI oiriij; ; •v)f tliree months, at the from d.-.or j ''I the Court Ho-.ise. betwton M-.I-, by law, on WARNING No. 2051 IN THE CIRCUIT COUKT Or MISSISSIPPI COUNTV. CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. To Jo? Carr Leroy. Bank of Com- — «". v,,,. uvtwj. ujiir. ui i^uni- i '.uu,^ pir>viLutM ov law, in merce and Trust Co.. Trii,:ec forlCitv of niyllicvlllc." Arkr,n;.v s . icnneMec Joint Slock L.iwi Baiik ! "-c 9 <!^y of-April, 1932. tin- of Memphis and Tennessee Joint living real estnte. to-wit: Stock Laml Bank of ArcinphLs, Tenn. Lot Two' (21. Ulock Fo niut nil other persons having any Hart Schaffner & Marx /UIT/ Styled h Favor Your Appearance Priced to Fador Your Purse T HIO lino clothes lli:i| Mail, ScliafTnw & lUnrx linvc (levc-lnpcd for » s np- I'.ntd ;ill their past iii<:;il., iim l ours in (,ii;ilily •"Hi clcjfiincc . . . iin(i ,,,-K.^ hav- ; c b;ick [n IK .year .,IK» levels. Your Easter Suit Should Bear the Hart Schooner & Mar x Label Now University Crcys. in b.ttice cfiecls, l>liiifk awl solid color.-. .\ c «- bJt.r-s' ; ,ml lirowiis too. All ;,t' L - included in this of V.-iisily styles a I (inn kw claim or inlerest in and to the following described land situated j n Mississippi county, Arkansas niiniply: SWK Section 26 Towiv^hip 15 North. Range 12 East are hereby warned la appear in tliis court within rhirty days and flic exceptions to the »warrt which has been filed In this office by the levee and drainage npj>>rs of Hits counly for the np;iro:<ri3tlon o! the portloii of the hereinbefore dc- i-cTibed land, for the roust rue lion or intended conslructlon of a I-vee tlltch. canal, or drain, as the "else may be, over and acro« il-.o s ^ f \Vllmss my hand and ir-ij n j . ----- . Evans" cn-ori'VoT^i ,1"^ °' thc CLrcuit <*"«- ™* ihe «DI was »gain without effect I <by ot March - 1032 - 1«-17-24.31 H was not until the close of HP I R - L - G A 'NKS. clerk. ' 1831 season, after Pytiafc i, nd , >-e.ed a successful year WARNING onniilt l>e c B ntcd by Cleveland and should break into many "'" '-—ic games this „,„. No. 2940 ! *N THE CIRCUIT COURT OP! MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CH1CK- ASAWBA DISTRICT. To LcuUc Carr Chapman Danic- crs Morlga W Co., C"n- uf e insurance CoHipiny Hoy Church Tnislcc for UaincV and l.ol Two' (21. Block Four 14-. Heam Addition to Blythevilir Arkansas. Rist Half IEU-) of Lot Eig.'i: '81 nnd ail of Lot Nine ijn. H!oci: 'Ten (10). Ch'.cknsaub.i Addition to Blythevllle. Ai- L-J: Three (3). Block Two o Chicago Mill fc Lumber C.~:u- p.iuy Third Addllion to l!'.yt>- - villi-. Arkansas. SAID sale will be liftfl to M•..-;-. snirf decree in thc sum of M.l:;i -p wilh • to ]>er cenl. intercs; tic:, Kbrunry I. 1932. THE purchaser at. said w.t ; :, c required to execute boi-.o;. approved security, to ,wi«i :h,. of ,he purchase n,: :-..-.- nnd a lien will lie rctnlnrd : ,j' :: " raid property. «3 addltio:iiil . c . ;: . Ity for the any-incut o! si;r:i .,-;i. chase money. WITNESS my hand snd II:,. ..,; of said Court, on this :;• •of March. 1932. R. L. C,\INj-,< Commissioner ill C.':.i.-., ••.-• COMMISSIONER'S S.M.i NOTICE is hereby elveii ;:-,..'• liiider?ig:icd coimnl55toner. .;: , lillaiice willi the tcrnu 0 : .: free rcixierctl oy tile ci.n- Court for the Chlckasawh,, Irlct or Mississippi Couii:-. kansas. on the 32 day t Knox Hats A Superb Quality S 5 Artistic Shirts $ 1 White, Solids ^T 35 Patterns up Beau Bninimel Ties Doxens of the Q 'P Newest Patterns 1 Interwoven Sox Now As The p /\ 'Morning Dew OUC Smith Smart Shoes Real Comfort, <§/•* f^Q Style, Quality ' /" * Walter Booth Shoes ' Conservative Or Sport Styles NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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