The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1932
Page 3
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IJUMiSDAV, MARCH 21, 1032 Circulaliou of Petilions for Legislative jEquali I y Start at Once. UTTr,E ROCK, MftV. 24 (UP) — A proposed amendment 10 the cnmiiiiiiion for r;,\ppoitionmcnl of representation In the stnte )pg- litaturr 1m been completed. Tlie anieiidii;'r»t n-ill be initiated iH the general election In November. Il provides (lie house shall not of more than 100 members. F-irh county shall have 1101 more than fi. r c nor less tliun one rop- rc.wmative. lV.Ut of the propose! :imcml- jirnl h'as mncie imbliu by p. A. Luilcy, Little flock attorney :md member of the committee of five ?elc-ctert nt a recall confc-rnife to irtnviv the measure. Other mem- f wrs of the co.'nmiliee ars Aivher v whe:uley. Jonesboro, R. A. Nelson, Blytfcevllle, T. N. Wilson. Ar- kadelphiu, and Neil C. March, El Dorado. Started by X**lsou The movement for drafUnx tile amendment wns begun by Senator Nelson, after his attempts to have tl'Cl legLslatme chun^c the apportionments at the last regular ajs- .•.ion failed. The proposed nmencl- ment will be initiated at the November election. Circulation of petitions throughout the state v:iH iKyin immediately Mr. Lasley said. , The proposal provides for an immediate ^-apportionment manda- lovy each census year thereafter. County Will Benefit Under the amendment, as made public by Mr. Lnsley. Mississippi county would constitute a senatorial district, the IGth, instead of being nan • of a district ineludins two othcir counties, as at present.. The amendment does not set out In detail the apportionment of members of the house of v^p- vcscntntives. but provides for establishment of a ratio by dividing (he population of the state as Msown by the last federal census )>v the number of counties. Each county liaviire a population equal to ' or less than that, ratio shall have orr.?i rcprepcnttive. Those having greater population shall have one representative for each lull ratio of population, and an ddiljonnl representative for a faction of a ratio equal to.-or greater than Iwo-lliirdS^of^nk- ratio ngure.'^This could give Mississippi county". three representatives at present. Thief Takes 63 Blooded Hens From Bauett Cwp BASSETT, Ark.-A chicken thief, Inking nrtvaiuagp O f uw >.lgh a-lnd Munrtny night, entered the locked chicken house of M K . A. s. C'atch- iiiBs, liassetl, msil BOI oway witli o:( full-d.'oodoi uiiodc island Red hens. 'I He n-ijiii '.vatchman re|»rtcd -le noted a truck in tljp vicinity utont 2 a.m. Tuesday, going soiuh a', hlth >Rfd. MK. CiUfhings made Injuiry at various Memphis markets 'luas- *iy. tut oljlnlned no clues as lo llie wlierealjoui.s of her propsrty. CflTTOKIIELfl IT Mississippi County Produced II 1-2 Per Cent o{ Big Arkansas Crop. Mississippi county's estimated total production of 1931 crop cotlor- —207,677 running bales—is nol only n new liigh record for the county and more than double- the previous u'av's production cf 100.395, but rep- rcfenlb a more than normally hi'jh prO]X)rtion of the total Arkansas nnd American crop. Mi?sLwlp;:i county prortuce-s on M\ average about 10 p?r ce;u of tlie Aik;i:ifas cotlDU crop an:l less ih:.n ens per cent of the American crop The/1931 production v/ns nearly il'.i pep* cent of tlie record Arkansa; ctftp cf 1.882.118 bales, sine! at-oul 1 ^.''-•l per cent of the tolnl American crop of 10,595,780 bale.:. Every important colton producing county (n Arkansas showed a substantial increase in production in 1931 over the dro'.nh year of 1930. while the production of ihr jtal« as a whole. 1.822.118 halts was more double ihe 1930 production cf 863.-143 balfs. Pollon-inir are (he figures for Iciul- inst counties for 1930 and !B3i: Asilley 'J5.C88 18.MS Cllicol 30.560 21.C26 Clay 41.5-5 16.12? Columbia 36.240 I3.89S Craig'nead 70.899 32,005 CrUtcnoen 107.011 54.127 Cross .' 36.822 18,915 Desha 32.6fH 17,508 Faulkner 39.'i72 13.984 Cireenc 27,011 10,588 Hempstrad 29.731 13.391 Jackson 54.342 24.153 Jeflersoii 80.821 40,924 Lawrence 28,519 11.515 Lee 33,728 22,315 Lincoln 34.699 14,009 I-onbfce 84,957 35.365 Mississippi 207.677 100,395 44.774 30,473 St. Francis 72,343 3G.757 G5.87C Says Government Banking Service Menaces Commercial Institutions. OSCEOLA. Ark.. March 24.--John Henry Jones, negro, will serve seven years in the state penitentiarj 1 for ihe confessed kllUns of Jake- Kon- lo:i, and the manner iii wlilcii the jouug while sawmill employe met ZJAK 19.299 34.076 16,597 n.css "«* Licenses Slump FORT \YCKTI1. (UP) — Filhcr Uio do ? population of Fovt Worth has decreased, or people r ' c 'f-w v.-illing t.- admit owner- ihir. afccrciinv t c iccords at the! coj !<M sa] K i, m - cni) . iv!)ic)1 re . | v.'al only 400 licenses have been i.'siwd Ih.'s year against 2.300 iaU - Tlie postal savings system is de- toribeif as a .serious menace to tlie rommerclBl banlclng buslne:« in tlie Alabama Supreme .Court Upholds Convictions in Scotlslwo Case. MONTGOMERY. Ala., Mar. 34 lUW—Sei'Pn JH-JJIQOS ccnvlcU'ii of criminally glrk 0:1 nsuiiillliig two whil frei'Blit (ruin al Scoils- 1:010. Ala., (i year a»o were sen- lenccil to the eleelric rhali May 13 tcxlay by the Alabama .filpiejiib court which upheld the conviction iN'egvo Found Guilty 1 ' o{ Voluntary Manslaughter in Island Death. United Biatw by B. A. I,yncli. bunker anil nri-.-iilejil. ol ilic Arkau- KIS Bankers a^.w:l.itlon, In an article lit tl:e Alarc-.'i ksim ol t!io Arkansas Banker. Tho Arkansas Banters assocla-i rilwrtTi ri'it'li'icidcH'tVi^'Trm" lion, lie wl'.es. Is pi-oi?.stiii(; lo.cct Jnteri'st f«r beyontl^tiw'b'mUTS iiifnibers of congress analnst imul-i of Hie M«to ine propofats 10 raise Hie limit on' one or llw> ronviriir,,,. n,.i nt iwslal .-avlngs deposit from $3,0001,, ' ,.,'. 10 co ' uic " 011 ^ lllnl °' ,^ AF ftrtA ...^ A . . . r.u-jf no \\illnini.s', was i-cvci'.seti on tlie grounds he \viis n minor dc- llniiueiiv ut Ihe lime ol tlw al)PS«| ii.wuiilt. The men ordered li' dli- Mnv 13, 1UW, iuc O?.li; 1'osvel, Willie Itorwrt.son. Amly Wright. Ok-n Montgoini'ry, Chin-lie * r to «5,000 or tlO.OOO. and iny other broadening or libernlliu- lion of postal savings facilities. The postal savlniis system, he says. "is departing very rapklly from its original tm;ntkm. UmU'V Stales. is (teifh will remain tho mysiery • has been for more than ub eefc, since it was first discovered ne was" missing from Demi's Maud where he worked. Jones, through his atlormiy, Maris Pert?, of Wynne, who was ap- polnletl by [he court to defend him, entered a plea of guilty lo voluntary manslaughter and toot a seven year semencp agrtfd to by the sloic, Jones, who th.onght he had slab- bed the young while man to death until his body, recovered from Campbell's Lake 12 dny.s later revealed no wounds, said thai he fought with KenWn, knife in hand, hi a drunken quarr?! until lire white man relaxed and fell to the ground from the hi«h porch of Lula Scott's iwuw on the Island on the Saturday night of March 5. Later in the night Lula Scott gave n quilt to Ifec Swell and Son Brown and they wrapped .Kenton's body in the quill, hid It in the nearby woods overnight, and Sundav moni- l»g dumped it in Campbjll's Lake. They all entered pleas of guilty to the tharue of being accomplices Ike Sen-el! was sentenced 10 five years and Luta Scott to one year in the penitentiary and Son Brown a minor, was sent lo ihe slate re-' formatoiy lor a year. Court, adjourned late yesterday „. afternoon for the term, following E the jiir>-.,triat of Isaac Crockett, ne *" £ . the present law there Is a limit of «2,500 that may be deposited by one or concern. There are now u-o bills before congress Ore lakinif (lie limit to »,ooo and thj oilier raKltig Uvj limit to $10 000 If tltlwr of these bilk should 'h--' come a law it would have a .|c- moralWng effect on the banktnii business throughoul the United " vings de|»rHs In Arkan" 01 " 150 '-". lnrr?u.«d " n June 30 - 1931 - 'O on pecembpr 3] 103! New Wonderful Face Powder Prevents Urjje Pores—Stays on Longer For i youthful complexion, use new wonderful MEU.O-OU) Fac- Powdir. Hides tiny lines, wrinkles and pores. New French process manes It spread more smoothlv and stay on longer. No mora shiny noses. Purest face powder known. Prevents large pores. Ask today lor new wonderful /ace powder, MELLO-OLO, that suits every complexion. Wcriiis, cinrjncr Norrls, Hnyguml rallorscn. They van nllCi-ed lo n«w Mivjnjm in n gmig nglu *'ltH n croup o( v.'lilfe koya /oiiml on HIP Irnln with two white olrK Tile wlillp hojs wrre over- poiM-i-pil am! tho Bhl^ ihon ns- sntiil •!(. (he two girls IrsilMi-d. Arrest Four In Gainei Quarters Money Squable ll:i/<-ii Hall, Ciu;- l,)-l!>, oecrije "'"iti iiiid i.niu M.IJ. -ivillpr hiive wen arrived by olllcers oi.t of ihe oilier HI uonstablc Hurry Tiiylor !>ixl cliaifipd tvlUi uviiiul larceny. Hi'-v \\rrt> ial;en Into cmlody on comp:..iiu of f-.'lmii Dlili.ird, who Imcl i kV |i pivvimisly ;M-ie.sicd on coin,,:.,,,,, Ol - U|u;lf , , /M . h ( , ll|ncs f()r «>ii.:n .-Ju- kept Clulnrs a«- cuml Iwr of itenliiiB moiify from i-lm :,iui Ihi- Dll!|,,rd wmmi ncc ., ls . cil Itic otlier.-i of taklni; iiion:-y from 'Hi-' Came.-,, •.juai-'.en,, scene of many dinurbanres. Is said lo have been ihf. j,i :lc( . w j,, rr ,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,.,,1 sci atulilc f 0: - money bcciiirrd. n^Jii Cower Sows \Vnut Ads. Easter Footwear For Ladies and Big Misses A ttlorifyfng: Array to S'dei-t !•>«« —New Arrivals— Kox Heel Siinduls f'atont Black :ind White Kid Hlond Sjmdal White Pump IHond Cut Otil Tie Spike Ili-els Others at O. C. GANSKE 20S W. Main "The Shoe Alan" \rkansas Motorists Visiting Ncighboritig State Must Have 1932 Tags. Arknusas motorists who- arc op- crnliug cars and trucks under grace of quarterly permits issued by tlie Arkansas Iiighw;ty department must stay out of Missouri. Trie Courier News lias 'b«n informed by tho MLvsciiri slate liigh- nay ualrol that Arkansas cars cis- I/layinjf "slicker" permits will not fcc allowed on Missouri roads. Patrolman M-. Dare, representing Captain A. D. Shenpherd of tlie Sik«ton ofTice of tti» higlitray patrol, states tliat Arkiinsas curs nol displaying 1932 license platc.s will be turned back and on srcciirt olTense drivers will be hailed into court Orders regarding ths Arkansas "sticker permits" have been issued from the Missouri stole capital at JefTcrson City. C. E. FIsk. operator of a service station on Highway 61 a short distance north of the Arkansas-Missouri line, says tliat. drivers of Arkansas ears displaying "sticker" permits may proceed far enough into Missouri to purchase Missouri's lower tax gasoline without molestation. Mr. risk say* be has the assurance of Missouri officers that they will not be bothered on a quarter-mile or half-mile Irip into Missouri for gasoline. Kcarl Courier Ne.vs Want Ads. Sheepherder Too Late In Anti-Hoarding Plant TWIN BRIDGED .Mom (UP) -Em Isaacs, a Sheepherder. as nffeclcd too late by the President 1 .-, anti hoarding drive. The rtay he succumbed to tlie idea of doing something with his life savings, he discovered that someone else had beat him to it Isaacs had saved his money "purchased 1 ' a $500 note and had JtOO savsd toward the "purchase' 1 of another, when he discovered Ihe tot*l of W60 had betn taken from its hiding place 'on his wagon-home- , wa s convicted ol second 1 cie«r«r-.rmirder and sentenced lo 21 years in the penitentiary- for Hie killing of Homer Brown, negro taxi driver, ivho iras robbed and killed near Oridsr New Year's Eve night. Harry Thompson, white man, 1 plead guilty to fobbing Hill k WIU sen's store at Marie and was. given two years in ilie imiiteutiary, and Henry Jacteon and Frank Gilles- pic, negroes, were sentence; to two years each for the theft oi a yearling from G. L. Salmon hear Frenchman's Bayou. ' „ I Yes .. NEWEST! BEST/ EASTER FASHIONS •t LOWEST PHICESin l'fi.4«.<».' Coine A-Running I "Fascinating" First Fashions Fresh froaa U»ejr wrappings— and everyone's a honey1 I932's cleverest fWiions! Ridi Mepe . . nude rnchaotingly with Una, peit Sti«igta, tienderiting frocks— boleros—jarVet drenes in bright colors (bladu, too), plain colon ' wWi ptwts! Sne* for Maai M<| 220-222 W, Main, BlytheviJIe, Ark .PACK TTTREI? RED & WHITE STORES Easter Delicacies that will send the thrill of spring through your veins. Anil Attain! The K«d & Whit«- Slores Announce I he OjwnlnK «f " New ll*d & White Store, Davis * Ryrrl at White Ouk, M«. Opening Day— Friday and Salurdav Prices For Friday, Saturday, March 25, 26 STALEY'S (-'"Mm Flavored SYRUP </z Gallon 32c TftRM tiUHIl t ' niu '- v Man. 2 Cans I'KANUT 1HJTTKR R. & W. 1QC "Thiit (;ood Kind." . IK-Oz. Jar AATQ Vt\ld Mother'n China SHRIMP ""I.,, 2f SUGAR 10 Pounds 45c POSTTOASTIES 2,, rto SNOWDRIFT COCOA Hlue&whit v „„„«, CAAP Red & While OWlI 10 Bars VINEGAR — App^r ciuart fftfYU Hershe/s VAnAJtt ^ 1-2 Pound Cnn CORNFLAKES ™*™£«^ Mil. If Red & White. ITilLIl <i $mall-0r :i TulI'Cims ISc 45c 17c 28c 19c ISc ISc 19c 86305 Pintosor Great Northern 29c .This G Cup COFJPEE 1U . • - • • ; • KH«« Regular $1.00 Value for OOV With Purchase of One l.b."or More of Our F;unous Coffee The Drlp-6-talor just ttvtntf this nnsckn- llfii- way oT inaklni coffe*. The coffe*- nfVff bolls. The hot »»!«• ilrips troiu above and pass** through the c«f- tcr «;ST UNCR. No be I'fnj. No rvapora- ticn. And the coffee is, so r>IUloiis airf (Hll- Itavorm that never .i;nin need you or your tqests for" u *ub- ^.tltutr or speak a rt-- ^fretful "No" whencold- iri.Lrown rtrlp-O-l»tcr (.offee U poured into jour cup. RED & WHITE '/'\t BLUE & WHITE NIGHT & DAY \ NIGHT & DAY ,u THE QUALITY OF OUR COFFKK NEVER VARIES The Drip-O-Utor his been approved by Uw best authorities inclcd- iu? Good Hooxekeepltif Institute, Mo<Sern PrU- cilla Provin e Plant, Hoax-hold Searehlicht and I h t DeUoeator FLOUR RED & WHITE GREEN & WHITE I'lairt iJ-f,b. Sack Self Rising 21-l.b. Sack YOU IIAVK USED NONE BETTER ORANGES" Navel*. Size 216 OC 216 OyJ Dozen CA LETTUCE t:ti "'"t; rt 5 C ADDI TC Uoman Itc.tutv Q0<' ArrLf^ no*™ oo AT RKP & WHITE MARKETS PORK SHOli - ' DER ROAST 1A C RIB ROAST SALT MEAT CHUCK STEAK BACON SuRar ^^"S. 14 C I A. 0 101C I,h. 162 THE RED& WHITE STORES ^ Tht Sign of a D»ptndabt« store

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